Under the Blanket

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.3
Megan and her coworker Doug were chatting in the kitchen at work.

“You look very nice today, Megan,” said Doug, looking her body up and down appreciatively.

Megan blushed and tugged self-consciously at the hem of her skirt. Doug was always flirting with her and she enjoyed the attention, so she had started wearing shorter skirts and tighter sweaters to work lately. “Thanks Doug, that’s very nice of you to say,” she said, taking a sip of her tea.

“Yes, that sweater, is very flattering,” said Doug staring unabashedly at her large jutting breasts. He knew that Megan was married, and he was married himself, but he liked to imagine what it would be like to bed his middle aged coworker.

“My eyes are up here, Doug,” joked Megan, turned on by how brashly Doug was acting today.

“Yes, your eyes are very beautiful,” agreed Doug, never taking his gaze from Megan’s chest.

Megan felt a cool breeze as the air conditioner kicked on and her nipple stiffened visibly in her tight sweater. Doug wagged his eyebrows at Megan suggestively. “Your headlights are on,” he said, giving her a lewd wink.

“Oh, Doug, you are terrible,” said Megan, covering her nipples with her hands modestly. Her face was flushed red with excitement.

“I know I am,” said Doug casually. “Hey, when are you going to invite me over for dinner?”

“You and Frida are always welcome to join John and I for dinner,” said Megan lightly. She hated to bring up their spouses while flirting, but it couldn’t be helped.

Doug frowned at the mention of his wife and the erection inspired by Megan’s snugly fitting top began to subside. “Frida doesn’t really care to socialize with my work friends,” said Doug. “Couldn’t just you and I have dinner some night when John was out of town on business?”

“Doug, that wouldn’t be appropriate,” said Megan weakly, her heart pounding at the idea of a dinner date with Doug. His face fell at the rejection, so she quickly added, “I’ll tell you what though, why not come over tonight and join John and I for dinner? It’s our night to watch a movie at home.”

Doug stopped staring at Megan’s breasts for a moment and looked her in the eye with a calculating expression. He wondered if she was testing him, trying to see how much chutzpah he had. “Alright, Megan, I will take you up on your offer,” he said.

Megan briefly wondered if she was doing the right thing to invite her work flirt home to meet her husband, but John paid so little attention to her these days that he probably wouldn’t even notice the sexual tension between her and Doug. So she smiled warmly at Doug and gave him her address.

“Sounds good, see you at 7 tonight then,” said Doug. “And I expect you to answer the door naked,” he said with a grin.

“We’ll see,” laughed Megan, her pulse quickening. “Don’t get your hopes up.”

The rest of the day seemed to crawl past as Megan anxiously awaited dinner with Doug. She wondered if John would go to bed early or just doze off in his chair as was his habit on movie night. She wondered what would happen if she and Doug were together alone on the couch in the dark.

When she finally arrived at home, she rushed to prepare a nice steak dinner for Doug.

“What’s this?” asked her husband John when he came home from work. He came over and gave Megan a perfunctory peck on the cheek as she stood cooking at the stove. “Steak huh? What’s the occasion?”

Megan gulped nervously and tried to sound nonchalant. “Oh, I invited my coworker Doug over for dinner tonight,” she said with a weak smile. “You remember Doug. He was at the office Christmas party.”

“But it’s our movie night,” said John peevishly. But in truth, he actually looked forward to having company. He loved his wife, but they had fallen into a deep rut and movie night had become a bore. John recalled that Doug was a funny guy. Maybe he would liven up the evening.

“I know honey,” said Megan pursing her lips and furrowing her brow sympathetically. “But it will be a nice change of pace to have company for once.”

“Maybe you’re right,” agreed John amiably, grabbing a beer from the refrigerator and heading off to the living room to watch television.

Doug arrived right on time at 7 and he brought a nice bottle of wine. They all enjoyed a friendly supper with Doug and John engaging in a lively discussion about the local football team which had made the playoffs. Megan was beginning to feel slightly neglected and oddly jealous of Doug’s attention to her husband. But as soon as her husband left the room Doug resumed his flirtation with a vengeance.

“I’m very disappointed that you were fully clothed when you answered the door,” said Doug softly, leaning forward and gazing into Megan’s eyes. “Dinner would have been so much more interesting if you had heeded my request and gotten naked for me.”

“Ha, it would have given us something to talk about other than football, I’ll grant you that,” replied Megan merrily. The idea of entertaining Doug and her husband in the nude both aroused and amused her. She was sure that John would have a heart attack if she ever tried something like that.

Doug had enjoyed a few glasses of wine, and his inhibitions were down, so he put his cards on the table. “Well I have to keep John distracted with football talk so he doesn’t realize that I want to have sex with his wife.” He gave Megan a crooked smile, but in that moment they both knew that he wasn’t joking.

“Really?” said Megan, her voice cracking slightly. She could feel her palms growing sweaty with excitement. “I didn’t realize you felt that way,” she said absently, unable to make eye contact with Doug.

“Oh, you realized it alright,” laughed Doug. “I think I’ve made it perfectly clear at work.”

“Made what perfectly clear?” asked John jovially as he returned to the dining room.

Megan was startled so badly that she nearly jumped out of her chair, but neither man noticed.

“Oh, I’ve made it clear how tired I am of working at that damn place,” rejoined Doug smoothly. “But the job market is tough, so I stick with it nonetheless.”

“I hear you, brother,” agreed John, shaking his head ruefully.

“Ok, boys,” said Megan brightly. “Why don’t you two clear the table while I go change out of these work clothes?”

“Yeah, you must barely be able to breathe in that sweater,” said Doug cheekily, giving John a sideways glance to judge his reaction.

John just laughed heartily at the slightly bawdy joke and Megan chuckled along awkwardly, “Yes, well, I’ll be back in a few and we can open another bottle of wine and start the movie.” She hurried off to the bedroom as Doug and John helpfully cleared the dirty dishes.

“You noticed how tight that sweater was, huh,” said John looking over at Doug mischievously once his wife was out of earshot.

“I have to admit I did notice, John,” said Doug matter-of-factly.

John bit his lip to hold back his laughter. “She’s got quite a rack on her, doesn’t she?” he asked.

Doug was surprised at John’s candor and simply responded in kind. “I’ll say, you are a lucky man, my friend,” he said with a lascivious grin and the two men broke out in raucous laughter as Doug pictured what Megan’s breasts would look like if she stood topless before him.

Megan heard the laughter from the kitchen as she stripped off her sweater and unsnapped her bra. Her large bosoms came spilling out, and she heaved a sigh of relief as she rubbed them absently. She wriggled out of her skirt, stripped off her stockings, and stood contemplating her body in the mirror. She had gained a bit of weight over the years, but she had retained her hourglass figure. She looked herself over critically and decided that she didn’t look too bad for a woman of 42. Then she went to the closet and pondered what to wear. She briefly considered putting on a sexy negligee and going out to rejoin her husband and Doug as though that were perfectly natural. The very idea made her giggle to herself like a schoolgirl, but she knew she would never have the guts.

She settled on a nice pair of sweatpants that were comfortable but well fitted enough for company. For a top, she slipped into a t-shirt. Her breasts were jiggling and her nipples were poking through without a bra on, so she pulled a light cardigan over the t-shirt and headed back out to the kitchen.

“Oh, I was hoping you would come out here in a slinky negligee,” commented Doug sarcastically when he saw how modestly Megan was dressed.

John slapped Doug on the shoulder and laughed along rowdily. Megan could tell that John was a little drunk, so she opened her cardigan and shimmied her shoulders to make her boobs bounce back and forth. The two men stared in fascination at the motion of her knockers before Megan blushed deeply and pulled her cardigan closed.

“Wow,” said Doug, clearly impressed.

John just laughed even harder and strode over to his wife to kiss her on the cheek and slap her bottom playfully.

“You don’t need to wear lingerie to be sexy with that damn body,” said John lustily.

“Thank you honey, that’s sweet,” said Megan, looking at her husband warmly.

“I’ll drink to that,” said Doug with a wicked smile and he poured out more glasses of wine and handed them around.

The trio adjourned to the living room together to watch a movie. John wasn’t bothered by Doug’s flirting, in fact he found that he enjoyed having another man pay attention to Megan. He realized that he took her for granted a lot lately. She was still a sexy woman, and it was perfectly natural for other men to take notice of that fact.

“So what movie should we watch, gentlemen?” asked Megan formally, holding her wine and bending over to examine the rack of DVD’s. Doug stared unabashedly at Megan’s gorgeous round rear as she bent over. John noticed Doug’s interest in his wife’s bottom, but he was surprised that it didn’t make him very jealous.

“How about Showgirls?” blurted out John as he sank into his favorite recliner.

“Oh honey,” laughed Megan nervously. “That’s a very naughty movie. I don’t think it’s appropriate to watch… with a guest over,” she smiled lamely at Doug as she said it. Her husband must be drunker than she thought.

“Nonsense,” objected John merrily. “We are all adults here, aren’t we?” he said. “Put it on.”

Megan looked at Doug inquisitively.

“I haven’t seen it,” said Doug with a smile. “Is there a lot of nudity?”

“You’ll see,” said Megan with resignation and she put in the movie and turned down the lights.

Doug sat down on the daybed which was Megan’s customary place to sit in the evening and she hesitated to join him there.

“Doug took your seat, huh?” commented John, noticing his wife’s uncertainty.

“Ha, we really have our routine, don’t we,” laughed Megan.

“Oh, I can sit somewhere else,” said Doug, looking around the room but not actually standing up to move.

“No, no, there’s plenty of room here for both of us,” said Megan, sitting down next to Doug on the daybed where she liked to stretch out and relax each evening.

As the outrageously bad movie stumbled from one gratuitous sex scene to another, the threesome mocked the bad acting but were drawn into the sensuality nonetheless. Doug and John both had raging hardons and Megan felt herself getting wet. As they went through the wine she found herself snuggling up against Doug and he slipped one arm around her back surreptitiously. John didn’t seem to notice and in fact seemed to be nodding off slightly as was his habit after a long day at work, a good meal, and a lot of wine.

“Are you tired dear?” asked Megan lightly as Doug ran his hand hungrily up and down her side while sexy dancers thrust their crotches into the air on the screen before them.

“No, no, I’m fine,” mumbled John sleepily, nodding off in his comfortable chair.

Megan reached down and gripped Doug’s thigh and started rubbing his leg in a more than friendly manner. Her heart was pounding with excitement and her body was hot from the wine and from arousal. She couldn’t believe that she and Doug were feeling each other up right in front of her husband while he was distracted by the titillating movie and his own drowsiness. Doug started getting more and more aggressive and he slipped his hand under Megan’s t-shirt and slid it up her side closer and closer to her boob. Her breath came faster and faster until she was practically panting when he finally gripped her bare breast in his hand and sought out her nipple with his fingers.

John glanced over and saw Doug and his wife rubbing up against each other and he snapped to attention slightly. “Hey, what are you guys doing over there?” he asked good naturedly.

Megan clamped her arm down trapping Doug’s wrist in her armpit. Then she released it and pushed him away slightly as he hurriedly withdrew his hand from her shirt. Doug’s own heart was racing and his erection was pitching an obvious tent in his trousers.

“Doug was just tickling me, dear,” lied Megan. “But it’s all in good fun,” she added lamely.

“That’s my wife you are feeling up over there,” said John with a smile. “Show some respect, fella,” he added with a nervous chuckle. He had enjoyed a bit of harmless flirting between Doug and his wife, but John was starting to get jealous of how Megan and Doug were snuggling together on the daybed there. He was starting to regret his choice of movie. Maybe it was getting everyone a little overheated.

“You know this movie is considered one of the worst of all time,” said John, trying to sound light-hearted. “Maybe we should put something else on.”

“I’m enjoying it actually,” said Doug languidly, shifting on the daybed to try to hide his erection. “It has excellent character development.”

“Liar, you just like the boobs,” laughed Megan, punching Doug’s shoulder playfully.

“Well I do like boobs, I can’t deny that,” said Doug, giving Megan a smoldering look of passion.

“Heh, heh, yeah, well, I guess we can leave it on then,” said John, but he felt his stomach twisting with jealousy at how familiar Megan was being with Doug. He drank a bit more wine and started to relax and was soon drawn into the movie as another sex scene commenced.

“I’m usually just stretch out on this, do you mind if I lay down here?” asked Megan softly.

“Go right ahead,” said Doug. “Shall I cover you?” he asked, noticing the blanket folded at the back of the daybed.

“Yes, please,” said Megan stiffly. “Why don’t you lay down behind me?”

“And spoon you?” whispered Doug.

“Yes,” replied Megan. “Cover us with the blanket.”

As the two coworkers rearranged themselves on the daybed with Megan laying in front and Doug laying behind her, John roused himself and took notice.

“Now what are you doing over there?” he asked, trying to hide the annoyance in his voice.

“I’m just stretching out like I always do dear,” said Megan innocently.

“And he’s going to lay there with you?” asked John. His head was fuzzy with wine and sleepiness.

“I guess so,” said Megan pulling the blanket up to her neck.

“Uh, huh,” replied John helplessly. He didn’t like this arrangement, but he was too muddled to think of a polite way to object.

Doug wasted no time and immediately gripped Megan by the hips and started grinding his stiff boner up against her soft round ass. Megan gasped in response and reached back to pinch the bulge in Doug’s pants between her fingers. Doug grunted in response and brazenly slid his hands up the front of Megan’s t-shirt, gripping one large breast in each hand and kneading them greedily as she squeezed his cock through his pants. John sat watching them wriggle and shift under the blanket.

“What the hell ARE you two doing under that blanket?” snapped John testily, growing deeply suspicious.

“Nothing dear, my goodness,” panted Megan, feigning nonchalance as Doug gripped her boobs in his hands and pinched her nipples. “We are just getting readjusted over here.”

“Yeah, what if I came over there and pulled the cover off you two?” demanded John hotly.

“Well then I would be cold,” pouted Megan sweetly.

John didn’t know how to respond to that it really appeared to him as though Doug was touching his wife’s breasts under that blanket and his stomach flipped with anxiety at thought, but he was tired and drunk and couldn’t think of the right way to handle this.

“I just need to get adjusted a little more,” said Doug to John and he gripped Megan’s sweatpants by the waist and slid them down to her knees along with her panties while she clutched the blanket to her neck and her heart pounded in her chest like a drum. Megan’s bare ass was pressed up against Doug’s jeans under the blanket and he took a minute to run his hands over her smooth butt cheeks before unzipping his fly carefully so it didn’t make too loud a sound. Her gaze flicking nervously between the movie and her her husband.

John noticed Megan looking at him and gave her a mistrustful frown as Doug freed his cock and started pressing it between Megan’s thighs.

“What’s the matter?” asked John grumpily as the head of Doug’s long stiff penis found its way between the folds of Megan’s swollen labia.

“Nothing at all darling,” gasped Megan breathlessly. “I was just thinking how much I love you.”

John was utterly disarmed by his wife’s sincere sounding proclamation. Doug bit his lip to keep from snorting at the irony of it all and forcefully thrust his cock into Megan’s how wet cunt from behind. She stuck her fist into her mouth to keep from crying out in passion as John looked at her strangely. Doug left his dick sunk deep inside Megan and longed to start poking it in and out of her, but her dared not for fear of drawing John’s attention. So he consoled himself by reach around Megan’s hip cautiously, careful not to disturb the blanket too much. He slid his hand around her hip and down into her crotch and soon found the slippery nub of her clitoris. She nearly choked in her effort to suppress a moan of pleasure.

John’s attention was drawn back to the movie as a group of erotic dancers froliced in the nude on screen. Doug peeked over Megan’s shoulder at John in his recliner and started working his dick slowly in and out of John’s wife fingering her clit the whole time while she whimpered soundlessly. He felt himself growing closer and closer to climax as her hot wet snatch gripped his stiff rod. Soon the daybed was creaking rhythmically with his efforts and John sat up in his chair.

“Christ Doug, are you dry humping my wife over there?” he demanded groggily, the wine fogging his mind and his vision.

“What? No of course not,” protest Doug as he increased his pace, thrusting his cock between Megan’s soft thighs and into her sodden snatch.

“But what’s all that rocking back and forth?” demanded John, taken aback but Doug’s boldness.

“I mean,no, I’m not dry humping her,” said Doug, reaching up and grasping Megan’s generous jugs in his palms again. The weight of them in his hands made his cock stiffen even more. For her part, Megan couldn’t believe that Doug would fuck her from behind and feel her up like this under the covers while talking to her husband. The sheer audacity of Doug and the wrongness of the situation brought her to climax. “I’m just, Oh shit,” exclaimed Doug as he felt Megan’s vagina tighten suddenly around his cock. She cried out in spite of herself as she came over and over.

“Megan, are you ok?” asked John climbing to his feet with concern.

“I mean we are just fooling around,” she gasped as Doug resumed humping her urgently and worked her boobs enthusiastically. “But you are making such a big deal out of it,” she whined, trying to sound offended and upset. Her face with bright red from passion and her breathing was fast and shallow.

“I’m sorry, baby,” said John contritely. “But this is, Jesus, Doug, will you stop dry-humping my damn wife please?” he demanded angrily, turning to Doug.

“Oh yeah, sorry bud,” panted Doug. He stopped humping her suddenly as he started spurting his load inside John’s wife. John looked on suspiciously as the commotion under the blanket suddenly ceased and Doug ground his crotch against Megans ass releasing the last of his seed inside her. Megan arched her back eagerly to receive his delivery. “I guess I got a little drunk and I got a bit carried away by having this big round ass right here,” admitted Doug, forgetting himself.

John laughed in spite of himself. “That’s a nice way to repay our hospitality. Grinding your crotch up against my wife’s rear.” He had a sinking suspicion that Doug also grabbed Megan’s boobs in addition to dry humping her, but he didn’t want to say it.

“I know, I know,” said Doug contritely, tucking his limp sodden cock back into his pants and zipping up quietly. He extracted himself deftly from under the cover, leaving Megan completely covered but with her pants down and he jumped off the daybed. “That was really out of bounds,” he said, running his hands nervously through his hair. “I uh, don’t know how to apologize properly.”

John sighed drunkenly at Doug’s demonstration while Megan surreptitiously pulled her sweatpants back up. “Ok, Ok, I see how this happened. We had too much to drink and put on a movie with too much sexytime. I am partly to blame for picking the movie and for laughing along with your flirtation. Let’s just call it a night and talk it over another time when we are all sober.”

“Ok, John. That’s big of you,” said Doug with a deep frown of respect. Then he turn to Megan, stretched out luxuriously on the daybed. “I am sorry for getting carried away, Megan. I hope you can forgive me.”

“Forgive you? I thoroughly enjoyed it,” she laughed saucily. “We should do it again sometime. Soon.”

“Megan!” exclaimed John in exasperation. “You aren’t helping matters here.”

She looked up at her husband and shrugged, “Sorry, I guess I’m drunk,” she admitted.

Doug just laughed and waved goodbye, “I will let you two sort this out then, thanks for the hospitality.” Then he hurried out of the room.

“Yeah, yeah,” said John, waving him off dismissively. “Honey, how could you say that?” he whined petulantly.

“Please don’t cry like a baby,” she sighed in resignation. “It doesn’t suit you. We were only fooling around. It was completely harmless.”
Doug walked down the driveway and looked up at the stars, breathing in the cool night air. It was a good night to be alive and not to have been beaten up by a jealous husband.

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Art Photography Shoot

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from: “Exhibitionist Wife Tales

My wife Linda had been working as a model since was in her twenties.  Just small time stuff, like ads for the local department store or carpet liquidators.  So you know, she’s good looking, but not exactly a supermodel or anything.  As she got older, the job offers sort of dropped off.  The market for middle aged local models was pretty slim.  We didn’t really need the money or anything, but Linda liked to keep busy, and it annoyed her that she was having such a hard time finding work.  So one night, she invited a successful photographer named Roger over to dinner to ask his advice.

We had just settled in the living room with some glasses of wine after a nice meal when Linda started pressing Roger on the question of work.

“So tell, Roger, is anyone you know looking for a middle aged beauty past her bloom?” joked Linda with a playful toss of her head.

“Ah, you still look wonderful, Linda.” He lifted his glass to her.  “To your unfading gorgeousness!”

“Hear, hear,” I agreed, and we drank a toast to my wife’s good looks.  She still did look nice of course.  She still had a slim figure, and a nice rack.  Though her tits have started sagging a bit lately.  And of course she was starting to get a few wrinkles around her eyes and wasn’t quite as fresh looking as when she had been in her twenties.

“But I can’t find any work, Roger!” complained my wife.  She was kicking her legs in frustration and since she was wearing a pretty short dress, I saw Roger checking out her exposed legs.  I never really trusted these photographers.  They are a bunch of perverts in my view.

“I know, I know, the market is tough right now,” he said.  He was pursing his lips as his eyes lingered on my wife’s shapely calves.  If this guy kept checking out my wife like that, I was inclined to say something to him.  But I know Linda was hoping he would get her some work, so I bit my tongue and tried to keep my cool.

“It’s only tough for us old, over the hill types,” shot back Linda.

“Come on, Linda,” complained Roger.  He shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

‘Honestly, Roger, isn’t there ANYTHING out there for me?  My agent won’t reply to my emails anymore.  I’m at wits end.  I want to work.  I go nuts penned up in the house all day.”  Linda was getting agitated and I felt a pang of guilt for some reason.  Haven’t I given my wife a nice house and a good life?  Why was she so unsatisfied?

Roger rubbed his face and gave me a worried look.  “Ah, do you know Giuseppe Roma?”

Linda scrunched up her face, a far away look on her face as she gazed at the ceiling.  “Yes, that Italian.   He’s a art photographer, right?  He does a lot of nudes.”

Roger looked at me again, a nervous expression on his face.  “Right, that’s the one.”

“Now hold on,” I said, holding up my hand.  “No wife of mine is going to start doing pornography.  Go do volunteer work with the poor if you want to get out of the house.”  The very idea of my pretty little wife getting naked for some Italian greaseball made my blood boil.

“Now Sam, settle down,” coaxed Roger. “This guy is a real artist.  He shows in some of the best galleries in LA and New York.  He’s not some cheap pornographer.”

“Yeah, honey, let’s not rush to judgment,” agreed Linda.  But I could tell that she was less than enthused about the idea of doing nude modelling.  I relaxed somewhat when I saw how squeamish she looked.  “But Roger, you know, I’m no spring chicken any more.”  My wife tried to force a laugh.  “I mean, things are getting a little saggy,” she cupped her generous bosom in her hands and gave him a twisted smile.  “Gravity takes it’s toll.”

“Well, Roma likes to work with real women, if you know what I mean,” said Roger delicately.  “He, uh, doesn’t go in for that airbrushed sort of fashion magazine look in his portraits.  The feminists revere his work and say that he promotes, what’s the phrase?   ‘Positive body image’ or something.”

“So he shoots fat chicks and old bags?” smirked Linda.

Roger looked pained.  “I don’t about that.  Look, I only brought him up because you seemed so, forgive me saying this, but you seem desperate for work.  I know you are a married woman and you haven’t done work like that before, so if it makes you uncomfortable, just forget I mentioned Roma.”

Linda seemed crestfallen and she sat there with her knees together and feet skewed to either side, holding her wine in her lap with both hands and contemplating it solemnly.

I hated to see my wife so miserable, my heart was breaking at the sight.

“Can’t you find her anything respectable, Roger?” I asked.

Roger frowned at me.  “I’m telling you, Sam.  Roma is actually very respectable.  Seriously.”  I gave him an icy glare.  “But I will ask around for regular work, I promise.”

“Come on, Roger, would you allow YOUR wife to pose nude for some strange man?” I asked with some annoyance.  Then a thought occurred to me,  “And then, and then, have her naked pictures on gallery walls all over, with thousands of people looking at them, and men leering and whatnot?”  The idea made my stomach churn as I thought of all those strange men looking at my naked wife.

“Well, you know, I’m not married,  Sam,” he said.  “But I think you are being a little uptight about it.  My girlfriend has done some nude modelling.  Very tasteful stuff.  It doesn’t bother me in the least.  She has a wonderful body, it should be appreciated.  The female form is a thing of beauty.  Of course men like to look, and they get excited, but that doesn’t diminish my relationship with my woman in any way.”  Roger pursed his lip thoughtfully and took a drink of wine.

I just scoffed at him.  “I knew it!  You photographers are all perverts.”

“Stop it, Sam,” sighed Linda.  “Roger’s right.  Artists have been portraying nude women for centuries.  There’s nothing perverted in it.  I would even consider doing that sort of work myself if I wasn’t so insecure about my decaying figure.”

“You still have an amazing body, honey,” I told her dutifully.

“Yes you do,” agreed Roger.  He eyed my wife’s boobs.  “Hey, listen, Roma’s got a show tonight at a gallery in Uptown.  Why don’t we head over there and take a look, get a sense of what sort of pictures we are talking about.”

“What, right now?” I said in surprise.

“Sure, why not?” asked Roger.  “I’ll introduce you to Giuseppe myself.”

“Yes, let’s go and meet him at least,” agreed Linda, brightening up a bit.  “I’m not committing to anything, but I will go meet him and see his photos.”

“Really?” I asked.  I was feeling slightly nervous.

“What’s the matter, Sam?” asked my wife.  “Don’t you want to go look at pictures of naked women?”

“Well when you put it that way,” I laughed.  “Let’s go.”

We were all pretty drunk by that time, so we summoned an Uber and got a ride within a few minutes.

The gallery was on a dingy side street lined with auto repair shops, but once we got inside, it was an amazing, high-ceilinged art space done up with tastefully concealed lighting.  A real bastion of gentrification the activists might say. It was one of those places that got mobbed with crowds of hipsters on first Fridays when they shut down this part of town and held a big street party for Art Murmur each month.

On this night, the place was filled with men in suits and women in fancy cocktail dresses and I felt a little underdressed in my shirtsleeves without a jacket.  The entire space was so classy seeming that I was utterly taken aback when I saw the first set of photos.  They were pretty salacious.  It was a series of pictures of a very pale naked white woman, her bush somewhat unruly and her hair a mess, not wearing any makeup, standing in a bare white room with a huge naked black man.  He was oiled up and sporting a shocking erection in every picture.  At first they were just facing each other, but as the pictures progressed, they got closer, until they were hugging, the man’s stiff black boner poking off to the side of the woman’s hip.  Then the woman was down on her knees before the black man, her hands on HIS hips, his boner just inches from her face as she looked at it dispassionately.  I felt my own penis growing stiff but it felt weird to pop a boner in this tony crowd.

“Uh, wow,” gasped my wife.  She fanned her face as we looked at the photos together.

“Yeah, um, it looks like Roma’s work has gotten a little more, uh, intense since the last time I saw it.” Roger seemed sort of chagrined.

A pixieish, middle-aged woman with short blonde hair stuck her face in front of mine suddenly.  “What do you think of this piece?” she asked.  She was wearing a black leotard and cat eye glasses as she fixed me with a intense blue-eyed gaze.

“It’s, well… it seems pornographic really,” I admitted.  “I know I’ll sound like an ignoramus for saying it, but that’s what I see.  I’m no art major, I’m just a tech guy.”  I felt apologetic and was prepared to be berated by the arty hipster woman.

To my relief, she just laughed.  “Of course it’s pornographic, silly.  What world do we live in?  Giuseppe doesn’t shy away from the zeitgeist.  He works with the language of the media of our time.”  Then she noticed Roger.  “Oh Roger, darling.  So wonderful to see you.”  She kissed Roger on each cheek.  “Are these your friends?”

Roger smiled at the hipstress.  “Hello, Luna.  You are looking marvelous as usual.”  To which Luna simply turned her head and fanned her fingers at him coquettishly.  “And yes, this is Sam and Linda.  Linda is a model, you know.”  

“Oh yes?” asked Luna, turning to my wife with interest.  She grabbed Linda’s hands and held them out to each side.  “Oh, yes!  Oh, yes!  What a plausible beauty!  Did you bring her to meet Giuseppe?”

“Plausible?” Linda asked in confusion.

“She did express some interest in seeing Guiseppe’s photos.  She’s been looking for work herself.  But I think this… phase… he’s in might be too, uh, intense for her,” said Roger.  He was trying to be diplomatic, I could tell.

Luna leaned toward my wife conspiratorially.  “You’re not much of a slut, are you?” she asked in a stage whisper.

My wife just looked at the kooky art woman and laughed.  “No, not really I guess.”

“We can fix that,” said Luna.  She took my wife by the hand and started to lead her away.  “Let’s go show you to Giuseppe.”

“Um,” I said, holding up a finger.  

But Luna just stuck her tongue out at me and lead my wife away.  Linda shrugged and laughed nervously.  I wanted to object more strongly but the devilish little woman was too disarming.  So Roger and I picked up the rear as the imp lead us up a flight of stairs to another gallery.  This appeared to be some sort of VIP area and was guarded by a big black bouncer in a tuxedo.  He recognized Luna and smiled to let us pass.

The crowd was thinner up here, and less fancy.  Some people were dressed really sloppily and I assumed that they were other artists.  Luna made a beeline to the back of the room with my wife in tow where we found a short, grey haired mediterranean man in his fifties talking to a tall thin black woman in a tiny dress with a huge afro.  The man had dark eyes and an animated expression as he was talking to the black woman and his purple silk shirt was open halfway to his waist, exposing a chest covered in gnarly grey hair.  He stopped short when Luna appeared with my wife and he immediately fixed Linda with a fierce gaze.

“What have you brought me, Luna?” he hissed.

“Look for yourself,” laughed the elven woman, pushing my wife forward.  Linda blushed bashfully as Giuseppe inspected her with a critical eye.  “Roger brought her for you.”

“Ah, not exactly, Guiseppe, we were just talking it over, you know,” coughed Roger.  “She might not be ready…”

“She’s hot,” commented the tall black woman with a lewd grin.  “I’d do her.”

“Did you come to model for me?” Guiseppe asked my wife.  He cocked his head to one side with his eyes drilling into my wife.  His stare was intense and Linda stammered under his gaze.

“I, uh, I was just telling Roger that I wanted to work,” said my flustered wife.  “Older women like me can’t find much work these days you know.  It’s frustrating.”

The stocky Italian artist nodded seriously, acknowledging her point.

“But she can’t pose in these sort of pictures like you have downstairs,” I interjected.  “She’s a married woman.”

Guiseppe’s serious expression transformed into a gleeful grin.  “And who are you?  Her husband?  What circus have your brought me, Luna?”

“I promised I would make a slut of her,” said Luna proudly.

“You called me plausible,” said Linda in wonderment.  She seemed totally bemused by these strange people.  We didn’t spend much time around artists.  They seemed insane to me.

Guiseppe and the black woman broke out in tremendous laughter.  

“Oh, she’s entirely plausible, Luna.” gasped the black woman.  She was wiping tears from her eyes.  

“Yes, you are plausible,” grinned Giuseppe, facing my wife.  “I want you to model for me.  Will you model for me?”

Linda looked back at me with indecision.  “My husband…” she said indecisively.

Giuseppe looked at me in confusion.  “I don’t understand.  What are you doing here?  Your wife said she is looking for work.  She is sufficient for my needs.  I will give her work.”

“She is sufficient?” I asked sarcastically.  “Is that how you describe your models?”

Giuseppe turned his gaze to my wife and put his hand on his chin.  “I think so,” he said.  “I would need to see her nude to say for sure.  Take off your dress, darling.”

“What?” croaked my wife in shock.

“Go ahead,” he said motioning to her impatiently.  “Take off your dress so I can see your body.”

“I’ll help if you want,” purred the black woman lasciviously.

“What, right here in front of everyone?” asked my wife.  She was looking around at the bohemians milling about.

“Now see here!” I objected.

“Tut, tut, are you a model or not, dear?” asked Guiseppe with a shake of the head.

“Of course I’m a model,” said my wife, drawing herself up indignantly.  “I’m a very plausible and sufficient model.”  Giuseppe, Luna, and the black woman broke out laughing at that.  Even Roger cracked a grin, and I had to smile along in spite of my trepidation.  “But I usually get a dressing room to change in.”

“Bah, these are all my friends here,” said Giuseppe.  “Take off your clothes and show us your body.”

“Is she going to get naked?” asked a good looking young white guy with a big beard and crewcut.  I hate these hipster looks, so incongruous.

“Certainly not!” I sputtered.

“Look at the jealous husband!  How darling!” The black woman pointing a mocking finger at me.  “He doesn’t want to share his property.”

“I don’t have time for this.  You have piqued my interest now,” said Giuseppe.  He strode forward toward my wife.  “Turn around.” He pointed at my wife with such a commanding tone that she instantly obeyed.  “Good,” he grunted. “You take direction well.  I am unzipping your dress now.”  And he did.  The cheeky bastard unzipped my wife’s dress right there in front of everyone.

“Whoa, oh my goodness, Giuseppe,” exclaimed my wife in shock.  She looked around as a crowd started to gather around her.

“Luna, help me undress her,” instructed Giuseppe.   The little pixie slipped my wife’s dress up over her head in a flash.  Poor Linda was standing there in her bra and panties in the middle of a fancy art gallery surrounded by appreciative hipsters.  Giuseppe put his hand on his chin and nodded.  “Turn around,” he told my wife, twirling his finger so imperiously that she immediately complied.

“Now hold on one minute!” I blubbered and pushed the bearded crewcut guy out of my way so I could go intervene.  But before I could grab my wife’s dress and help her put it on again, the tall black woman interceded and put her hand on my chest.

“Hey man, cool it,” she whispered urgently in my ear.  “Giuseppe and Luna are tripping on shrooms right now, and I promised to babysit them.  You can’t get all macho man with them, you are gonna freak them out.”

I stared up at the woman with her amazing afro haloing out in all directions and she nodded insistently.  She sure seemed earnest.

“But, my wife…” I pointed at Linda standing half naked in front of all these strangers.

“She looks great! Why are you so uptight?” The black woman was enthusiastic.

“Luna!” shouted Giuseppe suddenly.  “Go get my camera, right now.  We are doing a shoot, right now, right here.”  Luna saluted and ran off.

“Wait, what?” gasped Linda.

“Look at you, you are amazing!” he shouted at my wife, waving his arms maniacally.  He was so obviously tripping that I can’t believe I didn’t notice before.  I had seen friends trip back in college.  “Take off your bra, we are about to get started.”

Linda covered her chest with the palms of her hands and glanced over at me guiltily.  “Sam’s going to freak out,” she said.

“Sam will be fine,” insisted the black woman.  She gripped me around the shoulder with a surprisingly powerful grasp.  “Roger and I will keep him in check.”

“I will?” asked Roger hesitantly.  But when the black woman glared at him, he came and stood on the other side of me.  “Yeah, sure, I will help calm Sam down, of course.”  He forced a laugh.  “I mean, it’s just a photo shoot, Sam, no big deal.”

“But all these people are standing around!” I gestured at crew cut beard guy who was watching my wife expectantly, licking his lips as he waited for her to disrobe further.

“There are always a bunch of people milling around at a photoshoot,” explained Roger.

“But I’ve never really done a nude shoot before,” my wife told Giuseppe weakly.  She was trying to cover her body bashfully with her arms, but it wasn’t working well, her shapely form was already almost fully exposed.

“I know, that’s what makes this such an authentic moment,” enthused Giuseppe. Luna appeared with some ridiculously high end looking camera.  “I need LIGHT!” shouted Giuseppe so loud that I jumped.  “Your vulnerability, your embarrassment.” He was speaking quickly as he snapped photos of my wife, cringing half-naked surrounded by hip onlookers.  “You wear your heart on your sleeve,” he said.  The lights suddenly came up full blast and the gallery was flooded with blinding white light.

“Holy shit!” I gasped, holding up my hands to shield my eyes.

“Well, you know, you need light to shoot pictures,” said Roger.  He was ogling my wife’s gorgeous form along with the rest of them.

Poor Linda was squirming shyly as Giuseppe walked around her, snapping away madly.  Her white skin glowing under the blinding gallery lights above.  I stopped to admire her long legs and wide hips.  She had a little pot belly now, but it just enhanced her shapeliness in my view.  She tried to cover her big hanging breasts, barely held up by her bra, but they were too big to cover.  

“What, what, am I supposed to be doing?” my wife asked the madly tripping Italian as he prowled around her.  She was blushing prettily and her cheeks were pink.

“You are doing it!  Standing, exposed and objectified, mortified by the public exposure of your body,” gushed Giuseppe.  “As all women today, you are made into a product to be consumed by a hungry public.”

“Weeeerd!” agreed the black woman at my side, nodding her head.

“Oh, I think I get it.”  My wife straightened up a little.  “It’s like a metaphor.”

“Yes, an allegory! You see!  I see you, coming to terms with your place in the world.  I am capturing it all.  Luna, this is going to be, I don’t know, one of the best, I am sure.   Makeup, hair and makeup!” The hairy old man motioned impatiently at his pixie assistant.

“Oh, right, I need some makeup, of course,” chuckled my wife, patting her cheeks.

“Oh, no, not at all,” replied Luna, rushing to my wife with a baby wipe.  “We need to take OFF your makeup.  Your defenses are down, and you are naked and vulnerable without the armor of makeup we women use to defend ourselves.”  And the little pixie rapidly and efficiently wiped any trace of makeup from my wife’s face while she stood there in shock.  Then Luna pulled randomly at my wife’s hair, messing it up.

Poor Linda must have been REALLY freaking out at that point.  She never set foot outside the house without being perfectly made up with every hair in place.  I think she would rather walk around naked than go out with messy hair.

“Oh my god, you can’t do this me,” squawked my wife.  She was pawing at her hair obsessively.  “I must look awful!  I look OLD!”

“Let your shields down,” coaxed Giuseppe.  He was snapping pictures the whole time.  “Face the world as you ARE!”

“I think you look wonderful honey,” I said.  Linda gave me a grateful smile.  And she DID look good.  She has gotten older of course, I could see the bags under her eyes.  But she looked real.  This is the beauty I see when she rolls out of bed in the morning.

“You look natural, totally alluring,” said Roger.  He was clapping his hands in approval.  Several others in the crowd murmured encouragement and compliments.  The good looking white hipster beside us clapped along too.

“Oh my gosh, you guys,” said my wife.  “You are making me blush!”

“This is good, this is good, time to bring in DeShawn.” Giuseppe was gesturing passionately.  “DeShawn, come here!  Come here!”

The big black bouncer in the tux came lumbering over.  He was built like a linebacker, over six feet tall and he must have weighed 250 lbs.  “What’s up, boss, Ooooh, shit,” he said when he saw my wife.  He covered his face and laughed.  “Some crazy shit going on up in here.”

“DeShawn, meet, ahh,” Giuseppe paused in confusion for a moment, which seemed strange after his non-stop flow.

“Linda,” prompted my wife.   DeShawn shyly offered her his hand to shake, and Giuseppe captured the moment on camera.  The huge black man, fully dressed to the nines, timidly shaking hands with a half-naked white woman, pale as ivory, surrounded by the crowd of modern day beatniks.  It was pretty kinky actually, even I had to admit.

“I need you for this shoot, DeShawn,” ordered Giuseppe.  “You and Linda are going to get naked together and rub oil all over one another.”

“For realz?” laughed DeShawn.  He was covering his face bashfully again.  “Oh noes! You gotta be kidding me.”

“Look at that big man, afraid of a naked little white woman!” teased the black woman with the afro.

“Don’t play, Yolanda,” he told her.

“You seen the pictures downstairs, nigga,” laughed Yolanda.  “You think anybody playin’ wit you?  You know what Giuseppe do!”

DeShawn just stared at Yolanda with an open mouth and then he looked at my wife, who avoided his gaze in embarrassment.

“Ok, yeah, this is just going a little too far now,” I piped up.  “I mean, you know, getting naked and oil rubbing and all that.”  But as I said it and pictured my wife doing that with this big black man, my penis grew more and more erect. All this in spite of the fact that my stomach was roiling with shame and jealousy.

“You are not getting it, man,” said Giuseppe with a dismissive wave of his hand.  “The black man and the white woman are in this together.  Both are sexualized and objectified by our society.  And racism divides them from each other.  But here we will make them vulnerable and they will administer salve to one another, or baby oil, whatever, don’t you see how beautiful this is?  DeShawn, take your clothes off, you have to be naked for this.  Don’t worry, we give you model pay on top of your security pay.”

“Shit man, I don’t know how to model,” complained DeShawn as he awkwardly started unhooking his cumberbund.

“That’s what I look for!” shouted Giuseppe.  “The REAL, the unaffected.  You think I want some prancing professional model putting on a show?”

“But I’m a model, I’m a professional,” insisted my wife.

Giuseppe laughed in her face.  “What have you done?”

“I did the, um, well I did some ad work for that used Toyota dealer on Broadway.  You know that big banner?”  

“Yes, yes, dear,” said Giuseppe condescendingly.  “I mean of course I never saw the banner, but I see what you are saying and you are just proving my point really.  Luna, take Linda’s bra and panties off her.  It is time.”

“Now wait!” I shouted as Linda cringed.  But Yolando gave me a little punch in the gut, just hard enough to knock the wind out of me a bit.  

“You settle, hubby, this is art in progress,” she hissed.

“Goddamn it,” I grumbled, rubbing my belly.

Luna deftly unhooked my wife’s bra and Linda’s big white breasts were revealed in all their glory.  Her pink nipples growing hard and bumpy in the cool air of the gallery.  DeShawn had gotten stripped down to his boxers by this point and he stared at my wife’s chest in gape jawed fascination.  His penis sprung to attention and his erection pitched a massive tent in his baggy shorts.

“Oh my gosh,” gasped my wife.  She drank in the sight of the big black man’s muscular legs and torso and then gazed with interest at the obscene bulge in his shorts.  Giuseppe giggled and captured the scene from several angles.

“I think he likes you,” laughed Luna.  “Or your boobs anyway.”  The crowd guffawed noisily, losing some of their cool and their distant hipster attitude at the sight of the bare chesty MILF before them.

“Omigosh, you guys!”  My wife covering was her nipples self consciously.  “He’s really popping a boner!”

“Yeah, uh, sorry,” apologized the big black man.  He was surprisingly sensitive and seem truly contrite about his erection.

“This is so beautiful,” said Giuseppe as he recorded the awkward moment between my wife and the bouncer with his boner.  “Take your shorts off, DeShawn.  Luna, take off Linda’s panties.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I said, but this time Roger held me by the shoulder and everyone else ignored me as DeShawn guardedly lowered his boxers, allowing his huge manhood to come springing out.

“DAMN brutha!” commented Yolanda with appreciation.

“Oh wow!” agreed my wife.  She was staring with amazement at DeShawn’s massive dong and big hairy balls hanging down.  He stood there awkwardly while all the women in the room admired his massive package.  Luna took the opportunity to pull my wife’s panties down, revealing her furry bush to the room and making her squawk ith embarrassment.

“Luna!” choked my wife, and she struggled to keep one arm covering her nipples and one hand over her cooch.  But her bare white ass was there for all to see and enjoy and my own erection just grew harder and harder at the sight of my naked wife writhing self-consciously in front of this hip art crowd and also this big naked black man with his big black boner.

“Oh, yes, oh yes,” enthused Giuseppe.  His camera was drinking in the moments.  “This will be my finest series.  By far, by far.  Luna, bring the oil.”

“I have it here.” Luna was holding up a bottle of baby oil.

“Linda, I understand your discomfort at being nude in front of all these people and this big virile man.  And I want to capture and honor your emotions.  I am validating your experience.  Now, I need you to administer to DeShawn, and spread oil on his skin.  Look at him, he is nervous too.  Comfort him.”  Giuseppe used a soft and soothing tone to coax my wife into action, and it worked.

Linda took the bottle from Luna and approached the big black man, padding naked and barefoot across the room toward him while everyone watched with baited breath.  Myself included.

“Heh, this is so weird, isn’t it?” my wife asked DeShawn.  She was pouring some baby oil into her palm.

“Yeah, this is, um, some really fucked up shit,” he said.  His eyes kept flicking back and forth between my wife’s bouncing boobs and pink nipples to her broad hips and exposed bush. His erection was standing almost straight up.

“Wow, are you getting harder?” My wife examined his cock with interest and my blood was boiling.  

“Uh, I don’t know,” he lied.  “Maybe.”

“Ok, I’m just going to put some oil on your arm, OK?”  My wife was clearly flustered by the huge black erection before her.  I could tell she wanted to grab that big dick and it made me both sick and aroused at the same time.  What a strange feeling.  What a kinky scene.  But Linda restrained herself and she started rubbing oil onto DeShawn’s rock hard bicep.  “Jesus, you are like man of iron.  Your muscles are so HARD!” gushed my wife as she rubbed in the oil.

“Yeah, I work out,” he said humbly.  He turned toward my wife and his big dick slapped her on the hip.  “Oh shit, sorry.”

Linda gulped.  “Oh no, that’s fine, really. It was a mistake. I understand.”  Her eyes were bright with passion as she contemplated DeShawn’s pulsing member.  “Here. let me rub some oil on your belly.”

“Yes, yes,” urged Giuseppe taking pictures from many angles.

‘I’m not going to touch his penis, Giuseppe,” scolded my wife.

‘No, no, of course not,” replied the artist.  “Perish the thought.”

“Ok, here I go,” said my wife.  She licked her lips as she rubbed oil onto DeShawn’s washboard abdomen, going lower and lower, until she reached the edge of his pubic hair.  His cock was practically bouncing up and down as she rubbed his belly and he was biting his lip and perspiring profusely.  He must have been exercising a lot of willpower to keep from grabbing my sexy wife and fucking her right there in front of everyone.  “Are you making it go up and down?” asked my wife.  She was watching his dick acrobatics closely.

“YOU making it go up and down,” he grunted.

“Wow, ok, let’s take a break for a moment,” said my wife.  She fanned her face with her hand and was clearly flustered by her own arousal.

“You put some oil on Linda now, DeShawn,” insisted Luna, grabbing the bottle from my wife.

“Aw shit, should I?” DeShawn asked my wife.  His eyes were bright with passion.

My wife held her big boobs in her hands as she looked up, doe eyed, at the big bouncer.  “Um, yes, you can put some on my belly, but don’t touch my boobies.”

‘Right, right, ok,” agreed the black man quickly.  My stomach flipped as he put one big black paw onto my pale wife’s tender belly and he started rubbing oil on it in circles.

“Oh, oh,” moaned my wife as DeShawn got closer and closer to her crotch.

“Go, go!” urged Giuseppe, snapping frantically.

“Not so low,” Linda begged DeShawn.

“Oh, sorry,” he said and moved up higher on her torso.

Linda removed her hands from her boobs and they flopped down onto the back of DeShawn’s big hand, pinning it to her abdomen.

“Oops,” she said, grabbing up her boobs again.

“That wasn’t my fault,” he panted.  “I didn’t mean to touch them.”

“I know, I know,”  My wife was staring with longing at his big black cock, straining at attention before her.

“Put some oil on her legs,” cajoled Luna.

“Um, Ok,” said DeShawn.  He bent over until his face was practically in my wife’s muff and he started rubbing oil on her thighs and calves.

“Maybe you could put a little here too,” she offered, looking at me guiltily as she turned her foot outward and offered one inner thigh to DeShawn.

“Yeah, yeah, ok ,ok,” he said.  DeShawn’s tongue was literally hanging out of his mouth as he rubbed oil on my wife’s inner thigh.  His face was just inches from her cooch and his hand was sliding the oil up, higher and higher until the back of his hand was practically brushing her pubes.  My wife was moaning with pleasure as the black man was about to finger her, but I couldn’t take it anymore.

“No, no, come on, that’s, that’s just inappropriate!” I choked, holding my arms out in supplication to my wife.

“Oh, dear, oh dear,” panted my wife.  She grabbed DeShawn’s hand and pushed it down away from her vagina.  “I’m sorry, my husband, he’s freaking out of course.”

“Yeah, yeah, for sure, for sure,” gulped DeShawn and he stood up quickly, smacking my wife in the elbow with his cock.

“Oooh, watch that thing, you could hurt someone,” purred my wife.

“Oh, it would only hurt for the first couple inches, honey,” laughed Yolanda.  “After that, you would be feeling no pain, you know what I’m sayin’?”

“Yolanda, don’t be bad!” laughed Luna with delight.

“Yeah, I don’t appreciate that comment,” I told Yolanda petulantly.

“Oh, you would love watching that, don’t bullshit me,” she whispered in my ear.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I stammered nervously.  Was I really so obvious?

“You know,” she said softly, but maybe not so softly that Roger couldn’t hear.  “You want to see that big black bull penetrate your little woman with that spear of his.  Don’t lie. You can’t fool me, nigga.”

“Uh, what?” I gasped.

“If I call you nigga, it just means I’m starting to like you,” explained Yolando.  “You know, like ‘dats my nigga?”  I stared at her blankly.  “Whatever, just watch the show, white boy.”  She shook her head with a smile on her face.

Linda and DeShawn were standing awkwardly in the middle of the murmuring crowd, each looking at the other’s nakedness with longing.  Luna was rubbing oil onto my wife’s neck and shoulders and whispering something in her ear.

“Ok, now you put some oil on DeShawn’s legs,” said Luna loudly to my wife.

“You might need to get down on your knees before him,” offered Giuseppe helpfully.  “Luna, bunch up her dress beneath her so Linda doesn’t hurt her knees.”

Lunda followed his instructions and my wife eagerly knelt before the towering naked black man.  His hard phallus just inches from her face as she rubbed oil on his thighs.

Linda’s knelt there with DeShawn’s cock hovering right in front of her open mouth and she was about to lick it, I am sure, when she caught herself.  “Um, this is too distracting, I can’t do this with your, uh, thing right there in front of my face.”

“Too tasty!” giggled Luna.  “You want to take a bite!”

“No, no, I mean, of course not,” stammered my wife.  She was looking back at me guiltily.

“Just put it on her shoulder, DeShawn.  Don’t stick that big thing in her face like that,” scolded Luna.

“Uh, her shoulder?” asked DeShawn blearily.  His mind fogged with lust for my naked wife kneeling in blowjob position before him.

“Yeah, I lubed it up for you ahead of time,” said Luna with a wink.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, you can put it on her shoulder,” said Giuseppe.  “That’s not sexual,” he told me defensively as he went on snapping pictures.

“Oh, oh, ok,” said DeShawn as he lowered his big dick onto my wife’s oiled up shoulder.  

“MMmm, yeah,” said my wife, putting her hands on DeShawn’s hips as he slid his cock back and forth in the crook of her neck.

“Oh shit,” I gasped.  My dick standing at attention as I watched.

“What?” asked my wife, turning to look at me over her shoulder and laying her chin along the top of the long black shaft.  “Are you OK, honey?  This is for art.”

“Yeah, art,” grunted DeShawn.   He was sliding his dick back and forth more vigorously now.  Basically fucking the lubed up crook of my wife’s neck and the underside of her chin while she looked at me guiltily.

“Now, DeShawn,” warned Giuseppe.  “You are spoiling the mood.  Calm down a little.”

“Huh, huh, huh,” grunted DeShawn.  He ignored the photographer as he slid his dick back and forth.  The shiny black knob of his oiled up cock would poke out from crook of my wife’s neck and then disappear again.  She was pushing her chin down against it and seemed to be encouraging him by squeezing his hips.  The crowd gave grew feral and restive, with people making crude comments, some even encouraging her to suck his penis.

“You are not GETTING the allegory,” snapped Giuseppe irritably.   But he kept shooting anyway.  “That’s not comfort, that’s something else.”

“Oh fuck!” groaned DeShawn and his cock started spurting semen down my wife’s back.  The crowd gave a gasp and then broke out in applause and laughter.

“DeShawn, what did you do?” exclaimed my wife.  She turned to feel her back and he blasted another spurt of cum right in her face.  “Oh! Did you cum?  Ooh, I’m really sticky.”

“Goddamn it, DeShawn!  What’s the hell do you think you are doing?” shouted Giuseppe.  “You are ruining my shoot.  This isn’t pornography, you buffoon!”  Giuseppe grabbed DeShawn by the arm and pulled him and his exploding cock away from my wife who was examining the jism on her finger with facination.

“Oh shit, man, I’m sorry, but I TOLD you I wasn’t no model.  Naked white woman get down on a nigga, nigga gonna bust a nut, cuz. What the fuck I know ‘bout art?”

“Lay off him, he’s just keepin it real, Roma,” shouted Yolanda.

Even I thought it was ironic.  “Yeah, I mean, it’s not as though you couldn’t have seen THAT coming.  You set this whole this up,” I said.

“None of you understand my vision,” cried Giuseppe.  He seemed really upset.  “I am telling a story about platonic love and memetic hazards!”

“I don’t know what the fuck you talkin’ ‘bout,” admitted DeShawn as he put his pants back on.

“I don’t either,” said my wife, taking the opportunity to slip back into her dress as the crowd began to disperse, the show now apparently over.

“Ok, look, we just have to do this all over again next week,” sighed Giuseppe.  “Luna will get your contact information and we will cut you a check and have you sign the paperwork for this shoot.  But we have to start over and do this right next time.”  He punched DeShawn on the arm.  “And no ejaculation from you!”

“I mean, I’ll try, nigga, I’ll try,” yelped DeShawn.

“Yeah, I mean, I’ll try it again,” said my wife.  I was disgusted to see her licking some of DeShawn’s cum from her lips.  “Maybe we could try putting it between my thighs instead of the crook of my neck.”

“Wait now, I don’t like this,” I croaked.

“Yeah, how’s that gonna make it easier?” asked DeShawn in frustration.  “I get my cock up against that pussy, Imma bust my nut again fo’ sho.”

“You never know, you might be able to control yourself,” said my wife with a little smile.

“And if not, well that would be fun too!” chirped Luna.

“Stop it, Luna, you go too far,” sniffed Giuseppe.  “You are a minx.  Now get Linda’s contact information and stop being devilish.”  He turned to me and grabbed my hand, shaking it sincerely.  “I’m very sorry about all this, sir.  I assure you that we will keep trying until we get a perfectly pure artistic expression, free from any carnal depravity.  It just might take some practice.”

I didn’t like the sound of that.  My wife seemed pretty eager for the practice to go astray.  But what could I say?  My wife was working again, and that’s all that mattered.

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Wife Gets Friendly with Loading Dock Worker

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol. 5

My wife Lisa and I attended my company Christmas Party this year and got a bit carried away with the alcohol. I lost track of her at some point during the evening but I figured she was probably chatting with some of the other wives who had congregated out on the patio of the fancy hotel where the party was being held. As the party was wrapping up, I looked around for her, weaving slightly as I wandered through lavish banquet rooms. I finally found her tucked away in a corner, leaning with her back to the wall chatting with a hispanic fellow who I didn’t know very well. He worked in shipping and receiving and I thought his name might be Jose or Juan or something. He was standing quite close to my wife, gazing brazenly down into her cleavage which was amply exposed by the plunging neckline of her elegant cocktail gown. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes shone brightly from the alcohol and she was laughing drunkenly and patting him on the shoulder. My gut wrenched with jealousy when I saw them, and I hurried over quickly, holding my arms out to steady myself.

“Bobby, there you are, Jose and I were just about to come looking for you,” blurted my wife.

Jose yanked his eyes off of my wife’s round white orbs and smiled at me with lopsided chagrin.

“Yeah, well, let’s head home now,” I said, struggling not to slur my words.

“Yes, let’s! Jose is coming over too,” she said thickly. “He offer to share some of his marijuana with us. Isn’t that a hoot? When’s the last time we smoked pot, dear?”

I looked Jose up and down with distaste, not bothering to hide my annoyance. He was in his early twenties and was a lower class sort of person. I don’t think he even had a degree. He spent his day packing and unpacking boxes in the loading dock, and being a middle manager myself, I never worked closely with him and didn’t know him well.

“Lisa, we are too old for that stuff,” I said, taking my wife by her right arm firmly. “Thanks, anyway, Jose, but maybe another time.”

He ducked his head in embarrassment and was about to turn away, when Lisa entangled him with her left arm and clutched him to her side. “Nonsense, darling, you are being an old fuddy duddy. I simply insist on bringing Jose along, we have had the most fascinating conversation and I am not ready to say goodbye to him yet.”

“Really? Has he been regaling you with tales of his adventures with packing tape?” I asked sarcastically.

Jose drew himself up indignantly and frowned at me menacingly while my wife gasped in shock. “Bobby, don’t be such a jackass. What’s gotten into you?,” she blustered. “Jose was telling me all about his family back in Belize. It sounds like such a wonderful country. I won’t have you belittling him like this. He’s coming home with us and that’s final.”

I knew better than to oppose Lisa when her ire was up like this, so I gritted my teeth and followed along as my wife marched off unsteadily with Jose in tow. I noticed several raised eyebrows when my coworkers noticed Lisa arm in arm with Jose but I just waved sheepishly and scurried out after them. We grabbed a cab and spent an awkward ride back to our house where Lisa pointedly ignored me and peppered Jose with questions which he answered sullenly as he looked out the window as we rolled through the affluent neighborhoods on the way to our home. It was only when we pulled up in front of our place that he seemed to loosen up a little.

“Wow, what a joint!” he exclaimed in surprised as we emerged from the cab. “Swagged out!!”

“Do you like it?” bubbled Lisa. “I just love this neighborhood, it’s so quiet and all the landscaping is so mature.” She gestured at the big trees that lined the block and the large yards of our bordered with venerable hedges.

“Yeah, shit,” said Jose, genuinely impressed. “You must be pulling down some cash, Bob.”

“Uh, possibly,” I said, put off by his gauche comment. “Come along then.” I lead the way up our walk, past the rose bushes in our front garden and into the house.

“Wicked pad,” grunted Jose as he passed through our marble tiled foyer into our wood panelled living room. He plopped down onto our antique tufted leather chesterfield sofa and pulled out a joint. “Are we sparking this or what?” he asked, licking the entire roach up and down.

“Oh, yes, definitely, this is so exciting,” gushed my wife as she joined Jose on the couch. “Why I haven’t smoked pot since college. It must be twenty years now.”

“What? Naw, no way,” said Jose, looking my wife’s shapely figure up and down in her short little cocktail dress. “You look too good, you can’t be older than 30.”

“Oh, you flatter me,” said my wife, blushing and looking down. She rubbed her shapely stockinged thigh, hiking her hem up slightly.

“I’m not kidding, your body is smokin’,” he gushed enthusiastically, as he ogled my wife’s gorgeous thighs, encased in sheer black stockings.

“Ahem, yes, well,” I interrupted, feeling my ears growing hot with anger.

“Oh, I like him, Bobby,” laughed my wife. “We should have him over more often. Keep it up, young man, I simply adore flattery. My husband barely notices me anymore.”

Jose looked at me askance and paused for a second. “Uh, well, if you were my woman, I would let you know how fine you are every day.” His eyes flitted back to my wife’s cleavage and Lisa gave me a knowing smile, pushing her shoulders back so her chest jutted out slightly making Jose gulp dramatically.

“I never thought, I’d be saying this, but can we just smoke this marijuana and get on with it?” I asked irritably, trying to change the subject.

“Oh, yeah, no offense Bob,” said Jose hurriedly lighting the spliff. “I didn’t mean nothing by it. You know,” he said, but he kept glancing over at my wife’s boobs as he inhaled. He held the hit and passed the joint to Lisa who took a deep drag and jumped up to hand me the roach with her cheeks bulging out.

I took it with distaste, thinking about how Jose had licked it but I took a quick puff anyway. My mouth was immediately flooded with the strong skunky taste. I held it in for a second but soon I was coughing hacking madly. My wife jumped up to pound me on the back and Jose came over and relieved me of the joint before I dropped it on the persian carpet.

I was already pretty drunk and the potent weed hit me like a hammer to my skull. I watched in amazement as he and Lisa passed it back and forth between them a few times, my mouth hanging open stupidly.

“I haven’t been this fucked up in years,” I mumbled. “How can you keep smoking, that Lisa? Weren’t you already drunk too?”

“I’m obliterated,” admitted my wife, nodding her head in an exaggerated fashion.

“This is good weed,” said Jose, getting up and examining our stereo. “Mind if I put on some music?”

Lisa and I just sat staring at him dumbly so he laughed and the next thing I knew some horrible R&B music was pouring from our high end speakers. I usually hated the stuff, but I found myself hearing so much more in the music now that I was stoned. I almost liked it. Jose rejoined my wife on the couch and we just sat there for several minutes, saying nothing as we listened to Nicki Minaj sing about explicit sexual acts.

“I’m, uh, wow,” said Lisa, running her hands over her breasts and down to her belly.

“Yeah, what?” asked Jose with interest as he watched her slip her hands between her thighs.

“Nothing,” giggled Lisa, peeking at him behind a lock of hair that fell across her face. She ran her hands up and down her body luxuriously as he looked on appreciatively.

“Come on, tell me. You were gonna say something,” coaxed Jose, with a stoned grin on his face.

“I’m feeling so horny all of a sudden,” admitted my wife with a giggle.

I was so drunk and baked that it took me a few seconds to register what she had said. “Ahh, ok,” I said holding my hands up slowly.

“It’s cool, weed does that to people,” said Jose smoothly. “Just go with it.”

“Go with it? What do you mean?” said Lisa looking deep into Jose’s eyes.

“You know, take your dress off, get comfortable,” said Jose softly, locking gazes with my wife.

“Wait what?” I stammered, not believing what I was hearing.

“Oh my god, you are bad,” giggled Lisa, slapping his shoulder drunkenly. “My husband is sitting right there.”

“But you would do it if he weren’t there?” asked Jose with a crooked grin.

“Yeah, that doesn’t sound right,” I said, unable to feel my face.

“Hey, she is the one that said she was horny, not me,” laughed Jose.

“Aren’t you horny, too?” asked Lisa seductively, cupping her breasts in her hands as she looked at Jose.

“I would be if you took your dress off,” said Jose, licking his lips and gripping his crotch.

My wife swayed slightly in her seat for a moment. She glanced at me and then quickly away. “Unzip me,” said my wife impetuously, turning her back to Jose and lifting her long auburn hair up in the back.

“Uh,” I said, but my mind was moving slowly and a part of me was eager to see my wife’s sexy body even though it wasn’t right for her to strip in front of Jose like that.

Jose managed to get Lisa’s dress unzipped and she stood up and dropped it casually to the floor. She stood before him in her bra, panties and stockings, her lovely white belly and upper thighs exposed and her round breast practically spilling out.

“What do you think?” she asked. “Do you still think I have a nice body for an old lady?”

Jose sat dumbfounded for a few moments as he drank in the sight of my wife’s amazing body. “Matching bra and panties, that’s hot,” was all he could muster. Then he caught himself and added, “Oh but yeah, your body is tight, Lisa. Your tits and ass are booming.”

“Yes, she’s got a great body, but don’t forget, that’s my wife, you are talking to, there,” I said, feeling as though I was under water.

“Sorry Bob, but damn, those titties,” he slapped his own face.

Lisa sat down next to him on the couch and pinched his chest. “You look like you have some boobs too,” she teased.

“Shit, I’ve been lifting. I’m swole,” said Jose, lifting his white t-shirt up and to display his bulging pecs and surprisingly well defined abs.

“Whoa,” said Lisa running her hands over his chest and down over his stomach hungrily. “You are going to give poor Bobby an inferiority complex,” she gushed.

“Ah, quite,” I admitted sadly, patting my own pot belly in remorse as my wife ran her hands up and down Jose’s hairless chest.

“You should come to the gym with us some time,” he said, pulling his shirt off and tossing it aside thoughtlessly.

“Err, maybe,” I croaked, still stunned by the pot and liquor, but slightly worried about the strange situation developing between him and my half-naked wife.

“I like your boobies too,” giggled Lisa, pinching Jose’s nipples playfully. “Can I suck them?”

“Sure,” he agreed magnanimously, leaning back and spreading his arms out.

And so she did. She just bent over and started licking and sucking on Jose’s nipple right in front of me. She even turned her face and looked me in the eye while she flicked her tongue over Jose’s man boobs. I was shocked but I was too fucked up to think of a good response. Meanwhile Jose grunted in pleasure and my wife latched her mouth onto one of his nipples, her boobs pressed against his side. She ran her hand down over his washboard stomach and stopped just above his waistband of his boxers which were visible since he wore saggy jeans in the ghetto style and the belt of his pants rode halfway down his waist.

“I can’t believe this hard flat stomach of yours,” moaned my wife lustily as she bent down and started kissing his belly.

“Oh fuck,” exclaimed Jose, his face beading up with sweat.

My wife laid one one hand lightly on his crotch as she kissed and licked Jose’s stomach moving lower and lower until she was nibbling on the pubic hair that formed the top of his happy trail below his belly button.

“Honey, what are you doing?” I gasped, finally able to voice some protest.

“Why, I’m just kissing Jose’s belly,” she intoned innocently as Beyonce and Jay Z sang about drunken sex in the background. “Perfectly harmless.” She gave me a strange smoldering look and then resumed kissing his belly, lower and lower, inching his shorts down bit by bit with her hand while I watched, breathlessly and Jose squirmed and grunted. Suddenly the head of Jose’ dick poked up above the waist of his boxers, red and swollen. My wife contemplated it for a moment and opened her mouth as though to engulf it, but she managed to restrain herself and she looked over at me sweetly. “Oops, something popped out,” she giggled.

“Oh, fuck, woman, what are you playing at?” demanded Jose as Lisa, edged his shorts down a bit further revealing more of his stiff shaft as his hard cock lay against his belly pinned there by the waistband of his boxers.

“Why I’m just kissing your belly, silly. Nothing to worry about,” she said and she bent down and resumed kissing Jose’s gut, carefully avoiding his penis, but kissing around it as close as she could get without actually touching it.

“Hey, now, come on,” I objected, sweating profusely. “I mean his penis is poking out, dear.”

“I know, aren’t I bad?” she giggled licking an outline around his stiff phallus.

“Suck it, suck it,” begged Jose, forgetting himself entirely.

“Why Jose, that wouldn’t be proper,” gasped my wife as she ran her fingers up and down Jose’s belly, teasingly close to straining cock. He just yanked his shorts down further, allowing his penis to spring upright and stand at attention. “I can’t just suck another man’s penis right in front of my husband,” she scolded, gripping his shaft suddenly and tugging insistently on it while he groaned with satisfaction. “Right, darling?” she asked me with an arched eyebrows.

“You’re, just, you’re touching his thing,” I panted, gasping for breath as my heart thumped in my chest.

“I know, it’s simply scandalous isn’t it?” she giggled. She sat there looking me in the eye intently while she tugged on the young dock worker’s dong. Once she was satisfied that I had fully grasped the situation even in my drunk and stoned state, she bent her head down and sniffed at Jose’s cock hesitantly before engulfing his dong in her mouth. She slurped and sucked on it, looking me straight in the eyes to make sure I saw what she was doing. I just gulped and gazed as she sucked Jose’s prick and he gasped with pleasure. After a few minutes moments, she pulled his dick from her mouth with a loud pop and smiled back at me briefly as she unsteadily swung one leg over his lap so that she was straddling him. She lowered herself until his stiff dong was pushing up into her crotch. I could see the red, swollen head of his dick start to penetrate into her vagina through the thin fabric of her panties. “Wow, you are hard, I can feel you down there.”

“Let me put the tip in,” he begged her.

“Just the tip?” she asked innocently. “Promise?”

“Hey, what do you mean?” I blubbered, my cock straining against my trousers as my wife dry humped Jose’s hard brown phallus.

“Just the tip, dear, nothing to worry about,” she laughed as she slid her panties aside and Jose’s dick plunged up into her wet snatch. Her laugh became a gasp of pleasure as the head of his penis entered her.

He pulled out and thrust back in, over and over, true to his word, just driving the head of his prick into my wife and then withdrawing it quickly until it was shiny with her juices. She unsnapped her bra and tossed it aside carelessly and I stared at her gorgeous bare back as she dangled her boobs in Jose’s face and lowered herself down slowly, impaling herself on his shaft until he was all the way inside her.

“Hey,” I complained, my mouth dry and my blood pounding in my ears.

“Oh, sorry, dear,” she panted. “But he feels so good inside me.”

“Jesus, how can you say that?” I sputtered in shock. “You are my wife!”

“Shit, just let me do my thing, man,” he spat, gripping my wife’s soft swinging breasts in his rough hands. I watched in sick fascination as my wife bucked up and down, fucking another man right in front of me. I don’t know if it was because I was so stoned or if some latent perversion was revealing itself, but my dick was hard as a rock as I watched her wantonly fucking this uneducated laborer. Without thinking, I unzipped my fly and started stroking myself as I watched this low class ape violating my precious wife, pumping his dick in and out of her as hard as he could while she moaned and made little whimpering sounds of passion, whipping her hair back and forth drunkenly as he owned her.

After fucking her for a few minutes, Jose grabbed her by her thin waist and threw her down on her back next to him, making her squawk in surprise. I stared drunkenly as Jose slid Lisa’s panties off effortlessly and lifted one of her pale, shapely legs so he could insert his cock into her. I watched breathlessly as he poked his erect penis into my wife’s vagina while she spread her lips for him with her fingers. He rocked his hips back and forth, working his dick in and out of my woman while rubbing her soft white belly with one hand and pinching a stiff pink nipple with the other. “Oh yeah, you like that, don’t you, you filthy whore,” he muttered when she whimpered with pleasure. “Look at your wife, she loves getting my cock inside her,” he told me rudely.

“I see that,” I responded dully, not pausing in my masturbation. “I will take that under advisement.”

“Do it, do it,” urged my wife feverishly, reaching between her legs to rub her clitoris. “Yes, fuck me, I like it, I like it.”

My wife’s urgent encouragement got to me and I jumped up and pushed my hard dick right between her gaping red lips just as I was about to cum. She took this in stride and readily swallow my cum as I shot it into her mouth, then she sucked my cock clean. Jose grinned up at me as he ploughed my wife and repeatedly rubbed her stomach. His cock sliding in and out of her until she cried out in climax.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it!” he shouted as her shivers subsided, then he pulled out suddenly and spurted load after load of slippery jism all over my wife’s supine form as I kneeled by her side.

“Wonderful, wonderful,” she gushed drunkenly, smearing the cum across her stomach and down between her thighs. “Quite a volume there, honey, look how much he came on me,” she said proudly, gazing up at me with a wicked smile.

I looked down at my wife’s pale luminous form spread before me, covered in this interloper’s sputum and shook my head in confusion.

“I gotta wash up,” said Jose, extracting himself with effort from between my wife’s legs and heading off to the bathroom.

“I’m so horny, I need to be fucked some more,” she panted, rubbing her copper color pubic hair and inserting a few fingers into herself.

“Well, I’m spent already, maybe Jose can call a few of his friends over,” I joked.

“Would you be able to handle that?” she asked seriously. “Because I could. He fucked me like an animal and I liked it.”

“Honey, this isn’t like you,” I said, in shock.

“I know, I’m just stoned and drunk,” she said, sitting up unsteadily.

“Ok, I’m out of here,” said Jose, standing awkwardly by the door.

“Wait, Jose, don’t go,” cried, my wife, standing up wearing nothing but her stockings. “I want to fuck more and smoke more.”

“For real?” he asked in surprise. “Well we could go back to my place and I could introduce you to my cousins.” He eyed me suspiciously. “But I don’t think your husband would like it.”

“Bob will be fine with it, we are a modern couple,” said my wife giddily, slipping her panties back on and grabbing her bra.

“Since when?” I asked in amazement.

“Bob, look,” she turned to me seriously, breathing out alcoholic vapors, she was so drunk.

“I’m going to go smoke more pot and hang out with Jose and his cousins, OK? If I’m lucky, hopefully, I’ll get lucky. Let’s go, Jose. Are you ok to drive the beamer?”

“Not really, but I’ll try,” he admitted. “Aren’t you going to get dressed?”

“I’ve got my bra and my panties, what else do I need?” she asked sweetly, wrestling her bra back into place. “Snap this, won’t you dear?”

I absently snapped my wife’ bra for her and she staggered off with Jose in tow, in nothing but her underwear and stockings.

Jose’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Oh man, the guys are really going to go apeshit over this, when I bring a fucking half-naked, super-hot, horny, rich cougar lady into the pad. This is going to be awesome.”

“Will you at least have them use protection?” I asked helplessly, flopping back into my chair as my ability to stand upright decayed.

“Nope,” called my wife cheerfully as they headed out.

“But I will post the video online and send you the link tomorrow,” called Jose.
I sat there with the room spinning around me, unable to properly comprehend what happened, when I heard my wife and her new friend peel out in our new BMW and knock over our mailbox on their way out. The last thought I had before passing out was a fervent hope that they didn’t die in a car crash.

My wife was properly contrite when she returned home, bedraggled and cum stained the following morning. She begged my forgiveness and promised never to be unfaithful again, but I just laughed off the incident. I was surprised at how excited I was by cuckoldry, but I didn’t tell her. The next day at work, I went down to visit Jose in the loading dock and I found the entire crew crowded around a computer monitor watching footage of my wife on all fours on a filthy carpet, getting fucked doggystyle from behind by one brown guy with a backward baseball cap while she sucked off another thuggish character who smoked from a huge bong while she fellated him. It was pretty stimulating, and I could feel my cock getting hard.

The guys were all startled when they saw me and tried to turn off the video but I just chuckled and said, “I thought you were going to send me that URL, Jose.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry, man,” he said scratching his head nervously.

“Are we ready for lunch?” asked my wife, striding in suddenly and stopping dead in her tracks when she saw me.

“I have plans actually,” I said, approaching her with a smile. She was wearing a trenchcoat that was inappropriate for the weather.

“Oh, I was going to go out to lunch with Jose and the boys from the loading dock, darling,” she said, clutching her coat closed at the neck. “Just a platonic lunch date with a bunch of fine fellows. Nothing untoward,” she said, blushing as I looked her up and down.

“Well, that’s fine, honey,” I said as the guys gathered round her. “But it’s far too hot, why don’t you leave that coat with me?”

“Oh, no, I really couldn’t,” she gasped. “I, uh, am feeling a chill.”

But I just laughed and untied her belt and tugged her coat open to reveal that she was completely naked under the coat, exactly as I had expected. The crowd of rough men around me growled with arousal at the sight of my wife’s exposed flesh

“Ok, you caught me,” she sighed, dropping her head.

“No, no, please, carry on,” I said, taking her coat and leaving her standing nude on the loading dock, surrounded by a bunch of horny men. She was quite a vixen and stood with her hands on her hips facing them all down in her naked glory. Her gaze caught mine and I nodded encouragement and before long I had a front row seat at quite an exciting sex show starring my classy wife and numerous tattooed ruffians.

Gustav Jorgenson’s cuckold stories:
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Exhibitionist Wife Tales: 15 stories of wives cheating in public
Most Popular collection: Gustav’s Selected Shorts
Giant chunks of cuck erotica: Wives Cheating Vol 1-5 Box, Collected Longs
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Your Wife’s First Date

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol.1

“You see honey, there is this guy at work and he wants to take me out on a date,” says your wife, searching your face for a reaction.

You just look at her and laugh, “What the hell are you talking about? Didn’t you tell him you were married?”

“Of course I did, silly,” she says with a nervous smile. “That’s the thing, he says that this makes it more interesting.”

“Oh god, is he one of these swinger-types or something?” you say disgusted.

You wife raises her shoulders and looks at her lap as she twists her fingers anxiously. “Well I don’t know really. I think we both agree that swinging is pretty gross.”

You start to pay more attention to her, it bothers you that she seems so nervous. “Why are we not just laughing this off?” you ask cautiously.

She seems to steel her resolve and holds her palms up. “Look, just hear me out here, ok. I am not going to belabor the point about our sex life. I have complained enough about that already and you know how I feel.”

You roll your eyes, “Oh god, not this again. How often do you expect us to do it after all these years?” you ask annoyed.

Tears well up briefly in her eyes and your heart melts when you see them, but she gathers her composure and carries on. “I’m just a wife now and men don’t look at me and my own husband doesn’t care to have sex with me much. I never relied on attention from men for my self-esteem…”

You snort “Ha, that’s for sure.”

She smiles, “Sure, you know me, I am a modern, independent woman. But still, being invisible to men gets to me after a while. I can’t tell you how flattering it is to have this fellow persistently flirting with me all the time. He looks me up and down and comments on my body,” she pauses and looks into the distance. “Well it makes me blush. It makes my heart race a little with some of that old excitement,” She looks at you frankly, “The way you used to make me feel.”

“Used to,” you agree thoughtfully. “Ok, it annoys the shit out me to hear that some asshole is flirting with you, but I can’t complain. You are right, I love you deeply, but the spark is burning pretty low right now,” You feel a little dejected.

You wife pats you on the knee. “Oh well, the sex you and I do have is the best ever. We are so comfortable with each other that we can tell each other exactly what we want, when we want it. There’s none of this awkward teenage fumbling around. I don’t want to have sex with some strange man. That’s not what I am proposing.”

You look at her skeptically, “Well, what are you proposing then?”

“Why just that I let this guy take me out on a date, like I did when I was single,” she says simply. “I’ve never had sex on a first date,” she laughs. “So it will make you jealous and maybe that’s ok. You will get excited to think about some other guy paying so much attention to your wife. You might remember that I am a pretty sexy woman after all.”

You just laugh. “Ok, go on. What do you get out of it besides the flattery?”

“Well, that’s a lot. I will get excited and maybe a little hot and bothered. After the date, I will kiss him on the cheek and thank him for a wonderful evening. Then I will come inside and fuck your brains out,” her eyes are twinkling and you laugh out loud to hear her use such language.

The first date goes just as planned, your wife wears a conservative dress and she and this guy do dinner and a movie. She is home a couple of hours later, cheeks flushed with excitement and you do have much hotter sex than usual. You didn’t even feel very jealous really while she was gone.

So when she suggests that she go on another date, you readily agree. Where’s the harm? But things progress a little differently the second time around…

“How does this look?” asks your wife, coming into the living room in a see-through bra and panties, wearing thigh high black stockings with garters.

“Uh, pretty fantastic,” you say, eying her large round breasts with swollen nipples pushing against the flimsy fabric of her bra. Your gaze slides down her hourglass torso to her shapely legs, lingering on the soft pale flesh of her thighs exposed above the dark band of her stocking tops. “What’s this all about? I thought you were going on your second date tonight.”

“Well I am wearing this under my dress,” she says, raising one shoulder and peering seductively over it at you. “Do you think this is too slutty?”

“It would be if he ever saw it,” you laugh.

“Well what if I showed him?” she asks with a smile.

“Oh, HELL no!” you laugh. “Are you kidding? I like a little spice, but that’s going too far. You are practically naked.”

“No, I’m not,” she says defensively, as she unconsciously covers her nipples.

“Look, you aren’t doing that,” you say simply. ‘That is all. Next topic.”

She looks dejected for a second, then thinks for a second and brightens. “Ok, how about this idea. Why don’t I invite him in after our date to fool around on the couch a little. That is what I would normally do with a guy I liked on the second date.”

“You like this guy?” you ask suspiciously.

You wife gives you an exasperated look. “Well sure, he was funny and pleasant. I am not in love with him like I am with you and have been for all these years. I mean come on, how can you really be jealous of some guy I just met? The relationship between you and I is deep,” She pauses and you both look at each other and think about all the good times and the hard times.

You smile, “It’s pretty ridiculous to be jealous, you are right. But I guess that’s how I am. I still love you.”

Your wife returns your smile. “Of course, dear. That’s a good reaction actually. I want to push it up a notch by fooling around with this guy a little.”

“What do you mean by fooling around?” you ask with a furrowed brow, shifting uncomfortably in your seat. You don’t really like the sound of this.

“Oh you know,” she says lightly, looking away. “A little kissing, a little petting, hugging and snuggling. I never let a guy go very far on the second date. We might even do it with you sitting right there if everyone agrees,” she looks up at you hopefully. You notice that your penis has gotten stiff at this suggestion and you try to cover it up.

“Yeah, I would rather be in the same room for that part,” you say shakily.

“Great!” she says excitedly and puts on a much shorter and more slinky dress than last time. You look her over and your hard-on stiffens further, but you don’t object.

This time, your stomach is churning as you wait for her to return from her date. She didn’t actually tell you where they were going somehow. You aren’t sure how this got overlooked. You try to watch TV, but you can’t. You are too distracted and everything seems annoying. You consider texting her, but you don’t want to seem needy. They are gone much longer than you expected and you are about to give in and actually call her to make sure she is alright when you hear his car pull up in the driveway.

You are relieved but nervous when they enter laughing and giddy. You wife is flushed again, and you can smell alcohol on both of them, but she isn’t drunk by any means. She introduces you to her date and he shakes your hand with a friendly smile.

“Your wife is just wonderful. Thank you for letting me hang out with her,” he says.

You look him in the eye, trying to judge his intentions. “Yeah, she is wonderful. You are lucky to have this opportunity.”

“Oh I know,” he laughs breaking your gaze and looking your wife up and down. “We have had a blast together.”

“Where did you go?” you ask.

“Oh, here and there,” says your wife mischievously. ”Let’s go into the living room. We were just out dancing but I am not done yet. Honey, please put some music on while I grab some refreshments for everyone.”

You are tight-lipped and invite this fellow into the living room while you put on some jazz.

“How about some funk instead?” he says walking up and brazenly plugging his phone into your stereo. James Brown beats emerge from your speakers as your wife returns with some drinks. She hands out beverages and dims the lights. “I love James Brown,” she shouts at him. He just nods and they start dancing together immediately, eyes locked with one another.

You stand there awkwardly for a moment then just sit down and watch them dance, not knowing what else to do.

They aren’t dancing for long before your wife turns around and puts her ass right into this guy’s crotch. He is smiling and grabs her hips and is grinding himself up against her ass. You stare in shock as this guy dry humps your wife and then quickly come to your senses and jump up and switch off the music.

“Whoa!” he says surprised and your wife and he separate quickly.

“That’s a bit much, isn’t it?” you ask her angrily. Your heart is racing. “Dry humping? Really?”

You wife is laughing and grabs your arm. “Oh honey, look at you. You’ve got your dander up,” She hugs you happily. “That’s nothing dear. It’s just a dance. But we will stop if you want,” She looks at this guy significantly. He’s holding a hand over his crotch and avoiding your eyes.

“Let’s sit down on the couch and get comfortable,” says your wife. “Are you ok? Why are you holding your crotch,” you wife asks him innocently.

“You know why,” he says smiling and take his hand away showing her the bulge in his jeans.

“Oh, I thought I felt something back there,” says your wife looking at you mischievously.

“Cut the the shit,” you complain uncomfortably.

She just laughs and they sit down together on the couch. Your wife whispers something in his ear and he looks over at you skeptically.

“What did you say to him?” you ask a little annoyed.

“Well she wants to know if I want to fool around,” he says stiffly. “I guess I am here to spice up your relationship or something,” You wife gasps and starts tickling him and he breaks down laughing. “Ok, Ok, I am game if you are.”

You squirm uncomfortably as they wrestle on the couch, tickling each other and laughing. Your wife’s hair is a mess and she is panting with excitement. Pretty soon he pins her down and starts kissing her neck. “Oh honey, make him stop, he’s molesting me,” jokes your wife in a falsetto voice. You do want to jump up and make him stop, but you just grit your teeth and stay where you are.

After a moment, she stops struggling and wraps her arms around him. He starts kissing her on the mouth and she eagerly responds with her tongue. Your penis stiffens as you watch your wife and this man making out on the couch.

You notice that he is starting to run his hands over her body and he has one hand wrapped around her ass and another on one of her boobs.

“Uh, ok, that’s enough now,” you say, but you stay in your seat.

At this point they are both ignoring you and greedily licking each other’s tongues. His hand is inside her blouse and he is kneading her ass in earnest. You wife reaches down and grasps his bulge then quickly unzips his fly. She doesn’t look at you as she eases his cock out of his jeans and starts stroking it. You catch your breathe, but you can’t move. You are staring in fascination as he pulls her to her feet and lifts her dress up and off over her head. She lifts her arms submissively to help him undress her. She stands there in her lingerie looking you in the eye as he unsnaps her bra.

“What the hell are you doing?” you croak, barely able to speak.

“He’s undressing me dear,” she says matter-of-factly, reaching back she grabs hold of his member and starting stroking it again. “And now I have his penis in my hand and I am stroking it,” she explains smiling. “Now he has taken my bra off and is pinching my nipples which are quite tender and swollen,” she continues, but then she gasps with passion and says “pardon me a moment, dear,” She turns around and drops to her knees before him. She holds his cock in front of her mouth and looks up at him. “May I suck this?” she asks. He simply thrusts it into her mouth in reply and she moans with pleasure as she starts sucking his dick. He turns her shoulders around slightly so that you can see better and your wife looks at you wide eyed, curious to see your reaction. Her mouth is wrapped around his shaft and her cheeks are sucked in as she slides his penis in and out of her mouth, maintaining suction all the time.

Momentarily, he grunts with satisfaction. She takes her mouth off him and says to you. “I’m starting to taste pre-ejaculate. I think he’s ready to take me now,” She walks over to you and bends over to unzip your fly, her large breasts dangling before you. You cup them in your hands, weighing them as you penis erupts from your pants. She grasps it familiarly, “Please stroke this yourself while you watch, dear. I am going to be busy. “

Then she releases you, pulls down her panties, and lays on the couch with her legs spread wide for him. He pushes just the tip of his cock into her vagina and looks over at you expectantly. “Uh oh” he says, “It’s going in. Another man’s cock is penetrating your wife there buddy” he laughs teasing your wife as he prods her with the tip of his thing and then withdraws it quickly.

She wriggles in pleasure for a moment before grabbing his ass and pulling him into her. “Gimme that thing,” she gasps, thrusting her hips up to engulf him. Soon his ass is pistoning up and down as he thrusts himself into your wife. She is grunting and moaning with pleasure, really hamming it up you think. She never makes those sounds when you fuck her. Your mouth is dry and you hard-on is painful, so you just decide you jerk yourself as your wife suggested. You actually enjoy the site of her generous breasts bouncing up and down with each thrust. Pretty soon your wife cries out in climax and her lover pulls out and shoots his load on her belly and into her face. You cum yourself soon after, shooting a good load up in the air and onto your own pant legs. Meanwhile, he straddles her and slaps his limp dick against your wife’s face playfully. “Bad whore wife,” he says while she laughs and tries to push him away. Then he climbs off of her and starts getting dressed.

She just turns and looks at you with contentment. She is limp with exhaustion and her skin is shining with a post-orgasm glow. Once dressed, he gives your wife a kiss, gives you a friendly wave goodbye, and strides out the door. You look down at the mess you’ve made of yourself and then over at your wife covered in another man’s semen. “How the hell did that happen?” you ask, drained and incredulous.

“Well that’s how he did me last time actually,” she says with a wry grin. “I thought we could just fool around a little, but that’s just ridiculous. One thing always leads to another and once I felt that hard cock, I knew I would be putting out,” The blood drains from your face as meaning of her words sink in.

“Ah well, it looks like you enjoyed yourself anyway,” she looking at your cum soaked trousers. “You better give those to me and I will stick them in the wash.”

And somehow things snap back into the old routine as your naked, cum-soaked wife starts tidying up the mess in the living room.

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Wife Takes Up Nudism

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “What’s My Wife Doing With That Guy?

My wife Emily loved to always be naked.  It sort of bothered me how she would walk around the house naked all the time without pulling the curtains.  Sometimes teenage boys would loiter on the sidewalk in front of our house but when I mentioned it to Emily, she just laughed it off and said I was being uptight.  She started reading up on nudism and even made me go to the nude beach with her,  but I refused to strip naked in public because I was too bashful.  Emily got really frustrated with me because of it.

“Edgar, you are such a fuddy, duddy,” whined my wife as she slipped out of her bikini and stood naked on the hot sand.  “Look around, no one else is wearing clothes.”  She gestured at the various groups of people loitering around, mostly middle aged people like ourselves.

“You know how I am, Emily.  Civilized people wear clothes.  This is like turning modern progress on it’s head,” I complained.

“Modern life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,” she insisted, rubbing sunscreen on her round pert breasts.  I grew distracted watching her apply lotion to her boobs and my penis swelled up at the sight of her nipples hardening.

“Need a hand with that?” a young fellow asked my wife as he walked over to our blanket on the sand.  He was stark naked and well built, with rippling muscles and a large wang hanging down.  I looked down and patted my own pot belly when I noticed his well defined abs.

“Don’t be fresh,” said my wife, not pausing her application as she worked more lotion into her nipples, pinching them while the young looked on with interest.  I felt a little freaked out that my wife would be rubbing her boobs and pinching her nipples carelessly while this stranger stood by and watched.

“I was just teasing,” he said, flashing her a bright smile.  “I’m Derek, by the way.”  He held out his hand to my wife and she shook it, glancing down with interest as his member slowly became erect.  

I was mortified at the sight of my pretty little wife, stark naked, shaking hands with this young stud while she eyed his huge boner.  His cock must have been eight or nine inches long and it made me feel a little inadequate.  My poor wife couldn’t take her eyes off his dong as she introduced us.

“Hello, Derek, I’m Emily and this is my husband, Edgar,” said my wife, eyes glued to Derek’s big hard dick as she held his hand in hers.  “This is our first time at a nude beach, and Edgar is feeling self-conscious.”

Derek noticed my wife checking out his erect penis, but he didn’t mention it.  “Ah, yeah, well, it’s not for everyone.   I’ve been coming here for years.  I grew up in a hippie commune so everyone was pretty much naked all the time.”

“Wow, that sounds wonderful, so natural,” gushed my wife, finally tearing her eyes off of Derek’s prick to look him in the eye.

“I go on camping trips where we are all naked for weeks at a time.  It’s awesome,”  Derek looked my wife’s body up and down and his cock gave a little twinge of approval.  “By the time I get back, it feels weird to have to put on clothes again.”

“Oh my gosh, that sounds AMAZING,” said my wife.  She turned to me, her eyes bright with excitement.  “Edgar WE should do that this summer, wouldn’t that be fun?”

Derek didn’t look at me, his eyes were busy scanning my wife’s body up and down as she rubbed lotion on her belly and then down between her thighs.

“Uh, sounds like you could get a bad case of poison oak,” I said.  I didn’t like camping in the first place, let alone naked camping.

“Ugh, you would say something like that,” said my wife with exasperation as she reached behind her to rub lotion on her buttocks.  Derek watched her with interest and I was growing more and more annoyed with him.  My arm pits felt damp from the anxiety of this strange man looking at my naked wife.

“You know I’m not much of an outdoorsman,” I complained.  “I like comfort.  I like restaurants and Starbucks and hot showers.”

“Hey, me too, man, me too,” laughed Derek, finally taking notice of me.  “You just appreciate all those things even more when you unplug and do without for a few weeks.”  He casually took the sunscreen from my wife’s hand.  “Here let me help you get your back, your shoulders will get burned.”  My wife shrugged her shoulders noncommittally and Derek started lathering up her shoulders as he talked to me.  “I mean we are all poking away at our phones all day,” he said stepping closer to my wife as he rubbed her shoulders and poking her in the rear with his stiff dick.

“Oops,” she said, giving a start.  “You are poking me with something back there.”

“Yeah, sorry about that,” he said casually, inching back ever so slightly.  “But anyway, yeah, getting away from the computers and phones and social media, it really clears your mind.  You can just cast off all the restrictions of civilization and really live in the moment.”  He rubbed lotion down my wife’s back and then down to her butt, making her jump again.

“Derek, watch it, that’s my butt,” said my wife.  “I’m a married woman.  I don’t let strange men feel my butt up like that.”  She grinned at me before turning and taking the sunscreen back from him.

“Oh, well, it’s such a nice rump, I got a little carried away, whatever,” said Derek dismissively.  I noticed Sarach contemplating his dick which was still insistently standing at attention.  “You guys should really come camping with us.”  He looked at me for a moment.  “Edgar, I get the feeling you could really use a digital detox.”

“I don’t want a digital detox,” I snapped irritably.  I realized that just talking about it made me want to grab my phone and check my notifications but I resisted the urge.

“Come on, honey, it sounds like fun,” coaxed my wife.

“I’m an engineer, Emily,” I said.  “I don’t go in for all this hippie stuff.”

“Well, Edgar’s hopeless, but could I come along with you on a trip?” asked Emily, her eyes flitting from Derek’s cock to his face and back.

“Definitely, you will have a ball,” he said, looking at her bush lecherously.

“Now hold on a minute, who is going on this thing?” I objected, my face growing hot with jealousy.

“Well just me and a couple of other guys,” said Derek rubbing his head.

“No other women?” asked Emily, slightly dejected.

“Not this time, but we’ve had girls along plenty of times,” said Derek breezily.  “It’s cool.”

“I don’t like this idea, Emily,” I said.  “You can’t just run off and get naked with a gang of horny young guys.  I mean he poked you in the ass with his cock right in front of me.  Who knows what he’ll try if I’m not around.”  My mind whirred through some possible scenarios where my wife bent over to pick some flowers and got a stiff one from behind and I’m ashamed to say it made me a little excited.

“That poke was strictly an accident, Edgar,” said Derek, lifting his inner eyebrows in apparent sincerity.  Nudism isn’t about sex, it’s about reconnecting with the primal energies.”

“Well sex is pretty primal,” I insisted.  “But that’s not what I mean.”

“That’s true,” admitted Derek, looking at my wife’s boobs again.

“Come on, honey, you have to trust me.  I’m not going to cheat on you,” said my wife.  “I understand why you don’t want to do this, but you can’t prevent me from trying to things and exploring new experiences.”  I really didn’t like the way she kept looking at Derek’s boner while she said that.  And who the hell keeps a non-stop erection going for so long?  Ah, I’m forgetting what it’s like to be a young man with raging hormones.

“Well, you are your own person, you can do what you want of course,” I said, feeling a strange stirring in my gut as I imagined Derek and his pals putting lotion on my wife and then having a good natured wrestling match, out in a remote pasture somewhere.  My dick was really getting hard now at the thought of it.

“Oh, thank you honey,” gushed my wife, rushing over to give me a kiss.  “Are you sure you don’t want to come along.  I think it would do you good to get away from everything for a bit.”

“I like civilization, thank you,” I said.  “But you go ahead and be a nature woman for a weekend if you want.  Get it out of your system.”

“Awesome, let me give you my phone number,” said Derek, and when my wife bent over to get  paper and pen out of her purse, he gazed intently at her bare ass and gripped his dick unconsciously, possibly picturing himself thrusting it inside her.  Emily quickly retrieved the pen and paper and turned back to Derek to catch him fingering his cock.

“Ha, you can’t write with that thing, here, use this,” she said, handing him a pen and paper.

Derek laughed good naturedly and wrote out his contact information.  “Ok, well give me a call and we will coordinate everything.  We are leaving Friday night and we can swing by and pick you up in my buddy’s van.”

“Sounds like fun,” said Emily, smiling at him warmly.

“Sounds creepy,” I mumbled to myself, thinking about my wife getting banged in the back of the van.

“Cool, well, I’m sorry you won’t be joining us, Edgar,” said Derek, not taking his eyes off of my wife’s body.

“Yeah, I’ll bet,” I muttered to myself.

“Hey, I’m going to take off, but can I get a hug?” asked Derek, holding his arms wide and pointing his stiff cock at my wife.

She glanced at his stiff rod and then at me, hesitating for a second.  “Um, sure,” she said.  “But watch where you poke that thing.”

Derek just laughed and embraced her, jamming his cock right into her bush.  Emily gasped with surprise but didn’t release him and I could see the head of his dick poking out between her thighs from behind.

“Jesus, that’s enough,” I complained.  “He’s practically fucking you with that thing of his.”

“It’s just a hug, Edgar, don’t get bent out of shape,” laughed Derek, letting go of my wife reluctantly.

“It certainly was,” said Emily, her cheeks flushed with excitement.  It drove me mad the way she ogled this guys’ cock.

“Ok, well, anyway, maybe I should go,” said Derek, smiling at my wife warmly.   “Hopefully you can come hiking with us up around Clear Lake this weekend.  I have a friend who works at a clothing optional hot springs up near Wilbur Springs who can get us in for free.”

“Wow, that sounds like fun, I definitely want to go,” said my wife, flashing Derek a sunny smile.

“I, that’s, ugh,” I said, unable to properly voice my displeasure as Derek waved and walked away.  Emily watched his bare buttocks for a moment before turning to me excitedly.

“Oh, honey, why don’t you come along for this?  You are too uptight, you need to loosen up a little,” she said.

“I like being uptight, it’s who I am,” I said, feeling annoyed.  “And besides, I don’t like how you are interacting with that guy.  I mean he kept poking you with his hardon.  That’s inappropriate.”

“I know, his johnson was really feeling frisky I guess,” gasped Emily, putting her hand on her chest.  “Did you see how big it was?  I mean it stayied hard the entire time.  He’s quite a healthy young man.”  He eyes twinkled when she said that and I huffed impatiently.

“See, see, totally inappropriate!” I complained, pointing at her accusingly.  “And he poked his boner right between your legs when he gave you that hug.”

“Oh, honey, get a grip on yourself,” laughed my wife, grabbing my finger playfully and tugging on it in a way that made me feel slightly aroused.  “I’m an old lady now.  These young guys don’t want to stick it into someone practically their mother’s age.”

“You still look good for your age,” I said.  “He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you.”

“Really?” she asked, sounding intrigued.  Then she held up her hands when she noticed my frown of disapproval.  “Look, it doesn’t matter.  I’m a grown woman and I know how handle  these  young guys.   I will set very clear boundaries and let them know that I am a married woman.”

I didn’t like the way Emily was phrasing that.  She wasn’t explicitly ruling out sex, but I didn’t want to push the issue.  So I shrugged and let her kiss my cheek before running off to join in a impromptu beach volleyball game with a mixed group of men and women of various ages.  Her big boobs sure did bounce a lot when she dove for the ball. When a group of men gathered to watch the game, I had the sinking suspicion that they were there to watch my wife.  It seemed as though every guy around her was sporting wood within a few minutes.  Of course, I got a hardon looking at the other naked women dashing about but it just sort of made me feel embarrassed.  I was relieved when my wife finally agreed to go home.

Emily made arrangements for Derek and his friends to pick her up at our home that Friday afternoon and I started to have second thoughts about her going alone.

“Maybe I should come along after all,” I said, watching her prepare her kit.  She wasn’t taking any proper clothes at all, just a sheer cover up and that was practically transparent.

“That would be great,” she gushed. “You need to let your hair down and get naked in nature.”

“Ugh, can’t I just wear shorts or something?” I said.

“No, this is nudism, you can’t wear clothes.  You will make the other people feel uncomfortable.”

I blanched at the thought of parading my fat paunch and greying pubes in front of some group of strangers. I was ashamed of how bad I would look to all the women, my wife included, compared with the fit young guys and their lively hardons.  “Ok, forget it then,” I grumbled.

I watched my naked wife put on some bright white knee socks, pulling them high above her knees and then lacing on her hiking boots.  She donned a big straw sun hat and stood before me, breasts, and vagina fully exposed, wearing nothing but the boots, high socks, and hat.

“How do I look?” she asked brightly, pulling on her back pack.

“Uh, aren’t you going to wear your cover up at least?” I asked nervously.

“I’m not wearing that unless I absolutely have to,” she said.  “Derek assured me we could be totally natural for this entire trip.”

“Natural!” I snorted in derision.

Just then there was a honk from the street, and I looked out the window to see a beaten up van with various strange colorful patterns amateurishly painted on it.  

“Oops, they are here, bye honey!”  my wife gave me a quick kiss and dashed off, totally naked.

I followed her anxiously and watched as she opened the front door and then ran laughing down our driveway to the waiting van.  The side door slid open to expose two tan, smiling young guys totally naked themselves with erections standing at attention, gesturing her in.

I glanced next door and was aghast to see our neighbor Fred standing in his front yard watering his flowers.  His mouth was hanging open stupidly as he watched my naked wife jump laughing into the hippie van with these naked strangers.  The door slid shut and I could see Derek leaning forward in the driver’s seat and waving at me with an evil grin on his face as the van peeled away.

“What the hell was that all about?” Fred asked me in shock.

“Don’t ask,” I sighed, closing the door and going back inside the house.

I sat on the couch and reflected on this whole situation.  Here was my wife, going off to spend all this time in the woods with these young healthy men.  Already this Derek guy showed real sexual interest in her and practically poked his cock into her.  And she just said that she could set her boundaries, but not what those boundaries would be.  The image of Derek fucking my wife while his buddies looked on filled my mind and for some reason, I started getting aroused.  This whole thing was incredibly kinky, my wife spending all this time nude around strange men.  My penis just got harder and harder as I thought about it.  And then the way my wife pretended it was no big deal, that little minx.   Why I bet she will be bending down to pick flowers in front of Derek every chance she gets until he “accidentally” slides his cock right into her from behind.  My hardon was painful at this point, so I unzipped and started stroking it as I pictured my wife bent over in a remote meadow, Derek with his hands on her hips humping away from behind while his buddies stood around and jerked themselves.   I actually came many times that weekend imagining all sorts of nasty situations involving more and more of Derek’s pals.

My wife returned Sunday night, brimming with exuberance and gushing about what a wonderful time she had and how fun Derek and his friends were.  I demanded to know if any hanky panky occurred and she smoothly denied it, but I could tell she was lying and it made me hard again.  We actually had the better sex that night than we had had in years, and I had to make a show of complaint when she said she was heading out for another nudist trip with Derek the following weekend when in reality, I was planning on following them and watching from the bushes.  Nudism might be my thing after all.  Just watching though, not participating.

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Wife Opens Blouse for Bully

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Slut Wife, Happy Life

We were standing in a crowded bar that we probably never should have stepped into in the first place.  Myself, my wife, and my friend Jimmy, had gone out for drinks in San Francisco when we stumbled into a strangely working class Irish bar in North Beach.  The three of us must have looked like real nerds, pale and white with our thick rimmed glasses and carefully parted hair.  Of course ours was a common look for tech workers throughout the city.   But this place was full of big jock types in 49ers gear with their “basic” women in tiny dresses, teetering around on heels and shouting in voices raspy from alcohol and cigarettes.  It was like a throwback to another time.  I couldn’t figure out how people like this could even to afford to live in the Bay Area anymore.

“Nice crowd,” grumbled Jimmy as he was shoved aside by huge indifferent guy trying to get a drink at the bar where we were standing.  The interloper had his baseball cap on backwards and was wearing his sunglasses on the back of his neck.

“Yeah, maybe we should go,” I muttered, looking around nervously.  I didn’t have a good feeling about this place.

“Oh shit, come on you guys,” coaxed my wife, Cindy.  “I think this is fun.  We never meet people like this.”  She stared in fascination at two young women in micro skirts shouting right into each other’s faces like braying donkeys.  They were so drunk they were swaying back and forth and a couple of beefy guys in sports gear were rubbing their mouths and eyeing them like prey.

“The mating habits of the lower classes,” said Jimmy.  He had finally managed to get the tough looking woman behind the bar to serve us and he handed out our cocktails.  Cindy tittered at his joke and I granted him a wry smile to acknowledge his humor.

“What are we talkin’ about, mating habits?” asked the backward baseball cap guy who had just shoved Jimmy aside.  He elbowed his way between my wife and I and looked down brazenly at her chest.  She was wearing one of those white milk maid style tops with a drawstring bodice and it made her boobs look huge.  Well her boobs are pretty big, but this made them look bigger.  She was doing a sort of hippie peasant style lately and I normally found it flattering but at this moment, I wished she had dressed more modestly.

“Um, we are having a private conversation here,” I said.

The big douchebag looked down at me with disdain.  “Take it easy there, little man.  Don’t get your panties in a twist, I’m just talking.”  Then he looked back at my wife’s tits.  “I like this top,” he told her.  “It’s nice.”

Cindy blushed madly under the big jerk’s intense scrutiny.  She coughed and then giggled nervously.  “Uh, thanks? I guess?”

“So it kinda unties here, huh?” he asked, toying with the string tied in a bow at the center of her bodice.

“No the top here is just stretchy elastic, the string is just for show,” my wife said.  She was just chatting away while this brute examined her milky white cleavage with interest.

“Oh, like this?” he asked.  He tugged on the decorative bow and pulled my wife’s top open so he could look down the front.

“Hey!” gasped my wife.  She slapped his hand away, and started snorting with laughter.  She pushed her glasses back up and glanced up at him with a little smile that one might use with a rambunctious child while he guffawed like a big oaf.

“You can’t just, just mess around with my wife’s top like that!” I stammered.  I stepped around the bigger man and wedged myself between him and Cindy. “She’s my wife!” I added and then realized that I was being redundant since I had just said that.

“Get the fuck out of my face,” he cursed.  Then the ruffian literally shoved me aside so hard that I fell down against the bar.  I felt tossed back like a ragdoll. Other people were pushed aside by the force of his shove and they squawked in indignation as drinks were spilled all around.

“Sydney!” shouted my wife in concern and she and Jimmy rushed to my side.

“Are you OK, buddy?” asked Jimmy as he and my wife bent down to help me.

“She got a good ass too,” commented my assailant.   He was watching my wife’s rear in her snug skirt as she was bent over.

“Nobody asked you!” hissed my wife angrily over her shoulder.  “Look, you hurt my husband, you brute!”

“Ah he’s fine, I could have knocked him out if I wanted.  I went easy on him.”  The big man shook his head and looked down at me with a suppressed grin.

“Ok, ok, what’s going on over here?” asked the bouncer.  He pushed his way through the crowd.  Then he recognized my attacker.  “Oh hey Tommy.”  My blood ran cold as I watched them exchange fist bumps.  “You causing trouble?”

“Nah, dude’s clumsy, he just fell.  He’s not too coordinated I guess, look at him,” said Tommy.  He pursed his lips at me.

“That’s, that’s not true,” squeaked my wife in shock.  She and Jimmy were hauling me clumsily back to my feet.  “He pushed my husband down!”  She pointed at Tommy in accusation but the bouncer was just looking at her boobs.

“She got a nice rack,” he told Tommy, ignoring my wife.  

Tommy broke out laughing and started punching the bouncer’s shoulder.  “That’s what I’M talkin’ ‘bout.”

“What did you say?!” cried my wife incredulously.  “I’m telling you this guy assaulted my husband.”

“Yeah, I saw it,” seconded Jimmy.  He wagged a finger at Tommy.

The bouncer gave us three a gravely stare and said nothing for a moment.  A crowd had formed around us.  “Tommy said he fell.  He’s in here all the time, so…  when it comes down to ‘he said, she said’ I gotta go with my gut.”

I could feel his animosity.

“Who’s in charge around here?” demanded Jimmy.  He was really indignant about this.

“I’m the manager,” shouted the tough looking woman from behind the bar.  She had a low cut crop top that showed off her fake tits.  “I saw the whole thing and it looked like the dork fell over.”

“That’s just not…” exclaimed my wife.

“This isn’t a tech bar sweetie,” the woman told her with malice.

And that was all.  Tommy and bouncer went off to talk in the corner and crowd returned to their drinking.  The show was over.

“We better get out of here,” I said.

“Are you ok?” asked Jimmy.

I patted myself down and my neck felt a little stiff from the fall but overall, I wasn’t really hurt.  “Yeah, I’m fine.  But this place is scary.”

“We are staying,” said Cindy.  Her lips were tight with anger.  I had an ominous feeling when I saw her expression.  My wife was a sweet woman, very smart and kind, but she could really be stubborn.  “I’m not going to let them have the last laugh and run out of here with our tails between our legs.  I’m getting us more drinks.”  She slipped between two big meatheads and called out the the tough manager with the boobjob.

The manager was surprised as my wife ordered, but handed over the drinks with a look of grudging respect.

“I don’t like this, Cindy,” complained Jimmy as she handed him a fresh cocktail.  “We won’t get fair treatment in a place like this.”

“Let’s just go out on the back patio and see if it’s more quiet out there,” said Cindy and we followed her out.  We stepped into a small courtyard with potted trees and blazing heaters.  Only a couple of people were out here, smoking illegally.  But we mostly had the area to ourselves.  It was a surprisingly pretty scene with the all the greenery around.

“Wow, it’s actually pretty nice out here,” I admitted.

“But that guy Tommy is still here and he knows the bouncer,” whined Jimmy.  He was clearly afraid and was glancing around apprehensively.

Cindy looked at Jimmy with pity.  I felt a little embarrassed by my pal’s spinelessness, so I tried to show some backbone myself.  “No, look, it’s comfortable out here, nice and warm.  Not too many douchebags mashing into you.  Cindy is right.  We should stay for a bit and not let them intimidate us.”

My wife smiled at me brightly and rubbed my arm in affection.  “That’s the spirit, honey.  Just one drink.  To show them we aren’t afraid of them.”

“Some kind of territorial pissing?” mumbled Jimmy into his drink.

“Come on Jimmy,” coaxed my wife, trying to tickle him and lighten his mood.

He cracked a smile and pushed her away.  “Social signalling it is, then.”  He sighed in resignation and we all stood enjoying the fresh night air.  The breeze was carrying the cigarette smoke away and we could barely smell it.

I admit that I was very uptight at first and shared Jimmy’s fears, but I wanted to put on a good face for my wife to show her I was brave.  After a while, the patio’s pleasant atmosphere and the effect of the alcohol lightened my mood.

“Wow, that guy Tommy was really going after my boobs,” commented Cindy.  We were into our third round at that point somehow.  She gripped her large bosoms in her hand and squeezed them while Jimmy looked on with interest.

“And the bouncer liked them too,” agreed Jimmy.  “They are big.”

Cindy seemed to be enjoying Jimmy’s attention and she played with her titties for him a little more, bouncing them in the palms of her hands.  I felt myself getting an erection and wondered if my wife was interested in a threesome with my pal and I.  That would be pretty hot.  “What’s the big deal?  They are only mammary glands.”

“Signals of reproductive fitness,” I said with a slur.  I was pretty sauced up at that point.

“Oh fuck!” said Jimmy and his face went white.  “I was afraid of this.”  We turned to look and saw Tommy and bouncer come out onto the patio.

“Holy shit!” shouted Tommy.  “You guys are still here?  I thought you left and took the nerdy slut with you.”  He and the bouncer walked over quickly.  They were swinging their limbs around loosely and looked drunk and ready for a conflict.

“I’m not a slut,” objected my wife.  She straightened her shoulders and stood taller to confront him, but the effect was that her breasts jutted forward more.

“Oh, yeah I like when you stand like that, it’s makes them stick out more,” said Tommy.  He never took his eyes off my wife’s chest while the bouncer cracked up laughing.

Cindy deflated for a moment, but then resumed her posture and even waggled her shoulders a bit, shaking her boobs defiantly.  “Yeah, well, you will never get your hands on these,” she told him.

“Sure I will,” he told he smoothly.   “Who’s gonna stop me?”  So confident.

“I think we should go, you guys,” whimpered Jimmy.  He was so afraid, that I felt ashamed of him in that moment.

“You are a big dick, you know that?” my wife blurted hotly. Her eyes were flashing now, and her dander was up.

“I have a big dick, if that’s what you mean,” he rejoined.  Then he grabbed his crotch lewdly and my wife rolled her eyes with disgust.

“Why don’t you two just move along?”  I said.  I was so drunk that I swaggered right up to the two huge muscle men without a care in the world.  I guess I was showing off for my wife.

My bravado didn’t last long.  Tommy’s hand shot out with a blur and felt myself jerked practically off of my feet as he grabbed the front of my shirt and yanked me toward him.

“I could like literally smash your goddamn face in, dorkwad,” he told me.  He said it in almost a friendly way and I could feel my pits growing damp with apprehension.

“Hey, hey, wait, look, don’t do that,” chattered my wife with concern.  “You want to see my boobs?  No big deal. Just put my husband down.”  She grabbed the elastic band at the top of her bodice and pulled it down slightly to reveal more cleavage.

“Ooh, I like where this is going,” said the bouncer rubbing his palms together.  He had tattoos all over the backs of his hands.

“Me too,” grunted Tommy as he tossed me aside.

I stumbled but managed not to fall this time since there was more room out here and I was able to regain my footing.

“I don’t know why men get so excited.  They are just mammary glands,” repeated my wife.  She gave Tommy a playful look as she pulled down her top briefly and flashed him a view of her bra.

“No, no, wait, here, let’s do this,” he strode forward and stood close to my wife.  She had to tilt her head back to look him in the eye with her big doe eyes.  “You let me feel up your tits and I promise not to crush your husband.”

“You know we could just call the cops you guys,” said Jimmy. He had his phone out and everything, ready to dial 911.  I felt scared and intimidated, but even I thought that was overboard.

“Or we could just leave,” I offered weakly.

Cindy looked up at Tommy submissively as she answered me.  “No, dear, there might not be time.  We might not be able to get away.  I better do what he says.  I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Yeah, but um,” I objected.  It was too late.  I felt my mouth go dry as I watched my wife pull the top of her bodice down and tuck it under her large boobs, exposing her lacy bra.   She licked her lips as she looked up at Tommy expectantly and I felt a sharp pang of jealousy and frustration mixed with fear and somehow a bit of arousal.

“This is super hot,” commented the bouncer.

“This is sick, it’s assault,” complained Jimmy.

“Technically, it’s not assault against me, he’s just threatening Sydney,” said my wife.   She was still making doe eyes at the big jock.

“Unhook your bra,” commanded Tommy.  The big man was hovering over my little wife menacingly. She unhooked her bra and her big white boobs came spilling out, pick nipples going cock eyed in either direction.

“Cindy!” I gasped.  “Seriously?”

“I don’t want you to get hurt, baby,” she purred.  Then she cooed as Tommy grabbed her tender knockers in his big rough hands.  Her cheeks were flushed bright red and her eyes with shining with excitement.

“Aww yeah, these are good titties,” giggled Tommy as he toyed with my wife’s boobs.  He looked over at me brazenly as he fondled my wife’s bare chest.  “How do you like this, little man?” he asked me.  “You like how your wife lets me feel her up?”

“No sir, I don’t like it,” I said in the voice of that horse from Ren and Stimpy and it made my wife titter.  But I could feel my dick getting hard as I watched the big alpha male take liberties with my nerdy little woman.

“Nice and soft,” he told me as he cradled them in his hands.  “Look, I’m pinching her nipples now.”

“Oh,” exclaimed my wife.  She was breathing faster now as the big man worked her knockers.

“Look at her, she is into it,” he chuckled.  “It’s making her hot.”

“No it’s not,” objected Cindy weakly.  But she didn’t sound sincere at all.  It was making me hot just watching.

“This is like a damn nature documentary,” commented Jimmy.  “The dominant bull has faced down the smaller males of the pack and now asserts it’s sexual prerogative with the fertile female.”  He intoned this in a deep narrator voice and I had to laugh along with Cindy and the bouncer.  I couldn’t help it.  It was so true.  It was also giving me such a boner.

“That’s right, bitch,” Tommy told me.  “Your wife’s ass is mine now.  Lookit, I’m fucking juggling her melons and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Don’t be rude, Tommy,” panted my wife.  She laid her hands gently on his as he persisted in rubbing her bare breasts.

He just ignored her.  “Lift your skirt up, let me see that ass,” he told her impatiently.

Cindy looked around bashfully.  “People are looking,” she whined. It was true, two mouthbreathers and their trashy ladies were glancing over from the other side of the patio.

“Don’t worry about them, I’ll block you,” said the bouncer and he moved over slightly to block their view with his immense bulk.

“Do you want me to punch your husband or not?” asked Tommy.  But he didn’t sound threatening any more, he was too aroused.  He sounded urgent and horny.

“I don’t even believe you will punch Sydney,” Cindy told him.

“Yeah, well, I might,” he said distractedly.  “Now lemme see that ass.”

Cindy laughed. “You really are assertive,” she said. She was impressed by this brash retard.  It sort of annoyed me and I could feel my stomach roiling with jealousy as she turned, bent over, and lifted her skirt for him.

“Nice! Lookit that ass, K-Dog,” said Tommy excitedly as he slapped my wife’s rear.

“Looking good,” agreed the bouncer known as K-Dog.

“Now pull your panties down!” Tommy demanded of my wife.

“Tommy, please, that’s going too far!” she cried.

“Do it!” he bellowed in a deep voice and my wife squeaked in submission and slid her underwear off, exposing her bare ass to us.

Tommy bent down to put his face close to my wife’s butt as he looked back at me triumphantly and started squeezing her cheeks.  “Lookit this!” he told me.  “You like how I rub your wife’s ass little man?”

“It’s uh, pretty rude I guess,” I admitted.  I had to adjust my pants as my penis grew stiffer and stiffer at the sight of this jerk molesting my wife.

“I’m sorry about this, honey, are you ok?” asked Cindy sweetly as Tommy ran his hands gratuitously over her white ass and lovely pale thighs.  “Is this freaking you out?”

“Pretty much,” I admitted.

“Look watch this,” Tommy urged me and he put his hands between my wife’s legs and fingered her labia which was poking out puffily now.

“Oh god you are fresh,” panted my wife. She was clearly aroused now.

“I’m funky fresh medina, baby,” he crowed.  

“That’s just, such a stupid reference,” said Jimmy critically.   But he was gazing in fascination as Tommy impudently poked his finger into my wife’s twat.  It emerged slick with her juice.  She sure was wet.

“Turn around and show us that pussy,” Tommy told my wife.

“Oh my god,” sighed my wife.  She glanced around nervously as she turned and stood upright before us.  Her big beautiful tits were still hanging out for all to see as she lifted the front of her skirt and showed us her crotch.

“Yeah,” exclaimed Tommy with a guttural growl.  “Lookit this pussy,” he told me as he grabbed my wife’s cooch roughly.  “I’m gonna FUCK this pussy,” he bragged to me.

“No, no you’re not,” whimpered my wife.  Her eyes were glazed over with passion as the big man forcefully squeezed her vagina.

“Your husband can’t stop me, he’s a wimp,” laughed Tommy.  “Isn’t that right, little man?”

“I uh, don’t know if I could stop you actually,” I admitted.  But at that point I didn’t want to.  This was too exciting, to see my wife getting used in public by a douchebag.  It was exhilarating really and it made me horny as hell.

“It’s best if we just do what he says,” said my wife.

“That’s right, feel this, this is what I’m gonna fuck you with,” said Tommy proudly and he took my wife’s hand and put it on the massive bulge in his jeans.

“Oh wow,” said my wife in surprise.  “You are really hard.”

“That’s right, you hear, that, little man?” he looked at me imperiously as my wife fondled his junk through his pants.

“Oh God, Cindy,” I said, gripping my own boner.

“I know, this is terrible,” she said in a consoling tone as she knelt in the grass before the bully.  “But look at this.”  She unzipped his pants and I felt my chest constrict as the huge erection practically erupted from his pants.  My wife nuzzled his stiff dong with her face, resting is along her cheek as she looked back at me sweetly.  “He’s really big, honey,” she told me excitedly.  “Big and hard. Wow.  And he’s not circumcised.  That’s so weird.”  I watched breathlessly as my nerdy wife gripped the bully’s cock and gently pulled back his foreskin, revealing his red sticky glans.  “It’s like a dog penis or something,” she said gazing at it in fascination.  Jimmy and the bouncer laughed, but Tommy just groaned with pleasure as my wife starting licking the glistening head of his penis.  “Ooh it tastes funky,” she said, wrinkling her nose at me.  

“Um, ok,” I said weakly.

“Honey, remember to breath,” she told me with concern.  “I’m going to suck it now, ok?”

I realized that I had been holding my breath and I expelled suddenly as I watched my wife on her knees, sucking my rival’s cock. We stood there, the bouncer, Jimmy, and I while my wife’s head bobbed up and down as she administered to Tommy’s cock right there on the patio of this proletariat bar.

“Man she sucks a mean cock,” said the bouncer in admiration.  Cindy looked him in the eye as she ran her tongue up and down Tommy’s stiff shaft.  That struck me as being an extremely slutty thing to do.  Not just suck off a bully in front of me,but in front of other guys too and even look them in the eye while she did it.  My cock was painfully hard.

My wife paused sucking Tommy’s dick for a moment and knelt there jerking it and staring at it with adoration.  “I just love this cock,” she blurted to Tommy’s delight.  Then she gave me a guilty glance.  “Oh jeez, honey, I’m being bad, I know.  How are you feeling about this?”

“I mean, I don’t know,” I admitted, kneading the lump in my pants desperately.  “It’s a little shitty of you to give blowjobs to guys who threaten to beat me up I guess.”

“But did you see the size of his balls?” she giggled.  She cradled Tommy’s huge hairy testes in her palms of her hand.  “They are ginormous!” she gushed.  I felt a little inadequate when wife raved about another man’s testicles.

“No surprise, it takes a big pair of stones to fuck another mans wife right in front of him,” put in the bouncer.

Just then the tough manager woman with the boobjob came out on the patio and joined our group.  “What the holy fuck is going on here?  Is that the nerdy bitch from before?  What’s she doing with Tommy’s nuts in her hands.”

“I’m going to suck them,” Cindy told her happily.  “They are really big and hairy!”  Then my wife started sucking the big jerk’s scrotum while the manager laughed in amazement.  Cindy was really enthusiastic about it, making loud slurping sounds as licked and sucked.

I groaned in despair and arousal as I wrestled with the boner in my pants.

“That’s right, bitch, suck those balls,” gloated Tommy.  He grabbed my wife’s hairs and roughly jammed her face between his legs while she practically gagged on his nutsack.

“And this pussy of a husband is just going to stand there watching?” the titjob manager spat with disgust, jerking a thumb in my direction.  “That’s San Francisco for you.  Freaks everywhere.”

“He knows I’ll just smash him if he tries to interfere,” said Tommy.  “How does it feel to watch your wife gobbling the nads of a real man?”

“I mean it feels like, kind of weird,” I said.  I didn’t want to admit how arousing this was in spite of the humiliation.

“Honey, don’t take this the wrong way,” gasped my wife, coming up for air.  “I mean, he’s obviously more macho than you are and I didn’t realize how stimulating that would be for me, sexually. But of course I still only love you.  I couldn’t love a beast like him.  But I did sort of get wet when he started pushing you around.”

“Jeez, how can you say that?,” I complained.  Wow, my wife really had a soft spot for tough guys I guess.

“Bitch, get up and bend over, it’s time for me to fuck you silly,” demanded my wife’s new lover.

“Hold that thought, dear,” my wife told me sweetly as she eagerly jumped to her feet and presented her ass to the bully so he could do her from behind.

“What a little fucking slut,” laughed the tough manager in admiration.

“Yeah, she’s a good little whore,” agreed Tommy.  He grabbed my wife by the hips as she lifted the back of her skirt for him and then thrust himself into my wife from behind, making her cry out in surprise.

“Oh my god you are big,” she moaned.

“You are fucking tight,” he cursed through gritted teeth.  “I’m going to blow my wad right inside your fucking whore wife,” he told me with relish as he bent my woman over and started pumping his cock in and out of her.  I just watched her big naked boobs swinging back and forth as the bully dogged her.  Her head was thrown back and her mouth was hanging open in ecstasy.

“And so the alpha male mounts the fertile female while the betas look on jealously from the sidelines,” intoned Jimmy in his documentary narrator voice.

“He’s really fucking me hard,” my wife whined to me.  “He’s really manly.”

“Uh, ok.  Thanks for sharing?” I said awkwardly.  I desperately wanted to just unzip and start jerking off while I watched my wife getting mounted by this dominant bull, but I was too ashamed to do it.

“How you like it when I bang the shit out of your wife, bro?” barked Tommy at me aggressively as he stabbed his cock more and more forcefully into my wife.

“I’m a sort of upset obviously,” I said.  Though I was mostly upset that I didn’t have the guts to just masturbate while I watched.

“It doesn’t really mean anything,” whimpered my wife.

“Letting this guy fuck you you mean?” I asked.

“Wait, sorry, I’m cumming,” groaned Cindy and she put her head down and shuttered.

“Yeah, you fucking bitch, yeah,” shouted Tommy and he paused for a moment, grinding himself deep into my wife’s womb.  “Fuck yeah, there it goes.  I’m emptying my load up in your wife, little man,” he crowed triumphantly.  I just ground my teeth in frustration, but said nothing. I guessed I would be jerking off imagining this moment for weeks if not months to come.

Tommy pulled out of my wife and slapped her on the ass.  “Give me your number,” he said and my wife quickly blurted it out as he tapped it into his phone.

“Honey, jesus!”  I complained.

“Look at it this way,” Cindy told me as she rehooked her bra and pulled her bodice back up.  “I took a pounding so you didn’t have to.”

It wasn’t really that funny, but Jimmy and I laughed along anyway.  The bouncer even bought us another round of drinks to show there were no hard feelings.

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Wife Wants Husband’s Friends to See her New Lingerie

by Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.2

One day James is having a couple of his male friends over for drinks when his wife Kim joins them.

“You know I went shopping for lingerie today, dear,” says Kim, pouring herself another drink and sitting next to her husband on the couch.

“Uh, huh,” says James with a smirk, looking to see his friend’s reaction. Fred blushes slightly but Sam just laughs.

“Are you going to try it on for us?” asks Sam playfully.

“Do you want me to?” replies Kim, batting her lashes at him.

“Sure, why not? What could possibly go wrong?” he laughs, slapping James on the knee.

“Very funny, you guys,” says James taking a drink. His gut knots up slightly in jealousy at his wife’s flirting. She likes to flirt with his friends sometimes and he is always torn between arousal and possessiveness.

“Oh, come on, James,” says Kim with a twinkle in her eye. “It will be fun!”

“Wait, what?” he replies, almost choking on his drink. “You can’t be serious!” He looks over at his friends and sees Fred blushing a deeper shade of red. Even raucous Sam who like to be obnoxious seems a bit taken aback.

“Oh you boys act like it’s such a big deal,” says Kim putting her knees together and placing her hands on her thighs primly. “I just want to get an objective opinion from some close friends of the masculine persuasion.”

“Objective opinion on what?” blurts Fred nervously, his forehead breaking out in sweat.

“Why, on how sexy my new outfits are, silly,” exclaims Kim with surprise.

“My wife wouldn’t like that,” responds Fred.

“Oh I’m sure Janet wouldn’t mind. But I won’t tell her if you don’t want me to.” says Kim, suppressing a smile.

“Wait, a minute. I mind!” sputters James. “You can’t just go parading around in your underwear in front of our guests! It’s indecent!”

Kim laughs lightly. “Don’t be such a prude, dear. It doesn’t suit you. Don’t you like it when other men admire your wife’s body? I work hard to keep my figure you know, I wouldn’t mind some appreciation now and then.”

James notices Sam and Fred glancing from Kim’s ample bust to her slim waist and down over her shapely legs. His stomach flips again and he feels his heart racing. “I just… I don’t know. It feels weird.” he says feeling slightly nauseous.

“Oh you are the one making it weird,” replies Kim, getting to her feet and bending down to give her husband a peck on the cheek. “You’ll see, it will be fun!” Then she dashes off to get changed.

“Sorry about that old, man,” says Sam guiltily. “I was just joking around. I didn’t think she would take me up on the offer.”

“Maybe we should go?” asks Fred with trepidation.

“No, no,” responds James, shaking his head. “Maybe Kim is right and we are just making a big deal out of nothing.”

“Sure,” says Sam with a hesitant smile. “A little harmless flirting never killed anyone, right? But we should keep this just between us, because I am not sure my wife would see it that way…”

The three friends share a half-hearted chuckle at that and James takes another sip of his drink to steel his nerves.

Presently, Kim returns wearing a lacy bra, transparent panties, thigh-high stockings, and high heels all in black. Her erect nipples are clearly visible as is the dark patch of her pubic hair.

“Whoa!” exclaims Sam with appreciation. “That’s hot.” James looks at Sam and Fred devouring his wife’s body with their eyes and feels his pits grow damp.

“Do you boys like it?” asks Kim innocently. “I am hoping that this will pique James’ interest in the boudoir.” Kim runs her hands down the side of her hips, watching the reaction from Fred and Sam with delight.

“Jesus Christ!” exclaims James. “I can’t believe you are doing this!”

“Please, honey, I asked our friends a question,” says Kim chiding him playfully. “Well, Fred, what do you think?” She cocks her hip suggestively and James notices his penis swelling in response as he gazes at his wife’s sexy body.

“Erm, yes, it’s uh, very flattering,” stutters Fred, with sweat pouring from his brow. He shifts uncomfortably in his seat, trying to hide his erection.

“Can you be more… specific?” asks Kim, furrowing her brow and pursing her lips mockingly.

“Uh, that outfit, err, shows your body to good advantage,” says Fred looking over at James nervously.

“That’s not specific!” says Kim sternly, putting her hands on her hips.

James is embarrassed at how much Kim’s little act is turning him on as he reaches down to surreptitiously adjust himself.

“Ugh, sorry, I mean. It shows off your gorgeous porcelain skin,” says Fred gulping as he runs his eyes up and down Kim’s body.

“Thank you, Fred,” sniffs Kim with satisfaction. “Anything else?”

“Well it shows off your, um, very shapely legs?” says Fred pulling at his collar.

“You don’t sound convinced!” laughs Kim, bending a knee provocatively to show off her legs. ‘Do you like my legs or not?”

“Oh yes, very much!” responds Fred quickly. “They are beautiful.”

“Jeez, lay off him,” says James half-heartedly. He doesn’t want to let on how aroused this is making him and feels that he must protest to save face. “Can’t you see how nervous you’re making him.”

“Alright, dear,” says Kim, looking at her husband warmly. “What about you, Sam? What do you think of this outfit? Be specific.”

Sam glances over at James in confusion and then returns his eyes to James’ wife’s body. “Well it certainly shows your hourglass figure,” he says hesitantly.

“I can’t believe that no one is commenting on my breasts!” says Kim gripping her own boobs with exasperation. “Can’t you see how hard my nipples are?”

‘Darling, please!” says James, looking at this friends with chagrin.

“Yes, that bra really accentuates your outstanding tits,” admits Sam with a sigh, putting his hands in his lap to hide his arousal. “Is that what you want to hear?”

“Well, I worry that they are getting too saggy,” says Kim matter of factly, boosting her breasts with her hands from below. “I’m not getting any younger.”

“No, no, they are still jutting out nicely,” says Sam, warming up to the topic and avoiding James’ eye.

“That’s good,” says Kim with relief, looking over at her husband with a gleam in her eye. “Now what about my rear?” She turns and bends over slightly presenting her bottom to the men for inspection.

“Oh god!” moans James with a mix of exasperation and excitement.

“Well that’s a very round and well formed ass,” says Sam judiciously, checking James’ reaction to see if he is going too far. James just smiles ruefully at him in response so he carries on. “Also, I like how smooth and white your thighs are. There isn’t a trace of cellulite like my wife is starting to get.”

“Well she needs to start jogging with us, dear. I will be sure to invite her,” says Kim, looking over her shoulder at Sam with concern. Then she wiggles her rear at Fred. “What do you think, Fred? Does this do anything for you?”

“Do anything?” he asks anxiously.

“The point of lingerie is to make men aroused,” explains Kim patiently. “Are you hard yet?”

“Kim!” exclaims James. “Please, now that is just going too far.” He breathe is coming quickly and his pulse is racing with excitement.

“Settle down, dear,” says Kim calmly. “It’s a perfectly reasonable question under the circumstances.” Then he turns her attention back to Fred with an impish grin. “Fred, have I made your penis erect or not?”

“But, I mean, well yes, it’s very… uh, stiff right now, of course,” stammers Fred, looking at James apologetically.

“Oh of course,” laughs Kim, straightening up and turning to face him. “May I see it?”

“Darling!” shouts James in exasperation. “What are you doing? This is really going too far.”

“I certainly couldn’t…” chimes in Fred turning pale.

“Alright, alright, please relax yourselves, gentlemen,” says Kim, holding up her hands defensively. “It seemed like a fair request, but I will withdraw it.” Then she walks over and plops herself down right in Fred’s lap. “You don’t mind if I sit here, do you, dear?” she asks him playfully draping an arm around his neck.

“Honey!” complains James. “Stop it.” James notices Fred looking down at his wife’s cleavage just inches from his nose.

Kim ignores her husband’s complaint and wriggles her rear against Fred’s lap. “You weren’t kidding, Fred!” she laughs devilishly. “I feel a real lump down there.”

“Kim, I’m serious,” says James, jumping to his feet. “Get off Fred’s lap right now!” As exciting as this all is, he can’t tolerate the idea of being humiliated like this in front of his friends.

“Oh darling,” says Kim with a pout. “You are being such a spoilsport.” She slides off of Fred’s lap and sits between him and Sam on the couch, putting an arm around each of them. “Is that better?” she asks James coyly.

“Not really,” he mutters returning reluctantly to his seat. “I think you should go put some clothes on and stop this nonsense.”

Kim notices Sam looking down at her crotch and says, “Sam, what are you looking at?”

“Oh, sorry,” says Sam looking over at James helplessly.

“I asked what you were looking at?” demands Kim sternly, extracting her arm from behind Fred and putting it around Sam to encircle him.

“I was looking at your… uh, thighs,” says Sam putting his hands on his knees and trying to respond to Kim’s advances.

“No you weren’t,” she says wickedly. “You were looking at my vagina!”

“Um, ok,” admits Sam giving James a penitent look.

“Here, if you want to look, then look,” she says, cackling with laughter as she wriggles out of her panties and tosses them aside.

“Kimberly! What’s gotten into you?” cries James in dismay.

“I’m just feeling randy, darling,” responds Kim sulkily. “Is that a crime?”

“Well, is adultery a crime?” sputters James in response, looking on in shock as Kim spreads her legs with Fred and Sam’s eyes glued to her crotch.

“Actually, it’s not literally against the law here in California…” says Fred pulling his eyes away from James’ wife’s privates for a moment.

“Now is not the time to get pedantic with me, Fred,” says James, but he can’t refrain from smiling at Fred’s nerdiness.

“Just go with it, dear,” coaxes Kim. “This will just be our little secret.” Then she reaches over , unzips Sam’s fly, and extracts his stiff penis.

“Oh God!” says Sam as Kim starts stroking his member and gazing into his eyes lustily.

“I just can’t believe this is happening,” says James slapping his hand to his forehead.

“I didn’t know you folks were into wife-swapping,” admits Fred matter of factly.

“Let’s try something,” says Kim brightly, turning around and kneeling on the couch pointing her rear out into the room. She crosses her arms on the back of the couch and rests her head there looking over at Sam alluringly. “I will just knee her waiting to see what happens.” She reaches down and parts her swollen labia with her fingers suggestively.

Sam jumps to his feet and positions himself behind James’s wife with his erect penis inches from Kim’s waiting vagina. “Sorry about this, old man,” he tells James as he starts prodding his wife with his swollen member.

“Sorry, my ass, you are about to fuck my wife!” says James jumping to his own feet, unsure of what to do.

“My goodness, James! Look at yourself! You are pitching a tent in your trousers over there!” says Kim as Sam rubs the head of his penis along the slit of her labia, lubricating it with her juices.

“That’s beside the point!” yelps James putting his hand over his erection.

“The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks!” shouts Kim, cackling with laughter. “Go ahead and put it in, Sam. Don’t be bashful. James might be making a show of complaint, but he is obviously loving this.”

Sam shoots James a quick glance as he plunges himself into Kim’s waiting pussy. She gasps with pleasure as he does so and James just looks on in fascination with his mouth hanging open.

“Sam, how could you?” shouts James.

Sam pauses with his shaft sunk deep into James’ wife. “I know, this is weird. I never fucked a friend’s wife while he watched before. I mean I never fucked a friend’s wife at all,” says Sam uncertainly.

“Don’t stop, keep going!” pleads Kim, reaching back to grip Sam’s balls.

“But I feel like I should get your husband’s permission or something,” says Sam withdrawing himself partway. Kim’s hot, slick sheath is gripping his cock snugly and Sam can’t bring himself to withdraw fully because she feels too good. Also, Sam finds it incredibly kinky to have his old friend’s wife impaled on his boner and begging for more.

“How can you expect me to give my permission?!” yelps James. “Would you let me fuck your wife while you watched?”

“Well at this point, I guess I would have to…” says Sam thoughtfully.

“Turnabout is fair play after all,” chimes in Fred. “Assuming that Sam’s wife would agree to it, of course.”

“That’s very helpful, Fred,” snaps Sam with annoyance.

“Well, look, James,” says Fred. “This evening has already careened madly off the tracks. Maybe you should just go along with it at this point. I mean would you really break up with your wife of 15 years over this? And you have been friends with Sam and I longer than that even…”

“Please honey, it’s just a bit of playful shagging. What harm can there be?” begs Kims, her eyes bright with lust.

“Playful shagging?” asks James skeptically. He hesitates a moment and then flops back into his seat with bewilderment.

“There you go, dear. Maybe you should masturbate while you watch?” suggests Kim soothingly. “Sam, can you please fuck the shit out of me know? I’m so horny I could burst.”

“James sitting down does seem like tacit approval, anyway,” says Fred to Sam.

“Ok, well, I hope we can still all be friends in the morning,” says Sam with a sigh as he pulls out of Kim briefly in order to pull his pants off and then reinserts his prick into her waiting hole.

“Would you mind if I masturbated while I watch, actually?” asked Fred politely.

“Not at all, dear, would you like me to suck it for you?” replied Kim with a gasp as Sam began thrusting himself more and more insistently into her.

“If you wouldn’t mind, I would be quite obliged,” said Fred, turning red again as he withdrew his painfully stiff johnson from his pants and presented it you James wife.

“Fred, what a huge cock you have!” says Kim with surprise. “I never knew!” Then she bent her head down to put her mouth over the purple swollen head of Fred’s phallus.

“I can barely fit it into my mouth, honey,” says Kim excitedly, lifting her head momentarily to make a spicy comment to her husband.

“Spare me the details, please,” responds James with a show of unhappiness. His guts are tied in knots as he watches his wife enthusiastically go down on Fred while Sam fucks her from behind. Pretty soon Sam’s thighs are slapping against Kim’s ass rhythmically and Fred is moaning with pleasure as she sucks him off. No one is paying him any attention, so James goes ahead, pulls out his thing and starts stroking it as he watches in fascination.

“I’m going to cum soon,” grunts Sam. “Can I cum inside her?” he asks, turning to James who is fapping madly while he watches.

“What kind of question is that?” asks James with indignation.

“Oh, god, too late,” replies Sam and he grinds himself against Kim’s ass, presumably shooting load after load of semen into James’ wife as he does so. Kim reaches back and rubs her clitoris vigorously as he finishes, bringing herself to a shuddering climax.

Sam withdraws himself tenderly and flops down on a nearby chair as Fred stands up and eagerly takes his place. “Don’t mind me,” he tells her as he grips Kim’s hips and forces his huge cock into her waiting vagina.

“Jesus you are huge!” cries Kim. “Go easy with that thing.”

“It’s ok, I’m coming now, you are so tight!” pants Fred as he empties his own load into Kim.

“That a boy, shoot your wad in there,” jokes Kim as Fred pulls his dripping cock from her cunt. “Care for sloppy thirds, dear?” asks Kim shaking her ass at James.

“NO thanks!” he says with disgust. “Get over her and finish me off with your mouth.”

Kim scurries over obediently and kneels before her husband to go down on him. The way she looks up at him submissively with his cock in her mouth after brazenly seducing his two friends makes James loose his seed almost immediately. He spurts load after load of hot sperm down his wife’s throat and she almost chokes trying to swallow it all.

Once he is done, she unsnaps her bra and tosses it away as she sprawls back casually on the floor. “Bring me a drink, Sam,” she demands.

Sam hurries to do her bidding, handing her a fresh rum and coke, admiring her sexy body as she lays there.

“Well, you two are welcome to stay over tonight. Maybe you can rest up and fuck me more later,” says Kim hopefully.

“Jesus, Kim, are you serious?” complains James.

“Honey, did you see Fred’s cock?” laughs Kim. “I need to give to investigate that further!”

Fred blushes modestly in response as he zips up his fly.

“At what point do you turn into a shameless slut?” asks James affectionately, unable to bear her a grudge in his post-orgasm euphoria.

She thinks that over and then answers seriously, “I’m not sure, but I am enjoying it immensely.”

Everyone has a good laugh at that and James wonders how he will be able to deal with sharing his wife and if Sam and Fred will share their own wives with him.


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