My Wife Became a Stripper

By Gustav Jorgenson

I have a painful story to tell, so please bear with me.  My name is John Goodson, and I worked as an accountant for many years at various nonprofits.  Well, the recent recession put a lot of strain on the nonprofit world, and I found myself laid off.  I tried finding a job for a long time, but it seemed that my skills were out of date and I simply couldn’t find a job.  I decided to take a class in QuickBooks but it didn’t help.  Meanwhile my wife, Sarah, took a job at the library, but it paid very little and we were starting to get worried as we dipped deeper and deeper into our retirement accounts.

One day my brother Ed and his wife Candy were over for dinner and we were discussing the problem.

“So wait, how much do you make at the library?” asked Candy as she and Sarah cleared the plates from the table.  

“Oh boy, don’t ask,” chuckled my wife, shaking her head.

“Honey, you’ve got such a marvelous figure, we should get you a job as a cocktail waitress,” gushed Candy, tapping Sarah’s leg for emphasis.

I grimaced at Candy with distaste.  I hate to say it, but she was a very low class woman and our entire family was mortified when my brother married her.  They had met at a strip club where Candy had been working as a dancer and our sister, June simply refused to attend the wedding at all, she was so scandalized.  But Ed and I were close, and I understood that he was really too awkward and shy to meet women through more normal channels, so I forgave him.  Still, his wife was difficult to deal with sometimes.

Sarah just laughed in response to Candy’s suggestion.  “Candy, dear, I’ve never waited tables.  I simply am not qualified.”

“Oh nonsense, darling, those boobs of yours are all the qualifications you are going to need.”

Ed laughed out loud as Sarah touched her breasts thoughtfully, weighing them in her hands.

“Pretty hefty knockers,” blurted out my brother, his face turning red with excitement.  He always did have a bit of Tourette’s syndrome and was prone to involuntary and inappropriate comments.

Candy guffawed with glee at her husband’s rude comment, but Sarah just smiled at me and shook her head.  She knew how Ed got sometimes.

“My breasts are none of your concern, Ed.  You have a wife of your own who is perfectly well-endowed,” said my wife.  “But really, Candy, can we change the subject?  I mean, I’m no prude, but I can’t really see myself working in a bar wearing a little dress at my age.”

“Not a bar, honey, you need to work in a strip club,” exclaimed Candy.  “And before you say no,” she said hurriedly, holding up her hands to stave off our objections.  “Picture yourself taking home $300 a night in tips.”

“$300 a night!” I spat in derision.  “I don’t believe it.”

“John, don’t forget, I used to work in that business and I still know club owners.  That’s a conservative estimate,” said Candy, drawing herself up smugly.

I was silenced by her confidence and I could tell that Sarah was surprised at the wage.  “But that’s just for the younger girls I’m sure,” said my wife, obviously intrigued at this point.

“Honey, don’t you worry about that, you look great.  Why you look like you’re still in your 30’s.  Besides, it’s not the looks that get you money in that job.  You just have to talk to the guys and team up with the dancers to sell those drinks.  And believe me, an older confident lady like yourself will be able to handle those fellows way better than the nervous young girls in there.  Why half of those younger girls can’t even get up the nerve to flirt with the customers.”

“Why what makes you think I have the nerve to flirt with strange men in a strip club, Candy?” gasped my wife, putting her hand to her chest in surprise.  But there was a twinkle in her eye as she said it that made me feel nervous.

“I’ve got a hunch about you,” said Candy, wagging a finger at my wife and squinting at her playfully.  “My father always told me to watch out for the quiet ones.”

“Well, what do you think, John?” asked my wife with a sigh.  “Should I give a go?”

“Sarah, you can’t be serious?” I stammered, shocked that it had come to this.

“Frankly, dear.  The way we are drawing down our savings is really alarming.  If the pay is as good as Candy claims, why we would be back to the income level we had when you were working.  It would make me a lot less worried about our future.”

“But what if you don’t like it?” I asked skeptically.

“Well for that amount of money, I will grin and bear it.”

“That’s the spirit, dear,” chimed in Candy, clapping her hands in delight.  “But it’s not so bad.  You might actually get a kick out of it.  I’ll make some phone calls and find you a spot at a nice place.”

And Candy was true to her word.  The very next day, she arranged for Sarah to go for an interview at an upscale gentlemen’s club downtown.  

“Uh, Sarah, I am quite uncomfortable about the whole thing really,” I told my wife as she put on makeup to go to the interview.  “I mean, I don’t like the idea of these strange men ogling you in a skimpy cocktail dress.”  But as soon as I said it, I actually felt my penis stiffen unaccountably at the thought, which was extremely embarrassing.

“Please, John, I am nervous enough as it is,” said Sarah pausing as she applied her lipstick.  “And if I may say so, if you hadn’t lost your job we wouldn’t be in this position.”  She cast me an annoyed look that lasted just a moment  as she saw my face redden in shame.  “Oh, John, I’m sorry, darling,  I didn’t mean it.  You took wonderful care of me all these years.  Now it’s my turn to pull my weight and bring home the bacon for a while.  I don’t mind it.  Let’s just try to be strong for each other, shall we?”  She smiled at me and touched my cheek with her hand.  I looked her up and down, noticing that she chose a modest dress that still showed off her slim figure and large bosom to good effect.

“Well you do look simply smashing, and the men will all be falling over themselves to give you tips.”

“Thank you darling, you give me confidence,” said my wife, and off she went to her interview.

She was gone for several hours and I was starting to get worried when she finally arrived home, breathless and bright eyed, with her cheeks glowing a rosy red that I hadn’t seen in years.

“My goodness, Sarah, what took so long?  I thought this was just an interview!” I exclaimed.

“I’m so sorry, darling, but it was quite a whirlwind of activity once I got there,” she said, rushing over to the couch and throwing herself down dramatically by my side.  Her hair was done up in a curly style I hadn’t seen before and I realized she was wearing garish stage makeup.

“Look at you dear, what happened to your hair and makeup?” I asked in dismay.

“Let me start from the beginning,” she said, tossing her purse aside and leaning back in the couch.  “When I arrived, Tony and Chico, the managers interviewed me for just a few minutes and then asked to see me in the cocktail server outfit.  They held up a tiny dress and stockings and asked me to get changed.  I asked them where I could go to have some privacy and they just laughed and said I should change right there in their office while they watched.”  She gave me a bashful look at this point as I felt the blood drain from my face.

“You can’t be serious,” I stammered.

Sarah reached out and grabbed my hand to comfort me.  “Now darling, imagine how I felt.  I am a grown women, but these two young fellows had me blushing like a schoolgirl.  I told them that I thought this request was very inappropriate, but they just laughed and told me that if I couldn’t strip to my underwear for them, then I probably wouldn’t be able to handle the job.  Now I felt challenged by that, and I wanted to prove my mettle, so I stood facing them and took my dress right off while they watched.”

“Good God!”

“I know, darling, aren’t I scandalous!” giggled Sarah, slapping my thigh gaily.  “And those two scoundrels just drank in the sight of me in my underwear and simply growled their approval.  I have to say, it was quite flattering for an old lady like myself.”

“Now honey, you are only 42 after all, and you still have a wonderful figure,” I said, sensing that this was the thing to say at that moment.

“Oh, yes, apparently I do from the reaction I got from Tony and Chico,” she said, tossing her hair playfully.  “Anyway, as they watched me put on the fishnet stockings that are part of the uniform for the cocktail waitresses, they asked me if I wouldn’t prefer to take a position as an erotic dancer.”

I just laughed out loud at the thought of my meek wife dancing on a pole for a bunch of crass boors.

“Why are you laughing?” she asked drawing herself up indignantly.  “You just said that I have a nice figure, and I did take all those dance lessons.”

“Dance lessons?” I laughed.  “What does ballroom dancing have to do with stripping in a club?”

My wife blushed and said nothing, casting her eyes downward.

“Come now, dear, this is really beyond the pale.  Stripping nude on stage for strange men?  You can’t seriously be considering this?”

“Darling, you haven’t heard how much it earns,” she said solemnly, nodding her head at me.

“But, but, there is more to life than money, isn’t there?”  I was feeling very nervous at this point, amazed that she seemed to be seriously considering this.

“Well of course dear, but actually, I was intrigued by the idea.  It might be exciting.  Maybe I’ve been too conservative, sexually.”

“Now wait a minute, I won’t have my wife getting naked in front of strange men. It just isn’t proper!”

“Now look here, John Goodson, I may be your wife, but I am a grown woman, and I can make my own decisions about what sort of work I try,” said Sarah drawing herself upright and tilting her chin up defiantly.  “The fact is that men will pay inexplicable sums just to look at a woman’s boobies.  I could make as much in one week as an entire month at the library.  And though I always thought strip clubs would be seedy and gross, Tony and Chico’s place was quite classy, with a better sort of clientele.”

“Sarah, I am simply flabbergasted that you would consider this.  What if someone we know saw you there?”  

“Come now, John.  Do you really think any of our friends frequent gentlemen’s clubs in the city? I find that far-fetched.  Besides, if any man we know asked me what I was doing there, I could very well ask him the same question and then threaten to tell his wife!”  Sarah broke out laughing with devilish twinkle in her eye and slapped my thigh again.  “Come now John, don’t be a stick in the mud, let your old wife have a bit of a midlife spree.  I will just try it for a few weeks to see how it goes.”

I looked at Sarah’s merry expression and felt quite conflicted.  “I have to admit Sarah, this makes me jealous to think of you stripping naked for other men, but I guess it’s also sort of racy in a way.  Maybe I’ve taken you too much for granted after all these years.”

“Well if you want to hear something racy, let me tell you what happened when Tony and Chico convinced me to do an audition for them, stripping on stage.”  Sarah wriggled with excitement at the thought.

“What, you did that today?” I gasped.

“Yep,” said Sarah with a smug little smile.  “I climbed right on stage in my underwear and fishnets and did a little foxtrot.  I teased them a bit, unsnapping my bra and holding it in front of my boobs and making as though to take it off before pulling it back in place at the last minute.  Then I dropped the bra but covered up my nipples with my hands.  Then I covered my breasts with one hand while inching down my panties with the other.  I covered my vagina with one hand and wiggled my panties down to my ankles by shaking my hips, and then I finally let them see it all at once, throwing my hands in the air for a grand finale.  They simply loved it and shouted and clapped with excitement.  They said that a lot of the younger girls didn’t do enough teasing, but that really makes it fun I think.”

“I can’t believe you did that!” I said, my mouth dry.  I had developed a painful erection as my wife’s story progressed.  “I have to admit it was a titillating tale.”

“So I see,” exclaimed Sarah, noticing the bulge in my pants.  “Here, let me help you with that.”  And then she unzipped my fly, pulled out my penis and started sucking it right away.  After a moment, she pulled my dick from her mouth and swung her leg over to straddle me.  My erection pushed right inside her hot wet pussy and we both groaned with pleasure.  As she started bouncing up and down on my cock, I had a thought.

“Wait, you aren’t wearing any panties,” I said.

“Nope, Chico asked if he could keep them as a memento, that cheeky fellow,” she panted.  

Soon I was spurting my cum inside her, gripping her soft round ass in ecstasy as she fingered herself to climax with me.  She jumped off of my deflating cock agilely and pulled the hem of her dress down.

“Alrighty then, what should I make for dinner?  Steak?”  She skipped off to the kitchen to fix dinner as I shook my head with bemusement.

The next day, she started her new job and I felt awkward waiting at home for her to return.  I kept imagining her stripping naked for strange men and I kept getting embarrassing erections at the thought even though my gut was churning with anxiety, jealousy, and shame.  I couldn’t relax and kept wandering around the house in a distracted state, rubbing my sweaty palms on the thighs of my trousers trying to dry them.

When she finally arrived home after her first shift, I had to force myself to sit down and pretend to read a book to keep myself from running to greet her at the front door, which would have seemed strange and needy.

Sarah had a strange swagger to her step as she entered the living room and joined me on the couch.  Her cheeks glowed with excitement again and she held her chin a bit higher than normal.  She seemed confident, almost haughty.

“Well, you seem quite pleased with yourself, young lady,” I said, teasing her and putting aside my book, which I realized I had been holding upside down.

“Yes, well, this job looks to be even more lucrative than I imagined,” she said, pulling a fat roll of bills from her purse and tossing it on the table.  “I made more money than any of the younger girls, and they all crowded around me asking for pointers by the end of the night.”

“Really?” I said, grabbing the roll and thumbing through it, impressed by the number of 20’s and 50’s in the wad of cash.  “What’s your secret?”

My wife gave me a devilish look and leaned forward to confide in me.  “Well first of all, I don’t just ignore the fellows who hold up smaller bills, I taunt them and play them off against one another.  If one client holds up a five dollar bill, I point to the guy waving a twenty and tease him for being cheap.  I made a lot of crude jokes equating the size of bills to penis sizes.”

“Oh goodness,” I laughed.  “That doesn’t sound like you.”  I relished the idea of my normally quiet wife manipulating these strip club denizens.  It was a side of her I never would have guessed at.

“Well the whiskey helped, I must admit,” she chuckled.  “Also, I make sure to only flash my naked body a little bit and I cover right up again.  I make them pay for every little flash of nipple or, uh,  flash of pink.”  She blushed deeply as she said this.

“Flash of pink?” I gulped, my throat constricting and my mouth going dry.

“I know, darling.  Try not to think about it too much.  This is simply a shameless profession,” she said taking my hand and giving me a look of concern.  “Especially this whole VIP room business.  But I have to admit, that’s where a girl can earn quite a chunk if she isn’t too squeamish.”

“Squeamish?” I asked, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Oh, you know, about semen and such,” she said, gritting her teeth a bit in hesitation.  She saw my face go white as I started to hyperventilate and she patted my hand urgently.  “Honestly, darling, it really is best if you don’t think about it in too much detail.  Let’s just think about how we will spend our money.”  But then she noticed the tent in my trousers from my stiff penis.  “Oh, here, let me take care of this for you dear,” she said, expertly unzipping my fly and extracting my penis deftly. 

I groaned in pleasure as she rubbed my balls with one hand and jerked my shaft with the other.

“There, now, doesn’t this feel better,” she cooed soothingly.

“Sarah, I want to come down there and see what sort of things are going on,” I stammered as she pulled my pud, bringing me closer and closer to climax.  

“Ok, darling, whatever you say,” she said, dropping her head down to engulf my glans.  She sucked with surprising force as she tugged on my cock and I found myself ejaculating into her mouth within minutes.  “There, now, don’t you feel, better?” she asked with a friendly smile as she wiped my cum from her chin.  “Now let’s go out to a nice restaurant.  My treat!”

The next night as my wife got ready to go back to the strip club, I confronted her.

“Sarah, I am going to come down there and see what goes on at this strip club,” I demanded shakily.

She paused as she was applying her garish stripper makeup and bit her lip as she looked at me with trepidation.  “I don’t think that’s a very good idea, darling.  You will just get upset.”

“Why would I get upset?” I asked, feeling my stomach churn with anxiety.

“Well, you know, dear, perhaps it will make you jealous to see me carrying on with the clientele,” she said taking my hand.  “You know it’s all perfectly harmless, strictly business, but it might be hard for a husband to watch his wife, uh, servicing other men’s sexual needs.”

“Servicing their needs?” I squawked indignantly.

“Well, certainly dear, that’s what exotic dancers do, isn’t it?” she asked innocently.  “Men have these sexual urges and some can’t get their needs met for whatever reason, so they pay women in strip clubs to, well, to service their needs.  I mean, do I have to spell it out for you?”

“I’ve never been to a strip club, Sarah,” I said reasonably.  “How would I know what goes on there?”

She looked at me compassionately for a moment and then sighed.  “Alright, dear.  But please don’t make a scene.  This is a very lucrative job I have.”

My wife chatted away happily as I drove her to the club where she worked, but my mind with distracted by jealousy and excitement.  Part of me was extremely aroused by the idea of other men ogling my naked wife, but I was afraid to admit that to Sarah.

When we arrived at the club, Sarah hurried off to a side entrance after telling the doorman that I was her guest.  The doorman looked me over with interest.  He resembled a linebacker stuffed into a tuxedo that seemed ready to burst apart at the seems from his massive muscles at any moment.  I was immediately wary of him.

“You Sarah’s friend, huh?” he asked, rolling his neck to loosen some stiffness.

“Err, well, I’m her husband actually,” I admitted timidly.

The big man broke out in a hearty guffaw before recovering his composure.  “The fuck?  I figured the old girl was divorced or something. You into some kinky shit, huh?”  He gave me a lecherous grin and patted me on the back.  “Have fun, buddy.”

I wanted to object, but a line was forming behind me so I just ducked my head in shame and entered the club.  I knew it was an upscale place, but I was surprised at how modern and tasteful the interior was, with backlit filigree wall treatments and properly done faux-marble bar.  The main room had a 40 foot ceiling and a mezzanine level with additional seating.  The crowd was mostly comprised of businessmen in expensive suits and I felt immediately underdressed as I made my way to the bar.

I was about to order my drink when I recognized my next-door neighbor, Henry approaching.  I tried to duck away, but he saw me and I had to stand my ground and greet him.

“John Goodson, my God, what on earth are YOU doing here?” asked Henry with a nervous smile.  “Does Sarah know you are hanging around strip clubs these days?”

I blushed a deep red and stammered my response, “Well, uh, Henry, I might ask you the same question.  Does, does Rachel know you are here tonight?”

Henry’s face fell in response and he glanced over his shoulder guiltily.  “Actually, Rachel would kill me if she found out, so let’s keep this between ourselves, shall we?  I have a big client in town and he insisted that I take him out to a gentlemen’s club.  You see he knows we have a big expense account set aside for his entertainment and he wants to make the most of it.”

“Really?  How much do you have allocated?” I asked, my accountant curiosity kicking in.

“Five grand!” exclaimed Henry.  “We are negotiating a six figure upgrade deal and my boss is pulling out all the stops.”

“Wow, we never had an expense account for strip clubs at the non-profits.”

Just then a big man with spiky hair wearing a dark grey suit and bright pink tie approached and clapped Henry on the shoulder.  “Henry, where are those drinks?  I am dying of thirst over there.”

“Oh, sorry Dirk, I just bumped into my neighbor, John.  But I will get the drinks right away.”

Dirk gave me a winning smile and held out his hand,  “Howdy, John, I’m Dirk.  Why don’t you join us for a couple of drinks?  We are on a big expense account tonight, so the sky’s the limit.”

I gave Henry a questioning smile and he nodded in resignation.  “Yes John, why not join us?”

Henry ordered the drinks and I accompanied him and Dirk to a reserved table right at the edge of the stage.  A younger woman was just finishing her routine and she hopped down from the stage to give a group of young men a lap dance.

As we settled into our seats, a pair of bouncers wheeled a file cabinet and a desk onto the stage as the announcer came on the microphone.  “We have a special treat for you fellows next.  I am sure you have all fantasized about that voluptuous secretary at work and wondered what sort of body she had hidden under her work clothes.  Well Sarah Sin is going to give you all a thrill by revealing just that with her latest act.  She calls it ‘A hard day at work.’  Give her a big hand, gents.”

My gut dropped as my wife strolled casually onto the stage wearing a tight tweed skirt suit, black stockings and fake cat-eye glasses.  Her hair was done up in a bun, and she looked every bit like a nerdy office slut.  Henry practically choked on his martini when he recognized her and her gave me a look of utter shock.  I just shrugged in chagrin, my face burning with embarrassment.  Sarah glanced down and noticed Henry and I sitting by the stage, but she didn’t miss a beat and just gave us a quick wink of acknowledgement.

“Rawr, now that’s the sort of woman I go for,” growled Dirk as Sarah began her routine.  “I get sick of these skinny young girls they throw at you.  I like an hourglass figure on a mature lady in her 30’s.”

“I think she’s a bit older than that,” offered Henry, giving me a questioning glance.

“Nonsense, she can’t be older than 35.  What do you think, John?  You like her?”  he asked, slapping my knee.

“Oh yes, she’s very sexy,” I allowed.  “She certainly has the body of a 35 year old.”  My gut was churning already in anxiety at his interest and my wife hadn’t even disrobed yet.

Sarah pantomimed being hot by waving her hand before her face as she stripped out of her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse.  Then she bent down to rummage in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet and wiggled her round rump to the beat of the music.  As her skirt hiked up, it revealed a garter on each thigh.

“Lookit the caboose on that slut, will you?” cheered Dirk excitedly.  “Henry, give me some cash, I need to tip this one.”  He held out his hand impatiently and Henry handed over a thick roll of twenty and fifty dollar bills.

I watched helplessly as Dirk called out to my wife.  “Hey honey, bring that ass over here and let me grab a feel.”  He waved a 20 dollar bill at her and she minced backward, still bent over grinning back at him until he was in range.  He stuffed the 20 into a garter and then reached his hand up the back of her skirt to grope my wife’s rear.  She put her hand over her mouth in mock surprise as he pinched and squeezed her buttocks.  

Henry shifted in his seat uncomfortably as we watched and then bent over to whisper in my ear.  “John, what on earth is going on here?”

“What can I say?  Times are tough,” I hissed.  “Let’s talk about it later.”  I could feel a cold sweat breaking out in my armpits.

He gave me a compassionate look and shook his head sadly before leaning back in his seat.

Meanwhile Dirk was probing between my wife’s thighs and she slapped his hand playfully.

“That’s enough touching for now,” she laughed.  “But if give me another twenty, I will let you unzip my skirt.”

Dirk readily obliged, tucking another bill into her garter and eagerly tugging the zipper at the back of her skirt down.  Sweat was starting to bead up on his forehead and my stomach was roiling with shame and jealousy.  I watched in sick fascination as Sarah wriggled out of her skirt while the men hooted and shouted drunkenly all around me.  I could barely catch my breath as her skirt dropped to the floor and  she kicked it aside dismissively.  Sarah stood and turned and pretended to do some more filing before tugging at the collar of her blouse.  

Soon she was discarding her blouse and she standing before this crowd of strange men in her bra, panties, and stockings.  I glanced over at Henry whose mouth was hanging open in fascination as he watched my wife strip and I felt like kicking him, but I restrained myself.  Some guys at the other side of the stage were waving bills at her, so Sarah approached and offered her shapely leg to them so they could tuck the bills into her garter and then she unsnapped her bra and released her pendulous breasts.

“Holy shit, that MILF is fucking stacked!  Lookit those goddamn titties, will you?” shouted Dirk excitedly.  “I’m getting a lapdance from her for sure.  I wanna bury my face right between those knockers.  What do you say, Henry?”

Henry gave me an uneasy look before smiling nervously and agreeing with Dirk.  “Uh, yeah, I’m game if you are,” he said, shooting me an apologetic grimace.  I just gritted my teeth into a false grin and said nothing.

Sarah pranced back over to our side of the stage and started slipping her panties down over her wide hips.  She got them half-way off, with her snatch nearly exposed and then held out her hand to Dirk and rubbed her fingers together suggestively.  I couldn’t believe that my meek little wife was being so saucy. There was a glint of delight in her eyes as Dirk ripped through his wad of bills and thrust a pair of twenties into her garter.  She turned around and bent over at the waist to slide her panties all the way off and we all gazed at her lovely round ass.  Her labia was swollen and poked through between her thighs.

“Spread your lips!” cried Dirk frantically, gripping the bulge in his pants with one hand.

“You know what to do,” she responded with a grin, edging closer to the edge of the stage.

Dirk eagerly tucked a fifty into Sarah’s garter and she reached back and parted her labia for him, exposing her pink vagina for all to see.  He reached up impulsively and thrust one finger inside her and she gasped in surprise and slapped his hand away.  I sat watching in shock as this stranger fingered my wife and I noticed that my own penis became painfully erect at the sight.  Nonetheless, I was about to object when a bouncer appeared immediately and pushed Dirk back in his seat where he fell, red-faced and breathing heavily.  

“Watch yourself, asshole,” said the bouncer, flexing his arms menacingly.  “I’ll toss you right out of here if you don’t keep your hands to yourself.”

“Oh, no, Jordy, he’s ok.  He was just about to buy a lap dance, weren’t you dear?” she asked, batting her eyelashes at Dirk.

“Hell, yeah!” exclaimed Dirk, pulling  a hundred dollar bill from the roll.

Sarah was stark naked now except for her stockings.  Her neatly trimmed bush and hard pink nipples were on show for all to see.  I noticed Henry drinking in her body with his eyes as Sarah minced down the stairs to snatch the money from Dirk and quickly straddle his lap.  I watched in shock as she ground her vagina against the bulge in his pants while he gripped her buttocks and thrust himself against her.

“My God, Sarah, what are you doing?” I gasped, trying to hide the tent my own erection was pitching in my pants.

“Why, I am just earning my money, dear.  This is simply a business transaction,” she said innocently.

Dirk was too distracted to notice our familiar banter and grunted,  “Gimme a nipple to suck on.”

“That’s extra,” she cautioned, holding one boob in her hand with her nipple just out of reach of his mouth.

“I’ll pay, I’ll pay,” begged Dirk, sticking his tongue out hungrily.

“Alright, dear, alright, here you go,” said my wife, feeding her nipple into Dirk’s waiting mouth gently.  She patted his head affectionately as he loudly slurped on her tit.  “My goodness, men are such big babies when it comes to boobs,” she told me with a smile.  Then she turned to Henry and greeted him warmly.  “How are you doing, Henry, would you like a lap dance next?” she asked coyly.

“Uh, I don’t think John would like that,” he said evasively.

“Hold that thought,” she said as she ground her crotch down onto Dirk’s bulge.  She pulled her tit out of his mouth and took Dirk’s cheeks in her hands.  “My goodness, you’ve got quite a stiffy down there, don’t you young man?” she teased.  “Maybe we should go to the VIP room so I can help you with that in private.”

“Let’s do it,” agreed Dirk quickly, gripping my wife’s big boobs in his hands and squeezing and pinching her nipples.

“But you didn’t even ask the price,” laughed Sarah pulling his hands away gently but brushing her boobs across his face playfully.

“I don’t care what it costs, we are on Henry’s expense account,” said Dirk, jumping to his feet and grabbing my wife around the waist.  

“Oh, well, why didn’t you say so?” she said, her eyes lighting up with a mercenary glow.

“Come along, boys, let’s go give this cougar a workout,” chuckled Dirk as Sarah lead him around the stage to a private room.

“Uh, maybe you don’t want to see this part,” warned Henry as he and I hurried along behind Sarah and Dirk.

“Are you kidding me?” I snapped.  “Do you think I am just going to let my wife go back there alone without any supervision?”

“Supervision?” asked Henry skeptically as he gave me a queasy look.

We entered a small room with leather couches, a disco ball and a bucket with a couple of bottles of chilled champagne.  Sarah wasted no time and pushed Dirk down onto a couch and flopped down next to him.  Henry and I sat on the couch opposite as Sarah deftly unzipped Dirk’s fly and pulled out his throbbing penis.

“Oh my, you are a big boy, aren’t you,” she purred as she stroked Dirk’s rod.

“Sarah, what on earth are you doing?” I choked, unable to believe my eyes.

“Hush, John, I am just servicing a client, nothing more.  What do you think these VIP rooms are for anyway?” she said with smile as you yanked on Dirk’s pud.

“You are a dirty girl, suck it for me, will you?” pleaded Dirk as he groped my wife’s bare tits.

“How large is your expense account, Henry?” asked Sarah casually.

“Err, five thousand,” admitted Henry sheepishly.

“Did you hear that, John?” she asked me matter-of-factly.

“Yes, but,” I complained, but it was too late, she bowed her head and started sucking Dirk’s cock right there while I watched.

“Holy shit, look at her go!” blurted Henry, unzipping his own fly so that he could jerk off while he watched my wife suck off his client.

“Henry, for chrissake, that’s my wife!” I chided.

“Sorry, John, but this is just too hot,” he said, avoiding my eyes as he spanked his monkey.

“Wait what?” asked Dirk blearily, his head thrown back in ecstasy as Sarah’s head bobbed up and down on his dick. “Whose wife?  Are you kidding?”

“Hush, dear, don’t worry your little head about it,” said Sarah, raising her head for a moment and patting Dirk’s glans.

“Get on, get on top,” he urged.

“Now, now, that’s going too far,” she said with a smile as she pinched the head of his cock.

“I don’t care, I’ll pay a thousand, it’s nothing to me, it’s not even my money,” he gasped, pulling her arm urgently.

“Fair enough,” agreed Sarah with a shrug and she threw her leg over Dirk’s lap and lowered herself easily down onto his straining dong.

“Sarah, good god!” I cried, jumping to my feet in outrage.  My blood was pounding in my ears and my phallus was throbbing in my trousers.

“Give me a moment, darling, I am making a thousand dollars,” moaned Sarah lustily as she bounced up and down on Dirk’s cock.

“Yeah you are, you dirty whore,” he growled, gripping her buttocks lustily as he thrust himself up into my wife over and over.  “You earn that fucking money.”

“Oh, I am, I am,” she panted, slapping him in the face with her big jiggling boobs while she worked herself up and down on his prick.  I watched enthralled as his slick shaft penetrated my wife’s pussy over and over again.  It didn’t take him long before he groaned with pleasure and started shuddering with his climax.  I could tell that he was shooting his load right inside my wife’s womb and it made me crazy with jealousy and arousal.

“Christ, did you just cum inside her?” asked Henry in surprise as he jerked himself off.

“Yeah, you wanna do her next?  Be my guest, or uh, be your own guest, it’s your expense account,” said Dirk wiping sweat from his face with a smile as Sarah climbed off his deflated cock gingerly.

“How do you like it Henry?” she asked simply, weighing her large breasts in her hands distractedly as she contemplated Henry’s stiff dick in his hand.

“Doggystyle if you don’t mind,” said Henry, standing up impatiently.

“Help yourself,” laughed Sarah, turning around and bending over to present her round rump to Henry.

“Henry, how COULD you?” I blubbered indignantly.

“I’m sorry John, I guess I don’t make very good decisions when I’m all horned up like this.  But as least she’ll make some money from it,” he said as he put his dick into my wife’s cunt.

“Oh, Henry, that’s quite a tool you have there,” purred Sarah.  “Rachel is a lucky lady.”

“Jeez, Sarah, can we leave my wife out of this, I am trying to enjoy myself,” whined Henry.

“Wait do you two know each other or something?” asked Dirk as he popped open a champagne bottle.

“Uh, yeah, John and Sarah are my next door neighbors,” admitted Henry as he humped my wife from behind, making her tits swing back and forth provocatively. 

“You gotta be shitting me!” laughed Dirk, taking a swig of the bubbly.  “This is so fucking twisted!”  Then he turned to me and his eyes widened incredulously.  “Are you her fucking husband?  No way!  How could you just stand there while I dicked your wife?  I mean what the hell are you doing letting your wife strip in a club in the first place?!”

“I’m cumming!” interrupted Henry ardently as he pounded away on my wife from behind with his hands clamped to her hips in a death grip.

“Go right ahead dear, just let it go,” coaxed Sarah over her shoulder with her hands on her knees.  “You can do it.”

“Urrgh,” cried Henry as he spurted his load inside my woman.

“Jesus, this is incredibly fucked up.  I never hung out with swingers before,” shouted Dirk excitedly.  “Man you just stood by and watched a stranger and then your neighbor fill up your wife with sperm.  What a sick fucker you are, John.”

“Well we are a couple of grand richer for it,” said  Sarah smugly, straightening up as Henry withdrew his sodden dong from her twat.  I was standing there shaking with anger and frustration and she walked over to me naked and noticed the huge bulge in my pants.  “John, look at the boner you have, your willie must have found this entertaining,” she said bashfully, pinching my stiffy through my trousers.

“You’ve been, disloyal,” I pouted, trying to ignore how good it felt as she played with my penis.

“Dirk, give John the money, it will make him feel better,” she said, wrapping her arm around my waist as she unzipped my fly and started tugging my johnson in earnest.

“Gladly, pretty lady,” said Dirk, tossing me the wad of cash.

I caught the chunk of cash and thumbed through the bills numbly as Sarah jerked my weiner.  “Uh, there is more like three thousand here,” I muttered.

“Keep it,  you ALL earned it.  I got a great fuck AND an incredible story for the boys back home,” laughed Dirk.  “Besides, it’s all expense account money, so all it means is a headache for Henry on Monday when he fills out the expense report.”

“Actually my boss already signed off on it.  He knew we were coming to the Gold Club and is expecting to see a large miscellaneous cash line item on the report,” said Henry with a wave of the hand as he wiped the cum from his penis with his handkerchief and zipped up his fly.

“There you go, John, you take the money,” said Sarah as she reached down to rub my balls.

“Hey man, that makes you a pimp!” shouted Dirk with delight.  He pointed his finger at me and laughed hysterically.  “You are the most buttoned down pimp I ever saw,” he chortled.

I felt my face flush with embarrassment at the label and was about to object when Sarah patted me on the shoulder. “Well it’s sort of true, John.  I guess this does make you something of a pimp.  Now let me service my pimp daddy,” she said and dropped to her knees to start sucking my dick right in front of Dirk and Henry.

“I’m not a goddamn pimp, I’m a CPA!” I objected weakly as Sarah gave me an amazing blowjob.

“Accounting is actually a pretty good skill for a pimp to have,” said Henry, watching Sarah with interest as she went to town on my stiff cock.

“Fuck yeah, got to keep the numbers straight,” said Dirk, holding up his champagne glass.

I looked down at my wife as she hungrily licked my balls and the thought of her being my whore suddenly evoked an orgasm.  I started shooting hot spurts of semen all over her face.  She giggled in excitement and turned her face back and forth to receive a proper facial and I have to admit I sort of felt like a pimp for a moment with a huge wad of cash in my hand and my cum-covered wife on her knees before me in the VIP room of a fancy strip club.

“Well, since you fellows have blown your wads already, both biologically and economically.  I will be off to the showers and then back on stage to find some high rollers with some cash left.  Toodles,”   laughed Sarah, climbing to her feet.  And with a little wave, she ran right out of the room while I stood there in a daze.

“Ok, Ok, I guess I’m a pimp then,” I said, pocketing the roll of cash.  “But I refuse to wear a red suit.”

“That’s probably for the best, John,” said Henry, clapping me on the shoulder good-naturedly.  “No sense in attracting undue attention.”

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Wife Makes Reparations

By Gustav Jorgenson

Even though Trump wasn’t really a proper conservative, and I knew it.  I still backed him.  He tells  it like it is.  Of course my vote didn’t mean anything since I live in California.  But being the contrarian trouble-maker that I am, I proudly kept my Trump/Pence 2016 sign on the front lawn to the annoyance of my liberal Bay Area neighbors. I swear, the Bay Area is the most liberal place on earth.  I was surrounded by special snowflakes who all piss their panties when they see my Trump sign and it made me laugh heartily.

But my wife Linda was a liberal herself and she nagged me a lot to get rid of the sign.  Her fat friend Hazel was even worse.  She was the sort I like to call a “social justice warrior,” a rabidly unreasonable radical leftist, completely out of touch with reality as far as I was concerned.  Although she was a white upper class woman herself, she had somehow come to the conclusion that whites are the source of all evil in the world.  I found her endlessly annoying.

One day I was replacing the sign in the front yard because my crybaby neighbors kept taking it down and Hazel and Linda were following me around, trying to get me to stop.

“Why do you have to keep putting that sign back, Harold?” whined my wife.  “The election is over already.”  She was wringing her hands in despair.  I took a break from pounding the wooden stake with my mallet and I gazed at her jiggling cleavage for a moment.  She was wearing a very low cut blouse and her huge tits were practically spilling out of it.  It was giving me a hardon.

“What?” I asked as I gazed pointedly at my wife’s chest.  

“Stop it,” giggled Linda putting her hands over her boobs.  “This is serious!”

“That sign is basically hate speech, Harold!” shouted Hazel.  She was always blowing everything out of proportion.  But that’s how these Bay Area leftist really felt.  Even displaying Trump’s name was hate speech.  What fools.

“Don’t be an idiot, Hazel.  Displaying the president’s name isn’t hate speech,” I sighed.

“He’s a racist!” Spit was literally flying from Hazel’s lips as she yelled.

“He’s not even that racist,” I countered.  “I mean, no more racist than your average seventy year old white guy.”

“Calling Mexican’s rapists is pretty racist,” insisted my wife.

“He said that some were rapists, which I’m sure is true,” I said patiently. “He also said that some are good people.”

“Immigrants commit less crime statistically than natives,” sputtered Hazel.

“Sure, if you count immigrants from India maybe,” I laughed.  “But look, even if he’s wrong about Mexico not sending their best people, that doesn’t make me racist.”

Just then, my black neighbor, Wilson, came up and decided it was his right to butt into our conversation.  “That sign is a microaggression, Harold,” he said.  He pointed a finger at me menacingly. 

“Oh, here we go.”  I rolled my eyes dismissively.  “Where did you learn the word microaggression, Wilson?  Have you been on Tumblr again?”

“You racist, you know that?” he asked me.

I put down my mallet and hitched up my dockers as I faced the big black man towering above me. “You know what, Wilson?  It’s these liberals that are the real racists.  Not us conservatives.”

“That’s preposterous!” choked Hazel indignantly.  She was fluffing her red curly locks trying to attract Wilson’s attention, but he only had eyes for my wife. I caught him checking out Linda’s cleavage.

“It’s true,” I continued.  “A conservative tells the black man to forget about the welfare and pull himself up by his bootstraps.  We are assuming that he’s capable of that.  That’s he’s equal to the task at hand.  While these liberals wring their hands and say ‘Oh no, these poor useless black people have no abilities, we need to just give them welfare.’  It’s the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

“I ain’t on welfare, Harold,” said Wilson with a frown.  But the horny bastard kept glancing over at my wife’s tits which was starting to annoy me.

“There is SO much wrong with what you said,” cried Hazel.  “The white man has his boot planted firmly in the small of the black man’s back and then asks why he can’t pull himself up by his bootstraps.  You know that study where identical resumes were sent around, one with a black sounding name and one with a white sounding name and all the black resumes were rejected?  You don’t have to deal with that. That’s your white privilege.”

“Yep, yep, white privilege.”  Wilson was nodding his head and pointing at Hazel.

I threw my hands up in frustration.  “Here we go with the privilege bullshit now.”

“It’s not bullshit, honey.  We ARE privileged,” my wife told me in a small voice.

“Thank you, Linda. Thank you!” Wilson said excitedly.  He adjusted the crotch of his basketball shorts rudely.  My wife’s big knockers were giving the lecherous fucker a boner!  And of course, he’s black so his huge horse dick was forming a grotesque lump in his shorts.

My wife furrowed her brow as she noticed his growing bulge but then looked away when I gave her a dirty look.

“I earned my money, fair and square,” I said.  “Why do I have to accept responsibility for other people’s failures?”

“You’re only successful because of institutional racism,” snarled Hazel.  “And now you are perpetuating it with that Trump sign.”

“Yeah, you racist, like I said,” added Wilson.  He pointed his finger at me again and nodded his head up and down vigorously..

“Look, Wilson, I know my husband’s sign is upsetting to you.  But isn’t there anything I can do to make it up to you?” asked my wife.  She took Wilson’s hand and looked up at him beseechingly.

“Blegh,” I spat in disgust.  I didn’t like how she was trying to bend over backwards to appease this black man.

Wilson gave me a frown, then he looked down brazenly at my wife’s jiggling cleavage as she clung submissively to his hand.  “I know how you can make it up to me,” he said, licking his lips.

“How?” asked my wife innocently.  Then she noticed that his gaze was directed insistently at her big tits and my cute little wife’s cheeks turned red.  “Omigosh are you are looking at my boobies?” she giggled nervously.  She shot me a guilty look.

“I don’t like the way you are looking at my wife, fella,” I sputtered.  I know it sounds racist for me to say this, but black guys really are sexually aggressive.

“I think it’s only fair,” said Hazel reasonably.  “Your callous racist support of Trump has caused a rift in the neighborhood.  Maybe if Linda shows Wilson a little love, that could begin the healing process.”

“A little love,” I croaked.  My pulse was starting to race and I could feel my armpits growing damp.

“Maybe I could just let him have a quick peek?” my wife asked me sweetly as she gripped the neck of her low cut blouse.  “Maybe it would help smooth things over?”

I nearly gagged with shock and was sputtering incoherently as my wife yanked her top open allowing her big white tits to spill out.  Her rosy pink nipples were nice and hard and Wilson grabbed them in his big black hands instinctively.  Linda cooed with pleasure and smiled up at the big black man as he fondled her knockers.

“Get your black hands off of my wife!” I shouted and rushed forward to intervene.  But that fat chunk Hazel got in front of me and pushed me back with her bulk.

“Why are you pointing out his skin color if you aren’t racist?” she demanded hotly.

“He’s got his goddamn mitts on my wife’s breasts, Hazel!” I yelped.

“Serves you right,” she sniffed.

“Yes honey, it’s just a bit of harmless fondling,” my wife told me as I watched Wilson pinching her nipples and twisting them gently between his fingers.

“Damn your wife got some fine ass titties,” Wilson told me with a toothy grin.

“Fuck you, Wilson!” I shouted.  But Hazel managed to keep her bulk between me and Wilson.  Which might have been for the best, because he was a lot bigger than I was and would probably would have knocked me to the ground with his ape-like strength.  I know that sounds racist.

Some kids on bikes stopped and gaped in amazement at the sight of my big black neighbor juggling my wife’s bare bosom in our front yard.  “Maybe we should take this conversation inside,” said my wife as she gently removed Wilson’s roving hands from her exposed chest.  She tucked her generous endowments back into her shirt and took Wilson’s hand to lead him inside.  I noticed her glancing furtively at his big dong which had formed a tent in his shorts at this point.

“Wait, you can’t bring that, that animal into our home,” I cried as Hazel and I trailed them back into my home and castle.

“See, that language you use? It is so problematic,” tisked Hazel.  “Just because he is black, now he’s an animal?”

“Any guy who feels up my wife is an animal, Hazel.  I don’t care if he’s black or purple!”  I was sputtering with indignation, but I was outnumbered and my wife took Wilson right into our living room and sat him down on the couch.

“Oh, I know my terrible husband has given you so much stress, dear,” she told him. “Here let me comfort you.”  And my wife straddled the big man’s lap and stripped her shirt right off so that her tits flopped right into his face.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” hummed Wilson with satisfaction as Linda pressed her soft melons into his face and cradled the back of his head.

“For Christ’s sake, Linda!” I gasped in shock.  “What do you think you are doing?”

“I’m comforting him, silly,” she told me with an impish grin.  Then she pouted at me.  “You were so mean to him with your Trump sign and all.”

“Stop complaining and sit right there and watch,” commanded the bossy Hazel.  She pointed at my favorite chair and I sat down automatically.  I honestly didn’t know what else I could do at that point.  “Maybe this will teach you something about good race relations.”

“I have to let a black man suck my wife’s tits in order to prove I’m not racist?” I asked incredulously.  Wilson was going to town on my wife’s knockers, slurping loudly on her nipples and she was grinding her crotch down on his protruding hardon insistently.

“Nom, nom, nom,” said Wilson as he gobbled my wife’s tits.

“We know you are racist, Harold,” sighed Hazel. “You can’t prove otherwise.   Maybe this will make you less racist.”

“Bitch, get down there and suck my dick now,” grunted Wilson urgently.  He shoved my wife off of his lap unceremoniously and then yanked his shorts down to his ankles while his huge horse dick shot skyward like a black tent pole.

“Um, Wilson, the word ‘bitch’ is problematic,” said Hazel uneasily as she eyed the black man’s massive dong with interest.  “It’s misogynistic.”

“Oh, I don’t mind.  It made me sort of wet how forceful he is being,” said my wife and she wasted no time wrapping her mouth around the head of Wilson’s cock.

My chest tightened and my cock was throbbing as I watched my wife hungrily servicing the ill-mannered negro on my couch.  It was a true defilement of our marriage vows, but all I could think of was pulling my own trousers down so I could maturbate while I watched.

“Even the sexual is political, though,” mumbled Hazel as she watched my wife slurping happily on that big black cock.

“Bitch, shut the fuck up and get down there and suck mah balls, whore ass slut,” crowed Wilson and he gestured at his big saggy nutsack hanging down between his legs.

“I don’t like this language,” said Hazel.  But Wilson correctly identified her as a fat slut and she submissively dropped to her knees before him and began delicately lapping at his scrotum.

“This is social justice right here, motherfucker,” Wilson told me with contentment.  “Two white bitches sucking a nigga’s junk.”

“Yeah, that’s how I picture social justice too,” I admitted.  I pinched the erection in my pants ruefully.

“Please police your language,” Hazel told Wilson, pausing her ball licking for a moment.

“I don’t want to hear nothing from you, bitch.  Get them nuts back in your mouth,” Wilson told the fat social justice warrior, and she readily complied.  I was pretty sure she hadn’t had a boyfriend in years.  This was a chance of a lifetime for her.

Meanwhile my own wife was urgently unzipping her pants and I watched with painful anticipation as she wriggled out of her jeans and pulled her panties off, sucking Wilson’s cock the whole time.  My lily white wife shoved Hazel back  roughly, making her squawk and then Linda swung herself back onto Wilson’s lap.  But this time his saliva slickened cock speared right up into my wife’s exposed pussy.   She cooed with pleasure as she lowered herself down, impaling herself eagerly on Wilson’s hard cock.

Hazel lifted her mumu and fingered herself shamelessly as she watched my wife getting owned by my black neighbor.  He pumped his big dick in and out of her aggressively while wagging his eyebrows at me mockingly.  But I was too fascinated at this point to even put up much protest.  I finally overcame my hesitation and pulled my dick out so I could jerk it while I watched my crude black neighbor violate my tender white wife.

The fucking went on for a while, LInda’s feral cries growing louder and louder until she practically screamed in climax.

“I’m cumming inside your whore ass wife now, whitey,” called Wilson.  “Teach your racist ass to put a Trump sign out.”  And the big black man pumped his seed deep inside my willing wife as she clung to him and whimpered.

Hazel was madly flicking her click as she lay back on the floor watching them.  I was about to cum myself, when I got an idea.

“Here’s what I think of your social justice, Hazel,” I gasped.  I ran over and sprayed my load of cum right into her fat white face.  Spurt after spurt of hot jizz when shooting out, some into her piggish mouth as she gasped in shock.  It was very satisfying, I must say.  But my victory was short lived as the indignant cow lumbered to her feet, shouting profanities at me.  I had to beat an ignoble retreat before the raging fat woman as she chased me from the room.  Still, it was sort of worth it to learn about the kinky side of social justice.


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Beach Rental

By Gustav Jorgenson

My wife Anne and I have been vacationing with a group of friends at rented beach houses in Rehoboth Beach for several years.  I generally was in charge of finding the rental, but this year we let this guy Richard, who I never much cared for, take over the responsibility.  When we arrived at the place, we found that it had fewer beds than we needed and some people were going to need to sleep on cots, reinforcing my negative perception of Richard.  The eight of us on this trip assembled in the great room to hash it out. There were three couples, my wife and I, Jack and Sylvia, Bob and Linda, and then Richard who was single and Ruth who was also single. 

“Well, since we have three queen beds, why not just have the three couples take those and then Richard and Ruth can sleep on the couches,” I said reasonably, and of course all the other couples agreed.  I left unsaid that Richard should have to suffer since he was the one that screwed up and booked this house.

“Now hold on,” objected Ruth.  “I’ve got a bad back, I’m not going to be able to enjoy the beach if I’m half paralyzed by sleeping on one of those crappy cots.”

“She’s right, of course,” said Richard smoothly.  “The only fair way to deal with this is to draw lots.”

There was some grumbling, but it was agreed that this was the fairest way to proceed.  Richard put 8 slips of paper into a hat. Two of the slips had “cot” written on them, and he held the hat above his head as we each drew a slip.  

“Goddamnit,” I cried when I found that I had drawn a cot.

Ruth cursed as well when she drew a cot slip as well, but she just stubbornly refused to switch when my wife offered to trade her spot in a bed.

“So wait, the two couples are fine sleeping together, but now my wife is going to end up in bed with Richard?”  I squawked in annoyance.

“Sounds good to me,” said Richard, eyeing Anne’s body in her bikini with a lecherous leer.  Everyone broke out laughing at the way Anne blushed and crossed her arms trying to cover her jutting breasts.

“Relax Tim,” said my friend Jack, clapping me on the shoulder amicably. “Wife swapping is all the rage these days.”

“Yeah, Tim,” said Richard, wagging his eyebrows at me. “Don’t be so old-fashioned.  What’s a friendly shag between friends after all?” He slapped Anne’s rump for emphasis and she shrieked in surprise and slapped his shoulder as everyone laughed uproariously.

As we headed down to the beach together, Richard put his arm around Anne’s shoulder and teased her.

“I hope we can both agree to sleep in the nude, because that’s how I sleep and I don’t want you to feel overdressed,” he simpered, making the other women cackle with laughter.

Bob noticed my discomfort and took me aside.  “The big bedroom is the only one where both cots will fit, so we will stick you, Anne, Richard, and Ruth in there together.  That way you can be sure no funny business happens,” he murmured under his breath.

“Oh come on, Bob,” I said, trying to force a laugh.  “I trust my wife. She would never do anything improper.  Besides, Richard is always making jerky comments like that.”

“Ahh, still, better safe than sorry,” he said with a slight frown.  “You know how things get late at night after a few drinks.”

It’s true that there had been rumors from previous years about adulterous hookups.  Last year, Bob’s wife Linda and this guy Pedro disappeared for a couple of hours and claimed they had been off playing miniature golf, but no one believed them.  I made sure Pedro wasn’t invited back this year.

The jokes about Richard sleeping with Anne continued all day.  No one but me seemed to tire of them, and eventually, even my modest wife stopped getting embarrassed by them and started playing along.

“Have another glass of wine, Anne,” said Linda with a twinkle in her eye as she topped off Anne’s glass at dinner.  “It’s probably been many years since you’ve slept with a man other than your husband, the wine will help you relax and get into it.”

“Well, all I have to do is lay there and Richard can do the getting into,” said Anne with a grin, kicking me under the table playfully.

“Har, har, har,” I commented sourly as our friends all gibbered drunkenly at the crass jokes.

“But seriously, Anne, what position do you prefer?” asked Richard, his eyes fixed on my wife’s cleavage.  She happened to be wearing a much lower cut gown than was her habit and I suspected she did it in response to Richard’s insistent flirting which annoyed me to no end.

“Oh, I like it doggy style,” she said seriously, crossing her arms under her boobs to boost them up so he could inspect them better.  “But we would have to get on top of the covers to do it that way which would be rude with Tim and Ruth in the room. We will probably have to settle for missionary since we can stay covered up that way and it’s more discreet.”  She winked at me mischievously as the table erupted in further merriment and Linda nearly choked, she was laughing so hard.

“Spooning is also fairly discrete,” put in Jack, taking his opportunity to eye my wife’s chest.

“Jack, stop staring at Anne’s cleavage, you pig,” laughed his wife Sylvia.  “The way you are ogling her it makes me wonder if you want to switch places with Richard.”

“We will be here 8 nights,” put in Richard with a broad grin.  “I shouldn’t hog Anne the entire time, maybe I should raffle off a few of the nights to give the other guys a chance to sleep with her.”

“No problem, I guess I will just be the community trollop this trip,” said Anne, pulling the front of her her dress down to reveal even more cleavage and thrusting her chest out shamelessly which got all the men’s attention at the table.

“Well if Bob wanted to take a roll in the hay with these knockers, I could hardly blame him,” commented Linda, reaching out to grab Anne’s jutting breasts.  I laughed along to be a good sport, but I noticed Bob shifting uncomfortably in his seat I realized that he was probably adjusting a boner under the table.

“Ok, jeez, can we talk about something other that my wife getting fucked by other guys?” I asked irritably.  But there was no denting the hilarity and everyone laughed off my complaint.

“Come now, darling,” pouted Anne, teasing me. “Aren’t I allowed to get a little attention now and then?  I’m a good wife all year long, can’t I be a little bad on vacation?”

“Sure, sure, whatever,” I said tersely, downing my wine.  

The group finally started to notice my sour mood and the conversation turned to other topics.

After dinner, we strolled along the boardwalk enjoying the gentle summer evening air.  I held my wife’s hand and we lagged behind the group as I stared out moodily at the waves crashing in the moonlight.

“Why are you so quiet?” asked Anne meekly as we walked along.

“Uh, sorry, I guess I’m a little worked up over all the comments about you sleeping in the same bed as Richard tonight,” I admitted.

“Oh, darling,” sighed Anne, putting her head on my shoulder.  “How can you take that stuff seriously? I mean you and Ruth will be right there in the room, what could possibly go wrong?”

“Nothing, nothing, of course,” I sighed, kissing her on the top of the head.  “But you sure enjoy joking around about it.”

“Well, sure I do,” admitted my wife, kicking her legs childishly out in front of her as we walked along.  “I’m starting to get older and men don’t pay attention to me like they used to. I just like the attention.  It’s flattering to have Richard flirt so persistently with me. It makes me feel desirable for a change instead of like a middle-aged housewife.”

“Well I still think you are beautiful,” I said lamely.

“I know you do, dear, I know you do,” she agreed distantly, looking out over the waves.

“Anne,” I said after a moment.  “Do you think Linda and Pedro really, you know, got it on last year?”

“It certainly appears that they did,” said Anne, looking up at me with a devilish smile.

“But Bob didn’t make much of a fuss about it,” I recalled. He just asked me not to invite Pedro back this year.

“Well, that’s reasonable of him.  Bob and Linda have been married a long time.  Why make waves over one minor indiscretion?” she asked breezily.  Then she turned to me with wide eyes, “Hey wait a minute, are you trying to say something here?”

“No, no,” I lied, holding up my hands defensively.

“Look, Tim, Richard is no Pedro, ok?” she laughed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked, arching an eyebrow at my wife.

“Pedro is a total stud, of course.  My god, he’s gorgeous, and from the bulge in his swimming trunks, he looked like he was hung like a horse,” giggled my wife.  “Richard is just so-so. He makes me laugh, but there is something sort of sketchy about him.”

“Ah, ok, if that’s how you felt about Pedro, we are definitely not inviting him back next year either,” I said, feeling my anxiety loosen considerably.

We picked up our pace and rejoined the group as we returned to the house.

We opened a few more bottles of wine and stayed up drinking long into the night, until I was practically reeling upstairs around 2:00 am when the party broke up.  When I got to the master bedroom, I heard Ruth and Anne giggling hysterically in the attached bathroom, but I didn’t see Richard anywhere. I noticed that Ruth had just laid out her blankets directly on the floor to avoid hurting her back on the creaky cot. 

I needed to piss and brush my teeth, so I knocked on the bathroom door.  “Hey, I need to get in there,” I called.

The giggling stopped and then I heard Richard’s voice as he and the two women exchanged hurried whispers within the bathroom.  

“Richard, are you in there?” I called out.  I started feeling suspicious and my heart was pounding in my chest.

“Yeah, Tim, hold on a second,” he said.  “I’m just helping Anne pick out the right negligee to wear to bed.”

“Enough joking around, I’ve got to piss,” I demanded.  

“Honey, can you use the bathroom down the hall, I’m not decent in here,” said my wife sweetly.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I demanded angrily.  “How you you be indecent with Richard in there?”

“It’s pretty hot, actually,” called Ruth before dissolving into a fit of snickering laughter.

I decided that they must be fucking with me, but I couldn’t wait, so I ran down the hall to use the other bathroom.

When I came back, Richard was sitting up in bed, bare chested with his hands crossed behind his neck smugly watching Anne help Ruth arrange some couch cushions on the floor for her to sleep on.  I noticed that my wife was in fact wearing a very short, sexy negligee which was practically unheard of.

“What was that all about?” I asked petulantly.  “Keeping me out of the bathroom like that.”

“Well, it would have been pretty awkward if we had let you in at that moment,” said Ruth with a salacious grin.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked defensively, feeling my stomach roil with jealousy.

Anne came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, tugging modestly at the hem of her nightgown which barely covered her crotch and I noticed Richard’s eyes glued to her shapely legs as she crossed the room.

“Don’t worry about it dear,” she said, patting me on the shoulder.  “Let me tuck you in.”

I climbed drunkenly onto the rickety cot and my wife bent over to cover me.  I glanced over to see Richard’s eyes fixated on my wife’s rear as she did.

“Anne, look, Richard is springing a stiffy over there!” cried Ruth with delight.

Anne stood and turned to look, holding her hem down in back with one hand.  There was definitely a large protrusion in the covers around his crotch.

“Richard, look at you,” tittered my wife gaily.  “It looks like your johnson is standing straight up at attention.”

“You got me when you bent over like that,” he admitted with a lecherous smile.

“That’s a pretty big bump you got over there, buddy,” joked Ruth, eyeing Richard’s protrusion with interest.  “Did it pop out of the front of your shorts or something?”

“I told you already, I sleep in the nude,” laughed Richard, pointing at his boxer shorts crumpled by the side of the bed.

“Alright, enough, joking around, put your goddamn shorts back on,” I snapped hotly, the cot lurching dangerously as I leaned up on one elbow.

“Honey, just relax,” said my wife, pushing me back down.  “I don’t care if Richard sleeps in the buff or not. He’s going to keep his huge nasty boner on his side of the bed, and I am going to stay on my side.”

Ruth simpered behind her hand as she lay down on her cushions and pulled her covers over her.

“I don’t like it, what if you roll over in your sleep or something and end up on his side of the bed?” I asked plaintively.

“Well, that’s just a risk I am going to have to take,” she said, bravely.  “But I’m not afraid, I’ve handled large equipment before, I’ll be ok.”

Ruth and Richard broke out laughing but I just frowned in displeasure.

“Here, come to bed, Anne,” said Richard, fondling his bulge idly as he smiled at her suggestively.

“Good night, dear,” said Anne, kissing me on the cheek and then turning to climb into bed with Richard.  She tried tugging the back of her nightgown down as she bent down to pull the sheets back, but in spite of her efforts, I caught a glimpse of her bare ass cheek and I rose up again on one elbow suddenly, causing the cot to creak and tremble.

“Jesus, Anne, you aren’t wearing any drawers, are you?”  I shouted.

My wife pulled the covers up to her chin and peered at me with trepidation.  After a moment, she answered me in a small voice, “No.”

“That’s why I popped such a boner when she bent over, Tim,” said Richard, wagging his eyebrows at me lewdly.

“And that’s why it would have been awkward to let you into the bathroom earlier,” chimed in Ruth with amusement.  “Richard was trying to get her to lose the panties. He wanted her bottomless when she climbed in bed with him. And he clearly succeeded.”

“You think that’s really funny, don’t you Ruth?” I snapped in anger.  I could feel my pulse pounding in my ears and my innards were wrenching with jealousy.

“Please, Tim, of course it’s funny,” she said, waving her hand dismissively.  “Don’t get your panties in a bunch. It’s all in good fun. Everyone’s drunk and doing silly stuff.  Nothing to get bent out of shape over.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, trying to control my temper.  I turned to my wife and forced myself to speak quietly.  “Anne, would you mind putting some panties on, dear? It would make me feel more comfortable.”

“Oh come on, Tim,” she said, forcing a laugh.  “I thought we’d been through all this already. You can’t possibly think that anything is going to happen between Richard and I.”

“The very idea is preposterous,” said Richard with mock indignance, gripping his boner through the covers and jerking it for emphasis.

“Richard, stop teasing my husband,” said Anne, gazing at the lump in Richard’s hand.  “And be careful with that thing, you might hurt somebody.”

“Anne, this really isn’t the time to be making jokes,” I said. I felt the wind draining from my sails, my wife really wasn’t going to put any underwear on and there was nothing I could do about it, short of dragging her forcefully out of bed.

“Don’t worry,” whispered Richard as he switched out the light.  “It’s big, but it doesn’t hurt because I put it in really slowly.”

Ruth and Anne broke out laughing, but I just groaned into the darkness and rolled over discontentedly on my creaking cot.

The room was spinning slightly as I tried to get comfortable and my mind churned with anxiety.  This joking around was really going too close to the edge for me. I thought about Linda and Pedro and how sympathetic Anne was toward Linda’s infidelity.  A minor indiscretion she called it. I heard rustling and hushed whispers from the bed as my wife and Richard rearranged themselves, but it was really pitch black in the room and I couldn’t see anything at all.

“What are you guys doing?” I asked meekly, feeling a wash of shame in my chest.

“Trying to negotiate where the middle line of the bed is,” said my wife, but her voice sounded thick and huskier than normal.

“Ssh, I’m trying to sleep,” complained Ruth from across the room.

“Ok, sorry,” I said softly.

My eyes were slowly adjusting to the darkness, but I still couldn’t make out anything but vague outlines.

I listened carefully, but all I could hear from the bed was indistinct rustling of the covers and very soft whispering between Richard and Anne.

I held my breath and heard Richard say, “Here, here.”

“Ok,” breathed my wife in response.  “Oh wow.”

“Yeah, that’s it,” he said, sighing with satisfaction.  

My wife asked, “Like this?”

I couldn’t make out Richard’s response, but his breathing became louder and more erratic and the rustling increased as they shifted around on the bed.  For some reason my own penis started getting stiff as I imagined Richard taking my wife’s hand and putting it on his stiff cock under the covers and then her tugging on it for him.

“You guys, seriously,” I whispered, my heart beating wildly.  “I can hear you.”

“I’m just giving Richard a massage to help him relax,” hissed my wife, oddly breathless. “Now go to sleep.”

“Quiet!” mumbled Ruth.

I reached down between my legs and gripped my own stiffening boner as I listened to the rustling and the whispers from the bed.  Anne and Richard had lowered their voices to the point I couldn’t hear them even if I held my breath, but both of them were definitely breathing heavily now and occasionally my wife gave out a little stifled whimper.  I heard some wet smooching sounds that sounded suspiciously like kissing but I was afraid of speaking up for fear of Ruth throwing a fit. I pictured Anne and Richard kissing and feeling each other up under the covers and I started pulling on my cock as I listened carefully, ears straining for each hint of impropriety.

At some point it sounded as though Anne had pulled the covers over her head since her whispers became much more muffled, but I could still hear Richard as he gave a guttural grunt and then Anne tittering quietly from beneath the covers.  I just imagined her going down on him and sucking on his cock. She was making that characteristic humming sound ever so softly and Richard started panting and wriggling on the bed. I was torn between the urge to jump up and switch on the light and urge to cum right then and there.  My gut was with icy anxiety, but I had to pause in my masturbation because I was afraid of cumming too soon.

I knew what was going on. They were trying to be subtle, but I was almost positive that my wife was sucking Richard’s goddamn penis just 15 feet from where I lay listening.  Part of me was torn with jealousy, and part of me was sickly aroused. Richards pants got closer and closer together.


“Ah, ah, ah, stop now, stop,” he hissed quietly.

I couldn’t make out my wife’s muffled response but then I heard them struggling together on the bed, giggling, and rustling the covers violently.  I imagined them wrestling as Richard pulled my wife up from her blowjob and tried to pin her down so he could fuck her properly.

The conflict slowly subsided and they were both panting hoarsely.

“You think you’re a big man, huh?” asked my wife quietly.

“Hold that thought,” he breathed.

My wife gasped deeply, “Oh god, oh god.”

“Yeah, now you tell me,” he murmured.

“Oh yeah, I feel it, I like it,” whimpered my wife.

He was obviously sinking his meat between her parted legs!  What kind of husband was I to lay here and listen to this stuff.  What was Ruth thinking at this point? She was playing along earlier.  Did she agree to shush me if I complained. Why wasn’t I jumping up and throwing on the light to expose this whole charade right now?

“Oh yeah, take it,” he grunted quietly.

“Yeah, yeah, I like it, I like it,” moaned my wife, trying to keep her voice down.

That was why.  My wife wanted his dick inside it.  She liked it. I had to admit it now.  I could hear the passion in her voice. She couldn’t keep her voice down enough, and at some point she stopped caring if I could hear her or not.  That was why I was just going to lay here, jerking off as I listened to my wife, allowing her to have this minor indiscretion. Because she needed it.  And to my surprise, my jealousy melted away.

I listened to the creaking of the bedsprings and the muffled slapping of skin on skin with equanimity.  My wife’s moans and whimpers grew louder and louder until I was afraid that Ruth would say something, but Ruth remained silent.  I wondered if she was masturbating as she listened too. By the time the headboard was rhythmically tapping against the wall, I was jerking myself madly and couldn’t hold back any more.  I spurted cum all over myself, soaking my blanket in hot jism.

“Oh Richard, Richard,” gasped my wife.  “I’m coming,” she said, not bothering to keep her voice down.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” agreed Richard.  “Give me one more minute.” The sound of their hips slapping together was unmistakable at this point as they seemed to give up any pretense of stealth, too aroused to care what Ruth and I heard at this point.  Then he groaned loudly and the rhythmic tapping suddenly ceased.

“Oh Richard,” panted my wife, the adoration plain in her voice.  “That was amazing.” Then she lowered her voice self-consciously and resumed her whisper “Wait, don’t pull out.  Stay inside me for a moment.”

I held my breath as the room became quiet once more, afraid to move or shift on the noisy couch, afraid to break the silence and implicitly admit that I had heard everything.  Afraid to acknowledge that I had laid here on the cot and listened to my wife get fucked noisily without interfering. I lay and listened to Anne and Richard’s quiet breathing as they began to doze off.

“Can we all get some sleep now?” whispered Ruth cheekily from the floor and Anne and Richard chuckled quietly.

“Yes, sorry dear, we were just getting situated,” replied Anne contentedly.

I lay with the crossbar of the cot wedged into my side in severe discomfort for almost an hour, afraid to move until I finally heard my wife’s gentle snore.  And then I shifted noisily until I was comfortable and quickly drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken in the morning by a painful explosion of sunshine as Ruth drew the curtains back loudly.

“Time to get up, Anne is downstairs cooking breakfast and she told me to wake you now,” said Ruth cheerily.

“Urrgh,” I groaned, my head pounding from a terrible hangover.  “What time is it?”

“After 10 am,” she said looking down at me with an impish smirk.  “Sleep well?”

“I slept,”  I allowed, climbing painfully from the cot.

“Well, Anne sure slept well.  You should see how cheerful she is this morning,” said Ruth, giving me a sly look.  “I was afraid we would never get to sleep with all the fuss they made last night getting situated.”

“Oh, I didn’t hear anything,” I said, my face growing hot as I ducked my head and escaped to the bathroom to piss.

“Really, I’m surprised you didn’t hear them,” shouted Ruth through the bathroom door.  “They were pretty loud last night.”

I relieved myself and  then splashed cold water on my face.  I contemplated my visage in the mirror, water dripping from my unshaven face and eyes bloodshot and puffy.  What did Ruth want from me? Did she want me to laugh with her about how funny it was that Richard really did stick it to my wife last night while I lay and listened?  I sure wasn’t going to do that. I brushed my teeth and then opened the bathroom door to find Ruth standing right there.

“You, ok?” she asked sympathetically.

“I’m hungover,” I said.

“That’s all?” she asked, pouting.

“And hungry I guess,” I admitted.  “Let’s go downstairs.”

Everyone was gathered around the big dining table drinking coffee and chattering boisterously as my wife and Linda buzzed about serving scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast to everyone.  My wife’s cheeks were rosy and her eyes were bright. She looked ten years younger this morning.

“There’s my Rumplestiltskin,” called Anne cheerily.  She dashed to pull out a chair for me, pecking my cheek and putting down a cup of coffee and plate of eggs and sausage for me.  “Sleep well, dear?” 

“Well, I guess so,” I mumbled.  “This food looks good. Check back with me after I’ve eaten and had some coffee.”

“Will do,” she beamed, tousling my hair as she ran off to refill Richard’s coffee.

Once everyone was served, Linda and Anne sat down to join us and I was peeved to see that Anne sat next to Richard and let Linda sit next to me.  But I felt a little better after wolfing down some eggs and toast and as the coffee kicked in, I tuned into the conversation at the table.

“Well, Richard, how was your first night sleeping with Tim’s wife?” asked Jack with a ribald laugh.

“Well, we had a minor territorial dispute over where her side of the bed ended and mine began,” he said, turning to exchange a smile with my wife. “But I emerged triumphant.”

“He sure did,” gushed Anne, gazing with adoration into Richard’s eyes.  “He was very forceful, I had to surrender to his advances.”

Everyone laughed at the innuendo, and I smiled along, but I felt that prick of jealousy and I noticed Bob looking at me with concern. Bob and Linda were in the bedroom adjoining ours and they must have heard the headboard tapping on the wall last night.  I could see that Linda was on the verge of mentioning it, but Bob shot her a warning glance and she held her tongue.

After lunch I helped clean up the dishes and found myself alone with my wife in the kitchen.

“So, I was planning to go shopping this morning and maybe catch back up with you after lunch,” she said carefully.

“Yeah, ok, what are you shopping for?” I asked, marveling at her bright complexion.  She really was just beaming with happiness this morning after getting fucked so hard by Richard’s big cock.

“Ah, well, I thought I might get some new, um, pajamas,” she said, blushing furiously for some reason.

“Pajamas,” I repeated.

“Well, you know,” she laughed awkwardly.  “Sleepwear.”

“You mean lingerie?” I asked stiffly.  “You want to have something fresh and sexy to wear to bed with Richard tonight?”

“Honey, please,” begged my wife, bowing her head as she scraped a plate and loaded it into the dishwasher.

Richard came into the kitchen and leaned against the counter.  “Hey Tim, I hope we didn’t keep you up last night,” he said staring me down insolently.

“Uh, no, I didn’t hear anything,” I lied, trying to swallow my ire.

“That’s good, because I was afraid that your wife and I were being pretty loud,” he said, suppressing a smile.

“Being pretty loud doing what?” I asked angrily.

“Darling,” cautioned my wife, putting her hand on my chest.

“Ready to head out, beautiful?” asked Richard, ignoring me and addressing my wife.

“Well, I have to finish up the dishes,” she said, looking at me with concern.

“I’ll finish them,” I said stiffly.

“Thanks, pal,” said Richard, slapping me on the shoulder and putting his arm around my wife and leading her out of the kitchen.

“Bye dear,” she called meekly, waving at me as they headed out.  “See you later.”

Bob came in as they were leaving.

“How are you holding up?” he asked me soberly.

“I’m not inviting Richard back next year,” I told him morosely.

“I understand,” he said simply, putting his hand on my shoulder.

“I think he’s going to take her to go buy lingerie so he can dress her in something sexy tonight,” I spat angrily.

“You mean, she is going to model all sorts of revealing outfits for him and let him choose the ones he likes best?” gulped Bob, his face growing red.  “Do you suppose, he’s going to, uh, watch her getting changed too?”

“Christ Bob!  What, what a thing to say,” I stammered, my penis growing hard at the thought.

“Sorry, sorry,” he said, trying to hide his own erection.

“Hey, can you finish these dishes up?” I asked.  “I need to go check something out.”

“Sure go ahead,” Bob said with a knowing look.

I ran out of the house and looked up the nearest lingerie store on my phone.  I ran for a couple of blocks and soon caught up with my wife and Richard walking arm in arm down the street.  I followed them surreptitiously as my wife dragged Richard into one little gift shop after another. I felt a bit of satisfaction that Richard was being subjected to this torment that every husband had to put up with, namely shopping for knick-knacks.  Presently they arrived at a lingerie shop and they entered together. I waited outside for a few minutes, peeking in the window as Richard and Anne selected some pretty daring outfits. When they headed into the dressing room together, my heart dropped and I resolved to follow them in.

When I entered the store, the saleswoman greeted me brightly, but I just brushed her off and headed right to the back of the store by the dressing room.  I paused when I heard Richard’s voice.

“Yeah, that’s hot, that’s really hot.  I can see your nipples right through that bra,” he said, his voice thick with lust.

“How does it look from behind?” asked my wife suggestively.

“Can I help you sir?” asked another saleswoman, eyeing me suspiciously.

“Shh,” I said, waving her away impatiently.

“Oh, yeah, that’s nice, you got some junk back there,” croaked Richard from the within the changing room.  “But take that off and try this one.”

“Ok, but close your eyes while I get undressed,” said my wife primly.

“Of course, of course,” he said.

I turned to look at the saleswoman and saw that she was listening along with me.

“That’s my wife in there,” I hissed.  For some reason, I wanted to share my outrage.

The young woman’s her eyes widened in surprise.

“Hey, your eyes are supposed to be closed,” said my wife, giggling girlishly.

“I like you best with nothing on at all,” he grunted.

“Oh really?” she asked.  “Hmm, I see that your johnson likes me too.”

“Oh yeah,” he groaned.

I heard the sound of a zipper coming down.

“Oh boy, look how big he is,” purred my wife.  “I’m going to need to do something about this, mister.”

I watched the saleswoman’s face grow beet red as we listened to the slurping sounds of my wife sucking another man’s penis in the dressing room and then him groaning loudly with pleasure.  She saw the horror on my face and strode deliberately over to the dressing room and rapped loudly on the door.

“Are you folks OK in there?” she demanded loudly.

“Yeah, we’re ok,” choked Richard, gasping for breath.  “Holy fuck,” he exclaimed in surprise. “Oh yeah, that was awesome.”

“What was awesome, sir?” demanded the saleswoman, putting her hands on her hips.

“Omigod, you nearly choked me with that one, I almost couldn’t swallow it all,” chirped my wife cheerfully.

“Please don’t make a mess in there,” pleaded the saleswoman.  “I’m not supposed to let couples go in together. I could get in trouble.”

“We’ll be right out, dear,” said my wife condescendingly.

The saleswoman came back over to me and said,  “I’m sorry, sir, but you better leave now. I don’t want any trouble in here.”

“There won’t be any trouble,” I sighed, putting my hand in my pocket to wrestle my raging hardon back into submission.  “I’ll go now.”

I wandered back into the street and considered walking away, but something made me hang around outside the shop until my wife and Richard emerged, arm in arm, my wife holding a bag full of purchases.

“Oh, my gosh, fancy meeting you here,” gasped my wife in shock as I approached them.

“Hello darling, what did you buy?  Can I see?” I asked, ignoring Richard.

My wife blushed deeply.  “Um, I’ll show you later, I don’t want to pull this stuff out on the street like this,” she said, glancing around nervously.

“Oh, but you didn’t mind showing Richard, huh?” I asked angrily.

“Well, I did help her pick out some nice things.  Tasteful things, you know,” he said smoothly, not bothering to remove his arm from around my wife’s shoulders.

“Oh, so did you enjoy modeling lingerie for Richard all morning?” I asked my wife.

“It’s not, I mean, you make it sound,” stammered my wife, at a loss for words.

“Anne, you have something in your hair,” I pointed with disgust to a big glob of semen lodged in my wife’s hair.

“Oops, I don’t know what that is,” she said, her face going pale as she produced a tissue and hastily wiped Richard’s sputum from her locks while he chuckled easily.

“Ok, well, I’ll see you two later,” I snapped and stormed away.

“Darling, darling please,” cried Anne, handing her bag to Richard and chasing after me.

“What?” I asked, striding along briskly and not bothering to slow down.  “Don’t you have some more fun purchases to make with your boyfriend?”

“Boyfriend?” laughed Anne nervously.  “Darling, you are being ridiculous. Richard and I are just good friends.  You know that.”

“Really, Anne?” I asked incredulously as I hurried.  “I want my wife to be happy and I am certainly willing to overlook a minor indiscretion.  But you have be more discreet.”

“I, I don’t know what minor indiscretion you are talking about,” said Anne desperately.  “If you are talking about the commotion last night, well we were just horsing around and wrestling a little.  That’s no indiscretion.”

I looked my wife in the eye and she gave me a pleading look that broke my anger and made my heart melt. “I didn’t hear anything last night,” I told her.  “I slept like a baby. I’m talking about this lingerie shopping.”

Anne gave me a look of deep gratitude and sighed with relief.  “Ok, darling, ok, I’m sorry. It was naughty of me to parade around in sexy underwear for Richard.  I promise not to do that again.”

I looked at my wife and just shook my head in confusion.  She must know that I heard everything, but she needed to maintain this charade for some reason.  My hands clenched and unclenched anxiously as I thought about her stripping naked and sucking Richard’s cock in the lingerie store dressing room.   But then my wife grabbed my hand excitedly and pulled along to explore the boardwalk stores, chattering happily over every silly t-shirt or shell-encrusted souvenir that she came across.  She was as giddy as a teenager in love and I realized that she basically had developed a huge crush on Richard.

As jealous as I was of Anne’s infatuation with Richard, I was charmed by her new found exuberance and we did have an enjoyable day together.  I even enjoyed shopping for the dreaded knick-knacks. By the time we returned to the house to have dinner with the gang, I was in a decent mood.  

During dinner, I was pleased that no one harassed me with jokes about Anne and Richard sleeping together.  I don’t know if it was because the joke was getting old or if people sensed that I was sensitive about it. After dinner, we played board games and proceeded to get smashed as usual.   Anne and Richard sat next to each other on the floor and were touching each other a lot. Little casual touches, like Anne would rub Richard’s back when he answered a trivia question correctly and Richard would squeeze Anne’s thigh if she guessed a charade.   I pretended not to notice and no one else commented on their intimacy until later in the evening when it was getting near bedtime.

“So Richard,” said Jack, his eyes glassy from drunkenness.  “Are you going to hog Anne for yourself tonight or give another guy a chance to sleep with her?”

“I want her to myself again, tonight,” said Richard slipping his arm around her waist and looking at me boldly.

I smirked in acknowledgement but just took a sip of my beer and said nothing as the women all tittered in response.

“I saw that you brought a bag home from the lingerie store this afternoon,” said Linda, suppressing a smile.  I noticed Bob kicking his wife under the table, and LInda pouted and rubbed her shin as Anne blushed with embarrassment.

“Yes, I helped Anne pick out some nice things today,” he admitted, proudly, eyes locked with mine in a challenge.

The room was silent for a moment while everyone digested that, then everyone broke out in nervous laughter and the occasional catcall.

“I, uh, that sounds worse that it is, I mean,” stammered my wife, looking around the room beseechingly.

“Is this the bag, here?” asked Ruth, pulling the lingerie bag from behind the couch.  “Can we see what you got?”

“Um, that’s sort of personal,” said Anne with a worried expression, her hand on her cheek and her eyes darting around the room.

“We just want to see what Richard picked out for you to wear to bed tonight, dear,” said Linda, grabbing the bag and rooting around inside.  “Oh my, this will be flattering.” She extracted a sheer chemise and held it up for everyone to see, eliciting hoots and whistles from the room.  She put her hand inside to show how transparent it was. “Won’t leave much to the imagination, will it?”

“Well, of course I would wear something under that,” put in Anne, drawing herself upright defensively.

“Oh, like this?” asked Linda with an impish twinkle in her eye.  She drew out a cupless bra and a pair of crotchless panties, which made the room erupt with more laughter and bawdy comments.

Anne just hid her face in her hands, while Richard’s chest puffed out proudly.

“When you put it all together, it’s a lot more tasteful than you would think,” said Richard pursing his lips judiciously.

“You don’t mean to say that she tried that on for you, Richard?” gasped Sylvia, putting her hand to her chest, utterly scandalized.

“Well, of course, we got that for her to wear to bed tonight,” said Richard, raising his eyebrows at her suggestively.

“Can we see you in that outfit, Anne?  Why don’t you change into that now?” begged Jack excitedly, slapping his hand against his thigh.

“Yes, Anne, please,” chimed in Linda and Ruth, clapping their hands in inebriation.

“Oh no, I couldn’t,” gasped my wife with a laugh, holding up her hands defensively. “It was sort of a joke, really.  I mean, I never intended,” she trailed off helplessly.

“Oh, come on, don’t be bashful, darling, give the boys a thrill,” coaxed Linda, ignoring her husband’s dirty look.

“Yes, why should Richard get all the fun?” barked Jack drunkenly, spittle forming on his lips as he eyed my wife’s body.

“Maybe you should give the people what they want,” laughed Richard, rubbing my wife’s back affectionately.

Anne looked over at me and asked meekly, “What do you think, dear?  Would it be too terribly naughty of me?”

All eyes were on me as I took a long careful draught of beer.  Why not? I thought to myself. If I will put up with her fucking Richard, why not let other guys get a glimpse of her nipples and her bush?  Who cares at this point. I sighed and said, “Well, it sure looks like a naughty outfit. But we are all adults here, drunken adults, but adults.  And we’ve all known each other for years, so, I mean, why should we be prudes about it?”

The group cheered in response and Linda jumped up with the bag in hand and helped my wife climb to her feet.  “Well it’s settled, then, come along harlot, come along. Let’s see what tasty treat Richard has in store for him tonight.”  Linda hustled Anne into the next room to go get changed and Anne glanced back over her shoulder at me with trepidation.

“You are being such a good sport about all this, Tim,” said Sylvia, gesturing at me from across the room.  “Are you terribly jealous?”

“Oh, no,” I said, looking at Sam.  “A little bit of jealousy helps keep a relationship fresh.”

Bob avoided my gaze and pulled at his collar.  “Yes, Sylvia, aren’t you jealous of how excited Jack is to see Anne’s body?”  he asked her.

“Well,” said Sylvia, frowning at her husband.  “I know how men are. Always hot to see a beautiful woman’s body.  I can’t hold it against him. I just don’t want him switching places with Richard.”

We all laughed at that and then Linda reappeared, dragging Anne along with her.  My wife’s face was flushed from embarrassment and she held one arm over her nipples and kept her other hand over her crotch as she inched into the room wearing the lingerie that Richard had picked for her.

“Come on, put your arms down,” demanded Jack, practically frothing at the mouth with lust.  “Don’t be bashful!”

“Oh god,” said my wife, rolling her eyes.  “Ta-da!” she shouted, throwing her arms in the air, treating the gang to a nice view of her nipples and dark bush, clearly visible through her transparent chemise, before covering herself up again modestly.

The room erupted with catcalls again and I had to admit, it was pretty exciting.

“Again, again!” shouted Ruth, clapping her hands.

But Linda had mercy on my bashful wife and held up a hand.  “Now, now, don’t push her. Let’s just get a look at this caboose and then let her go.”  She spun my wife around and Anne bent over, flashing her butt cheeks at us and blowing me a kiss over her shoulder before grabbing her terrycloth robe and slipping it on to cover herself.

“Oh my god,  that really is a risqué get up,” gasped Sylvia.  “I don’t believe that you showed that to Richard.”

“Well, just, you know,” mumbled my wife, stifling a yawn.

“Uh, oh, looks like someone is getting tired,” said Richard, jumping to his feet.  “I better get this sleepyhead off to bed. Goodnight all.”

“Goodnight everyone!” said my wife with a feeble wave, as Richard whisked her upstairs.

Everyone watched them go with frank surprise and then Ruth jumped up.  “Ah, ok, Tim. Come on, we better head up there and make sure there is no funny business.”

“Well, I mean, ok, but, I trust my wife of course,” I said, standing up with difficulty and taking Ruth’s arm so that we could steady each other as we hurried upstairs after my wife and her lover.

“We can trust that there will be funny business tonight, but at least we should be there to make sure it’s supervised,” giggled Ruth quietly as we ascended the stairs together, but I just shook my head and said nothing.

When we entered the bedroom, Richard was sitting up in bed chest bare with his boxers on the floor, just as last night.  The bathroom door was closed and the sink was running, but my wife’s robe was hanging on the hook.

“I’m going to check on the sexpot,” said Ruth, tapping on the door and then slipping into the bathroom with my wife.  I heard them giggling and chatting in there and I shrugged and headed over to the cot on the other side of the room, ignoring Richard.  I lay down with a thump, eliciting squeals of protest from the cot and realized that I was tired enough to fall right asleep, but I struggled not to fall right to sleep.

“Pretty tired, huh, Tim?” asked Richard in a soft voice.

“Yeah,” I admitted with a slur in my voice.

“I just wanted to thank you for keeping your sense of humor about all this,” he said with an unctuous tone.

“Yeah,” I agreed sleepily.

Just then the bathroom door opened and Ruth slipped out.  “Goodnight all,” she chirped, slipping under the covers on her nest of cushions.

My wife turned the bathroom light out and the room was cloaked in darkness.  I heard my wife’s footsteps as she creeped across the floor.

“Hey does anyone object if we leave the bathroom light on with the door ajar?” asked Richard casually.  “I don’t want to trip and kill myself if I have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.”

“Fine by me,” agreed Ruth.  “Also, Tim will be able to keep an eye on you guys in case he gets jealous.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” said Anne, with worry in her voice.

“Come on, you don’t want me to get injured in the night, do you?” coaxed Richard.

“Ugh, ok,” said my wife and she snapped the bathroom light back on and left the door ajar.  A sliver of light shot out and dimly illuminated the room as she crept across the floor toward the bed.

“Wait, uh, aren’t you going to change into something more modest?” I said, sitting up on an elbow when I realized that my wife was still wearing her lingerie.

“Um, honey, I thought, you know, that you understood I would be wearing this to bed tonight,” she said.  Her body was illuminated by the beam of light from the bathroom, her nipples and bush clearly visible through her chemise.

“You said you was a joke,” I croaked, watching Richard’s face as he ogled my wife’s body.  He was starting to pitch a tent in the covers again.

“She had to say that because she was afraid to admit what was really going on to the rest of the gang,” put in Ruth, sitting up in her nest.  Then she noticed Richard’s tent, “Oops, look, Anne, Richard is springing a stiffy again.”

“Yes I am,” he agreed proudly, then he reached under the covers with one hand and the tent started popping up and down as he fondled himself.

“Jesus, are you jerking off while you stare at my wife’s body, Richard?” I complained.

“Can you blame me?” he asked good-naturedly.  “Look at her, she’s a knockout in that outfit.”

Anne smiled at him and curtsied,  “Why thank you Richard, that’s sweet.”

“It’s sweet that’s he’s jerking himself while he gawks at your exposed privates?” I cried, reaching down to adjust my own boner.

“Well, a girl does like to be appreciated,” put in Ruth primly.

“Please darling,”said my wife coming over to the cot.  “Like you said, let’s not be prudes about this.” She bent over to tuck me in and she gave me a kiss.

“Oh yeah, hold that pose,” grunted Richard, fapping away madly under the covers while Ruth watched and giggled.  

My wife kept her rump pointed at him and glanced back over her shoulder, giving her ass a little shake for his entertainment.

“That’s hot,” said Ruth excitedly.

“Jesus, Anne,” I complained.

“Sorry, dear,” she said, patting me on the head.  Then she turned and gave me a brief view of her round ass cheeks as she lifted the covers and slipped into bed next to Richard.

“Goodnight all,” said my wife as she and Richard clung together under the covers in the middle of the bed.  

“What are you two doing?” I asked suspiciously, raising up one elbow to watch what they were doing in the dim light from the bathroom.

“I’m just giving your wife a chaste peck on the cheek, is that ok?” asked Richard.

“Um, not really,” I said, feeling my gut wrench. 

“Oh, please, darling,” said Anne loftily. “We are just being friendly.”  

I could make out Richard’s form as he leaned up on one elbow while my wife lay on her back to receive his kiss.  He didn’t bother kissing her cheek at all and just kissed her directly on the mouth. I saw the covers raise up as Richard slid his hand up and down my wife’s body while they made out.  Then he started thrusting his hips back and forth and my wife broke off the kiss suddenly.

“Richard, be careful with that thing, my gosh,” she gasped.

“Is he poking you with that boner?  That’s pretty friendly,” giggled Ruth, as she sat up, watching the action with interest.

“I swear I didn’t,” said Richard, rolling over on his back and putting his hands behind his neck.  The bump of his hardon was clearly visible in the light from the bathroom, and it occurred to me suddenly that Richard had deliberately insisted that the light be left on so that I could see him getting it on with my wife.  I didn’t know whether I should be angry or grateful for that.

My wife snuggled up against Richard’s side and I could see the covers move as she ran her hands up and down his chest and then down to his groin.  She looked over to see if I was watching as the bump around Richard’s groin started moving up and down slowly. She could see that I was still leaning up and facing them but she just returned her attention to Richard and whispered something in his ear.

“Yeah, that’s good,” he groaned as groin bump continued  to move up and down and up and down.

“Uh, what are you guys doing?” I asked, peevishly, pulling out my cock under my own covers and pulling on it while I watched my wife apparently giving Richard a handjob under the blankets.

“Just, you know, giving Richard a massage.  He likes to be comforted before sleep,” said my wife hesitantly as the pace of her handjob increased slightly.

“You’re massaging his boner for him?” cackled Ruth, loving every minute of this.

“No, silly, I’m just rubbing his belly,” said my wife as the jerking ceased and the covers above Richard’s belly were disturbed as she rubbed Richard’s stomach.

“Wait, I thought you were each going to stay on your side of the bed,” I said, 

“Well, I thought I told you dear, I tried to keep him on his side last night, but then he wrestled me into submissive,” said Anne coquettishly.  

“You don’t want me to have to pin your wife down again, do you, Tim?” asked Richard.

“Of course not,” I stammered.

“Here face your husband and let me spoon you from behind,” said Richard, flipping my wife over onto her side so that she faced me.

“You gonna spoon her with that boner of yours?” asked Ruth with interest.

“Can you lay down and go to sleep, please?” asked Anne with exasperation.

“For your information, my boner has subsided.  I just want to go sleep now,” said Richard as he eased himself behind my wife.

“Oh god,” she gasped, in spite of herself, biting her knuckle.

“You ok, Anne,” he asked her as he rocked her back and forth in the spoon position.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m good,” she panted.

“You know, that doesn’t look too good, you guys,” I said, squeezing my stiff cock as I watched.  “I mean it looks like he’s humping you from behind.”

Richard laughed and his thrusts increased making my wfie gasp again.

“Don’t be, oh god, don’t be, um, silly, dear,” she said, struggling to maintain composure.  “I mean, that’s just, ooooh, preposterous. Oh god, stop it, stop it, Richard. You are making my husband nervous.”

“Oh, I’m just teasing him a little bit,” said Richard looking over at me, but I couldn’t make out his expression since he was backlit.

“Let’s just all go to sleep now,” said my wife primly, pushing Richard away.

I lay back down reluctantly, not wanting to miss any of the action.

“Just wait, just wait,” whispered my wife quietly as she and Richard rearranged themselves.

I was drunk and exhausted and quickly dozed off even though I tried to stay awake.

Some time later I opened my eyes.  It was still night time and the bed was creaking again.  I shifted myself around so that I could see the bed and saw that Richard was on his back and my wife was straddling him and bouncing up and down which was making the bed creak.  My cot squeaked loudly under me making me want to curse and my wife stopped and looked over toward where I lay. I doubted she could see me well in this dim light, but I closed my eyes just in case and tried to keep my breathing slow and regular.

“He’s just shifting in his sleep,” whispered Richard.  “Come on,” he hissed urgently.

“Ok, ok,” agreed my wife and I flicked my eyes back open and watched as she started moving up and down on carefully on top of him.  She was still partly covered by the blankets, so I couldn’t actually see him penetrating her, but it was obvious what was going on. He had his hands up the front of her chemise and and squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples while she worked herself up and down on his cock.  Anne had her head thrown back and her mouth hung in passion.

It was incredibly erotic for me to watch my wife in a state of ecstasy with another man.  In fact that she suddenly became much more desirable to me and I couldn’t help jerking off while I watched sliding up and down on Richard’s rod and loving every minute of it.

“Oh you are a dirty girl,” whispered Richard with relish as he enthuastically fondled and dicked my wife.  “You like taking that dick with you husband sleeping right there, don’t you baby.”

“I like your penis,” said my wife thickly, her hands were planted on his chest as she rocked back and forth on top of him.

“But you also like that Tim might see us.  You like the thrill of possibly getting caught,” he insisted.

“I don’t want him to see, he might try to make us stop,” she giggled softly.

“I want him to see, I want him to watch me dicking his wife,” whispered Richard, he reached back to throw the covers down so I could see his dick sliding up into my wife.  “I want him to see how I own you.”

I have to admit, I came when he said that and soiled my blankets again.

“Don’t be bad,” whimpered my wife.  “Don’t, don’t, oh god, yeah, yeah, do it,”  She was rocking back and forth madly now and the bed started creaking again.  She soon shuddered as she reached climax.

“That’s it, that’s it,” he hissed, gripping her butt cheeks  and thrusting himself up into her insistently as he came inside her.

My wife collapsed down on top of him and hurriedly pulled the blanket up over her, she looked in my direction, but I closed my eyes quickly.

“That was hot, you guys,” whispered Ruth from her little nest.

“Shut up Ruth, go back to sleep,” hissed my wife.

“I was diddling myself while I watched and it got me off,” giggled Ruth.

‘You’re welcome Ruth, now quiet down,” whispered Richard.

“I thought you didn’t care if Tim woke up,” insisted Ruth quietly.

“You say things you don’t mean in the heat of the moment,” whispered Richard.  “I don’t relish getting my face punched in by an angry husband.”

No one would blame me if I did punch Richard’s face in, but the embarrassment would be too great.  I don’t want everyone to know that he dicked my wife for real. Though, I guess if Ruth knew then everyone would soon enough.  I would deal with that if it came up, but until then I would just take it one day at a time. This vacation would be over in a week and Richard wasn’t getting invited back next year.  A little fling can be exciting, but I didn’t want Anne making a habit of it. With these thoughts, I fell asleep.

The following morning, I wasn’t woken by sunshine but by my wife’s cries of passion.  I sat up blearily and looked over toward the bathroom. The door was ajar and I could see that Richard had my wife bent over the sink and was dogging her from behind while she mewled and cried out.  Jesus, these two were like rabbits. I saw that Ruth had already evacuated her nest and I could smell coffee brewing downstairs.

‘Take that, take that dick,” grunted Richard forcefully, and my whimpered submissively in response.

“Anne?” I called.  “Are you ok?”

Richard cursed and slammed the bathroom door.   I climbed stiffly off the horrible cot and limped over to the bathroom.  

“Who’s in there?” I asked, tapping. “I need to pee.”

“Uh, we’re almost done, hold on,” growled Richard.  I could hear the muffled sound of his hips slapping wildly against my wife’s ass and I shook my head in disbelief.  Were they really going to be this obvious.

“Oh, oh, oh,” called my wife urgently.

“Is that it, is that it?” asked Richard.

“Is what it, Richard?” I called.

“Nothing, Tim, nothing,  just give us another minute, we’re done,” replied Richard as I heard them rummaging around in the bathroom.

The door opened and my wife slipped out with a towel wrapped around her head bowed in shame, and Richard followed behind her in his boxers, grinning sheepishly.

“Oh, you two were in there together?” I asked.

“We were just, you know,” said my wife gesturing helplessly.  “Brushing our teeth.”

“Yeah,” I said, ducking into the bathroom and slamming the door.   She looked at me and smiled hopefully as she stood there naked, preparing to put her bra on.  I guess I was getting off on my wife’s infidelity with Richard. And I liked the little charade she played, showing me what she was doing, but insisting that nothing improper was happening.  But it was more fun if the pretext was believable. That doggystyle tooth brushing incident this morning was going too far. I relieved myself and washed my hands and when I came out Richard was gone and my wife was getting dressed.

“Brushing your teeth together, huh?” I asked.

“It was a very, um, vigorous brushing,” she said, coming over and wrapping her arms around  my neck.

“It sounded that way,” I said, toying with her breasts as my cock grew stiff.

“We got into all the crevices,” she said, looking me in the eye daringly, as she unzipped my fly.

“Uh, huh,” I said.  She dropped to her knees and gave me head and I thought about how Richard had just finished blatantly fucking her just moments before and I came almost immediately.

“Ok, wow, that was a new record,” giggled my wife, climbing to her feet and wiping my cum from her forehead.  “So this whole thing is, uh, working for you, I guess.”

“This thing?” I asked weakly.

“The vigorous tooth brushing, the uh, friendly belly rubs under the covers, a bit of, um, harmless wrestling now and then,” she smiled knowingly and I felt my breath catching in my throat.  “It’s making you hot, for Richard and I to, you know, horse around a little.”

“I guess so, as long as it’s just a joke and doesn’t get real,” I said rubbing my head uncomfortably.

“My thoughts exactly,” she said touching my lips.  She tossed her bra aside and pulled on a short dress.

“You aren’t going to wear your bra or panties?” I asked in surprise.  

“Oh, no, I won’t need those.  I think Richard and I going to take a little nature hike.  You know, just he and I,” smile smiled at me devilishly and my spent cock started to inflate again.  She pointed at my rejuvenated hardon and laughed. “Yep, this is working for us.” With that, she gave me a kiss on the lips and skipped off to go find Richard.

It was a very interesting vacation.

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Wife Plans Romantic Evening With Husband’s Friends

By Gustav Jorgenson

Two of my closest friends Jay and Brian were visiting at my house in Berkeley one rainy evening.  My wife Emma and I were commiserating with them about their dating problems over drinks.

“You know, since Sheila left me, I just don’t have any confidence with women,” said Jay.  He was a short fellow, in his mid-forties like my wife and I, of Northern Italian descent, blonde haired and blue eyed, well dressed, with that moodiness that mediterraneans are known for.  He was often the life of the party, but tonight he was depressed.

Emma, tucked her long brown hair behind one ear and leaned forward to pat Jay on the thigh.  Jay couldn’t help but glance down at her exposed cleavage as she bent toward him, but he caught himself quickly and met her gaze.

“You are a great guy, Jay,” she said.  “I’m sure you’ll find a woman who can see that.”

He took her hand in his and squeezed it, giving her a thankful smile.

“She really just knocked the wind out of my sails,” he said.  “You know I haven’t had sex since she left me.”

“Really, not even like, casual sex? Oh you poor thing,”  Emma looked over at me and blushed slightly for some reason.  She tugged the hem of her dress down over her stockinged thighs self-consciously.  I did think her dress was a little too revealing this evening. She was showing my pals a lot of leg and cleavage.  And Jay and Brian were both single and horny so it wasn’t lost on them. They kept stealing surreptitious glances at Emma’s body when they thought she wasn’t looking.

“I just can’t do casual sex either,” agreed Brian.  He was a tall pale guy with an awkward demeanor. He made good money in technology, but he had never been married.  “I need to connect with a woman before, um, you know.”

“You are so cute,” laughed my wife.  “You are even bashful talking about sex.”  She smiled at Brian over the rim of her wineglass as she took a sip.

 “I tried those hook up apps, and I just never know quite what to say,” he said.  Emma recrossed her legs and the hem of her dress slid back exposing her shapely thigh.  Brian and I got an eyeful.

“Oh you poor darlings, you are both so sexually frustrated,” pouted Emma.  “I wish I knew some nice single girls to introduce you to, but all my girlfriends are spoken for.”

Jay took a swig of his IPA.  “All the good ones are taken by now,” he said with a sigh.

“Yeah, the only ones left are psychos and fat chicks,” said Brian.

“Fat chicks?” snorted Emma.  “Listen to you, talking like a teenager.”  She reached over and punch him on the arm playfully.  “Women are age aren’t chicks any more.”

“Hens I guess you call them now,” I offered.  Emma gave me a smirk.

“I just feel terrible for you two, I wish there was something I could do,” said my wife.  She laid a finger along her well defined jawline as she pondered the problem.

“Yeah, it’s like the longer you’ve been off the horse, the harder it is to get back on,” said Jay.

“What you need is to prime the pump, get the juices flowing again,” said my wife.

“What should I do, hire an escort?” asked Jay sarcastically.

Emma laughed.  “No of course not.”

Jay sighed.  “To be honest, I’ve considered it, but I know it would just be awful.”

“Oh yes, paying someone is out of the question.  You just need a sympathetic woman to offer you some comfort.”  Emma was smiling at Jay in a way that made me a little uncomfortable.  “Maybe there is something I can do. I mean something we can do together.”

I drank off my glass of cabernet and got up to pour myself another.  “What can YOU do for their sexual frustration?” I asked over my shoulder.

Emma was looking down, smoothing the hem of her dress again.  “I don’t know, maybe we could just have a romantic evening together.  Just some harmless fun.”

“What, just the two of you?” I asked turning to face my wife.

She kept her eyes down and stroked her hem.  It was really really smooth now. “I don’t know, maybe the three of us, Jay and Brian and I.”

“The three of you?” I asked.  I could feel my armpits getting damp and my stomach was churning.  What the heck was my wife suggesting?

“Well the four of us, I guess?” suggested my wife.

My mouth felt dry and I stammered a bit.  “Well, I, um, how do you have a romantic evening with four people?”

“I can think of a few ways,” said Jay.  He gave me a wink. Then he turned to Emma.  “But a threeway is probably easier.” She blushed a bit at that but kept her eyes on the floor.

“Don’t be crass, Jay,” admonished Brian.  “Emma is a lady.”

“It’s ok, Brian, I understand.  He just has a lot of repressed energy.  I’m sure you do too,” she reached over and squeezed his thigh a little too high up for my taste.

“I guess that’s true,” gulped Brian.

“So I was thinking that maybe I could help you release some of it,” offered my wife.

I came and stood before my wife and spread my hands.  “Jesus, Emma, what are you proposing?”

She got up and gently pushed me back into my chair and then deposited herself on my lap.  “Now, now, just relax, darling,” she said. She was toying with the chest hair that erupted out from my open collar.  “Jay and Brian are such good guys. I just feel bad for them. They need some feminine attention.”

“Sure but not from MY wife,” I said.  I was getting hard from the feeling of my wife’s soft rump pressing against my crotch.  She seemed to be offering to have sex with my friends and oddly, it seemed like a logical thing to do, share my wife with them, but I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the idea.  I was too jealous.

“But they don’t have anyone else,” she said with a pout.

She met my gaze and we searched each other’s eyes for a moment, both of us trying to figure out the situation.  “Seriously, Emma. What are you proposing? Are you offering to fuck my friends.”

Jay and Brian were leaning forward intent on the conversation between my wife and I.  They chuckled nervously when I said that.

Emma reddened.  “I mean, no not necessarily.  I just thought we could share some sexy time.  Just something playful, nothing serious. We could have them over for dinner and drinks, smoke some cannabis, put on some soft music, build a fire, I could change into something fun, we could snuggle in front of the fire a little.”

“Something fun, like what?” I asked.  My mouth was dry again, I drank more wine.

Emma was playing with my chest hair again.  “Like the outfits you like me where when we have our intimate times.  My sheer nightgown with black stockings maybe.”

“That doesn’t leave much to imagination,” I said.

“I guess I could wear some panties too,” she said.  Her voice was really soft now. Suggestive.

“Just panties?” I asked.  “No bra?”

“Maybe it would be more fun if they could see my boobies,. They haven’t seen boobies in a while, ” she whispered, kissing my ear.  “We can keep the lights down low.” She was reaching between my legs and squeezing my bulge now. It was definitely arousing.

My breath started coming faster. “And then you are just going to snuggle together.  The three of you?”

“Sure, we can like touch each other a little bit.  Some hugging and massaging each other.” Her voice sounded husky with arousal.  “You should be there too. To watch,” she said.

I gave her a deadpan look as she continued to pinch my erection through my pants.  “You want me to watch you bed my friends,” I said.

“Um, we might end up in the bedroom at some point.  I’m sure they both have a lot of pent up, um, energy that needs to come out.”

“And you want them to spurt it out all over you,” I said with a twisted smile.

She pulled on my balls gently.  “Don’t be dirty, Will,” she said aloud.  Then she leaned in and whispered in my ear.  “It would less messy if they spurted inside me.”

“You little slut,” I laughed.  I couldn’t believe my wife was suggesting this.

My wife smiled at me.  “I’m not a slut, I’m just offering a public service.”

“Wife as a service,” choked Brian, finally saying something.

Jay gave me an incredulous look.  “Would you really be ok with sharing your wife with us?”

“Guys, we are just talking about some harmless intimacy,” put in my wife.  “Some kissing, a little groping maybe.”

“Some oral,” I offered.

“Will, stop.” she said, stilling playing with my package.

“You said you would end up in bed with them.”

“We don’t know what will happen.”

“But you aren’t ruling it out?”

“Do I have to?” she asked.

I paused. My heart was pounding in my chest.  “I mean. I don’t know.”

“Ok, that’s a fair answer,” she said.  “Let’s just take it slow, OK?” She put her hands on my cheeks.  “I think you are going to be OK with this. However it goes.”

I didn’t say anything more.  Jay and Brian excused themselves and went home.  Emma went into the bedroom to get undressed for bed. I just sat in the darkened living room and imagined what it would be like to watch my wife seduce my two old pals.  On the one hand, of course it made me furious. I mean, I am not the jealous type, but this is ridiculous. On the other hand, it was pretty kinky and we had been married long enough, that our sex life had grown pretty mundane.  But after a moment, I just laughed. Once Emma sobered up she would be mortified that she ever suggested this idea. She wouldn’t have the nerve to go through with it.

I went back to our room to find my wife naked on our bed, legs spread wide as she offered me her little furry snatch.  I dove right in and started nibbling at her labia. She wriggled around and got my penis out of my pants and we did 69 for a while before I mounted her missionary and fucked her tight hole really hard.  She came quickly and I pulled out and blew my load all over her belly. It was fast, but the most intense sex we had in years.

The next day, Emma was nursing a hangover and she laughed bashfully when I came out to join in at our sunny kitchen table.

“Oh what did I do to myself last night?” she asked, stirring some coconut milk into her coffee and holding her head.  “What a headache.”

“Aside from offer your wife services to my pals?” I asked with a grin.

Emma covered her face. “I know, I can’t believe I said that.”  She she looked at me, smiling her face beet red. “But I do feel really bad for your friends.  They are such sweeties. I really wish I could help them.”

I patted my wife on the shoulder.  “I think the fact that you made the offer will boost their egos a lot.  It will be good for them.”

“Yeah, you are probably right.  You should just invite them over for a regular dinner next Friday,” she said.

I arched an eyebrow at her.  “What no lingerie snuggle session in front of the fire afterward?” 

“Oh my god, wouldn’t that scandalous?  The very idea,” laughed my wife. But she had this gleam in her eye when she said it that put my smile a little crooked.




The following Friday, Jay and Brian both seemed visibly relieved when my wife greeted them in jeans and sweater instead of sexy lingerie.  We sat down and enjoyed a friendly dinner. No one brought up the proposition that Emma had made during our previous evening together. But after a few drinks when we were all loosened up, Emma did enquire into their frustrated love lives again.

“So how’s the dating, going, Jay?”

Jay looked down bashfully at his hands.  “Well, to be honest, Emma. I did go out on a date this past week with a really gorgeous woman.  She’s an HR director, really smart, well put together. Funny, sexy, we had a great time. As we finished dinner, I sort of felt her waiting.”

Emma was on the edge of her seat.  She made a rolling motion with her palm. “Waiting…”

Jay glanced up at her but then back down again quickly.  “Yeah, you know. Like waiting for me to ask her back to my place or something.”  He laughed. “I mean I really don’t know what she was waiting for.”

Emma threw her hands up in frustration and looked at the ceiling.  “Jesus, Jay. Then what happened?”

“Well we talked in the foyer of the restaurant for a bit.”  He clenched his fists. “I mean, I could TELL that she was stalling.  Waiting for ME to the make the move.”

“You could have asked out for another drink,” suggested Brian, trying to be helpful.

“Gah!” Jay shook his hands in front of him.  “Yeah, anything.”

“Seriously, just anything to prolong the night, Jay,” interrupted my wife.

Jay hung his head.  “I know. I know. But I just couldn’t somehow.  I just let the conversation peter out. And she sort of gave me this disappointed look and then a peck on the cheek and her Uber was there, and hey maybe we will get together another time and then she was gone.”

We all sat silent for a moment.  I felt bad for Jay. I hadn’t dated in years.  God knows what I would do in that situation. Probably the same thing.

“Well, you could ask her out again,” said Brian.

“I tried messaging her the next day, but she hasn’t responded.  I mean I can see that she received and read the messages.”

“You messaged her the very next day?” asked my wife, aghast.

“Yeah, I guess I should have waited a few days?” he asked.

“It sort of makes you seem desperate,” said Brian.

“Thirsty the kids call it,” I said.  God knows where I picked that one up.  Probably Facebook.

“Thirsty as a motherfucker,” laughed Jay.  Then he shook his head and took a gulp of wine.  “Ah well, if the shoe fits, might as well kick myself with it.”

Emma was practically in tears.  “Oh, Jay. Dammit you are such a sweet guy.  I guess you just need a more assertive woman to pull you out of your shell.”

Jay nodded thoughtfully.  

“Ok, well, come on, now that I’m drunk, I want to smoke some weed,” said Emma, jumping to her feet.  “Will, put some music on and light the fire, will you dear? I’m going to go get changed into something more comfortable.”

“Something comfortable?” I asked, feeling my heart start pounding.

“Yeah,” she said with a nod, but she was looking down and avoiding my eyes as she rushed from the room.

Brian gave me a nervous look as though he was picking up on the same vibe I was.  Emma was getting into dangerous territory again.

“Is she gonna, you know, try something, man?” asked Brian.

“She gets horny when she’s been drinking,” I admitted.  “And even MORE horny when she’s stoned.”

“Dude,” said Jay.  He held his hands up.  “Should we bail out?”

“Naw, come on, it will be fine,” I said.

“Dude, I think she going to come out in something really sexy,” said Brian.

I just looked at him.  He might be right.

“And it’s no joke.  I am frustrated as fuck,” said Jay.  “And Emma’s pretty fucking hot if you don’t mind my saying so.”  Jay was drunk and swearing now. So funny.

“Yeah, she’s super hot,” agreed Brian a little too enthusiastically.

I scoffed in disbelief.  “You guys saying you want to fuck my wife?”

Jay rubbed his neck and looked away.  “It’s not like that, man.”

“I mean, I would want to, if she offered,” said Brian.

“Thanks Brian,” I said.  The sarcasm was thick.

“Dude, what do you want?  If she comes out in some little see-through thing and starts rubbing up on me, I’m gonna pop such a boner.”

Just then Emma popped into the room and exhaled a huge cloud of stinky cannabis from her lungs.  She was wearing her short little satin robe and her long legs were encased in shiny black nylons that went half-way up her thigh.  We all gulped when we saw her.

“What are you guys yakking about in here?  You are like old women with your chit-chat.  Come on out, I’ve got the livingroom all set up.”  Then she grabbed Jay and Brian by the hand and started dragging them out.  He robe fell open when she did this and we could see that she had only a bra and panties on under the robe.  My pals gave me confused looks as my stoned and horny wife pulled them out to the living room to seduce them.  Jesus christ.

I followed them out to the livingroom to find the lights all off, a fire was going, candles were spread around, she had blankets and big pillows dumped on the floor before the fireplace.  She had even put on her sex music, a mix by this soul group she liked called the Internet. Downtempo funky beats, fat bass with a mellow vibe, sexy queer female vocalist singing “Let me call you my girlfriend.” 

Damn she was laying it on thick.  Jay and Brian were in trouble for sure.  Bros before hoes, but this was a boss level hoedom going down.

“You two lay down here,” said Emma, shoving Brian and Jay down onto the pillows.  “And hit this bowl,” she commanded, pulling her pipe, baggy of weed, and lighter out of her robe pocket.  We were all staring at her half-naked body in the dim light. She looked damn sexy, long shapely stockinged legs, wide hips stretching her panties tight, flat belly, pendulous breasts ready to pour out of her skimpy bra at any second.  I was getting turned on at the sight of her even though she was putting me into this freaky situation.

“Will, pour us some more wine, won’t you darling?  Then you can sit in your favorite chair and watch.”

I poured the wine and handed out the glasses, got the pipe in return and took a hit.  I gagged from the prickly pain in my lungs and broke out coughing.

“Uh, what am I watching, exactly, Emma?” I asked.  I could feel my eyes begin to glaze over as my wife dropped down to snuggled on the pillows between my two friends.

“Oh, I don’t know, let’s just see what happens,” she giggled.  She had one arm around each of my pals. I wandered back to my chair obediently, too stoned and drunk to argue.

“Oh, these jeans you guys are wearing are too rough.  You are going to tear my stockings. Take them off,” said my wife.

“Uh, take our pants off?” mumbled Brian.  He craned his neck to look back over at me with concern.

“I assume you have underwear on underneath,” she said.

“Um, yeah but…”

“It’s only weird if you make it weird, Brian,” said my wife.  And she gave me a wink as she helped him unbuckle his pants. “You can’t get comfy in these bulky jeans.”

My two pals awkwardly pulled their jeans off, glancing over at me apologetically.  

Emma laughed when she saw their briefs.  “Ha, look at the tighty-whiteys on these nerds.  No wonder they can’t get laid. Boxers, boys, boxers from now on.  Take a lady’s word on it.”

Jay and Brian held their hands over their bulges as they stood before my wife.

“Come back down and lay with me,” she coaxed.  We have a blanket to cover us up if you are feeling modest.”  She sounded so sarcastic and mocking I had to laugh. But they obliged her and she flipped a big blanket out to cover the three of them.  She snuggled up against Jay, pushing her rump into Brian. “Mmm, I like this. Come on, Brian, spoon me.”


Emma snorted impatiently,  “Like hug me from behind. Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite, yeah, closer like that.”

They were all wriggling around under the blanket together and I stared in amazement, unable to believe that this was really happening.

“You two really do need an assertive woman to take you in hand,” said my wife.  There was more rustling around and Jay jumped up in shock. 

“Emma!” he said.  He had a raging boner that was practically poking out of his briefs.

“What did she do?” I asked.  I felt a weird combination of amusement and annoyance at my wife.

“I just took him in hand,” said my wife innocently.  She leaned up on one elbow and reached around to grab Brian’s rear and pull him closer to her.

Jay pushed his boner to the side.  “I can’t do this, you are my pal’s wife,” he said,

“I’m also a woman, Jay,” said my wife.  “Ooh,” she gasped suddenly. “Brian is having no trouble recognizing that.”

I stood up in surprise.  Brian seemed to be grinding himself into my wife from behind under the covers.

“That’s right, put your hands on my hips,” she purred.  “Ooh I can feel you back there, you bad boy.”

“Jesus, what are you doing to my wife, man?” I demanded.

Brian looked up at me blearily.  “Oh, uh, sorry, man.”

“We are just snuggling, Will.  Can you go sit back down? You are really killing the vibe.”

‘Snuggling?  Looks like he’s snuggling his dick into your ass,” I muttered as I returned to my seat.  I really didn’t know what else to do at that point.

“Just a little, nothing I can’t handle,” giggled my wife.  “Jay, will you please come back. I promise not to grab your pickle again if you don’t want me to.”

“You grabbed it, Emma?” I whined.

Jay got back down under the blanket stiffly.  In more ways than one.

“I just wanted to see what I was working with, Will,” said my wife.  “Christ, he probably hasn’t had a woman tug on his willie in years. You should be happy for him.”

“Looks like he’s not enough of an adulterer to enjoy it properly,” I replied.  This was the first snappy comeback I could manage in a while, but Emma just sniffed in reply and tilted her head back as Brian nuzzled her neck.

“Yeah, like that, Brian,” cooed my wife in pleasure.

“What’s he doing?” I snapped.

“I think he’s touching her, uh, more,” said Jay, propping himself with both arms behind him as he watched them with interest.

“He’s just squeezing my hips a little,” said my wife.  

“I’m not doing anything, man,” Brian insisted.  But his hands seemed to be moving pretty freely over my wife’s body based on the movement under the blanket.

Perhaps to distract me, Emma wrapped her arm around Jay’s back, put her cheek against his stomach and looked up at him.  Would it freak you out if I rub your belly a little?” she asked.  

Jay looked back at me aghast.  

“Jay, this is your body, you don’t need Will’s permission to give consent,” said Emma.

“Um, ok,” he said.

My wife slid her hand up under his shirt and lifted it up practically to his chin.  “Wow, somebody’s been working out. Take this shirt off and let me get at this six pack.”  She practically yanked Jay’s shirt off and started rubbing his chest. Jay’s cut and muscular torso did put mine to shame and I felt yet another pang of jealousy.

I watched Brian’s hands roam up to my wife’s boobs and I shouted.  “Hey dude, lay off my wife’s titties, man. What the fuck.”

Emma yanked the blanket up to her chin.  “Nothing to see here, honey,” she said. Then she started pinching Jay’s nipples to distract me again.  Jay grunted with arousal.

“Don’t do that,” he panted.

“How about if I lick them?” asked my wife.  And she started licking one of Jay’s nipples, glancing back at me with an impish grin all the while.

“No, stop it,” he moaned.

“Well, how about if I just kiss your belly a little?” she asked and she slid her face down planting kisses on Jay’s well defined abs until her face was practically at his waist.  He leaned back in ecstacy and I saw the red swollen head of his stiff cock pop out the top of his waistband just inches from my wife’s waiting mouth.

“Oh, look, someone wants to come out and play,” she cooed.  And then all I could see was the back of my wife’s head and I heard a slurping sound and Jay had his hands on her shoulders and was groaning.

“Oh, fuck, stop, stop,” he croaked.

“Mmm, something’s starting to cum out,” she said.

This was going too far.  I jumped up and ran over there.  “Cut the shit, Emma, seriously!” I shouted.

“Ach,” said my wife, pulling her mouth off the tip of my buddy’s cock.  “Jesus Will, take a chill pill, will you? We are just playing around.”

“Bullshit, playtime is over,” I said.  I reached down and yanked the blanket off of them.  Emma shrieked and I saw the the front of her bra was open and her two big boobs had spilled out, big pink nipples hard and erect, no doubt from Brian pinching them.  Worse yet, her panties were pulled down to her knees and her neatly trimmed little brown bush was exposed. Jay stared open mouthed at my wife’s cooch for a moment until she could pull her tiny robe closed.  On top of everything, Brian’s underwear were pulled down and his boner and balls were exposed. He wriggled his junk back into his shorts as I stood above them fuming.

“What. The. Holy. Fuck? You guys!  Jesus Brian, did you really pull my wife’s bra open, pull her panties half off and get your dick out?  Were you getting ready to stick it to her or what?” I cried.

“Dude, I don’t know, I just kind of lost track of what I was doing,” he whimpered.  I cocked my arm back ready to strike as my poor pal cowered before me.

Emma jumped up and pushed me back and her robe fell open again which distracted me.  “Will, calm down, we are just horsing around,” said my wife, clutching her robe closed with one hand and holding be back with the other.

“You call it horsing around to give one of my pals head while the other pulls your titties out and gets ready to fuck you?” I yell, spittle flying.  I was pretty upset at that point.

Emma can’t keep a straight face and breaks out laughing.  “Um, yes?”

When my wife starts laughing in my face, it breaks my anger, I can’t help but smile.  She’s such a cutie, I can’t stay mad at her.

“I mean I only sucked on Jay’s thing a little bit.  He didn’t even cum. And can you blame me? Have you seen the abs on that guy?”  Emma bent down to get her wine and we could all see her bare ass poking out, inadequately covered by her short robe.

 “Jesus, Emma, your panties are around your ankles, your ass is hanging out, get yourself together, woman,” I said.

Emma held up one finger as she drank her wine.  “Ok, look, let’s regroup here,” said my wife once she had taken a big draught.  “First off, we all need to take a drink and another hit of weed and mellow out.”

“I don’t know, maybe we should be going,” said Jay.  He was eyeing my wife’s naked bits that she kept flashing with her lackadaisical robe handling and his boner was evident.

“Nonsense,” said Emma.  “Drink your wine.” Then she found the bowl, lit it, took a hit and passed it to me.  “Hit this,” she demanded. And I did, fool that I am for her, I just took a hit and passed it on to Jay, who took one, and passed to Brian who also took one then followed it with a swig of wine.

“Look Emma, you should go get dressed if you want to take it down a notch,” I told my wife.

Emma’s panties were still around her ankles, instead of pulling them up she kicked them off and they landed on Brian’s head. She turned to me with a huge grin, her eyes sparkling and grabbed my arms.  “Will, did you see what I just did? I kicked my panties off and they landed right on Brian’s head. Doesn’t he look cute that way?” He pulled them off sheepishly.  

“Yeah, real cute,” I muttered.

Emma, bent down to make eye contact again.  “Come on Will, this is fun, right? We never have fun like this.”  Emma’s robe was half open and we could see her exposed bush peeking out above her black stockings which was a super kinky sight.  “Do you really want to send you pals home with blue balls?” asked my wife. “That’s not very generous of you.”

“Generous?  Like I’m supposed to share my wife’s pussy with my pals?” I asked her, incredulous.  The weed and booze was making me foggy.

“Don’t say that word, you know I don’t like that word,” admonished Emma.  “But yes, why can’t we share our love with your friends? They are such sweet guys.”  My wife paused and looked down fondly at Jay and Brian who were still checking out her beaver.

“I don’t want to do anything that makes Will uncomfortable,” said Brian.  He was wringing my wife’s drawers in his hands.

“But you would gladly fuck her if I gave the OK?” I asked.

Jay cut in.  “Well if you say it’s OK, then yeah.  Of course.”

“Of course?” I asked.  I couldn’t believe it had come to this.  Me standing in the way of my two pals getting laid because the only woman that will fuck them is my own wife.

Emma leaned in close and let her robe fall open. She rubbed her big boobs against my chest.  “I’m super wet right now, Will,” she whispered in my ear, then she nibbled on my earlobe. “Go back over there and watch.  This will be so hot.”

I looked down at Jay and Brian, both of them with boners ready to poke out of their shorts.  They were watching me carefully. I knew my pals would leave if I told them to. But then I thought about how sexually frustrated they must be and I just sighed.

“Bros before Hoes,” I said.  Emma gave me a confused look

“Bros before hoes,” agreed Jay, getting ready to get up.

I motioned for him to stay put.  “No, I mean, I’ll do this for my bros.” I said.  And I walked back over to my chair and sat down.

When I looked back over there.  Emma was on her hands and knees, sucking on one of Jay’s nipples, her boobs were hanging down and her ass was in Brian’s face.  He was looking at her puffy pussy lips and licking his lips. Emma glanced over at me and lifted one of Jay’s hands and put it on her boob.  He hefted the weight of it, feeling the nipple in the palm of his hand the way I had so many times before. Then Emma yanked down his shorts and licked Jay’s rippled abs as she went down until his boner poked her in the ear.  He was groaning with pleasure now.

She licked the head of his prick one time and then turned and pulled the front of Brian’s shorts down.  His own stiff prick came springing out eagerly. “Do me from behind,” she told him softly before returning her attention to Jay’s larger and more veiny member.

Brian gave me a conflicted look.  “Um sorry dude, I mean, thanks, or whatever,” he mumbled and he gripped my wife by her soft hips and guided his straining meat between her swollen labia while her head bobbed up and down in Jay’s lap.  As he entered her, my wife shivered and took a break from blowing Jay to look back over her shoulder at him.  

“Yeah, baby, deeper,” she encouraged him.

So Brian plunged his dick into my wife right up to the hilt and she bowed her head to receive it.  She started licking Jay’s nuts and reached back so she could alternately finger her clit and tug on Brian’s nutsack as he banged her.  His hips were slapping loudly against her buttcheeks, and the sound was making me hard.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned.

“Cum inside, Brian, I want you to,” urged my wife.

“Wait, what?” I cried jumping up.  But Brian was pushing my wife down now, had her pinned on her belly on the floor and I could see his nuts spasming as he emptied a load inside her.  He came so much that creamy white semen started leaking out around the edges of her cunt as he pounded away on my wife.

“Jesus dude, she’s not using birth control,” I said.

Brian looked back at me blearily.  “What? Oh, fuck, sorry, man. I thought for sure she must…”

“Just don’t sweat it you two,” mumbled Emma as she climbed up onto Jay’s pulsing erection.  I watched the red swollen glans penetrate my woman as she lustily lowered herself onto him. He held her gorgeous thighs as she bounced up and down on him, her big boobs swinging back and forth.  Then she leaned forward and dangled her knockers in his face, trying to get a nipple between his lips and reached back and pulled on his balls. He couldn’t help himself and he started wriggling under her as though he was coming.

“Are you coming?” she asked.  She lifted herself off him for a moment, and he spurted a hot glob of cum up onto her stomach.  She gave me a fiendish grin as she hurriedly tucked him back inside her twat and bounced even harder up and down on him.  “Shoot it inside me,” she purred. He held her round ass as he emptied his balls inside my wife.

“Oh fuck,” he sighed when he was done.

“Oh you poor boys, you couldn’t hold it huh?  Been too long since you got any,” said Emma with a pout.  Then she climbed off Jay and a mass of sputum came flowing out of her vagina down each of her thighs.

My wife lay on the pillow and spread her legs, aiming her well used pussy at me.  “I didn’t come yet, Will, can you come finish me off?” she begged. 

I looked at her soggy cunt full of my friend’s sperm with distaste, but I couldn’t deny that I was hard and horny myself, so I unzipped and mounted my wife, banging her clit with my pelvic bone until she climaxed, and then I busted my load inside her too.

“No don’t!” she cried when my wife realized that I was coming.

“Why not, you let them do it?” I demanded.  

“But they are desperate, I don’t want to push our luck,” she panted.

“Fuck that, I’m throwing my hat in the ring,” I grunted and I held her down as I finished pumping my own seed into her fertile womb.

“That’s not fair, Will,” she said with a frown when I released her.

“I guess it’s time to go,” said Brian as he found his pants.

“Why, we can still hang out,” said Emma.  “Stay and hang out with us.”

Jay and Brian looked at me, but I just shrugged.  “Well I guess it will a little weird now that you guys have both inseminated my woman, but we might as get the weirdness over with tonight over drinks.”

So they stayed and we poured more wine and Emma passed the bowl around and then she put on some Marvyn Gaye.  And it wasn’t weird at all actually. At least not until we caught Emma blowing Brian in the bathroom, but I was able to laugh it off.  Jay seemed more jealous than me actually. And yeah, it got a little weird when Emma started inviting Jay and Brian along on our date nights and I had to wait in line to fuck my own wife.  And well, it got super weird when Emma got pregnant, and we didn’t know who the father was, but all agreed that it was best to skip the DNA test and just let the twins think I was the dad, but that they had two godfathers, dad’s best friends from the old days, Jay and Brian.

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Wife Flashes Man on Train

By Gustav Jorgenson

I don’t know what to tell you.  My wife Carla has always been a little wild.  Even now in her forties, she still likes it when guys pay attention to her and she always wears really skimpy outfits when we go out drinking.  She’s got a fine shape still, so men are still interested to see what’s she got going on. This one Friday night, we went out drinking and took the train so we wouldn’t worry about driving drunk.  She had on this tiny halter top with no bra of course, so her boobs kept bouncing around and nearly spilling out. She kept having to hitch up the straps of her top and she gave me a devilish smile each time, raising her eyebrows at the way all the guys around her were staring at her jiggling chest, hoping to catch a glimpse of exposed breast.  Also she was wearing a micro-mini skirt with black thigh high stockings. The skirt barely covered her crotch while standing and when she sat down the guys were all waiting to get a peek at her panties whenever she crossed her legs. She loved it and made a show of re-crossing her legs a lot, nudging me in the ribs when a certain fellow would stare with his mouth open.

It sort of turned me on, actually.  I liked how slutty she acted when we went out, and I felt proud that so many men were attracted to my wife, but that I was the one taking her home to fuck her at the end of the night.  So when we went out drinking on nights like this, I let her flirt with other men a little bit. It didn’t bother me, far from it, it gave me a raging hardon. At one point toward the end of the evening, Carla bent down deliberately so a group of guys she was chatting with could see down the front of her shirt, but one of the young bucks got a bit too carried away and he reached down her shirt and grabbed one of her nipples.  Carla shrieked and slapped his face, but otherwise thought it was pretty funny. Still, we recognized that everyone was probably a bit too drunk and it was time to head home.

I couldn’t wait to get my slutty little cougar wife home to give her a proper shagging, but first we had to drunkenly navigate the BART system.  It was something of a blur how we got the tickets. But I remember a bunch of young hooligan types following Carla around on the platform, giving her catcalls.  She just shook her ass as she strutted away and we laughed it off. I was getting so horny, I half considered bending her over in some dark corner of the platform and dogging her from behind right there.  But it was too crowded, and even Carla wasn’t wild enough to try that. Or so I thought.

Our train arrived and it was somewhat crowded, but we were still able to find a seat in one of those sections where two seat benches faced each other.  Carla and I sat together facing an older Mexican woman and a businessman in his late fifties, still wearing his suit from work. Carla elbowed me when the respectable fellow’s eyes widened at the sight of her sexy outfit.

“I can’t believe how rude men can be, ogling my body as though I were just a piece of meat,” my wife commented.  She made her voice loud enough for the man to hear and he blushed slighted. Carla fidgeted in her seat in delight, crossing and recrossing her legs provocatively.  Even the older Mexican lady noticed and started giggling. She wagged a finger at my wife playfully.

“Maybe you should just let them look,” I said good naturedly.  I sort of felt bad for the older fellow. He didn’t seem to understand that Carla was just playing around.

“Oh, yeah?” asked my wife.  “Some husband you are. What do you want me to do?  Spread my legs for every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along?”   And she spread her legs quite dramatically, giving the businessman a nice view of her lacy black paties.  A couple of black guys sitting across the aisle noticed and started poking one another and muttering.

“Ahem,” said the man.  He pulled out his smartphone and was trying not to look at my wife’s offered crotch.  But his eyes kept darting up from his phone and my wife just smiled knowingly at him when she caught him looking.  Sweat started beading up on the poor fellow’s brow.

“Omigod, look,” gasped my wife, pointing brazenly at the bulge she noticed growing in the businessman’s crotch. “He’s popping a stiffy!  The very nerve!” My wife broke out laughing.

The mortified businessman stood up hastily, his erection forming a noticeable bulge in his fine wool slacks.  Even the Mexican lady craned forward to examine his boner with interest.

“Careful, don’t poke anyone with that thing,” chortled my wife, flicking the tip of the businessman’s trouser snake with her finger as he exited the seat.

He just grunted and tried to cover his crotch with his hand as he scurried away to find a less troubling place to sit.

Carla and the Mexican lady broke out laughing.  The old lady didn’t seem to speak english well, but she made face a held her palms apart, clearly impressed by the size of the man’s erection.

“Ah, ok, touching another guy’s dong might be going a bit far,” I murmured to Carla.  I liked it when she played around, but that dick flick move of hers made my stomach churn a little with jealousy.

“Why he practically stuck his boner right in my face,” gasped my wife in mock indignation.  “What was I supposed to do?”

Before I could answer, one of the black guys from across the aisle jumped up and came over to take the seat recently evacuated by the embarrassed businessman.  He was a much younger guy, maybe in his mid twenties and he was wearing a tank top and basketball shorts. He was sort of rough looking character, and when he grinned at my wife, he revealed a prominent gold tooth.

“Wazzup, pretty lady?” he asked her with his flashy grin.

“Um, nothing, I’m sure,” she said.  She put her nose in the air snootily and quickly recrossed her legs, trying to assume an air of modesty.  But I could tell she was flustered by this brash and virile younger man. “I’m just sitting here with my husband, minding my own business.”

“You business looking GOOD, baby,” he told her, brazenly eying her shapely legs and licking her lips.

“Um, that’s no concern of yours, young man,” she said primly.  But her eyes widened in shock as the hooligan started gripping a growing bulge in his own shorts.

“El Toro!” laughed the Mexican woman, watching the young man handle his stiffening meat.

I shifted in my seat uncomfortably and considered trying to get Carla to move to a new train car.  This guy seemed like trouble, and I could feel my armpits growing damp with apprehension.

For her part, Carla’s cheeks were growing flushed as she watched the young man’s erection grow in his shorts while he ogled her body.  She fanned her face with her hand.  

“That’s really rude to touch yourself in public like that, young man!” she scolded.  But my wife’s eyes were bright with excitement as the lump in the black guy’s shorts grew bigger and longer.

“Bitch, you can’t go ‘round dressed like a ho’ and expect a niggah not to notice,” he laughed.  “Spread yo’ legs again, lemme see.” The black guy’s pal was leaning forward in his seat across the aisle watching intently and he broke out laughing at his friend’s boldness.

“I certainly will NOT, young man, and it’s quite RUDE of you to suggest such a thing to a MARRIED woman,” gasped my wife.  Her cheeks were bright red now with indignation, but she uncrossed her legs and spread them, showing her panties to the young thug, just as he had requested.

“Um, honey,” I stammered in shock.  Things were getting a little out of hand here, and my pulse was pounding rapidly.

“Aren’t you going to say anything to HIM?” she demanded, rubbing her inner thighs excitedly as she continued to spread her legs for the black man.

“Wazzup, playa?” the ruffian asked me, rubbing his dong lewdly as he ogled my wife.  “That yo’ baby mama?”

“Uh, we don’t actually have kids,” I admitted drunkenly.

“Wow you are really handling this situation,” laughed my wife, giving me a strange look.

“You’re the one egging him on,” I replied in frustration.

“I most certainly am NOT! I don’t know what you are talking about,” she insisted with a wicked gleam in her eye.

“Come ON, bitch, pull those drawers off, let a nigga get a glimpse,” urged the horny young man, working his crotch with feverish intensity while the Mexican lady and my wife both watched in fascination.

“A lady absolutely does not drop her knickers in public, you crass man,” scolded my wife.  “It’s shocking that you would even suggest such a thing.” But she licked her lips as she stared directly as the huge lump in the thug’s shorts.

“Oh, yeah, how bout I show you mine and then you show me yours?” asked the black man.  He unbuttoned the flap in the front of his shorts and his stiff black penis burst forth in all its filthy glory. The thick uncut black chuck of meat jutted aggressively skyward.

“Ay caramba! Se está haciendo tan grande!” exclaimed the woman, delighted at the sight of the man’s eager penis.

“You are… That is… My GOD,” stammered Carla.  Her mouth was hanging open at the sight of the black exposed cock.  She was so drunk that she forgot herself and started rubbing her clitoris through her panties.

“Carla, are you TOUCHING yourself?” I asked stupidly, utterly aghast at this turn of events.  My stomach was roiling with anxiety. I took my wife’s arm and considered pulling her away to another seat.

“No, of course not, don’t be silly,” my wife lied.  But she never took her eyes off the black man’s cock the whole time as she continued fingering herself and he started stroked his huge veiny shaft.  The bulbous glans emerging and receding as he drew the foreskin back with each jerk of his dick.

“Hey, lady, hey lady,” said the guys’ pal reaching across the aisle to tap my wife’s stockinged knee.  “He showed you his, you oughta show him yours. It’s only fair, it’s only fair.” The young man was jabbering excitedly and gesturing for my wife to pull her panties off.

“Fair has nothing to do with it,” said my wife as she reached up  and started tugging her panties off. “It would be utterly improper for me to do anything of the sort.”  But she went right ahead and slipped her underwear off, dropping them to her ankles and then kicking them away, under the seat where the black man was sitting across from her.

“Ai, puta!” laughed the Mexican lady, pointing at my wife’s exposed bush as she spread it wide for the black men to see.  My horny wife resumed flicking her nub frantically and I gasped in shock.

“Now that’s what I”M talkin bout,” crowed the black man with his cock out and he dropped hastily to his knees before my wife wife, his straining cock pointed right at her spread open cunt.

“Holy shit!” yelled his pal, clapping his hands on his head.

“Now hold on, here!” I shouted, trying to push the man away from my wife.

“Nah, nah, back off, playa,” he grunted in annoyance, swatting my hands away.

“Just what do you think you are DOING, young man?” asked my wife, looking the black aggressor in the eye with a lusty expression as he knelt there with his yearning cock between her knees.  I was mortified to see that she was spreading her labia apart eagerly for him and her vaginal lips were glistening wetly in anticipation.

“Just the tip,” he told her and thrust his hips forward, penetrating my wife suddenly and making her gasp with passion.

“Cabron!” gasped the Mexican woman, fanning herself as she watched the black man’s ass piston back and forth as he violated my wife on the train in front of a growing group of drunken onlookers.

“Dude, you can’t do that!” I objected, trying to physically intervene again, but the young man was much stronger and he straight-armed me back into my seat with ease as he continued to pump his cock in and out of my wife who was now whimpering with passion.

“How DARE you, you impudent, rude, naughty, naughty, boy,” she panted.  She put one hand on his shoulder and had the other between his legs so that she could work her clit.

“Yeah, I like that, keep talking like that,” he grinned as his thrusts became more and more insistent.

I gazed in scandalized shame as the group of men and women of all ages gathered around watching my wife getting owned and I felt like curling up in a ball and disappearing.

“You are a bad, bad, terrible, uncouth, oh god,” moaned my wife, but her tirade was interrupted by her climax which made her cry out loudly and shudder in ecstasy.

“Oh man, she came, she came, bro!” crowed the black man’s friend and the crowd broke out laughing and there was even a smattering of applause.

The black man fucking my wife suddenly  became aware of all the people watching him and he puffed his chest out in pride. “Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen,” he said self-importantly.  “Allow me to present to you this great event, Ima bust my nut up in this ho’s face right now.” And he yanked his stiff cock out of my wife and jumped up so that it pointed right at her face.  It was shiny and slick with her juices and she eagerly received his head into her mouth as he manically jerked his shaft. The crowd gasped at the sight of his huge dong and his face beamed with pride.

It didn’t take long before my wife made a choking sound and the black man pulled his huge meat from her mouth and started spraying hot spurts of jizz all over her face.  The crowd gave a mixed reaction, the men made faces of disgust, but the women seemed fascinated as the interloper emptied an impressive volume of semen into my wife’s mouth, up her forehead, into her hair, across her cheeks and even down onto her neck and chest.  My gut dropped in humiliation as everyone watched him debase her like that, but oddly, it made my dick hard to see it. I must be a pervert.

“Now that was TOTALLY uncalled for,” scolded my wife as he tucked his cock away and took a bow to a smattering of applause as the crowd broke up.

“Are you still talking?” he asked her nonchalantly over his shoulder as he and his buddy high-fived each other.

“Honey, do you have a kleenex?” asked my wife sweetly.  “That impolite brute was extremely messy.”

I patted my pockets in confusion for a moment before the Mexican lady produced a handful of napkins with the McDonald’s logo on them and handed them to my wife.

“Gracias, gracias,” said my wife thankfully, wiping some of the stranger’s spooge from her eyes.  But she was hopelessly covered in sperm and would need a change of clothes and a shower before she was presentable again.  “Honey, can you find my panties? Our stop is coming up,” begged my wife.

“Oh god,” I groaned, dropping down onto all fours to fish my wife’s drawers from under the seat across from us.  “This is so humiliating.”

“How do you think I felt,” she asked me.

“Well you obviously had at least one orgasm,” I retorted, climbing to my feet awkwardly, my poor old joints creaking from the effort.  “And you didn’t hesitate to take his dick into your mouth.”

“He caught me off guard,” she complained.  Carla swiped her panties from my hand and clumsily donned them just as the doors opened to our station.

We hurried off, people staring at my wife’s cum-covered face and chest in surprise.  Some people recognized what it was and tittered behind their hands, but Carla just marched resolutely ahead, sashaying in her slutty outfit and ignoring their mockery.

We sat in the uber from the station to our home in stunned silence, neither of us knowing quite what to say about this incident.  But once we got home, we didn’t even make it to the bedroom, but started having wild sex right there in the hallway. I didn’t even give her a chance to get cleaned up first, I was so horny for my slutty wife.  So even though we never really worked things out verbally, we knew from how good the sex was that night that we would be doing this sort of thing again. And soon.

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Teens Boys Splash Wife in Hotel Pool

By Gustav Jorgenson

“Aren’t you glad I finally talked you into this vacation?” asked my wife Nicole.  She slipped her high heel off and was rubbing her stockinged foot up the inside of my leg under the table.

I glanced around the fancy hotel restaurant where we were finishing our dinner, but no one seemed to notice.  The dim lighting and long table cloth must be hiding her game of footsy. I sighed and took a sip of my third martini.  “I don’t know.”

Nickole pouted at me.  “Oh come on, Todd! Can’t you ever loosen up?”

I looked at my wife’s pretty face, her features softened by the candlelight, and I felt a pang of desire for her.  “I have to work hard to afford places like this, Nicky. I’ve got a lot of balls in the air right now at work.”

My wife reached across the table and squeezed my hand.  “I wouldn’t mind getting your balls out into the air.” She giggled and tugged on my thumb.

I felt another pang, this time of arousal.  Nicole and I didn’t have sex very often any more.  I motioned to the server. “Check please.”

Once out into the foyer of the hotel, I grabbed my wife and pulled her into a darkened niche behind a pillar.  We kissed for a moment and I ran my hands over her body, exploring her curves.  

Nicole grabbed my tie.  “Todd, let’s do something naughty!  Let’s go jump in the pool.”

“Ok, but we have to back to the room to change.  And once I get you back the room, I won’t want to leave again.”  I squeezed my wife’s left buttock for emphasis.

“Let’s not go back to the room, then.  I wore a bikini under this dress.” She pulled the aa shoulder strap off to show me the bathing suit beneath.

I chuckled.  “Well I didn’t wear my trunks under this suit.”

“Just strip down and swim in your boxers,” suggested my wife.

I glanced through the glass doors that lead out to the pool patio.   No one seemed to be out there, but I was hesitant. “I don’t know.” I really just wanted to get Nicole back to the room to use her in private.  I didn’t need any more kink to pique my interest.

“Oh, don’t be such a stick in the mud, live a little.”  Nicole broke away from me and dashed out through the doors to the pool, slipping out of her heels as she ran.  A porter stopped with luggage cart and admiring my wife’s long legs as she ran.

I shook my head in resignation and straightened my tie to follow her outside.  It was fairly late, but I was hoping someone would still be in the pool so that we could call off this little late night swim session and get down to business back in our hotel room.  So I was relieved at first when we turned the corner around the potted palms on the patio and saw a gang of teenage boys lounging in the pool.

“Oh well, we can’t very well strip down in front of these fellows.  Let’s leave the pool to them,” I said.

Nicole stamped one stockinged foot and I realized that she was drunker than I thought.  “Oh poo, I’m in the mood for a swim.” She stared up at me with a stubborn turn to her mouth.

I tried to force a laugh.  “Nicky, I’m not going to strip down in front of everyone.”

My wife glanced over at the young men who were now looking at us with interest.  “They are just boys, Todd. Teenagers.”

I tugged at the knot of my tie.  “Still.”

Nicole sighed.  “You are no fun.”  She looked at the boys again.  “Do what you want, but I’m having a swim.”

I gave a start of surprise.  “Honey?”

My wife reached down and pulled her dress right off over her head in one fluid motion.  The teenagers let out a hoot of surprise when they saw my pretty wife disrobing like that.  I was mortified. Nicole’s swimsuit didn’t leave much to the imagination. It was a tiny string bikini with ties on her hips and shoulders and it barely covered her nipples and her pubic region.  In fact, I thought I saw a bit of muff sticking out of the top of my wife’s bikini bottom.

“Jesus christ, Nicole, you are practically naked,” I hissed.

“Pish posh, it’s a bathing suit and I’m at the pool, it’s fine.”  She leaned against me with one hand to steady herself as she peeled off one black stocking.

“Yeah, take it off, momma,” shouted one of the boys, a tall blond haired kid with a crew cut.

“Hey, settle down over there,” I shouted back.  Little punks, who did they think they were? I made eye contact with the crew cut boy and he held my gaze defiantly for a moment before I was distracted by my drunken wife.  She was shifting to her right leg to pull off her other stocking and nearly fell over. I had to catch her as she giggled.

“Honey, I think you are a little too drunk to swim,” I said.

“Nonsense, I’m fine,” she blurted.  She yanked the other stocking off and tossed it aside in triumph.  “There, got it!” Then she turned to face the kids in the pool and cocked a hip.  “You boys mind if I join you?”

The tall boy with the crewcut gave my wife a crooked grin.“You haven’t finished taking off your clothes.” 

Nicole laughed and turned to me.  “Can you believe the stones on this one?”

I noticed a case of beer open on one of the tables nearby.  A bunch of empty beer cans were laying around. “Looks like these little hoodlums are getting drunk.”  I looked over at them and raised my voice. “Maybe I should let security know that there are minors drinking out here.”

The boys exchanged nervous glances with one another and one of them hopped out and sat on the edge of the pool.  He looked like he was getting ready to run.  

Nicole tisked at me.  “Oh Todd, don’t be such a hard ass.  You know you used to sneak a beer now and then when you were their age.”

“That’s true,” I admitted.  I looked down at my wife’s smooth white belly, her long shapely legs and I wished I could just scoop her up and take her back to our room for sex.

“Of course it is, let’s live and let live.”  She gave me a peck on the cheek and turned and dove gracefully into the pool.  The boys were watching her the whole time. She surfaced after a moment and pulled her slick hair away from her face.  “The water feels wonderful! Sure you don’t want to join me, dear?”

I frowned.  “Pretty sure.”

Nicole gave a shrug.  “Your loss.” Then she started swimming down the length of the pool.  She was doing a crawl and her butt stuck out of the water slightly as she swam.  The boys nudged each other and giggled, pointing at her round rump. I just stood there and fumed.

When my wife made her second pass in front of the boys, the blond haired kid splashed some water at her.  My wife spluttered then stood up to face the boy. The water was only up to her waist and her large boobs were jiggling, barely constrained by her small wet bikini top.

“Hey, what was that splash about?”  demanded my wife.

“I TOLD you lady, you have to take your clothes off before swimming with us.”  His buddies broke out laughing and chattering. Some covered their faces in embarrassment.

A chorus of comments erupted from the boys: “Dude!  I can’t believe you said that.” “No WAY!” “The husband’s gonna call security, dude!”

But the tall boy just smiled defiantly at my wife, his cheeks coloring slightly.

Nicole laughed in his face.  “Why you little punk, don’t you know I’m old enough to be your mother?”

The boy stared at her breasts.  “That’s ok, I’d still do you.”

The boys were falling over each other in amazement.  The one who had climbed half way out of the pool jumped to his feet and ran in a circle, unsure of what to do with himself.  Nicole turned to me with a smile and jerked her thumb at the kids.

“Should I call security?” I asked my wife.  I felt my jaw clenching. I was ready to yank that blonde kid out of the pool and give him a smack.

Nicole just waved at me.  “No, no, dear. I know how to handle a mouthy little squirt like this.”  Wife turned and swung and arm down, cutting her hand into the water and sending a sheet of water flying right across the tall blonde kid’s face.  His head snapped back in surprise and his eyes clamped shut. I had to chuckle at the expression on his face. The boys were simply screeching like monkeys in merriment and they all started splashing one another and my wife.

I relaxed a bit as I watched my wife and boys splashing each other and laughing.  The tall boy joined in too, focusing most of his attack on my wife. But it all seemed so innocent.  Those boys are just going through adolescence, I thought. They have all these raging hormones and the beer took their better judgement.  But really they are still just kids and they want to play.

But then the boys formed a circle around my wife and she was suddenly getting overwhelmed from splashes on all sides.  The innocent splash war had taken on a subtly predatory tone. My little wife seemed surrounded by a pack of horny wolves.

She flailed her rams, windmilling them as spun and tried to combat the curtains of water being flung at her.  That’s when one of her boobs popped out of her bikini top. The big round orb lolled out, her nipple hard and pink and fully exposed.  The boys shouted in glee at the sight of my wife’s bare boob and they closed in on her splashing furiously.

“Wait, time out,” laughed Nicole as she struggled to wrestle her tit back into her top.  “Wardrobe malfunction, time out!”

But the boys were emboldened and kept it up, my wife was nearly hidden by the thrashing water.  Then the tall boy darted in and untied the side of my wife’s bikini bottom.

“Hey!” I shout.  But I feel impotent.  I’m not about to jump in there and get my suit wet.

“Why you little scamp!”  Nicole shouts at the tall boy.  She is struggling to cover her bar boob and hold up her bikini bottom at the same time.  She is still laughing which makes it harder for her to keep her bathing suit together. She face the tall boy.  “Stay away from me, you!”

But then the short excited boy came at her from behind and plucked at the tie at the back of her top and it fell off.

Nicole spun on him and swung to give him a smack, but he dunked himself to evade it.  The tall boy took that opportunity to snatch my wife’s top away and throw it to one of his pals.  Nicole lunged sideways trying to intercept her top. His big gorgeous tits lolling and floating on the surface.  But she missed the grab and furthermore lost the grip on her bikini bottoms which were quickly grabbed by another boy.

I stood there in blind fury as this gang of pubescent hooligans played keep away with my wife’s bikini while she lunged back and forth, totally naked in the water, her tits swinging madly.

“Honey, I’m calling security!”  I shouted. I didn’t know what else to do.

“Aww, come on man, we are just playing,” insisted the tall boy, holding up my wife’s top.  She lept toward him and he flung the top away just in time, while my naked wife ploughed hime, her bosoms crushing up against his bare chest.

Nicole pulled away, covering her chest in embarrassment.  “Todd, just let me handle this. I’m not about to be bested by a group of CHILDREN.”

I clenched my fists in anger and frustration.  But I bit my tongue and said nothing.

Nicole addressed the tall boy.  “Now look. I don’t mind horsing around with you fellows. We’ve been having a good time, haven’t we?”  My wife looked around the circle, covering her nipples with her forearm. “Haven’t we had fun?”

The boys all nodded. They were calming down a bit and their grins were fading.

“Yeah, I like you boys, you have spunk.  Fun is fun, but I’m a grown woman, I can’t stay in the pool naked with you boys.  I’ll have to leave if you don’t give my bikini back.”

The boys broke out in protest.  “Aww come on.” “Don’t be like that.”  “We are just playing.”

Nicole held up a hand and bowed her head.  “No excuses. Just give my bikini back and we can keep playing.”

The tall boy spoke up.  “Look lady. I see the problem.  You feel weird being the only one naked.  But what if we all stripped too? Then we will all be naked and it won’t be so weird.”

Nicole giggled.  “That would be weirder still.”

“No it won’t, watch,” said the boy and he impetuously yanked down his trunks and his boner came popping out standing straight up at attention.

Nicole gasped at the sight while the boys erupted in laughter.  They were punching each other and dunking one other in excitement while their leader waved his flag pole at my shocked wife.

“Oh how precious.  Look how proud he is of his little pecker, Todd.   He wants to show it off,” said Nicole, keeping her eyes on the boy’s veiny phallus the whole time.

“Ha, yeah,” I rejoined.  But my face was burning. The kids cock was huge, over eight inches long and stiff as a board, sticking straight up in the air.  It put my 6incher to shame. Especially since mine never got that hard anymore. I was jealous and furious at the same time. “Now security can get him for indecent exposure too.”

Nicole looked back over her shoulder at him as she removed her arm from her chest and let the boys gaze at her bare breasts.  “Oh Todd, I don’t think that will be necessary. I think I know how to handle these little perverts.” She turned back to the boy waving his dick at her.  “What do you expect me to do with that? Pick my teeth?”

The boys broke out laughing and several more pulled their shorts down, sporting their woods and waving their boners at my wife.  

“Here pick your teeth with mine,” offered the excited boy, wagging his stiff prick at my wife.

“Oh you boys are terrible,” shouted Nicole, and she started splashing their penises. She had moved into a shallower section so that her exposed bush was just above the water now.   I noticed that she wasn’t trying to cover her naked body any more, and her knockers were swinging freely as she bent over and splashed the boys.

The splash war resumed, but now with everyone naked and the sexual tension was intense.  I could feel myself getting hard at the sight of my wife frolicking naked with a bunch of horny boys with stiff boners.

“Honey, this is really inappropriate,” I said gamely.  A boy aimed a jet of water at me and I ducked back, trying to protect my $5000 suit from damage.

“Look at my penis,” shouted the excited boy. He stuck a pool noodle onto his dick and waved it at my wife. 

Nicole grabbed it and held the tip on the noodle in her hand then stroked her hand down it.  “Ohh, it’s really big,” she teased. The way she stood there nude and stroked the noodle was shockingly erotic, my erection became painful as I watched.

“I’m gonna fuck you with it,” yelped the boy and he pulled back and poked the tip of the noodle right into my wife’s pussy.

She gave a cry of surprise.  “Careful, honey, that’s not how you do it.  You have to go slow.”

“Yeah like this.” said the tall boy and he came up behind my wife and crouched down, grinding up against her from behind until the red tip of his glans came popping out between her thighs.

Nicole pinched the head of his cock without thinking.  “Oh my god, be careful with this thing. You could hurt somebody.”

He pulled back and thrust it at my wife from a lower angle, trying to get it into her.

Nicole reached back and batted his cock aside.  “Hey, I hardly know you,” she laughed.

“All you need to know is how hard I am,” he grunted. He had my wife by the hips and was trying to get his thing into her again.

“Actually, a girl needs to know a LITTLE more,” said my wife.  She wrestled out of his grip and made her way to a nearby ladder.  “I think these boys are getting a little too hot and bothered, Todd.  I think we better go.”

“It’s about time,” I muttered.

The boys gave another chorus of complaint: “No fair!”  “We got blue balls now!” “You teased us!”

Nicole paused halfway up the ladder and looked over at me.  Her glorious round ass was glistening in the light from the tiki lamps around the pool.  “Blue balls! The nerve of these little brats!” she laughed.

She lifted one leg out of the water, but the tall boy snagged her ankle.  “Come on, don’t go. We are just getting warmed up,” he begged.

“You are getting too warm, mister.  Too fresh,” she scolded. She tried to pull her leg away, but he held fast to it.

“Come one,” he insisted and he gave a sudden jerk and my wife toppled backward into the water.

The boys surrounded her in an instant.  Two of the bigger boys grabbed her arms.

“Grab his tits, grab her tits.” The other boys started groping my wife’s chest while she struggled and laughed.

“You dirty little fuckers, let me go,” she cried.  But she couldn’t help but laugh the whole time. She looked up at me helplessly while the tall boy juggled her pendulous tits in his palms and then pinched her nipples.  “Todd, are you just going to stand there while these little barbarians molest me?”

I gaped at my wife.  “You said you could handle them,” I said, half snarkily.  She HAD said that.

“I though so too, but Jesus, Todd, do you have a boner?” Nicole wrinkled her brow at me incredulously.

I looked down and realized that I was pitching a tent in my trousers and one hand was unconsciously running up and down my shaft without me realizing.  “Uh, no.”

The tall boy prodded his stiff cock into my wife’s crotch as he felt up her tits and two of his pals held her arms pinned back.  “Look, your husband is into it. He’s a cuck.”

Nicole lifted a knee and nudged the boy back.  “No he isn’t,” she sputtered. “He’s a real man.”

“Yeah right, then why did he just stand there and watch while we stripped you naked?” demanded the tall boy.  He grabbed my wife’s raised knee and started stroking her inner thigh. She gave a moan. “He didn’t even do anything when we pulled our dicks out.”

‘That’s not true!” I shouted.  My face was burning with shame.  Of course it was true.

“Dude, you’ve been yanking your pecker for the past five minutes.  You are totally getting off on this,” insisted the excited boy who was holding one of Nicole’s arms back.  “Look I’m feeling up your wife’s tit!” And he cupped one of Nicole’s boobs in his hand as he wagged his eyebrows at me.

I felt my cock jump at the sight of my wife getting groped and I felt nauseous.  “Stop that you little animal,” I choked.

Nicole was looking at me thoughtfully as the teen fondled her breast.  But the she squealed when the tall boy pushed himself between her legs.

“Hey, you can’t just thrust your thing into a girl, you have to charm her first,” said my wife, pushing the boy away with her foot.

“Let me just put in the tip,” he begged.

Nicole snorted with amusement.  “That’s the oldest one in the book.”  She wriggled her arms free from the two boys holding them and I realized that they hadn’t been gripping her very hard, she probably could have gotten free earlier.  She reached out and grabbed the big boy’s huge dong. “Here, let me see that thing.” He groaned in pleasure as my wife stroked his shaft. She turned to me with surprise.  “My god, honey, his thing is massive. And so hard.”

“Yeah, it must be the hormones,” I gagged.  I was gripping my boner for dear life now.

“Oh, yeah, this is quite a piece of meat here,” said my wife as she cupped his ballsack in one hand and rubbed the head of his cock with the other.  “I might need to assist with some sexual education.”

“Your cunt its gonna get educated by my hard cock,” blurted the tall boy, and he twirled my wife around and bent her over.  She grabbed the edge of the pool to steady herself and the boys gave a cry as the blonde one poked the tip of his cock into my wife’s swollen labia which peeked out between her thighs.

“Oh, oh, go slow, just a little a time, honey,” panted my wife.

The boys crowded close around watching in fascination as their peer slowly pushed his stick rod into my wife, inch by inch.  They were freely squeezing her boobs at this point. After he had fully inserted and withdrawn his dick in and out of my wife’s slick twat a few times, the big boy grabbed her by hips and started pounding her,  his muscular thighs making waves in the pool as he banged my woman from behind. I just stared in amazement as she panted and moaned with pleasure to be used by the vigorous teen.

The excited boy from earlier, pulled himself up out and sat on the edge of the pool with his cock pointing skyward.  He pulled my wife over and put her hands on either side of his hips. She looked up at him in confusion, his dick poking her under the chin.  He put his hand on the top of her head, tilting it down and guiding his prick into her mouth. She took the hint and started sucking the boy’s dick while she got ploughed from behind.  I was kneading my own boner desperately as I watched.

Soon the tall boy gave a grunt and arched his back dramatically.  Nicole paused in her blowjob and looked over her shoulder lovingly.  “That’s a good boy. Empty it all right inside. That’s it.” What a dirty whore she was.

“YES YES!” cried the boy and then he pulled out and thrust his arms in the air while his friends cheered him.  “I blew my wad right into her snatch!” Two boys high fived him at once.

“Watch this, watch this,” stammered the excited boy who Nicole had been blowing.  He was jerking his cock and it suddenly erupted, spurting stream after stream of hot jizz into my wife’s face and all over her bouncing tits.  His teenage cock just kept spewing for what seemed like a full minute, spray after spray of semen splashing against my wife, covering her face and chest.  She stared in shock and tried to cover her eyes. Finally, she bent over and sucked the remainder out of his dick until he yelped and yanked his cock away from her.

“Impressive,” said Nicole.  And my wife started climbing out of the pool.  I could tell her legs were wobbly and I rushed over to help her out.

I was holding my wife’s arm and she looked up at me with chagrin, her face glazed with the teen’s fertile cum, she smelled like bleach.  “Um sorry about that, dear.”

“Uh, right,” I said.

The teens swarmed out of the pool and surrounded us.  “You can’t leave yet, we haven’t had our turns!”

“Turns?  There are no turns!” snorted Nicole with a laugh.  

But the boys just snatched my wife from my arms and hustled her over to the chaise lounge where the bent her over and one started fucking her from behind while another jammed his cock into her mouth.  She looked over at me and shrugged as she started servicing the remaining boys. It didn’t take very long, most of them came within a minute. The tall boy came back for seconds. And I felt a little uncomfortable about the extra enthusiasm my wife put into his blowjob.  She swallowed his entire second load with gusto.

Soon security showed up and demanded an explanation, but the boys convinced them to take a turn on my wife too, so they dropped their utility belts and laid into her with abandon.  Once they were through with her, my poor wife was covered from head to toe in jizz and cock snot was flowing freely from her smashed up pussy which was read and swollen from the rough usage.

“I’m going to be limping for a week,” grinned Nicole as I lead her back to the elevators.  We never did find her bikini and there were no towels around, so I had to just lead my poor wife naked through the halls while couples stopped and stared at her cum soaked self.

“I would be embarrassed if I wasn’t riding such an intense endorphin rush.  Teenagers fuck like animals! That was fucking amazing, honey! I think I need to start volunteering at the youth center.”

“Um, ok,” I said.  Our life was about to get really weird.  Good think the age of consent was 16 in our state, or my wife could get into trouble.

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Wife Teases Baristas

By Gustav Jorgenson

I met my wife for coffee at the local Starbucks one Saturday afternoon. I noticed that she was clasping her jacket closed even though it wasn’t very cold out that day, but I didn’t mention it.

“Jeez, I always see these same two kids working whenever we come in here,” I commented as we waited in line.

“Oh, I know, Jeremy and Matthew. They are sophomores at the state university,” she said with a knowing smile.

“How do you know so much?” I asked, arching my brow in surprise.

“Oh, I’m always in here chatting with the boys behind the counter. I love to tease them. They call me a cougar,” she said, tossing her hair flippantly.

“You must get a kick out of that,” I said with a condescending smile.

“Oh, I do. An old lady like me can use all the attention she can get,” said my wife, pouting prettily.

“Ah, you are still a bombshell,” I told her with a kiss on the cheek. And she is. No one can believe that she is in her mid forties, everyone thinks she’s still in her thirties.

As we approached the front of the line and it was our turn to be served, my wife turned to me conspiratorially and whispered, “Watch this.”

“Hello, Margaret, can we get your latte started?” asked the one named Jeremy. He was a tall, fresh faced young guy with a pale complexion and rosy cheeks.

“Why yes, you can, young man,” said my wife, dropping her jacket open nonchalantly and thrusting her chest forward to reveal that she was wearing nothing but a flimsy camisole with no bra. Her generous boobs jiggled invitingly, cleavage exposed, her stiff nipples clearly visible through the sheer fabric. Jeremy’s eyes bulged out of his head as he stared unabashedly at my wife’s amazing rack on full display and I almost broke out laughing in spite of my shock and embarrassment.

“Jesus, Margie, what do you think you are doing?” I muttered under my breath.

“I like extra milk,” said my wife, ignoring me and shimmying her shoulders to make her tits bounce provocatively.

“Milk,” repeated Jeremy stupidly, his mouth hanging open as he gaped at my wife’s chest. Wearing nothing but that camisole really was shameless of her. It left practically nothing to the imagination.

“Jeremy, why are you staring at my chest like that?” asked Margaret with an impish smile. “Are you paying attention? Matthew, come here please, I don’t think Jeremy is understanding my order.”

“You always get the same thing, Margaret, we know how you like it… holy shit,” said Matthew as he joined Jeremey at the register and got an eyeful of my wife’s tittage.

“You boys are making me uncomfortable with the way you are staring at my breasts,” said my wife, pinching her nipples for them distractedly.

“Cut the crap, Margie, other guys are starting to notice,” I whispered looking around nervously as a couple of construction workers in their fluorescent yellow and orange vests were craning their necks to get a better look at my wife as she was showing off her knockers for the young baristas.

“Um,” said Matthew and then he was silent, his face reddening with his eyes locked on my wife’s nipples as she tweaked them and made them stiff and erect.

“I guess I didn’t realize I was staring,” admitted Jeremy With a great show of will, he pulled his eye up from the my wife’s tits and looked her in the eyes.

“I mean, you are looking at me, so, so sexually,” breathed my wife, her cheeks were getting flushed and she fanned herself dramatically with one hand while she put her other hand on her belly and lifted the front of her camisole up to expose her navel.

“Jesus, Margaret,” I hissed, turning to smile awkwardly at the two women in line behind us who were frowning judgmentally at my wife’s little game.

“I uh, didn’t mean anything by it,” stammered Jeremy, licking his lips unconsciously as he eyed my wife’s belly button.

“Well, you and Matthew are staring at me as though you wanted to FUCK me,” murmured my wife softly, leaning forward so they could hear her and treating them to a nice view down the front of her shirt.

“That’s enough, Marge,” I said finally, dropping a five on the counter and hustling her away from the register.

She just giggled and pulled her coat closed as the two women behind us shook their heads in disapproval. Jeremy snapped back to attention and started taking their order.

“What the hell has gotten into you?” I asked wife, struggling to keep my voice down as the construction workers eyed us with interest.

“Oh, Todd, don’t be like that,” she sniffed, tossing her head and making her long brown hair swirl behind her. “Why can’t I have a bit of fun now and then?”

“You are going to give those two kids a pair of boners,” I said, shaking my head.

“Well, that won’t kill them,” she said, looking the two baristas over judiciously as they scurried about behind the counter, preparing coffee drinks. “They seem healthy enough.”

“Well, it’s embarrassing me,” I admitted. “And other people are noticing your hijinx.” I jerked a thumb at the construction workers.

“Bah, that show wasn’t for them,” said my wife, glancing over her shoulder with disdain as she clasped the front of her coat closed.

“Err, here is your, um, latte, Margaret,” said Matthew, putting the paper cup on the counter. He was about to scurry away, but my wife lunged forward and grabbed his hand. Her coat fell open exposing her thinly clad chest again.

“Matthew, the naughty way you and Jeremy looked at me just now made me feel very dirty,” breathed my wife, fixing the young man with a smoldering stare. He glanced down involuntarily at her boobs as she accosted him. “See, there you go, staring at my breasts again,” she said huskily. “I think you and Jeremy need to come over to my house after your shift and make it up to me.”

“What?” croaked Matthew, his voice cracking with shock.

“Yes, I don’t see any other solution,” said my wife, scribbling our address on a receipt sitting there and pushing it toward him.

“Wow,” was all the kid could say as he took up the receipt and stared at it. Jeremy appeared suddenly looking over his shoulder.

“I expect to see both of you boys at that address promptly after your shift is over,” said my wife. “You can’t just get me all hot and bothered like that and then do nothing about it.” She took up her drink and spun away as they stared at her incredulously. Then they looked at me but I just shrugged in confusion.

My wife strode right past me and out of the coffee shop, leaving her coat open so that the construction workers could get a good look at her tits. I scurried after her in amazement.

“Margaret, really now,” I scolded as we headed back to the car. “That’s going a bit far, isn’t it. Inviting those guys back to our house. Don’t you have any shame?”

“Oh, darling, you can’t be serious,” laughed my wife into her latte. “You don’t really think they would have the guts to come to our home? Why, they won’t have the balls to do that. I was just yanking their chains darling. It’s so cute how flustered they get.”

“But what if they did show up at our house?” I asked, unlocking our BMW with a click of the key, making it chirp.

“Well then, I’ll invite them in and offer them some hospitality,” said my wife nonchalantly. “They are just college boys, surely you aren’t jealous.”

“No, no,” I agreed. “I’m not afraid of those little chaps.” I wasn’t afraid of them at all. If fact, I found my wife’s little scene to be very titillating and I could feel my member stiffening as I replayed it in my head.


I was fantasizing about my wife with these two baristas all afternoon while we sat and read quietly in the living room. Around 3 pm my wife checked the clock and then got up.

“Well the boys are getting out from work about now,” she told me with a sparkle in her eye. “Should I go get changed into something sexy in case they come over here?”

“You don’t really think they would?” I asked, trying to sound neutral, but really fascinated by the possibility.

“No, of course not,” she said, watching my expression closely. “But if they do, I want to be ready to give them a shock.”

“Uh, ok,” I gulped. And she ran off to change.

My wife returned to the living room a few minutes later wearing her white see-through lace bra and matching panties. She had on her thigh high stockings and heels as well and she was looking pretty sexy.

“Holy shit,” I said. “Are you really going to answer the door like that if they come here?”

“Won’t it give them fits?” she asked, giggling like an excited schoolgirl.

“But honey, you are practically naked,” I said, feeling my dick stiffen at the sight of her. “I can see your nipples right through that bra.”

“Oh, I know, I expect them to get off out this outfit,” she told me with a smile. Then she noticed my hesitation. “Todd, let’s face it. We’ve been together twenty years. Our love life has been pretty ho-hum for a long time. I get such a kick out it when these young fellows get all horned up over a pair of jiggling boobies. They are just full of hormones and ready to pop a boner over anything. It makes me feel sexy again. Maybe injecting some young blood into the mix will heat things up a little.”

“Ha, well, they are going to want to inject their things into you,” I laughed nervously. “I mean, if you answer the door in that outfit things could easily get out of hand.”

Margaret looked at me intently, the smile fading from her face. “Yes, they could,” she said simply. “These are impetuous and red blooded young men. They have needs.”

“Margie, what are you suggesting? Would you actually, uh, take this all the way?” I asked, my gut wrenching at the idea of my wife fucking these two horny guys.

“Would you be able to handle that?” she asked me with concern.

“I, uh, I don’t know,” I admitted. The idea was fascinating but scary too. My old wife getting it on with other men did arouse me, but I felt a prick of jealousy too. “I guess I shouldn’t be jealous, they are just kids after all, but still, I mean we made marriage vows all those years ago.”

Margaret looked at me fondly. “Well we’ve had and held each other all these years, gotten richer and stayed healthy so far. But there was nothing in there about playing around with a pair of horny young baristas. Would that put our relationship at risk?”

“No, I would still love you of course,” I said. “And I assume that you won’t run off with a twenty year old barista who still lives at home with his mother.”

“That would be awkward,” laughed my wife. “I’d be as old as his mother.” Then she sighed and looked at the clock. “Oh, well, it’s all just a fantasy really. They probably won’t have the stones to show up.”

Just then the doorbell rang and I nearly jumped.

My wife and I exchanged stares.

“You don’t think,” she said, trailing off.

“Well maybe they DID have the gonads to come here,” I said, feeling my pulse quicken as the fantasy started to solidify into reality.

“Look out the window and see,” coaxed my wife, shaking her hands in front of her. She clearly wasn’t really expecting to see them here, and I could see the stage fright on her face.

I got up and pulled the curtain back to see Jeremy and Matthew standing right on our porch. They looked pretty nervous and they waved awkwardly at me when they saw me looking at them.

“It’s them alright,” I said.

“Ok,” said my wife, stealing her nerve. “I guess we are doing this. This should get interesting.”

“Uh, Margaret, are you sure this is a good idea?” I asked, following along as she strode toward the front door in nothing but her lingerie.

“Not entirely,” she admitted. Then she pulled the door open with a flourish and faced the two young men on our doorstep.

Their eyes widened in shock when they saw my wife’s body almost completely exposed in her see-through lingerie and they just stood there looking her up and down for a moment, utterly speechless.

“Hmm, are you getting an eyeful of the merchandise?” asked my wife coyly. “Come in, come in, you can look me over at your leisure inside.”

“Uh, Margaret, we just came to, uh, apologize,” said Matthew, his eyes fixed on my wife’s crotch. Her dark pubic hair was discernable through the lacy front of her panties.

“Yeah, we didn’t want you to get the wrong impression,” added Jeremy, his eyes flicking guiltily from my wife’s half-naked body to me, standing behind her.

“I don’t think I got the wrong impression,” purred my wife. “You boys clearly want to have sex with me. And it’s making me terribly aroused, you bad boys. Now get inside and let’s figure out what to do about it.” My wife snapped her fingers and pointed down the hall back toward our living room and the two fellows hesitated just a moment before she snapped and pointed again and they hurried to obey her. They ducked their heads in embarrassment as they skirted past me. Margaret turned and followed them with her hands on her hips, leaving me to glance up and down the street in trepidation before closing the front door. I was hoping no one saw that little scene on the doorstep. My dick was standing at attention at this turn of events. I could barely believe that they had to guts to come her and she had the guts to dress like that. I was amazed at how aroused I was getting by the whole thing. I never thought I would be into this kinky stuff.

“Sit down,” demanded my wife, pointing at the couch. And the two young men obediently sat as I came back into the living room. She winked at me before continuing. “Now are you going to tell me why you boys really came over here?” she asked, standing before the two young men with her legs spread wide and her fists on her hips, putting her whole body on display for them. “I don’t think you came to apologize. I think you got excited by the sight of my breasts at the coffee shop and decided to come here and see if I would show you more.”

The two fellows just forced a nervous chuckle and said nothing.

“Well, I’m showing you more now,” said my wife, gesturing to her body. “What do you think?”

“It looks pretty good to me,” blurted Jeremy and then he blushed madly, giving me a trite look.

“Oh, did you hear that, dear?” my wife said, turning to me with a sly grin. “The young gentleman approves of your wife in nothing but her knickers.”

“Well, he’s got excellent taste, I’ll vouch for that,” I said, shooting the fellow a wry grin as I sat down in my easy chair and put a newspaper in my lap to hide my erection.

“What did YOU think was going to happen if you came here, Matthew?” demanded my wife. “Did you think you were going to get to fuck me?”

“No, I mean, of course not,” sputtered Matthew, brow furrowed in confusion as he looked at my wife’s body and then over at me.

“I don’t believe you,” said my wife, putting her nose in the air. “You know it got me very hot when you looked at my breasts earlier. And I am getting pretty excited by the way you are looking at me now too.” She ran her hands down her her sides luxuriously. “I can see that hungry look in your eyes. I think you guys came her to try to have sex with me.”

“Well, you know, it’s hard to blame them,” I told my wife, gulping from the sexual tension in the room.

“Why, do I look that good?” asked my wife playfully. “I’ve been getting flabby, I’m getting old.”

“Nah, nah,” piped up Jeremy. “You look great.” He adjusted the wood in his pants as he ran his eyes up my wife’s shapely, stocking encased legs.

“Really?” she asked, putting her finger to her mouth. “Isn’t my bottom getting too flat?” She turned and presented her round ass to the two young men and they giggled nervously.

“That’s not flat at all,” chortled Matthew.

“Is my body making your penis hard, Jeremy?” asked my wife matter of factly. “You seem to be touching yourself.”

Jeremy just looked at her for a second before breaking out laughing. “Holy fuck, is your husband just going to sit there and watch while we do this?” he asked.

Margaret turned to look at me quizzically. “Hmm, I’m not sure. Are you going to stay and watch, dear?” asked my wife.

“I don’t see why not,” I said, feeling my heart beating against my rib cage. I never thought I would be sitting here watching my wife strut her stuff half-naked in front of a pair of baristas from the local coffeeshop. But I was finding it incredibly exciting and I was wondering how far my wife would actually take this now that they were right here in our living room.

“Ok,” said my wife with a shrug. “I guess Todd is onboard with this,” she told Jeremy. “How’s that dick doing?”

“This is so freaky,” laughed Matthew.

“I know dude, I’m freaking out,” giggled Jeremy, squeezing his crotch.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said my wife with a playful pout. “Is this too much for you to handle? I thought two virile young men would enjoy seeing an attractive older lady in her lingerie. Maybe you are too, um, immature to capitalize on this opportunity?”

I laughed aloud as the two young men blushed and scoffed loudly in response.

“I’m man enough,” said Jeremy bravely, giving me a bold glance. But the poor kid broke away immediately when I returned his gaze and he cast his eyes down.

“I’m glad to hear that, Jeremy,” said my wife. “Why don’t you prove it and come over here and help me unfasten my bra.”

“Wat?” yelped Matthew in amazement. “For reals?”

My wife turned to Matthew with a friendly smile. “Yes, for reals, Matthew. It fastens in front right here,” she said, putting her fingers on the clips and pulling them half apart. “Of course I can do it myself, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to show what a man you are by doing it yourself. Do you have the guts?”

Matthew was about to jump up off the couch, but Jeremy put his arm out and pushed his friend back. “She told me to do it,” he said excitedly as he climbed to his feet.

“So I’m gonna unfasten this here, huh?” he asked my wife as he faced her, shifting from foot to foot.

“Yes, I think that will move things along nicely,” she said, glancing down at the bulge in his pants.

“Ok,” said Jeremy, clearly working to build up the nerve as he contemplated my wife’s jiggling wrack before him. “Let’s do this.” He reached out and unclasped my wife’s bra clumsily, taking a few seconds to figure it out. Eventually he got it unfastened, and her bare breasts came spilling out. His mouth hung open in awe as they swung free.

“Oh wow,” exhaled Matthew in appreciation. “Dose melons, doe.”

“Hold them in your hands,” my wife commanded Jeremy, thrusting her bare chest toward him as she tossed her unneeded bra aside.

“Aww yeah,” he said as he grasped them in his hands. Then he yelped in surprise when my wife reached out and gripped the bulge in his pants. “Whoa!”

“I’ve got Jeremy’s penis, Todd,” my wife told me, fingering the young man’s cock while he weighed her hefty tits in his hands. “It’s very hard.”

“Mine too,” I admitted, tossing my paper aside and unzipping my fly so I could jerk off while I watched my wife frolic with these two young guys.

“You are making me feel underdressed, Jeremy, take your shirt off,” commanded my wife. She released his dick for a moment to turn to Matthew while Jeremy hastily complied with her order. “Matthew, here, feel these and see if they work for you. Jeremy got very erect when he felt them,” said my wife, bending over to dangle her pendulous boobs before Matthew’s face.

“I’m already hard,” said Matthew proudly, then he impetuously darted his head forward and clamped his mouth onto one of my wife’s hard pink nipples making her gasp in surprise.

“Ooh, I like a young man with initiative,” she cooed, cradling Matthew’s head as he sucked on her nipple fitfully. Jeremy stood by shirtless, watching jealously. Margaret reached down and unzipped Matthew’s fly while he sucked on her tits and extracted his boner, stroking the smooth white shaft as Matthew grunted with pleasure. “That’s a good boy, nice and hard,” she moaned as she fingered his member. “Now pull my panties down while Jeremy and I become better acquainted.”

She turned back to Jeremy and started licking one of his nipples, thrusting her rear out toward Matthew so he could pull her panties down. She grabbed Jeremy’s ass with one hand and his crotch with the other while she sucked his nipples and he groaned with pleasure.

For his part Matthew hastily yanked my wife’s drawers down and she kicked them aside and spread her legs slightly. I jerked my dick frantically as Matthew sat there, dick in hand gazing right at my wife’s swollen labia, poking out between her parted thighs right at eye level. He reached right up and started fingering my wife’s snatch making her gasp and pause in her nipple sucking.

“Atta boy, you are starting to get the idea,” she sighed, arching her back so that he could reach her cunt more easily.

“It’s real wet,” he commented stupidly, his mind clouded by lust as he slid a few fingers inside my wife.

“Oh god, this is hot,” I murmured.

My wife glanced over at me and smiled with approval as she saw me masturbating feverishly. “Ah, I am glad you are enjoying the show, darling,” she said. “Now watch this.” She pinched and worked Jeremy’s boner so that it was pointing straight up toward his navel behind the zipper of his jeans. She unbuttoned his pants but didn’t pull the zipper down. Then she bent down and started licking his stomach, sliding her tongue down toward his crotch lower and lower, past his navel.

Jeremy put his hand on her head and panted with excitement. “Oh, god, oh god!” he blubbered.

“Oh, you like being teased,” my wife noticed. “Hmm, he’s getting even harder now, Todd,” she reported to me. Margaret, squeezed his bulge until the glans of his penis just started to protrude where his pants were unbuttoned. Margaret started licking lower and lower, closer to the pink head that was peeking slightly out of his pants. “Look, Jeremy likes it when I lick his belly,” she told me, turning his body slightly so that I had a better view of what she was doing. Then she slid her tongue down the front of his pants, lapping at the head of his penis.

“You are licking more than his stomach,” I croaked, the cock in my hand on the verge of exploding.

“No I’m not,” she protested innocently. She slyly pulled his zipper down and inch, exposing the head of his cock and a bit of his shaft and then she resumed licking the newly exposed parts with enthusiasm. She wriggled with pleasure as Matthew started rubbing her clitoris, watching her lick Jeremy’s cock with envy.

“Yes you are,” I laughed. “I can see what you are doing!”

“Ok, you caught me,” rejoined my wife merrily as she finally yanked Jeremy’s fly down all the way and then pulled his pants halfway down his thighs, exposing his big dick and hanging balls. “I’m sucking his dick,” she said and then ran her tongue up and down his shaft as she held his nuts in one hand and pinched the head of his prick with the other.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” cried Jeremy, thrusting his hips forward involuntarily, trying to poke his dick into my wife’s mouth.

“Ok, that’s it, I’m going for it,” said Matthew. He pulled his pants off and jumped up to stand behind my wife as she was bent over servicing Jeremy’s tool with her mouth.

“What do you think YOU are doing, young man?” asked my wife, looking back over her shoulder at Matthew as he stood behind her with his pants off, stroking his erect dong just inches from her open twat.

“I’m doing THIS!” he grunted, pushing the head of his cock into my wife for emphasis.

She gave a cry of passion and gripped Jeremy’s hips for support as Matthew entered her.

“How do you like that?” he asked her boldly as he introduced more and more of his strong young dick into her.

“Oh, oh, yes, I think that’s satisfactory,” panted my wife.

“Very much, so,” I agreed, and then I came, a surprisingly voluminous stream of cum spurting from my cock as I watched my wife getting fucked in front of me. I blew my wad all over myself, and then collapsed back in my chair in contentment as I watched the episode unfolding before me.

“Suck it more, suck it,” begged Jeremy, grabbing his dick and pushing the head against my wife’s plump lips.

“Ok, ok, dear, I will, I just need to get my bearings after Matthew, oh, oh gosh,” gasped my wife as Matthew hit full stride, humping her excitedly from behind. She grabbed Jeremy’s cock fiercely and stuck it in her mouth. Sucking as hard as she could on it while she jerked his shaft with one hand and steadied herself by grabbing his hip with her other hand. He bent down slightly and fondled her dangling tits while she sucked him. A contented smile spreading across his youthful face.

Matthew grabbed her by the waist and was dogging her for all his worth. His hips slapping against her bare ass with an urgent rhythm. I watched his ass pumping pneumatically into my wife ruefully. I was too old to fuck her with such vigor these days.

“That’s it, that’s it,” moaned Jeremy and he pulled his prick out of my wife’s mouth and started shooting his load all over her face. I had thought my ejaculation was unusually large. But this young guy put me to shame as he coated my wife’s face with spurt after spurt of hot sticky jism. She just laughed and opened her mouth wide to receive a few globs onto her tongue which she promptly swallowed. Meanwhile she reached back between her legs to work her clitoris while Matthew pumped his dick in and out of her.

“I want to cum inside,” he begged.

“Well, go ahead, darling, don’t be afraid,” said my wife soothingly. “Let it fly.”

“Ugh,” he said eloquently as he emptied himself inside my woman. He ground himself against her rear, clinging to her tightly as he pumped load after load of his sperm into her womb and I watched with some trepidation since my wife and I usually used a condom for birth control and she wasn’t on the pill or anything.

“That a boy, let it all go, right inside where it’s nice and hot,” urged my wife looking back over her shoulder fondly. Her hands clamped to Jeremy’s side to keep from falling over as Matthew finished cumming inside her. Then she noticed that Jeremy’s limp cock was dribbling cum down onto the carpet. “Oh you messy boy,” she scolded. “Why can’t you be more like Matthew, he put all his nasty semen inside me, nice and neat. But you like to spray it all around and now it’s getting on my carpet.”

“Oh, shit, sorry,” said Jeremy contritely, grabbing his dick.

“Let me do it,” she said. “I need to clean you up, you nasty boy.” Then my wife sucked his limp dick into her mouth and slurped the last of the cum out of it, then carefully licking his shaft to clean up the residual cum.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he groaned, his penis becoming engorged again.

“Oh my gosh, are you getting hard again?” she gasped grabbing his dick and tugging on it enthusiastically. “Todd, have you ever seen such a thing? He just came and now he’s getting hard again!” she chirped with delight.

“Not since I was in my own twenties,” I said sadly, surveying the mess I made of my trousers as I tucked my own flacid weiner back inside.

Matthew pulled out of my wife and cupped his sodden junk in his hands so that he wouldn’t drip on the carpet like his pal did. “Uh, where’s the bathroom?” he asked me.

“Just through there, son,” I said pointing down the hall. “First door on your left.”

“I don’t know if I can cum again,” warned Jeremy as my wife kneeled in front of him, jerking his meat earnestly.

“Well, let’s just see what we can coax out of you, shall we?” asked my wife, ducking her head to slurp on his balls. He grunted with satisfaction and she paused and looked up at him with adoration. “After all, it’s not every day that you get a sexy older cougar on her knees before you submissively sucking your balls, now is it, young man.”

“Oh, yeah, submissive,” he muttered. “Yeah, suck those balls, Marge, suck ‘em,” he told her.

“Yes, sir,” she said, turning her head to the side so she could get his big hairy nutsack into her mouth while the veins stood out in her forearm as she yanked viciously on his stiff red dong.

“Fuck are you guys still going at it?” laughed Matthew as he came back into the room with his pants back on.

“She can’t get enough of my balls, dude,” said Jeremy proudly and my wife gave his dick a particularly ferocious tug and he grunted with shock and then he blew his second wad down my wife’s bare back as she slurped loudly on his scrotum. “Ahh,” he moaned as he spurted a more modest cumshot this time, just a few sticky globs that dribbled down and then ran down her back toward her bare round ass.

“Good boy, I knew you could do it,” she congratulated him, reaching back and feeling the spoog dripping down into her ass crack.

“Thanks Margaret, I couldn’t have done it without you,” he chuckled, pulling his pants back up.

“So you were really into that, huh, Todd?” asked Matthew, looking at me skeptically. “I mean you just sat there spanking your monkey the whole time while we used your wife like a filthy slut.”

I snorted in response, “From where I sat it looked like she was one using YOU two. But yeah, it was pretty dirty and I got off on it. Maybe once you’ve been married twenty years, you will be able to understand.”

“She can use me anytime she wants,” said Jeremy with a big smile, looking at my wife’s big tits and furry bush as she climbed to her feet in nothing but her stockings.

“Oh, I intend to,” she assured him. “In fact, next time I come to visit you at the coffeeshop, I’ll just wear this under my coat and give you a real thrill.”

“Honey!” I objected. “What if someone ELSE sees you? What if one of the neighbors recognizes you.”

“Well, I’ll just wear a wig and some sunglasses or something,” she said with a shrug. My own tired old penis started to come back to life at the thought of my wife flashing the baristas in a crowded coffeeshop. “Now you two give me a kiss and run along. I’ve got a lot of semen to clean up around here. Next time we should put a tarp down. You boys are practically exploding with cum.” She reached down between her legs and grimaced. “Oops, Matthew’s generous offering is starting to ooze out now too.”

“Yuck,” commented Jeremy. But he gave my wife a quick peck on the cheek. “Ok, Margie, this was fun. Thanks for having us over, and uh, letting us fuck you and everything.”

“Yeah, Marge, you got a hell of a twat,” commented Matthew, kissing my wife on the mouth and pinching one of her nipples cheekily.

“Oh, you naughty boy, get on with you,” she scolded, slapping his ass as he departed.

I followed her to the door as she saw the boys out. “Next time I want it missionary style,” she called out, standing brashly nude in our open doorway and waving to them as they strolled merrily down the path to the sidewalk.

“Oh fuck, honey, get back inside, Ed’s out in his front yard,” I gasped when I noticed our next door neighbor gaping in amazement at my naked wife as he watered his roses. I pushed her back inside and waved to Ed. “Ha ha, hey there Ed. Margie’s such a joker sometimes you know. She’s just kidding of course.”

“But why isn’t she wearing, err, any clothes?” asked Ed in confusion.

“Just a little prank is all,” I stammered while Margie giggled behind the door. “Anyway, have a good one.” And I closed the door hastily.

“Now look what you’ve done,” I told my naked simpering wife. “Ed saw you naked and heard you asking for missionary from your two Lotharios.

“Oh, I don’t care what fat old Ed thinks,” she scoffed. “He can come over and watch if he wants.” Then she paused for a moment. “Well, as long as he gets permission from Mildred first.” She hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek, and the feeling of her bare boobs against my chest made my member swell up even more. “Oh my gosh, old man, are you getting it up again yourself? Well then, come on into the bedroom and service your wife again. I’m still feeling randy from our little party.”

I let my wife lead me down the hall to our bedroom. “That was fun, wasn’t it?” she asked. “Making new friends, trying new things, spending time with vigorous young people and letting them fuck the shit out of me?”

“Yep, it worked for me,” I agreed, throwing my wife onto the bed and climbing forcefully on top of her. It’s good to try new things, I thought to myself as we got the bedsprings creaking more loudly than they had in years.


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