Wife’s Revenge For Hubby Calling Her Fat

By Gustav Jorgenson

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I guess in some ways, I had it coming.  I kept haranguing my poor wife for being a little overweight.  Whenever she would eat that second dessert or late night sweet I would chide her about it.  I really shouldn’t have made a big deal out of it. She was only about twenty pounds overweight.  It’s not like she was a monster or anything. And really a lot of middle aged women gain more weight than that.  But no, I had to be an idiot about it. And she taught me a lesson. Did she ever!

One weekend morning, Cindy and I were getting dressed to go out to brunch and she pulled out a pair of jeans she hadn’t worn in a while.  She was cursing in frustration because she had gotten too plump to button them.

“Should have skipped that second bowl of ice cream last night,” I commented.

Cindy gave up trying to button her jeans and stood there facing me in her bra with her jeans unbuttoned and her white little pot belly poking out.  She looked cute actually.

“I’m really sick of your shit, Frank!” she shouted.  She wagged a finger at me and it made her big boobs sway back and forth which was a little distracting.  “I work out a lot to try to burn off those extra calories, but it’s hard, you know?” She noticed me looking at her boobs.  “Besides, the fat makes my boobs bigger. I’m a double D now,” she added proudly.

“Yeah, well you look better naked than in clothes, I’ll grant you that,” I said.  “But you can’t go to brunch naked.”

“Oh you are such an asshole,” fumed my wife as she tugged awkwardly at her pant cuffs trying to extract herself from the tight jeans.  “Here, help me will you?” My wife laid back on the bed and put her legs in the air so I could pull her jeans off. It was a struggle, but after a few sharp tugs the pants came off of her and I fell back against the closet door.

“I was afraid we were going to have to cut these off of you, chubs,” I told my wife.  I wiped my brow dramatically from the exertion.

“Dammit Frank, lay off me, will you?” complained Cindy.  She went over to the mirror and looked at herself. She unhooked her bra and her massive jugs came flopping out. They certainly were big now.  Then she pulled her panties back off and turned to look at her ass in the mirror. She slapped it playfully. “Look at that ass, nice and firm still.  No cellulite. A lot of guys would go for this big booty. But not you. You never take advantage of it anymore.”

I grimaced at my wife’s mention of our diminished sex life.  “Well I like you a little thinner,” I said. But the fact was that Cindy still looked fine, I couldn’t’ say why our sex life had petered out exactly. Maybe it was fading hormone levels or just that we were too familiar to each other after all these years together.

“Oh, yeah, so it’s MY fault,” snapped Cindy angrily.  She turned to face me and I looked over her pale naked body and felt my member stiffen slightly.  I needed to figure out a way to calm her down so I could proposition her for sex after all. She was sexy when she was angry like this.  But Cindy ignored my ogling and went into a rant. “Well, you know what? A lot of guys like fat women you know. Plenty of guys,” she was practically sputtering now. I knew I was in trouble.

“Yeah, well,” I said noncommittally.  I saw my prospects for sex fading as her anger built.  “Mexicans and black guys maybe.”

Cindy stopped short.  “Mexicans and black guys.  Nice. I think that’s just a stupid stereotype, Frank.”

“No, I don’t think so,” I said, warming up to the topic.  “I think those dark skinned guys are all into fat women. Different cultures have different standards for beauty.”

Cindy looked at me skeptically for a moment, and I could see her anger fade a bit.  She rubbed her belly thoughtfully. Then the sound of a leaf blower erupted outside our bedroom window.  The landscapers had arrived to work on the lawn. Cindy went to the window and pulled back the curtain to peek out.  “Hmm, these landscapers look like they might be Mexican,” she said.

I got a weird feeling in my gut.  “Uh, you better keep those curtains closed.  You are still naked, honey.”

“What?  Are you embarrassed that other men would see what a fat wife you have?” she asked me.

“Come on, Cindy, it’s not like that,” I said nervously.  I didn’t like where this was headed.

“Maybe we should test this theory about Mexican beauty standards?” suggested Cindy. She had a devilish gleam in her eye as she drew back the curtain suddenly and stood boldly in the window with arms raised.  She was offering up her naked body for display to the workmen out back and I nearly had a heart attack. My pulse was pounding in my ears. And for some reason, my nascent erection bloomed into a full fledged hardon as my wife exposed herself.

I jumped up and rushed to the window and looked out over my wife’s shoulder.  A short, brown skinned guy was staring up at her with his mouth hanging open. I think his name was Carlos or maybe Juan.  He had been weeding in the bushes outside our bedroom window when my wife had drawn back the curtains suddenly, catching his eye.  Cindy waved at him with a friendly smile and he raised his hand, in confusion, looking at me guiltily. I dragged my naughty wife back away from the window.

“For Chrissake, Cindy, get a grip on yourself,” I cried.  “What’s gotten into you?”

“I’m sick of you putting down my figure all the time,” she pouted.  “I want some positive attention for a change.” She pulled away from me petulantly and ran out of the room.

“Jesus, where are you going?” I yelped.  “Cover yourself up, woman. At least put on a bathrobe.”  I chased after my wife, but she just cackled with laughter as she sprinted toward the back door.

“I’m going out back to see what these Mexican guys think of my body,” she called over her shoulder.  And sure enough, the little slut threw open the back door and strode totally nude out into the yard where the workmen were gathered.  I must have really pushed her too far this time.

“Mamacita!” cried Carlos.  He jumped to his feet and came running over to ogle my wife’s naked body.

The leaf blower and the lawn mower both sputtered to a halt as the other two workmen shut down their machines and stood gaping at my naked wife as she waved at them from the back porch.  I didn’t know the other two guys’ names. I only ever dealt with Carlos.

“Cindy, get back inside!  Have you lost your mind?” I yelled.  I grabbed my wife’s arm, but she jerked out of my grip and stuck her tongue out at me.  

“I just want to ask you boys a favor,” my wife called out to the stunned workmen.  “Can you give me your honest opinion about my body? Do you think I’m too fat?” My wife ran her hands up and down her sides seductively while the brown skinned workmen’s eye grew wide with amazement.

“What the fuck you talking about?” asked Carlos in confusion as he stepped closer.  His eyes were fixed on my wife’s huge swaying tits. His pals came forward as well. They wanted a better view of my wife’s naked body too.

“My husband thinks I’m too fat,” said Cindy.  My wife pouted her lips at the workmen dramatically.  “But he said Mexican guys like fat women, is that right?”

“We’re from Guatemala, but yeah, you looking pretty fine to me,” said Carlos.  “What you guys think?” His two pals nodded vigorous agreement.

“It’s not cool to call your woman fat, man,” offered the tall skinny guy who had been leaf blowing.  He gripped his crotch as he kept his eyes glued to Cindy’s body. “She’s hot as fuck, dude.”

My wife blushed and tilted her chin down bashfully.  “Do you guys really think I look nice? How about my butt, though?  Isn’t it too big?” My wife turned and presented her bare white ass to the workmen, wagging it back and forth provocatively.

“Cindy, cut the shit,” I said.  But her ass wagging had set her knockers swinging as well and I was mesmerized by her pendulous tits swaying back and forth.

“Baby, I would tap that ass with a quickness,” said the tall guy.  He was practically jerking his dick through his pants.

“Easy Jose, you gone fuck up our contract,” Carlos hissed, giving me a worried look.

“Fuck it Carlos, it would be worth it lose some business to get a piece of that fine ass,” insisted Jose fiercely.

“Oh, I wouldn’t let my husband fire you boys, don’t worry,” said Cindy.

“Cindy!” I complained.

“Shush, you,” demanded my wife.  “You are learning a valuable lesson right now.  Other men find me attractive you know. It’s something you should keep in mind before criticizing me.”

“I wouldn’t put you down, baby,” said Jose through gritted teeth.

Cindy put her finger in her mouth seductively.  “What have you got there in your pants, Jose?”

“I got a big old boner for you,” he said breathlessly.  He was panting from excitement at the sight of my wife flaunting herself for him.

“Let me see it,” coaxed my wife.

“Hey now!” I complained.  But Jose ignored me as I stood by indecisively, and he whipped his junk right out.  His big brown penis stood at attention, poking proudly from his unzipped jeans.

“Oh my goodness!” gasped my wife putting her hands on her cheeks.  “Did I do that?”

“Yeah your ass did that to me, baby,” growled Jose.  He came ominously closer, waving his cock like a spear.

“I got a boner too,” offered Carlos.  He gave up his fear of me cancelling his landscaping contract and pulled his own brown boner out of his pants and third guy followed suit as well.  All three hispanic workmen were pointing their dark hardons of various sizes my wife while she cooed with appreciation.

“Oh no, you poor boys,” gasped my wife.  “I didn’t mean to do that!” My wife bit her lip and gave me a sultry glance.  “Is there anything I can do to HELP you with those?”

“You know what you can do,” said Jose.  He stepped so close to my wife that his rod practically poked her in her soft white belly and my wife grabbed his thing instinctively.

“Cindy!” I gasped.  But my boner was stiff in my own pants as I watched my chubby little white wife tugging the brown phallus eagerly.

Cindy turned to me and raised the inside of eyebrows in concern.  “Ohh, honey, I know I’m being naughty, but look how hard poor Jose has gotten.  My body never gets YOU this hard. I need to help him out.”

“Help him out?” I choked.

“I’m a help myself too,” grunted Jose as he grabbed each of my wife’s big pale boobs in his rough filthy paws.

“Yep, brown guys like big boobies, I guess,” confirmed my wife.  She gave me a smoldering look as Jose bent over and started sucking loudly on first one nipple and then the other.  

My heart was racing so hard I felt that I might literally have a heart attack any moment.  I put my hand on my chest and tried to catch my breath. Both Carlos and the other guy were jerking their meats as they watched Jose going to town on my wife’s tits while she tugged his dong for him.

“Bend that shit over, I’m a give you something good,” coaxed Jose.  He grabbed my wife by her chubby hips and spun her around forcefully, making her gasp.

“Why, what are you going to give me, Jose?” she asked innocently.  Then my wife’s mouth made a cute “O” of surprise as the horny landscaper thrust himself up into her from behind.

“Unnggh, arrgh,” groaned Jose loudly as he started pumping away on my wife from behind.

“Oh god, yes, YES!” cried my wife.  Her face was a mask of passion and she reached out to grab my arm to steady herself as the tall Guatemalan fucked her as hard as he could, his hands clamped like pincers onto Cindy’s soft ivory hips.  I didn’t know what else to do, so I held my wife’s hand to steady her while the big man used her for sex.

“What the holy hell is going on over there?” called my neighbor Ed from his backyard next door.  “Sounds like a fucking porno,” he laughed as he pushed through the shrubs into our backyard. “Frank, Cindy, holy fuck nuggets!  It is a goddamn porno.  What gives?”

“Hubby told her she was too fat, so she came out here to see what we think,” said Carlos.  He kept fapping away as he watched Jose humping my wife more and more frantically.

“You didn’t call Cindy fat, now did you Frank?” scolded Ed.  “That’s not nice, you know. Christ she’s half the size of my wife Bertha, and you don’t see me calling Bertha fat.”

“Thank you, Ed,” panted my wife.  “Oh sorry, I’m cumming now.” I held my wife’s hand as she shuddered with a climax from the latino’s hard fucking and it was pretty hot actually.  I noticed my penis getting hard.

“Who you calling fat, Ed?” called Bertha as she pushed through the bushes separating our properties and then stopped short.  Her mouth dropped open. “Cindy, what the heck you doing girl?”

“Trying to prove a point to my husband,” Cindy called back.  She gave me a significant look.

“Frank called her fat, so she went to ask the Mexican how fat THEY thought she was,” Ed told his wife.

“We Guatemalan not Mexican!” objected Carlos with his dick in his hand, but Ed just waved him off dismissively.  Being black, Ed didn’t worry too much about coming across as racist.

“Oh, that ain’t right, Frank.  Cindy looks just fine,” fussed Bertha.  “You got no business hurting your wife’s feelings like that.”

“Ay, Mama! Ay!, I’m getting ready!” cried Jose. He was slapping my wife’s ass over and over again as he pumped his cock in and out of her at a feverish pace.

“No, wait, pull out and cum on my face.  Show my husband how much you like my fat,” begged Cindy.  She drew away from him and dropped down on her knees before him.  She looked up at him beseechingly and cradled her big white bosoms under her arm so he could see them better and he gave his cock a quick jerk and started shooting spurt after spurt of hot jizm all over my wife’s face and tits.

“Yeah, hubby, check it out.  That’s what I think of your wife, my man.  She a hot mama!” cried Jose in triumph. 

“Oh my gosh, Frank.  LOOK how much he came,” giggled my wife in delight.  She gave Jose’s nutsack a playful tug and was rewarded with a few more sticky blobs of semen erupting from the slick brown head of Jose’s big cock.  “Look how much Hispanics like fat girls.”

“Girl you nasty,” laughed Bertha.  She and her husband had come closer to watch the bold landscaper blow his load on my wife.

“Frank was the one that said Mexicans and blacks like fat women like me,” said Cindy, pointing an accusing finger at me.  “He’s the racist one.”

I felt mortified that she would say that in front of our black neighbors, and I tried to defend myself.  “You are the one kneeling there, stark naked, covered in another man’s cum after letting him fuck the shit out of you, and somehow I should feel guilty about being racist?  What the fuck?” I cried.

“Black guys do like big booty, that’s not racist,” admitted Bertha.  “But I got no sympathy for you, Mr. Frank. You wanna toss your wife aside for being too fat?  Serves you right that she show you how much other guys willing to go to WORK on that booty.”

“I’ll go to work on that booty, baby, come down here in the soft grass,” said Carlos. He showed my wife his straining brown cock and pointed to the ground by his feet.

“Ooo, I’m getting all kinds of love today from the brown guys,” giggled my wife and she jumped up and ran over to Carlos.  

“Cindy, I think you made your point already, ok?” I yelped.  But my prick was standing at attention as I watched my wife hurriedly wipe Jose’s cum from her mouth so she and Carlos could kiss.  He was squeezing her plump ass and prodding her in the cunt with his stiff cock as they made out in the yard.

“That booty DO look good,” mumbled Ed, licking his lips as he watched Carlos work my wife’s pale buttocks over with his rough brown hands.

“I don’t usually like for Ed to try to get up on white women, but I ain’t even mad at him.  Your poor wife deserve a little love after you cast her aside like that,” Bertha scolded me.

“Uh, calling my wife fat isn’t quite the same as casting her aside,” I objected.

“Says you,” sniffed Bertha.

I stood there nursing the hardon in my pants as I watched Carlos get my wife down on all fours so he could do her from behind.  Ed got a nod from his wife and then pulled his own cock out and knelt down so he could stick that big black erection right in Cindy’s face.  She waved at me gayly as she took his shaft into her mouth.

“She a slutty ass white girl, ain’t she?” chortled Bertha.  She seemed to be enjoying the sight of my wife servicing her husband.

Carlos came inside my wife with a brutish cry.  Ed emptied part of his load down Cindy’s throat, but it nearly choked her so he blasted the rest of his prodigious load in her face and hair.  The third landscaper wouldn’t be left out, and he pinned my exhausted wife on her back and humped her missionary style while the rest of us stood around and watched.  She giggled but was obviously too worn out to object. The unnamed Guatemalan quickly came inside my wife and he and his friends immediately collected their things and left when he was done.

“Don’t call your wife fat next time,” Carlos scolded me.

“True dat,” agreed Bertha.  “Let that be a lesson to you, Frank, you mean man.”  She lead her husband back next door.

“I really enjoyed testing that theory of yours, darling,” my cum soaked wife called as she rolled around luxuriously in the grass in the back yard.

I went inside to furtively jerk off over the whole scene and it didn’t take me long to cum.  It was actually incredibly arousing to see my chubby white little wife get used so enthusiastically by all those dark skinned guys.  I never criticized her for being fat again after that. Though I did get a little antsy leaving her home alone when the landscapers were working.  Also, I found Ed making himself comfortable in our house a few time when I got home from work which made me suspicious. But the funniest part was when I got the invoice from Carlos and the little fucker included a line item for “ploughing the wife – no charge.”

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A Visit to the Hot Springs

By Gustav Jorgenson

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I live in San Francisco with my wife of 20 years, Angela.  She’s a sort of modern hippie. She loves yoga and meditation and all things spiritual, but in this sort of bourgeois NorCal sort of way.  As in, she likes meditation at expensive retreats and doing yoga in $500 yoga outfits.

“How can you spend $500 on a yoga outfit?” I ask.

She turns and offers her round rump for inspection.  “What’s the matter? Don’t you think I look nice in this?”  The stretchy material clings tight to her perfect round buttocks, the grey strips accentuating the shape of her hips and narrow waist. 

I just gulp and try to push down the erection in my pants.  Conversation over. Angie isn’t exactly ashamed of her body.  She’s in her forties now, but she works out and still has a terrific figure.  Slim and well formed with a generous bust. I think she looks terrific, but she’s never satisfied and is always working out and dieting.

“You really should relax a bit, you look terrific,” I tell her.

“It’s just that I see younger women getting all the attention.  Even at work, I will be offering my opinion and then some hot young thing waltzes in late to the meeting and all the male heads swivel and she’s chirping excuses for being late, and all the men are falling over themselves to reassure her and now she has the floor and everyone is listening to her.”  Angie tucks her long brown hair behind her ear and pouts into her Chai Latte as we sit on the terrace of our Pacific Heights condo. It’s a beautiful fall day, warm and sunny, and we can see the white sails of boats slicing through the sparkling blue waters of the bay.

I reach across the table and take my wife’s hand.  “Oh, baby, maybe we should go to a hot spring so you can relax,” I say.  Angie always takes the water at the hot springs in the nude. She enjoys the attention she gets from the other men.  I enjoy the heightened sex experiences we have afterward. I like fucking this woman that all those other men were lusting after, lounging in the baths ogling my wife’s naked body.  It’s sort of a kinky unspoken game we play. I leave it unsaid that all that male attention will boost her self-esteem.

Angie manages a smile.  “Are we finally going to get you to go au natural?” she asks.

“Ha, I don’t know about that.”  I don’t mind Angie going nude, but I’m always too embarrassed to let my own junk hang out.


Angie picks Esalen down in Big Sur because we haven’t been there before and they have an extensive yoga and meditation program.  The drive down Highway 1 is gorgeous. Angie and I take it easy, taking turns driving so that we could both enjoy the outstanding views as we curve along the pacific coast cliffs with waves crashing dramatically on the rocks below.  We stop at a few of the scenic spots where you can pull off the road and admire the vistas. The tall cliffs dropping suddenly to brilliant sea offered a dramatic and breathtaking view. We are mesmerized by the beauty.

So we aren’t too surprised by the amazing scenery of Esalen itself, the ride had prepared us somewhat.  But in addition to the drama of the soaring sea cliffs, Esalen also has a wooded stream and a lush garden full of pollinator flowers and edible greens for the on-site kitchen.  We wander the grounds for a while together admiring the natural beauty of the surroundings, then I take a nap and Angie goes off to a yoga session on the lawn.

She wakes me when she returns.  “Ready for the baths?” she asks.  She is glowing with relaxation and energy from the yoga.

“Uh, sure,” I say.  I am feeling a bit awkward about letting my nuts dangle in the breeze.

“Oh, you’ll be fine,” she says.  “Oh, this girl Catie will be joining us. She’s simply gorgeous, I’m sure you won’t be able to keep your eyes off her.”

“I only have eyes for you, dear,” I say obediently.

Angie punches my shoulder.  “Yeah right. Well, be kind to the poor dear.  Her fiancé just broke off their engagement last month.  Three days before the wedding. I think she’s here to heal and get some, um, validation.  So try to compliment her.” Angie pauses. “You know, in a non-creepy way. She’s only 27.”

“27, huh? And she is attractive?”

Angie laughs. “See you are already being creepy.  Come on, grab your towel and let’s got.”

My wife won’t let me grab my trunks, she just hustles me out the door over my objections.  The walk down to the baths offers breathtaking views of the ocean. I can see pale naked bodies lounging there below and I felt nervous.  But the baths are perched just above the ocean and it really is an amazing location.

We descend some stairs and suddenly here we are in the changing room.  Men and women stand around us, some disrobing, some getting dressed, some half naked, some completely naked.  I am surprised and confused, I had expected separate changing rooms for some reason. I hesitate as Angie casually started disrobing.  But it feels weirder to stay clothed, so I swallow my anxiety and started pulling my shoes off. I notice an older couple in their sixties strolling out totally nude with plump flabby bodies, and I feel a little more secure about showing off my own pot belly and shriveled little penis for all to see.

Once we are nude, we notice a sign asking patrons to shower before entering the baths.  The shower area adjoins the dressing room and we walk over and found ourselves in a communal shower with spouts along the walls and the far wall open to the ocean.  A naked woman is there and I find myself looking at her bare bottom. I quickly look out to the ocean instead.  

“Oh, it’s so beautiful here!” exclaimed Angie.

The woman turns and smiles at my wife.  “Yes it IS isn’t it!” She had nice boobs and her nipples are hard from the shower, I try to focus on the blue green waves crashing white and foamy onto the rugged black rocks below.

Once we have showered, we head out to the baths. Angie doesn’t bother covering herself, she just carries her towel in her hand.  We pass some shared baths on a covered patio along with some private bathtubs set right outside there. I notice a few men looking at my wife’s naked body, running their eyes over her big swaying breasts down the brown patch of fur between her legs as she walks along totally unabashed.  I get that queasy feeling in my gut, a mixture of jealousy and excitement. We move out onto an uncovered area with more shared baths. Angie chooses a bath where the older white couple I saw earlier is soaking with a younger brown skinned fellow.  

My wife dips one naked leg into the waters.  “Hello,” she said. “Ooh, it’s hot!”

The brown guy made eye contact with my wife and smiled.  “You will get used to it. It feels great.” Then I noticed his eyes flick down to her furry bush and his smile widens.  My stomach is churning.

Angie eases herself into the water and then sits between the older couple and the brown guy.  I sit across from the guy and next to the couple. I smile wanly at each person in turn.

“I’m Oscar.”  The single guy offers his hand to my wife.

Angie shakes hands with him.   “Angie,” says my wife. “And this is my husband, Sam.”  The sight of my naked wife, sitting up in the bath with her bare chest exposed and shaking hands casually with a naked man strikes me as super kinky and I feel myself getting aroused.

“I’m Susan, and this is my husband, Peter,” says the older woman. She reaches out to offer her hand to.   Susan’s face and neck are very wrinkled, but I accidentally find myself looking at her naked breasts. They are surprisingly smooth and buoyant in the water with hard pink nipples. She only looks old from the neck up.  I gulp and sprout a full hardon. The crystal clear water doesn’t hide this and Peter gives me a knowing grin as we shake hands.

Angie notices too and widens her eyes at me but I didn’t know what to do so I just try to think of rusty razor blades as I look out at the ocean. I am just starting to relax when my wife calls out.

“Oh Catie, come and join us!” says Angie.  Her exposed breasts are shaking as she waves her arm above her head and I see that Peter and Oscar are both admiring the effect. 

But soon all eyes turn to a young naked woman who is stepping into the bath to join us.  She is tall and slim, pale skinned with small pert breasts and puffy nipples. Her crotch is shaved and I can see her vaginal lips at eye level for a moment as she climbs in and settles in between Oscar and I, across from my wife.

“Hi, I’m Catie,” she says, offering her hand to me.

I hope she doesn’t notice my erection redoubling its efforts as I shake her hand limply.  “Uh, Sam, I’m Angie’s husband.”

“Oh, Angie told me so much about you,” says Catie.  She has a cute face, freckles, brown eyes, brown hair, long thin nose.  Not a great beauty, but fresh and vital in her youth. She glances down and notices my submerged priapism and tightens her lips in a suppressed smile.  I felt my face growing hot.

Angie is arching her brow at me as Catie turns to Oscar.

“Oscar,” he says, shaking her hand.

Catie lays back and stretches her body out floating just below the surface of the sulfurous waters.  I drink in the sight of her body, her long shapely legs, her tight little pussy, shaved and naked, her narrow hips and sweet little breasts.  Everyone’s eyes are on her. Even Angie and Susan’s. “Ahh, this feels good,” sighs Catie. She seems to be wallowing in the attention and then I recall her breakup.  I guess she needs to show off her body and feel beautiful again after getting dumped so recently.

“Oh, I notice that you shave down there dear,” says Susan.  The older woman stands up and showed us her well trimmed grey bush.  “I trim mine but I never tried shaving.”

Angie climbs out of the water and sits on the edge of the bath, she rubs her own furry snatch which was bit wild.  “You both make me feel like a slob. I haven’t done any pubic maintenance in a while. It’s getting gnarly.”

Catie laughs.  “I think it looks nice on you, natural.”  She touches her own vagina, spreading the lips slightly.  “I just like feeling clean. Especially at places like this where everyone can see.”

“Uh, huh,” gulps Oscar.  He is watching Catie finger her pussy.   I watch in amusement as the brown head of his cock emerges from the water.  All the women are showing off their vaginas for us, I am glad I’m not the only one reacting.

I see that all the women are fascinated by Oscar’s huge brown erection.  It must be eight inches long and I am a little jealous. He seems visibly embarrassed, though he is too dark to blush.

A moment passes with all eyes on Oscar’s giant stiff dong.  My wife crinkles her eyes at me and winks. I am relieved that no one is looking at my own little stiffy, but my wife’s interest in another man’s cock is making me nervous and excited.

Finally Peter breaks the spell.  “It’s funny, we are all sitting here sort of marinating in each other’s hormones.  This bath is like a soup of pheromones and estrogen and testosterone.”

“I feel it,” says his wife.  She bites her lip without taking her eyes off of Oscar’s pole, the mushroom head still poking bravely out of the water, the thick shaft visible below the surface in the clear mineral water.

“Ugh, gross, I hope they wash these things out a lot,” says Catie.

“So Oscar, what do you do?” asks Angie.  She manages to look Oscar in the eye as she addresses him.  That’s the trick in clothing optional spaces. Maintain eye contact.

“I’m a mindfulness instructor,” he says.  I can see him relaxing.

“Oh, that’s marvelous,” coos Catie.  “Like a meditation coach. I need that.”

“Well we can do a session later if you like,” he says.  He’s deflating a bit now and the tip of his cock disappears below the surface, but his big member is still large and swollen.

“I’d like that,” she says, turning her naked body toward him.

Angie gives me significant look and I grin.

Conversation carries on for a bit, everyone talking about their own meditation practices.  I am the odd man out, having never been interested in such things. Then we fall into silence, enjoying the warm water on our naked bodies, the bright vibrant sea, the rhythmic sound of waves crashing on the rocks below.  The tangy scent of the sea mist.

“It’s very inebriating really, this experience.  I feel all my anxieties melting away,” says Catie.  We all nod in agreement.

After a while the party breaks up.  Susan and Peter decide to go for a hike, Angie has another yoga class to attend, Oscar and Catie agree to go find a place to meditate, and I just feel like another nap.  It feels good to catch up on sleep.

When I wake up, it’s already dusk, I am alone in the room.  I check the clock, 7pm, dinner is almost over. I dress hurriedly and run down to the dining room.  I find My wife, Catie, Oscar, Susan, and Peter all dining together at a big wooden table in the dining hall.  I grab a plate and pile it up with vegan lentils, rice, sauteed vegetables from the garden, some fresh salad on the side.  It’s nice to eat some healthy stuff for a change.

When I get to the table, The two other couples are standing up.

“Oh Sam, come sit by me,” says my wife.   “Everyone is going back down to the baths for an evening soak.  I will sit with you while you eat and we can join them later.”

“Sounds good,” I say.

Our bathmates wave goodbye as I dig into my lentils.

“Catie told me that she an Oscar had sex in the art barn this afternoon,” giggles my wife.  She is warming her hands on a cup of peppermint tea, I can smell the freshness of her breath as she whispers the gossip, her face close to mine.

“Yeah, I saw that coming,” I admit.

“Did you see the size of his thing?” she asks me.  Her eyes are glittering with enthusiasm.

“Of course, how could I miss it?  All the girls were ogling it,” I say.

Angie pouts.  “Now don’t be jealous dear.  We looked at your thing too. We all noticed that you couldn’t hide your excitement either at first.”

“Yeah, it was mortifying,” I say.  “I was happy that he took the attention away.”

“It’s a natural reaction,” she says.  “But of course the baths aren’t meant to be sexual.”

“All the women are showing off their pussies and it’s not supposed to be sexual?” I say.

“Maybe we were being a little provocative, but Susan started it,” says Angie.  She smiles at me over the rim of her teacup, then scooches in closer, rubbing herself against my side.  “It was Catie’s shaved cooch that got him excited. Did you notice?”

“Yes, I noticed.”

“I noticed that you couldn’t take your eyes off of her vag either,” Angie says.  She is wriggling with excitement. “Do you think he will get as hard for me if I shave mine and show it to him?”

I feel my gut clench, put down my fork.  “Why do you want to get Oscar hard?”

Angie nudges me with her thigh.  “Oh you know, for fun.” She is looking me in the eye.  “That would be fun, wouldn’t it?”

“What, for me?”  I feel my heart pounding in my chest.  We never talk about my arousal at Angie’s exhibiionism.  I feel like we are violating an unspoken boundary to discuss this.

Angie is rubbing my thigh.  “Yeah for you too. Like if I show him my shaved pussy and he gets all hard and the head of his dick pokes out of the water, maybe I should grab it, give it a tug.”

I feel myself getting hard at the suggestion. “I don’t know, Angie,” I stammer.

She is grabbing my cock now, feels it getting harder.  She is whispering in my ear, urgent and horny. “Yes, you do know.  You know you will get off on it too. Maybe I should suck that brown cap when it comes poking out.  Maybe I should climb onto it. Catie said I could. He’s just a rebound fuck for her. She doesn’t want to get attached.  She wants me to do it, run interference for her. She thinks he might getting too attached to her.”

I look at my wife, she is bubbling with excitement.  “Look how excited you are over that big brown cock,” I laugh.

Angie looks down in modesty.  “I’m curious what it would feel like,” she admits.

Ouch, I feel a sharp pang of jealousy in my chest.  I try to smile. “What it would feel like inside you.”

She looks me in the eyes, searching. “Yeah, inside me.”

I’m getting super erect now, she squeezes me hard.  “You don’t have the nerve to do it. You like the attention guys give you, but you have never gone THAT far.”  I try to chuckle, but it comes out like a cough.

“Maybe I won’t have the nerve.  But what if I do? Can you handle it?”

“Handle you wanting to be with another man?” I ask.  My breath is catching in my chest.

She is kneading my erection urgently now.  “Watching me. If I do it, I want you to watch.”

“Watch,” I say.  I am thinking it over.  It seems horrible. Horrible but fascinating.

She is practically jerking me under the table now.  Other people are starting to notice. I hear giggles and whispers from the other tables.  “Yeah, I want you to watch him put it inside me. I want you to hear me moan when it goes in.”

“Oh my god, Angie,” I say.  I grab her hand. “Stop it, you are going to make me cum,” I whisper.

“Ok, good.  That’s how I feel.  I’m super wet already.  I’m going to go shave my crotch real quick and then dip my wet pussy in that bath with Oscar so he can soak in my hormones.”  My wife jumps up and runs toward the exit. “Meet me down there. Tell them I am coming. Make sure he waits for me.”

I push my erection down and finish my meal quickly, my mind full of doubts.  When I’m finished, I run upstairs to find my wife in the shower, shaving her bush as promised.

“Angie, you can’t be serious about this,” I say.  I feel jealousy getting the upper hand now.

She doesn’t look up from her shaving and I admire her protruding breasts as she bends down to attend to her puss.  “I don’t know if I am or not,” she says.

“You are my wife, Angie.”

“I know that.”

“Has our sex life gotten so boring that you feel to need to turn to other men?”  I feel humiliated as the realization sets in.

Angie says nothing and just keeps shaving.  


“How does it look?” she asks, showing me her freshly shaved cunt.  It’s bare and smooth and I can see her pussy lips parting her mound even though she is holding her thighs together.

“It looks clean, sort of more vulnerable,” I say.

Angie forces a laugh.  “I mean, he’s already seen me naked.  We haven’t done any wrong.”

“Are you going to try to jump his bones or not?”

Angie comes to me and takes me by the shoulders, looks me straight in the eyes.  I am aware of her naked body, pink and tender from the shower. “I love you Sam. You are the only man I love.  Do you understand that? Do you believe it?”

I feel choked up.  “Yes.”

“No matter what happens tonight, don’t forget that.”

“Ok.”  I blink back tears as Angie grabs a towel to wrap around herself, sticks her feet into flip flops.

“Now come on and let’s have some fun, ok?”  she runs ahead, leaving me to lock up the room.  I hear her laughing as she sprints down the hill.  “Come on slowpoke!” she calls.

I trudge along behind and then remember the bottles of wine we left in the car.  I grab them and then stop by the dining room to grab some glasses. Maybe this will be easier to deal with after I’ve had a few drinks.

I find Angie paused at a viewing platform halfway down the path to the baths.  The moon is bright an nearly full, casting shadows and reflecting silver off the dark restless waves as they comb through the kelp beds and slither onto the shore, only to retreat again, back and forth, an endless ebb and flow.

“It’s so beautiful here,” she says.  She seems thoughtful.

I take her hand and we walk down to the baths together.  We find our crew in a big bath at the far end of the patio away from the others.  They greet us warmly and everyone exclaims with pleasure over the wine.

Angie drops her towel and slips into the water demurely nestling in between Susan and Oscar while I drop in between Catie and Peter.  I feel some relief that Angie isn’t showing off her fresh cooch to Oscar and that she has picked a side of the bath in the shadows so that her body is hidden.

Catie on the other hand is on full display, her body luminous under the water in the bright moonlight. I feel my johnson responding to the way she shamelessly shows off her bare pussy lips.

I distract myself by opening a bottle and pouring out glasses for everyone.

“Ahh, this is the life,” says Peter, taking a sip of the good Napa Cab I had brought.

The hot water feels good in the cool night air and we quietly enjoy the lulling sound of waves below, the magical shimmering of moonlight on dark waters.  I feel all my tensions melt away under the multiple influences of wine, sulphurous waters, gentle camaraderie, and the natural beauty of the setting. My worries over my wife’s playful teasing seem so ridiculous now.  How could I have been so concerned over nothing. We are all lounging her together in the nude and it’s perfectly innocent, perfectly platonic. I am even able to look upon Catie’s nubile form and just appreciate her beauty without getting aroused.

Susan and Peter have been asking Oscar about meditation techniques, but then the conversation drops into a lull.  We have gone through both bottles and I think everyone is feeling a little tipsy.

“Ooh, I’m feeling a little warm,” says Angie.  “I need to cool off.” She climb up and perches on the stone edge of the bath. “Oh the night air feels good.”

I notice everyone admiring her glistening body, water beading on her breasts and belly, dripping from the tips of her nipples as they harden in the cool night air.

“Oh, Angie, it looks like you took a cue from Catie and decided to shave down there,” says Susan with a smile.

“Oh yes, I like it.  It feels so smooth,” says my wife.  Peter and Oscar both turn their heads to watch in fascination, as my wife rubs her bald pussy lips, her crotch is eye height to them as she perches there.  She is probably exuded hormones right into their faces which are just a few feet away.

I notice both men’s penises swelling under the water, slowly engorging with blood.  Peter’s modest white prick rising to half mast, and Oscar’s thick brown meat lolling out then upward as it stiffens.

Catie notices too.  “Ooh, I like it, it looks so cute and innocent.”  She shoots Oscar a devilish look. “What do you think Oscar?”

“What?” he asks, taken aback.

“How do you like Angie’s new shaved look?” she asks.

Oscar looks over at me nervously.  Angie looks over too, more curious than nervous though.  “Yes, I’d like to know what you think, Oscar. Do you like it?” asks my wife.  She turns toward him, spreading her legs casually so that he can get a good look at and a good whiff of her cunt.  I gulp as I watch Oscar stare open mouthed into my wife’s shaved vagina. Her lips are pink and puffy with excitement.

The brown mushroom cap of Oscar’s cock surfaces poking gently out of the water.  “Um, yeah, it looks nice, and um clean,” he glances over at me with trepidation.

Angie is eyeing the exposed tip of his big stiff cock and she is licking her lips subconsciously.

“Looks like everyone approves, Angie,” giggles Susan.

“I’m glad to see that,” says my wife, fixated on Oscar’s thing.

“Peter, can I climb onto your lap?” Susan asks her husband.

“Of course dear,” he says.  Then he turns to the group. “As long as our friends don’t object to a bit of snuggling?  Some people frown on PDA in the baths.”

“Oh, no, I think it’s strange for a couple NOT to snuggle once you get into these waters,” says Catie.

We watch Susan float up onto her husband’s lap.  He grips her by the waist, and it’s not clear if he still has that erection inspired by my wife’s naked cunt or where it might have gone.  I wonder if he is sticking it to his wife right in front of us. Susan’s big white boobs are bobbing near the surface and making me hard in spite of her age.

“Do you want to come sit with me?” Oscar asks Catie softly.  His brown glans still bobbing up and down above the surface, and his thick rod visible below the sparkling waters.

“Hmm, no, I’m cool here,” says Catie.  She has that impish look again. “But maybe Angie would like to sit on your lap?”

“Ha ha, I wonder what Sam would think of that,” laughs Susan.

“Yeah, I’m not sure what to say about that,” I blurt awkwardly.  I wonder if Catie and Angie had arranged this earlier. Oscar seems eager to bed Catie again, but she is keeping her distance from him.  She wants my wife to distract him.

“Oh, don’t be so old fashioned,” coaxes Peter.  “Let Angie and Oscar snuggle a bit, what’s the harm in that?”

“Don’t I get a say in this?” asks my wife with a sly smile.

“Do you want to sit on Oscar’s lap?” asks Susan.  She glances at his stiff cock. “It looks comfy.”

“It sure does,” agrees my wife.

Oscar looks at me helplessly.

Angie slides into the water and floats over to Oscar, her bare bum shining pale.  “Do you mind?” she asks.

“What about your husband?” he croaks.

Angie looks over at me.  “Don’t worry, Sam and I have a little agreement.”

“We do?” I ask incredulous.

“Don’t we?” she demands  Then she turns to Oscar. “Hold on dear, I’m climbing aboard.”  I watch my wife put her arm around Oscar’s back, and slide up to him.  She raises one shapely leg dripping out of the water to go over his throbbing erection and manages to get onto his lap sideways, one bare pale boob pressed him, her white skin and fresh pink nipple a stark contrast with his dark hairy chest.  I looked with shock at the engorged head of his penis, a big brown knob poking up between my wife’s smooth ivory thighs.

“Don’t be afraid,” my wife tells the nervous Mexican.  “I don’t bite. Here put your arms around me.” My wife pulls Oscar’s right arm around her hip and takes his left hand and places it on top of her knee.  “There, how’s that?”

“Nice,” said Oscar, then he groans as my wife squeezes his brown cock between her tender white thighs.

“That looks cozy,” comments Catie.

“Very,” laughs Susan.

“How are you doing, dear?” Angie asks me.

“I feel conflicted,” I admit.  My heart is pounding to see my wife’s naked pussy in such close proximity to the hard cock of another man.  I can feel anger and betrayal and jealousy all boiling within me. But the clear waters of the bath can’t hide the erection straining between my legs.

“I felt the same way the first time I watched Susan with another man,” says Peter.

“Oh, are you two swingers?” asks Catie with sudden interest.

“Not really,” says Susan.  “Peter is just a very unselfish and loving husband who wants to see me get all my needs met.”

I felt a bit rebuked by her comment.  “Is it selfish of me to feel conflicted?” I demand of Susan.  I feel myself deflating defensively.

“I didn’t say that,” demures Susan.

“You are really hairy,” says my wife as she rubs Oscar’s chest.  “I like that.”

“And I like how, uh, unhairy you are,” chuckles Oscar.

“Especially down there?” asks my wife, directing his attention to her freshly shaved cunt.  

“Sure,” he says.  He’s looking with interest at my wife’s bald pussy because she basically asked him too.  And the shaft of his meat is pressed against it anyway. I feel like pulling out my hair or maybe jerking off, I can’t tell for sure.

“I think monogamy IS sort of selfish,” says Catie.  But she seems sad as she says it. Maybe she is thinking of her own fiancé who jilted her.

“Oh, it doesn’t have to be,” says Peter.  “Susan and I have been together for 35 years.”  He pinched his wife’s nipple affectionately.

“Ooh, I like when you pinch my nipple,” coos Susan.

My wife laughed.  “Why do men even have nipples?” she asks.  She turns to Oscar and started pinching his nipple.  “Do you like having your nipples pinched” she asked.

“It’s ok,”  he groaned. I could see the head of his boner quivering between my wife’s thighs.

“Peter always gets hard when I pinch his nipples,” says Susan.  She toys with her husband’s nipple affectionately.

My wife looks me in the eye as she reached down between her legs and pinches the head of Oscar’s cock between her fingers.  “Oh yes, I see,” said my wife. Oscar groaned again. I notice his right hand slip down under the water to grip her buttock.  “How are you doing, dear?” my wife asked sweetly. “Are you OK?”

I could barely breathe. “I – I don’t think so,” I admit.

“Is it OK if Oscar pinches MY nipples?” my wife asks me.  She takes his left hand and puts it on her right breast, keeping a grip on his cock with her other hand.  Oscar doesn’t wait for my permission and just started fondling her boob, weighing it’s white heft in his brown hand, then seeking out and tweaking her pink nipple, tugging on it, stretching her boob out.  She puts her head on Oscar’s shoulder and gazes into my eyes as she strokes his thing. “Hi!” she says to me.

“Hi,” I reply.  I want to ask her to stop now, but I can’t get up the nerve.

Angie turns and starts licking Oscar’s neck making him moan with pleasure.  She reaches her other hand down and bends her knee up so that I can see her fondling his nuts under the water.  I see his right hand slip under her as his fingers toy with her shaved labia. His left hand moves from one of my wife’s tits to the other, squeezing them and pinching her nipples at will.  She is wriggling with pleasure, tugging more insistently on his shaft with her left hand as she rubs his balls with her right.

I look over and see that Susan is bouncing up and down on her husband’s cock as they watch my wife with Oscar.

“You are making me hot, you guys,” says Catie.  She has her hand between her legs and is rubbing her clit as she watches my wife and Oscar getting it on.

I am distracted by the sight of Catie pleasuring herself.  I am on the verge of asking her if she wants some help before I come to my senses.  This is crazy, we can’t do this.

I look up and see Angie on her knees before Oscar, her bare back to me, head bobbing up and down, Oscar’ head is thrown back against the edge of the tub and he’s groaning with pleasure.

“Angie!”  I cry. “Come on, that’s going too far.”

My wife lifts her head off of Oscar’s cock and turns to look at me blearily.  I watch her hard nipple brush the head of his cock as she grips the shaft.

“What?  Oh, jeez, sorry honey.  Is this freaking you out?” asks my wife.

“Yes, actually,” I say.  I put my hand over my cock to hide my erection. “Can you just disengage and de-escalate this situation for a minute?”

“Right, of course,” says my wife.  She releases Oscar’s cock and sits back on her heels.  “Let’s just take a break for a moment.”

Oscar reaches out and grabs my wife my the waist and spins her around making her squeal.

“Oscar, we are trying to slow it down a little here,” I say.

“Oh yeah, I totally understand how you feel,” he tells me.  Meanwhile he bends my wife over and props her elbows up on the edge of the bath so that she is bent over with her rump facing him.  He is on his knees and his eager cock is sticking straight up in the air in anticipation as he positions himself behind my wife. She looks back over her shoulder at him with a grin.

“Cut the shit Oscar,” I say.

“Let me just do something,” he says.  He bends over my wife, starts nibbling the back of her neck, reaches down and cups her dangling boobs in his hand.  He’s hunched over her now, his dong pressing against her from behind, ready to penetrate.

I jump to my feet.  “Oscar! Stop it I said!”  I am about to lunge forward and pull this interloper off of my wife.  I’ve had enough of this.

Suddenly Peter and Susan are blocking my path.  She gives me a shove backward and I almost slip.

“It’s not your consent he needs to ask for, Sam,” she tells me angrily.

“Yes Sam, maybe you should go back up to your room if you can’t be an adult about this,” says Peter sadly.

“Be an adult?  This guy is molesting my wife,” I say.

“Seems like she’s pretty into it,” says Catie.  “She was just sucking his penis after all.”

My stomach drops to hear Catie speak the facts so plainly.

I hear a slapping sound and my wife moaning.  Oscar is gripping her soft hips and fucking her from behind now, his hips slapping against her plump ass cheeks.  I can see his big brown cock stabbing into my cute little wife. Thrusting between her swollen pink pussy lips. I want to push past these oldsters and punch that smug pseudo-spiritual Mexican right in the face for violating my wife like this.

“Let’s just ask her,” I say. “Angie, a minute ago you wanted to cool this off.  Are you consenting to this?”

“Oh, oh, oh,” groans my wife. “Oh god, ahhh!”

“Angie, are you OK?” I cry.  “It sounds like he’s really hurting her, Susan.”

“Um, those aren’t cries of pain, OK.  You need to learn the difference.”

“Angie!” I call.

My wife looks over at me in confusion.  Her cheeks are roay and her pendulous breasts are swinging back and forth as Oscar desecrates our marriage.  “Honey, I can’t talk right now, too busy,” she mumbles. I realize with horror that she has one hand between her legs and is masturbating herself as Oscar dogs her.  She is shuddering now, crying out in passion.’

“Yeah, bitch, take that dick,” grunts Oscar.  His animal nature coming out now that he has his dick inside my wife.

“Cum inside me,” she urges.

“Angie!” I scream.  “What are you saying?”

She looks over at me foggily.  “Sam? Oh, sorry, baby, I thought you left.  Don’t watch this part. I think he’s cumming inside me now.”

Sure enough, I see Oscar’s butt cheeks tense as he stops pumping away on my wife from behind and just grinds himself into her.  His face is contorted and purple as he empties his load into my woman.

“Fuck, fuck,” he cries.  “That pussy tight as fuck, bitch.”

Angie is laughing. “Uh, thanks?  I guess?”

“I sort of took it as a compliment when he started talking dirty to me,” admits Catie.

“This is so fucked up you guys.  Not cool,” I say. I feel like I’m whining and I accidentally find myself staring at Susan’s big white boobs as she stands in front my wife, protecting Oscar and Angie’s coitus from my intervention.

“It’s polite to make eye contact in the baths, Sam,” Susan tell me coldly.  I notice her nipples getting hard as I examine them.

“Oh, relax Susan,” says Peter.  “You have nice boobs. Guys are going to stare sometimes.”

“That’s true,” she admits reluctantly, but she folds her arms over her chest to prevent me fro looking at her nipples any more.

I feel myself blushing.  Then I see Oscar pull his limp deflated cock out of my wife and a big blob of pearly cum appears appears drooling out of the red inflamed entrance to my wife’s vagina.

“Jesus Angie, you are in the fertile part of your cycle too,” I complain.

“Sorry, honey.  I guess we got a little carried away.  It won’t happen again, I promise,” My wife sticks a finger into her cunt, pulls out a glob of Oscar’s cum, puts it into her mouth and sucks it from her fingers, looking Oscar in the eye as she does so.

“Angie!” I say.

“What?” she says.  She seems annoyed.

“Do you have to slurp down his cum right in front of me like that?” I say.  “It feels pretty humiliating.”

“Uh, sort of?” she admits.  “He just got done fucking the daylights out of me.  I need to show him some appreciation, don’t I?”

“What about me?” I ask.

“I don’t know.  I mean, I guess you are going to need to find a way to deal with your emotions or whatever.  I’m flying on endorphins right now. I can’t really think straight. I’m sort of cock drunk.”

“That’s how I felt,” agrees Catie.

Oscar shrugs his shoulders at me.  “Sorry dude, I can’t help being a stud.”  I look at his big brown meat dangling loose between his legs with disgust.

“Uh, fuck off, Oscar,” I say.

Oscar flexes a muscular right arm and points at me menacingly.  “Now, now, don’t you get testy,” he says.

“Don’t beat up my husband, Oscar.  Use that testosterone of your to fuck me some more,” begs my wife.

“Ah, ok, but let’s go back to your room.  I don’t like the vibe around here any more,” says Oscar.

“Hey, don’t go guys, I was getting off on watching,” pouts Catie.

“You can join us if you want,” offers Oscar.

The prick gives me a wink as he walks off with two gorgeous naked ladies under his arms, my mature full figured wife on one side, slim nubile Catie on the other, both women with matching shaved cooches, they trio strolls off dripping and nude together.

“It’s a real shame you had to spoil the fun,” sighs Peter as he and Susan sink back into the stinking hot spring bath.

“Oh, yeah, I’m such a goddamn spoilsport, aren’t I?” I say.  “I should really get more attuned with my chakras so that I can properly enjoy watching strange men fuck my wife!”  My hands are claw-like and shaking in fury before me.

“Oh don’t be such a drama queen, it’s only a bit of playful sex,” says Susan.  “Get over yourself for Chrissake.”

“I’m not some dippy hippie, Susan!” I spit.

“Neither am I, I’m in commercial real estate,” she sniffs.  “Peter and I could probably buy and sell you a few times over.”

Peter looks pained at his wife’s outburst, and I feel deflated.  I wrap a towel around myself and head out. A beautiful young girl with amazing breasts and womanly hips approaches me, stark naked.  She smiles at me warmly. I catch myself looking at her body, make eye contact long enough to return the smile and then make my way back to the dressing room, trying to push down my boner as I jostle for space with naked men and women packed in around me, all of us trying to dress in the tiny dressing room.

When I get back to our room, I walk in to find Oscar on top of my spread eagle wife on our bed.  He is ploughing her missionary style, Catie kneeling beside them, fingering herself and holding Oscar’s huge brown nutsack as he pounds my wife.

He looks up at me angrily as I enter.  “Do you mind? We would like some privacy here.”

“Sorry honey, can you go wait for us in the dining room?” asks my wife contritely.

I slam the door and storm away.  The threesome arrive to dinner an hour later and I glower at them throughout the meal, my wife hanging shamelessly on Oscar, reaching into his open shirt and rubbing his hairy chest the entire time, Catie, Peter, and Susan all looking on approvingly. I feel utterly humiliated.  Angie even suggests that I take meditation instruction from Oscar to help me calm my mind. As though I would sit and let that smug asshole guide me through relaxation when my main stress is the fact that he’s fucking my wife. When they agree that Angie should take classes from him, I’m shocked at the price.  What could be more humiliating that having to pay a charlatan to fuck your own wife on an ongoing basis? I’m going to need something a lot stronger than meditation to get me through this.


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Wife Confronts Thugs in her Lingerie

By Gustav Jorgenson

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Marcel and Chloe were driving home from dinner one evening when they noticed a trio of rough looking young men loitering under the streetlamp on their corner.

“Ugh, look at those ruffians,” said Chloe, arching her brow in disdain. “What are they doing here?”

“They don’t look too savory,” agreed Marcel, slowing the BMW down slightly and craning his head down to get a better look at the strangers. The three young men were all in their early twenties, wearing sagging jeans which hung below their waist, exposing their underwear with bright white t-shirts, and baseball caps with the tags still attached. Marcel stared for a moment, surprised to see such urban fashion in this suburban neighborhood, but felt he uncomfortable when the trio of thugs stared back insolently and grabbed their crotches in signs of disrespect.

“Horrible,” puffed Chloe indignantly. “Since when do we see such trash here in our neighborhood?”

“Never before, I’m sure,” muttered Marcel as he turned into their driveway. Marcel drove directly into the garage and closed the garage door behind them for safety, which was a precaution he rarely took. Chloe looked at him significantly as they entered their home.

“I’m getting changed, dear,” sighed Chloe. “Perhaps you should notify the security service and have them check out those hooligans.”

“Good idea, dear,” agreed Marcel. He took out his phone and called the number for the neighbor security patrol. “Yes, hello, can we get a patrol to 340 Wren’s Nest Way? There are some suspicious characters standing on the corner.”

“We have someone two blocks away, I will send them over,” replied the operator.

“Thank you very much,” said Marcel. He shifted the curtain and peeked out the living room window to see the three young men laughing and punching each other. Within moments the private security SUV pulled up and Marcel saw the security guard roll down his window and ask the thugs some questions. They gave him the finger and shouted insults and the driver quickly rolled up his window and drove off. Marcel stared in confusion.

In the bedroom, Chloe took off her dress and changed into some seductive lingerie: a see-through chemise and black stockings. She had had a few drinks over dinner and was in the mood for sex. She posed in front of the mirror to review how she looked. Her blond hair hung down to her shoulders, carefully dyed to hide the grey. At 43, she still had a good figure, but it was getting harder and harder to maintain. She cupped her large breasts in her hands and hefted them. They used to be a bit perkier, she sighed to herself. She thought of the young toughs on the corner and wondered what they would think of her body. The devilish thought sent a spasm of arousal through her loins that she quickly squelched. My god, what am I thinking? she chided herself. Then she went out to present herself to her husband.

“Hubba, hubba,” said Marcel, appreciatively, looking his wife up and and down from head to toe as she returned to the living room, showing off her figure. He gazed up from her shapely legs to her wide hips and narrow waist and then further up to pause at her large jiggling breasts. “That doesn’t leave much to the imagination, does it?” he asked excitedly, his penis growing stiff in his pants.

“Hug me,” said Chloe with a pout, holding her arms open.

Marcel encircled his wife in his arms eagerly and the gripped her nice round buttocks in his hands, grinding his stiff penis against her crotch.

“Oooh, I like that,” purred Chloe in his ear.

“Let’s go to the bedroom and discuss this further,” suggested Marcel.

“Yes, let’s. But, darling, did you get rid of those young men on the corner? They are making me nervous and I won’t be able to relax until they are gone.”

“Oh, uh, well I called security, but they didn’t seem able to move those fellows along,” admitted Marcel with chagrin.

“You mean they are still out there?” gasped Chloe, pulling away and gazing at her husband with surprise. “Why that simply won’t do!” Chloe strode over the to the window and peeked out herself. The young men were roughhousing with each other on the corner and she couldn’t help but notice that all three were quite solidly built. “Honey, go out there and tell them to go away.”

The blood drained from Marcel’s face and his armpits immediately grew damp with anxiety. “Err, darling, is that really necessary? Let’s just lock the doors and windows. We’ll be safe in here.”

“Marcel, are you afraid to go out there? Where is your backbone?” demanded Chloe, growing a bit exasperated with her husband. “Aren’t you going to protect me?”

“I’m sure we’ll be safe in here,” said Marcel, making soothing gestures and reaching out toward his wife. “Let’s just go into the bedroom and divert our attention.”

“I simply won’t be able to get into the mood if I know those, those animals are out there,” said Chloe, the blood rushing to her face. She touched her breasts unconsciously and a crazy thought came to her that both thrilled and mortified her. “Look here, if you won’t go out there and get rid of them, then, then I will do it myself,” she sputtered.

“You can’t be serious,” chuckled Marcel nervously. “Look at you, you aren’t even dressed.”

“I’ll put a coat on,” said Chloe bravely, and the next thing she knew Marcel was trailing after her as she strode toward the hall closet.

“Chloe, be reasonable,” he pleaded as she put on a long black wool coat and slipped into a pair of heels.

“Oh, Marcel, I will be fine,” she sighed. “I’m not going to be intimidated by these hooligans. I am going to go straight out there and tell them to run right along.”

“Yes? Just like that?” asked Marcel skeptically.

“Just like that,” agreed Chloe meeting her husband’s worried gaze and giving him a grim smile in return as she put her hand on the doorknob. “Look, I asked you to handle it, but apparently you don’t have the stones.”
“Honey, please, think what you are doing, I think the alcohol is clouding your judgment,” stammered Marcel, his gut tied in knots as their tender moment quickly transformed into conflict.

Chloe pursed her lips at her husband disdainfully and then tossed her head, opening the door and striding out without saying another work. Marcel watched her go with a sinking feeling for a moment before shutting the door and rushing over the living room window to see what happened.

The stars were twinkling above as Chloe strode down the sidewalk toward the young men. Her heart was racing madly and she fought the urge to turn and run back to the house. She felt quite naked under her heavy wool coat and wondered if the bartender had been making the drinks stronger than usual after all. She had no idea what had gotten into her. She was the first to admit that she could be wilful, but this was a bold move even for herself. The ruffians soon noticed her coming and they all turned to face her with interest. She could see them looking at her stockinged legs as they emerged occasionally through the front of her coat. The lowest button was only a little below her crotch and she tried to clutch the coat closed in modesty as she approached the crew on the corner.

“What’s up, pretty lady?” said the obvious leader of the gang, looking Chloe up and down boldly. “You come out to keep us company?”

Chloe stopped and stood there for a moment, inspecting the the three young men before her as they stared back at her insolently. None of them had showered recently and they stunk of body odor. Much to her dismay, she found the scent of these sweaty young men to be unaccountably arousing. They were all of the lowest class, and didn’t seem very intelligent. But they were certainly all well muscled. She watched them unwittingly gripping themselves, continually re-adjusting their jocks and it both thrilled and disgusted her.

She planted her legs wide apart and put her hands on her hips, exposing her stockinged legs as she addressed these thugs. “Now see here, what are you no-accounts doing here on my corner?” she demanded, tossing her hair imperiously and holding her chin high while her heart pounded in her chest.

The leader whistled lewdly, bending down to inspect her shapely legs more closely and the trio of young men broke out laughing, redoubling their efforts as their fingered their own crotches.

“She looks like a flasher in that coat,” mumbled one of the young toughs.

“She’s a MILF for sure,” agreed the leader loudly, smacking his lips crudely. “I’d tap that ass all night!”

His friends broke out in raucous laughter, punching each other excitedly at the comment, and Chloe felt her face grow hot with embarrassment. “Pish posh, such bold talk from a boy. How old are you young man?” she demanded, pointing a finger at the leader.

He was a bit taken aback by Chloe’s firm show of confidence in spite of her reddening face. “I’m 20 years old,” he said a bit defensively. “Old enough to handle you,” he said regaining his composure and grinning at her lecherously while he gripped his crotch.

“I didn’t come out here to play games with you boys,” insisted Chloe. She was enjoying this back and forth more than she cared to admit. “I want to know what you are doing out here.”

“We are just hanging out, waiting for hot cougars to come out and fuck with us,” said the leader, “Looks like you fit the bill.” He looked Chloe’s body up and down dramatically while his cohorts chortled and snorted with crude mirth, fingering themselves shamelessly.

“Why you impertinent rascal, I am old enough to be your mother, show some respect,” said Chloe, wagging her finger at the leader as she suppressed a smile. She had to admit, the leader had an infectious playfulness about him that she found appealing. Also, his teeth were very straight and white. “And will you three stop worrying your johnsons like that? Don’t you know that it’s inappropriate to touch yourselves in front of a lady?”

“What the fuck is a johnson?” laughed the leader with a broad smile as he gripped that very thing.

“Johnson is a euphemism for penis, if you must know,” responded Chloe, feeling her pulse quicken.

The three young men broke out giggling convulsively. “She’s talking about our penises,” mumbled one the the crew, hiding his face in his hands.

“What’s the matter, aren’t you used to women talking about your penises?” asked Chloe archly, seizing the advantage.

“Oh, tell me she didn’t say that,” gasped the leader as he and his friends hid their faces in their hands and laughed in embarrassment.

“Look at you boys, getting all worked up over the work ‘penis,’” she said, relishing the effect it had on them. “And you think you could handle a grown woman like me?”

“Hey, now,” said the leader straightening up. “Once you saw my dick, you would be down on your knees begging for it.” His pants were hanging low in that urban style and he pulled the waist down below his crotch, exposing his boxer shorts. Then he pinched his swollen penis with both hands showing her the outline of his generous bulge. His friends hooted with delight at this display of bravado in front of the older woman. Marcel saw it as well as he watched his wife confronting the thugs from the safety of the living room window and he felt his gut knot up with anxiety and shame. But he just kept watching, transfixed with a sick fascination.

Chloe’s eyes widened at the sight of the young thug’s huge package and she had to consciously refrain from touching her own crotch in response. She could feel herself getting wet. She looked up and down the deserted suburban street, with lush green lawns and large leafy trees lit by the cold streetlamp light. There was not another person in sight aside from herself and these three delinquents standing together on the sidewalk. All of her neighbors were tucked away, safe inside their homes, sleeping or sleepily watching a final TV show before bed. Her pulse raced as she decided to test these boys further. Chloe looked back over her shoulder at her husband standing nervously in the living room window as she carefully unbuttoned her coat and held it closed loosely.

“Well, once you saw what I have to offer in return, you might find yourself begging my pardon, young man,” she said fixing the leader with a devilish grin and opening her coat dramatically. She flashed the three young men a brief peek at herself, practically naked beneath her coat in her lingerie. They erupted in shouts of excitement when they caught a glimpse of Chloe’s hard nipples, visible through translucent material of her chemise before she quickly closed her coat again. Her heart was racing and she was amazed and aroused at her own audacity. It felt thrilling to expose herself to these brash hooligans out on the concrete sidewalk on a quiet suburban evening. Her pulse pounded in her ears as her heart thumped in her chest. She turned again to look back at her husband and even from the street, she could tell that he had gone as white as a sheet. She smiled to herself at the sight. That will show him what happens when he acts a coward.

While his two friends turned in circles with the hands on their cheeks, chattering in disbelief, the leader drew himself upright and pulled his jeans back up toward his waist, trying to regain his composure. “Yeah, you are a hot slut alright.” He noticed Chloe looking back up toward her husband in the window. “Hey, wait a minute. Is that your old man up there? Did that limpdick let you come down here in nothing but your drawers to try to shag us out of here all by yourself?”

“Yes, he did, shameful, isn’t it?” said Chloe patting her hair. She held her coat closed only loosely, allowing a glimpse of pale thigh or sensuous navel to peek out intermittently.

The three thugs obliged her by fixing their gazes at the front of her coat, drinking in every chance revelation with their eager eyes.

“Well we better go up there and teach that mother fucker to grow a pair. That’s no way to treat a lady!”

“It certainly isn’t,” she agreed, giving the leader a coquettishly glance as stroked the top of her stockings, just inches from her crotch. She flushed with satisfaction as he lost his train of thought, all three staring slack jawed as she traced her fingers up, showing them her tender inner thigh.

“Oh man, yeah,” said the leader, slapping himself and rubbing his hand over his face to bring himself back into the moment. “Let’s go.” He strode off purposefully toward Chloe’s front door, cutting carelessly across her lawn with his pals in tow.

Chloe had to stick to the sidewalk as she teetered quickly along, her palms were damp with excitement and she felt butterflies in her stomach. Marcel is going to simply poop himself. She thought with an internal laugh. Serves him right.

Marcel‘s blood ran cold as the three trespassers clomped heedlessly across his pristine lawn. Don’t these fools realize that they could damage the turf walking that way? he caught himself worrying about the grass before snapping back to attention and realizing he had bigger problems at hand. He had no idea what could possibly be happening but he didn’t like it. It was especially dismaying that Chloe would open her coat for these young hoods. He nearly jumped in surprise when they pounded loudly on his front door. He froze in place, fearful of answering for a moment before realizing that his wife was still out there with these thugs and that he must let her in. So he gathered up his nerve and went and opened the door.

“What’s the meaning of this?” demanded Marcel shakily when he was confronted with the visage of three big rough young men, snarling angrily at him on his doorstep.

“Bitch, step aside, we have to have a word with you,” said the leader pushing Marcel roughly back into his foyer as the three hooligans muscled their way inside.

Chloe arrived close behind them, mincing along quickly in her heels. “Now boys, play nice,” she chided with a wicked grin as she ushered them along and closed the door behind them.

“Chloe, who are these people?” cried Marcel in consternation.

“You can call me, Jimmy,” grunted the leader, poking his thumb into his chest aggressively. “That’s Ken and Ty.” The other two nodded absently as they gazed around at the well appointed foyer with it’s marble floor and high vaulted ceiling.

“This is my husband, Marcel,” said Chloe. “Marcel, I went down to shoo these fellows along, but when they realized that you let me do this on my own, they demanded to speak to you about this.”

“Errgh?” choked Marcel in shock, grasping at his throat as Jimmy was distracted by an antique Chinese pot on the table. “Put that down, it’s expensive!” he snapped when Jimmy hefted the heavy ceramic pot with ease.

“Don’t piss yourself, I’m just looking,” snapped Jimmy in response as he examined the classical scene painted on the side of a waterfall emerging from a mountain to form a broad brook bordered by delicate trees. “This is cool. Look at this.” His friends gathered around looking at the painting and making sounds of admiration. Chloe smiled at her husband over the naive reaction and he just gaped back at her in alarm.

“I know you boys aren’t really old enough yet, but would you like a drink?” asked Chloe, glancing at Marcel to judge his reaction.

“I want gin and juice,” said Jimmy looking up from the vase.

“Marcel, would you?” asked Chloe with a smile.

“What? Certainly not! I want these scoundrels to leave this instant, not to serve them drinks!” sputtered Marcel indignantly, drawing himself upright and tugging at the lapels of his sportcoat for emphasis.

“Bitch, get us some drinks before I smash you in the face with this vase,” said Jimmy wielding the heavy pot as though it were as light as a feather.

Marcel felt his throat constrict with fear and scampered back to the wet bar in the livingroom. This is like a goddamned home invasion. Should I call the police? he wondered to himself.

“There, there, Jimmy, put the vase down, dear,” said Chloe touching Jimmy’s muscular bicep with appreciation. “Come into the living room and have a drink.” She herded the hoodlums into the great room that adjoined the foyer which was panelled in dark wood with rich leather furniture.

“My god, what the fuck do you do for a living?” asked Jimmy looking around in astonishment. His friends were also awed by the luxurious decor and they all grouped together in the middle of the room self-consciously.

“Marcel does mergers and acquisitions,” said Chloe casually as she discarded her coat and tossed it onto a chair, revealing her nearly naked body for the young men to see.

“Good lord, Chloe, cover yourself, what are you thinking?” exclaimed Marcel, his face turning red as Jimmy and his friends took the drinks from his hands.

“What’s the matter, dear, are you ashamed of my body?” asked Chloe, cocking one hip to show off her body. “Are my breasts too saggy?” she asked coyly, cupping her large boobs in each hand.

“Oh shit,” muttered Jimmy as he and his friends covered their faces and peeked between their fingers at Chloe as she showed off for them. Their bravado ebbed noticeably, and Chloe smiled to herself to see their youth showing. They were clearly intimidated by the wealth on display around them and Chloe’s brash behavior. They had never experienced such a thing and they giggled nervously as they stole peeks at Chloe’s breasts as she offered them for inspection.

“Now look what you’ve done, even the gangsters are cowed by your haughty posing,” chuckled Marcel, shaking his head in confused bemusement.

“Man, shut the fuck up,” snapped Jimmy, pressing his lips together tightly and struggling to muster his courage in this strange mansion with it’s overbearing luxury.

Marcel contemplated the rough youth briefly with pursed lips before turning to his wife. “Ok, Chloe, you have had your fun. Can we please ask our, uh, guests to leave now?”

“Actually, no,” said Chloe crossing the room self-consciously in her negligee to go fix herself a drink. “Jimmy promised to show me his penis. He insinuated that it would make me simply swoon with passion at the very sight of it.”

Marcel’s face drained of color and he felt his blood run cold as he stood there gaping unable to formulate a sentence.

“Ha, ha, that’s right, motherfucker,” said Jimmy, downing the rest of his screwdriver quickly and putting the glass down with a thump. “What did you expect? You can’t send your helpless wife down to the corner in her drawers to go fuck with a gang of thugs on the corner, you fool. You ought to know that they are gonna jump on that shit and end up fucking the shit out of her.”

“Now look here!” objected Marcel, raising his fist impotently and striding forward.

But Ty just stuck out his large meaty arm and pushed Marcel backward with a minimum of effort.

“Shit, if you are in acquisitions, you should acquire some balls,” laughed Jimmy causing his pals to break out laughing.

Even Chloe had to smile at that. “Ok, my young braggadocio, enough talk,” she said, gulping down a shot to fortify her nerve. “Let’s see this wondrous phallus of yours, shall we?” she looked at her husband with a twinkle in her eye.

Jimmy deflated again slightly as he eyed his buddies and then Marcel. “Nah, I don’t whip out my junk in front of dudes. Let’s go in the bedroom so I can let you have it in private.”

“Alright, then, my modest little gangster,” said Chloe condescendingly. “Come along.” She came and took Jimmy by the hand and lead him off toward the nearby guest bedroom. He turned back to his buddies with his tongue out and making snapping gestures with his other hand while they looked on in shock and laughed in astonishment. Then he turned and gave Marcel the finger before disappearing into the short hallway that lead to the guest bedroom. She gave Marcel a little ironic wave before leading the thug into the bedroom, but they didn’t bother closing the door behind them.

“Man, that’s fucked up,” chuckled Ty nervously. “Jimmy’s going to dick your wife in there.”

Marcel was trying to think of an appropriate response when a spotlight blazed briefly through the front window. He rushed over and saw a police car cruising slowly in front of the house sweeping it’s searchlight back and forth. The security service must have notified the police! he thought with excitement as he waved his arms vigorously to gain the officer’s attention. They must have seen him because the car stopped and two bulky policemen emerged and walked cautiously up the front walk to Marcel’s house as he urged them on with his motions.

“Now you interlopers will get your comeuppance. The police are here,” crowed Marcel in delight as he rushed to the front door to let them in.

The two hooligans scanned frantically about looking for an escape route but the officers were inside the room quickly and pinned the two suspects with stern glares.

“Ok, what’s going on here?” asked the senior officer, never taking his eyes off the two young men who fired back defiant glares.

“These, these hooligans barged right into my house, officer, and I want them out,” said Marcel waving his hands hysterically.

“Nah, nah, tell the truth, Marcel. Your wife invited us in here and you handed us these drinks yourself,” objected Ty, holding up his gin and juice for the officers to see.

“Is that true, sir?” asked the officer, furrowing his brow and turning to Marcel.

“Uh, well,” said Marcel, rubbing his head in confusion.

“Oh Jimmy,” called Chloe from the other room. “Oh it’s big, go slow, go slow!”

Everyone looked down the hall in response to Chloe’s scream and the officers put their hands on their weapons in surprise. Suddenly there was a telltale rhythmic tapping of the headboard against the living room wall.

“Who else is in this house?” the senior officer demanded sharply, glaring down at Marcel.

“Uh, my wife is in there with the leader of this bunch,” admitted Marcel with chagrin.

“Sounds like Jimmy is getting into your wife,” snickered Ty under his breath.

“What did you say there, tough guy?” asked the senior cop aggressively.

“You can hear that he’s fucking her in there,” said Ty, spreading his hands in supplication. “That’s not my fault, is it?”

“I’m going to check this out,” the senior cop told the younger officer who smirked sarcastically in response.

Marcel tagged along behind the policeman as he walked cautiously down the hall. He didn’t want to believe that his wife was really having sex with this gangster and still held out hope that this was some sort of ruse and that she was just teasing him by playacting loudly. But as he and the officer approached the open door to the guest room, his hopes were dashed. Chloe lay naked on the bed with her legs spread and Jimmy was on top of her, fucking her missionary style. Marcel watched with sick fascination as the young man’s muscular ass pumped in and out, framed by his wife’s lovely knees, spread wide to provide him easier access to her cunt.

“Uh, ma’am, excuse me, but I have to ask. Is this sex consensual?” asked the officer loudly, adjusting the lump in his own trousers.

Jimmy paused mid stride with his cock sunk deep into Marcel’s wife and looked over his shoulder in surprise and fear at the ominous form of the policeman in the doorway.

“Oh my god, don’t stop, Jimmy, please, keep going, I’m right on the verge,” gasped Chloe reach down and gripping the thug’s ass cheeks greedily. “And yes, officer, this is the most consensual sex I have had in years,” she said, arching her brow at her husband.

“Ha, ha, yeah!” laughed Jimmy, sticking his tongue out at Marcel as he resumed dicking his wife. “You heard that, Marcel? She’s begging for that dick now,” crowd Jimmy triumphantly as he pumped away.

The officer shook his head in disbelief. “Now I’ve seen everything,” he said.

“Can’t you, can’t you do something?” whined Marcel as Jimmy’s thrusts increased in intensity and the headboard resumed it’s staccato tapping.

The officer looked down at Marcel sympathetically, but the cuckold husband couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sight of his wife getting ploughed in his guest bedroom by a random thug off the street. “Sorry, sir, but I can’t see what law these hoodlums are actually breaking. Technically adultery isn’t illegal here in California.”

“Would you two mind taking this conversation into the other room? I am about to climax over here,” gasped Chloe as she clung to Jimmy’s back and he pumped his dick in and out of her sodden pussy.

“Wait, don’t you want Marcel to watch? He might learn something,” chuckled Jimmy glancing over his shoulder lewdly.

“Ohgodohgodohgod,” cried Chloe as the orgasm overcame her.

“Uh, yeah,” said the officer, turning to go and covering his crotch to hide his erection.

“Goddamn it, Chloe,” snapped Marcel in frustration. His gut wrenched with jealousy and shame and yet he found that he also needed to cover the tent pitched in his own pants by his own tumescence.

He followed the officer back to the living room while Jimmy called after him. “Marcel, wait, come back! I am coming inside her now and filling your wife up with my man jam.”

Marcel and the policemen returned to the living room and found the two thugs giggling and punching each other. The junior officer was struggling not to laugh himself and Marcel’s face burned with humiliation.

“Look, sir, I am really sorry about all this,” said the officer. “I sympathize with your plight, but this really isn’t a police matter. I can’t think of any law that was actually broken here.”

“But can’t you at least get rid of these two thugs?” complained Marcel motioning to Ty and Ken.

“Well if you ask them to leave and they refuse then I guess we can escort them out,” said the officer scratching his head.

“Oh, hello officers,” said Chloe walking into the room, completely naked, eyes shining and cheeks flushed from the sexual exertion. All eyes turned to admire her pale, shapely hourglass figure. She shameless displayed her blonde bush and her large bouncing breasts with their stiff pink nipples. She secretly hoped that no one noticed the streaks of grey in her pubic hair, but otherwise was riding an endorphin high from her glorious orgasm and felt perfectly comfortable to be nude before all these strangers. In fact, she relished the way the two officers looked her over lasciviously. “Can I offer you anything? Coffee, tea… me?” Jimmy followed her into the room, zipping up his pants and snorting with amusement at this last comment.

“Heh, heh, uh, no ma’am, we will just be going now and taking these ruffians with us,” said the senior officer. He had a hard time pulling his eyes away from Chloe’s perfect nipples as they pointed in random directions from the jiggling of her boobs.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t’ hear of it,” she asserted, putting her hands on her hips in an authoritative stance that looked very odd since she was nude. “These are my guests, and I want them to stay.”

“Err, alright,” said the senior officer glancing over at his partner who just shrugged in confusion. “I guess we will just leave you folks to your, uh, evening entertainment then. We will let ourselves out.”

Chloe went to the bar and poured herself a big glass of ice water. “Ty and Ken, have you boys ever had sex with a middle-aged woman?” she asked as the officers departed and Marcel looked on incredulously.

“Nope,” admitted Ty shyly.

“Well then, come along to the guest bedroom. You two have a lot to learn,” said Chloe imperiously, snapping her fingers for them to join her as she headed back down the hall.

“Chloe, this is simply beyond the pale,” cried Marcel in complaint.

“I’m sorry, darling but apparently this is what happens when you gutlessly allow me to handle a gang of hooligans on my own. Not that I am angry about it. I feel that a whole new world of possibilities is opening up. I had no idea that young hooligans would be so, uh, enthusiastic in the bedroom. Young Jimmy gave me quite a workout and I am eager to see what Ty and Ken can do now.”

The two hoods avoided Marcel’s glares of frustration and followed Chloe down the hall and into the guest bedroom.

“Don’t feel bad, Marcel. She just needs some fresh dick is all,” said Jimmy. “Here, let me grab you a drink to show there are no hard feelings.” Jimmy went to the bar and poured himself another gin and juice.

“No thank you,” said Marcel coldly and Jimmy just shrugged. He hopped over the back of the couch and took up the remote control for the entertainment center. After a few minutes of fiddling with it, Jimmy brought up some hip-hop music videos and was quickly engrossed.

Marcel stood for a moment pondering his options when the headboard resumed it’s insistent tapping.

“Don’t pout out there, dear,” called Chloe, grunting from the impact of some hood’s fat cock. “Come and watch them use me. It will be fun.”

Marcel considered walking out for a moment but noticed his member swelling with excitement at the thought of watching his wife get owned by two thugs at once. Ah well, might as well try to salvage what I can of the evening, he thought to himself as he heading toward the bedroom unzipping his fly while heavy beats thumped from his high-end speaker system, practically shaking the entire house.

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Wife Blows Flasher in the Park

By Gustav Jorgenson

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My wife Karen has been trying to quit smoking for years.  By the time she turned 42, I had mostly convinced her to stop, but she still slipped up sometimes.  This upset me since I do love my wife and want her to, you know, not die of lung cancer and whatnot.  So I would often yell at her when I caught her smoking. And when my wife supposedly went to the bathroom one night while we were out drinking at a local pub with another couple, I started to grow suspicious.

First of all, Karen always had a harder time avoiding cigarettes when she was drunk, as do most people.  And secondly, she was in fine form that evening, flirting with all the men and flashing them some leg in her short dress.  She was clearly feeling horny that night and when she was gone for too long to the restroom, I almost worried that she had snuck off to fool around with some other guy.  When Karen had been gone for about five minutes, I sent our friend Susan to the bathroom to check on her.

Susan came back empty handed.  “Sorry Roger, but Karen isn’t in the bathroom.”

Her husband Ed laughed.  “Better run and find her, old boy.  She’s been pretty popular with the boys this evening. You might find her pressed up against a wall somewhere getting familiar with one of these fine fellows.”

“Stop it, Ed, you are terrible!” laughed his wife.  I could tell by the sparkle in her eye that the idea excited her.  

I had a sick feeling in my gut as I stepped away from our table. “She’s probably just sneaking a cigarette.  I will give her what for.” I searched around the front of the bar but the street was deserted. Then I went around the corner to a little pocket park, and sure enough, there was Karen.  She was perched on a park bench taking furtive puffs, mostly shielded by the shrubbery.

“Karen, for Chrissake, put that out!” I shouted and I started running from the corner.

My wife gave a start and guiltily dropped the butt to ground it beneath her high heeled pump.

I was marching angrily toward her, ready to chew her out, when a tall skinny white guy in his early twenties stopped in front of my wife and opened his trench coat dramatically.  Karen gave a gasp of surprise and then burst out laughing. From where I stood, behind him, it really looked like the young man had just flashed my wife. But I couldn’t believe it.  That sort of thing doesn’t happen in real life, does it?

Yet sure enough, when I came closer I saw to my amazement that this dorky fellow was totally naked under his coat and he was pointing his stiff erection directly at my wife and waving it around excitedly.  I had to laugh. I mean, Karen was old enough to be this kid’s mother and he just looked so silly wagging his dick around like that.

“Look at my penis, look at it!” he demanded of my wife.

“Yes, I see it dear, it’s a very nice penis,” said Karen.  And she did oblige him by gazing at it with amusement. Then she made an impressed pout.  “It’s a very big penis, isn’t it?”

“Get out of here with that thing,” I told the young man with a dismissive wave.  “What the hell are you thinking?”

“I’m a pervert, ok?” he replied defensively.  “I get off on this.”

“Oh, hello dear,” said Karen, greeting me brightly.  “Have you met, uh, I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name,” my wife turned toward the gangly flasher with his waving tentpole.

“Uh, I’m Aaron,” said the bashful exhibitionist.

“Have you seen Aaron’s cock?  He’s quote proud of it,” Karen told me with a grin.

“Don’t try to change the subject, you,” I told her angrily.  “I saw you smoking!”

Karen grimaced in contrition.  “It was just a puff…”

“Show me your tits!” blurted Aaron. He planted his feet far apart and thrust his hips forward, jutting his massive dong toward my wife and then the cheeky bastard started stroking it.

“Oh for chrissake, she’s old enough to be your mother!  Run along will you? My wife and I are trying to have a conversation here,” I told the young man in exasperation.  I would have normally punched another man in the face for doing something like this in front of my wife. But this young guy just seemed like a desperate nerd and I sort of felt sorry for him.  He was resorting to such crude depravity to fulfill his fantasies.

“She gives me a hardon and I want to see her tits!” insisted Aaron. He never took his eyes off my wife as he frantically tugged his meat.  He wagged it at my wife insistently. “Look how hard I am!” he whined.

“What balls this little fucker has,” I gasped in astonishment. Seriously, who does such a thing?

“His testicles are big, look at them hanging down,” giggled my wife, pointing to the young pervert’s huge sagging nutsack.

“You are enjoying this, you little slut,” I said, shaking my head.

“Well it is sort of flattering I have to say,” admitted Karen.  She looked at the big penis being wagged in her face and she licked her lips.  “And of course it is keeping me from being scolded over the smoke.  Maybe I should humor the boy?”

“What, you mean flash him your tits?  You can’t be serious?” I said. I was taken aback by my wife’s brashness.  She really was feeling randy tonight.

“Oh he seems perfectly harmless.  He’s just desperate and a little unclear on proper social etiquette,” said Karen. She looked around cautiously to make sure no one was around, then slid the straps of ther dress down over her shoulders and pulled her bare breasts out so the young man could see them.  My wife leaned forward seductively and cradled her large white boobs under her arms so that they protruded nicely. I got a hardon myself as I ogled my wife’s jiggling knockers.

“This is madness!” I exclaimed.  But it really was arousing, I had to admit.

Aaron groaned desperately when he saw my wife’s big pale orbs on display with her nubby pink areola growing firm and erect in the cool night air.  He resumed jerking his meat as he stared open mouthed at my wife’s amazing chest. “Yes, yes,” he panted. “Now touch it! Touch it!” The excitable young man thrust his pulsing boner toward my wife with a pleading look on his face.

“My gosh, he’s so insistent, honey,” laughed my wife.  She contemplated Aaron’s long veiny shaft for a moment before taking it gingerly in her hand.  “What raging hormones these young guys have,” she commented to me. My drunken wife looked me right in the eye with a smoldering look as she slowly started stroking the stranger’s tool.  Right in front of me. With her tits hanging out for the world to see. My mouth was going dry and I didn’t know what to say. I could barely catch my breath as I watched and then I heard Aaron moan in deep satisfaction.

“Yeah, yeah,” he groaned.  His head was thrown back and his entire body arched backward as he presented his cock to my wife for handling.

“Do you like that dear?  Do you want me to pull on it a little harder?” my wife asked sweetly.  But she was looking at me while she said it, not at Aaron.

“What do you mean, are you asking me?” I croaked.  I could feel my heart thumping heavily in my chest.

“Yes, I am asking you, darling,” my wife told me. She squinted at me sensuously.  “Are you enjoying the sight of your wife jerking off a horny stranger in the park?  Am I being naughty enough for you?”

“Since when did I ask you to be more naughty?” I asked.  My own cock was pitching a tent in my trousers and I knew she could see it.

“A husband can’t ask for such things,” she sniffed dismissively.  “But a wife knows.”

Aaron looked at me curiously, his eyes glazed over with lust as my wife generously tugged his meat for him.  “Can she suck it?” he asked me. “I want her to suck it now.”

“What?  No, of course not,” I stammered. But Karen could see how weakly I protested.  

My wife smiled knowingly at me as she pulled the young man closer.  The red swollen glans was just an inch from her pink pouty lips. “How about if I just lick it a little?” she asked me in voice generally reserved for babies.  And she stretched her wet little tongue out and lapped delicately at the pulsing head of the flasher’s cock. My cock jumped at the sight and I pushed it down hard, gripping it through my trousers. Karen noted my reaction with sly smile and then started sucking the pervert’s cock in earnest.  He put his hand on the back of my woman’s head and whimpered in pleasure as it bobbed up and down. She had engulfed the top part of his long cock in her hot little mouth and was giving him a thorough blowjob.

I don’t know what possessed me, but I just sort of gave in to my bestial desires at that point and I unzipped my fly so that I could masturbate while I watched my filthy wife sucking off a complete stranger in this tiny pocket park.  Karen was really getting into it now and she moaned in the back of her throat as she enthusiastically slurped and sucked. She gripped the young man by his bony hips and tried to get as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, but she quickly choked once it was halfway down.  So my wife contented herself with sucking just the top third of the thing. She pulled it out of her mouth and ran her tongue up and down it, looking me in the eye ferociously as I stood there jerking myself to the kinky spectacle. She even lifted his testicles up and started sucking those in front of me.  Her fierce gaze cutting into me as she serviced the pervert.

“This is so fucked up,” I moaned.  I was on the verge of climaxing though.

“Your wife is a total whore,” Aaron said in a congratulatory manner.

“Hmm, mmm,” agreed my wife as she resumed sucking his dick with abandon.  She even reached up and pulled her panties down.

“Oh, now wait a minute,” I gasped, but I nearly came when I saw her do that.

“Oh, here you two are!” called Susan.  “Ed and I thought you had left…” Our two friends sauntered into the park to join us.   “What the holy hell?!” yelped Susan when she saw Karen sucking the stranger’s huge cock while I fapped away.

“Who?  What? Who the hell is this guy and what the fuck are you people doing?” laughed Ed.  He thought it was funny, of course. That’s the kind of guy he was.

Susan gagged on the big dick for a moment before pulling it out of her mouth.  “This is Aaron,” she told Ed breathlessly as though that explained anything. “And he’s fucking me now.”

“Yes! YES!” shouted Aaron in ecstasy. The gangly fellow dropped unceremoniously to his knees into the mud before my wife.  She spread her legs for him urgently and within moments he was thrusting that big prick of his right into my wife’s cunt.

Susan looked on with shock. Ed looked on with a big lecherous grin.  

But for me it was just time to cum.  “Fuck her! Fuck her hard!” I groaned in encouragement to the hormone fueled younger man as his ass pumped away trying to impregnate my wife.  Then my climax came and Susan gasped in surprise as she watched the hot jism spurting out of my cock. Burst after burst spewed forth into the air as Ed’s wife watched in fascination.  Karen saw me ejaculating and the sight of my orgasm triggered her own. I saw her shudder and grimace as her body was wracked with a powerful climax.

“Ugh, ugh, I’m cumming!  I’m cumming inside,” shouted Aaron after pumping his huge dong in and out of my wife’s tight snatch for a few more moments.

“That’s a good boy,” she told him.  And my wife grinned at me blearily as she patted the young stranger on the back while he emptied his seed up inside her.

Aaron jerked himself free and awkwardly jumped to his feet.  He ran his hands through his hair as he looked at Susan and Ed with embarrassment.  Susan’s eyes widened at the sight of the youth’s huge dangling schlong. Softer now, but still impressive.  “Uh, I think I should go now,” he said.  

“I think that’s for the best, dear,” my wife told him as she searched around under the park bench for her panties.

Aaron was watching Susan stare at his dick and he held his coat open so she could see it clearly.  Unbelievably his healthy young member started to swell again from her attention, even though he had just blown his wad.  “I, uh, usually go do this in Dimond park on Tuesday nights,” he told Susan. “Down by the dog run. It’s pretty secluded and I sometimes find horny MILFs there.”

“I’ll bet you do,” Ed said with a lewd leer.  He noticed his wife’s interest in the younger man’s wang.

“Good to know, dear,” said my wife.  She gave me a wicked grin to let me know she might be visiting that park soon.  The young man wagged his inflating cock at Susan one last time before wrapping himself back up in his trench coat and dashing away.  Karen watched him go with a tender expression.

“Now that is something you don’t see every day,” Ed said with a twinkle in his eye. 

His wife Susan was fanning herself and said nothing.

“Well, at least I got out of a scolding,” my wife told me with a grin.

“No wait, about that, you really need to think about your lungs, Karen,” I chided as I tucked my spent cock back into my pants.  Really, we need to get our priorities straight here. I wasn’t about to let my wife off the hook for that cigarette.

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Wife Gets Pool Lesson From Stranger

By Gustav Jorgenson

***new collection of hot cuckold erotica out now: Wicked Wife Mischief ***

Sam’s wife Chelsea was complaining that they didn’t go out enough, so he agreed to take her to dinner and out to a new bar that just opened up. The couple didn’t know anyone there and felt a bit awkward. After a few drinks they decided to try playing pool although neither of them was very good at it. They were missing shots over and over and just laughing about it when Sam noticed this short, muscular guy looking on in disdain.

“Look, you gotta get down lower when you take a shot so you can see the angle,” he told Chelsea impatiently as she stood upright by the side of the pool table, clumsily preparing to take a shot.

“Oh?” she asked him, somewhat startled at his interjection. “I, uh, well obviously I’m not very good. We are just fooling around.”

“Well you would have more fun if you learned a bit of technique,” said the stranger. “I’m Joe by the way,” he said, gazing into Chelsea’s eyes intently and ignoring Sam.

Chelsea blushed under his piercing stare and averted her eyes modestly. “Hello, Joe, I am Chelsea, and this is my husband, Sam.”

Sam waved gamely, embarrassed by the way this fellow was looking at his wife.

“Very pleased to make your acquaintance, Chelsea,” said Joe, looking her up and down in her short, snug dress and admiring her shapely figure. Sam cleared his throat to remind Joe that he was there and could see him checking out his wife. “Hey Sam, why aren’t you teaching your pretty little wife here how to shoot pool properly?”

“Ha, well, actually, I’m not much of a pool player myself,” admitted Sam, feeling somewhat unmanly.

“Can I give you some tips?” Joe asked Chelsea, putting his hand on her pool cue.

“Uh, sure, I am open to learning new things,” said Chelsea, looking at her husband with trepidation. “Are you very good at pool?”

“Let me show you,” he said taking the cue from her hands smoothly. “4 ball corner pocket, off the 7,” he muttered casually and he crouched down and forcefully fired the cue ball with a loud crack. The cue bounced off the far bumper, rebounded and clipped the 7 ball perfectly, sending it into the 4 which landed in the corner pocket with a satisfying clunk.

“Wow,” said Chelsea, clearly impressed.

“Yeah, that was like a combo bank shot,” said Sam with surprise.

“That’s right, Sam,” said Joe condescendingly. “Now let me show your wife a thing or two.”

“Ok,” agreed Chelsea brightly. “How do I do a shot like that?”

Joe laughed. “Chelsea, you have to take it slow. You can’t even make a straight shot. You are standing too stiffly. You need to bend down lower so you can see what you are doing. Here take the cue.”

Chelsea took the cue and bent down slightly, sliding the cue back and forth across her finger as she prepared to shoot.

Joe was standing close by her side and shook his head. “No, no,” he said pushing her back. “You need to get lower.”

“But I feel kind of weird, bending down too far in this short dress,” she said, reddening slightly and pulling self-consciously at her hem.

“Ah, let the guys get their thrills, why don’t you?” said Joe, looking at Chelsea’s round buns unabashedly. “You got panties on don’t you?”

“Oh my god, Joe, of course I do,” exclaimed Chelsea with a laugh of surprise. She gave her husband a devilish grin, her cheeks bright red. Sam’s gut twisted with jealousy and he just smiled back weakly.

“Well yeah, then get down then and stick that rump out,” said Joe, standing back and watching her rear expectantly.

Chelsea bent down low over the table, thrusting her rump toward Joe suggestively. She was enjoying the attention of another man and was getting a kick out of making Same a bit jealous. “How’s that, Joe?” she asked over her shoulder.

“Yeah, that’s a fine ass,” admitted Joe staring at Chelsea’s buttocks.

“Ok, yeah, that’s not really a pool tip,” complained Sam, his mouth turning dry. He looked at Joe’s thickly muscled arms with apprehension. Sam had never been a fighter and didn’t relish the idea of fisticuffs with this burly stranger over his wife’s honor.

“Sorry, but your wife has some junk in her trunk,” said Joe cheerily, not bothering to look at Sam. “Now Chelsea, line up the ball and take a shot.”

Chelsea grinned up at Sam. “I’ve got junk in the trunk, Sam. Did you hear that?”

“Yes, that’s the word on the street,” said Sam through gritted teeth. He could feel his armpits growing damp.

“Take your shot now, honey,” urged Joe, giving Sam a fit at the familiar tone he used.

Chelsea’s tongue peeked out of the corner of her mouth as she tried to concentrate on the ball and she gave a sudden jerky stroke which sent the cue ball careening off target, missing her objective entirely.

“Oh, jeez, you have to do a smooth, slow stroke,” said Joe with exasperation. “Focus on the cue going straight. Here let me show you.” Joe strode up behind Chelsea and wrapped his arms around her.

“Wow, hello there, Joe,” gasped Chelsea in surprise. But she was enjoying the feeling of being clasped in this aggressive stranger’s thick, strong arms.

“Yeah, uh, that’s my wife there, buddy,” stammered Sam, his heart pounding in his chest.

“I’m just teaching her how to stroke, Sam,” said Joe, looking up at Sam innocently as he cradled his wife in his arms. Joe enjoyed the smell of Sam’s wife and was aroused by the heat coming off her soft skin.

“You make it sound so dirty, Joe,” purred Chelsea, looking over her shoulder at Joe, her face just inches from his. She arched her back slightly to press her rear against his crotch.

“You’re the one with the dirty mind,” he told her softly. He held her close and pressed his stiffening penis against her generous bottom.

“Hey, I feel something back there,” giggled Chelsea. “Is that a pool cue in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

“Jesus, Chelsea,” whined Sam. “Cut the shit. Joe are you giving my wife a pool lesson or are just feeling her up?” His blood was pounding in his ears and his palms were sweaty as he tried to confront this interloper.

“Relax, Sam, relax,” said Joe as he smoothly stroked the pool cue back and forth. His arm brushed Chelsea’s boob as he showed her how to slide the cue. “You see, Chelsea, nice and smooth,” he said, thrusting his protruding bulge against her warm soft buns for emphasis. Holding her arm, he followed through and fired off a shot that sank another ball with a clean thunk into the side pocket.

“Oh, wow, yeah, I see,” chirped Chelsea happily. “Look, honey, I made a shot.” She wiggled her rear against Joe’s crotch, enjoying the naughty pleasure of his dong pressing into her ass while her husband looked on helplessly.

“Ok, you can let go of my wife now,” stammered Sam indecisively. He was torn with jealousy and anxiety but was surprised to find himself titillated by the whole situation.

“Yeah, ok, hold on a second,” said Joe gruffly. He nuzzled Chelsea’s neck and said softly, “You feeling that?” as he continued to prod her with his dick from behind.

“I feel it,” affirmed Chelsea, feeling herself growing wetter and wetter.

“Feel what?” asked Sam sickly, not wanting to know the answer.

“Joe’s penis is poking me right in the rear,” giggled Chelsea, looking up her husband with an impish grin. “And you know his arm brushed my boob when he was showing me that shot.”

“You like that, huh?” asked Joe as he brashly cupped Chelsea’s dangling boobs in his hands and squeezed them, never ceasing to worry her from behind with his cock.

“Ok, seriously, cut that out right now. That’s my wife!” squeaked Sam, his voice cracking from the stress. He felt as though his heart was about to explode out of his chest and his palms were slick with sweat. “Chelsea, make him stop, what are you doing?”

“Oh, darling, don’t make a scene,” laughed Chelsea, standing upright and surreptitiously reaching back to pinch Joe’s penis through his pants. “Here, let’s all have a drink.”

“Yeah, let me buy you two a drink to show there are no hard feelings,” said Joe, surprised at the audacity Chelsea showed by grabbing his cock.

“No hard feelings, just a nice hard cock,” said Chelsea as she gripped Joe’s boner fiercely behind her back.

“Honey, what’s gotten into you?” gasped Sam in shock.

“Maybe you haven’t been getting into her enough lately, pal,” laughed Joe wrapping his arm around Chelsea’s waist as she tilted her hip forward and slid her arm behind her back so her husband couldn’t see how she was squeezing Joe’s dong.

“Our sex life has cooled off quite a bit these past few years,” said Chelsea sadly.

“Chelsea! That’s not the sort of thing to tell a complete stranger,” said Sam, mortified by his wife’s behavior.

“Sometimes it’s easier to tell a stranger,” said Joe smoothly. “Let’s just have a drink and relax. Maybe I can help you two out.” Joe lead Chelsea over to the bar and ordered another round while Sam tagged behind apprehensively.

Sam felt that his wife deserved a slap in the face and this jerk Joe deserved a punch in the mouth, but he couldn’t bring himself to do either. So he just stood there stewing in his own juices and reluctantly accepted the drink that Joe handed him.

“So how do you think you can help us, Joe?” asked Chelsea, peeking at him meekly over the top of her martini.

“Chelsea, you clearly need to get some dick,” said Joe matter of factly, looking her in the eye.

“Well you’ve certainly shown that you know how to shoot it into the hole,” laughed Chelsea, smiling back at Joe who chuckled in response.

“Ok, Chelsea, that’s enough,” croaked Sam, barging between his wife and her new lover to slam his drink down on the bar startling the bartender who looked at him strangely. “We are going home right now. First this guy prods you from behind with his thing and then he grabbed your boobs. And now this conversation has taken a completely inappropriate turn.”

“I was just showing her how to shoot pool,” chimed in Joe holding out his big calloused hands in supplication.

“Besides, I liked it,” said Chelsea looking up at her husband with a twinkle in her eye and, running her finger along his chest.

“That’s it, I’m taking you home right now to sober up and we can discuss this in the morning, young lady,” shouted Sam, losing his temper and grabbing his wife violently by the arm, making her spill her drink.

“Whoa, leave that woman alone!” shouted the bartender, looking on in shock. He glanced between Sam and Joe in confusion.

Suddenly a tall bouncer with the physique of a weight lifter appeared, hovering menacingly above Sam and Chelsea. “Is there a problem here?” he grunted, putting his hands on his hips.

“Bu, bu, this is my wife,” stuttered Sam in bewilderment. “She has had too much to drink and I am taking her home.”

“Looks like you are the one who has had too much to drink,” replied the bouncer, crossing his massive arms across his broad chest. “Why don’t you release her arm and act civil,” he said, phrasing it as a command rather than a question.

Sam let go of Chelsea’s arm and she rubbed her bicep ruefully.

“We don’t want any trouble in here,” said the bouncer. “Just act civil,” he pointed his finger right into Sam’s face. Sam’s knees started knocking in dread, fearing that this massive animal would strike him in front of everyone, including his wife.

“Oh, Sam will be fine, he’s normally a perfect gentleman,” said Chelsea, grabbing the bouncer by the wrist and pulling his hand away from her husband. “He just got upset because Joe and I were fooling around a little bit.”

The bouncer turned as though noticing Joe for the first time. “Oh shit, what’s up Joe?” laughed the bouncer, turning toward Joe with a broad smile and offering his hand. “You stirring up trouble over here?”

“Didn’t mean to, Ray-ray,” said Joe, grasping the bigger man’s huge hand in an iron grip as they shook hands amiably. Sam looked on in horror at the chummy relationship the two men had.

“You can’t just go around stealing wives away from their husbands,” chuckled Ray-ray, patting Joe on the back. “Dudes will get bent out of shape about that.” He looked Sam over disdainfully, noting his skinny build and hunched over posture. “And I wouldn’t want to see Eugene over here knock you out or anything,” he laughed.

“Uh, it’s Sam, actually,” objected Sam holding up a nervous finger.

“Whatever,” said Ray-ray dismissively. “You look like a smart guy. If you got a problem with your wife, just talk it through. Don’t go grabbing her like a damn ape,” said Ray-ray. “And frankly it’s embarrassing that a big dumb guy like me needs to tell you that, professor,” he added with a snort as he walked away.

“That Ray-ray,” said Joe shaking his head and waving at the bouncer in farewell as he leaned against the bar.

“How do you know, Ray-ray?” asked Chelsea, looking down at her empty glass with regret.

“Oh, we go to the same gym,” said Joe with a wave of his hand. “Hey, let me get you a fresh drink.”

“Thank you, Joe,” said Chelsea. “I need to calm my nerves after all this excitement.”

Sam stood there with his pits soaked in sweat trying to catch his breathe after being threatened and then humiliated by the big bouncer. He nearly jumped out of his skin when Joe clapped him on the shoulder heartily.

“Here Sam, take your drink,” said Joe in a friendly voice. “I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

Sam accepted the drink but looked down at Joe with loathing.

“Now don’t look at me like that, Sam,” pleaded Joe as he sidled up beside Sam’s wife again and slipped one arm around her waist. “I’m just trying to be friendly.”

“Friendly!” blurted out Sam in derision. “You call it friendly to put the moves on another man’s wife?” he asked tightly after taking a swig of his drink.

“Really, Sam. I have never seen you so jealous,” put in Chelsea with a little smile on her face. She liked seeing Sam get riled up over her. “I like it. I feel that you take me for granted sometimes.”

“Really?” asked Sam in genuine dismay. “But how can you say that? Aren’t I always attentive and loving?”

“Sure you are, dear,” said Chelsea reaching out to pat her husband’s arm but nearly jumping when Joe reached his hand back and grabbed her ass cheek in the palm of hand and started rubbing it vigorously. Her cheeks reddened again as Joe worked her ass and she had trouble concentrating. “But it’s not the same as before we got married. I used to feel that you were really pursuing me.”

“But how can I pursue you when we are married and living together?” asked Sam helplessly, annoyed that this deep personal conversation was being played out while the strange man rubbing up against his wife.

“Oh, I don’t know, darling,” said Chelsea, turning to look at Joe while he gripped her bottom. “But I like this feeling of being desired and frankly, it’s pretty exciting to have men fighting over me. It makes me feel sexy again.”

“You are sexy and I would definitely fuck the shit out of you,” said Joe, pulling Chelsea against him and gripping both her ass cheeks in his hands, letting Sam see what he was doing.

“Can you please get your hands off my wife’s butt?” asked Sam, looking on in horror.

“I like feeling your boobs pressed against my chest like this,” Joe told Chelsea his face just inches from hers.

“And I like to feel your rod poking me in the crotch,” breathed Chelsea in response. She felt giddy with lust and reached down between Joe’s legs to grab his bulge again. “Wow, you are really hard down there.”

“Honey, are you touching his thing?” yelped Sam in alarm.

“Well he’s so insistent with it. He’s always jamming it against me,” purred Chelsea, looking back over her shoulder at her husband alluringly. “And it’s really big and stiff. I would have thought a short guy like Joe would have a smaller one.”

“You got to look at the hands and feet,” said Joe with a smile, holding up his big meaty paw for her inspection.

Chelsea took his hand and started sucking on his index finger seductively while she continued to stroke his cock through his pants with his other hand.

“Oh my god,” gasped Joe feeling as though his cock was about to explode as Chelsea looked him in the eye suggestively while she tongued his finger.

“How is this supposed to help our marriage?” whined Sam in confusion as he looked on helplessly.

“You know, buddy, I frankly have no idea at this point,” Joe told Sam. “But I need to get your wife naked and get my dick into her as soon as possible.” Joe put his arm around Chelsea’s shoulder and she allowed him to hustle her down to the end of the bar where Ray-ray and the bartender were chatting. Sam trailed along behind, his stomach flipping with anxiety.

“This chick is really ready to go,” said Joe to Ray-ray urgently. “Do you guys have a break room in back where I can take her and work her out?”

“What about her husband?” asked Ray-ray skeptically, looking over Joe’s shoulder at Sam hovering nervously in the background.

“Man, look at her, she’s all over my dick,” said Joe.

“He started it,” chirped Chelsea cutely as she brashly fingered the bulge in Joe’s trousers while Ray-ray and the bartender looked on in interest.

“Wow, she’s a freak alright,” said Ray-ray. “But there is no break room, you have to use the manager’s office. Come on.”

The bartender quickly raised up a section of the bar and Ray-ray lead Joe and Chelsea behind the bar. Sam tried to follow along but the bartender stopped him.

“Staff only, buddy,” he said, putting his hand on Sam’s chest.

‘But they aren’t staff,” blubbered Sam in distress, motioning toward Joe and his wife.

“Let Sam come,” pleaded Chelsea over her shoulder.

The bartender hesitated for a moment, looking at Ray-ray, but Ray-ray just nodded and the bartender let Sam pass.

“You are probably going to regret this,” said the bartender, shaking his head at Sam.

“I’m already regretting ever setting foot in here,” muttered Sam as he hurried after the retreating trio.

Sam followed behind Joe who held Chelsea before him while Ray-ray lead the way along a corridor lined with gas canisters, empty crates, 5 gallon buckets and cleaning supplies until they came to a little door. Ray-ray tapped on the door and listened for a moment before fishing out a key and letting them in. They entered a small, cluttered office with a metal desk facing a ratty old leather couch.

“This is perfect,” said Joe. “Here baby, let’s get that dress off you so we can get down to business.” He lead Chelsea into the center of the room before the desk and started tugging insistently at the hem of her dress while Ray-ray and Sam stood by the door, watching.

“Uh, can you close the door, please Ray-ray?” asked Chelsea, gently fending off Joe’s advances.
“Oh sure, sorry ma’am,” said Ray-ray, closing the door behind him and locking it.

“Wait, are you going to stay in here?” Sam asked Ray-ray in surprise.

“Hell yeah,” said Ray-ray, rubbing his huge mitts together in anticipation.

“You don’t mind if Ray-ray watches, do you honey?” asked Joe urgently.

“No, that might make it hotter actually,” said Chelsea looking at Ray-ray’s hulking form.

“Besides, I can keep your hubby in line in case he tries to freak out over this,” said Ray-ray, looking down at Sam threateningly. “You. Sit.” he said to Sam, pointing to the couch commandingly.

Sam gulped and dropped down into the couch obediently. He realized that he still had his drink and took a forlorn sip.

“Now lift your arms up so I can get this dress off,” demanded Joe.

“Ok, manly man,” giggled Chelsea, lifting her arms in acquiescence.

Joe gripped her dress by the hem and pulled it roughly up and off over Chelsea’s head, exposing her pale soft body as she stood there in her bra, panties, and stockings.

“Hot body!” said Ray-ray, fingering his crotch unconsciously.

“Why, thank you Ray-ray,” said Chelsea, feeling somewhat self-conscious.

“Here, hold this, Sam, will you?” said Joe, tossing Chelsea’s dress at him.

“Uh, yeah, this isn’t cool you guys,” croaked Sam as he caught the dress.

“I don’t wanna throw her nice dress on the floor to get trampled on,” said Joe reasonably as he stood looking Chelsea up and down.

“Do you like what you see?” asked Chelsea, cocking her hip for Joe saucily.

“Come here and find out,” said Joe, taking her in his arms forcefully and kissing her on the lips.

Sam’s stomach churned in jealousy as Chelsea moaned in pleasure while kissing Joe. He shifted in his seat uncomfortably and began idly folding her dress.

Joe pushed Chelsea back until she was sitting on the desk. She wrapped her stockinged legs around his back and reached down to unzip his fly while their tongues eagerly flicked back and forth. She felt a pang of guilt as she extracted Joe’s meaty phallus and started stroking it.

“How are you doing over there, dear?” she asked, breaking her mouth from Joe’s breathlessly and peeking over Joe’s shoulder at her husband who sat primly on the couch.

“I’m, this is, I mean, this is terrible,” said Sam miserably. “How could you do this?”

“I’m sorry, dear,” apologized Chelsea as she tugged on Joe’s dong, unseen by her husband. “We just got carried away I guess. I’m not used to getting attention from other men and I let it go to my head.”

“Get down and suck that thing,” urged Joe excitedly as Chelsea gave him a handjob.

“I better not, what would my husband think?” said Chelsea gazing down at Joe’s penis as she fingering the swollen mushroom head of his cock. “You do have a lovely fat penis though.”

“What are you doing, did you pull his penis out?” squeaked Sam in consternation.

“Jesus, man, what did you think was going to happen?” laughed Ray-ray looking at Sam with contempt. “She was all over Joe’s dick. You must not fuck her enough.”

“Oh shut up,” muttered Sam in displeasure.

“What did you say to me?” asked Ray-ray, turned to face Sam and flexing.

“Ray-ray, please,” begged Chelsea. “This is hard enough on Sam as it is. Don’t threaten him.”

“Ok, ma’am,” agreed Ray-ray, struggling to relax. “But hubby better keep a civil tongue in his head.”

“Speaking of head,” said Joe, standing back with his stiff cock pointed at Chelsea. “Here get down on you knees there and I will keep my back turned to Sam to he doesn’t have to watch.”

“You want me to kneel right on the hard floor?” asked Chelsea skeptically.

“Man, toss her a cushion off the couch, be a gentleman about it, will ya,” demanded Ray-ray of Sam.

“Jesus,” complained Sam.

“Will you toss me a cushion, dear?” asked Chelsea sweetly as she stroked Joe’s stiff penis with enthusiasm, eager to suck a strange dick for the first time in years.

“Chelsea!” whined Sam pathetically.

“I’m just going to suck it for a second, I promise,” said Chelsea reasonably.

“Oh my god,” groaned Sam as he grabbed a cushion from the couch beside him and threw it at his wife.

“Thank you darling,” said Chelsea politely as she dropped the cushion before Joe and got down on her knees for him.

“Oh, my gosh, you are stiff as a board,” giggled Chelsea as she fingered the shaft of Joe’s erection. “I like the head, it’s like a fat little mushroom,” she said as she took Joe’s glans into her mouth.

“Oh, fuck, that’s what I’m talking about,” grunted Joe as Chelsea started sucking him in earnest, looking up at him meekly.

“Look at her, she’s got love in her eyes, Joe,” laughed Ray-ray, as he looked on in interest, blatantly gripping his own erection as he did so.

“She does love that cock,” sighed Joe with pleasure. Then he turned to look at Sam over his shoulder. “You wife gives great head, by the way.”

“Thanks a lot, asshole,” snapped Sam irritably. “I happened to know that.”

“Jeez, don’t be so touchy about it, it’s just a blowjob,” chuckled Joe. “No big deal.”

Sam looked on sadly from the couch. He couldn’t see clearly what was happening, but he could hear the slurping sounds and the little moans of pleasure that both Joe and Chelsea emitted as she sucked his penis.
“Ok, that’s enough,” cried Sam jumping to his feet.

“Sit down,” said Ray-ray. “Or you can leave if you want.”

“No, I think you should stay, Sam,” said Chelsea as she unlocked her lips from Joe’s dick. “I would feel weird being here alone with these two strange men.”

“What do you mean?” said Sam in exasperation. “You are sucking the strange man’s cock!”

“I know, but, I feel more comfortable with you here,” pleaded Chelsea. She knew it sounded ridiculous, but she felt safer with Sam there watching.

“Well, it’s time for me to fuck you now,” said Joe, jerking his pud, slick with Sam’s wife’s saliva. “How do you want it? Doggystyle?”

“Oh, I never really, uh, I guess I haven’t tried that before,” said Chelsea bashfully.

“There is a first time for everything. I will , here, stand up and let me help you get naked,” said Joe.

“Oh, that’s so chivalrous of you,” said Chelsea with a grin.

“Yeah, he’s such a gentleman the way he fucks another man’s wife,” spat Sam derisively. But there was a strange kernel of arousal in his gut as Joe helped Chelsea to her feet and tenderly pulled her panties down, revealing her neatly trimmed bush. Joe nibbled at her exposed cooch as he slipped her underwear past Chelsea’s ankles, making her giggle and push his head away playfully.

“Here, take these,” said Joe, tossing Chelsea’s panties to Sam who caught them and put them next to him on the couch along with his wife’s dress.

“Sweet snatch,” commented Ray-ray with his hand on his protruding bulge.

“Jeez, Ray-ray, look at you,” said Chelsea in surprise. “What have you got in your pants over there?”

“A big ole hardon,” admitted Ray-ray with a smile.

“Wow,” said Chelsea gazing at his huge package outlined in his pants.

“Nevermind him, let me get this bra off you,” said Joe, turned Chelsea around and unsnapping her bra. He pulled her bra off and tossed that to Sam as well, releasing her big white knockers.

“Holy shit, look at those things,” said Ray-ray, staring at Chelsea’s round boobs and pink nipples in fascination.

“I think, Ray-ray is into me, Joe,” said Chelsea, putting her finger in her mouth coyly.

“Hold that thought,” replied Joe, gripping her tits in his hands and bending down to suck blissfully on one of her big hard nipples.

“Ooh, you are like a big baby,” she cooed, cradling Joe’s head in her arms as he went to town on her tits.

“That is so fucking hot. Do you mind if I yank my thing while I watch?” Ray-ray asked Chelsea.

“Go ahead, let’s see what you are packing,” said Chelsea as Joe shifted position to suck on her other boob.

“Jesus Chelsea, you are turning into a wanton whore,” said Sam, his own cock growing painfully stiff as he watched this strange man sucking his naked wife’s boobs.

“I know, isn’t this scandalous?” giggled Chelsea. “What would the other couples in the bridge club think? Oh my GOD, Ray-ray. You are gifted!” Chelsea stared at Ray-ray’s huge veiny dong as he pulled it out and started stroking it.

“Here, let me bend you over this desk and do you from behind and then you and Ray-ray can do whatever,” said Joe, grabbing Chelsea by the waist and lifting her bodily up to position her across the corner of the desk.

“Whoa, you are strong,” gasped Chelsea, as Joe handled her naked body as easily as if she were a feather.

She was bent over the corner of the desk with Joe behind her. Joe looked down with pleasure at Chelsea’s round white ass as he gripped her soft hips and nudged his stiff prick between her tender thighs. Her large breasts were dangling down over the edge of the desk as she looked up at Ray-ray fetchingly. Ray-ray and Sam watched her mouth made a cute “o” of surprise as Joe entered her and Ray-ray approached with his massive dong swinging before him.

“Give me that thing,” panted Chelsea reaching out for Ray-ray’s swollen member and he slapped her across the face with his dong playfully before she could wrestle it into her mouth. He sighed with satisfaction as she started sucking it fitfully and reached down to cup her generous bare bosoms in his hands. Joe was slapping his hips against Chelsea’s ass as he banged her from behind and all three were grunting and moaning in pleasure as Sam sat watching helplessly.

“Oh man, her pussy is tight as fuck,” panted Joe as he nailed Sam’s wife with abandon. “I’m gonna cum any second.”

“Are you wearing a hat?” asked Ray-ray, resting a huge hand on Chelsea’s head as she consumed his cock hungrily.

“Of course not,” laughed Joe.

Sam watched with sick fascination as Chelsea reached down between her legs to work her clit as she got banged from behind noisily. Her moans of desire sent sharp pangs of jealousy through him.

“She is one cock hungry slut,” said Ray-ray, looking down at Chelsea with affection as she serviced him orally.

“Oh, this is just too much,” complained Sam, nursing his own erection with embarrassment.

“Shut the fuck up before I come over there and slap you like the little bitch you are,” snapped Ray-ray in irritation.

Chelsea gasped at that moment and shuddered as an orgasm overtook.

“Jesus, Chelsea, did that guy threatening me make you cum?” shrieked Sam in despair.

“Sorry, I know it’s wrong, but it’s pretty hot what a prick he is,” said Chelsea, looking up at Ray-ray in admiration as she tugged on his prodigious meat.

“Ahh, yeah, there it goes,” moaned Joe at that moment as he gripped Chelsea’s hips fiercely and fired his cum inside her. “I am unloading about a gallon of semen into your wife right now, buddy. I hope you don’t mind.”

Ray-ray just laughed at that and jerked his dick frantically as Chelsea licked his balls. “I’m a do you one better and show the man how much I like his wife,” grunted Ray-ray as hot streams of jism erupted from the tip of his penis and splashed onto Chelsea’s lips and cheeks. He stood there spurting his nut all over her face for several moments and Sam was shocked by how much sperm this guy produced. When he was finished, Chelsea zealously sucked his softening dick back into her mouth until he had to pull away.

“Easy woman, it’s sensitive after I cum,” he laughed.

“Sorry, I got carried away,” she said, looking up at him with a love-struck gaze as she licked his spooge from her lips. The look of adoration in her eyes burned Sam up with resentment.

“She’s a good old fuck,” said Joe patting Chelsea’s bare ass tenderly.

“Yeah, too bad she’s married to this jerk,” said Ray-ray looking over at Sam with disdain.

“Why don’t you like Sam?” asked Chelsea, rolling over on her back and stretching, looking up at Ray-ray with her head upside down.

“Yeah, Sam’s a good sport,” said Joe, gazing down at Chelsea’s naked torso. “Fuck, get a load of those titties,” he said with admiration. “She’s hot enough to make me want to take another turn.”

“I’m ready,” she said, spreading her legs for him playfully as she lay on her back on the desk, and casually pushed a stack of papers onto the floor.

“Oh shit, we came all over the fucking staff schedule,” said Ray-ray with concern as he looked at the cum-stained papers on the floor. “How am I gonna explain this?”

“Yeah, that’s a problem,” said Joe, looking down at the mess with disgust. “I’m gonna go now. Chelsea, here’s my card, call me any time you want some loving. I would kiss you, but you got Ray-ray’s man butter all over your face.” He dropped his card on Chelsea’s belly and looked longingly down at her proffered snatch before turning away reluctantly. “Hey, no hard feelings, huh, Sammy?” said Joe bending over and putting his hands on his knees as he addressed Sam who was still sitting on the couch. “Look at you, you are pitching a tent over here, you little pervert,” laughed Joe noticing Sam’s erection.

“He is?” asked Chelsea, propping herself up on her elbows and contemplating her husband with interest.

“Yeah, he was getting off on watching,” chuckled Joe. “Hey, can I have these as a keepsake?” he asked grabbing Chelsea’s neatly folded panties from the pile of clothing that Sam had assembled.

“Uh, sure, I guess,” said Chelsea skeptically.

“Let me have her bra then,” chimed in Ray-ray, reaching out eagerly.

“Come on you guys,” laughed Chelsea nervously. “Do I really have to go back out to the bar without any underwear?”

“Aren’t we leaving now?!” croaked Sam indignantly.

“I’m thirsty, I want another drink,” replied Chelsea with a pout.

“Shit, if you are hanging out, then I am too,” said Joe. “Here, go clean yourself up,” he said, tossing her a bar towel.

“Yeah, you guys clear out of here and let me try to clean this mess up,” said Ray-ray, shaking his head. “I’ll be out in a minute and join you for a drink.”

“Sounds like a plan,” chirped Chelsea, happily. Sam noticed that she had a glow of happiness about her that he hadn’t seen in a long time and it made him reconsider his feelings of frustration and jealousy. Chelsea wiped the cum from her face with the bar towel and hopped agilely off the desk. She gave Sam a quick peck on the cheek as she grabbed her dress. The three men watched in fascination as she wriggled back into her dress, causing her boobs to do marvelous things. “Oh my god, my boobs are going to bounce all over the place without my bra,” she said, shimmying her shoulders and making hit tits jiggle amazingly. “Anyway, I will meet you boys back at the bar, I am running off to ladies room to freshen up.” She gave Joe and Ray-ray each a peck on the cheek on her way out and tugged at the hem of her dress before unlocking the door and slipping out.

“Come on Sam, let’s leave Ray-ray to sort out his sticky papers and let me buy you a drink,” said Joe, clapping Sam on the shoulder as he stood up shakily. “Hey, I’ve got an idea,” said Joe as they made their way back out to the bar. “How about I give Chelsea another pool lesson. But this time she won’t have any panties on and I can pop my cock right into her in the middle of the bar without anyone being the wiser.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” stammered Sam awkwardly, but his own penis rebelled and grew stiff at the idea. It was going to be a long strange evening Sam thought to himself as Joe chortled crassly behind him.

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Plumber Shows Hubby Who’s Boss

By Gustav Jorgenson

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My wife Nina came out of the bathroom dripping in a towel as I was getting dressed for work. “I think we should get a water filter for the house.  I don’t like what the chlorine does to my hair.”

I looked at her shapely legs and growled, then I tugged the towel off of her and pulled her close.  I liked the feeling of her wet naked boobs pressing against my chest.

Nina giggled and pushed me away, covering her nipples with her arm modestly.  We had only been married for two years though we were both in our forties. It was a second marriage for each of us, and Nina was still shy around me sometimes which I found adorable.  “Stop it, you, we don’t have time for that now. We have to get ready for work. Let’s talk about this water filter. I have a guy Tim who has been my plumber for years. He always does a great job.  We should get him to install a system for us.”

I sighed and brushed at the twin damp patches my wife’s wet boobs had left on my shirt.  “I wonder how much that will cost.”

I watched Nina bend over to pull on her black nylons and my erection got stiffer.  I pushed it down ruefully. “Oh, Tim always gives me a great deal,” she said looking back at me.

“Ha, what do you do for him in return?” I laughed.  I was only teasing but Nina bolted upright and gave me a look of shock.  Her face colored cutely.

“Simon, that’s not funny,” she said.   Her eyebrows furrowed with intensity and I could tell she was really upset, but I couldn’t help but admire the way her round boobs lolled out of her half-fastened bra.

“Geez, Nina, I was only joking,” I said.

“And stop staring at my boobs,” she pouted, turning her back to me and tucking them away.

I snorted with annoyance.  “Aren’t I allowed to admire my own wife’s body?” 

“I’m trying to have a serious conversation about the house and you keep deflecting it with sexual stuff.  But we can’t do sexy time now, we have to get ready for work. And I want a new water filter for the house.”  She pulled on her dress and strode back to the bathroom. I was about to reply but she switched on the hair dryer and it was too loud.  “I’m going to call Tim and have him come over and give us an estimate,” she shouted over the noise.

I straightened my tie and went out to the kitchen to make the coffee.  Only two years in and already I could feel tension with my new bride.  



The following evening, I was clearing the dishes from dinner when the doorbell rang.

Nina jumped from her chair with excitement.  “Oh, that’ll be Tim!” she cried as she ran to the door.  She certainly seemed eager for a visit from the plumber. I wondered about my joke from the previous morning.

I turned to greet Tim as he entered and I immediately felt intimidated.  He was a big, blonde haired man, maybe 6’2” and all muscle. He towered over my little wife.  Nina is petite, 5’2” with a nice hourglass figure, short brown hair, blue eyes, cute pug nose and well defined jaw.  Tim was broad shouldered, with big arms, a narrow waist and slim muscular legs. He seemed to dominate her the moment he entered the room.  She bowed her head meekly and had a shy smile on her face. The sexual energy between them was palpable.

I gulped and cautiously offered Tim my hand.  He crushed it in an iron grip as I feared and I winced with pain.  He big mitt was dry and raspy as sandpaper from all the callouses, whereas my hands were moist with anxiety and soft from working on a computer all day.

“Well, I finally get to meet Nina’s new hubby,” he said looking me over critically.

“Yes, well, um, hello,” I said uncertainly.

“Come in, come in, Tim, you want some coffee?” asked my wife.

Tim went and leaned against the island.  “It’s too late for coffee. How about a beer?”

I laughed at his indolence.  What sort of plumber asks for a beer when meeting with a client.

Nina thought nothing of it, apparently, and rushed to refrigerator to get him one.  “Of course, of course,” she said. Almost as an afterthought, she turned to me. “Oh, do you want one dear?”

“Uh, no, I have work in the morning,” I said.

“Work?  It’s only 7pm,” said Tim.  He accepted the beer from my wife very casually as though he was used to her serving him.  It made me nervous.

“Simon has a very demanding job,” said my wife.

“Oh, what does he do?”  I didn’t like how there were talking about me while I was standing right there.

“I’m in Finance,” I blurted.

He looked at me in surprise as though I was rudely interrupting his private conversation with my wife.  “Finance,huh? Spend all day pushing numbers around on spreadsheets.” 

“It pays well,” I said smugly.  I could tell that this guy and I weren’t going to get along.

“Yeah, I can tell, this new house of Nina’s is quite an upgrade over the old place Kevin had bought her,” he said.  “Bigger than my own place too.” He gave me a dirty look.

Nina rushed to his side and put her hand on his shoulder and rubbed it in a familiar way.  “Oh, but working with your hands is good honest work. It’s noble,” she told him. She gave me a look of warning, but I didn’t know what I had done wrong.  This guy seemed like an asshole, end of story. No way was I going to do business with a prick like this. I guess he was used to dealing with my wife one on one and wasn’t used to having another man around to challenge his fragile ego.  But it’s not my fault I make more money than him.

“Yeah, honest.”  He took a swig of beer and looked around at the fine wood cabinets.  This kitchen remodel had cost me an arm and a leg.

“Are we going to talk about water filters?” I asked impatiently.

“I’m getting around to that,” he snapped.  “You know for someone with a lot of money, you don’t have much class.  You don’t just jump right in and start talking business you know.”

I was taken aback by his rudeness and considered asking him to leave.  But Nina rubbed his chest to soothe him. “Oh Timmy, don’t be like that.  Simon didn’t mean anything by it. Can I get you a snack? Want me to heat you up something?” I hated how obsequious my wife was around this guy.  The way she touched him so much. No wonder he gave her such a good deal. She bent over backwards to make him feel welcome.

“No, no, Nina.  Let’s just get down to business shall we?”  He pulled a folded up piece of paper from his pocket and Nina pouted and looked on sadly.  He turned and spread it out on the island countertop. She pressed her hip against his as she leaned forward to examine it with him.  I reluctantly came over to the other side to look on.

“Ok, for whole house filtering, you need a big unit.  So I have a big unit for you,” he gave my wife a significant look and wagged his eyebrows at her.

She blushed and slapped his chest.  “Stop it, you.”

He looked over at me.  “You wife needs a big unit, Simon.”

“Yeah, I get it,” I said, avoiding his aggressive stare.

“I’m glad you do,” he said.  “So anyway, I have to put in some pipe here,”  he rubbed his finger on the paper in a sensual way and my wife bumped her hip against his.  “Between the water main and the water heater. We should include a water softener too.”

“How much will all this cost?” I asked.

He gave me a stare.  “Wow, cut to the chase, huh?  Ok, we can do that. It will cost $6,500 for parts and labor.”

“Whoa,” I said, taken aback.  “That’s a lot.”

He gestured around the house.  “You’re doing well for yourself.  You can afford it.”

I shook my head angrily.  “That’s not the point. One reason I can buy nice houses like this is that I don’t waste my money.  We had a filter and softener and reverse osmosis system put into my last home for $2,000.”

Tim waved his hand.  “Probably some piece of junk you bought off of Amazon and then had a Mexican install it.” 

I felt my face flush with anger.  How did he know? “Well, that may be, but it was a good system and lasted a long time.”

Tim folded up his paper deliberately.  “Look buddy, Are you trying to take food out of my family’s mouth? I have to make a living you know.”

“I’m sorry, but that’s not my problem,” I said.

“Honey, don’t be like that,” said Nina.  She was clinging to Tim’s arm for some reason as she admonished me.

“Not your problem, huh?  You think you are so much better than me, don’t you?” Tim was puffing up his chest now.

“Timmy, please, don’t,” begged my wife.  She wrapped her arm around his waist which made me queasy.

Tim just carried on.  “With you big fi-nance job and your big house and your fancy car.  Well I’ll tell you something, pal, I’m twice the man you are.”

I crossed my arms and smiled at Tim with condescension.  “I’m sure you are Tim. Have a nice night.” I gestured to the door.

“Oh, no, I’m not leaving yet.  I’ve got something more to show you,” said Tim.

“Tim, no,” said Nina.  She had her hand over her mouth.

“I’m sorry, Nina, but it’s got to be done.  I need to put this little limp dick in his place.”

“What are you two talking about?” I demanded.  My stomach was dropping already in fear.

“Nina, take your dress off will you honey?” he asked sweetly.  He glared over at me. “Show your stuck up husband whose orders you follow.”

I tried to force a laugh but it came out with a choking sound.  The way Nina was acting around this guy, I half expected her to do it.

She looked up at him pleadingly.  “Tim, no, don’t make me do this.”

“He’s trying to take food from my family, I need to put him in his place.  Now take it off.” He pointed a finger at my little wife and she glanced over at me sheepishly.

“He can be difficult sometimes dear, it’s best just to humor him,” she explained.

“Humor him?” I gagged.

Nina unzipped the back of her little blue dress.  “Yes. You bruised his ego you know, so now he has to get you back.”   She slipped out of her dress and she stood before us in her bra, panties and stockings.  I felt my chest constrict and I could barely breathe as she bent over to pick up her dress, her cleavage practically spilling out of her bra.  Then she folded her dress neatly and put it on the counter.

She held her arms out and faced Tim.  “Happy now? You’ve made your point.”

“Nina!  How could you?” I gasped.

She looked at me with impatience.  “I’m sorry honey, but you just pushed him a little too far.”

Tim licked his lips as he took in all the bare skin my wife was showing him.  “Take off your bra now, show your husband how you let me play with those titties.”

Nina stamped her foot.  “Tim, no. Don’t do this.  That’s going too far.”

“Oh, I’m just getting warmed up.”  The big goon rubbed his hands together in anticipation. “Do it, take it off.”

Nina sighed and unsnapped her bra and was about to pull it off when I shouted out.  “Nina, you wouldn’t! You are my wife.”

She looked at me sadly.  “I know dear, but I wasn’t always your wife.  Before I was Kevin’s wife and then he ran off and left me with no settlement, no alimony.  It was hard for a single woman to get along. People like Timmy really helped me out when the times were tough.”

I pointed a finger at my wife.  “And you help him out by letting him have he way with you.”

“He’s actually a really sweet guy. I wish you two handed gotten off on the wrong foot.”  She was holding her bra over her boobs, ready to drop it at any minute. “Maybe you should go into the living room while Tim and I sort this out.”

“No!  He has to watch while we do this!” demanded Tim.

“But why?” whined my wife.

“So I can humiliate him the way he’s humiliated me,” said Tim.  He was really impassioned. God knows how I humiliated HIM.

“Oh you men and your power struggles,” sighed my wife as she dropped her bra and let her bare boobs hang out.

“Yeah baby,”  he reached and grabbed her pale orbs in his rough dark hands, tweaking her tender pale nipples and making my meek little wife gasp.  He turned to me with a vicious grin. “You like that rich boy? You like how I feel up your wife. She does what I tell her to do. I’m the boss around here, not you.”

“Oh, Timmy, do you have to be so nasty about it?” said my wife.

“You like it when I’m nasty,” he growled as he juggled her breasts in front of me.

Her cheeks reddened. “Sometimes I do,” she admitted under her breath.

“Get  down there and suck it,” he told.

Nina hesitated, gave me an apologetic look.  “Look, I will explain all this in the morning dear,” she told me as she unzipped Tim’s jeans.  I was shocked at the size of the straining member that emerged. His erect cock was at least eight inches long.  And he was uncut which made it look like an animal penis, with the red slimey glans just peeking out of the foreskin.  She got on her knees before him and yanked his jeans down hard until his whole package emerged. 

Nina cradled Tim’s huge nuts in her hands and grinned at me innocently.  “Can you believe how big they are?” she asked in amazement. “I always forget.”

“Jesus Nina, how many times have you seen them?” I demanded. 

“Oh a few times,” she said distractedly before dipping her head down and sucking one of the giant brown hairy testicles into her sweet little red mouth.  I felt like I was getting punched in the gut each time my tiny wife lapped at his scrotum.  

The plumber leered at me triumphantly.  “Yeah, rich boy, your wife loves sucking my balls, I don’t even need to ask her.”

Nina ran her tongue up his shaft.  “And his penis is so big and hard and strong,” she cooed.  She looked me in the eye and pulled back the foreskin so she could lap gently on the slick crimson head of his dong.  I felt like I was suffocating as I watched her suck that dick. She was so tender and loving with it. She cherished that cock, cradled it against her soft cheek.  Kissed it chastely. Slurped it into her mouth and tried to swallow it, but it was too big for her and she nearly choked.

Tim was groaning with pleasure and I was relieved that he was too distracted to rub my nose in the fact that my wife was clearly in love with his penis.  “Pull those panties down,” he commanded.

He helped her to her feet and my pretty little wife obediently removed her panties for him.  She stood there in nothing but her stockings. Trimmed bush, broad pelvis, flat tummy and big white boobs all fully exposed. “Yeah, bend over,” he urged.

My wife put her elbows on the kitchen island top and presented her round white ass to the big horny plumber.  “You really shouldn’t watch this part dear,” she told me with a pout. ‘“It might bruise your ego a little.”

“You’ve already crushed me,” I whispered.  But I couldn’t look away. I watched Tim crouch down behind my wife and then her mouth made a cute O as he pushed that big straining meat into her pussy.

“Oh yeah, she’s wet as fuck,” he growled.  “Tell him, Nina.”

Nina was smiling at me like a kid on Christmas morning.  “I like it when he beats up my pussy, Simon. I’m sorry, but it’s just so, OH. MY. GOD!”  My wife bowed her head and the brute pounded her from behind while I stood by watching helplessly.  He grabbed her up in his massive arms, keeping her skewered on that massive cock of his and then spun her around making her giggle and pant.  He bent her over the sink so I could see him banging her from behind. I heard his hips slapping against my wife’s plump ass and watched his huge nutsack swinging back and forth like a pendulum as he violated my wife in my own kitchen.  She reached back to cup his sack in her hand and he grunted. I could see his balls pulsing, contracting as he emptied a load of semen inside my wife’s fertile womb. When he pulled out a huge glob of cum plopped out from between her red inflamed pussy lips and landed on the floor with a SPLAT.

“Ok, and we will definitely be buying the water filter too, right honey,” said my wife.  Her complexion was glowing from the rough fuck he had given her.

I couldn’t answer, I just stood there stunned as the plumber wiped the fluids off of his long deflating rod with one of our hand towels.  “I’ll take that as a yes,” he told me with a laugh. “Now that you know who is in control around here.”

“Thank you so much, Timmy, it was great to have you,” my wife gushed, giving him a kiss on the cheek and hugging him wearing nothing but her stockings.

“I’ll see myself out,” he told me with a grin.

Nina came over and took my hand.  “Are you OK, dear? I’m really sorry that you had to see that.  It must be very difficult on your sense of pride.”

“He just used you like a dirty whore,” I said.  I was still in a daze.

“Yeah, but just you wait and see how much he takes off the bill,” she giggled over her shoulder as she headed off to the shower.  And she was right. He only charged us $1500 for the installation. And I was at work when he put it in, so I didn’t need to watch him fuck my wife again, but there was still a wet spot on the bed spread when I came home that night.  But considering the money we saved, I guess we got a good deal.


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Stranger Puts Lotion on Wife

By Gustav Jorgenson

***new collection of hot cuckold erotica out now: Wicked Wife Mischief ***

Bob and Sara were on vacation in Florida with their friends Rich and Diane. The two married couples were staying at a nice resort and spent a lot of time down by the pool. One day Sara tore her modest one-piece bathing suit and had to go purchase a new one at the hotel store. Diane accompanied her and tried to talk her into getting a bikini instead of another one-piece.

“Oh, Diane, I couldn’t wear that bikini,” laughed Sara, blushing deeply. “I would be embarrassed.”

“What have you got to be embarrassed about?” replied Diane frankly. “You have a terrific body.”

“Why thank you, dear,” said Sara modestly. “But what would Bob say?”

“He’ll probably say ‘Hubba, hubba,’ or something like that,” exclaimed Diane with a grin.

“Ok, I will be daring and get the bikini,” consented Sara.

When Sara came out to the pool wearing her new bikini, she noticed a lot of the men turning to look at her. She fought the urge to cover her large jiggling breasts with her hands and she summoned the nerve to straighten her shoulders as she strode over to where the gang was waiting for her.

“Sweet Jesus,” exclaimed Bob in shock when he saw how much skin his wife was showing. “What made you get that bathing suit?”

“Don’t you like it?” asked Sara coyly.

“I sure do,” chimed in Rich, running his eyes up and down Sara’s shapely figure. Then he yelped as his wife Diane punched him playfully.

“Yeah, all the guys at the pool are going to enjoy getting an eyeful of you in that bikini,” agreed Bob, looking his wife’s gorgeous figure over judiciously. He had to admit that he had come to take his wife for granted and sometimes forgot what an amazing body she still had after all these years.

A cocktail waitress came along and took their orders and conversation moved on, but Bob noticed men gawking at his wife as they went by. It made him slightly jealous, but a little proud as well that his wife was garnering so much attention. At one point a young black guy came over and sat next to Sara as she was sunning herself.

“You are very pale,” said the young man boldly. “You should put on some sun block.”

Sara looked over at her husband with a laugh. “Thank you for your concern, but I put some sun block on already,” she said primly.

“Yes, but what about your back?” asked the dark young man with an arched brow. “Here, let me put some on for you.”

“How old are you?” asked Sara with a smile, taken aback by this flirtatious young fellow.

“I’m 23, why?” he asked defensively, straightening up.

“I’m old enough to be your mother and my husband is sitting right here,” said Sara condescendingly. Bob smiled on queue and waved at the young man while Rich and Diane looked on and giggled.

The young man looked at Bob with trepidation and then gulped and got his nerve up. “You are too pale to be MY mother,” he said gruffly. “Besides, you still need sunblock on your back, and I think you should let me help you.” He opened a bottle of lotion and squirted some into his palm, avoiding Bob’s gaze of frank surprise.

“You’re very helpful aren’t you?” purred Diane, admiring the young fellow’s chutzpah.

“I like to think so, miss,” said the interloper pushing his tongue into his cheek and carefully avoiding Bob and Rich’s looks of amazement.

“Alright, young man,” agreed Sara with a chuckle. “Since you seem so concerned about the health of my skin…” She flipped over on her stomach and turned to face her husband, giving him a mischievous smile.

“Here, let me untie this,” said the young fellow shakily as he unfastened Sara’s bikini top and laid the ties aside.

Sara gasped in surprise and Diane and Rich broke out laughing.

“You’ve got some big balls, don’t you?” demanded Bob angrily.

“I couldn’t say, sir,” said the young stranger, keeping his head down as he applied lotion to Sara’s back. “I haven’t done a survey.” Rich and Diane laughed at the sassy comeback and Bob just watched in amazement as the bold ruffian squirted more lotion onto the back of his wife’s thighs. She cooed in surprise as he slipped his hand between her thighs working the lotion in.

“Oh my,” breathed Sara, trying to control her arousal. “You are quite thorough, aren’t you?”

“Am I?” he asked her innocently as he wedged his hand up against her crotch. Sara nearly jumped in surprise and hoped he couldn’t feel how wet she was getting.

“Watch yourself, that’s my wife,” croaked Bob indignantly.

“What’s the problem?” asked the bold interloper as he ground his fingers against Sara’s crotch. He had found the small bump of her clitoris and she gasped with pleasure in spite of herself.

“Take your hands off my wife, please,” said Bob tightly, annoyed to find that his penis was stiffening at the sight of this stranger feeling up his wife.

“I’m just putting lotion on her,” yelped the dusky fellow pulling his hands away hastily.

“Look at her cheeks, she’s as flushed a teenager on her first date!” exclaimed Diane. She and Rich broke out laughing.

“Oh my gosh, am I turning red?” asked Sara. “My face does feel warm. “ She leaned up onto her elbows to put her hands to her cheeks, forgetting that her top was undone and her generous bosom hung down invitingly.

“Honey, your boobs are showing,” admonished Bob. He glanced over and noticed that Rich was checking out his wife’s breasts. “Geez Rich, can’t you look the other way?” he demanded in exasperation.

“Oh don’t be a spoil sport, I’m just looking,” said Rich with a laugh of chagrin.

“You don’t want those getting sunburned,” said the feisty black youth as he deftly slipped both hands beneath Sara and cupped a breast in each hand, kneading lotion onto them.

Sara was too taken aback to react and just laughed hysterically as the aggressive guy felt her up.

Bob jumped from his pool chair in outrage, “Cut the shit!” he shouted. His outburst silenced everyone at the pool. Bob looked around with mortification as people all around ceased their conversations and stared at the black youth juggling Sara’s knockers while Bob stood by impotently.

“Uh, sorry,” said the aspiring romeo, pulling his hands away. Suddenly becoming the center of attention drained his confidence away. Sara clasped her top to herself and frantically tried to tie it up.

The previously bold young man stood up quickly and backed away from Bob holding his hands out. “Hey man, take it easy,” he said as Bob shot daggers at him with his eyes. “I was just fooling around.” Then he turned and walked rapidly back into the hotel.

All eyes turned back to Sara as she fumbled to cover herself and Diane rushed to her rescue, helping her friend get her breasts back inside her top and then tying it up properly.

“Let’s go for a walk, dear,” encouraged Diane and she ushered Sara back into the hotel as well. Sara’s face burned with shame as folks around the pool tittered and exchanged scandalized whispers.

Bob looked around helplessly and then meekly returned to his seat as Rich chuckled humorlessly.

“Well, that happened,” said Rich awkwardly. “Maybe we should head in to the bar and get another drink inside. It’s a bit warm out here.”

“Yeah, OK,” said Bob. He couldn’t get the image of this young stranger feeling up his wife in public like that and it disturbed him how arousing the idea was in hindsight.

He and Rich climbed stiffly to their feet and shuffled inside as everyone stared at them and murmured amongst themselves.

“That’s the husband on the left,” said one woman to her friend, pointing rudely at Bob.

The two friends were relieved to get inside the air conditioned lobby of the resort. They looked around but didn’t see their wives anywhere. They didn’t see the black Casanova around either.

“They probably went back to the room to recover,” said Rich. “Let’s get a drink.” He led his pal into a nearby lounge and ordered them more drinks.

“I should have punched that damn guy right in the mouth,” muttered Bob as they sat at the bar.

“Now, now, Bob, take it easy,” said Rich soothingly. “He was a brash fellow for sure, but you should be flattered that young guys like that are still trying to climb onto your wife. It shows that Sara still has what it takes.”

“Yeah, she’s a real MILF,” said Bob bitterly, taking a drink of gin.

“Well, she is,” laughed Rich. “Just don’t let her wear that bikini to the pool anymore. Get her a proper one piece bathing suit.”

“Yeah, sure,” said Bob staring dejectedly at the bar.

Just then an overweight guy about their age approached Rich and Bob. “That was your wife getting felt up out there, huh?” said the man soberly.

“I’d rather not talk about it,” said Bob looking up and glaring at the newcomer.

“Hey, I don’t blame you,” said the chubby man, holding up his hands defensively. “That young buck was really going to town on her ta-ta’s.”

“Why are you talking to us?” asked Rich coldly.

“Because he did the same thing to my wife last week,” answered the stranger matter-of-factly. “Well my wife denies that he groped her boobs like that. I wasn’t around at the time. But she told me that this guy came up to her and put lotion on her. She admitted that he got her hot and bothered and so she told him to lay off. He did, but then he gave her an extra key to his room and told her to come up and hang out with him.” The portly fellow held up a hotel card key.

“How did you get that?” asked Rich with interest.

“She chickened out and came clean to me,” admitted the fat man. “I don’t really blame the young guy, you know these black men have poor impulse control… especially when it comes to sex.”

“Keep your racist theories to yourself,” snapped Bob with annoyance and the stranger just shrugged in response.

“Well thanks for telling us all this, it was very informative,” said Rich, gesturing politely for the man to leave.

“Don’t you want the key?” asked the man with a hurt expression. “I’m trying to do you a favor.”

“Why would I want the key?” asked Bob with trepidation, his blood starting to run cold at the idea.

“Well, fellas, I happened to have seen both your wives meet up with that young stud in the lobby and head off to the elevators with him,” said the plump vacationer sadly. Then he simply placed the card key on the bar, turned, and walked away, shaking his head and muttering to himself as he went.

Bob and Rich stared at each other in disbelief for a moment.

“I will just call up to our suite and check on the girls,” said Rich hastily, pulling out his phone. Bob watching with a sinking stomach as Rich listened to his phone for ring after ring. After a few minutes, he shook his head.

“Let me try our room,” stammered Bob nervously, fishing out his own phone, but there was no answer at his room either.

“Well maybe they went out to one of the other patios,” suggested Rich lamely.

“I think we have to go up to this young prick’s room and see what’s what,” said Bob, gripping the key in his hands and looking at the number printed on the envelope.

“But, what if the women aren’t there?” asks Rich, his voice cracking with anxiety.

“Then I will just warn that punk to stay away from my woman,” said Bob through gritted teeth.

The two head headed off resolutely and said nothing during the elevator ride, each struggling with their own private fears.

When they found the room, there was a distinct smell of marijuana emanating from it and they could hear muffled laughter and the sound of Bob Marley blaring loudly.

“Shouldn’t we knock?” asked Rich shakily.

Bob just pressed his lips firmly together and opened the door with the key. It was a normal room, not a suite, and the smell of pot smoke was overpowering as they stood in the short hallway by the bathroom. The two men heard giggling from the bedroom, but the loud reggae masked their entrance. They strode forward and their worst fears were immediately realized. Sara, Diane, and the young black man were all stark naked in the middle of the bed. Sara was sucking his penis lustily while Diane tried to lick his balls from below and they were all laughing at how difficult it was for her to get at them. In spite of his deep shock at seeing his wife cheating on him with another man, Bob couldn’t help but notice how sexy Diane looked spread naked on the bed with her bare round ass pointed at him.

“Holy shit,” gasped Rich as he watched his wife finally manage to slurp one black testicle into her mouth.

Diane looked over in shock and nearly choked. Then Sara and the black guy saw the two husbands and Sara coughed up the big black cock she was sucking.

“It’s not what it seems, Bob,” shrieked Sara frantically as she held the dark glistening phallus in her hand.

“Not what it seems?! What, are you giving him CPR or something?” scoffed Bob indignantly.

“Oh man, thanks for barging into my room uninvited,” complained the young man. “How did you get that key?”

“None of your business,” snapped Bob angrily.

“Ok, well, you might as well let us finish at this point,” replied the naked fellow. He looked down at the two middle-aged, suburban wives spread lusciously nude before him and thrust his cock back into Sara’s open mouth. “Here, keep sucking, Sara, You don’t want me to end up with blue balls, do you?”

Sara obediently took the penis into her mouth and resumed sucking it. She was torn emotionally, glancing submissively up at her new lover one moment and then shooting her husband a guilty look with another man’s dick seated firmly between her lips.

“What do you say, Rich?” asked Diane sheepishly, idly rubbing the dark nuts in her hand.

“What are you asking, you want me to stand here and watch you fuck this guy?” asked Rich in surprise. “That’s pretty kinky, isn’t it?”

“Maybe you could jerk off or something,” suggested Diane hesitantly as she gently tugged on her young Lothario’s nutsack.

“Wow,” said Rich thinking it over.

“You can’t seriously be consider that, Rich?” demanded Bob in frustration.

“Whip your junk out Rich,” encouraged the cheeky interloper. “The more the merrier. Diane, can you get back to sucking my balls now please?”

“Oh yes, sir!” said Diane with a surprised laugh. Then she wedged herself under Sara and dutifully licked his scrotum.

“Oh shit,” said Rich, sweat breaking out on his forehead. “This is just wrong.” But he unzipped his fly nonetheless and started jerking off as he watched the two wives lick and suck this stranger’s gonads.

“Rich, what the hell?” cried Bob helplessly.

“I don’t know, Bob,” mumbled Rich, never taking his eyes off of the two wives as they services their young lover. “I guess our love life has dwindled down over the years. Seeing Diane go at this kid’s balls is really turning me on. I must have started thinking of her as more of a mom than a lover at some point, and this reminds me that she’s…”

“She’s what? A cheating slut?” commented Bob sarcastically.

“Don’t be like that Bob,” purred Diane in response. She shifted position on the bed and ended up with her ass in the air pointed directly at Bob.

He gazed down at her round white ass with her swollen labia poking between her milky thighs and his cock jumped to attention. He gripped himself unconsciously at the sight.

“Honey, are you checking out Diane’s ass?” giggled Sara, removing the young man’s penis from her mouth, but continuing to stroke it while she turned to face her husband with a wicked grin.

“No, I mean, well, yes, but you are in no position to criticize,” stammered Bob, his face burning hotly with shame and arousal.

“Oh, I know. You caught me naked as a jaybird and sucking a stiff cock,” she laughs, giving the cock in her hand an extra tug for emphasis. “But I didn’t think it would play out like this.”

“Here, look out Diane,” demanded the young man suddenly. “I am going to fuck Sara from behind now.” He pushed Diane away gently and forcibly spun Bob’s wife around so that she was facing her husband on her hands and knees. She looked back over her shoulder at the horny fellow as he positioned himself behind her.

“Aren’t you going to ask first?” she asked him coyly, but then she gasped dramatically as he thrust his large member into her.

“I don’t got to ask, I can feel how wet you are. You ready,” said the dark intruder. Bob noticed that the young guy’s grammar was decaying as he grew more lustful.

“What am I supposed to do?” pouted Diane. “I’m wet now too.”

“I only got one dick,” laughed the dark fellow as he pumped his cock into Bob’s wife, making her boobs sway back and forth. “One of you two fuck her,” he said, motioning to the two husbands.

“Bob, you do it, I saw you looking at Diane’s twat,” said Rich, stroking himself and sweating profusely. “Put your dick in her.”

“Rich, we’ve known each other for years,” said Bob weakly, his dick straining stiffly at the thought of fucking his old friend’s horny wife. He looked at his own wife, she was biting her lip and panting as she got banged from behind and wasn’t paying attention.

“If you’ve got a hardon for me, I’ll take it,” said Diane, looking back at Bob lustily. She reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips for him suggestively.

“Oh jesus,” gasped Bob uncertainly, his erection pitching a tent in his pants.

“Just fuck her for Christ’s sake,” injected Sara, her cheeks bright red. “How can you be a prude about it at this point?” The black man laughed and gripped her hips more firmly so that he could pound her harder and she cried out slightly in passion.

“Ok, ok,” agreed Bob. He hastily unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis.

“Looks good,” said Diane with a smile. “Let’s have it.” She wiggled her ass at him invitingly and that was all the encouragement that Bob needed.

Bob strode forward and sank his member into his wife’s good friend Diane while her husband jerked off madly. She gasped with pleasure as the swollen head of his cock parted the slippery folds of her vagina. Bob groaned with ecstasy at how hot and wet she was. He looked down with admiration as Rich’s wife’s big round ass and ran his hands over her rump as he pumped her from behind.

“Your wife has a great ass,” said Bob to Rich absently.

“It’s good to see you enjoying it,” gasped Rich. “Hold on,” then he rushed over to the bed and thrust his cock into Sara’s face. “Sara, can you suck this for a second, I’m about to cum,” he asked her desperately.

“Certainly, Richard, I don’t mind helping you out,” said Sara, arching her brow at her husband as she took Rich’s dong into her mouth.

Diane laughed at the sight and Bob just increased his efforts fucking her from behind.

“This is so fucked up,” chuckled the young guy. “I never got down with swingers before.”

“We aren’t normally swingers,” explained Rich distractedly with his cock in Sara’s mouth. “Oh shit,” he exclaimed. Sara choked slightly and Rich pulled his meat out and started shooting hot cum all over her face.

“My goodness, Rich. I haven’t seen you cum that much in years,” panted Diane excitedly, fingering her own clitoris as Bob porked her from behind. “That’s hot,” then she put her head down and shuddered. Bob could feel her cumming, her cunt tightening around his shaft and it triggered his own orgasm. He just let loose and spurted load after load deep into Rich’s woman, looking at his own wife’s face, glistening with Rich’s seed.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” shouted the interloper as he playfully slapped Sara’s rear and humped her forcefully.

Bob knew that his wife had a thing for spanking and he watched her face as she was overtaken by her climax. It was fascinating to him because he had never seen his own wife cum from a distance like this. She was very beautiful in the throes of passion. And it was wickedly wrong to see her getting fucked by a young stranger with his good friend’s jizz on her face. Bob had to admit it was a massive turn on.

“Sorry, Bob,” said the black man contritely. “I just blew my load inside your wife.”

“Uh, huh,” responded Bob numbly, deep in the afterglow of his own ejaculation.

The black fellow pulled his dick out of Sara’s cunt and slapped his long, sodden member against her ass playfully.

“Yeah, beat me with that thing,” she laughed. Bob was stung by jealously suddenly to see how fondly she looked back at her new lover.

“Ok, well, this has been an eye-opening experience,” said Rich, stretching fitfully and zipping up his fly. “Let’s head back down to the bar and grab another drink, shall we Bob? The girls probably want to shower first.”

Everyone nodded agreement at that plan.

“Yeah and I might want to stick my cock into them both again real quick before I send them back to you,” said the cheeky young man, making the women titter with excitement.

Bob grimaced at the idea and his stomach churned with jealousy, but Rich just clapped him on the shoulder and led him out of the pot infused hotel room.

“Things will never be the same between us, will they?” asked Bob uncertainly.

“I certainly hope not,” laughed Rich. “I can’t wait to get a crack at your wife’s pussy.”

Bob laughed weakly along, he couldn’t really be mad at his pal after Bob himself had just emptied his load into Diane like that. Maybe this would all work out somehow after all.

Gustav Jorgenson’s cuckold stories:
Wicked Wife Mischief: NEW! Tales of Erotic Liberation
Slut Wife, Happy Life: Naughty Wife Tales
Exhibitionist Wife Tales: 15 stories of wives cheating in public
Most Popular collection: Gustav’s Selected Shorts
Giant chunks of cuck erotica: Wives Cheating Vol 1-5 Box, Collected Longs
Hate reading?  Try an audiobook:
Slut Wife, Happy Life Audiobook
Hard Times, Hot Wife Audiobook
“What’s My Wife Doing With That Guy?” Audiobook