My Wife Became a Stripper

By Gustav Jorgenson
Excerpted from Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.4

I have a painful story to tell, so please bear with me. My name is John Goodson, and I worked as an accountant for many years at various nonprofits. Well, the recession of 2008 put a lot of strain on the nonprofit world, and I found myself laid off. I tried finding for a long time, but it seemed that my skills were out of date and I simply couldn’t find a job. I decided to take a class in QuickBooks but it didn’t help. Meanwhile my wife, Sarah, took at job at the library, but it paid very little and we were starting to get worried as we dipped deeper and deeper into our retirement accounts.

One day my brother Ed and his wife Candy were over for dinner and we were discussing the problem.

“So wait, how much do you make at the library?” asked Candy as she and Sarah cleared the plates from the table.

“Oh boy, don’t ask,” chuckled my wife, shaking her head.

“Honey, you’ve got such a marvelous figure, we should get you a job as a cocktail waitress,” gushed Candy, tapping Sarah’s leg for emphasis.

I grimaced at Candy with distaste. I hate to say it, but she was a very low class woman and our entire family was mortified when my brother married her. They had met at a strip club where Candy had been working as a dancer and our sister, June simply refused to attend the wedding at all, she was so scandalized. But Ed and I were close, and I understood that he was really too awkward and shy to meet women through more normal channels, so I forgave him. Still, his wife was difficult to deal with sometimes.

Sarah just laughed in response to Candy’s suggestion. “Candy, dear, I’ve never waited tables. I simply am not qualified.”

“Oh nonsense, darling, those boobs of yours are all the qualifications you are going to need.”

Ed laughed out loud as Sarah touched her breasts thoughtfully, weighing them in her hands.

“Pretty hefty knockers,” blurted out my brother, his face turning red with excitement. He always did have a bit of Tourette’s syndrome and was prone to involuntary and inappropriate comments.

Candy guffawed with glee at her husband’s rude comment, but Sarah just smiled at me and shook her head. She knew how Ed got sometimes.

“My breasts are none of your concern, Ed. You have a wife of your own who is perfectly well-endowed,” said my wife. “But really, Candy, can we change the subject? I mean, I’m no prude, but I can’t really see myself working in a bar wearing a little dress at my age.”

“Not a bar, honey, you need to work in a strip club,” exclaimed Candy. “And before you say no,” she said hurriedly, holding up her hands to stave off our objections. “Picture yourself taking home $300 a night in tips.”

“$300 a night!” I spat in derision. “I don’t believe it.”

“John, don’t forget, I used to work in that business and I still know club owners. That’s a conservative estimate,” said Candy, drawing herself up smugly.

I was silenced by her confidence and I could tell that Sarah was surprised at the wage. “But that’s just for the younger girls I’m sure,” said my wife, obviously intrigued at this point.

“Honey, don’t you worry about that, you look great. Why you look like you’re still in your 30’s. Besides, it’s not the looks that get you money in that job. You just have to talk to the guys and team up with the dancers to sell those drinks. And believe me, an older confident lady like yourself will be able to handle those fellows way better than the nervous young girls in there. Why half of those younger girls can’t even get up the nerve to flirt with the customers.”

“Why what makes you think I have the nerve to flirt with strange men in a strip club, Candy?” gasped my wife, putting her hand to her chest in surprise. But there was a twinkle in her eye as she said it that made me feel nervous.

“I’ve got a hunch about you,” said Candy, wagging a finger at my wife and squinting at her playfully. “My father always told me to watch out for the quiet ones.”

“Well, what do you think, John?” asked my wife with a sigh. “Should I give a go?”

“Sarah, you can’t be serious?” I stammered, shocked that it had come to this.

“Frankly, dear. The way we are drawing down our savings is really alarming. If the pay is as good as Candy claims, why we would be back to the income level we had when you were working. It would make me a lot less worried about our future.”

“But what if you don’t like it?” I asked skeptically.

“Well for that amount of money, I will grin and bear it.”

“That’s the spirit, dear,” chimed in Candy, clapping her hands in delight. “But it’s not so bad. You might actually get a kick out of it. I’ll make some phone calls and find you a spot at a nice place.”

And Candy was true to her word. The very next day, she arranged for Sarah to go for an interview at an upscale gentlemen’s club downtown.

“Uh, Sarah, I am quite uncomfortable about the whole thing really,” I told my wife as she put on makeup to go to the interview. “I mean, I don’t like the idea of these strange men ogling you in a skimpy cocktail dress.” But as soon as I said it, I actually felt my penis stiffen unaccountably at the thought, which was extremely embarrassing.

“Please, John, I am nervous enough as it is,” said Sarah pausing as she applied her lipstick. “And if I may say so, if you hadn’t lost your job we wouldn’t be in this position.” She cast me an annoyed look that lasted just a moment as she saw my face redden in shame. “Oh, John, I’m sorry, darling, I didn’t mean it. You took wonderful care of me all these years. Now it’s my turn to pull my weight and bring home the bacon for a while. I don’t mind it. Let’s just try to be strong for each other, shall we?” She smiled at me and touched my cheek with her hand. I looked her up and down, noticing that she chose a modest dress that still showed off her slim figure and large bosom to good effect.

“Well you do look simply smashing, and the men will all be falling over themselves to give you tips.”

“Thank you darling, you give me confidence,” said my wife, and off she went to her interview.

She was gone for several hours and I was starting to get worried when she finally arrived home, breathless and bright eyed, with her cheeks glowing a rosy red that I hadn’t seen in years.

“My goodness, Sarah, what took so long? I thought this was just an interview!” I exclaimed.

“I’m so sorry, darling, but it was quite a whirlwind of activity once I got there,” she said, rushing over to the couch and throwing herself down dramatically by my side. Her hair was done up in a curly style I hadn’t seen before and I realized she was wearing garish stage makeup.

“Look at you dear, what happened to your hair and makeup?” I asked in dismay.

“Let me start from the beginning,” she said, tossing her purse aside and leaning back in the couch. “When I arrived, Tony and Chico, the managers interviewed me for just a few minutes and then asked to see me in the cocktail server outfit. They held up a tiny dress and stockings and asked me to get changed. I asked them where I could go to have some privacy and they just laughed and said I should change right there in their office while they watched.” She gave me a bashful look at this point as I felt the blood drain from my face.

“You can’t be serious,” I stammered.

Sarah reached out and grabbed my hand to comfort me. “Now darling, imagine how I felt. I am a grown women, but these two young fellows had me blushing like a schoolgirl. I told them that I thought this request was very inappropriate, but they just laughed and told me that if I couldn’t strip to my underwear for them, then I probably wouldn’t be able to handle the job. Now I felt challenged by that, and I wanted to prove my mettle, so I stood facing them and took my dress right off while they watched.”

“Good God!”

“I know, darling, aren’t I scandalous!” giggled Sarah, slapping my thigh gaily. “And those two scoundrels just drank in the sight of me in my underwear and simply growled their approval. I have to say, it was quite flattering for an old lady like myself.”

“Now honey, you are only 42 after all, and you still have a wonderful figure,” I said, sensing that this was the thing to say at that moment.

“Oh, yes, apparently I do from the reaction I got from Tony and Chico,” she said, tossing her hair playfully. “Anyway, as they watched me put on the fishnet stockings that are part of the uniform for the cocktail waitresses, they asked me if I wouldn’t prefer to take a position as an erotic dancer.”

I just laughed out loud at the thought of my meek wife dancing on a pole for a bunch of crass boors.

“Why are you laughing?” she asked drawing herself up indignantly. “You just said that I have a nice figure, and I did take all those dance lessons.”

“Dance lessons?” I laughed. “What does ballroom dancing have to do with stripping in a club?”

My wife blushed and said nothing, casting her eyes downward.

“Come now, dear, this is really beyond the pale. Stripping nude on stage for strange men? You can’t seriously be considering this?”

“Darling, you haven’t heard how much it earns,” she said solemnly, nodding her head at me.

“But, but, there is more to life than money, isn’t there?” I was feeling very nervous at this point, amazed that she seemed to be seriously considering this.

“Well of course dear, but actually, I was intrigued by the idea. It might be exciting. Maybe I’ve been too conservative, sexually.”

“Now wait a minute, I won’t have my wife getting naked in front of strange men. It just isn’t proper!”

“Now look here, John Goodson, I may be your wife, but I am a grown woman, and I can make my own decisions about what sort of work I try,” said Sarah drawing herself upright and tilting her chin up defiantly. “The fact is that men will pay inexplicable sums just to look at a woman’s boobies. I could make as much in one week as an entire month at the library. And though I always thought strip clubs would be seedy and gross, Tony and Chico’s place was quite classy, with a better sort of clientele.”

“Sarah, I am simply flabbergasted that you would consider this. What if someone we know saw you there?”

“Come now, John. Do you really think any of our friends frequent gentlemen’s clubs in the city? I find that far-fetched. Besides, if any man we know asked me what I was doing there, I could very well ask him the same question and then threaten to tell his wife!” Sarah broke out laughing with devilish twinkle in her eye and slapped my thigh again. “Come now John, don’t be a stick in the mud, let your old wife have a bit of a midlife spree. I will just try it for a few weeks to see how it goes.”

I looked at Sarah’s merry expression and felt quite conflicted. “I have to admit Sarah, this makes me jealous to think of you stripping naked for other men, but I guess it’s also sort of racy in a way. Maybe I’ve taken you too much for granted after all these years.”

“Well if you want to hear something racy, let me tell you what happened when Tony and Chico convinced me to do an audition for them, stripping on stage.” Sarah wriggled with excitement at the thought.

“What, you did that today?” I gasped.

“Yep,” said Sarah with a smug little smile. “I climbed right on stage in my underwear and fishnets and did a little foxtrot. I teased them a bit, unsnapping my bra and holding it in front of my boobs and making as though to take it off before pulling it back in place at the last minute. Then I dropped the bra but covered up my nipples with my hands. Then I covered my breasts with one hand while inching down my panties with the other. I covered my vagina with one hand and wiggled my panties down to my ankles by shaking my hips, and then I finally let them see it all at once, throwing my hands in the air for a grand finale. They simply loved it and the shouted and clapped with excitement. They said that a lot of the younger girls didn’t do enough teasing, but that really makes it fun I think.”

“I can’t believe you did that!” I said, my mouth dry. I had developed a painful erection as my wife’s story progressed. “I have to admit it was a titillating tale.”

“So I see,” exclaimed Sarah noticing the bulge in my pants. “Here, let me help you with that.” And then she unzipped my fly, pulled out my penis and started sucking it right away. After a moment, she pulled my dick from her mouth and swung her leg over to straddle me. My erection pushed right inside her hot wet pussy and we both groaned with pleasure. As she started bouncing up and down on my cock, I had a thought.

“Wait, you aren’t wearing any panties,” I said.

“Nope, Chico asked if he could keep them as a memento, that cheeky fellow,” she panted.

Soon I was spurting my cum inside her, gripping her soft round ass in ecstasy as she fingered herself to climax with me. She jumped off of my deflating cock agilely and pulled the hem of her dress down.

“Alrighty then, what should I make for dinner? Steak?” She skipped off to the kitchen to fix dinner as I shook my head with bemusement.

The next day, she started her new job and I felt awkward waiting at home for her to return. I kept imagining her stripping naked for strange men and I kept getting embarrassing erections at the thought even though my gut was churning with anxiety, jealousy, and shame. I couldn’t relax and kept wandering around the the house in a distracted state, rubbing my sweaty palms on the thighs of my trousers trying to dry them.

When she finally arrived home after her first shift, I had to force myself to sit down and pretend to read a book to keep myself from running to greet her at the front door, which would have seemed strange and needy.

Sarah had a strange swagger to her step as she entered the living room and joined me on the couch. Her cheeks glowed with excitement again and she held her chin a bit higher than normal. She seemed confident, almost haughty.

“Well, you seem quite pleased with yourself, young lady,” I said, teasing her and putting aside my book, which I realized I had been holding upside down.

“Yes, well, this job looks to be even more lucrative than I imagined,” she said, pulling a fat roll of bills from her purse and tossing it on the table. “I made more money than any of the younger girls, and they all crowded around me asking for pointers by the end of the night.”

“Really?” I said, grabbing the roll and thumbing through it, impressed by the number of 20’s and 50’s in the wad of cash. “What’s your secret?”

My wife gave me a devilish look and leaned forward to confide in me. “Well first of all, I don’t just ignore the fellows who hold up smaller bills, I taunt them and play them off against one another. If one client holds up a five dollar bill, I point to the guy waving a twenty and tease him for being cheap. I made a lot of crude jokes equating the size of bills to penis sizes.”

“Oh goodness,” I laughed. “That doesn’t sound like you.” I relished the idea of my normally quiet wife manipulating these strip club denizens. It was a side of her I never would have guessed at.

“Well the whiskey helped, I must admit,” she chuckled. “Also, I make sure to only flash my naked body a little bit and I cover right up again. I make them pay for every little flash of nipple or, uh, flash of pink.” She blushed deeply as she said this.

“Flash of pink?” I gulped, my throat constricting and my mouth going dry.

“I know, darling. Try not to think about it too much. This is simply a shameless profession,” she said taking my hand and giving me a look of concern. “Especially this whole VIP room business. But I have to admit, that’s where a girl can earn quite a chunk if she isn’t too squeamish.”

“Squeamish?” I asked, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Oh, you know, about semen and such,” she said, gritting her teeth a bit in hesitation. She saw my face go white as I started to hyperventilate and she patted my hand urgently. “Honestly, darling, it really is best if you don’t think about it in too much detail. Let’s just think about how we will spend our money.” But then she noticed the tent in my trousers from my stiff penis. “Oh, here, let me take care of this for you dear,” she said, expertly unzipping my fly and extracting my penis deftly.

I groaned in pleasure as she rubbed my balls with one hand and jerked my shaft with the other.

“There, now, doesn’t this feel better,” she cooed soothingly.

“Sarah, I want to come down there and see what sort of things are going on,” I stammered as she pulled my pud, bringing me closer and closer to climax.

“Ok, darling, whatever you say,” she said, dropping her head down to engulf my glans. She sucked with surprising force as she tugged on my cock and I found myself ejaculating into her mouth within minutes. “There, now, don’t you feel, better?” she asked with a friendly smile as she wiped my cum from her chin. “Now let’s go out to a nice restaurant. My treat!”
The next night as my wife got ready to go back to the strip club, I confronted her.

“Sarah, I am going to come down there and see what goes on at this strip club,” I demanded shakily.

She paused as she was applying her garish stripper makeup and bit her lip as she looked at me with trepidation. “I don’t think that’s a very good idea, darling. You will just get upset.”

“Why would I get upset?” I asked, feeling my stomach churn with anxiety.

“Well, you know, dear, perhaps it will make you jealous to see me carrying on with the clientele,” she said taking my hand. “You know it’s all perfectly harmless, strictly business, but it might be hard for a husband to watch his wife, uh, servicing other men’s sexual needs.”

“Servicing their needs?” I squawked indignantly.

“Well, certainly dear, that’s what exotic dancers do, isn’t it?” she asked innocently. “Men have these sexual urges and some can’t get their needs met for whatever reason, so they pay women in strip clubs to, well, to service their needs. I mean, do I have to spell it out for you?”

“I’ve never been to a strip club, Sarah,” I said reasonably. “How would I know what goes on there?”

She looked at me compassionately for a moment and then sighed. “Alright, dear. But please don’t make a scene. This is a very lucrative job I have.”

My wife chatted away happily as I drove her to the club where she worked, but my mind with distracted by jealousy and excitement. Part of me was extremely aroused by the idea of other men ogling my naked wife, but I was afraid to admit that to Sarah.

When we arrived at the club, Sarah hurried off to a side entrance after telling the doorman that I was her guest. The doorman looked me over with interest. He resembled a linebacker stuffed into a tuxedo that seemed ready to burst apart at the seems from his massive muscles at any moment. I was immediately wary of him.

“You Sarah’s friend, huh?” he asked, rolling his neck to loosen some stiffness.

“Err, well, I’m her husband actually,” I admitted timidly.

The big man broke out in a hearty guffaw before recovering his composure. “The fuck? I figured the old girl was divorced or something. You into some kinky shit, huh?” He gave me a lecherous grin and patted me on the back. “Have fun, buddy.”

I wanted to object, but a line was forming behind me so I just ducked my head in shame and entered the club. I knew it was an upscale place, but I was surprised at how modern and tasteful the interior was, with backlit filigree wall treatments and properly done faux-marble bar. The main room had a 40 foot ceiling and a mezzanine level with additional seating. The crowd was mostly comprised of businessmen in expensive suits and I felt immediately underdressed as I made my way to the bar.

I was about to order my drink when I recognized my next-door neighbor, Henry approaching. I tried to duck away, but he saw me and I had to stand my ground and greet him.

“John Goodson, my God, what on earth are YOU doing here?” asked Henry with a nervous smile. “Does Sarah know you are hanging around strip clubs these days?”

I blushed a deep red and stammered my response, “Well, uh, Henry, I might you the same question. Does, does Rachel know you are here tonight?”

Henry’s face fell in response and he glanced over his shoulder guiltily. “Actually, Rachel would kill me if she found out, so let’s keep this between ourselves, shall we? I have a big client in town and he insisted that I take him out to a gentlemen’s club. You see he knows we have a big expense account set aside for his entertainment and he wants to make the most of it.”

“Really? How much do you have allocated?” I asked, my accountant curiosity kicking in.

“Five grand!” exclaimed Henry. “We are negotiating a six figure upgrade deal and my boss is pulling out all the stops.”

“Wow, we never had an expense account for strip clubs at the non-profits.”

Just then a big man with spikey hair wearing a dark grey suit and bright pink tie approached and clapped Henry on the shoulder. “Henry, where are those drinks? I am dying of thirst over there.”
“Oh, sorry Dirk, I just bumped into my neighbor, John. But I will get the drinks right away.”

Dirk gave me a winning smile and held out his hand, “Howdy, John, I’m Dirk. Why don’t you join us for a couple of drinks? We are on a big expense account tonight, so the sky’s the limit.”

I gave Henry a questioning smile and he nodded in resignation. “Yes John, why not join us?”

Henry ordered the drinks and I accompanied he and Dirk to a reserved table right at the edge of the stage. A younger woman was just finishing her routine and she hopped down from the stage to give a group of young men a lap dance.

As we settled into our seats, a pair of bouncers wheeled a file cabinet and a desk onto the stage as the announcer came on the microphone. “We have special treat for you fellows next. I am sure you have all fantasized about that voluptuous secretary at work and wondered what sort of body she had hidden under her work clothes. Well Sarah Sin is going to give you all a thrill by revealing just that with her latest act. She calls it ‘A hard day at work.’ Give her a big hand, gents.”

My gut dropped as my wife strolled casually onto the stage wearing a tight tweed skirt suit, black stockings and fake cat-eye glasses. Her hair was done up in a bun, and she looked every bit like a nerdy office slut. Henry practically choked on his martini when he recognized her and her gave me a look of utter shock. I just shrugged in chagrin, my face burning with embarrassment. Sarah glanced down and noticed Henry and I sitting by the stage, but she didn’t miss a beat and just gave us a quick wink of acknowledgement.

“Rawr, now that’s the sort of woman I go for,” growled Dirk as Sarah began her routine. “I get sick of these skinny young girls they throw at you. I like an hourglass figure on a mature lady in her 30’s.”

“I think she’s a bit older than that,” offered Henry giving me a questioning glance.

“Nonsense, she can’t be older than 35. What do you think, John? You like her?” he asked slapping my knee.

“Oh yes, she’s very sexy,” I allowed. “She certainly has the body of a 35 year old.” My gut was churning already in anxiety at his interest and my wife hadn’t even disrobed yet.

Sarah pantomimed being hot by waving her hand before her face as she stripped out of her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. Then she bent down to rummage in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet and wiggled her round rump to the beat of the music. As her skirt hiked up, it revealed a garter on each thigh.

“Lookit the caboose on that slut, will you?” cheered Dirk excitedly. “Henry, give me some cash, I need to tip this one.” He held out his hand impatiently and Henry handed over a thick roll of twenty and fifty dollar bills.

I watched helplessly as Dirk called out to my wife. “Hey honey, bring that ass over here and let me grab a feel.” He waved a 20 dollar bill at her and she minced backward, still bent over grinning back at him until he was in range. He stuffed the 20 into a garter and then reached his hand up the back of her skirt to grope my wife’s rear. She put her hand over her mouth in mock surprise as he pinched and squeezed her buttocks.

Henry shifted in his seat uncomfortably as we watched and then bent over to whisper in my ear. “John, what on earth is going on here?”

“What can I say? Times are tough,” I hissed. “Let’s talk about it later.” I could feel a cold sweat breaking out in my armpits.

He gave me a compassionate look and shook his head sadly before leaning back in his seat.

Meanwhile Dirk was probing between my wife’s thighs and she slapped his hand playfully.

“That’s enough touching for now,” she laughed. “But if give me another twenty, I will let you unzip my skirt.”

Dirk readily obliged, tucking another bill into her garter and eagerly tugging the zipper at the back of her skirt down. Sweat was starting to bead up on his forehead and my stomach was roiling with shame and jealousy. I watched in sick fascination as Sarah wriggled out of her skirt while the men hooted and shouted drunkenly all around me. I could barely catch my breath as her skirt dropped to the floor and she kicked it aside dismissively. Sarah stood and turned and pretended to do some more filing before tugging at the collar of her blouse.

Soon she was discarding her blouse and she standing before this crowd of strange men in her bra, panties, and stockings. I glanced over at Henry whose mouth was hanging open in fascination as he watched my wife strip and I felt like kicking him, but I restrained myself. Some guys at the other side of the stage were waving bills at her, so Sarah approached and offered her shapely leg to them so they could tuck the bills into her garter and then she unsnapped her bra and released her pendulous breasts.

“Holy shit, that MILF is fucking stacked! Lookit those goddamn titties, will you?” shouted Dirk excitedly. “I’m getting a lapdance from her for sure. I wanna bury my face right between those knockers. What do you say, Henry?”

Henry gave me an uneasy look before smiling nervously and agreeing with Dirk. “Uh, yeah, I’m game if you are,” he said, shooting me an apologetic grimace. I just gritted my teeth into a false grin and said nothing.

Sarah pranced back over to our side of the stage and started slipping her panties down over her wide hips. She got them half-way off, with her snatch nearly exposed and then held out her hand to Dirk and rubbed her fingers together suggestively. I couldn’t believe that my meek little wife was being so saucy. There was a glint of delight in her eyes as Dirk ripped through his wad of bills and thrust a pair of twenties into her garter. She turned around and bent over at the waist to slide her panties all the way off and we all gazed at her lovely round ass. Her labia was swollen and poked through between her thighs.

“Spread your lips!” cried Dirk frantically, gripping the bulge in his pants with one hand.

“You know what to do,” she responded with a grin, edging closer to the edge of the stage.

Dirk eagerly tucked a fifty into Sarah’s garter and she reached back and parted her labia for him, exposing her pink vagina for all to see. He reached up impulsively and thrust one finger inside her and she gasped in surprise and slapped his hand away. I sat watching in shock as this stranger fingered my wife and I noticed that my own penis became painfully erect at the sight. Nonetheless, I was about to object when a bouncer appeared immediately and pushed Dirk back in his seat where he fell, red-faced and breathing heavily.

“Watch yourself, asshole,” said the bouncer, flexing his arms menacingly. “I’ll toss you right out of here if you don’t keep your hands to yourself.”

“Oh, no, Jordy, he’s ok. He was just about to buy a lap dance, weren’t you dear?” she asked batting her eyelashes at Dirk.

“Hell, yeah!” exclaimed Dirk, pulling a hundred dollar bill from the roll.

Sarah was stark naked now except for her stockings. Her neatly trimmed bush and hard pink nipples were on show for all to see. I noticed Henry drinking in her body with his eyes as Sarah minced down the stairs to snatch the money from Dirk and quickly straddle his lap. I watched in shock as she ground her vagina against the bulge in his pants while he gripped her buttocks and thrust himself against her.

“My God, Sarah, what are you doing?” I gasped, trying to hide the tent my own erection was pitching in my pants.

“Why, I am just earning my money, dear. This is simply a business transaction,” she said innocently.

Dirk was too distracted to notice our familiar banter and grunted, “Gimme a nipple to suck on.”

“That’s extra,” she cautioned, holding one boob in her hand with her nipple just out of reach of his mouth.

“I’ll pay, I’ll pay,” begged Dirk, sticking his tongue out hungrily.

“Alright, dear, alright, here you go,” said my wife, feeding her nipple into Dirk’s waiting mouth gently. She patted his head affectionately as he loudly slurped on her tit. “My goodness, men are such big babies when it comes to boobs,” she told me with a smile. Then she turned to Henry and greeted him warmly. “How are you doing, Henry, would you like a lap dance next?” she asked coyly.

“Uh, I don’t think John would like that,” he said evasively.

“Hold that thought,” she said as she ground her crotch down onto Dirk’s bulge. She pulled her tit out of his mouth and took Dirk’s cheeks in her hands. “My goodness, you’ve got quite a stiffy down there, don’t you young man?” she teased. “Maybe we should go to the VIP room so I can help you with that in private.”

“Let’s do it,” agreed Dirk quickly, gripping my wife’s big boobs in his hands and squeezing and pinching her nipples.

“But you didn’t even ask the price,” laughed Sarah pulling his hands away gently but brushing her boobs across his face playfully.

“I don’t care what it costs, we are on Henry’s expense account,” said Dirk, jumping to his feet and grabbing my wife around the waist.

“Oh, well, why didn’t you say so?” she said, her eyes lighting up with a mercenary glow.

“Come along, boys, let’s go give this cougar a workout,” chuckled Dirk as Sarah lead him around the stage to a private room.

“Uh, maybe you don’t want to see this part,” warned Henry as he and I hurried along behind Sarah and Dirk.

“Are you kidding me?” I snapped. “Do you think I am just going to let my wife go back there alone without any supervision?”

“Supervision?” asked Henry skeptically as he gave me a queasy look.

We entered a small room with leather couches, a disco ball and a bucket with a couple of bottles of chilled champagne. Sarah wasted no time and pushed Dirk down onto a couch and flopped down next to him. Henry and I sat on the couch opposite as Sarah deftly unzipped Dirk’s fly and pulled out his throbbing penis.

“Oh my, you are a big boy, aren’t you,” she purred as she stroked Dirk’s rod.

“Sarah, what on earth are you doing?” I choked, unable to believe my eyes.

“Hush, John, I am just servicing a client, nothing more. What do you think these VIP rooms are for anyway?” she said with smile as you yanked on Dirk’s pud.

“You are a dirty girl, suck it for me, will you?” pleaded Dirk as he groped my wife’s bare tits.

“How large is your expense account, Henry?” asked Sarah casually.

“Err, five thousand,” admitted Henry sheepishly.

“Did you hear that, John?” she asked me matter-of-factly.

“Yes, but,” I complained, but it was too late, she bowed her head and started sucking Dirk’s cock right there while I watched.

“Holy shit, look at her go!” blurted Henry, unzipping his own fly so that he could jerk off while he watched my wife suck off his client.

“Henry, for chrissake, that’s my wife!” I chided.

“Sorry, John, but this is just too hot,” he said, avoiding my eyes as he spanked his monkey.

“Wait what?” asked Dirk blearily, his head thrown back in ecstasy as Sarah’s head bobbed up and down on his dick. “Whose wife? Are you kidding?”

“Hush, dear, don’t worry your little head about it,” said Sarah, raising her head for a moment and patting Dirk’s glans.

“Get on, get on top,” he urged.

“Now, now, that’s going too far,” she said with a smile as she pinched the head of his cock.

“I don’t care, I’ll pay a thousand, it’s nothing to me, it’s not even my money,” he gasped, pulling her arm urgently.

“Fair enough,” agreed Sarah with a shrug and she threw her leg over Dirk’s lap and lowered herself easily down onto his straining dong.

“Sarah, good god!” I cried, jumping to my feet in outrage. My blood was pounding in my ears and my phallus was throbbing in my trousers.

“Give me a moment, darling, I am making a thousand dollars,” moaned Sarah lustily as she bounced up and down on Dirk’s cock.

“Yeah you are, you dirty whore,” he growled, gripping her buttocks lustily as he thrust himself up into my wife over and over. “You earn that fucking money.”

“Oh, I am, I am,” she panted, slapping him in the face with her big jiggling boobs while she worked herself up and down on his prick. I watched enthralled as his slick shaft penetrated my wife’s pussy over and over again. It didn’t take him long before he groaned with pleasure and started shuddering with his climax. I could tell that he was shooting his load right inside my wife’s womb and it made me crazy with jealousy and arousal.

“Christ, did you just cum inside her?” asked Henry in surprise as he jerked himself off.

“Yeah, you wanna do her next? Be my guest, or uh, be your own guest, it’s your expense account,” said Dirk wiping sweat from his face with a smile as Sarah climbed off his deflated cock gingerly.

“How do you like it Henry?” she asked simply, weighing her large breasts in her hands distractedly as she contemplated Henry’s stiff dick in his hand.

“Doggystyle if you don’t mind,” said Henry, standing up impatiently.

“Help yourself,” laughed Sarah, turning around and bending over to present her round rump to Henry.

“Henry, how COULD you?” I blubbered indignantly.

“I’m sorry John, I guess I don’t make very good decisions when I’m all horned up like this. But as least she’ll make some money from it,” he said as he put his dick into my wife’s cunt.

“Oh, Henry, that’s quite a tool you have there,” purred Sarah. “Rachel is a lucky lady.”

“Jeez, Sarah, can we leave my wife out of this, I am trying to enjoy myself,” whined Henry.

“Wait do you two know each other or something?” asked Dirk as he popped open a champagne bottle.

“Uh, yeah, John and Sarah are my next door neighbors,” admitted Henry as he humped my wife from behind, making her tits swing back and forth provocatively.

“You gotta be shitting me!” laughed Dirk, taking a swig of the bubbly. “This is so fucking twisted!” Then he turned to me and his eyes widened incredulously. “Are you her fucking husband? No way! How could you just stand there while I dicked your wife? I mean what the hell are you doing letting your wife strip in a club in the first place?!”

“I’m cumming!” interrupted Henry ardently as he pounded away on my wife from behind with his hands clamped to her hips in a death grip.

“Go right ahead dear, just let it go,” coaxed Sarah over her shoulder with her hands on her knees. “You can do it.”

“Urrgh,” cried Henry as he spurted his load inside my woman.

“Jesus, this is incredibly fucked up. I never hung out with swingers before,” shouted Dirk excitedly. “Man you just stood by and watched a stranger and then your neighbor fill up your wife with sperm. What a sick fucker you are, John.”

“Well we are a couple of grand richer for it,” said Sarah smugly, straightening up as Henry withdrew his sodden dong from her twat. I was standing there shaking with anger and frustration and she walked over to me naked and noticed the huge bulge in my pants. “John, look at the boner you have, your willie must have found this entertaining,” she said bashfully, pinching my stiffy through my trousers.

“You’ve been, disloyal,” I pouted, trying to ignore how good it felt as she played with my penis.

“Dirk, give John the money, it will make him feel better,” she said, wrapping her arm around my waist as she unzipped my fly and started tugging my johnson in earnest.

“Gladly, pretty lady,” said Dirk, tossing me the wad of cash.

I caught the chunk of cash and thumbed through the bills numbly as Sarah jerked my weiner. “Uh, there is more like three thousand here,” I muttered.

“Keep it, you ALL earned it. I got a great fuck AND an incredible story for the boys back home,” laughed Dirk. “Besides, it’s all expense account money, so all it means is a headache for Henry on Monday when he fills out the expense report.”

“Actually my boss already signed off on it. He knew we were coming to the Gold Club and is expecting to see a large miscellaneous cash line item on the report,” said Henry with a wave of the hand as he wiped the cum from his penis with his handkerchief and zipped up his fly.

“There you go, John, you take the money,” said Sarah as she reached down to rub my balls.

“Hey man, that makes you a pimp!” shouted Dirk with delight. He pointed his finger at me and laughed hysterically. “You are the most buttoned down pimp I ever saw,” he chortled.

I felt my face flush with embarrassment at the label and was about to object when Sarah patted me on the shoulder. “Well it’s sort of true, John. I guess this does make you something of a pimp. Now let me service my pimp daddy,” she said and dropped to her knees to start sucking my dick right in front of Dirk and Henry.

“I’m not a goddamn pimp, I’m a CPA!” I objected weakly as Sarah gave me an amazing blowjob.

“Accounting is actually a pretty good skill for a pimp to have,” said Henry, watching Sarah with interest as she went to town on my stiff cock.

“Fuck yeah, got to keep the numbers straight,” said Dirk, holding up his champagne glass.

I looked down at my wife as she hungrily licked my balls and the thought of her being my whore suddenly evoked an orgasm. I started shooting hot spurts of semen all over her face. She giggled in excitement and turned her face back and forth to receive a proper facial and I have to admit I sort of felt like a pimp for a moment with a huge wad of cash in my hand and my cum-covered wife on her knees before me in the VIP room of a fancy strip club.

“Well, since you fellows have blown your wads already, both biologically and economically. I will be off to the showers and then back on stage to find some high rollers with some cash left. Toodles,” laughed Sarah, climbing to her feet. And with a little wave, she ran right out of the room while I stood there in a daze.

“Ok, Ok, I guess I’m a pimp then,” I said pocketing the roll of cash. “But I refuse to wear a red suit.”

“That’s probably for the best, John,” said Henry, clapping me on the shoulder good-naturedly. “No sense in attracting undue attention.”


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Wife Strips Naked in Bar

By Gustav Jorgenson

I was just about to leave for the bar to have some drinks with my buddies when I wife Mindy interrupted me.

“Mark, hold on, I’m coming along,” she called.  

I turned to see my wife dashing toward me.  She was awkwardly hopping on one foot as she pulled on her second high-heeled sandal.  In that hunched over position, I could see right down the front of her light summer dress, and I admired her swinging breasts.  It had been one of those hot July days and I could tell my wife was feeling a little randy. I think the heat makes people horny.  When we had gone out that day, I noticed that all the women were showing off a lot of skin. They were all wearing short shorts, halter tops, and short low cut summer dresses like the one Mindy had on now.

“Uh, well, you know, this is just going to be me and the boys out for a couple of drinks,” I said.  I felt some trepidation about bringing my heat stimulated wife out to hang out with a bunch of my guy friends.  “You would be the only woman there. You might not feel comfortable.”

“Oh stop it,” laughed my wife.  “I get along just fine with a gang of men.  You forget that I grew up with three brothers.”  My wife paused to scrutinize me for a moment, her hand on her chin.  “What’s the matter, you guys want to ogle the young women in peace without your ball and chain around?”  She laughed and tousled my hair playfully. “Come on, I don’t want to sit here by myself, let’s go out and have some fun.”

My wife strode through the door ahead of me and I admired her legs, exposed up the the mid thigh by her little flowy dress.  She had a great body and the heat had definitely gotten her worked up. I knew there was going to be some sexual tension between her and my buddies tonight.  Especially Hank, who was sort of the alpha male of our group. He and Mindy were always flirting with each other.

“Is Hank going to be there?” Mindy asked casually as we drove to the bar.

I gave my wife a suspicious look.  “Yeah, about that,” I said. My stomach was fluttering a bit as I hesitated to bring up the obvious.  “Um, you seem a little, you know, fired up tonight with all the heat and all.”

Mindy gave me a cute smile and laughed, her eyes flashing gayly.  “You mean I seem horny? Of course I am. The heat makes me want to just get naked.”  She pulled her dress up and showed me her lace panties. “What do you think of these?”

I glanced away from the road to gaze at my wife’s offered crotch and licked my lips.  She was giving me a hard on, but I didn’t like the context here. She was about to be giving my buddies some hardons pretty soon if she kept acting like this.  Hank first and foremost.

“Oh, wait,” she said, dropping the hem of he dress back into her lap.  “Are you afraid I will flirt with Hank too much?” she giggled. “Maybe I should.  That would teach you to take me for granted.”

“Come on, I don’t take you for granted,” I squawked.  My voice was cracking a little bit and my gut felt a little cold at the thought of Mindy and Hank’s flirting getting out of hand.  But my penis grew even stiffer at the thought, even as jealousy gripped me by the throat.

Mindy leaned over and purred into my ear, “Yes, you do, you don’t fuck me enough.”  Mindy grabbed my crotch and gave a little squeak of surprise when she noticed how hard I was already.  “Oooh, someone’s getting excited. Maybe I should show Hank my panties tonight, what do you think? That would be fun, wouldn’t it?”

I felt my airway seizing up at the thought of my wife exposing herself to my big confident pal, Hank.  “Don’t joke about that,” I croaked.

“Ha, ha, your willy likes it.  He’s just getting harder and harder,” chuckled my naughty wife as she gripped my stiff erection through my pants.

“No, I mean, of course not,” I stammered guiltily.  I didn’t want to admit that the idea sickened yet aroused me.  It was too embarrassing.

“Ok, well here we are,” said Mindy brightly as we pulled into the parking lot of the biergarten where my buddies and I had agreed to meet.  She jumped out of the car and ran ahead while I climbed out of the car, struggling to push down my boner which was pitching a conspicuous tent in my trousers.  Once I got my johnson under control, I hurried after my horny wife with a feeling of dread in my belly.

The biergarten had a huge patio ringed with wooden booths with planters of jasmine bushes between them acting as screens to provide a bit of privacy.  The middle space was filled with long communal tables where large boisterous groups clanked their beer mugs together merrily. The whole areas was lit by strings of white christmas lights.  The place was packed with upper middle class professional men and women in their 30’s and 40’s enjoying the warm summer evening air outdoors. The sweet scent of blooming jasmine filled the air, and it was really quite a romantic scene if I do say so myself, and I rarely take note of such things.

Mindy had located my friends who had commandeered a booth in an excellent location, with a good view of the crowd but a bit set back so it wasn’t too noisy.  Hank was there of course along with my best friend Friedrich and my old college pal Sheldon, who wasn’t very social but we dragged him along now and then to get him out of the house.

Hank jumped out of the booth excitedly when he saw my wife and he gave her a big hug which she returned warmly as I approached.

“I hope you boys don’t mind that I tagged along,” said Mindy as Hank crushed her to his chest in a bear hug.

“Oh, not at all, it’s a pleasure,” said Friedrich.

“Oh, yeah, a real pleasure,” said Hank, still holding my wife in his arms.  He caught my eye, gave me a wink, and then reached down to grab my wife’s buttocks in his big palms.

Mindy squealed with delight and wriggled free from his embrace, holding him at arm’s length,  “Stop it, you naughty boy. My husband is coming any moment.”

“I’m right here,” I added with annoyance.

“What’d he do?” asked Friedrich with a curious grin.

“He touched my bum,” said Mindy, addressing Hank.  “The NERVE!” But she had a little smile on her face and I know she loved it.

“Aw, settle down, I’m just playing,” he said.  “Hey, look at you Mindy, you look terrific.” He held my wife’s hand up above her head and she did a little twirl for him so he could check out her body in her flowery little summer dress.

“Um, yes, you look very nice, Mindy,” put in Sheldon.  His face was turning a bit red as he shamelessly looked my wife’s body up and down.  He has a mild case of Asperger’s though, so I didn’t hold it against him.

“Well, you look nice and cool yourself,” commented Mindy to Hank.  Hank was wearing a wifebeater and a pair of cargo shorts which showed off his muscular physique.  “Nice gams,” she joked, slapping one of Hank’s hairy thighs.

“You like that?   Feel those calves,” he said flexing one leg and offering the knotted muscle of his calf for her inspection.  “Like rocks, baby. I never miss leg day.”

“Hmm, yep, pretty hard,” said my wife bending over to feel Hank’s calf.  This position put her face a bit too close to his crotch for my liking. She was bent over facing Friedrich and Sheldon, exposing her dangling cleavage to them, and I looked at them with displeasure as they gazed fixedly at my wife’s knockers.

“Honey, you are giving Sheldon and Friedrich a show there,” I warned.

“What?  Oh!” exclaimed my wife.  She glanced down at her own swinging orbs and stood upright again quickly, putting her hand to her chest modestly.

“Ha, ha,  could they see your boobs?  I want to see,” joked Hank, craning his neck.

“Stop it,” said my wife, slapping his chest.  Then she looked at me and gave me a devilish grin.  “Well, maybe later once I’ve had few drinks.”

Everyone broke out laughing at at that and I grinned along weakly, though I strongly suspected that my wife wasn’t kidding.

We sat down in the booth, Hank grabbed Mindy and pulled her down next to him and I took a seat opposite them, cramming in next to Friedrich and Sheldon.  We poured out beer from the pitcher and started drinking.

The night actually settled down a bit from there as I loosened up and had a few drinks. Mindy and Hank did engage in a lot of innuendo though.  For instance my wife commented about some problem at work “exploding in her face,” Hank mumbled something about wanting to do that. Or when Hank was bragging about how “big and hard” he was getting in the gym, Mindy replied with some comment about how she’d like to get onto that.  But as I got drunker, I didn’t worry about it so much and just laughed along with the rest.

As it got later, the crowd started to change and more younger people showed up.  It also grew more crowded and two couples came and stood by our booth, chatting while they had their drinks.  They looked like two fraternity brothers on a date with two sorority sisters and the young women were really feeling the heat.  They were wearing tiny short shorts, high heels, and bikini tops. All us guys at the table kept looking over at the sexy girls showing off so much skin and Mindy started to get a little jealous.

“Pish, look at these sluts, walking around half naked,” she hissed, taking a big gulp of beer. She punched Hank on the shoulder as he was ogling one of the girl’s’ ass when she bent over to pick something up from the ground.  “Look at you eyeballing that girl, she’s young enough to be your daughter!” Mindy scolded Hank.

“Ha, ha, you’re not my wife, tell your own husband, he’s looking too,” laughed Hank.  He gestured at me, but I made a waving motion with my hands to ward off the attention.

“Omigod, all you dirty old men are drooling over these girls,” gasped Mindy.  She pointed drunkenly at each of us in turn. “Have you no shame?” she asked, screwing up her face cutely.

“Yeah, well, why don’t you show us as much skin and we’ll look at you,” joked Hank.  He looked pointedly at my wife’s breasts.

“Well I was joking with Mark on the drive over that I should show you my panties,” said Mindy slyly.

“Oh, reeeally,” said Friedrich, joining in on the fun.  “That’s kinky.”

“Come on you guys, cut the shit,” I put in nervously.  My pulse was quickening as my wife started escalating the flirtation.

“I’d rather see your tits, actually, if I get the choice,” intoned Hank, giving me a lecherous grin.  He was challenging me to intervene, so I tried to rise to the occasion.

“Now, now,” I chided, but I felt like a clucking old hen and couldn’t muster a really forceful response.

“Oh, relax, honey, like I said, I grew up in a house with three brothers.  I’m used to be naked around a bunch of men,” said my wife. She glanced around to make sure no one was looking as she grabbed the straps of her dress and pulled them off of her shoulders.

“Holy shit, she’s really going to do it,” gasped Friedrich with delight as my wife held the top of dress precariously, ready to drop at any moment.

“She wants the attention because we are looking at the younger women too much and making her feel neglected,” said Sheldon.  He had a knack for belaboring the obvious.

“Naw, she won’t have the guts,” said Hank with a wave of his hand.  “Now if you excuse me, I’m going to checking out the hot chicks over here.”

“Oh, well look at these,” said my wife, and she dropped the top of her dress as threatened and shook her bare white breasts back and forth.  Her pink nipples grew stiff in the night air and I nearly choked on my beer.

“Whoa baby,” shouted Hank excitedly.  He made to grab one of my wife’s tits, but she slapped his hand away.

“You can look, but you can’t touch,” she chided with a mischievous grin.

“Amazing tits,” said Friedrich with a judicious pout.  “Outstanding.”

“I’m feeling aroused,” gasped Sheldon breathlessly, and even I had to laugh at how ridiculous he looked.  Sweat was beading on his forehead and his glasses were getting steamed.

“Honey, put those things away, you are going to give Sheldon a heart attack,” I complained, but my dick was getting hard at the sight of my wife’s naked chest and the kink of her showing my pals her boobs.

The foursome near us noticed too and the frat boys were craning their necks to see my wife’s.

“Dude, that lady got her tits hanging out, check it out,” shouted one of the frat boys excitedly.

“She’s a total milf, dude,” replied his buddy, slapping him on the shoulder.

The two girls turned to look at one got a very haughty expression and put her nose in the air.  “Hmph, she’s drunk off her ass,” said the offended young woman.

“Nice boobs though,” said her girlfriend turning to check out my wife’s rack.

“Hell, yeah, I’d tap that,” shouted her boyfriend, pointing at my wife rudely and making Mindy blush.

“Johnny, shut UP,” giggled his girlfriend kicking him in the shin with her high heeled shoe.

“Yeah, settle down there, Romeo,” said Hank, threateningly.

“Hee, hee, my hero is going to protect me,” cackled my topless wife,letting her breasts swing freely as she rubbed Hank’s shoulder.

“I think I can protect my own wife, Hank,” I stammered.

“Of course you can dear, of course you can,” said my wife condescendingly.  She was rubbing Hank’s shoulder as he gazed down at my wife’s boobs.

In fact, everyone in the vicinity was checking out my wife’s jiggling tittage.  Sheldon’s mouth was hanging open. Friedrich kept glancing down to my wife’s chest and then shooting me guilty looks.  Hank gazed down unabashedly. The frat boys came a little closer to get a better look and the sorority girls were staring too.  The haughty one had a look of disgust on her face but kept glancing over in spite of herself while her girlfriend just openly stared.

“Ugh, what an attention whore,” grumbled the haughty girl.

“Dude, her tits are smokin’ hot, why cover them?” said one of the frat boys.

“Ha, two can play that game,” said the other non-haughty girl.  And she giggled as she unzipped her tiny shorts and slipped them off, standing there in just a thong and bikini top, with her ass cheeks exposed.

All attention turned to the leggy young woman with her pert round butt exposed.   The haughty girl broke out in a fit of nervous giggling and even Sheldon pulled his eyes from my wife’s chest to check out the fresh display of flesh.  Hank whistled in appreciation as he eyed the young woman’s sweet ass.

“Now it’s YOUR turn to settle down, Don Juan,” called one of the frat boys jauntily.

The bare assed girl turned and wiggled her ass for Hank, winking at him over her shoulder and he gripped his crotch to control the wood he was sporting.  Then the girl shot my wife a strangely smoldering look and said, “Your move, sweety.”

“Oh, you are ON, little girl, you are ON,” sputtered my wife indignantly.  She practically pushed Hank off his seat as she rushed to get out of the booth.

Mindy stood there before us with her tits hanging out, her dress peeled down to her waist.  Her eyes locked onto the bare assed girl in a intense gaze that seemed competitive, playful and aroused all at once.

“I’m not going to be upstaged by some skinny little waif that starves herself all day,” my wife said putting a finger in the younger woman’s face.

“Bring it, curvy mama,” said the skinny girl looking down at my wife’s swinging boobs and biting her lip as she held her palms up before her and flicked her finger back toward herself, urging my wife on.

“This is weird you guys,” complained the haughty girl, crossing her arms.

“Shut up, Crissy, this is super hot,” chided her boyfriend.  “Fuckin’ lesbo stripdown time, let’s do this shit.” He clapped his hands loudly, and a crowd started to gather, people laughing and shouting when they saw my half-naked wife facing off with the bare-assed sorority girl.

“For Chrissake, Mindy, what’s gotten into you?” I was mortified at all the attention she was getting.  Part of me wanted to shrink down in my seat and disappear, my face was burning with shame, but my penis was standing stiffly at attention at the same time.

“I’m a little drunk,” admitted my wife as she slipped off her dress, dropping it to her ankles and revealing her lacy panties.  The crowd gasped almost with one voice and then scattered catcalls broke out as more and more people tried to crowd around.

“Looks like I get to see the panties after all,” joked Hank, running his gaze up and down my wife’s body hungrily as she stood there in nothing but her panties and heels.

“Da-aamn,” said the girl, nodding with appreciation at my wife’s smooth skin and hourglass figure.

“Your move, slut,” my wife told the younger woman, putting one hand on her hip breezily.

The younger woman glanced around at the crowd of bystanders and grinned impishly.

“Do it, do it, show us your tits!” chanted her boyfriend excitedly and pretty soon some of the younger guys in the crowd took up the chant.  “Show us your tits, show us your tits.”

The girl shrugged as though it was of no concern to her either way, and she pull off her bikini top revealing her rather small and unremarkable breasts.

Some of the guys shouted half-heartedly, but there was generally a sense of disappointment at her meager offering and the girl seemed a little deflated by the indifference of the crowd.

“That’s ok, dear, they will get bigger once you put on some weight,” said my wife kindly, touching girl’s shoulder.

“Thanks, mama, we can’t all have huge hooters like yours,” said the girl, cupping my wife’s big boobs in her hands and making the haughty girl cackle with embarrassed laughter.

The crowd reacted to this with a fresh burst of excited cat calls from the guys and shrieks of jittery laughter from the women watching.

“Why are you still wearing those panties?” put in Hank.  “Don’t you feel a little over dressed?”

The crowd broke out in a new gale of merriment as my wife turned to face him.  

“Oh, you want to see more, huh?” she asked, toying with the hem of her underwear.

“Hell yeah!” shouted some guys in the crowd behind her.

For his part, Hank just licked his lips as he stared at my wife’s crotch about eye height to him as sat there with her standing before him.

“Oooh, I don’t know,” teased Mindy, pulling her panties down halfway down one generous hip before sliding them back up again.  “That would be really scandalous, wouldn’t it?” she asked me.

“Well you have already exposed your breasts in public before a fairly large crowd, which is actually pretty scandalous already,” reasoned Sheldon as he gripped the erection in his pants.

“Ha, ha, honey, your nerdy pal Sheldon wants to see my cooch,” laughed my wife pointing at him playfully.

“Yes, yes I would.  I would like that very much,” he agreed, his face slick with sweat as he kneaded his boner shamelessly.

“Should I show Sheldon my pussy, honey?” my wife asked me.

“No you should put your damn dress back on and sit the fuck down,” I whispered.  “You are making a goddamn spectacle of yourself.”

“Oh, shush, I’m just having fun,” said my wife.  She turned to scan the crowd behind her as she prepared to pull her panties off.  “I doubt anyone I know is here. This crowd looks pretty young.”

“What difference does THAT make?” I demanded, but it was too late.  My drunken wife just pulled her panties right off, glorying in the attention as the crowd gasped again and the catcalls and laughter reached a fever pitch.

Sheldon gazed with fascination at my wife’s dark bush, fully on display and he reached out unconsciously and stuck his finger right in between my wife’s legs. Mindy slapped his hand away with a laugh.  “Goodness, Sheldon, watch your manners. You should ask a lady before trying to finger her.”

“Seriously, Sheldon, she’s right, get a grip on yourself,” said Hank reaching out to cup one of my wife’s bare ass cheeks in his hand again.

“Ooh, another fresh one,” cooed my wife as Hank felt up her ass, but she didn’t slap HIS hand away.  “It looks like Sheldon already has a grip on himself.”

“My penis is really really hard,” admitted Sheldon stupidly.  “I can’t help touching it.”

“I know, dear, I know, go ahead and unzip if you need to,” said my wife soothingly.  To my shock and dismay, Sheldon complied. He pulled his dick right out and started stroking it.  My wife started laughing but then she gave out a cry of dismay as Hank’s groping fingers prodded deep into her crevice and located the entrance to her vagina from behind.  Now she did pull Hank’s hand away while the crowd, who had witnessed the violation, made lough bawdy comments.

“Jesus, guys, how come all my pals are trying to finger my goddamn wife?” I complained hotly.  My face was burning with shame, my gut was filled with ice cold jealousy, but my cock was stiff as a board.

“I haven’t tried yet,” objected Fredrich.

“You want to join in the fun, Freddy?” teased my wife spreading her legs slightly and thrusting her pelvis toward him, offering her furry cooch playfully.

“Don’t mind if I do,” he laughed reaching out to tickle my wife’s muff.

“Et tu, Friedrich?” I cried, pulling his hand out of my wife’s bush.  “What’s gotten INTO you people?”

“Oh, honey, we are just horsing around,” said my wife.  She was wiping a tear of laughter from her eye. “I told you the heat was making me horny.”

“Horny enough to strip naked in public and let my whole crew feel up your pussy?” I sputtered.

“Hmm, yep, I guess so,” said my wife scratching her own public hair indifferently.

“Hey mama,” said the younger topless girl, sidling up to my wife and wrapping a hand around her waist.  “You wanna sashay over to the bar with me and strut our stuff a little more while we get another drink?”

‘Oh, you naughty girl, let’s do it!” cried my wife gaily.  “I feel like I’m back in college again. My girlfriends and I loved to go streaking through parties and give the boys a thrill!”

“Tell me all about it,” said the girl as she lead my wife through the crowd.

“Oh, this isn’t going to be good,” I said worriedly.

“Yeah, they are gonna get groped,” said Hank.  “Don’t just sit there like a bump on a log, we gotta go protect Mindy.”  And he jumped up to follow my naked wife as she foolishly tried to pass naked through a throng filled with lusty young men.

I tried to jump up to follow him, but it was then that I realized just how profoundly inebriated I was.  The world spun around me and lurched and I fell right back into my seat. No wonder Mindy was streaking naked through a crowded bar, she wasn’t just a horny exhibitionist housewife, her inhibitions must have been utterly decimated by the alcohol.  

“Shit, Mark, are you OK?” asked Friedrich, patting my face as I lay back in the booth in a drunken daze.

I noticed a familiar smell on his hand and I snapped to my senses and pushed him away. “Christ Friedrich, get away from me, your hand smells like my wife’s twat.”

Friedrich sniffed his finger tentatively and suppressed a smile.  “Oops, sorry, you are right, I’ll go wash up, but you looked ready to pass out there for a minute.”

“I’m ok, I’m going to save Mindy!” I said bravely,staggering back to my feet.

I pushed through the crowd and came across the two frat boys and two sorority girls, one still topless, the haughty one herding her friend out of the crowd, while the two boyfriends vigorously pushing back the other young men who were trying to grope the half naked girl.

One of the frat boys recognized me and jerked a thumb over his shoulder.  “Better go grab your wife, bro. Shit’s getting a little crazy over there.”

I swayed drunkenly on until I came to a thick crowd of rowdy young men clustered around my naked wife reaching out with dozens of groping hands to grab at her tits and ass while she shrieked and slapped them away. Big Hank was by her side, shoving guys away here and there, but he was outnumbered and poor Mindy was getting felt up left and right by random anonymous bros.  I stood there drunkenly, barely able to stand and utterly confused about what to do.

Finally Hank just grabbed my wife up into his burly arms and kicked his way out of the huddle, a few younger guys went down, stuck in the gonads by Hank’s vicious kicks and the rest quickly got the message that Hank meant business and parted to allow him to carry my naked wife out of their midst.  I watched my poor little wife Mindy clinging to her knight in shining armour as Hank saved her from the the libido fueled mob, and my drunken heart ached with jealousy.

I turned and lurched after them and when I got back to the booth Hank had put Mindy down they were hugging.

“Oh my gosh, you saved me,” Mindy was babbling in a loopy voice.  “You are my hero!”

“Yeah, baby, don’t worry, Hank’ll protect you,” he told her rubbing her bare back in a really creepy way.  Literally, his hand was creeping lower and lower toward her bare butt.

“I’ll do anything to repay you,” my wife told him lustily.  “I’m all yours.”

“Hmm, I like that,” grunted Hank as he wrapped a big palm around my wife’s bare ass again.  

“Uh, honey,” I said, flopping back into my seat.

Meanwhile the naked sorority girl and her friends were back and she was putting her top and shorts back on while she watched Hank grope my wife.

“Quiet you,” she chided, rubbing her bare boobs against Hank’s chest while he felt up her ass.  “Some husband YOU are! Too slow to save your poor wife while those filthy animals were trying to grope me!  But then Hank charged right in and saved me. Now to the victor go the spoils.”

“The spoils?  What’s the supposed to mean?” I demanded.  “He gets your ass?”

“For a start, yes,” she told me.  Then she looked up at Hank with passion in her eyes.  “And more too, if he wants it.”

“How bout a smooch, baby?” he asked.

“Anything,” she sighed, and then Hank and my wife started kissing, open mouthed, while another, more subdued crowd gathered around to watch.

“What’s going on?” asked a voice in the crowd.

“Big dude saved the naked milf when she was gettin’ groped so she’s paying him back,” said one of the frat boys.

“The fucked up part is that, her husband is sitting right THERE,” said the haughty girl, pointing at me with disdain and eliciting a spattering of titters from the audience.

Hank started squeezing my wife’s bare boobs, pinching her nipples while they kissed and my gut was tied in knots of jealousy as I watched.

“Come on, Hank, that’s not called for,” I said.

“He’s the man of the hour, after all,” said Sheldon in a perfectly reasonable tone.  I looked over and noticed with disgust that he was jerking off under the table as he watched Hank squeezing my naked wife’s boobs in front of the gathered crowd.

“Get them titties, bro, get ‘em,” encouraged some guy in the peanut gallery as Hank went to town on my wife’s boobs.

Mindy reached down between Hank’s legs and started squeezing the bulge in his shorts.  She was really earnest about it, kneading his knob for him while he grunted with satisfaction.

“Mindy, Jesus Christ,” I shouted.  “Stop that shit.”

My wife pulled her mouth away from Hank’s to address me, meanwhile he nibbled her ear.  “Mark, didn’t you see how Hank SAVED me while you were standing there in a drunken STUPOR?”  She unzipped Hank’s fly and pulled out his surprisingly purplish glans. “Oooh, look at this, his dick is purple.”

“Fuck, Mindy, put that back in his pants!” I gasped.

“Cuck, cuck, cuck,” laughed some guy in the crowd.  It took me a minute to realize he was calling me a cuckold, and I scanned the crowd angrily, but I couldn’t see who said it.

“Oh come on, honey, don’t be such a pris.  Hank risked life and limb to save me. The least I can do is give him a quick hummer,” giggled my wife as she stroked Hank’s blood swollen member.  “Besides, it’s PURPLE. I mean, that’s fascinating, I’ve never seen such a thing. YOUR penis never turns purple for me.” Before I could respond, my wife bent down and put the head of Hank’s penis into her mouth and started sucking on it.  He sighed with satisfaction and put his hand on her head while the crowd broke out in a ragged cheer, egging her on to suck him harder.

“Oh yes, I’m picturing her sucking me and it’s making me ejaculate,” gasped Sheldon suddenly.

Friedrich laughed but edged away from our Aspie friend so that he didn’t get any spooge on him.  I had to admit, I was horribly jealous watching my naked wife orally servicing my alpha pal in gratitude, and my blood was pounding in my ears, but my own penis was painfully erect at the sight.  I wished I could pull it out and wank it myself, but I was too ashamed to do it. There was a big crowd of onlookers who had gathered to watch the drunken naked milf suck off a big guy while her cuck husband sat by helplessly.

Hank grunted and pulled my wife off his dick.  “Turn around, bend over,” he commanded her urgently and the crowd oohed and ahed in anticipation.

“Fuck, Hank, don’t bang my wife, man, I thought we were friends,” I cried.

“We ARE, friends, buddy, we are,” he insisted as Mindy obediently turned and presented her round ass to him, her swollen labia peeking out invitingly between her thighs.  “How bout just the tip. Just to see how it feels?”

“You know it’s never just the tip,” I complained.

“Do it,” urged my horny wife, grabbing hold of the top of the booth while she offered herself to him.

That was all the encouragement he needed.  I watched in horror as Hank pushed the engorged head of his cock into my wife from behind.  She moaned in pleasure and arched her back to receive him while the crowd broke out in applause.

“Dude’s totally sticking it to her,” crowed an idiot in the crowd.

“This is super hot,” said the girl who had gotten naked with Mindy earlier. She stuck her hand down the front of her shorts as she watched my wife getting owned by my pal Hank.

“No it’s not, this is fucking perverted,” I spat in annoyance.

“I know honey, I know, but I have to give Hank what he wants.  I OWE him,” she moaned as he pumped insistently in and out of her.  His ass like a piston as he humped my wife in front of everyone.

“Bullshit, you are getting off on this as much as HE is,” I muttered in dissatisfaction.  But I was too drunk to intervene, and I just watched in sick fascination as my wife got penetrated repeatedly by Hank’s engorged phallus.  His shaft was slick with her juices as the head of his cock plunged in and out of her wet vagina over and over again, mesmerizing me with its unrelenting rhythm.  I gazed at my wife’s smooth white thighs getting brush burned by Hank’s rough hairy thighs, it was pretty intense.

“Oh, yeah, soon, soon,” he grunted, gripping my wife’s soft white hips while the crowd jeered and laughed.

“Cum inside, do it, do it,” coaxed my wife urgently.

“There it is, there it is,” he groaned, thrusting himself into my woman and apparently emptying his load deep inside her womb.

“You didn’t cum inside my wife!” I said.

“Yeah I did, she told me to,” he said defensively.  “Feels good, too. Sorry.”

“Oh, fuck,” I said.  I slapped my hand to my face in misery as the crowd cheered.

Hank pulled his deflated cock out of my wife’s pussy, and he and Mindy gave a little bow to the crowd.  Her face was flushed with lust and her eyes were sparkling as the crowd disbanded.

“He came before I got off,” said Mindy flopping down onto my lap and wrapping her arms around me.  ‘Fuck me right here, help me finish,” she whispered in my ear.

“No you slut, you think I’ll just pretend you didn’t cheat on me just now with my buddy?” I spat in frustration, pushing her off my lap toward Friedrich.

“But look how HARD you are!” she plead, grabbing my straining boner.  “You were obviously getting turned on by that.”

“No I wasn’t,” I lied, but she just smiled knowingly.  “I mean, you didn’t know I was being turned on,” I said weakly.

Mindy smirked at my discomfort.  “Ok, I see how it is, you are too much of a baby to fuck me in public.  No problem. Oh, look, Friedrich’s hard. Wanna fuck, Friedrich?” Mindy grabbed onto Friedrich’s bulge and tugged on it rudely.

“Oh, shit, Mindy, I would love to, I really would, but my wife, and well, you know, I’m good pals with Mark you know,” he stammered, climbing over her and me to get out of the booth quickly.

“Shit that didn’t stop Hank, now did it?” whined my wife in frustration.  

Hank was sitting across from us again and he made room for Friedrich to join him as he poured himself yet another beer.

“I plead the fifth,” Hank said with a grin.

“I’m hard again,” offered Sheldon pushing his steamed up glasses back up his nose.  He reminded me of Rick Moranis in the original Ghostbusters movie becoming the keymaster.

“Wow, ok, nerdball over her has a stiff one for me, and I guess he is too deep in the spectrum to care what Mark thinks about me sitting on his dick,” laughed Mindy as she straddled Sheldon and stuffed her boob in his face.

“Are you serious?” I complained as she lowered herself onto Sheldon’s surprisingly erect cock.

“I gave you your chance,” she moaned as Sheldon nibbled on my wife’s nipples.  “Wow, he’s really, really, hard.” She put one hand between her legs to fondle her clitoris and the other on Sheldon’s shoulder to steady herself as she bounced up and down on his cock.

“Can I get you folks another pitcher?” asked the waitress in her German beer maid outfit.  “Looks like you folks have been working up a thirst over here,” she giggled, motioning to my moaning wife as she impaled herself on Sheldon’s nerd penis and he devoured her breasts.

“Yeah, bring another,” said Friedrich, watching my wife fuck Sheldon with amusement.

“Ok, I’ll be right back before you can reach another orgasm,” joked the good-natured girl with a toss of her blonde pigtails.

But she was wrong, because Sheldon had grabbed Mindy by the ass and was forcing her down onto his dick in a shockingly aggressive fashion and it made Mindy cry out as she climaxed.

“Oh Sheldon, yes, yes, you are so manly,” she moaned as she came. After a moment she collapsed next to him on the bench.  “Wow, Sheldon, I didn’t think you had it in you.” Mindy told him, rubbing his belly with admiration.

“I would like to ejaculate in your face now, please,” he told her matter-of-factly.  And she broke out laughing as she complied with his request, grabbing his cock and jerking it for him while she put her face down near it so he could defile her properly.

The beer maid returned with the pitcher just in time to see Sheldon start shooting spurt after spurt of hot jizz all over my wife’s face.  She stood with her mouth hanging open as the sweaty geek coated Mindy’s face in semen. It really was a shocking amount of sperm.

“Good timing,” joked the server, dropping off the pitcher and turning reluctantly away.

Hank and Friedrich were laughing so hard that they were wiping tears were in their eyes.

Mindy sat up and pointed helplessly as her utterly besmirched face.  “Can you believe this guy? Look how much he came, honey,” she told me in amazement.  “He’s like a bull! He was a better fuck than Hank even.”

“Gotta watch out for the quiet ones,” laughed Hank.

“I liked discharging my ejaculate in your face,” said Sheldon breathlessly.  “I know it was impolite to defile you like that, but that makes it more titillating somehow.”

Even I had to laugh along with everyone at that.  Sheldon really did have an unbelievable case of Asperger’s Syndrome.

“Someone get a picture, I want to record this moment before I wipe Sheldon’s spum off of my face,” laughed Mindy.  “I mean that was really a prodigious load. Look, he even got some on my boobies,” She posed with her fingers joined under her chin as Hank snapped some photos of my naked wife with his phone.

“That’s just disgusting,” I sighed as my wife finally started wiping the cum from her face.  Occasionally she would turn to Sheldon and show him how she was licking some of his jizz off of her lips or her fingers.

“You are making me hard again,” he warned her.

“Oh my god,” she said, watching Sheldon’s member inflate for a third time this evening.  She turned to me and Friedrich and said, “You guys are sticks in the mud. Next time, I am going on a double date with Sheldon and Hank and you guys can stay at home.”

I did object to that idea of Mindy going on a “date” with Sheldon and Hank.  Then I later caved in and allowed her to go on a date as long as she promised not to have sex with them.  But then I ended up being the one that tagged along and captured it on film while Sheldon and Hank double-teamed my wife in a crowded hotel lounge.  She seems to like to do it in public for some reason. Oh well, at least I finally loosened up and wanked myself while I watched them in the end.

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Exhibitionist Wife Tales: 15 stories of wives cheating in public
Most Popular collection: Gustav’s Selected Shorts
Giant chunks of cuck erotica: Wives Cheating Vol 1-5 Box, Collected Longs
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Girlfriend Nude at the Campground

By Gustav Jorgenson

You and your girl are camping for the first time together.  She strips naked before crawling into the sleep bag at night and you have some hot sex.

In the morning when you wake up, she is up already and you find her making a pot of tea on the fire, stark naked.

“Hey, this is a public campground you know,” you say to her.  “You should put some clothes on.”

“Whatever… There is no one around.  I like being naked. I feel free,” she giggles.

You just laugh nervously and go collect some firewood.  You go 30 or 40 feet into the woods when you hear the sound of male voices approaching the campsite.  You start rushing back to warn your girl, but just before you get back you see her talking to a pair of male hikers, a tall blonde sandy haired and a shorter dark haired fellow, both in flannels and jeans.   She is standing there totally nude and not bothering to cover herself at all. They are looking at her body with interest and she is just brazenly baring herself for them.

You can’t believe she is doing this and you are too embarrassed to come out into the open. What would your girl do if you demanded that she get dressed?  Would she defy you just to be pig headed? Would these guys laugh at you? You don’t know what to do, so you skirt the edge of the clearing so that you can hear what they are saying, still hidden in the brush.

“…I don’t see why I can’t hang out naked if I want to,” your girl says defiantly.

“Hey, I sure don’t mind seeing your naked body,” says the tall hiker, gripping his crotch unconsciously.  “We’re just saying, you won’t get much privacy up here. This is a busy area this time of year.”

Your girl is flippant, she stand before them, hip cocked.  “I don’t care about privacy. You can look all you like. It’s nothing to me. I’m feel like a nature woman being nude out here.”

The short guy unhitches his pack, takes a seat on a log a few feet from the fire.  “Well do you mind if we take a break and hang out here with you?”

“Sure, feel free” She turns and bends over to tend the fire.  “You want some tea?”

Both guys are staring slack jawed at her bare round ass and gorgeous legs as she bends over.  They don’t respond. She turns and looks at them appreciating her body. “Hello? Take a break from checking out my ass for a second and answer the question: tea or no tea?”

The tall guy drops his backpack and joins her by the fire.  “Uh, sorry, yes, tea,” he laughs. He is standing pretty close to her as she is bent over, his crotch close to her butt.  She stands and hands him a cup of tea in a tin cup, looks up at him prettily as she serves him in the nude.

Your face is burning with shame.  You don’t know what to do. You assumed that they would just go on their way.  You just want them to leave, but at the same time, you find it incredibly erotic to watch your girlfriend casually serve tea to these two guys totally naked.  She is being incredibly bold and yet submissive at the same time. It’s so kinky that you unzip your fly and start pulling on your prick as you watch them, hidden from view behind a bush.

Your girlfriend bends over to hand the shorter seated hiker a tin of tea.  He is staring at her dangling knockers, pink nipples hard and pokey. “So yeah, how long have you been into nudism?” he asks.

“I guess I never knew I was into nudism,” she responds.  “This is the first time I ever tried it. I’ve never really been camping overnight this far into the wilderness before.  The feeling of being out in nature is so amazing. It’s so liberating.” She raises her skinny arms into the air and laughs.

The tall guy eyes her boobs bouncing as she laughs, takes a sip of tea. “Oh, yeah, I agree,” he says.

“Hey, you know, it’s actually pretty rude of us to hang out while you are naked.  We should be going,” says the short guy. “We don’t want to cramp your style.”

“Oh I don’t mind, you can stay,” she urges.  She sits down on the blanket by the fire with her tea.

“Well, I feel kind of weird sitting here with you naked and all… I almost feel as though we should strip down and get naked too,” laughs the short one nervously.

“Feel free to do whatever you want,” she says.  “Since you didn’t mind seeing me naked, I won’t mind seeing you naked,” she smiles broadly and spreads her legs open exposing her furry bush.

The guys chuckle nervously and take off their clothes.  Both of them have raging hardons and you see your girl staring at their cocks with interest.

“Well alrighty then,” she laughs.  “Looks like your johnsons are standing at attention this morning.”

The tall hiker stands right in front of her with his cock pointed at her face.  “Stumbling upon a beautiful naked girl on the trail will do that.” She remains seated and stares at his cock fixedly.

Sh takes a sip of her tea.  “Oh are these hard-ons on my account?” she asks innocently.

Short guy plucks up his nerve and sits down close by her side, starts stroking his hard cock lewdly. “Yep,” he says.  “It’s all your fault that I sprung this boner.”

Her eyes are glued to his cock as he pulls on it.”Sorry about that.”  Her voice is soft now.

“Oh, not at all, I am enjoying it,” he says.  “You don’t mind if I touch myself, do you?” he asks.  “I’m just not used to being nude around strange good looking girls.”

You are feeling a little sick at this point with both guys naked and your girl checking out their cocks, but you keep yourself hidden and continue jerking.

“You think I’m good looking?” she asks bashfully.

“Oh yeah,” both guys say.

She stands up and turns to show them her ass again.  “You don’t think my ass is too big?” she asks playfully.

Now both guys are stroking themselves as they look her over.

“Well?” she asks wiggling her ass at them.  “Too big or no?”

They don’t answer, they just stare and stroke.  “You’re just teasing us now,” croaks the tall guy.  “But I will play along. No. It’s not too big, it’s just right.  In fact I wouldn’t mind slapping my cock against it.”

“Oh really?” laughs your girl.  “Well, don’t let me stop you. Slap away.”

The guys exchange a glance, and the taller one just shrugs and approaches her with huge  cock in hand. She stays bent over slightly and shakes her ass at him again to encourage him. So he grabs dick and slaps her across the ass with it.  You gulp in amazement, unable to believe her level of sluttiness.

Suddenly, two female hikers enter the clearing and stop dead in their tracks.  They staring at a tall naked guy spanking your grinning girlfriend’s ass with his boner while a short naked dude strokes his dick and watches.

“Uh, well this is pretty random,” laughs a skinny blonde in a pink half shirt and black skin tight yoga pants with bright green sneakers.

“Sorry folks, we are just passing through.  Didn’t mean to interrupt your little breakfast orgy over here,” says a chunkier girl in khaki shorts and white t-shirt wearing a baseball cap.  She is looking at the guy’s stiff pricks with a smile on her face.

Your girl is blushing as she stands up straight and faces them. “Oh, it’s not an orgy.  We are just horsing around a little,” she says. Yeah right,you think.

“Hey, whatever you say, sister.  I know this mountain air makes me feel frisky,” laughs the fat girl.  “I wouldn’t mind taking on two guys with pricks like those.”

Her friend slaps her shoulder, “Omigod, I can’t believe you just said that!”

Both guys are speechless with embarrassment but their cocks are still standing at attention.

Your girl turns to examine the dick that was just slapping her ass and she reaches out and takes it in her hand.  “You have a point, this is a pretty good cock,” she admits, looking up into the tall guy’s eyes as she strokes his dick.  Everyone watches with interest as your girl goes down on her knees before him and puts his thing in her mouth. You, the female hikers, the other male hiker, all of you are watching as she starts performing fellatio on this strange man she just met twenty minutes ago.

“This is soo, freaky,” says the skinny female hiker.  “I had no idea that this was like, the kinky sex trail.”

“Lay down on your back,” commands the tall guy.  She gets down on the blanket, submissively spreads her legs for him.

“Excuse me ladies,” he says as he gets down and mounts your girlfriend missionary style.

“Hey,don’t mind us,” laughs the fat girl.

The short hiker is jerking his cock as he watches his buddy’s ass pumping up and down.  You hear your girlfriend moaning with pleasure as the tall man violates her on the blanket by the fire and you start jerking yourself wildly.

“Holy shit, there is some other pervert spanking his monkey in the bushes,” shrieks the fat girl as she spies you there.

The tall guy pauses fucking your girl, looking up.  

She wraps her long legs around his back urgently.  “Nevermind, it’s probably just my boyfriend,” she says. “Don’t stop now, I’m about to cum.”

He quickly returns to fucking her and she cries out as the orgasm engulfs her.  He pulls out soon after and spills a load all over her belly. I watch the big pearly globs of cum spew out of his mushroom head onto my girl’s flat belly and I have a weird feeling inside.

“Her boyfriend is jerking off in the bushes?” laughs the skinny girl, scandalized. “I thought one of these guys was her boyfriend.”

“This is the most fucked up hike I’ve ever been on by far,” giggles her friend.

The other male hiker approaches your girl with his cock in hand.  “Can you suck this for me?” he begs.

“Ok, honey,” she says climbing to her knees, cheeks flushed, belly slick with cum. “I’ll help you out.” She looks up at him lustily and take his stiff member into her wet red mouth.

He tilts his head back and cries out almost immediately.  Your girl gags slightly and pulls his dick out of her mouth as he shoots his wad all over her face.

“That is so nasty,” comments the skinny girl, watching with fascination.

The fat girl crawls into the bushes where you are kneeling and kneels down beside you.  “You guys are all real perverts, you know that?” she whispers pulling off her shirt. “But I must be one too, because watching this shit has made me horny as fuck.”  And the next thing you know you are sucking on her big red nipples as she jerks your pud. A few minutes later, you notice your girlfriend watching you as this fat girl bounces up and down on your cock, her plump buttocks slapping your hairy thighs.  Your girl laughs when you cry out firing your load inside the chunky hiker.

“That girl better be on the pill,” calls your girl good naturedly.

Afterward you all share an awkward breakfast around the campfire.  The two guys and your girl never bother getting dressed which makes things weird.  But things get even weirder when a man and woman enter the clearing and approach your group.

“Uh, sorry to interrupt your…breakfast?  We just wanted to get directions,” says the middle-aged woman in an expensive windbreaker as the balding grey haired man looks your girl’s cum stained body over hungrily.

Your girl notices the man’s interest and nonchalantly spreads her pussy for him, showing him her pink inner lips. “What’s the hurry, why not stay and chat a while?”

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Exhibitionist Wife Tales: 15 stories of wives cheating in public
Most Popular collection: Gustav’s Selected Shorts
Giant chunks of cuck erotica: Wives Cheating Vol 1-5 Box, Collected Longs
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Wife Likes to Be Naked Around Husband’s Friends

By Gustav Jorgenson

My wife has always been the kind of person who hates wearing clothes if she doesn’t have to.  She’s always walking around the house naked. I felt that her exhibitionism was sort of a turn on, but sometimes I complained, like when she paraded around nude with the drapes open while the Mexican landscapers were working on the yard.  We had quite an argument about that when I came home from work one day and found the workers neglecting the bushes in the yard as they peered through our livingroom window at my wife’s exposed bush as she sauntered around in plain view inside.  But she just laughed me off when I complained and said “Oh, let them get their jollies if they want. What do I care? They work hard, they deserve to take a break now and then.” I guess she just likes the attention.

So I shouldn’t have been too surprised when I found my wife naked in the living room watching television just moments before my buddies were supposed to arrive to watch the game on TV.

“Jesus, Julia, the guys are going to be here any minute, can’t you go throw something on?” I pleaded.  I looked at my watch with trepidation.

“Why do I always have to bend over backwards for your buddies when they come over?” she complained with a pout, sticking her hands between her knees in that cute way which made her big white boobs just out invitingly.

“No one’s asking you to bend over backwards, you just need to get dressed,” I said, gazing distractedly at my wife’s hard pink nipples.  She was naked all the time, but I never got tired of seeing her gorgeous body.

“I don’t feel like getting dressed,” she whined, sticking out her lower lip.

“Christ, are you drunk, or what?” I asked, noticing her empty glass and bottle of wine on the side table.  “You can’t hang around naked in front of my pals.”

“I’m not that drunk,” she insisted, but her cheeks did seem more rosy than normal.  “And why can’t I hang out naked in my own damn house. It’s a free country!”

“What, do you want all my friends to see you naked?” I asked, feeling oddly aroused at the thought.

“Oh, well, it wouldn’t be the first time.  Christ practically everyone has seen me naked over the years.  Remember Susie’s pool party?”

“Yeah, I remember, but that was just a quick flash when you streaked from the pool back to the house.  That’s not like this, sitting around for hours while all my pals get sauced up and ogle your body.”

“Look at you!  You’re getting excited by the very thought of it,” laughed my wife pointing a finger at me. “Besides, everyone’s going to be watching the game.  I might have nice tits, but this is the playoffs, after all.”

Just then the doorbell rang and I sighed with exasperation.  “Look, they are here now! Why are you being like this?” I demanded.

“Because I’m a kinky little wife, aren’t I?  And you know you love me for it,” she said, casually spreading her legs and giving me a nice view of her neatly trimmed snatch.  “I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces,” she giggled.


“Oh fuck,” I hissed as I strode to the front door.  As kinky and exciting as the idea seemed to me, I didn’t really have the guts to go through with it.   I didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of all my friends. I pulled open the door and found my pals Thomas, Richard, and Harold on my doorstep.  They smiled at me and practically bowled me over as they tried to push their way inside, but I didn’t budge and blocked the doorway. “We have a problem, guys.”

“Don’t worry, we brought more beer,” said Thomas, holding up a case of Trumer Pils.

“No, you see, Julia’s being stubborn and won’t put her clothes on,” I explained.  “We can’t watch the game here.”

“But you have the best TV and besides, we don’t have time to go somewhere else, the game’s gonna start in 5 minutes,” said Richard tapping his wrist.

“Didn’t she know we were coming over?” asked Harold with confusion.

“No, she knew, I told her,” I said looking over my shoulder at my wife on the couch.

“Oh, for chrissake, let them in, honey,” called Julia.  “Don’t be such a prude about it.”

“Uh, what do you mean, she wants us to come in and see her naked?” asked Thomas, glancing over at Richard with a nervous laugh.

“Oh man, that Julia,” laughed Richard.  “Remember Susie’s pool party?”

“I know, I know, she’s really fun at parties, but this is going a bit far, fellas,” I said as my pals shifted impatiently on the doorstep.  “I don’t know what’s gotten into her.”

“If she doesn’t want to put clothes on, maybe we can ask her to go in the other room?” suggested Harold lamely.

Suddenly my wife appeared behind me, completely naked with a big grin on her face.  Her boobs were still bouncing from having sprinted to the door. “Will you guys get in here?  The game is starting any minute. Stop being such goody-goodies about it.” She stretched her arms above her head  and winked at Harold lewdly. “I can’t believe that a group of grown men is incapable of dealing with one naked little wife.  Where have the red-blooded Americans gone?”

“I don’t think my wife would be too thrilled if she found out,” gulped Harold eyeing my wife’s pale hourglass figure up and down.

“Well then, we won’t tell her then, will we Harry?” giggled my wife, grabbing him by the hand and pulling him inside.

“Yeah, game’s starting soon, we can argue about this later,” agreed Richard pushing past me.

“Sorry buddy, I think you are overruled,” said Thomas, gazing at my wife’s bare back and plump round buttocks as she lead Harold to the couch.

“This is totally fucked up,” I said, glancing up and down the street to make sure the neighbors didn’t see anything before closing the door.

“I think I like your wife’s sense of hospitality,” chortled Richard, giving me a vulgar wag of his eyebrows.

“This is pretty perverted,” muttered Thomas as he opened the case of beer and started passing bottles around.

“I know, I’m a very bad wife,” said Julia.  “Maybe someone will need to spank me later.”

“Julia! Come on!” I griped looking at my pals with embarrassment.  But the game was starting and they just dropped into seats around the living room with their eyes fixed on the television.

“See,” whispered my wife.  “I told you. They are more interested in the game than my body.  I’ll just take these extra beers and put them in the fridge. You want some snacks?”

“Sure, thanks, dear,” I said.  But it was pretty strange to see my naked wife obediently serving my friends and I as we watched the game.

I noticed a few eyes flick away from the action on the screen when my wife came back with a tray of chips and dip, her succulent knockers dangling down as she bent over to put the tray on the coffee table.  But for the most part, my friends focused on the game and didn’t really ogle my wife much. When the first commercial break came we fell into an intense discussion, arguing about the poor performance of our top stars while my wife sat there smirking on the couch, practically invisible in spite of her nudity.

As the game progressed and more beers were consumed, I could sense my wife’s growing frustration that the guys weren’t paying much attention to her.  I mean, they would glance at her boobs now and then or look at the butt when she bent over in front of them to pick up some fallen chip or bottle cap, but then they would glance over at me guiltily and avert their eyes.  At least that’s how Harold and Thomas acted. Richard started running his eyes up and down my wife’s body more and more boldly as he got drunker. And it annoyed me that she seemed pleased when she caught him gawking at her figure.  She even gave her shoulders a shake now and then to get her boobs jiggling for him.

During one commercial break about halfway through the game, my wife decided to turn it up a notch to get a little more attention.  She spread her legs wide and started stroking her pussy, pulling her labia apart and exposing her pink twat as we all talked excitedly about the recent turnaround in the game as our team was coming back from a big deficit.

Richard noticed Julia’s self-administration first and just stared for a moment open mouthed.  She regarded him calmly as she spread her pussy lips open for him.

“What are you looking at Richard?” she asked innocently, thrusting her crotch upward slightly for emphasis.

“You know,” he told her simply, sweat beading on his brow as she ran her fingers through her pubic hair.

“Do you guys think my bush is too shaggy?” she asked with a mischievous grin.  “Should I shave it off? What do you think Harold?”

“Come on, Julia, cut the shit,” I stammered, watching my buddies nervously as they gaped at my wife’s vagina, spread open for display.

“I mean it’s, no, I like it,” said Harold.

“You like my pussy hairy, Harry?” giggled my wife, fingering herself shamelessly as Harold gulped.

“I don’t like a shaved pussy,” said Richard.  “I like the way you keep yours. A little hair but not too bushy.”

“Can we talk about something else?” I asked with annoyance.

But my wife was delighted to finally be getting some attention from my pals.  “Sorry honey, but isn’t it sort of hot for me to show off my cunt like this? I mean, it’s making me pretty wet.”  She inserted a finger into her hole and then slavered the juice up onto her clitoris as she started diddling her nub while we all watched in fascination.

“I agree, this is fucking hot,” said Richard. gripping the crotch of his pants as he leered at my wife masturbating herself.  She was leaning way back on the couch with her boobs pushed skyward by her upper arms as she fondled her crotch with both hands.

The game came back on, but no one was paying attention as my wife masturbated wildly on the couch, her cheeks flushed and her eyes bright with excitement.  I felt my own cock grow hard but my stomach was cold with jealousy at how scandalously my wife was exhibiting herself for my friends.

“You can’t just finger your goddamn cunt in front of everyone like that, Julia!” I exclaimed.  I was so drunk at this point that specks of spittle were flying from my mouth as I practically shouted at my wife.  “Show some goddamn modesty.”

“Ha, you knew what kind of woman I was when we first started dating.  Remember the time my girlfriends and I stripped topless for you and your frat buddies?  That was hot.” That had been fucking hot, and when I had seen Julia naked like that all those years ago, I was determined to make her mine.  She had such a hot body and was so confident, that I found her irresistible. “Yeah, but now that we are married, you need to cool it with that shit,” I said.

“Is it time for my spanking yet?” she asked me with a smile and then she flipped over onto her stomach, arching her back as she stuck her ass in the air, offering it to me so I could spank it.  “I have been very naughty. I think I need to be punished.”

“Oh Jesus!” I said, gazing with lust at my wife’s round ass and her swollen labia peeking out between her soft white thighs.

“Come on, spank me,” she coaxed, reaching back and parting her labia again so that we were treated to the sight of her pink snatch in addition to her gorgeous ass.

“I’m not going to spank you in front of my buddies like this,” I said, looking over at Richard nervously as the sweat poured down his forehead.  His mouth hung open slightly as he gripped his dong and ogled my wife’s ass and cunt on display.

“Well, someone ought to spank me, I’m being pretty bad,” she said.  “Hey Richard, do you want to do it?” She looked back at Richard and batted her eyelashes at him provocatively, her cheek pressed against the couch cushions as she kept her ass lifted in the air.

“Yeah, you’re a dirty girl alright, you need a spanking,” he said, standing up eagerly and approaching my wife.

“Cut the shit Richard,” I yelped in frustration as he prepared to spank my wife and she wriggled her rear in excited anticipation.

“You’ve wife’s behavior is getting out of hand, someone needs to show her who’s boss,” said Richard.

“Yeah, but that’s her husband’s job, not yours,” said Harrold.  I shot him a look of gratitude for sticking up for me.

“Aww, come on, this isn’t about punishment.  It’s sexual play,” snorted Thomas. “Julia wants a spanking because it will turn her on and she asked Richard to do it for her.  I say let him spank her, who cares? It’s all in good fun,” Thomas kept his eyes fixed on my wife’s pink snatch the entire time and he looked like he would love to stick his face right in there and start slurping on her twat.

“That’s not true, Thomas, I do need to be punished, this is serious,” insisted my wife, with a devilish grin.  She wiggled her butt for Richard some more and he couldn’t help himself, he hauled off a gave her a good smack on the rump with made her shriek in surprise and the guys all started laughing at the look on her face.  Even I had to join in a little, though I was still uncomfortable with this whole thing. “Oooh, that smarts. Do it again,” purred my wife, her ass cheeks already reddening from the last smack he gave her. She spread her pussy even wider for him as she offered her ass for another blow.  But this time Richard just patted her lightly on the back of her thighs right where her cunt was poking through. “Hmm, yeesss,” she said. And then he went further and stuck his hand between her thighs, grabbing her cunt in his hand and squeezing it, making her moan with pleasure.

“Bad, wife, bad wife,” he mumbled as he slipped his middle finger right between her pussy lips and started fingering my wife furiously while I watched.

“That’s enough!” I shouted and I jumped to my feet and pulled Richard physically away from my wife.  “You can’t fucking finger my wife like that Richard, that’s bullshit.”

“Oh, shit, sorry man,” he said, wiping  his face and accidentally smearing my wife’s juices all over his face.  “I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I guess I got carried away. I mean her cunt was just wide open like that.”

“Don’t get mad at Richard, I liked it!” chirped my wife with her ass still in the air.  ‘“This is hot. I want someone to fuck me now.”

“Julia, get a grip on yourself, what are you saying?” I gasped, aghast and titillated by the suggestion.

“I’m saying I want one of you guys to whip your cock out and put it in me right now.  Whoever is man enough to do it,” she said. “I don’t care who it is, I’m horny as fuck and I need to get dicked.”

Even Richard was shocked at this suggestion and we exchanged a look of amazement.  

Thomas sputtered for a moment and said, “Ok, well, this has obviously gone past the point of harmless play.  Maybe we should be going now.”

“I don’t think so,” said Harold, surprising us all as he stood up and unzipped his fly.  “The only gentlemanly thing to do is to honor the lady’s request.” And I stood and watched, utterly dumbfounded as my geeky pal Harold whipped out his rather mediocre looking erection, walked over behind my wife and sank it right into her waiting snatch.  Harold of all people. The meekest guy I knew. And my wife loved it.

“Oh Harold! Yes, I didn’t think you had the stones, but there you go, ugh, ugh, wow, yeah, do it, do it,” she moaned and whimpered as I watch Harold banging away on my wife from behind, fucking the shit out of her while I stared, paralyzed by this utterly unexpected development.

“Wow, uh, Harry is really going to town on your wife,” said Thomas, as amazed as I was.

“Yup, I guess you got to watch the quiet ones,” said Richard shaking his head as we all watched Harry humping away on my wife and making her call out loudly in passion.  Then Richard turned to me and slapped my shoulder. “Hey, idiot, are you just stand there watching Harry do you wife like that? You yanked me off her and I did was finger her snatch a little.  You ought to punch Harry right in the mouth.”

“Don’t! Don’t not yet, I’m about to cum, wait until he’s done, oh shit,” grunted my wife, and I watched as she gave that little shiver, and I knew that she just climaxed.  “Ok, you can punch him now,” she said.

“Hey!” yelped Harold as he continued dogging her.  “Just for that I’m not pulling out, I’m coming right inside you, you harlot.”

“Do it, I don’t care,” she laughed.

“I’m cuming, I’m cumming,” he shouted proudly as he spurted what was likely an unremarkable load inside my wife.

“I, uh, I know I should be mad and I should probably punch him, but shit, this is Harold we are talking about,” I said scratching my head in confusion. “I mean, he’s the biggest nerd I’ve ever met.  How can I punch this guy?”

“You say I’m a nerd, but I was the only one man enough to fuck your wife when she challenged us!” insisted Harold, pulling his shriveled prick out of my wife and raising his index finger to make his point.

“Whatever, Harold,” I laughed, looking at my pathetically dorky pal.  “Your glasses are so steamed up, I can’t see your eyes to tell if you are kidding or not.”

“Yeah, it’s kind of hard to take Harold seriously even after he totally just fucked your woman,” said Richard.   “But really, you need to reign her in a little, she’s gonna make a cuckold out of you if you don’t watch her.” Then he turned and slapped her ass again playfully, making her yelp in surprise again.

Just then there was a roar from the crowd on the television and we all realized that our team had pulled ahead in the final moments of the game and somehow that became the most important thing.  The next thing I knew we were all cheering and giving each other high fives. Julia had disappeared in the interim.

After our celebration of the home team’s victory, I accompanied my pals to the door and shook hands all around.

“Well, we finally did it this year, we are going to the finals, baby,” Richard said throwing his hands in the air gleefully.

“And there was that thing with Julia,” said Thomas rubbing his head.  “Uh, hey Harold, you never apologized for that.”

“Why should I?  I’m not sorry. That was the best sex I’ve had in years.  Her vagina was extremely pleasurable,” said Harold indignantly.  He turned to me and said, “She told one of us to do it!”

I just shook my head and laughed, “Ok, Harold, ok, I know, I know.  I don’t blame you.”

And then my friends were gone and I was shaking my head ruefully and there was Julia coming out of the bathroom with a towel on her head and nothing else on.  Her naked body was moist and tender, fresh from the shower.

“That was awesome, we should have your friends over more often,” she said with a mischievous grin.

I didn’t slap her like I wanted to, I just smirked at her and started to wonder how many other guys she had let fuck her since we had been married.  She has plenty of opportunities while I was at work. I thought about all the delivery men and then those damn immigrant landscapers, and truth be told, my dick started getting hard again.  So I threw her on the couch as she yelled and laughed and I fucked the shit out her myself, because it’s exciting to have a dirty whore of a wife, isn’t it? I wasn’t going to let the other guys have ALL the fun with my wife.

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Wife Does Bikini Car Wash for Urban Youth Fundraiser

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Exhibitionist Wife Tales

My wife Molly had worked with troubled youths as a counsellor for years before taking a job with a non-profit providing career counselling for disadvantaged youth in Oakland, CA.  She did feel a little awkward being the only white woman working there, but she was determined to fit in.  So one night she invited some of her coworkers over to our home for dinner and to plan some upcoming fundraisers.  They asked me to sit in since I have a background in finance, and I might be able to offer some guidance around fiscal matters.

I was sitting around our dining room table with Molly, Trevon, the director, Shanice, the associate director, and Jada, another counsellor.

“Of course our most popular fundraiser is always the bikini car wash,” said Trevon.  He gave Molly a devilish grin and my poor wife blushed immediately.

“Oh gosh,” stammered my wife.  “Yes, I heard about that.”

“Girl, you gonna be banging with those boobs and that booty of yours,” chuckled Jada.  “We gonna teach you how to twerk it!”

“Uh, I’m not really getting the premise of this,” I said.   I wasn’t sure I understood what was being suggested, but it didn’t sound too savory.  I loosened my tie uncomfortably.  I was feeling a slight tightness around my throat.

“Oh, right, Connor” said Trevon, addressing me.  “Let me explain.  See, each year the female staff dress up in bikinis and wash cars in the parking lot of the center for cash.  The youth who attend the center join in and stand by the nearby intersections waving signs to attract customers.  Definitely one of the highlights of the year in terms of fun and we always raise a good amount of funds for the center as well.”  He made a point of eyeing Molly’s cleavage and she pulled her blouse closed in response, blushing even more.

“Girlfriend gonna bring ALL the boys to the yard with HER milkshake,” teased Shanice.

“Most definitely,” growled Trevon.  I didn’t like the way his gaze was fixed on my wife’s breasts.

“But, that sounds a little, um, inappropriate, isn’t it? I don’t mean to suggest that it’s necessarily sexual in nature,” I said nervously.

Molly gave me a strange grimace of discomfort that I couldn’t fully understand while her coworkers broke out laughing.

“Oh, you white people,” giggled Jada.  “Of COURSE it’s sexual, how you think we raise so much money?  We be puttin our tits on the windshield, butts against the window.  That’s how to get the BIG tips, my brutha.”

“You mean the customers sit inside the vehicles and pay extra for, for,” I was stuttering, unable to believe my ears.

I could feel the blood draining from my face and Molly reached across the table to grab my hand.  “Connor is a bit old fashioned, so I think it will take him some time to get used to this idea.”  She laughed self-consciously.  “Honestly, I am pretty nervous about it myself.”

“How come, girl?  You got nothing to be ashamed of,” chimed in Shanice, eyeing my wife’s figure judiciously.  “The mens gonna get in LINE to have you wash their rides.  You gonna make, BANK!”

“And the boys from the center gonna be HOWLING to see Miss Molly working it,” agreed Jada with a smile.

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” admitted Molly.  “Most of my clients are young men in their late teens.  They are uh, sexually mature, and it seems that it will be, um, challenging to maintain a professional, err, ethical…” my wife was struggling to find the right word.

“Ah, Molly, this goes back to this question of cultural competence we were discussing the other day,” said Trevon loftily.

“Yeah, during the car wash we have a little time out on the professionalism and stuff,” sniffed Jada.  “I let them boys get up on there and get to grinding on my booty, it’s all good, it’s all good.  Sometime they get a little naughty, but that’s one way to build bonds with your fam, you feel me?”

“Grinding on your booty?” I asked.  I didn’t like the sound of that.

Shanice pointed at me and covered her mouth, tittering mockingly at me.  “Check out Connor, he don’t know WHAT the fuck you talkin’ bout.”

“Check this out,” said Jada, pulling out her phone with excitement.  “This a video from last year.  You wanna see me work it?”

She slid over next to me at the table and showed me the video on her phone.  My eyebrows shot up when I saw the tiny images.  Jada was standing in a parking lot surrounded by black teenagers.  She was soaking wet and had her back to the camera, bent over with her hands on her knees.  She had on a thong that completely revealed her buttocks and was doing some sort of gyration and that was making her butt cheeks bounce up and down madly.  In the background a lowrider was bouncing along on it hydrolics, mimicking her dance.  The teenage boys were clapping and cheering and one bold fellow leapt forward and started grinding his crotch up against Jada’s exposed rear as though he were copulating with her from behind.

“Good GOD!  What is that young man doing?” I gasped.  Sweat was beading on my brow as I watched this primal display.

“He trying to pop it,” said Jada with a shrug.  Then she noticed my sweaty forehead and gave me a sly grin. “You like how he doing that?  You want me to teach you how to do that dance?”

“Oh, girl, you bad, you bad,” laughed Shanice.

It was my turn to blush and Molly laughed along with Trevon at my discomfiture.

Jada jumped up out of her chair and started doing the twerk dance with her big rump pointed at my face.  I stared open mouthed for a moment while everyone laughed at the expression on my face.  I could feel my member swelling at the animalistic display by Molly’s shameless coworker.

“Don’t just sit there, get up and get behind me, fool,” scolded Jada, she pulled me to my feet and Shanice gasped when she saw the bulge in my trousers.

“Easy, Jada, Molly’s man got a stiffy for you,” commented Shanice, pointing at my visible priapism.

“That’s what I’m talking bout,” said Jada eagerly.  She made a face at my wife as she turned her back to me and thrust her round buttocks forcefully against my erection, grinding herself insistently against my manhood.  I had to grip her hips to keep from falling over.

“Connor!  I didn’t know you had it in you,” gasped my wife.  She was laughing along but seemed a bit disturbed by the whole situation.

“I don’t, I mean, I’m not,” I babbled, backing away from the playful Jada and covering my crotch with my hands as I dropped hurriedly back into my seat.

“Why I think you enjoyed that,” said my wife in amazement.

‘Sure he did,” laughed Shanice.  “You better watch Jada, she going after yo man.”

“I’m just playing girlfriend,” said Jada primly as she took her seat again.  “But from what I felt back there, I’m guessin Connor keepin’ YOU happy.”  She and Shanice broke out in cackles of laughter while I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat.  Molly tried to force a smile but I could tell she was a little annoyed.

“Anyway, Jada’ll teach you how to twerk,” put in Trevon.  “Call it cultural literacy training.”

“You got a little bikini, girl?” asked Shanice of my wife skeptically.  “I mean a LITTLE one with a thong?”

“Not really,” admitted my wife.

“Well we can take you shopping, I’ll help you pick one out,” said Trevon.

The black women broke out laughing at the expression on Molly’s face when she said, “Um…”

“Don’t be so uptight, girl,” teased Jada.  “He’s gonna see you in it anyway.  EVERYONE is gonna see you in it.”

“Huh, yeah, I guess so,” agreed my wife miserably.  She was normally a modest woman and usually wore very conservative one-piece bathing suits.

“You are going to take my wife bikini shopping?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes, do you have a problem with that?” replied Trevon.  He seemed defensive.  “If I were WHITE would you have a problem with that?”

“Yes, probably,” I affirmed without much hesitation.  “I mean, I’m not really comfortable with this entire idea.  I don’t want my wife putting her breasts on some stranger’s windshield for tips.  It’s not proper.”

Jada made a sour face and put her hand up.  “Check your puritanical privilege please,” she said, clearly pleased by her spontaneous alliteration.

“I don’t want to seem puritanical,” admitted my wife.

And so it was agreed that my charming little wife would participate in this urban youth car wash fundraiser over my stifled grumbling.

Once her coworkers left, I confronted my wife about it.

“Surely you can’t be serious about this, Molly?” I demanded.  I was feeling agitated and was pacing back and forth and waving my arms.

“I’m certainly not thrilled about it, especially getting half naked around my clients.  They are very, uh, excitable young fellows,” she whined unhappily.  “But you heard Trevon.  He considers this a show of cultural competence.  And sensitivity to the cultural norms of the community we are serving is extremely important in social work.  It’s fundamental.”

“Cultural competence!” I spat with disdain.  “Doing a booty dance for a bunch of drooling teenagers and letting them dry hump you from behind is cultural competence? Balderdash!”

“Oh dear,” said my wife, putting her hand on her cheek as she envisioned the scene.  “Well, I know you won’t like it, but it’s just something I have to do,” she said.  “It’s hard enough for me to fit in, being the only white person at the center.  If I make a fuss over this, it will only reinforce my differentness.”  She patted me on the shoulder.  “You know what they say, darling.  When in Rome and all that.”

“Bah,” I complained and headed off to bed.  But as I lay in bed that night, I couldn’t banish the image of my pretty wife in a tiny bikini exposing herself to a bunch of ghetto hooligans from my mind.  And the more I imagined the various scenarios, the harder my penis became until I had to sneak to the bathroom to masturbate as I pictured my wife covered in soap suds while a virile black teenager mounted her from behind and his compatriots cheered him on.  Then I pictured Jada’s tight bum pressed up  against my penis again and I climaxed strongly spurting cum all over the bathroom wall.

I was ashamed of myself but also strongly intrigued by the idea of Molly becoming a shameless exhbitionist.  She certainly did have a wonderful body.  It bothered me too that I was excited by the idea of other men seeing my wife half-naked or worse yet actually grabbing her and trying to hump her.  And they call it a dance, the grind, but it’s really just a shameless pantomime of coitus.  And she has to do it in the name of cultural competence.  I was growing hard again as these thoughts raced through my mind.

The day of the car wash, Molly packed up her tiny string bikini and I drove her over to the youth center.  My wife was nervous and pensive on the ride over, she didn’t say much.  As we pulled into the parking lot where they were holding the car wash, I was taken aback by the scene before me.  There were dozens of black and brown teenagers milling about.  I was frightened by the sea of dark faces before me, I had to admit.  I had never seen so many people of color in one place before and I started to appreciate how they must feel surrounded by white faces all the time.

There were young men twirling big signs shaped like arrows to draw in customers on the corner.  They stood shirtless in the hot sun, showing off their physiques.  As we pulled into the lot, we got a lot of hard, aggressive stares until people recognized Molly and then everyone’s face lit up, all the young men and young women seemed to recognize my wife.  The lot was already half full of big old cadillacs and other ghetto vehicles, hoopties or lowriders or whatever they call them these days.  Young black women in scandalously tiny bikinis were bending dramatically over the cars, spreading suds onto themselves as much as the car while gangs of young thugs stood around hooting, hands on their crotches as they watched.  The girls were really hamming it up, they seemed to love the attention.

“Well, looks like everyone is already having fun,” said my wife.  A DJ booth was set up nearby pumping insanely loud beats from two towers of speakers that had been erected right in the parking lot.

I found a spot at the back of the lot to park the car and we got out.  The smell of marijuana smoke hung strongly in the air.

“That’s pot smoke, isn’t it?” I asked Molly.

“The center has a relaxed attitude toward marijuana during events like the car wash.”  My wife seemed a bit nervous, holding her handbag with her tiny bikini inside.

Jada, Trevon, and Shanice emerged from the crowd and approached us, waving.  I couldn’t help but stare at the shockingly small bikinis the two black women were wearing.  Both women were actually quite pudgy and each had a little pot belly, but their boobs were so big and so boisterous that I hardly noticed.  It was amazing that their tiny tops were able to constrain those bosoms at all.

“My eyes are up HERE, Connor,” teased Jada.  I blushed and my wife laughed weakly, but she seemed in no mood to joke around.

“Molly girl, you look sick as hell,” said Shanice.  “You feelin’ ok?”

“Well, you two are just very comfortable with your bodies, but I, uh, feel really self-conscious.”

“Oh, I know what goin’ to calm your nerves,” said Jada with a wink.  

Shanice and Trevon looked at each other and said “The chronic!” in unison.

“Oh, I really haven’t smoked since college,” said my wife.  She looked at me with trepidation.

“Surely you aren’t suggesting smoking marijuana!” I gasped.  “That’s illegal.”

“Now, now, Connor, technically, this is a grey area give the local and state statutes,” said Trevon.  He took my wife by the shoulder and lead her toward a large tent.  “Come along Molly, you come have a little puff to relax and then let’s get you changed.  Did you bring your bikini?”  My wife held up her bag with a weak smile.  “That’s fine, you’ll feel better once you’ve got a little buzz on.”

I tagged along as the four of them headed toward the tent, I was distracted by the sight of Jada and Shanice’s exposed buttocks as they strutted along in their thong bikinis and a bunch of young black men noticed as well and they were howling out, shouting crude compliments and offers of intercourse.  All these rowdy black people were making me uncomfortable.  I was literally the only white man in the entire crowd of hundreds.

I tried to join the group as they entered the tent, but Jada barred my way.  “Oh no, you gotta wait out here, white boy.  You gonna wreck the vibe up in here.  Molly gots to get changed.”

“But, but, Trevon is in there,” I said.  “My wife can’t get changed in front of him.”

“Why not?” Jada asked me with a laugh.  “Is her booty sacred?  Just relax, you makin’ her more nervous than she needs to be.”  Jada closed the flap and zipped it up and I was left standing there in the parking lot, seething with frustration.

All the black and brown faces that passed gave me malicious stares.  I guess I couldn’t blame them.  They didn’t have much reason to love white men I suppose.  I was starting to fear for my personal safety when I smelled the pungent scent of pot smoke coming out of the tent.

“There you go, baby,” said Trevon in a smooth voice.  “Now take that shirt off and put this bikini on.”

“Uh, maybe could you look the other way?” asked my wife. I could tell from her voice that she was already in a daze from the drug.

“No need to be bashful, girl,” Jada told her.  “Let him see what you got.  He gonna see it all later anyway once you start putting your boobs on the glass.”

“I wasn’t really sure if I was going to do that part,” said my wife.

There was a minor uproar in the tent as everyone started shouting at once.  It seemed that my wife’s coworkers were all browbeating her to get naked and stop stalling.

“Ok, Ok, jeez,” complained my wife.

“OH YEAH,” shouted Trevon.  “Them’s GOOD titties.”

I could feel the blood draining from my face as I realized that my wife’s big black boss was ogling her bare chest in this changing tent.  What nerve!

“Stop IT, Trevon, you are making me blush,” giggled my wife.  She sounded much looser now.  The cannabis was having its desired effect.

“Lemme see that pussy,” urged Trevon.

“Trevon, please, that’s too fresh,” scolded Molly.

“Get out the way, you two,” cried Trevon in annoyance.

“Naw, naw, nigga, you might see that pussy later, but let her have a bit of privacy now,” insisted Shanice.

“Ok, there, she’s changed.  You look good girl, how you feelin’?”  Jada asked.

“I feel really stoned,” laughed Molly.

The tent unzipped and a huge cloud of pot smoke hit me, making me cough.  My wife emerged first, blinking with red bloodshot eyes in the bright California sun.  She was practically naked in her tiny bikini and I nearly choked at the sight of it.  A hoot of excitement when up from the crowd gathered round and my wife was whisked away by a gang of rowdy black teenagers.  She was laughing along as they hustled her toward the car wash area, her pale white skin a stark contrast to their black skin.  I was embarrassed at the way her buttocks were so completely exposed and how her nice breasts were practically spilling out of her tiny top.  But it was certainly a sexually arousing sight and I could feel my pecker growing stiff.

One especially lusty young man took my wife in his arms and tried to kiss her.  He had his own shirt off and his muscular torso shone in the hot sun.  But Jada rescued my wife and pushed the excited youth back with a smile.  

The music changed to just a simple beat and the DJ shouted a greeting to my wife over the loudspeaker.  “Miss Molly in da house.  Give it up, people, our newest counsellor is here to represent at the car wash.  You know her as mild mannered Miss Molly in the classroom, but now we get to see her freaky side.”

Everyone cheered, the young black men were nearly hysterical as they jumped up and down pumping their fists and my wife stood flanked by Jada and Shanice, cringing under all the attention.  She waved awkwardly at the crowd.

“And you know what?  Word on the street was that Miss Molly got some booty on her.  Wazzup Miss Molly, what you got going on?” shouted the DJ.

My wife seemed confused for a moment until Jada took her by the shoulders and turned her around so that the crowd could see her bare white ass.  The hooting and jeering grew to a feverish pitch.

“That looking GOOD, but typical of a white girl, she don’t know how to SHAKE it.”  The DJ teased my wife and everyone laughed as she tried to awkwardly shimmy her gorgeous bare ass from side to side.  “Oh well, we ain’t mad at her, she’s not even DRUNK yet!” Personally, I thought my wife’s bum looked simply marvelous even if she couldn’t twerk like the rest of them.  But then Jada and Shanice bent over to expose their bare black asses.  They were trying to teach my wife how to twerk and their butts started bouncing up and down.  Their spines started undulating in a serpentine motion and I could feel my erection growing even harder from their animalistic display.

Of course the crowd exploded with shouts and a bold young black man came running up and got behind Shanice and started grinding on her.  His erection quickly formed a huge bulge in his shorts and Shanice was shamelessly rubbing her buttocks against the young man’s stiff rod while the crowd cheered and pumped their fists in the air.  She pursed her lips and turned her head from side to side, clearly enjoying the feeling of his manhood pressing against her crotch from behind.

My wife and Jada stopped twerking to watch.  Jada was clapping her hands but my wife just stared open mouthed at the brazen display.  Her eyes were glassy and she seemed stoned.  Another shirtless dark skinned young man came over and put his arm around my scantily clad wife and handed her a big bottle of malt liquor which she took and drank mechanically out of as they watched Shanice getting aggressively prodded by the horny disadvantaged youth.  Molly drank a surprising amount of the liquor and her acquaintance laughed when she handed it back to him empty and motioned for his friends to bring her another.  My poor inebriated wife shakily accepted the next bottle and started chugging away on that one as well.  I was a bit nervous about that, but it would have been impossible to intercede at that point.

Shanice broke away from the young man dry humping her and fanned her face while her grinding partner waved his grotesque erection around for the crowd to see.  Molly was staring at it in drunken fascination and the young man quickly got behind her and started prodding her with it.  The crowd loved this and cheered.  My nerdy wife started twerking again, but this time her awkward movements gave way to a smooth rhythm as she ground herself onto this young hooligan’s boner.  I was quite shocked and aroused at the sight, and I watched with amazement as my wife’s cheeks flushed redder and redder as the young man thoroughly explored her crevice with his dong.

Jada and Shanice were watching my expression with knowing smiles when a bright orange Cadillac pulled in slowly behind my wife and her friends.  To me, it looked quite silly, it’s wheels or rims were much too large for the car and gave it an unbalanced appearance with a very high center of gravity.  Also the paint was a glittery and garish hue.  When a tall black man emerged from the car, a fresh cheer when up from the crowd to greet him.  He was wearing what I can only describe as a “pimp suit” as he waved graciously to acknowledge the crowd.  It was a shiny red material, cut like a zoot suit, with an outlandish hat with a huge yellow feather.  He really looked ridiculous if you asked me, but I suppose I lacked the cultural sensitivity to appreciate such things.

“The BIG DAWG has arrived people,” shouted the DJ over the loudspeakers.   “The boss playa, shot caller, mack daddy of them ALL, SMOOVE WILLIE!”

The garishly dressed pimp tipped his hat to the DJ with remarkable poise.  Jada and Shanice pulled my wife away from her young interlocutor and presented her to Smoove Willie.  The young man took hold of his straining erection and slunk back into the crowd, outmatched by the glamorous pimp.

“Oh my yes, this a FINE looking little car washer, isn’t she,” said the tall man in a surprisingly effeminate voice.  He looked my wife up and down with a critical eye.  “You can wash my car baby.”

Molly stared up at the big man with doe eyes and I grew annoyed.

“He looks preposterous in that outfit,” I complained to Trevon who was standing at my side drinking some sort of purple concoction from a red plastic cup.

“You just don’t understand our culture,” said Trevon dismissively.  “Also, keep your voice down.  Smoove Willie will smack the shit out of you if he hears you talkin’ smack on his threads.”

Jada grabbed a hose and handed it reverently to the pimp.  He immediately turned the hose on my wife, making her squeal in surprise.

“Got to get you nice and wet,” he said.

“That other boy already got me wet,” giggled my wife drunkenly.

Everyone hooted and laughed at that, but I just smiled sickly as Trevon smirked at me.

“Well get to washing,” Smoove Willy instructed my wife.

She picked up a sponge from a soapy bucket of water and bend obediently over his preposterous car, pointing her bare buttocks right at him.  The crowd catcalled her as they enjoyed the view of her ass for a while and then Willie directed a spray right at my wife’s vagina, barely covered by her skimpy thong.  She shrieked again and turned to face him.  The big man adjusted his crotch brazenly.

“Ah, yeah, I think it’s time for you to put those titties on the glass, baby,” he told my wife.

“On the glass, on the glass,” chanted the crowd, in a frenzy now.

Jada came up behind my wife and untied her bikini top without further adieu.  Poor Molly gasped in surprise and held her top over her boobs in embarrassment as Smoove Willie climbed back into his car for the show.   Jada pulled my wife’s top away, and motioned for her to swab Willie’s windshield with her bar bosoms while Willie watched from within.  Molly hesitated at first but then she gave me a strange disoriented grin and proceeded to do as instructed.

“Mmm, yeah,” called the pimp as my wife clumsily rubbed her bare boobs on his soaped up front windshield.  Boys and girls of color were shouting with excitement and crowding closer around Willie’s car to get a better look at my topless wife.  I was nearly choking with shame, but my cock was stiff in my trousers.  Luckily, no one was looking at me.

“Come over here and help me with something in here,” called Willie.  He had the driver’s side window rolled down and motioned to my wife to come closer.

“He got his fly open!” giggled a teenaged girl in front who could see into his car.

“Now hold on, that’s going too far,” I cried, but Trevon just put his hand on my shoulder.

“Now now, this is all just part of the fun,” he cautioned me.

I watched in shock as my wife stuck her head in the window and gasped.  “It’s so big!” she cried.  Everyone had a good laugh at that.

The next thing I knew she was bent over, with her entire upper body inside Willie’s car, here head bobbing up and down in his lap.

“She sucking it, she sucking it!” cried the girl in front.

“I’m sure she’s not, it’s a just a game,” Trevon assured me with a shake of his head.

“But uh, she is topless there,” I stammered.

“Well that can’t be helped,” he told me with a shrug.

“Ok, come on, you get in the backseat,” grunted Willie after a moment.  His voice was growing deeper and more guttural, stripped of it’s effeminate lisp.

My wife pulled her head out of the car and blinked at the crowd, blinded by the bright sun while her luscious tits bounced for all to see.

“Quite nice breasts,” commented Trevon, taking a sip of his purple drink while young black men took pictures of my wife’s bare chest with their phones.  Shanice opened the back door of the Caddy while Jada helped my wife climb in.  Willie came out of the driver’s side with his bare cock in his hands and I had to admit, it was an impressive member.  The crowd was in a frenzy as he climbed into the backseat on top of my wife, her pale white legs splayed to either side.

“I think my wife is a little too drunk for this,” I gasped, pushing forward through the crowd.  But Jada stopped me and held me back from interfering.

“Naw, naw, just let her have some fun with Willie,” she told me.  “Best not to watch, you might get an inferiority complex.”

But I did watch, and so did the teeming crowd of disadvantaged youth.  We saw the back of Smoove Willie’s garish suit as he pumped up and down and my wife groaned and begged him to fuck her deeper.  She was really quite shameless.

“See, she likes it,” Jada told me smugly.

“Oh god,” I said, tried to hide my erection.  I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, but there would be plenty of video footage on vine later to review judging by the number of kids recording the event.

Soon Smoove Willie had emptied his load inside my woman and he got out and thrust his arms into the air triumphantly to cheers of adoration from the crowd.  The young fellow who had been grinding on my wife earlier quickly took his spot and soon the entire car was rocking back and forth on it’s suspension as the younger man humped her enthusiastically.  I head Molly’s signature whimper as she climaxed and my gut twisted with jealousy while my face burned with shame.

I suppose a few other fellows had a crack at my wife, it all sort of passed in a daze.  At one point she was paraded totally nude and covered in cum through the barbarous crowd like some sort of pagan offering to the fertility goddess.  Shanice hosed her down and helped her put her bikini back on and somehow she and I were back in our car together and driving slowly out of the lot past the hooting heathens who pounded the hood in merriment as we went by.

Molly was barely conscious and I was numb with shock.  

“Well, so much for cultural sensitivity training,” she told me with a smile before falling asleep in her seat.

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Party Like a Plutocrat – Ch.11

Chapter 11 – The Wives Fly off with the Billionaire

Excerpted from “Party Like a Plutocrat

Continued from Chapter 10.
You and Max go get seriously drunk at his place but you manage to stumble into bed in the guest room before passing out this time.

You wake up late in the afternoon and shuffle out the kitchen to find Max brewing coffee. The sun is shining and a warm breeze blows through the open window and you feel utterly miserable. The hummingbird appears and hovers before the window and you feel like throwing a shoe at it.

“Let’s poison the bird feeder.” you suggest.

“Yeah, I know how you feel, Ted.” says Max. I wasn’t thrilled about watching my wife get poked by that billionaire last night, but you know, today it doesn’t bother me so much. I mean, who cares really? It’s not as though she is going to leave me for him. It was basically a monetary transaction. I got a PO from Smithers this morning for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.“

“Whoa!” you say thinking that over. “Nah, I don’t care.” you say finally. “We don’t need the money. And you don’t either, really, you keep crashing and burning with these business ventures, but what does Jenny make now, $300k?”

“Something like that, plus options.” sighs Max jealously, “I know, that’s true. This kind of money isn’t going to change our lifestyles or anything.”

“Fuck.” you say bitterly, taking a sip of coffee. “Hey, it’s almost 2 pm, when are the girls coming back?”

“I don’t know, do you have your phone? Call Erin and see.” he says squinting at the beautiful day.

You fish out your phone to find a text from your wife. Erin: Got dragged along on a trip to NYC, be back next week sometime. Love you.

“Jesus Christ, and so it begins.” you spit, handing Max the phone to show him the text.

“Goddammit, where’s my phone?” he says running out to the living room. “I was afraid this might happen. Fucking billionaire just has the jet fueled up and off they go!”

“I got a voicemail from Jenny!” he says.

“Put it on speaker.” you say.

“Hi hon, it’s me. Please don’t freak out but Erin and I are on the way to the airport with Reggie and Ben right now. There is a conference going on and he wants to introduce us to some people… I uh, you know… of course we tried to get out of it, but after last night… Reggie basically wouldn’t take no for an answer. He’s just mad about us right now and of course, it’s actually sort of exciting to just pick up and jump in a private jet…Erin and I will be back next week sometime. I’ll give you a call later tonight… Look, I love you. This is just a passing fancy, OK? Bye.”

You and Max just sit in silence for a long time. The he plays the message again.

“I feel nauseous at the idea of her going off on a pleasure trip with that guy.” you say. “I mean, I can’t give her that sort of life…”

“Oh, shit, Ted. Erin never wanted that sort of life.” laughs Max ruefully. “She got a life of comfort and a fulfilling job and a loving husband… Jenny’s right, this is a passing fancy. Witherspoon will get tired of them soon and toss them aside.”

“Does that really make you feel any better?” you ask.

“Well, yeah. It does. That guy can’t really come between my wife and I. And he can’t break you and Erin up either. We all have deep bonds.” and he straightens his shoulders at the thought. “We are going to get through this.”

You try to smile gamely, but you have deep misgivings about what the future holds…

End of Party Like a Plutocrat – Book 1

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Party Like a Plutocrat – Ch.10

Chapter 10 – The Slippery Slope

Excerpted from “Party Like a Plutocrat

Continued from Chapter 9.

Although Witherspoon didn’t bother decorating the common areas of his mansion particularly well, he did ensure that his cigar room was properly done up. You are impressed by the dark wood paneling. There appears to be a first-class walk-in humidor at the back of the room and antique french cigar posters tastefully adorn the walls. The ceiling is richly coffered and baroque chandeliers and wall sconces provide warm, friendly lighting. Heavy leather club chairs are arranged in a circle in the center of the room , forming an intimate seating area. Lesser chairs line the walls.

Jenny and Erin are standing in the center of the circle formed by the club chairs and a server is waiting to take your drink orders as you enter.

“Jenny, Erin, have your ordered drinks?” calls Witherspoon, motioning to the server.

“Gin and tonic for me,” says Jenny with a smile.

“Charonday here,” adds Erin with a familiar wave to the server. Then she and Jenny resume whispering excitedly.

Witherspoon walks over and sits down in one of the leather club chairs. Smithers takes the chair to his right and Ben takes the chair to his left.

You are about to join them when Witherspoon calls out casually to one of the young analysts. “Johnson, check the drawer there and make sure we have condoms.”

You and Max exchange a shocked expression and the women both stop dead in their conversation and stare at Witherspoon in surprise. The analyst just shrugs his shoulders and checks the drawer as instructed. Neither Smithers nor Ben seem phased in the least.

“Now hold on a second!” you object loudly. “That’s a bit much, isn’t it?”

Witherspoon gazes at you with a furrowed brow as though he just found a bug in his soup. “Please Ted, do lower your voice,” he says testily. He sighs and takes a breathe, regaining his composure. “I think I mentioned that I am terrible about mixing business and pleasure.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” you continue aghast. “What do you need condoms for?”

Witherspoon smiles at Smithers in disbelief. “Ted, look, you are perfectly free to go back to the party while we carry on in here… As I said, we can have a hostess introduce you to some of the guests…” He sees you looking at Erin and then notices that both Erin and Jenny are shocked by the proposal.

“I’m sorry if I have caught you ladies off guard, but given where we left off last time we were here, I would say having condoms ready is a perfectly reasonable precaution. Jenny, Erin, don’t you agree?” he asks earnestly, looking at your wives carefully as though the idea they would object never crossed his mind.

Erin looks helplessy between Witherspoon and you, her mouth moving soundlessly. Jenny just looks at Max, searchingly.

“Yes, Reggie,” says Jenny, with a tremor in her voice, keeping her eyes locked with her husband. “Keeping condoms on hand is a perfectly reasonable precaution.”

Max expels a pent up breath explosively and turns away then back again.

“Erin, what do you think? Do you understand why I want to have condoms on hand?” Witherspoon asks your wife gently.

“Yes Reg,” she says softly, looking at the floor. “Especially if we are going to pick up where we left off… the last time we were here.”

Witherspoon sighs with relief. “My goodness! I would have thought that was quite obvious.” he says to Smithers who just shrugs in response.

“Obvious?” sputters Max suddenly. “Why this is totally unprofessional!” he yelps.

Witherspoon looks around for help as though confronting a madman. “Max, honestly! What has gotten into you people? We are all consenting adults here. You and Ted are both free to go at any time.”

“I want you to stay, Ted,” says Erin, impulsively, pleading to you with her eyes.

“I just…” you are choked up and cannot talk.

“Are we dealing with some kind of puritans here?” Witherspoon asks no one in particular. The door opens and the server returns with the drinks. “Smithers, talk some sense into them.” he says, taking his drink and leaning back in his chair as Johnson discretely hands him some condoms.

“Come on guys. Don’t be so prudish,” says Smithers smoothly. “No one minds if you stay, this will be fun. Max, seriously, come sit down by me and have a drink. Ted. Loosen up. Have a seat. Relax.”

Max stands staring at his wife and she bows her head and gestures for him to take a seat by Smithers. He shakes his head and sits down as invited. You and Erin maintain eye contact as she stands there in her underwear and she is looking at you with a strange expression, begging you stay and apologizing for this turn of events. You walk over and take a seat by Ben in a daze, your body moving of it own accord. You blood has turned to ice in your veins and you feel that you can barely breathe. You take the drink offered by the server and down it all straight away.

Erin and Jenny do the same and the server exclaims with surprise. “Another round then! I’ll be right back.”

Witherspoon takes a few sips of his scotch and then leans forward and looks at Max, “Well I’m glad you decided to stay, Max,” he says.

Max just smiled wanly. He’s as pale as a ghost and can’t voice a response.

Witherspoon shrugs his shoulders and mutters “Puritans” to himself. Then he shakes his head and turns to Ben. “So, Ben, what’s your take on this now? Did the ladies really fail to win you over?”

Ben takes a drink of his sparkling water and sighs. “Come on, Reg,” he says blushing slightly. “Jenny and Erin have all the talent you say,” he says tipping his glass to your wives. “My penis was deeply gratified.” The two analysts snort with amusement at this but quiet down when Witherspoon turns to shoot them a withering glance.

“Did you hear that, Erin? You gratified his penis,” says Jenny sarcastically, starting to regain her composure as the alcohol kicks in a little.

“Such a sweet thing to say,” agrees Erin smiling at Ben and sipping from her second glass of wine. “So charming.”

Ben glances at your wife’s body and shifts uncomfortably under their teasing. “Right, right. But talent or no, I don’t see a business here,” he shoots Jenny and Erin an apologetic look. “Sorry. But I am with Smithers on this one, talent doesn’t scale. It would take some crazy headhunter to dig up more ladies of this calibre who would do this slut routine. And then as a business, I mean, what are the liabilities for this kind of thing? Johnson, how much are we looking at?” Ben turns in his seat to ask his associate.

“Nah, insurance and legal fees, are probably manageable,” says Johnson from the back of the room.

“Still,” Ben presses on. “I just don’t see it. Max, tell me why I’m wrong.”

Max just stares at him stupidly for a moment, lost in thought. “No, you make a good point, I won’t find another woman like Jenny in a million years.” Then he looks over at her lovingly and she sniffs slightly and take a sip of her drink.

Witherspoon huffs. “I just don’t like that answer,” he says shaking his head.

“Jeez, Reg. What do you want from me?” whines Ben. Then he snaps his finger. “Oh, you want these two! How about this?” Ben leans forward excitedly. “Just put Jenny and Erin on payroll! Directors of Event Planning or some such. Pay Max his recruiting fee and call it a day.”

The business talk has brought Max back to life somewhat. “No, no, buy me out, but leave me some equity.”

“Max, there is no business there,” repeats Ben with disdain. “This idea can’t fly as is. Maybe if you were a real event planner or if we rolled this into some casino service for high rollers or something. I mean, yeah, I can imagine scenarios in which it could work. That’s why Reg should bring them on staff and keep them in the stable until we find the right manager or situation to hook them up with so that they can really shine. And in the meantime, you know, we party with them,” he glances over at Erin’s body and she blushes in response.

You just grit your teeth and struggle not to punch the kid.

Jenny pipes up finally. ”We don’t come cheap, you know,” she sniffs dismissively.

“Jenny, please,” says Witherspoon with a hurt expression. “Have I ever given you reason to believe I would undervalue you?”

Jenny looks at him and her hard expression softens somewhat.

Witherspoon turns to Ben and says, “I will take that under advisement, Ben. Thank you. Now I would like to shift gears and ask the ladies to entertain us some more. Is that alright with you, Ben?”

Ben looks at Erin and says, “Yes, Reg, that sounds fine.”

Witherspoon turns to Erin and Jenny and says, “Are you two feeling refreshed at all? Can we get you something, another drink?” he asks politely.

“Keep them coming,” says Jenny holding up her empty glass. The server emerges from the back of the room with another round.

“Way ahead of you, sister,” she says sassily, swapping Jenny’s empty glass with a full one. Jenny smiles at her appreciatively.

“And Erin, How are you feeling?” asks Witherspoon tenderly. “Are you ready to proceed?”

“Yes, Reggie,” says you wife, looking at you nervously.

“Ahh well, then,” says Witherspoon heaving a sigh and unzipping his fly casually. “What do you think, Jenny? Erin is already mostly undressed…” he trails off suggestively.

Smithers unzips his fly discretely as well but while Ben doesn’t join them, he also doesn’t bat an eye. It occurs to you that Witherspoon must do this all the time with various women and the thought sickens you that he is about to use your wife the same way.

Jenny and Erin exchange glance and Jenny turns back to Witherspoon. “Whatever you like, Reggie.”

“That’s fine. Uh, pardon me, but would you ladies mind if the other fellows unzipped themselves?” asks Reggie noticing that you, Ben, and Max have left your pants zipped.

“Oh, I would be offended if they didn’t,” says Jenny looking at you with a crooked smile. “I mean, what are we doing here, after all?”

“Yes, I think Ben owes us a look at his thing, actually,” says Erin shyly. “We worked so hard to gratify it earlier.”

“Ben generally restricts his deviant sexual activities to Burning Man, I think,” laughs Johnson from the back of the room.

Witherspoon, shoots him a glance of annoyance, but Ben pipes up. “No, he’s right, but I will make an exception for these ladies,” he says as he unzips his fly with smile.

“Ted, Max, please unzip your flies as well,” says Erin. Jenny looks at her with surprise but then plays along immediately.

“She’s right. It’s only fair,” scolds Jenny.

You and Max look at each other with confusion. But Max just shrugs and unzips and you follow his lead hesitantly.

“Hmm, yes. Good. Now Erin, would you mind coming over here for a moment? Maybe you could put your hands on the armrests of Ben’s chair and bend over a bit?” asks Witherspoon with a restrained smile.

Erin approaches readily and bends down before Ben, dangling her cleavage near his face. “Like this?” she asks innocently, looking over at Witherspoon and avoiding your gaze.

“Well, I’m not sure…” says Witherspoon giving Jenny a significant glance.

“Dear, you will know you are doing it right if Ben’s penis pops out,” says Jenny joining Erin at Ben’s chair. Then she reaches around Erin’s back and unsnaps her bra without her seeing. Erin’s boobs suddenly pop out and she jerks upright in surprise, laughing nervously and struggling to get them back into her bra.

“Oopsie,” laughs Jenny gleefully.

Your own cock stiffens at the sight of your wife’s bare breast swinging free for this young jerk to enjoy.

“Oh, don’t bother putting that back on dear,” says Witherspoon as he withdraws his own cock. “I’m going to touch myself a little bit, is that alright?”

Erin glances as his cock and gulps. “Yes, Reggie, please feel free to do as you wish with your own penis,” she says tossing her bra away and then covering her nipples with her hands.

“Ha, yes, thank you, dear,” says Witherspoon stroking his cock slightly.

“Don’t cover your nipples, dear, it’s rude,” says Jenny pulling Erin’s hands away.

Ben gazes in fascination as Erin’s boobs swing free and her nipples grow hard in the cool air of the cigar room.

“Well I think it’s rude for Ben not to show me his,” pouts your wife playfully.

Your own cock springs out at this point and you put your hand over it to cover it up in embarrassment.

Jenny notices your dick and actually blushes. “Err, uh, look dear, don’t be discouraged, Ted’s penis came out.”

“It did?” she asks hopefully, “Can I see, Ted?”

You remove your hand and your cock stands up at attention. But you can’t make eye contact with Jenny or your wife.

“Don’t look, Jenny,” says your wife instinctively, then catches herself. “Uh, that’s clearly my doing since you still have your clothes on…”

“Fair enough,” says Jenny averting her eyes.

“But Ben’s isn’t out yet,” says Erin, and she is smiling more readily now that she sees your hardon. You are afraid this will encourage her to push the boundaries even further, since she seems to think that any perversion that makes you hard is fair game.

“Mine’s out,” says Smithers stroking his cock lewdly.

“No one cares, Smithers keep it to yourself,” says Jenny curtly. Witherspoon laughs at his assistant’s embarrassment.

“Watch your tongue with these ladies, Smithers,” he cautions. “They will cut you down to size if you cross them.”

Jenny looks at Ben’s crotch and strokes her chin. “Well, really, you have just shown him your boobies, not your pussy. Maybe he will show you if you take your panties off?”

Erin’s face brightens and she looks at you with a mischievous grin. “Good idea,” she says. “Watch this, Ben.” She slowly wriggles out of her panties, sliding them down over her generous hips and dropping them to the floor.

“Oh, sorry, you don’t mind if I show Ben my vagina, do you Reggie?” she asks sweetly.

Witherspoon just gasps, “Not at all,” and grips his cock firmly as he gazes at your wife’s naked body fully exposed. Her pale skin is illuminated under the soft lights and you can’t help but grip and stroke your own cock at the sight. You are disturbed to see Max doing the same.

Erin thrusts her pelvis toward Ben and says, “How’s this, Ben?”

“There he goes!” laughs Jenny as Ben’s cock finally emerges from his pants and stands stiffly at attention.

“Happy, now?” he asks laconically, looking up into Erin’s eyes.

“Eh, I’m not sure it was worth the wait,” she says with a shrug and then notices Max jerking himself. “Jeez, et tu, Max?” she asks in surprise.

“When in Rome,” says Max in resignation.

“Well alrighty then,” says Erin, running her hands over her bare belly and then her boobs. “Feeling pretty naked over here.”

“Jenny, Erin is feeling self conscious, maybe she would feel better if you disrobed as well?” asks Witherspoon hopefully.

“Jeez, I thought you would never ask,” laughs Jenny, unbuttoning her blouse slowly.

“Erin, I don’t think Ben feels… comfortably touching himself in front of you, so he’s clearly not enjoying the sight of Jenny’s disrobing as much as he could be…”

“Oh perish the thought,” says Erin dramatically and your stomach flips and you realize what Witherspoon is asking.

Jenny looks on in surprise as Erin kneels right down naked in front of Ben and looks up at him. “Shall I help you out with this, Ben?” she asks as she reaches for his penis.

“I thought you weren’t impressed,” he says arrogantly.

“Oh don’t play hard to get,” laughs Jenny. “It’s not gentlemanly to make a good looking naked woman beg to give you a handjob.” With that she opens her blouse to reveal her boobs pushed up and out by the open cup shelf bra that completely exposes her nipples.

Ben is distracted by the sight of Jenny’s gorgeous boobs and Erin reaches slyly in and starts stroking his thing, looking you in the eye as she does it.

“Oh shit,” he exclaims. “That feels good.”

“Don’t look at me, watch Jenny strip.” admonishes Erin, then she looks back at you as she works this young jerk’s rod.

Your own cock is throbbing madly at the sight and you just give in and stroke yourself as you watch.

“Oh Ben doesn’t deserve all that attention,” comments Witherspoon impatiently. “He’s an ingrate. Erin, be a dear and come over here a moment, will you?” asks Witherspoon. Your blood runs cold as you watch him putting a condom on.

“What can I do for you, Reggie?” asks your wife seductively. She kneels before him, putting her hands on his knees and examining his cock closely as he sheaths it.

“Maybe you could get down on all fours and face Jenny?” he asks hopefully pointing his cock at her face.

“Ok!” she says, cheerfully complying with the request.

“You know why I’m putting a condom on, don’t you?’ he asks her as he gets down on his knees behind her.

“I think so,” says your wife looking back over her shoulder at him.

“What are you doing, Reggie?” asks Jenny, standing hands-on-hips with her tits exposes but still wearing her panties while a bunch of guys sit around jerking their cocks and looking at her.

“Be a dear and spread your labia for me, will you Erin?” asks Witherspoon distractedly. “Ah, Jenny, I think I will try to convince Erin to let me insert myself into her briefly. Really briefly, because I don’t want to repeat last week’s unfortunate incident.”

“Uh huh,” says Jenny smiling at his audacity. “And then?”

“Well let’s take one thing at a time, shall we?” he asks politely. “Would you mind, removing your panties? Do keep the bra, though, it’s quite flattering.”

Jenny shakes her head and slips her panties down and you increase your fapping a the site of her exposed pussy. She notices your increased vigor and gives you a lewd wink, jutting her chest slightly in your direction and you have to slow down to keep from coming right then.

Meanwhile Witherspoon is positioning himself behind your wife and your stomach flips in anticipation.

“So you want to enter me, Reggie?” asks Erin slyly. “I’m not sure…”

“Really?” says Witherspoon with his stiff cock hovering inches from your wife’s waiting pussy, which she has obligingly spread open at his request.

“Well, I mean, what’s in it for me?” she asks sweetly.

“Interesting time to start negotiating,” pants Witherspoon. “Shall we just repeat your last invoice?” he asks.

“But that contract explicitly forbid the insertion of foreign objects. Clearly we would need more to strike that provision,” says Jenny warming up to Erin’s game.

“Double your last invoice?” asks Reggie holding his cock and turning pale as he watches Erin wriggle her ass expectantly.

“Sounds fair,” says Erin, “Did you get that, Smithers? Ohh,” she gasps as Witherspoon plunges his cock into her aggressively.

“I’m a bit busy, but I will note that later,” gasp Smithers as he frantically jerks his cock watching his boss fuck your wife.

“Ahh, That feels nice,” says Witherspoon. “Forgive me if I don’t agitate it much, I must be a bit reserved.”

Erin is rubbing her own clitoris madly now. “Oh, Reggie,” she gasps. “You are so polite. Don’t worry about me.”

Witherspoon runs his hands over your wife’s smooth white ass as he kneels behind her with his cock sunk into her. He squeezes her wide hips appreciatively. She pants and wriggles as she masturbates herself and you are surprised that you aren’t more devastated by this. It just doesn’t seem real somehow. Maybe you expected this to happen all along, but you are more titillated than upset at this point. Erin looks over at you and her cheeks are flushed with excitement, when she notices you jerking off while Witherspoon fucks her, it puts her over the edge and she starts cumming with a shuddering orgasm.

“Oh dear,” says Witherspoon, withdrawing his cock quickly.

“Are you OK?” ask Jenny with concern.

“Yes, I saved it, but I must say that’s poor form to reach climax without warning your partner, Erin. I expect some advanced notice next time,” says Witherspoon patting your wife’s ass affectionately.

“Yes, Reggie,” says your wife obediently. Somehow that final exchange burns you with jealousy more than him sticking his cock into your wife. You look over at Max, but he is already cleaning himself with a towel, he must have cum watching Witherspoon drill your wife which is a bit disturbing.

“Jenny, would you mind laying down on your back and spreading your legs for me?” asks Witherspoon, regaining his composure slightly.

Jenny looks at Max, already spent, but he avoids her eyes. So she says “No, I don’t mind at all. I would be delighted in fact,” and then lays down on her back and spreads her legs waiting for Witherspoon to mount her.

Erin is sprawled out on the floor and rolls over on her stomach then hoists herself up on one elbow to put her chin in her hand and watch Witherspoon and Jenny go at it.

“You know I’ve been looking forward to this for a while,” says Witherspoon as he crawls on top of Jenny.

“Forward to what?” asks Jenny coyly wrapping her arms around him.

“I can’t take this,” says Max and he just gets up and walks out.

Jenny looks up in concern as Max leaves.

“Shall I run check on him?” asks Erin with concern.

“I saw him blow his wad watching Reggie put his thing into you,” says Jenny bitterly. “I say let him stew for a while.”

“What is this all about?” asks Witherspoon. “We are in the middle of something here!” he exclaims.

“Sorry, Reggie, where were we?” asks Jenny sweeting, reaching down and gripping Witherspoons cock which makes his gasps with pleasure. “Oh yes, we were about to discuss your interest in putting this into me. Hold on…” she jerks his cock a bit and he grunts with satisfaction. “I’m inclined to allow you to do it, but I wonder if it’s hard enough.”

“Are you lubricated at all?” he asks her tenderly.

“Why yes, watching you violate my good friend Erin actually made me quite wet,” she says.

“Well I will give a go then,” says Witherspoon.

The door opens and Max returns and plops down in the chair next to you miserably.

“I couldn’t stay away,” he whispers. “How did you handle it with Erin?”

“I don’t know,” you admit.

“Oh hi, Max,” say Erin. “Are you ok?” she pouts.

“No,” he answers.

“Max, do you mind?” says Witherspoon looking over his shoulder irritably. “I’m trying to violate a beautiful woman over here.”

Max stares at him in disbelief and clamps his mouth shut.

“Put it in now, Reggie,” says Jenny and then she moans slightly as Witherspoon lowers himself into her. “Oh yes, you are definitely hard enough,” she purrs looking up at the ceiling.

“I think so, yes,” agrees Witherspoon as he starts thrusting himself into Max’s wife.

Erin watches Max’s expression with curiosity and then notices that you are still jerking off as you watch Witherspoon fuck Jenny.

“Here Ted, let me help you with that,” says your wife crawling over to you and giving you a dirty look.

Ben looks over with interest as Erin goes down on you.
“Wow, this is hot,” says Ben putting on a condom himself.

“Erin, do you mind if I pop this into you for a second?’ he asks boldly, dropping down behind your wife as she sucks you off.

Erin looks up at you questioningly but then your cock betrays you with throb at just that moment. So she looks over her shoulder and says. “Ah shucks, you like that?” as she wiggles her ass for him.

“Yeah, it looks good to me right now,” admits Ben getting his cock ready.

“Well go ahead, I think Ted would get off on it actually,” she laughs, winking at you. Then she gasps as Ben pokes his thing into her. She resumes sucking your cock lustily as Ben grasps her soft white hips and starts fucking her enthusiastically.

Erin moans with pleasure and that is all you can take. You shoot spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. She pulls her mouth away and lets you shoot a load into her face as well. When Ben sees that you came on her, he reaches around and flips your wife over deftly onto her back. “Here, hold on a second.” he says as she laughs with surprise. “I want to do you this way.” and he pounds your wife missionary style for a while as she wraps her legs around him passionately. You look on in shock. That’s a real fuck she’s getting, not that tentative poke that witherspoon gave her and it makes your blood boil. Luckily Ben pulls out, whips off his condom, and shoots his load into your wifes face before you lose control.

“Would you mind sucking that for a second?” asks Ben slapping your wife in the face playfully with his wet cock.

“No, you are too rude,” she replies with an impish grin, “But I will lick it a little…” and she looks over at you seductively as she licks the cum from this young guy’s cock.

Meanwhile Max is chewing his knuckles as Witherspoon patiently works his thing into and out of Jenny while they chat about it amicably.

“I was afraid you would cum too quickly but you seem to be holding your own,” pants Jenny, her face slick with sweat.

“Oh, I think I just fondled myself too much last time,” says Witherspoon. “Or maybe the novelty of watching Erin spread herself for us was too simulating.”

“Would you care to do me from behind now?” asks Jenny. “I wouldn’t mind rubbing my clitoris a little.”

“That sounds fine,” says Witherspoon, gasping for breathe and withdrawing his cock from her.

She flips over lithely and sticks her ass in the air eagerly. “There you go, have at it,” she says encouragingly.

“Oh yes,” says Witherspoon plunging in. When Jenny starts rubbing herself, she looks over at poor Max and then cums quickly. Witherspoon feels this and grunts loudly grinding himself against her, and probably shooting a load into his condom.

Ben has zipped up and returned to his chair. He has his phone out now and is checking messages casually. Erin is still sprawled out on the floor luxuriously stretching her shapely naked body. Max is looking at miserably as Witherspoon withdraws delicately from Max’s wife and thanks her for the coitus.

Witherspoon looks over at Max and give him a thumbs up. “Good stuff, Max. Good stuff. I am so glad I took up your initial invitation. This has been just an outstanding experience.”

“Yes, that’s nice to hear,” says Max, standing up. “But I guess we will be going now. Erin, Jenny, can you two get dressed, please?” he asks stiffly.

But they both just lay on the floor, each basking lazily in their post orgasm glow.

“Oh no,” says Witherspoon decisively. “I agreed to double the rate of the last party and the ladies stayed over night that time so I expect them to stay again tonight. I intend to penetrate each of them at least once more this evening,” he says rubbing his hands together.

“Oh Reggie, you sound so commanding,” says Erin looking up at him lustily. You watch him admire the pale hourglass of your wife’s body as she lays spread naked before him on the floor and he chuckles with satisfaction. Your stomach is twisted with jealousy and your pits are soaked.

Witherspoon notices your sick expression and says, “See Ted, aren’t you glad you stayed? Why not go ask Jenny if she will have a go with you? She’s feeling no pain right now.”

Jenny and Erin sit up in surprise and look over at you.

“Uh, no, that wouldn’t be appropriate,” you stammer.

“Appropriate!” he snorts. He notices the relief on Erin’s face and the disappointment on Jenny’s face and he says “You people! Unbelieveable.” He shakes his head and changes the subject, “ Jenny and Erin, I think I should put you on staff, per Ben’s suggestion. Please come up with a salary that would satisfy you and send it to Smithers, he will work up the paperwork. And also, please report to my bedroom in two hours once you’ve refreshed yourselves. I think you both deserve to be violated further.”

Jenny laughs at him. “You like telling everyone how you’re going to fuck us more, don’t you Reggie.”

He stops to think for a moment and then says. “Why yes, I do, dear. I do enjoy proclaiming how I will be inserting myself into you again later. It makes it seem… preordained,” he says spreading his hands expansively and then walking out of the room. “Cheerio,” he calls over his shoulder with a wave. Smithers and Ben jump up to follow their boss out with the analysts not far behind.

Claudia emerges from the shadows with a gleam in her eye. “Oh you two really have captured his fancy, darlings. I haven’t seen him like this in years,” and she walks out with a laugh.

“Who is that?” asks Max perplexed.

“Uh, Reggie’s wife, I think,” says Erin uncertainly.

“So what is happening here?” you ask numbly.

“Well you and Max are going to go home. And Jenny and I are going to stay and get fucked by Reggie some more,” giggles your wife.

“Jesus,” you complain to her.

“Oh you loved it,” says Erin with a gleam in her eye. “Besides, I have an idea to even the score.”

“Are you going to let Ted fuck me?” asks Jenny eagerly.

“Oh, you know that’s never going to happen, Jezebel,” says Erin making a horizontal cutting motion with her hand. “I’ve got a better idea.”

“Tell me you are kidding about wanting Ted to fuck you,” says Max with annoyance.

“Tell me you didn’t blow your wad picturing yourself fucking Erin just now,” returns his wife meeting his eye.

Max cringes guiltily and responds. “How do you do this to me? I sit here watching you actually fuck a billionaire on the floor and letting him cum inside you and yet, yet you make me feel guilty about…some fantasy that I definitely do not have,” he says looking at you and Erin guiltily.

“He wore a condom,” sniffs Jenny.

“And you’re not really going to consider his job offer are you?” you ask incredulously.

“I might. It depends on what the package looks like.” says Jenny.

“Oh you saw the package already!” says Erin and then she and Jenny break out laughing.

“Fuck!” you complain trying not to laugh along. “Seriously, I have to go home and think about my wife getting fucked again?”

“Sorry dear,” says Erin with pout. “You do have to go home, and Reggie is going to fuck me, but on the bright side, you don’t have to think about it…not unless you want something to masturbate to that is,” says your wife devilishly.

“Oh you are terrible, how can you treat him like that?” laughs Jenny.
“He loves it,” says Erin shrugging her shoulders. “Who knew he would get off on me fucking billionaires?”

“I’m going,” you say. “See you tomorrow,” and you walk out.

“Love you!” calls your wife as you leave.

Continued in Chapter 11.

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