Wife Judges Erection Angles

By Gustav Jorgenson

My wife Elaine came swooshing into the room in her short red dress with black stockings and my eyes bulged out of my head.

“Wowee, you look swell!”

She came over and pressed her generous bosom against my shoulder as I sat reading in my easy chair, rubbed my head affectionately, and planted a nice wet kiss on my cheek.  “I just love our Friday night dancing,” she cooed.

“Oh, yeah, me too,” I sighed, putting down the paper.

“Oh, come on, you,” she laughed.  “Can’t you at least pretend to be excited?  For my sake?” Her eyes were twinking with excitement as she smoothed her dress down over her shapely hips, and added a final primp to her short blonde hair.  

“You look great, no one can believe that you are over 40.”  I patted my own fat paunch ruefully. “I wished I was aging so gracefully.”

“You just need more exercise,” she said, grabbing my hand.  “And dancing is wonderful exercise!”

I smiled at her girlish enthusiasm and let my bubbly little wife lead me out to the car.  We drove over to the Imperial Ballroom on the other side of town. It was in a strip mall near the freeway set between a dollar store and a guns and ammo dealer.

“Quite an imperial location,” I said.

“Oh definitely,” agreed my wife.  “Regal in fact.”

The large parking lot was empty at this time of night, and we found a space near the entrance easily.  We went inside to the fluorescent lit foyer with white walls and stained gray carpet and I gave the receptionist my card to pay the ten dollar entrance fee for my wife and I, then we moved into the low ceilinged “ballroom.”  Tables were arranged around the edges of the dancefloor, which was a floating hardwood floor to make it easier on the back when dancing for extended periods. The right wall was covered in mirrors and had a ballet bar mounted along the length of it.  Along the back wall was a water cooler and a folding table with some tired looking snacks, cheez whiz and crackers, supermarket vegetable platter with crusty looking ranch. Not too appetizing.

The crowd here was definitely lower class.  Men and women alike donned t-shirts with writing on them and faded jeans.  

“I always feel overdressed at this place,” I said, looking down at my standard work outfit of a button down cotton dress shirt, wool slacks, and leather wingtips.

“Nonsense, you look terrific,” said my wife, giving me a hug and kiss.  I liked feeling her boobs press up against me. They comforted me. “You might even inspire some of these other fellows to spiff up their act a bit.”

“None of the woman can hold a light to you, darling,” I said, kissing her cheek in response, and she blushed with pleasure at the compliment, though she cast her eyes down modestly.  But it was true, my wife was the classiest and best looking lady in the place, and I felt proud to have her by my side.

Per usual the night began with a short lesson before adjourning to a social dance.  Tonight was a swing dance lesson. The instructor demonstrated a few steps, had the couples try them out, and then the ladies all rotated clockwise so that everyone got to dance with everyone else.  I always found this bit a bit kinky. It felt like wife-swapping. I was always a bit jealous to see my wife whisked away by other men. Watching them hold my pretty wife in their arms, watching them press her sexy body up against their own bodies.  Not to mention the fact that I was a terrible dancer and all the other guys danced circles around me.  But I didn’t want Elaine to be stuck with my two left feet all night, so I didn’t complain.

“You’re doin’ it wrong,” complained my current partner.  Her straw-like bottle blonde hair, was pulled, unwashed, into a ponytail at the top of her head, and she was missing a tooth.  Her t-shirt read, “I’m with stupid,” with an arrow pointing to the right.

“I’m sorry?”

“You only hold the one hand in this dance,” said the trailer park denizen with disgust.  “Ain’t you been listenin’?”

“I am sorry,” I said sincerely, trying not to gag on the stench of her perfume.

“You can’t dance for shit, you know that?” she asked me tactfully.

“You are right, I better sit this one out,” I said.  And I bowed to her and retreated to the tables to watch, while my partner make a flicking motion with the back of her hand, dismissing me.

Elaine looked at me with concern, but was soon swept away by a tall crew cut wearing redneck in camouflage.

I crossed my arms and watched as one man after another danced with my wife.  She just floated along, head thrown back, having the time of her life. I felt myself relax from the sting of humiliation to see Elaine enjoying herself so.  I started to realize that the other fellows really didn’t know the steps any better than I did, they just carried them off with more bravado, dipping when they should have been twirling and pushing when they should have been pushing, but just carrying on with total aplomb.  I could never be like that, I would always freeze the minute I lost track of the step count. One, two, three-and-four, five-and-oh drat.

After the lesson was over, Elaine hugged her partner and came running over to sit with me.  She was glistening and glowing from the exertion and threw her arms around me with a laugh.

“Oh, Bernie, I am just having the time of my life!  Why are you moping over here?”

“I just don’t know how to dance, sweetie,” I said.

“Oh pooh, no one knows how to dance, you just sort of throw yourself around the floor and try to have a good time.  You take things too seriously, dear. Come on, the social dance is starting.” She tried to pull me up but I resisted.  A tango had come on and I felt embarrassed at the idea of trying to fake a tango.

Just then the crew cut guy in camouflage came up with a cup of cold water and offered it to my wife. I realized he was just a kid, maybe 19 years old, but thickly built and with perfect posture. I pegged him as military.

“You must be thirsty after all that fine dancing, ma’am,” said the soldier.

“Oh Tommy, how sweet of you, darling.  Thank you so much,” my wife took the cup and drank it down while the soldier watched her.  “Oh where are my manners? Tommy, this is my husband Bernie.”

“Hello, son,” I said, getting up with a creak in my hip to shake his offered hand.

“Sir,” he said.  “With your permission, sir, I would like to ask your lovely wife to dance.  If it’s not too forward, sir.” The young man had a very earnest look on his face.

“Isn’t he charming?  Such a polite boy. Of course I would love to dance with you.”  She turned to me. “He’s just a marvelous dancer, Bernie. You should watch how he does it.”  She paused, then nudged me. “Uh, he’s waiting for your consent, dear.”

“What, oh, yes, please, go ahead, you two dance,” I said with a forced smile.  I know it’s silly, but I didn’t like how my wife was lauding this guy in front of me like that.  It made me feel like second fiddle.

A man barged up to our table in Harley Davidson t-shirt that was a bit short and rode up to reveal some of his fat, hairy belly.  “Not so fast, not so fast, there! I want to dance with Miss Elaine.”

Tommy smiled at the newcomer.  “With all due respect, uncle Jessie, I was here first.”

“Well I would have beat you to her, but I had to stop and take a whizz!” said Jessie with a grin.  He winked at Elaine and she covered her face.

“Oh, Jessie, you are so bad,” she said.

“That’s right, I’m the bad one.  My nephew Tommy boy is the brave one, and my brother Cletus is the dumb one,”  he threw his arm around a weak chinned fellow wearing a t-shirt with an American flag in the talons of an airbrushed bald eagle.

“What trash you talkin’ now, brother?” asked Cletus.

“Oh, my goodness, Cletus, are you Tommy’s father?” asked Elaine.  She put her elbows on the table and leaned forward inquisitively.

“Naw, he’s my sis Lizbeth’s young’un.”  Cletus stared down at Elaine’s pale cleavage and rubbed his jaw.

She glanced at me with amusement and pulled the folds of her dress together to cover her chest a bit better.

“Now, now, no need to hide your light under a bushel,” said Jessie.  He leaned down and pulled the top of my wife dress out so he could look down the front.  “You need to set those bad boys free, let em get some air.”

Elaine cackled with laughter and slapped Jessie’s hand away.  “Stop that, you bad boy. You are terrible.”

Jessie just lifted his chin proudly.  “Your wife got some fine titties.”

“Well, yes, quite,” I said, taken aback.

“Sorry about my uncle, ma’am.  He’s not house trained,” said Tommy.  “Would you care to dance?”

“Of course, dear. I thought you would never ask,” said my wife.

“Wait, wait, let’s all have a snort of this first,” said Jessie.  He pulled a silver flask out of his back pocket.

“What’s that?” asked my wife.

“Good stuff,” said Jessie.  He grabbed my wife’s cup and poured a clear liquid into it.  I could smell the ethanol from where I was sitting.

Elaine wrinkled her nose.   “Ewww, too strong for me.”

“Now, now, Tommy is deploying overseas on Monday.  This weekend we are going to celebrate. Tommy deserves to have a lovely lady to celebrate with.  You drink that down.”

Elaine hesitated.  “Are you really deploying on Monday, dear?” She asked.

Tommy grabbed the flask from his uncle and drank a swig. He squinted his eyes as he swallowed.  “Yes, ma’am,” he said, his voice hoarse.

“That a boy, drink it like a man,” said Jessie.  He held up his flask to Elaine. “To Tommy.”

My wife sighed, tapped her cup against the flask. “To Tommy,” she agreed and drank down her booze.  “Wow!” she coughed. “That’s potent.”

‘Now can we dance, uncle?” asked Tommy.

“Run along, but I call dibs on her next,” said Jessie, flopping down beside me and offering me the flask.

“Call dibs on me?” laughed Elaine.  “How nice.” Her eyes were glistening from the booze already.

“You gonna take a swig or no?” asked Jessie when I didn’t take the flask.

“No thank you,” I said.

“Don’t give me the stink eye just cause I took at peek at your wife’s hooters, now.  That’s just the start of it. We got a bet as to which one of us gonna bed her first.”  Jessie gauged me in the ribs with his elbow. “She’s a fine piece of ass, my friend. I can’t wait to grab those sweet thighs and insert my johnson right into her…”

“Aw, lay off with all that guff,” said Cletus.  He snatched the flask from Jessie and took a draught.  

Jessie looked at his brother indignantly, took the flask back and drank.  “You sure you don’t want none?” he asked me.

“No, I don’t want none,” I said with annoyance.

“Now don’t get all prickly, honey,” he told me.  “I’m just running my mouth.”

“So I hear,” I said.  

He snorted and drank some more.  They turned on the disco ball and the room was filled with spots of light rotating around illuminating couples as they danced.  We watched Elaine and Tommy dance swing to a contemporary pop tune. They really were good together, I had to admit. I didn’t like Jessie one bit, but I had no idea how to get rid of him.  I hoped that his brother and nephew would keep him reined in.

When the dance was over, Tommy lead Elaine back to the table.  She hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Tommy blushed furiously as she sat down.

“Lookit him turn red,” laughed Jessie, pointing at his nephew.

“He do got a bit of color,” allowed Cletus.

“Oh, that was so much fun!” said my wife.  “Come on, Jessie, your turn.” She took his hand and pulled him to his feet, then pulled the flask from his hand and took a swig.  

“At a girl,” he said.  He slapped my wife’s ass soundly, making her squeal and run ahead.

A sexy R&B song came on and everyone starting grinding.  The women squatting down and shaking their asses and the men coming up behind, grabbing them by the hips and grinding up against them from behind.

“Uh, oh,” said Tommy.

“Yup,” agreed Cletus, who produced another flask.  “You sure you don’t want none, mister? Things might get a little hairy about now.”

I took the flask and downed a slug of it.  The fire of the rotgut burning my mouth and making my eyes water, leaving me gasping for air.  I watched in despair as my drunken wife hiked the hem of her dress way up, exposing her gorgeous thighs to the tops of her stockings as she twerked right along with the best of them, bouncing her round rump eagerly against Jessie’s crotch. He looked overand wagged his tongue at me as he dry-humped my wife on the dance floor.  Then he reached up and grabbed her boobs in his hands while I watched, and she allowed him to get a nice grope in, even pinching her nipples before pulling his hands down and putting them back on her hips.

“Did you see that?  Did you see?” I sputtered in shock.

“Yessir, looks like he copped quite a feel there,” admitted Cletus.  “He is a bad one, and that’s the truth. And truth for truth, she didn’t put up too much of a fight there neither.”  Cletus looked at me with one bleary eye.

“Yeah, it took her awhile before she pulled his hands away,” I said with acrimony in my voice.

“And she still working that nice round ass up on him, lordy,” said Cletus.  He wiped his brow with a filthy blue bandana.

“I’m real sorry, sir, I will break it up,” said Tommy.  He jumped to his feet and gallantly rushed over, tapped his uncle on the shoulder to cut in.

Jessie tried to resist him, but Tommy grabbed his uncle in a deft wrist lock and gave him a shove that sent him stumbling back toward our table.  Elaine looked back to find Tommy behind her and she grabbed him in a hug and started kissing his neck. I stared with my mouth hanging open as Tommy’s face went beet red.  He gently disengaged from my wife and they started dancing.

Jessie joined us at the table with rueful laugh.  “Well I oughta let the youngster have a crack at her.  He’s deploying on Monday.”

“He deploying some wood right now, is what,” added Cletus.

My jaw dropped even further. We could see the huge bulge in Tommy’s pants from here, even in the dark.  He held my wife’s hips and tried to hold her away from him, but she kept twirking her butt up against the tentpole in his trousers.

“She’s trying to get at that wood,” said Cletus.

“Can you drop the play-by-play,” I snapped.

“Have another drink, friend,” he said, offering me his flask.  

I took it and drank off another good gulp.  It went down smoother the second time. “I can’t believe this is happening.  She’s always been such a good faithful wife.” My gut was flipping with anxiety.  I watched Tommy give in to Elaine’s coaxing and start pushing his tool into her rear.  Her head was thrown back in primal abandon as she worked herself onto his rod.

“Ain’t you two swingers?” asked Cletus with surprise.

“She told us you was swingers,” said Jessie.

“What?!” I shouted in disbelief.

There was a pause, then Cletus and Jessie broke out laughing.

“He’s a dumb as you are, Cletus,” said Jessie.

“She never said that, brother,” said Cletus, slapping me on the shoulder.  “I was just pulling yer leg.”

“But you might become swingers before the night is through,” said Jessie.  “Like it or not.”

The song was ended and Elaine was pulling Tommy back to the table. “Hey guys, I’m worn out.  How about we all go back to our place and have a nightcap?” she asked.

Jessie gave me a significant look.  “You gonna change into something sexy for us to see?” he asked her.

“I think I might be able to dig up a little something that you boys might find attractive,” she said.

“Elaine!” I cried.  “Come on now. You are drunk.  I need to take you home and put you to bed and let these gentlemen go on their way.”

“But Bernie, Tommy is deploying on Monday.  I want to show him a good time!”

“Ma’am, you already show me a darn good time,” said Tommy.  “I’m real pleased I got the chance to dance with you tonight.”

“You pleased me with what you showed me just now too, Tommy,” growled my wife.

“Elaine!”  I shouted.

“I’m just teasing, Bernie,” she pouted.  They she smiled and ran over and put her arms around me from behind, rested her chin on my shoulder, kissed my ear.    “Jeez, you always take everything so seriously. Why don’t you relax a little, loosen up, try to have some fun.”  She licked my ear. “Let’s have the boys over for a few drinks. What’s the harm?”

“Oh my god, I know I’m gonna regret this,” I said.

“I promise to keep my uncle on his best behavior,” said Tommy.

“Whose gonna keep Elaine on her good behavior?” muttered Jessie.

“Maybe I feel like being a little bad tonight,” she laughed.  “Come over and see.”

We stood up to leave, Elaine swaying a bit as we threaded our way amongst the dancers in the dark, lit by the spinning disco balls.

The three rednecks jumped into a pickup truck and followed us as I drove Elaine home in our BMW.

“Darling, this doesn’t seem like a good idea.  You’ve had too much to drink. You let that one guy feel your boobs…”

“Just a little,” she objected.

“And then you kissed Tommy on the neck,” I said.  For some reason I was getting an erection as I recalled my wife, draped around his shoulders, nibbling on his adam’s apple.

“Ooops, did you see that part?  Sorry, honey, I got a little carried away.  But I promise to be mostly good when we get home.”

“Mostly good?”

“Well maybe a little bad, but fun bad, you know, not too serious.”

My mouth was getting dry.  ‘What, uh, what do you mean? Not too serious.”

Elaine was leaning against me, her boobs up against my shoulder.  She grabbed my erection and cooed. Then she whispered in my ear. “Maybe I will put on some really naughty lingerie, you know the see through stuff, and let them dance with me some more, you know, like the really dirty dance where they poke their pee-pees up against my bum?”

“Elaine…” I moaned as she tugged on my penis.

“It’s making you harder and harder,” she moaned back.  ‘You want this.”



And then we were pulling into the driveway and the rednecks jumped out of their truck and came up the walk.  Elaine ushered us all inside, me walking in a daze, bringing up the rear.

“Open a bottle of champagne, Bernie.  Let’s have a going away toast for brave Tommy,” shouted Elaine.

I opened the bottle in a daze, flutes poured all around.  “To Tommy,” we shouted, downed our drinks. These guys are going to fuck my wife tonight,  was all that I could think.  And it made me hard. And I was ashamed to be hard.

“Weren’t you gonna slip into something slutty?” coaxed Jessie, flopping down with a grunt into my favorite chair, the rich chocolatey leather creaking under his bulk.

“Yes, I am, but I want Tommy to come help me get changed,” said Elaine.  She batted her eyelashes at the tall erect soldier and I felt the blood drain from my face.  I thought I might faint.

Tommy looked at me with guilt, his rosy cheek flushed bright red.  “Uh, ma’am?”

Elaine put her hands on her hips.  “Are you going to ignore a damsel in distress who is requesting your assistance?”

Jessie and Cletus chortled.  “Her pussy is in distress,” muttered Jessie.

Tommy gulped, looking between me and my wife, his face a mask of indecision.  

“Bernie, tell him it’s ok for him to come help me,” said Elaine.  “Tell him it’s just playful.” Her face brightened. “In fact, why don’t you come along?”

“Huh?” I asked.

“That’s it, nothing to fear, Tommy.  Bernie will come along and make sure nothing naughty happens,” said Elaine.  She crooked one elbow through each of our arms and lead Tommy and I toward the bedroom.   Jessie and Cletus made to follow, but Elaine chirped out, “No no, you two stay here in the living room.  Have some whiskey until we get back.”

Jessie snapped his fingers but then consoled himself by grabbing a bottle of expensive whiskey from the bar.

“Honey, what are we doing?” I asked.

“Something fun!” said Elaine.  She pushed me down on the bed. “You just lay there and keep an eye on things.”  She turned her back to Tommy. “Now Tommy, can you unfasten my dress?”

“Ma’am?” he looked at me with distress and longing.

“That’s an order soldier,” said my wife with a cute little voice, wiggling her rear in anticipation of being undressed by the big virile man.

“Yes ma’am,” he said and he fumbled with my wife’s dress until he got it unhooked.  She stepped out of it lightly and turned to face him in her bra, panties and stockings.

“What do you think?” she asked.  She ran her hands down her slightly rounded pale belly, down her perfect thighs, up around her broad hips to cup her big boobs.

Tommy gulped and his tentpole rose to attention.

“Hmm, I can see that you approve,” she said, eyeing his bulge.

“Honey,” I croaked.  I could feel my own tent pitching.

“Shush, you,” she said sweetly.  Then she turned her back to Tommy again, arched her back slightly, knees together, wiggled her round butt at him.  “Now undo my bra.”


She turned to look over her shoulder at him.  “You have unhooked a woman’s bra before, I take it?” she asked seriously.  “If not, you will certainly need to learn this skill to be a proper soldier.”  She giggled as Tommy struggled with the tiny clasps. My cock was rock hard as I watched, said nothing, could barely breathe.  Finally the bra popped open. My wife sighed with relief, discarded her bra, turned back to face Tommy with her big boobs swinging, pink nipples as erect as he was.  Then she bent over and pulled her panties down, showed Tommy her neatly trimmed snatch, as blonde as her head of hair, stood there in just her stockings. “Well soldier?”

“Looking might fit, ma’am.”

“Good answer,” she laughed.  She pinched the bulge in his pants playfully and Tommy groaned.  Then she turned and started rummaging through her lingerie drawer.  “How about this?” she asked, holding a white lacy bra up to her boobs, leaving her cunt exposed.

“Uh, that’s nice,” he said.

“No, no, we want something to give dirty Jessie a thrill,” said Elaine.  “Don’t we Bernie?”

“I’d rather not actually,” I admitted.

‘Oh you’re no fun,” she pouted.  Then she pulled out a cupless bra that left her boobs fully exposed but propped them up from beneath to make them jut out more.  She put it on and showed Tommy. “She how this make them stick out?” she asked innocently.

“But they aren’t covered at all, ma’am,” stammered Tommy.

“Well why should you and my husband get all the fun?” she asked with a laugh.  She stripped off her stocking and put on some black pantyhose with a hole in the crotch.  “There is a hole right here, give me your hand, you feel it?”

“Elaine,” I said, my hardon raging.

“Yes, ma’am,” groaned Tommy as my wife held his hand in her crotch.

“Do you know what that hole is for, Tommy?” she asked.

“I think so, ma’am,” he said.

“Good, maybe you will show me later,” she purred.

“Elaine,” I moaned.

“Oh, come on then, let’s go back out and see what Jessie has to say about my outfit,” giggled Elaine.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, ma’am.  He’s not disciplined like I am,” said Tommy.

“Oh, how cute.  You want me all to yourself,” said my wife, patting his cheek.  “Don’t worry, honey, you are my favorite, but I want to play with the other boys too.”

Tommy gave me a worried look as we followed my bare chested wife out to the living room.

“Hot DAMN!  That’s what I’M talking about.  Come on over here baby and let me snack on those titties,” shouted Jessie.

Elaine ran to him with a laugh and put her jutting white knockers near his face and he snatched them into his hands and squeezed them, put one in his mouth and sucked noisily on her nipple while she cradled his monstrous head in her hands and cooed.  Then she noticed me watching with disgust, and sighed. “Don’t sulk so, darling. Pour us another round of champagne.”

When I returned with the champagne, he had her other nipple  in his mouth and was sucking contentedly on it while she stroked his hair.  I cleared my throat and she pulled reluctantly away from him and took her champagne.  Jessie took his and we all downed ours.

“Sweet sweet titties,” sighed Jessie.  We were all staring at my wife’s amazing tits.

“Uh, ok, I like being the center of attention and all, but I’m starting to feel objectified,” said Elaine.

“What do yo expect when you come out here with your tits and pussy on display?”  I snapped.

“How’s her pussy on display?” asked Jessie.

“Oh didn’t you notice these pantyhose had a hole in the crotch?” giggled Elaine.  She turned her back and bent over so that her swollen vaginal lips poked out between her thighs.

“Daaamn!” shouted Jessie and he ran forward and tried to get his finger into my wife’s cunt, but she wriggled away from him with a laugh.

“Ok, I’ve had enough of this game,” she said.  “I have a new game to play. It’s a penis judging contest.”

“Har, har, the biggest man wins, huh?” laughed Jessie.

“No there is a twist,” said my wife.  “The hardest man wins.”

“Uh, oh,” I said.  I was having more and more trouble with erections as the years went by.  Maybe this was why my wife was being so forward tonight. Maybe her sexual frustration had reached a breaking point.

“Each of you pull your penis out.  I’ll give you each one kiss and let you feel my boobs and ass and pussy one time to get you started and then that’s it.  If you can get it up 90 degrees – straight out, that’s half a hardon, you get a handjob, good effort. If you get it up around 120 degrees, say three-quarters hard, that’s hot, you get a handjob and a blowjob.  If you get it straight up like 180 degrees, that’s a real man, I will jerk it, suck it, fuck it, worship it. If you can’t get it up to 90 degrees I don’t have any use for it.” Elaine leered at us. “Ready to play?”

“Jessie already got a head start by sucking them titties,” complained Cletus.

Elaine put a finger on her chin.  She looked really slutty thinking it over with her tits sticking out like that.  “Good point. Do you want to suck them, Cletus?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said.  She came close and he started grabbing and sucking my wife’s boobs like a wild man. She gasped  in shock. Cletus ran his hands all over my wife, gripping her butt cheeks in his hands, fingering her pussy, all while he slurped first one nipple then the other.  Elaine’s cheeks were red and she was panting with arousal when he suddenly unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. It was thin and pale with blue veins, not quite six inches, but it stood at three quarters mass and my wife dropped to her knees to suck it.

“Pretty hot at least 120, but not the full 180, worth a blowjob,” she said.  I watched in despair as my horny wife ran her tongue up and down his shaft, licked his glans as she made eye contact with me and giggled.  Then sucked his balls while she jerked him. He didn’t last long and started spurting cum in her hair while she had one ball in her mouth.

“Thankee kindly ma’am,” he said. “Been a long time since I busted my nut on such a fine, fine woman.”

“Thank you for playing, Cletus.  That’s a fine hard cock you have there,” said my wife.  “Bernie, your turn.”

“Honey…”  I looked around with trepidation.

“Don’t you want to play?” she asked.  Was there just a hint of disdain in her expression?  

How many night had she sighed in frustration, me not able to get it hard enough to get inside her? I slumped my shoulders in defeat.  “No I don’t want to play.”

“I’ll play, baby,” said Jessie.  He pulled his dick right out, but it only stuck out at 90 degrees.

“Hmm, not much going on there,” said Elaine skeptically.

“Well, uh, let me get my kiss,” he said.

“Ok, just one kiss,” allowed Elaine.  

She embraced him and he kissed her hard on the mouth, reached back and grabbed her ass forcefully, jammed his half erect cock right between her legs.

“Hey, he’s cheating,” I said.

“Shush, you aren’t even playing,” panted my wife.

I watched helplessly as Jessie squeezed my wife’s left boob with one hand while he pulled her pussy open with the other and tried to wriggle his cock into my woman.

“Why that half hard little cock can’t do anything,” she chuckled, struggling to break from from his grasp.

But he was too strong and he lifted her up by the pussy and managed to lip it into her.

“Oh!” she gasped.

“Yeah, Oh,” he agreed.  “That pussy wet,” he added eloquently.

“You aren’t allowed to fuck me, it’s not at 180,” she panted.

“Too late,” he countered.  And sure enough, he was swiveling his hips back and forth as he fucked my wife face to face, standing up.

“Oh, no, no,” panted my wife, still trying to break free.  “Make him stop, Tommy.”

“Let her go Jessie,” warned Tommy.

“Just…one…more… ugh, ugh, yeah, right inside,” he said.

“You didn’t!  You can’t cum inside me!  I might get pregnant!” cried my wife.  She slapped Jessie’s face.

He just chuckled in response.  “Should have thought of that before you put those crotchless pantyhose on,”

Elaine stamped her foot in anger.  “It wasn’t even very hard,” she fumed.

“Nevermind, honey, give Tommy a chance,” said Cletus soothingly.

“Oh, well, you are right, it’s Tommy’s turn.  Give us a kiss Tommy,” my wife got up on tiptoes to kiss Tommy. “Not put your hand on my boob.  Good boy.”

“Uh…” said Tommy.

“Now put your hands on my bum, come on you can do it.”


“Not poke your finger into my pussy, nevermind that nasty juice soldier, just poke it…oh, yes, Tommy, yes, that’s it.  Again, baby, deeper.”


“Now let’s see that cock, Tommy, boy,” urged my wife.  She unzipped his fly with excitement and his member flipped straight out and up, pointing directly at the ceiling.

“Them young’uns full of piss and vinegar,” said Cletus with admiration.  “I used ta get that hard when I was a boy.”

“Oh my god, I’m in love,” moaned my wife, yanking Tommy’s crank with abandon.  “Take me in the bedroom and have your way with me.” Tommy picked up my wife and carried her back to the bedroom.  “Come on Bernie, you can watch! It will be fun.”

And I did.  And it was.  I went and watched as my wife sucked Tommy’s cock and then jerked him and then spread her legs wide and he climbed on top of her and she gripped his big hairy nutsack while he was fucking her, pumping that hard cock in and out and she asked me if it didn’t look just like a tennis ball, and it did.  And I jerked my own poor cock and low and behold, I was pointing at the ceiling myself for the first time in many a moon. I watched Tommy’s nuts tighten over and over, heard him grunt, watched his yellow-white pearly semen dripping out of my wife’s cunt and  he pulled out and shot some cum onto her belly and she pulled him back and pushed his erupting cock back inside her, greedy for every spurt to go inside, and yet I rejoiced at the return of my true boner.

As Tommy climbed off my wife and she lay in an orgasmic glow, I ran over and proudly displayed my phallus, pointing boldly skyward.

“Bernie, I’m so proud of you.  Come and take your reward.”

“Uh, sloppy thirds?” I laughed.

“I’m afraid so,” she sighed.  She got up on all fours so I could do her doggystyle and a shocking glob of man pudding came drooling out of her cunt.  “Sorry, that’s sort of gross.”

“Actually, it’s working for me,” I admitted, and I stuck my hard as rock cock right into my wife, making her gasp in shock for the first time in years.  And I fucked the living shit out her, rubbing her clit until she came two times, before emptying my own load inside her. And if she got pregnant, we would need 23andme to see who the father was.  But none of that mattered. We found the way to get my mojo back. I just had to watch my wife getting owned by other men. And suddenly I grew very excited about Friday dance night. And word got around, and we became one of the most popular couples at the dance party. At least among the single men.


Gustav Jorgenson’s cuckold stories:
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Wife Likes to Be Naked Around Husband’s Friends

By Gustav Jorgenson

My wife has always been the kind of person who hates wearing clothes if she doesn’t have to.  She’s always walking around the house naked. I felt that her exhibitionism was sort of a turn on, but sometimes I complained, like when she paraded around nude with the drapes open while the Mexican landscapers were working on the yard.  We had quite an argument about that when I came home from work one day and found the workers neglecting the bushes in the yard as they peered through our livingroom window at my wife’s exposed bush as she sauntered around in plain view inside.  But she just laughed me off when I complained and said “Oh, let them get their jollies if they want. What do I care? They work hard, they deserve to take a break now and then.” I guess she just likes the attention.

So I shouldn’t have been too surprised when I found my wife naked in the living room watching television just moments before my buddies were supposed to arrive to watch the game on TV.

“Jesus, Julia, the guys are going to be here any minute, can’t you go throw something on?” I pleaded.  I looked at my watch with trepidation.

“Why do I always have to bend over backwards for your buddies when they come over?” she complained with a pout, sticking her hands between her knees in that cute way which made her big white boobs just out invitingly.

“No one’s asking you to bend over backwards, you just need to get dressed,” I said, gazing distractedly at my wife’s hard pink nipples.  She was naked all the time, but I never got tired of seeing her gorgeous body.

“I don’t feel like getting dressed,” she whined, sticking out her lower lip.

“Christ, are you drunk, or what?” I asked, noticing her empty glass and bottle of wine on the side table.  “You can’t hang around naked in front of my pals.”

“I’m not that drunk,” she insisted, but her cheeks did seem more rosy than normal.  “And why can’t I hang out naked in my own damn house. It’s a free country!”

“What, do you want all my friends to see you naked?” I asked, feeling oddly aroused at the thought.

“Oh, well, it wouldn’t be the first time.  Christ practically everyone has seen me naked over the years.  Remember Susie’s pool party?”

“Yeah, I remember, but that was just a quick flash when you streaked from the pool back to the house.  That’s not like this, sitting around for hours while all my pals get sauced up and ogle your body.”

“Look at you!  You’re getting excited by the very thought of it,” laughed my wife pointing a finger at me. “Besides, everyone’s going to be watching the game.  I might have nice tits, but this is the playoffs, after all.”

Just then the doorbell rang and I sighed with exasperation.  “Look, they are here now! Why are you being like this?” I demanded.

“Because I’m a kinky little wife, aren’t I?  And you know you love me for it,” she said, casually spreading her legs and giving me a nice view of her neatly trimmed snatch.  “I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces,” she giggled.

“Oh fuck,” I hissed as I strode to the front door.  As kinky and exciting as the idea seemed to me, I didn’t really have the guts to go through with it.   I didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of all my friends. I pulled open the door and found my pals Thomas, Richard, and Harold on my doorstep.  They smiled at me and practically bowled me over as they tried to push their way inside, but I didn’t budge and blocked the doorway. “We have a problem, guys.”

“Don’t worry, we brought more beer,” said Thomas, holding up a case of Trumer Pils.

“No, you see, Julia’s being stubborn and won’t put her clothes on,” I explained.  “We can’t watch the game here.”

“But you have the best TV and besides, we don’t have time to go somewhere else, the game’s gonna start in 5 minutes,” said Richard tapping his wrist.

“Didn’t she know we were coming over?” asked Harold with confusion.

“No, she knew, I told her,” I said looking over my shoulder at my wife on the couch.

“Oh, for chrissake, let them in, honey,” called Julia.  “Don’t be such a prude about it.”

“Uh, what do you mean, she wants us to come in and see her naked?” asked Thomas, glancing over at Richard with a nervous laugh.

“Oh man, that Julia,” laughed Richard.  “Remember Susie’s pool party?”

“I know, I know, she’s really fun at parties, but this is going a bit far, fellas,” I said as my pals shifted impatiently on the doorstep.  “I don’t know what’s gotten into her.”

“If she doesn’t want to put clothes on, maybe we can ask her to go in the other room?” suggested Harold lamely.

Suddenly my wife appeared behind me, completely naked with a big grin on her face.  Her boobs were still bouncing from having sprinted to the door. “Will you guys get in here?  The game is starting any minute. Stop being such goody-goodies about it.” She stretched her arms above her head  and winked at Harold lewdly. “I can’t believe that a group of grown men is incapable of dealing with one naked little wife.  Where have the red-blooded Americans gone?”

“I don’t think my wife would be too thrilled if she found out,” gulped Harold eyeing my wife’s pale hourglass figure up and down.

“Well then, we won’t tell her then, will we Harry?” giggled my wife, grabbing him by the hand and pulling him inside.

“Yeah, game’s starting soon, we can argue about this later,” agreed Richard pushing past me.

“Sorry buddy, I think you are overruled,” said Thomas, gazing at my wife’s bare back and plump round buttocks as she lead Harold to the couch.

“This is totally fucked up,” I said, glancing up and down the street to make sure the neighbors didn’t see anything before closing the door.

“I think I like your wife’s sense of hospitality,” chortled Richard, giving me a vulgar wag of his eyebrows.

“This is pretty perverted,” muttered Thomas as he opened the case of beer and started passing bottles around.

“I know, I’m a very bad wife,” said Julia.  “Maybe someone will need to spank me later.”

“Julia! Come on!” I griped looking at my pals with embarrassment.  But the game was starting and they just dropped into seats around the living room with their eyes fixed on the television.

“See,” whispered my wife.  “I told you. They are more interested in the game than my body.  I’ll just take these extra beers and put them in the fridge. You want some snacks?”

“Sure, thanks, dear,” I said.  But it was pretty strange to see my naked wife obediently serving my friends and I as we watched the game.

I noticed a few eyes flick away from the action on the screen when my wife came back with a tray of chips and dip, her succulent knockers dangling down as she bent over to put the tray on the coffee table.  But for the most part, my friends focused on the game and didn’t really ogle my wife much. When the first commercial break came we fell into an intense discussion, arguing about the poor performance of our top stars while my wife sat there smirking on the couch, practically invisible in spite of her nudity.

As the game progressed and more beers were consumed, I could sense my wife’s growing frustration that the guys weren’t paying much attention to her.  I mean, they would glance at her boobs now and then or look at the butt when she bent over in front of them to pick up some fallen chip or bottle cap, but then they would glance over at me guiltily and avert their eyes.  At least that’s how Harold and Thomas acted. Richard started running his eyes up and down my wife’s body more and more boldly as he got drunker. And it annoyed me that she seemed pleased when she caught him gawking at her figure.  She even gave her shoulders a shake now and then to get her boobs jiggling for him.

During one commercial break about halfway through the game, my wife decided to turn it up a notch to get a little more attention.  She spread her legs wide and started stroking her pussy, pulling her labia apart and exposing her pink twat as we all talked excitedly about the recent turnaround in the game as our team was coming back from a big deficit.

Richard noticed Julia’s self-administration first and just stared for a moment open mouthed.  She regarded him calmly as she spread her pussy lips open for him.

“What are you looking at Richard?” she asked innocently, thrusting her crotch upward slightly for emphasis.

“You know,” he told her simply, sweat beading on his brow as she ran her fingers through her pubic hair.

“Do you guys think my bush is too shaggy?” she asked with a mischievous grin.  “Should I shave it off? What do you think Harold?”

“Come on, Julia, cut the shit,” I stammered, watching my buddies nervously as they gaped at my wife’s vagina, spread open for display.

“I mean it’s, no, I like it,” said Harold.

“You like my pussy hairy, Harry?” giggled my wife, fingering herself shamelessly as Harold gulped.

“I don’t like a shaved pussy,” said Richard.  “I like the way you keep yours. A little hair but not too bushy.”

“Can we talk about something else?” I asked with annoyance.

But my wife was delighted to finally be getting some attention from my pals.  “Sorry honey, but isn’t it sort of hot for me to show off my cunt like this? I mean, it’s making me pretty wet.”  She inserted a finger into her hole and then slavered the juice up onto her clitoris as she started diddling her nub while we all watched in fascination.

“I agree, this is fucking hot,” said Richard. gripping the crotch of his pants as he leered at my wife masturbating herself.  She was leaning way back on the couch with her boobs pushed skyward by her upper arms as she fondled her crotch with both hands.

The game came back on, but no one was paying attention as my wife masturbated wildly on the couch, her cheeks flushed and her eyes bright with excitement.  I felt my own cock grow hard but my stomach was cold with jealousy at how scandalously my wife was exhibiting herself for my friends.

“You can’t just finger your goddamn cunt in front of everyone like that, Julia!” I exclaimed.  I was so drunk at this point that specks of spittle were flying from my mouth as I practically shouted at my wife.  “Show some goddamn modesty.”

“Ha, you knew what kind of woman I was when we first started dating.  Remember the time my girlfriends and I stripped topless for you and your frat buddies?  That was hot.” That had been fucking hot, and when I had seen Julia naked like that all those years ago, I was determined to make her mine.  She had such a hot body and was so confident, that I found her irresistible. “Yeah, but now that we are married, you need to cool it with that shit,” I said.

“Is it time for my spanking yet?” she asked me with a smile and then she flipped over onto her stomach, arching her back as she stuck her ass in the air, offering it to me so I could spank it.  “I have been very naughty. I think I need to be punished.”

“Oh Jesus!” I said, gazing with lust at my wife’s round ass and her swollen labia peeking out between her soft white thighs.

“Come on, spank me,” she coaxed, reaching back and parting her labia again so that we were treated to the sight of her pink snatch in addition to her gorgeous ass.

“I’m not going to spank you in front of my buddies like this,” I said, looking over at Richard nervously as the sweat poured down his forehead.  His mouth hung open slightly as he gripped his dong and ogled my wife’s ass and cunt on display.

“Well, someone ought to spank me, I’m being pretty bad,” she said.  “Hey Richard, do you want to do it?” She looked back at Richard and batted her eyelashes at him provocatively, her cheek pressed against the couch cushions as she kept her ass lifted in the air.

“Yeah, you’re a dirty girl alright, you need a spanking,” he said, standing up eagerly and approaching my wife.

“Cut the shit Richard,” I yelped in frustration as he prepared to spank my wife and she wriggled her rear in excited anticipation.

“You’ve wife’s behavior is getting out of hand, someone needs to show her who’s boss,” said Richard.

“Yeah, but that’s her husband’s job, not yours,” said Harrold.  I shot him a look of gratitude for sticking up for me.

“Aww, come on, this isn’t about punishment.  It’s sexual play,” snorted Thomas. “Julia wants a spanking because it will turn her on and she asked Richard to do it for her.  I say let him spank her, who cares? It’s all in good fun,” Thomas kept his eyes fixed on my wife’s pink snatch the entire time and he looked like he would love to stick his face right in there and start slurping on her twat.

“That’s not true, Thomas, I do need to be punished, this is serious,” insisted my wife, with a devilish grin.  She wiggled her butt for Richard some more and he couldn’t help himself, he hauled off a gave her a good smack on the rump with made her shriek in surprise and the guys all started laughing at the look on her face.  Even I had to join in a little, though I was still uncomfortable with this whole thing. “Oooh, that smarts. Do it again,” purred my wife, her ass cheeks already reddening from the last smack he gave her. She spread her pussy even wider for him as she offered her ass for another blow.  But this time Richard just patted her lightly on the back of her thighs right where her cunt was poking through. “Hmm, yeesss,” she said. And then he went further and stuck his hand between her thighs, grabbing her cunt in his hand and squeezing it, making her moan with pleasure.

“Bad, wife, bad wife,” he mumbled as he slipped his middle finger right between her pussy lips and started fingering my wife furiously while I watched.

“That’s enough!” I shouted and I jumped to my feet and pulled Richard physically away from my wife.  “You can’t fucking finger my wife like that Richard, that’s bullshit.”

“Oh, shit, sorry man,” he said, wiping  his face and accidentally smearing my wife’s juices all over his face.  “I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I guess I got carried away. I mean her cunt was just wide open like that.”

“Don’t get mad at Richard, I liked it!” chirped my wife with her ass still in the air.  ‘“This is hot. I want someone to fuck me now.”

“Julia, get a grip on yourself, what are you saying?” I gasped, aghast and titillated by the suggestion.

“I’m saying I want one of you guys to whip your cock out and put it in me right now.  Whoever is man enough to do it,” she said. “I don’t care who it is, I’m horny as fuck and I need to get dicked.”

Even Richard was shocked at this suggestion and we exchanged a look of amazement.  

Thomas sputtered for a moment and said, “Ok, well, this has obviously gone past the point of harmless play.  Maybe we should be going now.”

“I don’t think so,” said Harold, surprising us all as he stood up and unzipped his fly.  “The only gentlemanly thing to do is to honor the lady’s request.” And I stood and watched, utterly dumbfounded as my geeky pal Harold whipped out his rather mediocre looking erection, walked over behind my wife and sank it right into her waiting snatch.  Harold of all people. The meekest guy I knew. And my wife loved it.

“Oh Harold! Yes, I didn’t think you had the stones, but there you go, ugh, ugh, wow, yeah, do it, do it,” she moaned and whimpered as I watch Harold banging away on my wife from behind, fucking the shit out of her while I stared, paralyzed by this utterly unexpected development.

“Wow, uh, Harry is really going to town on your wife,” said Thomas, as amazed as I was.

“Yup, I guess you got to watch the quiet ones,” said Richard shaking his head as we all watched Harry humping away on my wife and making her call out loudly in passion.  Then Richard turned to me and slapped my shoulder. “Hey, idiot, are you just stand there watching Harry do you wife like that? You yanked me off her and I did was finger her snatch a little.  You ought to punch Harry right in the mouth.”

“Don’t! Don’t not yet, I’m about to cum, wait until he’s done, oh shit,” grunted my wife, and I watched as she gave that little shiver, and I knew that she just climaxed.  “Ok, you can punch him now,” she said.

“Hey!” yelped Harold as he continued dogging her.  “Just for that I’m not pulling out, I’m coming right inside you, you harlot.”

“Do it, I don’t care,” she laughed.

“I’m cuming, I’m cumming,” he shouted proudly as he spurted what was likely an unremarkable load inside my wife.

“I, uh, I know I should be mad and I should probably punch him, but shit, this is Harold we are talking about,” I said scratching my head in confusion. “I mean, he’s the biggest nerd I’ve ever met.  How can I punch this guy?”

“You say I’m a nerd, but I was the only one man enough to fuck your wife when she challenged us!” insisted Harold, pulling his shriveled prick out of my wife and raising his index finger to make his point.

“Whatever, Harold,” I laughed, looking at my pathetically dorky pal.  “Your glasses are so steamed up, I can’t see your eyes to tell if you are kidding or not.”

“Yeah, it’s kind of hard to take Harold seriously even after he totally just fucked your woman,” said Richard.   “But really, you need to reign her in a little, she’s gonna make a cuckold out of you if you don’t watch her.” Then he turned and slapped her ass again playfully, making her yelp in surprise again.

Just then there was a roar from the crowd on the television and we all realized that our team had pulled ahead in the final moments of the game and somehow that became the most important thing.  The next thing I knew we were all cheering and giving each other high fives. Julia had disappeared in the interim.

After our celebration of the home team’s victory, I accompanied my pals to the door and shook hands all around.

“Well, we finally did it this year, we are going to the finals, baby,” Richard said throwing his hands in the air gleefully.

“And there was that thing with Julia,” said Thomas rubbing his head.  “Uh, hey Harold, you never apologized for that.”

“Why should I?  I’m not sorry. That was the best sex I’ve had in years.  Her vagina was extremely pleasurable,” said Harold indignantly.  He turned to me and said, “She told one of us to do it!”

I just shook my head and laughed, “Ok, Harold, ok, I know, I know.  I don’t blame you.”

And then my friends were gone and I was shaking my head ruefully and there was Julia coming out of the bathroom with a towel on her head and nothing else on.  Her naked body was moist and tender, fresh from the shower.

“That was awesome, we should have your friends over more often,” she said with a mischievous grin.

I didn’t slap her like I wanted to, I just smirked at her and started to wonder how many other guys she had let fuck her since we had been married.  She has plenty of opportunities while I was at work. I thought about all the delivery men and then those damn immigrant landscapers, and truth be told, my dick started getting hard again.  So I threw her on the couch as she yelled and laughed and I fucked the shit out her myself, because it’s exciting to have a dirty whore of a wife, isn’t it? I wasn’t going to let the other guys have ALL the fun with my wife.

Gustav Jorgenson’s cuckold stories:
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Swinger Wife Training

By Gustav Jorgenson

Jimmy and Lucy had been living next door to us just a few weeks before they invited us over for drinks. When Lucy answered the door in a super short, thin white slip I gasped at the sight of her bare legs and her bouncy boobs.  Her nipples were poking through the thin material and she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra. She was petite with a great body, big boobs, shapely hips, thin legs, narrow waist, her short blonde hair was spiky as though she had just gotten out of bed.

“Oh my gosh, Lucy, are we too early?” asked my wife Erin.  “You aren’t even dressed yet.” She was holding the bottle of wine we had brought.

Lucy grinned at her.  “Oh, do I need to get dressed?” she asked.  She turned to me. “Don’t you think I look Ok like this, Tom?”  She stood up on her tiptoes and smoothed the hem of her slip down which barely covered her crotch.

I gulped and looked at my wife.  Her mouth was hanging open in shock.  First she stared at me then at Lucy’s broad smile.  Her brow furrowed. I could see a lot going on in her mind. Lucy just waited, hands on her bare thighs, smiling at us.  After a moment Erin seemed to figure something out and she broke out in nervous laughter.

“Oh, Erin, you are terrible.  Are you flirting with my husband?”

Lucy put a finger in her mouth and gave Erin a bashful look.  “Maybe a little?” Then she noticed the wine. “Ooh, wine, we love wine, let me go open this.”  She grabbed the wine and ran off back into her house. I could see a flash of the bottom of her bare round butt cheeks poking out below the hem of her slip.

“She’s not wearing any panties!” I exclaimed.

“Unbelievable,” said Erin.  She shook her head but had a bemused smile.  “Now don’t you get any ideas, mister. You are MY husband.”  She punched me on the arm, but not too hard.

“No, of course not,” I said.  “Should we even stay?”

“They are our new next door neighbors, Tom,” said Erin, as though that explained everything.

Jimmy came walking down the hall dressed in an expensive grey business suit with a red power tie.  He was VP of Sales at a tech company. Tall, good looking, dark hard parted to the side, he projected a sense of authority offset by his easy smile.  He was favoring us with that bright white smile now, brilliant veneers flashing, arms spread wide in welcome

“Tom!  Erin! So good of you to come.  Come in, come in.” He engulfed my wife in a full body hug, which went on a little too long for my taste,  then held her at arm’s length, looking her up and down. Erin was wearing a modest flowery summer dress that came to her knees, her long brown hair back in a ponytail.  “You look marvelous.”

“Ha, well Lucy was starting to make me feel overdressed,” said Erin.  She looked up at Jimmy with a smile.

“Well, maybe we can correct that after a few drinks, eh, Tom?”  He winked at me and grabbed my hand in a crushing handshake.

“Heh, yeah, I’m… not really sure what you mean by that, Jim,” I said.  I didn’t like the way Jim was looking at my wife’s body, like he was sizing her up.

“Please, call me Jimmy.  Everyone calls me Jimmy,” he said.  He put his hands on our backs and ushered my wife and I inside.

“Ok, Jimmy,” said Erin.  She was looking up at him again.

We walked down a hallway decorated with native american pottery, pots with geometric patterns in reds and yellows, on rough hewn wooden stands against cream colored walls.   We were led to a huge living room with a sunken conversation pit in the center, all done in beige and brown. Big windows looking out onto the tasteful desert landscaping, green barked palo verde, purple flowering ironwood, teddy bear cholla with it’s adorable clusters of lime green spikes that look furry from a distance but will prick you terribly.  Scottsdale mountain rose majestically beyond, purple and gold in the sunset.

“Wow, beautiful view,” said my wife.  Though we had largely the same view at our place next door,, I had to admit, their landscaping was better.  It must have cost a fortune.

Lucy appear with glasses clutched in one hand, the open bottle of wine in the other, still in her tiny slip, boobs bouncing joyfully, bare legs carelessly exposed.  I felt my penis stirr in my trousers at the site of her. “Wine time!” she said cheerfully.

Jimmy watched my reaction.  “I think Tom likes your outfit, Luce,” he said, pronouncing it “loose” which seemed appropriate.

Lucy shrugged.  “Well, he hasn’t commented on it.”  She descended into the conversation pit put the glasses down on the big coffee table in the center, highly lacquered driftwood, swirls of brown and orange. The hem of her slip hiked up as she bent over and I looked at her pale white butt.  She glanced back at me and smiled. I felt my face getting hot and my erection growing.

“Lucy, you are so bad,” laughed Erin.  “Don’t try to entice my husband with this plump little butt.”  She raced down to join Lucy in the pit and spanked her bare ass cheek, making Lucy squeal and stand up quickly.

“Why, I just like to be comfortable, when I lounge around the house,” said Lucy, handing my wife a big glass of Pino Grigio, her eyes half lidded..  “Why don’t you make YOURself more comfortable?” She looked at my wife up and down. “Jimmy would like that.”

My wife took big gulp of wine, looking up at Jimmy over the rim of her glass.  “I bet he would.” SHe straightened up, jutting her chest out, ”But I’m not that sort of girl.”

“We’ll see.  You might change your tune after a few more drinks,” said Jimmy.  He licked his lips as he looked at my wife’s protruding boobs.

I coughed. “Ok, people, this is not quite what I had in mind for the evening.  Can we try to be a little more, uh, appropriate.”

Jimmy rolled his eyes, went down and grabbed a glass of wine..  “We are just entertaining our new neighbors with a few drinks. Please, come sit down.”  He motioned to me to join them in the pit. I hesitated for a moment, and Jimmy took the opportunity to guide my wife to a seat next to him.

Four greyish beige loveseats surrounded the coffee table in the center, enough room for two per seat.   Lucy sat on the next loveseat over from Jimmy and Erin, next to my wife. She patted the space next to her, motioning for me to join her.

I looked at Erin and she looked at me.  “Oh no, you little hussy, I don’t want you getting too close to my husband,” said Erin. “You have evil intent.”

“I’m not evil, I’m nice,” said Lucy with a pout.  “I’m just trying to be friendly.”

“By showing my husband your bare ass?  You call that friendly?” laughed Erin.

“Sure,” purred Lucy.  “I’m REALLY friendly.”

Jimmy laughed. “She sure is.”

“I’m uh, ok, over here,” I said, sitting across from Lucy, perpendicular to her husband.

Lucy sulked.  “You are no fun,” she said.

I reached forward and grabbed my wine.  “Uh, sorry.” I didn’t know what to make of these people.  I felt really aroused by Lucy, and I was afraid to sit too close to her for fear of what might happen.  Erin and I had been married for 15 years and we had a great relationship. I didn’t want to risk that.

“So, where did you folks move here from?” asked my wife.  She leaned forward and poured herself to another glass of wine.  She sure finished that first glass quickly. It almost seemed that she was TRYING to get drunk.

“San Francisco,” said Lucy.  She leaned forward to pour herself another glass as well and I could see down the front of her shirt, her big milky boobs dangling inside her slip.  She looked up and caught me looking and winked at me.

My boner was growing painful in my pants.

My wife noticed the exchange..  “Honey, stop looking at Lucy’s boobs.  I can see where your eyes are pointing.”  Then she turned to Jimmy. “San Francisco, huh?  There is a lot of, uh, what do they call it there?  Polyamory? Wife swapping, all sorts of kinky stuff happens there.”

“Yes.  Yes, it does, Erin,” said Jimmy.  He put his arm around my wife’s shoulders and she stiffened.

“Uh, watch yourself, mister,” she said.  She took Jimmy by the hand and unwrapped it from around her.  “I’m not a harlot, like YOUR wife seems to be.”

Lucy laughed good-naturedly.  “Maybe not a harlot, but you ARE pretty hip, Erin.  How did you hear about polyamory?” She seemed delighted.

“Oh, there was an article about it in Vogue last month,” said my wife.  She leaned forward unsteadily to pour herself yet another glass. I looked down at my own drink, only half finished and I felt nervous.

I tried to change the subject.  “Yeah, that’s a really hot real estate market, isn’t it?  You must have made a bundle when you sold your home there.”

Jimmy furrowed his brow in confusion.  “Oh, we didn’t sell our condo in SF. We are keeping both places.  This is our new winter home.”

“We are snowbirds!” exclaimed Lucy.  Then she paused. “Don’t you and Erin have a second home?”

“Oh, no, we couldn’t afford that on Tom’s salary,” said my wife.  I didn’t like the way she put it. Like I was too inadequate to make the big bucks the way Jimmy did.

Lucy frowned and looked at me skeptically.  “Why? What do you do for a living, Tom?”

“Now, now, honey,” said Jimmy.  “That’s a gauche thing to ask. Don’t put Tom on the spot like that.”  I felt ashamed to make less money than Jimmy and jealous that he had enough class not to rub it in.

“Hmph,” said Lucy.  She looked at me with a bit of a sneer on her face.

“Don’t be like that, honey,” Jimmy told his wife.  “It’s not the size of a man’s bank account that matters.”  He reached between his legs and adjusted himself. My wife watched him in shock and my stomach felt cold.  Jimmy had an erection that was forming a big bulge in his pants and my wife was staring at it.

“Well, I like men who have both.  Financial assets and other assets, um, down there,” said Lucy. Jimmy broke out laughing and even I chuckled a bit at the joke.

Erin was still looking at Jimmy’s bulge as he fingered it. “Ugh, how RUDE!  Look at you, playing with that huge member of yours. That’s no way to act in front of a lady.”

“It’s not really bigger than average,” said Jimmy.  He squeezed the bulge, testing it.

“It’s just super hard,” added Lucy.  “Jimmy’s testosterone is really high and I think that’s what makes his erections so hard.”  She looked at my wife. “Really, really hard.”

“So I see,” said Erin.  She was still inspecting his thing.

“Can we change the subject?” I asked.  I didn’t like how my wife was watching Jimmy finger his rock hard bulge.  Like she wanted to help him with it. It made my guts feel funny, sort of twisted up.

“Shush you,” said Lucy.  She pointed a finger at me and then spread her legs so that I could look right up her slip and see the light brown fur of her vagina.  My mouth dropped open and I felt my pulse quicken, my penis was getting hard again. Lucy smile with satisfaction at my reaction.

Erin was aghast.  “Thomas Patton, stop that at once!  Don’t stare at that little hussy’s snatch.”

“But, but, she’s showing me,” I stammered.  I pulled my eyes away from Lucy’s cunt on display with effort and looked my wife in the eye.  I couldn’t get a read on her expression, she seemed a bit annoyed, but also a little aroused.  Her cheeks were flushed from the wine and her eyes were glistening.

“I can tell there is no use trying to get that little minx Lucy to change her ways,” said my wife.  She leaned forward to pour herself another glass.

“That’s the truth,” laughed Jimmy.

Erin held up a finger as she drank from her glass.  Then she wiped her mouth sloppily with the back of her hand, totally uncharacteristic of her, usually so prim and proper.  “As I said, Lucy is slut, that’s just her nature.” Lucy giggled and spread her legs wider, I couldn’t help but look at her twat again.  “But you!” Erin flung her cardboard drink coaster at me in exasperation. “But you are my husband, you aren’t supposed to look at other women.”

“It IS sort of hard to ignore Lucy’s pussy when she puts it out there like that,” said Jimmy judiciously.  “I know from experience. A lot of guys have taken the offer.” He put his hand on my wife’s thigh and squeezed it.

Erin lifted his hand and put it back in his lap.  “Jeez you are like an octopus, mister,” she said. But she was looking at him with a big smile on her face. She didn’t seem too upset.  “Are you going to just let this fellow make advances on me, Tom?” She kept her eyes on Jimmy as she addressed me. “Or are you too busy staring at Lucy’s hoo-ha?”

Lucy laughed.  “Hoo-ha! That’s a good one.”  She parted her labia and I could see the glistening pink interior of her vaginal flower.  “Don’t listen to your wife, Tommy, come over her and feel how wet my hoo-ha is.”

“Come on Lucy, quit fooling around,” I said.  My mouth was dry and I drank the rest of my wine.

“Why?  What’s wrong with a little fooling around?” asked Jimmy.  He looked at me as he leaned down and started nibbling on my wife’s soft white neck.

Erin tilted her head away and moaned as Jimmy worked his way up her neck to the base of her chin, then sucked her ear lobe.  He put his arm around her waist.

“Hey!” I croaked, my pits were growing damp, and my cock was still hard from sight of Lucy’s juicy puss.

“Oh my gosh,” said Erin, she pushed Jimmy away.  He face was flushed. “He’s getting so fresh with me, Tommy!”

“Don’t you like it?” he asked.  He took my wife’s hand and looked her in the eye.  She didn’t resist, she let him hold her small pale hand in his big tanned mitt and gazed back at him like a deer caught in headlights.

“I think she likes it,” said Lucy.

“Hmm, maybe a little,” admitted Erin.

“You’re going to like this too,” said Jimmy.  He put my wife’s hand in his lap, resting it on the bulge in his pants.

“Jimmy, how dare you!” gasped my wife.  But she went ahead and gripped his dong in spite of her protest.

“For chrissake Erin!” I shouted.  “You bitch at me for just looking at Lucy, and there you are giving Jimmy a goddamn handjob.”

Erin withdrew her hand guiltily.  “He just took me by surprise. And it wasn’t a handjob, Tommy, I just squeezed it a little.”

“Just squeezed it a little!” I scoffed.  “What if I went over there and squeezed Lucy a little?”

Erin looked uncomfortable.

“Please do,” chirped Lucy.  “I’ve been trying to get you to for a while now.”

“Quiet, you hussy,” laughed my wife.  “Is there any more wine?”

“I’ll get some!” said Lucy and she jumped up and grabbed a bottle of red wine from the dry bar in the corner.

“You want more wine now,” I said raising my hand in exasperation.  “Don’t you think we should be leaving?”

“Oh stop being so dramatic,” said Lucy.  “Here, help me open this bottle, I need a strong man to pop my cork.”  Lucy pouted at me and handed me the bottle along with the opener. I couldn’t help staring at her bare legs.  They looked really nice and smooth, well formed. I felt my erection stiffen.

I took the bottle and started opening it.

“My hero,” cooed Lucy.  She reached out and grabbed my crotch.

“Hey now,” I yelped, the cork popping as I pulled away from the groping sex pot.

“Hey is right,” she said in surprise.  “Is this a penis or a pencil? Is this all you’ve got for me?”  Lucy seemed annoyed.

“Play nice, Lucy,” said Jimmy.  “Pour us some wine.”

“He’s hardy got any cock at all,” whined his wife as she handed out the glasses.

“Wow, thanks a lot,” I said.  I could feel myself deflating.  But I accepted the glass of wine she offered anyway.

“Don’t be a little brat, Lucy.  Remember how I fucked that Hendricks woman?  You think I relished sticking my dick in that fat thing?  But I did it for you. So you could get your hands on her husband’s big black cock.  Now I feel like fucking Erin and you will just have to settle for Tommy’s offering. However modest it may be,” said Jimmy.  He raised his glass to me as if in apology.

“Um, you won’t be fucking Erin.  She is my wife, you know.” I felt lame as I said this, and decided to drink more wine.

“Pssh, you OWE it to your wife to let Jimmy fuck her.  I’m sure she could USE a proper reaming. You can’t be doing much for her with that  little ding-a-ling you are sporting down there,” said Lucy. But she said it in a playful way and lifted her nightie again to show me her pussy again.  I guess to take the sting off.

“Um, Tommy’s penis is, uh, nice,” said my wife, clearly flustered.

“I’ll show you something nice,” said Jimmy.  He stood before my wife and unzipped his fly.  I heard Erin gasp.

“You like that?” asked Jimmy.

“My god, it’s huge!” exclaimed my wife.  I watched as Jimmy thrust his big veiny boner in my wife’s face.

“What the fuck, man?” I shouted.

“Oh calm down and drink your wine,” muttered Lucy.  “I’ll come over there and service your little sausage in a minute.”

“Suck it,” said Jimmy.  He pushed his cock against my wife’s lips.

“I will not,” said Erin indignantly.  “Get that giant thing away from me. It’s like sticking a night stick in my face.”  He pushed Jimmy’s cock away.

“This is really going too far, man!” I said, standing up.

“Oh do, shut up, Tommy.  I’m trying to make your wife,” snapped Jimmy irritably.  He grabbed Erin’s head and pushed his dick into her mouth forcibly.  She waved her arms dramatically as it went in between her red lips.

“Jesus, what the fuck are you doing?  You are forcing her!” I cried.

“Look, Tommy, look at her sucking it.  Does it look like I’m forcing her?” he said.

Sure enough, Erin had one hand wrapped around his shaft as she ran her tongue around his swollen red glans.  She fished his huge sloppy nutsack out of his pants with her other hand and fondled it with enthusiasm. It was like a big hairy change purse in her hands.

“Erin, what the hell do you think you are doing?” I screamed.

“What? Oh shit, sorry honey,” said my wife.  She pulled her mouth off of Jimmy’s huge wang and looked at me blearily.   “I uh, am so drunk right now. And his penis is like, really big and stuff.  Look at it, it’s like, enormous and really really stiff.” I noticed that she kept his balls in her hands as she said this.

“I don’t want to look at Jimmy’s penis,” I told my wife patiently.  Especially since it was so much bigger than mine, I thought to myself.

“You people are impossible,” Jimmy said with frustration. He wrestled his massive dong back into his pants and my wife seemed disappointed.  He pulled out his phone. “Here, I’m calling an Uber to take us to Iris and Ivy for dinner.”

“Food!” shouted Lucy.  She thrust a fist into the air in triumph.  “Yes!”

Jimmy gestured to my wife.  “Put her into something presentable, will you dear?” he asked his wife.  He picked up his glass of wine and took a long satisfied drink.

“What’s wrong with how I’m dressed?” asked Erin.

“No fun!” shouted Lucy.  “Here come on, I will put you in something that will keep Jimmy’s dick hard.”  She took my wife’s hand and pulled her up off of the love seat.

“Uh,” I said loudly.

“Well, ok, I guess,” said Erin.  She was looking at Jimmy’s bulge, not at me.

“Honey!” I shouted.

“Don’t you want dinner, dear?” she asked sweetly as Lucy led her away.

“Well, yes, I guess so,” I admitted.

“How are you holding up, boss?” asked Jimmy amicably after the girls were gone.  

“This is very confusing,” I admitted.

“Lucy will let you fuck her, don’t worry,” he said.  “But you have to be rough with her. You know, grab her hair and stick her face in the pillow.  She likes that borderline rape stuff. You can’t mince around with her.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not sure if I can do that,” I said.

Jimmy looked at me for a moment.

“You are going to fuck my wife, aren’t you?” I asked him.

“Definitely,” he said.  “But look, sex isn’t such a big deal.  I’ve watched plenty of guys fuck Lucy and she’s still here using my credit cards.”  He laughed but then stopped. “Seriously, you and Erin will be fine after this. I promise.”

Just then Erin and Lucy returned to the room.

“She wouldn’t let me wear any underwear, Tommy!” laughed my wife.  She was wearing a long white shirt as a dress and it barely covered her crotch and her big boobs were swinging shamelessly..  Lucy hadn’t bothered changing out of her nightgown but had merely added heels and pearls to her outfit.

“Let me see,” urged Jimmy.

Erin blushed and turned to lift the back of her shirt, flashing her round white ass to Jimmy and I before modestly smoothing the hem back down.

“This is going to be a wonderful evening,” Jimmy told me.

“I don’t know about this,” I said.

“Sorry, honey, am I being bad?” asked my wife.

“Hold that thought, the uber is here,” said Jimmy.  He had his phone out again. “Everyone out. Time to go.”

“But, but, but,” I said.

“No buts,” said Jimmy.  He took me by the shoulder and guided me up the stairs out of the conversation pit.

“Except these butts!” giggled Lucy, flashing us her ass as she and Erin ran ahead, giggling hand in hand.

“See?” said Jimmy.  “There is something in it for you.  If you are man enough to grab it.”

He looked me in the eye, but I quavered and had to look away.

“I call shotgun!” cried Lucy as a black towncar pulled up.

A dark skinned south asian man in a white shirt and black pants jumped out of the car and ran around to open the door for Lucy.  He was staring at her skimpy nightgown in amazement.

“Want to see something?” she giggled.

“Certainly, ma’am,” he said.

Lucy lifted the front of her gown and showed him her pussy.

The driver’s mouth fell open in amazement as he examined Jimmy’s wife’s bush.

“Don’t you like it?” she pouted.

“Oh, it’s very nice, ma’am.  It looks delicious,” said the driver.  He looked at Jimmy and I in confusion, but Jimmy just laughed.

“Delicious!  That’s a good one!  It is delicious, I assure you,” said Jimmy.  He opened the door for Erin and then ran around to the other side.

Erin sat in the middle and I jumped in next to her and pull the door closed behind.

“You want a blowjob while we drive over?” Lucy asked the driver playfully.

My wife cackled with laughter.  “Lucy you are just terrible!”

“I don’t know if I would be able to concentrate on my driving, ma’am,” said the driver as we pulled away.  “But thank you for the offer.”

“Don’t worry about that, that’s what airbags are for,” said Lucy.  She reached over and unzipped the driver’s fly.

“Oh my!” gasped the driver as Lucy pulled his thick brown uncut cock from his pants.

“Erin, look at this thing!” cooed Lucy as she started stroking the driver’s dong.  

My wife leaned forward and peered between the front seats.  “Wow!”

“Erin, stop it!” I said.

“But I want to watch,” she whined at me over her shoulder.  She leaned forward to get a better view as Lucy lowered her head into the driver’s lap.  The back of my wife’s shirt rose up as she did so, exposing her soft white buttocks again.

Jimmy growled with pleasure and reached out to squeeze my wife’s tender cheeks.  She reached back to slap at his hand, but she was too focused on Lucy working the driver’s cock to pay much attention to Jimmy.  I heard loud slurping sounds and he driver groaned with pleasure.

“Jimmy, will you get your hand off of my wife’s butt, please?” I asked.

“Oh stop being such a prude all the time,” he laughed.  “Here watch this.” He reached down underneath my wife and she squealed as he inserted a finger into her cunt.  She reached back and grabbed his wrist, trying to pull it away.

“Jimmy, oh Jimmy, stop that,” she gasped.

He pushed his finger in and out of her more aggressively, she wasn’t strong enough to stop him.  “Your mouth says no, but your pussy says yes,” he grunted. “You are wet as fuck.”

“Oooh, oooh,” moaned my wife as Jimmy fingered her.

I felt my guts in a knot and I finally grabbed Jimmy’s elbow and yanked it back.  His finger came out of my wife with a wet popping sound and she sighed in disappointment.  She looked over her shoulder at Jimmy and wiggled her butt back and forth suggestively.

“Erin!” I cried.

“Oops, sorry, dear,” she said.  “But that felt sort of good.”

“Aahh,” screamed the driver.  “Ahh, sweet Rati!”

Erin fell back into her seat between Jimmy and I and Lucy’s face appeared between the seats.  She wore a devilish grin. Her face was cover in globs of translucent semen and a big stringy glob was dripping from her chin.  “Look how much he came, Jimmy!”

“Great job, sweetie,” laughed Jimmy.  “You really got him to blow a big load!”

“You people are sick,” I said.  I was feeling sick and aroused and jealous all at the same time.

“You just aren’t any fun at all,” said Lucy and she blew a raspberry at me.

A big chunk of cum came off of her lips and struck my tie.  “Ugh!” I cried. I looked down at the sticky pearl drop staining my red silk tie in disgust.  “Look what you did! I have a biohazard on me now!”

“I am very healthy, sir,” objected the driver.  “And we have arrived.”

The car came to a stop and Lucy kissed the driver on the cheek.  “I like your penis!” she told him.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful tip, ma’am,” he said.

We all got out of the car, and the girls ran ahead, heads close together as they whispered and giggled.

“I can’t believe you let your wife do that,” I told Jimmy in amazement.

“She’s a nymphomaniac,” he said with a shrug.  “She does that sort of thing all the time. Never a dull moment with her.  She always sucking off random men. You should have been there the time she convinced a bunch of businessmen to gang bang her in the elevator at my office building.”  He shook his head. “Good times, good times.”

When we got to the host stand, a young man was standing with a menu in his hand and staring at our wife’s bare legs in their revealing outfits.

“Um, where is the restroom, honey?” Lucy asked him with a twinkle in her eye.  “I have to go clean all this gism off my face.”

The young guy pointed mutely toward the back of the restaurant and Lucy ran off, butt cheeks flashing.  Several men standing around waiting for tables craned their necks to watch, wives slapping their arms in irritation.

“Lucy is FUN, isn’t she?” commented Erin.

“She sure is,” agreed Jimmy.  “You are fun too.” He put his arm around my wife as the host lead us to our table.

“Not as fun as she is,” said Erin.

“But you could be,” he said.  He reached his hand up the back of my wife’s shirt dress, and she let him fondle her rear.

“I’ll try,” she breathed

“Erin!” I complained

“Oh, sorry honey,” she said, but she didn’t make Jimmy stop.  I just watched helplessly as he felt her up.

We were seated and the server took our drink orders and I just sat there in a daze as Jimmy whispered things into my wife’s ear and she laughed.  Lucy returned and when a burly Mexican busboy came to bring us water she reached out and grabbed his crotch.

“Ai, permiso, permiso,” cried the meaty fellow, taken aback.

“Te gusta?” asked Lucy?  She slipped one strap off of her shoulder and one of her pert round tits came falling out.

“Ai, puta!” laughed the busboy.  He looked around the dining room furtively and pinched Lucy’s nipple which she kneaded the bulge in his polyester slacks.

“I like how he doesn’t bother looking at you or I,” laughed Jimmy.  “He just doesn’t want his BOSS to see him feeling up the clientele.”

Once the busboy was finished pouring water, he winked at Lucy and went away, motioning for her to follow him.

“I’m off on another adventure!” she said.  She took up her wine, hitched her strap back up and ran off to follow the busboy.

“Looks like you moved too slow with her,” said Jimmy.  “Sorry old man.” He unzipped his fly and took his cock out, it was straining upward, veiny and stiff.  “I say, Erin, can you help me with this?”

My wife looked around the dining room in trepidation. “Jimmy, we can’t do this HERE in front of everyone.”

“You can’t do it ANYWHERE, you are my WIFE for fuck’s say,” I told her drunkenly.

Jimmy just put Erin’s hand on his cock and she leaned in close to his side and started stroking it for him.  She drank with her left hand and tugged his dick with her right.

“I’ll just pull on it a little bit for him, ok?” she asked me.

“Erin, what’s gotten into you?” I asked in amazement.  My mouth was dry again and I drank off my wine.

“Oh, I don’t know, I just want to have fun, I guess,” she sighed.  “Look how much fun Lucy and Jimmy have.” Then she bent over and put the head of Jimmy’s cock in her mouth.

He moaned in pleasure, put his hand on the back of my wife’s head as she bobbed her head up and down, sucking him off in the middle of the busy upscale restaurant.  He reached down and unbuttoned my wife’s shirt and her big boobs fell out. I watched him fondle those soft white orbs and hard pink nipples and I felt my breath stop.  My heart was pounding, but I didn’t know what to do.

A chubby middle aged man in a suit came over to the table.  He looked like a manager.

“I’m sorry folks, you can’t do that in here, you will have to leave,” he said.  He watched Jimmy squeezing my wife’s tits with a mix of disgust and yearning, which is sort of how I felt myself.

Erin lifted her head, her chin glistening with spit as Jimmy’s dong throbbed below her.  “What? Omigosh! Are we being kicked out?”

“Very sorry, ma’am.  Please come back when you are a little more sober and can act more, uh, in accord with the behavior we expect at a fine eating establishment.”

“No problem, I need to find a quiet place to fuck her anyway,” Jimmy told the manager as he stood up.  His dick was sticking out stiffy from his open fly, but he didn’t seem to mind. A couple of wives at the other tables were staring in fascination as his huge boner and the husbands had a chance to slap THEIR shoulders.

“Put that thing away,” giggled my wife, grabbing his thing playfully.  She was holding the front of her unbuttoned shirt closed with one hand.

“I’ll put it away inside your pussy,” he growled.

“Oooh, I like that idea,” she said.

“ERIN!” I complained.

“Oh, you,” she said and released Jimmy’s cock with a sigh.

Everyone was staring at us as Jimmy hustled my wife out a side exit. The men were watching my wife’s bouncing bosom and naked legs, the women watched Jimmy’s cock swinging proudly before him, and everyone pointed me out, the nervous cuckold hurrying to keep up.  I heard whispers and laughter all around and my face flushed red. We came to an alley behind the restaurant where we found Lucy bent over, hands against a dumpster while the brown skinned busboy violated her doggystyle while a gang of dishwashers from the kitchen stood around and hooted encouragement in spanish.

“Hmm, a little too crowded here,” said Jimmy.

“And too stinky!” added Erin, holding her nose.

“How about down on the grass there?” he asked motioning to a lush green lawn next to the Arizona canal.

“Jimmy, no, there are people everywhere!” complained Erin.

“Oh, no one will mind,” he said, guiding my reluctant wife down to the waterfront.

“Jimmy, this is ridiculous, what do you intend to do, fuck my wife right here in front of everyone?” I asked, my voice cracking with anxiety.  I gestured to the families walking back and forth, emerging into the cooler air of dusk.

“Let’s just sit down and enjoy the view of the water, can’t we?” he asked, exasperated.

I noticed a bunch of people at the patio of Olive and Ivy watching us closely.

“Ok, yes, that’s fine, let’s just enjoy the water,” said my wife.  She and Jimmy sat on the grass together. “Ooh, the grass is tickling my hoo-haw,” she giggled.

“I’ve got something to tickle your hoo-haw with,” growled Jimmy and he grabbed my wife and started kissing her mouth hard.  She resisted him at first, trying to push him away, but soon they were making out madly. She reached down and was stroking his hard cock, still sticking out from his open fly.  He reached inside her open shirt and was fondling her boobs. Nex thing I knew he was on top of my wife and she spread her legs wide for him. I watched in sick fascination as she guided the red swollen head of his cock into herself, parting the labia.  He thrust his ass downward, plunging himself deep into my woman and I heard her gasp loudly with pleasure. I heard a titter of laughter from up on the patio, and my face burned with shame as I stood and watched Jimmy penetrating my wife over and over again right there on the lawn of the Scottsdale Riverwalk.   A group of bystanders gathered to watch.

I cringed as I heard my wife moaning and whimpering with pleasure, Jimmy’s thrust increasing with vigor, coming faster and harder now.

Erin looked up at me blearily as she lay beneath Jimmy who covering her bare chest, pumping away.  “Sorry about this dear,” she cried. Then her whole body shuddered, and I could tell she was coming, she arched her head back and grabbed Jimmy’s back in desperation.  He could tell she had come and decided to release then too. I watched him grind himself down onto my wife as he emptied his seed inside her.

“Oh, no, you can’t come inside,” she moaned.  “I’m not on birth control and this is my fertile time.”

“Too late,” he told her proudly.  Then he climbed off and his big wet cock hung down.

My wife’s legs were parted and I could see her vagina, swollen and parted.  She reached a finger inside herself and I watched in shock as a dribble of white creamy semen emerged from her parted pussy lips.

“Hey there you all are,” said Lucy appearing suddenly.  She saw the jizz streaming out of my wife’s cunt and laughed.  “Oh is sperm leaking out of you too?” she cried gaily. “I’ve got the seed of like five different mexicans running down my thighs right now.  I need a hot towel or something. Come on let’s go get a drink over there and see if there are any more guys to fuck.”

She helped Erin to her feet and the two women went running off together.

I looked at Jimmy with disgust as he wiped his cock with his handkerchief and put it back in his pants.

“Don’t look at me like that old man,” he said.  “This is just the beginning.”

“The beginning of what?” I asked woodenly.

“Who knows?  Let me buy you a drink to celebrate new beginnings.”  He clapped me on the shoulder and lead me over the bridge to the place across the canal that our wives had ducked into. I saw Erin making eyes at a handsome waiter.  She hadn’t even bothered to button her shirt back up again. I had a bad feeling about the direction the night was heading, but Jimmy just laughed and laughed and dragged me to the bar to order another round.


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Fertile Wife Owned Over Drinks With Friends

By Gustav Jorgenson

A big group of us from the Berkeley Tennis Club went up to the Claremont for drinks one Saturday evening.  We were out on that gorgeous veranda, high in the Oakland Hills, watching the sunset over San Francisco Bay.  I was still feeling the sting from having lost yet again to Eric and Tom in doubles and was trying to drown my sorrows in a vodka tonic.

“Yes, you and Pattie really took it in the ass today, didn’t you, Simon?” Eric asked me loudly.  Everyone broke out laughing.

“My god you are crude,” laughed my wife Shannon.  She twirled a lock of her curly blonde hair between her fingers as she smiled at him over her bare shoulder, her ivory skin exposed by her strapless blouse which showed off her nice breasts.  He had budged in right next to her at the table, much to my annoyance, and he seemed to be looking at her cleavage every chance he got.

“What a crass way to put it,” commented Ann, Shannon’s double’s partner.  She was sitting across from us and eyeing Eric with frank lust in her eyes.  He was tall and muscular, jet black hair in his mid-40’s with those shockingly white teeth from which emerged the filthiest language.  Rumor had it that he had bedded several of the wives at the club. Shannon wasn’t the only woman at the table who kept looking at him. I had to admit I was a little jealous of the attention he received.

“Please don’t call me ‘Pattie’, Eric,” complained Patrick, my good friend and long time tennis partner.  Patrick was a chubby fellow with rosy cheeks and a ready smile. He was generally jolly and good natured, but his one pet peeve was being called “Pattie.”  So of course Eric never failed call him that. “And yes, it was painful losing to you guys YET AGAIN. I wish you would just close us out in straight sets, I hate the way you play cat and mouse with us, letting us have a game here and there to give us false hope before breaking our serve and crushing us.”

“Don’t cry Pattie, it’s unmanly,” said Patrick.  He took a drink of his single malt scotch with the big single block of ice in it.  “You two are just natural losers, I can’t help that. You simply don’t have the force of will or the mental toughness to beat us.”

The table broke out in nervous laughter.

“Ouch,” laughed Tom, Eric’s buddy and fellow douchebag.

“Ho, ho, big talk,” said my wife.  “You think just because you can beat my husband at tennis that makes you a winner and him a loser?  There is more to life than tennis you know.” I didn’t like the way she stroked her bare collarbone as she looked at him, gently with just the tips of her fingers, as though she were picturing HIM touching her there.

“Shannon, are you wearing a bra?” asked Eric.  He stared directly at my wife’s big breasts.

More laughter and hooting from the table.

“Eric, you are terrible,” said Shannon, suppressing a smile.  “Of course I am. How could you say such a thing?”

“I can see that your nipples are hard, and your boobs look really bouncy,” said Eric.

My wife looked down at her own chest and pulled her top up self-consciously.  Her cheeks were coloring. “Oh my god, don’t look at my nipples, Eric. How dare you!”

A few of the other guys were sniggering around the table.  We were into our third or fourth round of drinks at this point and propriety was starting to decay.

“I can’t believe you let your wife walk around without a bra like that, Simon,” Eric said.  “It’s like she’s advertising that she’s available for sex.”

Shannon covered her face with her hands as the table laughed raucously.  

“Shannon’s boobs do look particularly abundant tonight.  She must be in the fertile part of the month,” put in Tom

“Can you guys stop talking about my wife’s breasts, please?” I said.  I shook the ice in my glass and peered to see if I had any booze left.  I tilted it way back until the ice tapped my nose, but only got a small dribble of watered down vodka.  I motioned to the waitress to bring another.

“Thank you honey, my goodness,” said Shannon, patting my shoulder.  Her face was red, but her eyes were shining with excitement. I think she actually liked the attention and I would swear that her nipples got even harder, protruding vulgarly through the thin material of her blouse.

“Yes, do try to keep things classy, gents,” said Fred, the president of the tennis club.  He was a thin older fellow with a mustache and wire framed glasses, feathered back 80’s hairstyle that made him look like a psycho killer.  I noticed him staring at Shannon’s boobs as he said this and I shot him a dirty look. But he just ignored me and licked his lips distractedly as he ogled my wife.

“Oh, are you fertile right now, Shannon?” asked Eric with interest.

“Oh my gosh,” Shannon just stared at Ann across the table and jerked a thumb in Eric’s direction.  “Can you believe this guy?”

Ann laughed.  “He’s such a cad, isn’t he?”

Shannon gave Eric a shy glance.  “You are SUCH a cad.”

Eric just pursed his lips arrogantly and took another drink.  “You know I read an article the other day about a study that showed women are more attracted to alpha males during their fertile period.”

“Omigosh, I was just reading that!” gasped Ann excitedly.  She fished her phone out of her purse. “I have it right here.  Quote: The findings fit with the theory that men who are more masculine would have produced fitter offspring in the ancestral period when reproductive hormones first evolved.”

A few of the other men around the table grumbled a bit at that, but the women generally seemed to be nodding along in agreement.

“That’s ridiculous, we aren’t cave people, Eric,” I said.  I spilled a bit of my fresh drink down the front of my shirt as I lifted it drunkely to my mouth.

“Yeah, and what makes you think you are such an alpha male?” my wife asked Eric, turning her torso toward him in a way that made her breast jut out even further.

He started blatantly at her chest for a moment, taking his time to answer.  “I’m sorry, what was the question?”

The table broke out in lecherous laughter.  My wife slapped Eric’s chest playfully.

“You are so bad, stop looking at my boobs like that, you are making me self-conscious,” she said.

“Shannon, when you don’t wear a bra, men are going to look at your tits and they are going to think that you signalling a need to get fucked,” said Eric.  He looked over at me. “Simon, when’s the last time you gave Shannon a proper shagging. Like a real rough one, push her face in the pillow sort of fuck?”

The table was consumed with a bought of nervous giggling.  Ann was wiping tears of mirth from her eyes.

Shannon covered her face again and Eric slipped his arm around the back of her shoulders.

“Um, that’s inappropriate,” I said.  I could feel my own face getting hot now.  I wanted to tell him to take his arm from around my wife, but I didn’t quite know how to say it.

“Simon takes very good care of me in the bedroom,” said Shannon.  She patted my knee. Then she leaned into his arm a bit. “And stop accusing me of not wearing a bra.  I told you over and over that I AM wearing a bra.”

Eric ran his hand up and down my wife’s back.  “You are lying, Shannon, I don’t feel any bra strap.”

“Oh my god,” said Shannon.  Her face went back into her hands.

“Busted!” giggled Anne and the other women at the table gasped and started laughing.

Eric kept rubbing my wife’s back and wagged his eyebrows at me.  “You want me to service your wife for you, Simon? She’s clearly begging for it.”

“I am not!” said Shannon.  She put her hands on the table and leaned forward as Eric started kneading her shoulders. “Ugh, that does feel good though.  Yeah, right there, a little harder, oh I’m so tight.”

A few people at the table exchanged looks.  I felt like crawling under a rock, this was so embarrassing to have this arrogant prick putting his hands on my wife and having her cooing with pleasure.

Eric put his mouth to her ear.  “I’ll give it to you a LOT harder,” he muttered just loud enough for me to hear.  “But it better be tight.”

“Big talk,” said Shannon with a grin.  

“Hey now!” I complained, but I didn’t know how to stop him.

Then Eric dug his fingers up under her shoulder blades and she moaned.  “Oh, that’s so good.”

“Here, put both your hands behind your back,” Eric told my wife.

“Wait, why?” she asked dreamily.  She was lost in the bliss of his back rub.

“It’s like a stretch.  You will feel it in your shoulders,” he said.

“Oh, ok,” Shannon put her hands behind her back.

Eric clamped a big hand over my wife’s wrists, gripping them both behind her back.

“Ouch,” she said.  “Oh, what are you doing?”

“I’m constraining you,” he said.

“Let her go, Eric,” I said.  I could feel my armpits growing damp.

“She needs a real man at this time of the month, Simon, and you just aren’t up to the task,” he said.

The table broke out in nervous titters.

“Um, you are kind of hurting me, Eric,” my wife told him.

“Oh, I’m sorry baby,” he said.  “Here, does this make it better?”  He jerked her wrists backward, causing her chest to jut forward.  Then he reached up and started squeezing her right boob.

Shannon yelped with pain and then broke out giggling.  “You filthy beast! Let me go!”

Our friends started shouting in outrage, “That’s going too far!”

“I think you are hurting her!”

I grabbed Eric’s hand and tried to pry it off my wife’s wrists, but his grip was too strong.

Then he suddenly pulled down the front of her blouse, allowed her big white boobs to come flopping out onto the table.  He pinched first one pink nipple and then the other as my wife shrieked and struggled to get free. The table erupted in chaos, chairs were falling back as everyone jumped to their feet. Patrick helped me yank Eric’s hands off my wife’s wrists finally and Shannon quickly pulled her top back up.

I went to punch him but he knocked my arm aside with disdain.  I recalled that he had studied Krav Maga or something. Shannon stepped between us and pushed me back.

“Don’t, honey!  Don’t do something rash.  He might hurt you,” my wife said.

The manager of the restaurant came running over with a security guard in tow.

“Is everything alright here, folks?  There seems to be some sort of disturbance,”  he was a sweaty Mexican fellow in a tight fitting jacket.  The security guard was a short young black guy with bloodshot eyes who stank of cannabis.

“Oh, no, everything is fine.  Some of us have had a bit too much to drink is all and are getting rambunctious,” said Shannon.  She was pushing me back with one hand, still standing between Eric and I.

“Oh, well, please try not to disturb the other guests,” said the manager, bending over with effort to pick up my wife’s chair. He set it upright with a grunt.  The security guard looked relieved and walked away. The manager turned to watch him go and seemed about to call him back but then he paused. He looked at our party, a group of well dressed white people, looked at Eric’s gleaming smile and shrugged in resignation before walking away.

“That was really out of hand, Eric, you owe Shannon an apology,” said Fred.

“I told you she wasn’t wearing a bra, Fred,” said Eric.

A few of the guys in the group started giggling until the women shushed them.  Shannon stared at Eric with a look of bemusement and shook her head. She crossed her arms over her boobs to hide her nipples.

“That’s not the fucking point, Eric,” I shouted.  “You basically molested my wife in front of the entire club.  Everyone saw it.”

“Big deal, she probably enjoyed giving the boys a thrill.  I think she likes getting handled rough,” he said.

“You bastard, I ought to knock your teeth in,” I screamed.  I felt the veins pulsing in my neck, but my gut was flipping.  I didn’t feel capable of knocking Eric out, in fact, I was pretty sure he would wreck me in a fight.

“Try to relax yourself dear,” said Shannon, patting my shoulder.  She shrugged. “So he got a little carried away. There is no harm done, I’m sure the boys did get a thrill out of it.”  She glanced around meekly at the men standing around.

“I can’t believe you are being so casual about this, he pulled your boobs out and groped them!”

“Um, yeah,” said my wife and I watched her face in horror as she bit her lip.  Was she getting aroused? I couldn’t believe her.

“Well, we are out of here! Come on, let’s go,” I said.

“Wait, wait,” begged Shannon.  “I don’t want the night to end on a sour note like this.  Can’t we just all sit down and have another drink? Next round is on Eric.”  She turned to Eric. “And you try to behave yourself, mister.”

Eric just looked at her with narrowed eyes and a wolfish smile.

“Ahem,” said Shannon.  “Now, you apologize to my husband, Eric, and you two shake and make up.”

“Shannon!” I complained.

She slipped behind me and pushed me toward Eric who extended his hand.

“No hard feelings?” he said.

I was about to slap his hand away but everyone was watching and I felt that they wanted to put this episode behind us and get back to drinking.  So I swallowed my pride and took his hand. To my surprise, he didn’t try to crush it, but just shook it firmly.

“I am really sorry about that,” he said.

“You should be,” I said. I had trouble making eye contact as his stare bored into me.

“We need to walk you through this process more gently,” Eric added.  

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked. But I had a sinking sensation inside. I felt light headed.  I think I knew what he meant.

“Shh,” he said, holding a finger to his lips.  “You’ll see.” He turned to hail a server “Waiter, bring another round.  On me.”

I sat back down with trepidation.  I considered asking Eric to move to a different seat, but he and my wife just plopped right down side by side and he put his arm around her back again.

“It’s so fascinating how complex female sexuality is,” said Ann.  “On the one hand we want a good and gentle man, a good provider for our children.  On the other hand, we can’t help but dream of that animal that will tear our clothes right off and have his way with us, totally consumed by his uncontrollable desire.”

“Amen,” said Fred’s wife Susan.  And she was normally such a quiet and unassuming older lady that everyone at the table broke out laughing.

I leaned forward and whispered in Shannon’s ear.  “Honey, can’t we just go now, I’m feeling uncomfortable.”

“Oh, honey, please don’t make a big deal out of it,” she said.  Then she addressed the table. “Why I feel so much closer to all our friends now that everyone has seen my boobs.”

General laughter all around.  Everyone appreciated my wife being such a good sport about it.  Everyone but me of course.

“It’s really just inappropriate,” I muttered.

“I know it’s hard for you honey, but try not to let it get to you.  Eric just got a little carried away, I don’t mind really,” said Shannon.

“The fact that you don’t mind is what’s bothering me,” I said.  And for some reason everyone started laughing at that. It didn’t seem funny to me.

“Well you have to admit, it was sort of exciting,” she said, biting her finger.  “I mean no one has ever pulled my boobs out in public before.”

“That turned you on, didn’t it?” Eric asked her.  “I think you are a little exhibitionist.”

“Mmmm, maybe a little,” purred my wife.  She still had her finger in her mouth.

“Shannon, how could you SAY that?” I said.  My voice was cracking.  I felt betrayed.

“She’s just being HONEST, Simon,” said Susan with annoyance.

I opened my mouth to answer when Eric leaned over and started nibbling on my wife’s neck.

Shannon screeched and pushed him away.  “Oh you naughty boy, you just won’t let up will you?”  It made me disgusted to see how delighted she was by his advances.

“Look, just give me a kiss,” he said.  Then he turned to me and held a hand up.  “Eric, this is just a harmless kiss. Shannon is still your wife and she still loves you, ok?  What happens between her and I has nothing to do with your relationship.”

“But, but,” I said.

Eric ignored me and grabbed my wife by the back of the hair and pulled her face toward his.

She struggled for a moment before relaxing into his arms.  The women at the table all let out a collective sigh as they watched Eric kissing my wife on the mouth, hard.  His tongue went probing into hers.

“Ok, I’ve had enough of this bullshit, come on honey, we are leaving!”  I grabbed my wife’s arm and yanked her away from Eric.

Shannon’s head rolled in a circle on her shoulders as if she was about to swoon.  “Whoa! What? Where am I? That was intense.”

“You can’t just go kissing other men in front of me!” I cried.  My pits were soaked and my heart was pounding.

“I didn’t have much choice, he just grabbed me and whammo!” said Shannon.

“Come on, we are leaving,” I tugged on my wife’s arm, but she didn’t budge.

“Honey, please give me a minute to recover,” said Shannon.  She fanned her face with her hand and reached for her vodka tonic.

“No, no, you’ve had too much to drink already, you are drunk and making a fool of yourself.”  I tried to take Shannon’s drink away but she struggled with me.

“Don’t be silly, Simon, let me have my drink. I need to calm my nerves.  I’m all fluttery inside,” begged my wife.

“Let her have her drink Simon, she’s a grown woman for chrissake,” snapped Ann.  “She doesn’t need you to tell her when she’s had enough.”

The rest of the table offered murmurs of agreement.  Everyone else seemed to think it was perfectly fine for my wife to make out drunkenly with another man in public.

“Simon, look, this is totally natural.  It’s just a biological imperative. Your wife is super horny right now and needs some rough sex from a, well, a more, uh, dominant man,” said Eric.  “Sorry, I don’t really know how to sugar coat this for you. But you know, she’s fertile right now. I can really sense it.”

“I really do feel fertile,” admitted Shannon.  “It felt really good to have my boobs squeezed like that.”  Then she blushed. “Oh my god, I’m sorry honey,” she touched my arm.  “I’m being so terrible. But of course I only love you, sweetie.”

“This is totally ridiculous,” I said standing up.  I was shaking with impotent rage. “I’m leaving.”

“I think you should stay, and um, we should try to work this out,” said Shannon.

Eric took her hand and put it in his lap.

“Oh my god, Eric, stop it!” gasped my wife.  But he held her hand against his groin. “Oh my god, is that your thing?” giggled Shannon.  

“Is it big?” asked Susan with interest.

“Susan!” exclaimed Fred.  “Come on now!”

“I’m curious, Fred,” said Susan.  Everyone broke out laughing.

“It’s really big and hard,” said my wife.  She was squeezing Eric’s bulge and I could see the outline of it in his pants.

“Jesus, Shannon, stop that will you?” I begged.

“Well, I mean, it’s just,” she bit her lip.  “It’s really, I mean, like big.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked defensively.

“Oh, I mean yours is nice too, dear,” she added hurriedly.  ‘Oh, my god, Eric, don’t.”

I watched in shock as Eric unzipped his fly and his pulsing member erupted from his pants.   He put my wife’s hand on it.

“Try to remember to breath, Simon.  Everything is going to be OK,” Eric told me.  Then he grabbed my wife’s hair and yanked her face against his again, kissing her fiercely.  I was frozen in place, totally stunned as I watched this douchebag kissing my wife in front of everyone and she was actually stroking his hardon.  She tugged on it pretty insistently too. Everyone at the table stared at them kissing, transfixed. Susan put her head under the table to see and a couple of the other women followed suit, all of them giggling when the say how big Eric’s cock was.

“Susan, what on earth are you doing?” demanded Fred.

“Watching Shannon give Eric a handjob,” replied Susan reasonably.

Everyone laughed nervously.  A few of the guys looked at me with compassion.  Patrick came over and put his hand on my shoulder.

“Maybe we should just go, buddy,” he said.

“I can’t just leave her here with him,” I said.

Eric was squeezing Shannon’s boobs again and she was whimpering with pleasure.

“Squeeze the nipples,” she urged him.  And he flipped the front of her blouse down again, exposing those milky white tits.  Several of the guys growled with arousal as they watched Eric tweaking and twisting my wife’s big, hard, pink nipples.

“Fred what on earth are you looking at?” teased Susan.

Fred blushed and everyone laughed.

Eric reached down and pulled his pants down to his ankles before taking both my wife’s huge knockers into his hands again.

“Jesus, look at the size of his balls,” gasped Ann.  Her head was under the table and I thought we was going to crawl under there and start sucking his nuts.

“Holy shit,” gasped my wife.  She turned to me. “Honey, I know I’m being a horrible trollop right now, but I’m just feeling SO hormonal, I’m out of control.  And I know this is especially terrible, but you really have to see how big his balls are. I’ve never seen anything like it. Really, come over here and look.”

Shannon cupped Eric’s massive nutsack in her palm and showed me.  They were the size of tennis balls. I truly was amazed at the size of those huge hairy nuts.  No wonder he had the nerve to grab my wife right in front of me like that.

“Those are really amazing,” said Susan.

“Thank you, Susan, that means alot to me coming from you,” said Eric as he forced my wife’s head down into his crotch.  She started lapping at his balls eagerly. “That a girl, suck those balls like a good little slut.” His face was beaming with satifaction, I was practically blinded by the brilliance of his bright white smile.  “Why not sit down and enjoy the show, Simon?” he urged. “Your wife is about to get very happy.”

“You are such a fucking asshole,” I spat.  I felt totally powerless.

“Don’t be like that,” he pouted.  “You should be happy for her. She’s about to get dicked really hard.”  I watched as she sucked Eric’s cock hungrily.

“Oh my god, can we actually screw right here in front of everyone?” she asked him as she jerked his big veiny tool.  “Don’t watch this part honey. It might be too much.” Then she looked around the table. “I’m being such an incredible harlot you guys, I hope this doesn’t freak you out.  But I’m just so horny right now.”

“Go for it,” encouraged Tom.  “I’ll do you next.”

“Easy big guy,” laughed Shannon as she pulled her shorts and panties off.  I looked at her exposed patch of pubic hair with trepidation.

“Shannon, you wouldn’t!” I yelped.

“I’m so, so sorry about this, dear,” she said as she climbed onto Eric’s lap.  “I’m just really really fertile right now.” She had her back to Eric, facing the table as he gripped her soft hips and lowered her down onto his straining dick.  I watched the red swollen head penetrate into Shannon’s eager pussy and it felt like a punch to the gut. Shannon gasped with pleasure as he entered her.

“And you aren’t even using a condom,” I blurted.

“Bareback is the best,” he grunted as he pulled my wife down onto his shaft.

“Oh god oh god, go slow, it’s so BIG,” she moaned.

“Tell your husband how big it is,” he growled in her ear as he gripped her big boobs in his hands.

“Honey, it’s so, SO, big,” panted Shannon.  She steadied herself on the table as she bounced up and down on his cock.  Eric guided her up and down with his hands around her thin waist now and her giant breasts with flopping up and down in a fascinating way.  I felt myself growing hard in spite of myself.

“You are so fucking wet and tight,” he grunted.

“Yeah, fuck me, fuck me and cum inside me,” begged my wife.  The women at the table gasped in shock.

“Honey!” I complained.

“It would be so fucking hot if he came inside,” she moaned.  She was rubbing her clit with one hand and squeezing Eric’s giant balls with the other while he impaled her up and down.  I could see her pussy lips stretched tight around his erect shaft. Over and over in and out. I was getting dizzy as I watched.  Everyone was quiet now as they stared. I vaguely became aware that other tables were watching too.

The security guard wandered over and I thought hopefully that he would break this up.  But he just pulled out his penis and started shamelessly jerking off while he watched my wife getting owned by Eric’s giant cock.  That kid must have been stoned off his ass. The sweaty Mexican manager came running over.

“Rashid, what the fuck are you doing?” he asked.

“Shit is hot as fuck, Rico,” said the black guy as he jerked his dark meat.

“This shit is crazy,” admitted Rico getting drawn into the action as well.

Shannon was shuddering now and whimpering, her head thrown back in ecstasy as she yanked mercilessly on Eric’s balls. He gave a grunt and I could actually see his balls pulsating, pumping away as he came, injecting his seed up into my wife’a fertile womb.  I felt like puking. Cum started dribbling out of her cunt and down his shaft as he kept ploughing her. His cock popped out for a second and it coughed up a huge wad of cum that struck my wife right in the pussy. She quickly grabbed the slippery dong and pushed it back inside her, plunging the cum backup up inside her as he kept on blowing wad after wad, balls quivering away.

“Stay on top, stay on top, give my little guys a chance to get to the egg,” he urged, holding my wife down onto him.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” she purred.  I watched in disgust as my wife ground her crotch down onto Eric’s deflating rod, making sure to keep the entire length of it fully submerged into her.

She noticed me watching her and she seemed embarrassed.  She pulled up the front of blouse modestly.

“Wow, now you feel modest,” I say.  “You’ve got Eric balls deep inside you as he impregnates you and you pull up your top to hide your boobs.”

“Well, yeah, it feels weird for you to see them now for some reason,” she admitted.  Then she pouted at me. “I’m sorry honey. I know this is so weird. I mean, I do feel odd even talking to you now with another guys penis inside me.  But just know that I will always love you and this doesn’t mean that I love you any less. In fact I think I love you even more now.”

“Why, because you relish the idea of me raising Eric’s baby?” I asked.

“Wait, she’s YOUR wife?” asked the black kid, dick still in hand.  “That’s SUPER fucked up man.”

“Yeah, uh, you guys aren’t supposed to be having sex out here,” said Rico, the manager.  He was staring at my wife’s snatch the whole time.

“Don’t be a buzzkill, Rico,” said Eric, arm slung casually across my wife’s shoulders as she stay on his lap straddling his cock.  “Bring us another round.”

Rico seemed about to say something more, but just shook his head, took one last wistful glance at my wife’s cunt and then motioned to our server to bring another round as he turned to go.

“So, uh, what’s going on with YOU guys,” asked my wife, putting her elbows on the table and leaning forward a bit.

“Jesus, don’t you have any shame?” I asked.

Shannon bit her lip and looked up and to the side for a moment.  “Um, no, not really. I mean I thought I would, but it’s just sort of exciting really.  And all our friends seem to be handling it pretty well. Everyone seemed like they enjoyed watching Eric and I, uh, enjoying ourselves.”

There were nods of assent from around the table and I felt like crawling under a rock.

Another round of drinks arrived and Susan raised a glass to propose a toast.  “To Eric and Shannon, may their little tryst here today be fruitful.”

Everyone laughed at the innuendo and Eric raised his glass to me and gave me a wink.

Shannon looked back over her shoulder at him and grinned.  “My god, are you getting hard again?” I watched in shock as my wife started moving up and down on Eric’s re-inflating penis, reached down and grabbed his balls again.  “Can you believe how much stamina he has, dear?” she asked me with delight.

It was going to be a long night.

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Wife Taught Submission

By Gustav Jorgenson

Stacey had dragged us out to another one of those night clubs in Scottsdale frequented by twenty-year-olds.  I don’t understand why she was always doing this. I think the term for the place was “meat market.” All the girls were half-naked and all the guys were weightlifters.  I felt completely out of place, nerdy forty-two year old in my ill-fitting business suit with my paunch sticking out. Stacey of course tried to dress like the young girls, and though she still had a great body at thirty-seven, I felt that she looked a bit ridiculous with her bleach blonde pixie cut, in her tiny cocktail dress that barely covered her crotch, cut so low that her big boobs practically spilled out because of course she refused to wear a bra no matter how much I begged her. She sure got a lot of attention from men that way, but that’s not the sort of attention I wanted my wife to be getting.

I had pushed my way through the thronging crowd to get us another round.  I was dazed by the flashing strobes, thumping bass, and the young girls in thongs rubbing their bare buttcheeks against me as I tried to squirm past them.  I finally managed to get the attention of my bartender, a fashion model in a tiny bikini top with huge fake boobs and a tough expression on her face. I had learned early on that ridiculous over-tipping was required to get any service at all in places like this, where dozens of drunks were pressed three rows deep trying to get a drink.  But my girl noticed me and handed over our vodka tonics with a fleeting smile. I nodded my appreciation and dropped another pair of twenties on the bar.

I was jostled on my way back to our table so I spilled half of our drinks out onto myself and down the front of a girl’s blouse.  She pulled her booze soaked top away from her chest in disgust, giving me a nice view of her pink nipples before slapping my face for looking down her shirt.  I hurried on my way and was utterly annoyed to find my wife missing from our table with a gaggle of drunken frat boys in our place.

I sighed in resignation and went off looking for her.  She often tried to ditch me in bars after she’d had a few drinks.  She would sneak off and go flirt with other guys. I tried to be a good sport about it and give her some space.  I knew that she was feeling insecure about her sexual attractiveness as she got older. She tried to get validation from the interest other men gave her.  But I was starting to get really damn tired of it. I wandered around the darkened bar, half blinded by the occasional flashes of the lights and half deafened by the preposterous sound system.

Finally I located Stacey sitting at table with a tall well built guy with stupidly huge biceps.  I mean this guy must walk around with an iv drip of steroids to get arms like that. I was almost afraid to go over and join them.  This guy looked like he could put me through the wall with a flick of a wrist. Stacey had her chin in her hands, gazing up at the big guy like a lovestruck teenager.  What an obvious flirt she was. It was embarrassing really. I worked up my nerve and forced a smile on my face as I approached my wife and her new friend.

Stacey’s expression soured the minute she saw me.

“Ahh, there you are, honey,” I said.  “I, uh, brought your drink.”

“Yeah, just put it down,” said Stacey.

The big guy looked up at me in surprise.  “Oh, sorry, bro, I didn’t know Stacey was with someone.”

“I’m not, I’m not,” Stacey interjected, grabbing one of his veiny muscular forearms.

“Well HE seems to think you are, bringing you a drink like that,” laughed the guy.

“I’m Manny, Stacey’s husband,” I said, giving Stacey a dirty look.

She stuck her tongue out at me in response and snatched her drink from my hand.

“I’m Duke,” said the big guy, offering me his giant mitt to shake.

I took it with trepidation, trying to give him a firm handshake, afraid he would crush my metacarpals.  But he shook hands like a normal human and I withdrew my hand from his paw unscathed.

“Don’t feel that you need to hang around,” said Stacey.  She waved me along.

“Wow, you are a major bitch, huh?” he asked her with a grin.

“I can be,” she allowed.  She took a sip of her vodka.  “When I get cock blocked by my beta of a husband.”

“Whoa!” broke out Duke, slapping his forehead and breaking out in laughter.  He looked at me incredulously. “And you put up with shit like that, dude? Why don’t you divorce this slut?”

“He wouldn’t dare.  Who else would fuck his pathetic nerdy ass?”  Stacey was in fine form tonight.

“Alright dear,” I sighed.  “That’s enough. Come along, I think it’s time to go.  You’ve had too much to drink again.”

“Fuck you,” she spat.  “I have needs, you know.”  She had already finished the vodka I had brought her and was starting to slur.

“Believe me, I know.  I have the credit card bills to prove it.”

Duke laughed at that and gave me a wink.

“I have bedroom needs, Manny.  And you aren’t satisfying them.  You are a goddamn milquetoast. Why don’t you let me fuck a REAL man for a change?”

“Jesus Stacey, listen to yourself.  You are drunk off your ass.” She often got shitty with me when she drank, but this was going too far.  I reached down and took her by the arm. “I’m taking you home to sober up.”

“Get your hands off me, you faggot.”  She jerked away from me violently and I stood there helplessly for a moment.  I didn’t think I could carry her out of here on my shoulder. Not with my bad back.

“Buddy, buddy, let me help you out here,” said Duke.

“Will you help me get her out to the car?”  I asked.

“My car or yours?” he asked with a grin.

“Nice,” I said, shaking my head.  I had thought he was a cool guy.

“Look, man your wife is out of control.  She needs to be taken in hand and forced to submit.  You can’t let her disrespect you like this. These uppity bitches are all the same.  They need to be put in their place. Treat a lady like a whore, my pops used to say.”

“I’d let YOU treat me like a whore,” growled my wife.  She looked Duke up and down as if she wanted to devour him.

“Well you aren’t going to have any choice in the matter,” he told her.

“See, that’s how a man acts,” she told me.  “He’s taking charge.”


“Let me teach you how to do it,” he offered.  “It’s not hard to learn.”

“You are going to teach me how to take control of my own wife?” I asked.  “Wow, thanks but no thanks.”

“Look pal, the way she is acting, I doubt it would be the first time another guy took control of her since you were married.  You should wise up. Really you ought to just dump this tramp, but if you watch how I tame her, then maybe you will learn a lesson on how to handle your next woman.”

“He’ll never learn to be a man, that flabby out of shape limp dick,” said my loving wife.

“Muscles got nothing to do with it,” he assured me.

“What are you suggesting, that I let you, what?”  my pulse quickened. “Discipline my wife?”

“He wants to fuck me, Manny,” said Stacey with disgust.  She had slipped one hand into the top of her gown and was toying with her boob as she looked at Duke with frank lust.  “And he expects you to watch and learn how to do it right. I’m all for it.”

“You want to fuck, bitch?  Take your panties off and prove it,” Duke told her. He was so nonchalant about it that I nearly choked on my drink.

“Oh you bad boy, I like it when you talk dirty to me,” said my wife.  I watched in horror as she lifted up her rump out of her chair and reached up her dress to wriggle her panties off.  She slid them down her gorgeous thighs and then they dropped to the ground. She scooped them up with one foot and lifted a shapely calf up onto the table, her black lace panties dangling from one stiletto heel.

“See, she’s a total whore, dude,”  Duke bent down to look under the table but Stacy had one hand covering her crotch.

“Honey’s what’s gotten into you?” I asked.  My pulse was pounding in my ears.

‘It’s what hasn’t gotten into me, darling,” she sneered.  “Such as a big hard cock. I haven’t gotten one of those into me in a long time.”

“If you are so horny, bitch, why you covering your pussy?  Take you hand away, let me see it,” Duke urged. He licked his lips in anticipation.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you?” she asked him.  She leaned forward and pulled her hem down as well she could with one leg still up on the table. “You dirty boy.”

Duke looked at my wife with his head cocked for a moment.  “Manny, grab her panties will you? I think I’ve made my point.”  He said this without looking away from my wife. Then he pushed his chair back and stood up.

I fished my wife’s black lace panties off the heel of her shoe and pulled her ankle off the table and put it back on the ground.

“Are you sober enough to walk?” I asked Stacey.

“Of course, you fool,” said my wife.  She tried to stand but then flopped back in her chair.

“Here help me get her up, will you?” I asked Duke.  I hated to ask this guy for help, but I didn’t know what else to do.  Also, he seemed satisfied to have made his point with my wife’s panties, so I thought maybe he would leave it at that.

“I got her, dude,” said Duke.  He came over and grabbed my wife by the waist and tossed her casually over his shoulder.  Stacey squealed with glee as her face slammed into the small of Duke’s back and her hip lodged on his shoulder.  I stared in shock at my wife’s round butt sitting next to Duke’s head. “Watch this,” he told me and lifted the back of Stacey’s dress up exposing her bare ass.

“Rape! Rape!” giggled Stacey pounding on Duke’s glutes with her tiny fists.

“Come on man, don’t,” I begged.

“Don’t what?” he asked innocently as he pushed two finger between my wife’s luscious white thighs fishing around until he found her vagina.  He parted her labia and showed me the pink inside.  Meanwhile my faithful wife cackled with laughter. “She’s a total slut, dude.”

“Just don’t, ok?” I begged.

“Ok, ok, I’m just making a point,” he said.  He seemed contrite for a moment and even pulled Stacey’s hem back down to cover her butt cheeks.  But I could still see her puffy cunt lips poking out between her thighs.

“That’s right, cover me back up, you naughty, naughty boy,” called Stacey.  She kicked her legs in delight as Duke carried her effortlessly.

“I thought you made your point with the panties,” I said.

“Well I have a few more points to make actually,” Duke admitted.  He held his finger out to me. “Wanna smell my finger?”

“Fuck off!” I said, slapping his hand away in disgust.

“Ah, don’t be so sore about it.  I’m doing you a favor,” he said. Duke deftly hopped the planter separating the patio from the sidewalk but I wasn’t graceful enough to copy the move and I had to run around to a gate, desperate to catch up.

“Hey, hey, hey, where are you going with my wife?” I called, chasing after the big man.

“Somewhere with a bed and some condoms I hope,” Stacey told me craning her neck back as she was carried away.

“Where is your car, dude?” he asked.

“Um, that white BMW,” I said.

“The M6?  Damn!”

“I wouldn’t have married a wimp like him if he wasn’t a good earner,” said Stacey as I unlocked the door and Duke dumped her into the back seat.

“Ok, well, no hard feelings.  Thanks for your help, have a good night,” I told Duke, holding out my hand.

“What?” he asked looking confused.  Then he got into the back of the car next to my wife.  “Get in and drive, what are you waiting for?”

“Duke, come on.  She’s a married woman,” I plead as I jumped into the driver’s seat.

“She’s a whore and she acts like a bitch to you.” Duke leaned forward between the seats.  “You need me to show you how to handle her. How to put her in her place, my man. It’s a life lesson.”

“She’s just drunk, Duke.  She’s not normally like this,” I could feel the tears coming on.  This big guy was going to come and fuck my wife and there was nothing I could do to stop him.  She seemed completely onboard with the whole idea.

“Do you really believe that she loves you?” he asked me.  “She yanked her panties off the second I asked her to, dude.  Think about that. Start the car.”

I started the car and started driving.  I honestly didn’t know what else to do.

“Don’t feel bad about it honey,” my wife said from the back seat.  “It’s not the end of the world.”

I glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw her snuggling up against Duke.  I watched her take his hand and put it down inside the top of her dress and then hold it onto her boob.

“Do you see what’s she’s doing, man?  She’s desperate for me to feel up those udders.”

“Udders!  How dare you?” she tried to pull Duke’s hand off of her breast, but he was too strong for her and he pulled both her tits out of her dress and started squeezing her nipples.  “Ouch!” she cried. “Go easy you brute.”

“Shut up and suck my dick,” he grunted.

‘I will not!”

“Yes you will,” he said and he grabbed my wife by the back of her head and forced it into his lap.

“That’s it, that’s it.  I’m pulling over.” I pulled the car to the side of the road.  “Get out and call an Uber to get home.” I told him.

“I’m not going anywhere dude,” he told me.  “I’m too busy getting my dick sucked by your worthless ass wife.”

“You are forcing her.  I’m gonna call 911!”

“I’m not forcing her.  Go ahead and call the cops.  I’ll show them how she licks my balls.  Show your husband how much you like my balls, baby.  Give them some love.”

Stacey moaned and slurped from the back seat.

“Look!  Watch her.”

My mouth was dry.  “I’m not watching.”  I looked straight ahead and felt me gut clenching and unclenching.  How could she do this to me?

Stacey put her hand on my shoulder.  She had lifted her head from Duke’s lap and her face was slathered with spit.

“Honey, it’s important for you to see this.  I think you need to understand what is happening here.”  She held my gaze seriously as she descended back down. I watched in horror as she gripped his stiff uncut rod pointing erect at the ceiling of my M6.  It was all brown and veiny, slick with her spit. Then she cupped his nutsack in her hands and I gasped. I’d never seen such a pair of nuts. I mean, I guess I haven’t really spent much time looking at testicles, but these were shocking.  “Can you believe how big his balls are?” she giggled. “Look at them, they are monstrous.” She looked me in the eye playfully as she licked and lapped at his big wrinkled hairy balls. I had to look away in disgust.

“I think I made my point.  Do you want to get back on the road or do you still want to call 911 so Stacey can show the cops how much she enjoys humiliating you while she sucks my junk?’

I ground my teeth as I started up the car again and drove us back to my house.

“Ok, ok, that’s good, bitch, I am going to hold my wad,” he told Stacey as we pulled into the garage.  She pulled her head up and looked blearily around.

“Oh, are we home?” she asked.  “I lost track of time down there.”

I got out and went into the living room and poured myself a drink.  My hand was shaking as I dumped vodka into a tumblr. Stacey and Duke followed.

“Wow, what a place,” he said.  He whistled. He plopped his bulk down onto the tufted chesterfield.  “Is this real leather?”

“Do shut up!” I said as I choked back my vodka and poured myself another.

Stacey came up behind me and put her head on my shoulder.  “I’m so sorry, baby. That must have been so hard on you to watch.  But it was really important to me that you understand what was happening.”

I felt something collapse inside me and the tears of frustration started falling.  Stacey grabbed the drink out of my hand and drank it off. “Can I have one with ice?” she asked sweetly.

“Pour it yourself,” I told her in annoyance, stalking away to the other side of the room.

“Attaboy, that’s more like it,” said Duke.

“Look, I don’t need your advice,” I said.

“Said the guy who just watched his wife sucking off another guy while he drove them meekly home,” laughed Duke.  “You totally need my advice.”

“Ok, so what’s your advice?”

“Stop being such a pussy,” said Duke.

“You fucker!” I shouted.  I flung my glass at Duke’s face and leapt at him, arms windmilling in rage.  But somehow I ended up with a mouthful of carpet and a leaden weight on the back of my neck.  Duke was kneeling on me.

“Not like that, dude,” laughed Duke.  “Don’t pick fights you can’t win.  You got to pick your battles.”

“Ok, ok, I get it.  I’m beat,” I said, trying to catch my breath.  Duke released the weight from the back of my neck, and I lashed out with an elbow hoping to catch him in the groin.  But the bastard had the reflexes of a cat and simply grabbed my elbow and put me into an excruciating joint lock.  

“Seriously dude, don’t make me dislocate your shoulder.  I’m a trained fighter. I work security and I outweigh you by about 50 pounds.  You cannot beat me even in an unfair fight. Unless you have a gun somewhere, but I know you aren’t packing because I already patted you down.  Just try to swallow your goddamn pride and pay attention. I promise to teach you an important life lesson before the night is out.”

“Will you two children stop tussling on the ground?  I still need to get fucked over here,” said my wife. She had reached that familiar point of the evening when she was drinking directly out of the bottle.

“Bitch, you will get fucked when I say you get fucked,” said Duke.

“Ha, ha, big talk,” she sneered.

“Go in the bed room and put some black stockings on.  Take off everything else. Just come back out here in black stockings and heels and nothing else,” he told my wife.

“Make me,” my wife said.  She had a devilish look in her eye.

Duke reached into his pocket and took out a dog collar and leash.

“Put this on,” he told her casually.

“You keep a dog collar in your pocket?” I asked.  “Seriously?”

“I told you that I was going to teach you something.”

Stacey looked at the dog collar.  “Wow, kinky stuff, huh?”

“Are you going to put this on, or am I going to put it on you?” he asked.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said, but her conviction was crumbling.

Duke stood up and flexed.  Stacey ran over and grabbed the collar from his hand.  “Ok, Ok, I’m putting it on, uh, sir.” She wrapped the leather collar around her neck and fastened it.

“Tighter,” said Duke.

“It’s already tight,” whined Stacey.  Her manner was starting to change. She was getting plaintive.  She seemed a little frightened by the big man. She saw how easily he overcame me and she was just a tiny woman, 5’2” and 110 pounds.

“Are you talking back to me?” he asked her.  He had a mild tone of voice and he smiled with his mouth, but his eyes didn’t smile.

Stacey hurried to tighten the collar.  “How’s this?” she asked. Her voice came out tight.

“Good enough for now.  Get in there and change and then come back out and show your husband how his whore dresses to get fucked.  Just stockings and heels and nothing else.”

Stacey gave me a nervous look and I just shrugged.  I had it admit, it did feel good to see her a bit frightened like this.  Maybe I was going to enjoy Duke’s lesson after all. She went out of the room.

When she was gone, Duke tried to stifle a bout of giggles.  “Did you see the look on her face, dude? This is going to be awesome.  She even put the collar on herself. Just like pops says. Treat a lady like a whore.”

“You are a sick fucker, you know that?”

“Aw, don’t get your panties in a wad.  She’s probably locked the door to the bedroom and is shivering in the corner right now.  I did you a favor by taking her down a notch. But  she is a terrible slut.   You really ought to dump her.”

“So you were just fucking around?  You aren’t really going to fuck her?”  I felt a surge of relief.

“Jesus, what sort of guy you think I am?” he asked.  Then he paused. “I mean, I admit, the thing with the blowjob in the back seat, that was probably a little overboard.  But I’m basically a good guy. I just … oh shit.”

I looked up and Stacey came into the room wearing nothing but her dog collar, leash, black stockings pulled high up her thigh to crotch level and high heels.  Duke and I admired her pale hourglass figure, shapely legs, dark little bush, hard pink nipples. I felt myself getting hard.

“How is this, sir?” asked my wife.  She turned around slowly, showing us her plump round ass.

“Sorry dude, but if she’s going to be like this, then I got to fuck her,” whispered Duke to me.  He jumped up and grabbed my wife’s leash and gave it a jerk that nearly pulled her off her feet. She gagged and gripped the collar.  “Come on bitch, get your ass into that bedroom and spread your pussy for me.”

“Yes sir, but um, do you have a condom?” asked my wife as he lead her out of the room.

“Fuck no, bitch, you’re getting it bareback,” he laughed.  Then he paused. “Manny, get in here, you gotta watch this.  I didn’t think she would be able to handle the leash thing, but you got to see how I use her now.”

I followed with trepidation and watched with sick fascination as Duke threw my wife down on the bed and tied the leash to the headboard.  He produced a pair of handcuffs from a leather case on his belt and hand my wife’s hands handcuffed behind her in a smooth practiced motion.

“You’ve done this before,” said my wife.

“Sure, of course,” he told her as he unzipped his pants. “Spread your legs.”

“If you don’t use a condom, you have to pull out.  I’m not on birth control,” Stacey begged.

He leaned over and slapped her face, a sharp crack that rang out in the room and make her cry out.  “Bitch, you don’t tell me what to do.” Then he gave me a wink. He pulled off his shirt and stood there naked, his big dong pointing straight up, those huge hairy nuts hanging down.  He contemplated my tiny pale wife, handcuffed and bound by the neck to the headboard. She spread her legs for him in supplication, offering her pussy to him and I watched as his bulk covered her entirely.  I could only see her two thin stocking clad legs sticking out to either side of his broad back. He grabbed my wife’s big white boobs and sucked on her nipples as he sank his meat into her. She whimpered with pleasure as he violated her.

I watched his big round hair ass pump up and down, his hips crashing down onto my wife’s tiny frame, his giant balls slapping furiously against her ass, her mews of submission growing more and more urgent.  I stood and watched like a goddamn cuckold.

“Dude, get your phone out, turn the flashlight on,” panted Duke.


“Shine it on my balls, you got to see this!”

“Fuck you.”

“Honey, please, use the video, record this as you watch,” begged my little wife from underneath his massive form.  “It’s important,” she gasped.

Mechanically, I turned on the video on my phone and used the flash.  I stood at the foot of the bed and turned the camera on Duke’s ball sack as it slapped against my wife’s rear over and over. Suddenly he paused.  I saw his scrotum tighten visibly. His huge cock pulsating, stretching my wife’s pink pussy lips wider than they’d been stretched in a long time.  

“He’s coming inside,” I said stupidly.

“Oh, no, you can’t Duke, I told you,” panted my wife.

“I’m not,” he lied.

I watched the scrotum tighten over and over, the shaft pulsing as he pumped load after load into my wife.  The semen started dribbling out around the edges of her cunt. He pushed himself into her deeper, held her down as she struggled underneath him.

“I could seriously get pregnant,” she cried.  She wriggled beneath him but she couldn’t get him off, small and constrained as she was.

He ignored her and resumed pumping his dick in and out of her, soon coming a second time, the cum oozing out generously now.  He was really filling up her twat with sperm. I felt nauseous.

“Did you get that?” he asked finally.

“Yes, I recorded you impregnating my wife,” I said.

“Soon to be ex-wife,” he corrected.

“Probably,” I sighed.

Duke climbed off my wife and I watched a big glug of creamy cum plop out of her cunt.

“I can’t believe you came inside me,” said Stacey.  But she couldn’t really move because her hands were bound behind her back and her neck was tied with a leash to the headboard.

Duke unfastened the leash and then gave it a tug.

“Come over here and clean off my cock,” he said.  “Manny, record this, it’s gonna be awesome.”

Stacey was down on her knees before the big man, her big boobs hanging down, her legs encased in silky stockings.  She obediently licked the cum from his giant dong as he towered above her and gave me the thumbs up. He really was a frightening beast with all those muscles.

“Ok, good.  Come on now, we are taking you for a walk,” he said.

“Wait, what?” I asked.

“This is part of the lesson. We are taking her around the neighborhood and letting some other guys have a crack at her,” laughed Duke.

“Now wait a minute,” I stammered.

“It’s gonna be awesome!” he shouted.

“Duke, please,” begged my wife, but he just yanked her leash and she stumbled after him, grabbing the collar with her hands to keep from choking.

He lead my naked wife right out the front door and down to the sidewalk.  Stacey looking up and down the street in trepidation as she minced along behind him, naked in her heels, her hands still cuffed behind her back.

“If anyone sees me like this I will be so mortified,” Stacey whined.

“You are the one that wanted to get fucked by a real man,” I told her.

“Right or left?” asked Duke motioning to the houses on either side of ours.  

Stacey and I exchanged looks.  We looked to the house to the right and thought of the gang of frat boys that lived there.  Always having parties that were broken up by the cops. To the left was old Mr. and Mrs. Willis.  A nice older couple.

“Left!” Stacey and I said simultaneously.

Duke led Stacey right up to the door and rang the bell.

“Don’t do this.  Let’s go,” she said glancing around nervously.  “You’ve had your fun.”

But then the door opened and Mr. Willis was standing there. He smiled at Stacey for a moment and then noticed her collar and his face changed.  Then he noticed that she was naked and his mouth fell open.

“Stacey what the heck is going on?”

“Just having a bit of a lark, Mr. Willis.  Can we come in?”

“I mean, you aren’t decent, dear,” he stammered.  He looked at Duke holding the leash and then at me. “Manny, what madness is this?”

“Stacey got drunk and had sex with this man and now he’s walking her naked on a leash to see who else wants to fuck her,” I admitted.

Mr. Willis’ brain froze for a few minutes while he tried to process that.  Stacey pushed herself against him backing him inside until we all stood in their foyer.

“Duke, can you unlock these damn cuffs, now?  They are cutting into me,” she said.

“No, I think you should offer Mr. Willis your pussy,” said Duke.

“Ed doesn’t want my pussy,” laughed Stacey.

“Ed who is it?” called Mrs. Willis from the other room.

“Uh, it’s Manny and Stacey,” he called back distracted. He was indeed looked at my wife’s bush.

“Look at him, he’s checking out that pussy alright,” giggled Duke.  He reached down between Stacey’s legs and parted her twat so that Mr. Willis could see some pink.

“Well invite them in for heaven’s sake, Ed, what are you thinking?” called Mrs. Willis.

“I don’t think we can stay, Mrs. Willis,” I called out gamely.   I watched in horror as a tent appeared in Mr. Willis’ trousers.

“Stacey, look at that wood.  Here Ed, feel these titties, nice and plump, huh?”  Duke grabbed Mr. Willis’ hands and put them on Stacey’s boobs while she rolled her eyes.

“They are um, very nice, if you don’t mind my saying,” coughed Mr. Willis.

“Ed, close the door at least, you are letting the air out,” called Mrs. Willis.

I shut the door behind us.

“Oh, that’s so sweet of you, Ed, really,” said Stacey.  She gave me a look of incredulity as Ed felt up her boobs.

“Feel her pussy dude, it’s super tight, I just fucked it,” said Duke.

Mr. Willis hesitated, looked over his shoulder into the other room where his wife was waiting.

“I certainly couldn’t,” he looked at Stacey.  “That would be rude.”

“Don’t ask HER permission, man, she’s my bitch.  Don’t you see this leash? If I say you can finger her, then you can. Doesn’t matter what she says.”

“I see the leash,” said Mr. Willis and he reached right out and stuck his finger into my wife’s cunt.  “Your pussy is nice and wet Stacey,” he told her.

Stacey gasped in amazement, looked at me and then back at Mr. Willis.  “Ed, how COULD you?”

“You come to my door handcuffed and naked, leash around your neck, poor Manny standing by, with a new master, and you ask me that?  I wasn’t born yesterday, I know what a leash means.”

“Get down and suck his dick, bitch,” laughed Duke as Mr. Willis unzipped, looking back nervously toward the living room the whole time.

Stacey and I both gasped at the size of Mr. Willis’s member.  It was grizzled and covered in white hair but it was fat and long and still managed a decent erection.  Duke gave her chain a yank and stacey fell to her knees before Mr. Willis’ dong.

Ed looked me in the eye as he pushed his cock into my wife’s mouth.  “Sorry you had to see this, Manny. But we both know it’s for the best.”

“Are they still here, Ed?” asked Mrs. Willis.

“Yep, just chewing the fat,” called Mr Willis as my wife dutifully sucked his wrinkled dong.

Duke giggled maniacally.

“Fuck her dude, fuck her from behind,”  he yanked Stacey’s chain again and she nearly fell over, she had trouble standing on her own without the use of her hands and I reached down to help her up.

To my surprise, Mr. Willis, grabbed her by the hips, spun her around and bent her over so that he could jab his cock forcefully into her from behind. “I always knew you were a whore! Prancing around in your underwear in the backyard all the time.  Sunbathing topless.” Stacey gasped with each of his angry thrusts.

“Were you really doing that?” I asked.

“I mean, I guess I knew he could see me, I thought I was giving him a thrill, I uh, oh wow, Ed, Ed,” she panted.  “Yes, yes, do it.” My wife leaned against me as Ed stuck her from behind and Duke covered his face, doubled over with laughter.

“What is so gosh darned funny out here?” asked Mrs. Willis cheerfully as she rounded the corner leaning on her cane.  Then she saw my wife, naked, handcuffed, collared, bent over, being fucked by her husband of thirty seven years while Duke and I stood by watching.  Her brain froze while she took it all in.  She just turned around and walked back out of the hallway toward the living room.

Mr. Willis stopped fucking my wife.

“Martha!” he called.

“Don’t stop, Ed, I’m about to cum!” plead my wife.

Ed pulled out anyway.


“Get out.  Get out you bastard.  Go run off with your hussy,” screamed Mrs. Willis from the other room.

“Martha, it’s not like it seemed!”  Ed ran off the living room and there was a crash of broken plateware.

“Not like it seemed!  Take that!” Another crash.  Ed gave a cry of pain.

“Our work here is done,” laughed Duke, jerking Stacey’s leash and leading her out the front door.

“On the the house on the other side,” he said.

“No, not the Frat boys, let’s just go back inside the house.  Haven’t you done enough damage for the evening? I will do whatever you want,” begged Stacey.  “

“You will do what I want anyway.  I want to see you get gangbanged by frat boys,” said Duke.  He was loving it.

“Manny, can’t you do something?” plead Stacey.

“What are you sorry all of a sudden, after calling me a faggot and a wimp all night?” I asked.

“Honey, you know I was just drunk dear,” said Stacey, as Duke led her naked in stockings up to the front door of the frat boys house.

He rang the bell.

We waited.

He rang again.  We could hear music.

“I think we just have to go in,” I offered.

“Manny,” cried my wife.  She had real tears of fear in her eyes and I was started to feel sorry for her.

Duke tried the door and found it unlocked.  He lead Stacey inside.

We found a gang of frat boys sprawled out and drinking in the living room.  One of them, I think his name is Eddie, noticed us first and stood gaping at my naked wife.  He turned off the stereo and everyone gave a cry of complaint.

“Uh, it’s Mr. and Mrs. Archer and uh, Mrs. Archer is like totally naked and shit,” he said.

All eyes were on Stacey’s naked boobs and exposed twat.

“Whoa this is some kinky shit.”

“Check out the leash.”

“She’s got handcuffs on.”

“No,no, we are not doing this,” shouted Stacey, she tried to run, but Duke yanked her chain.

“Step right up, my boys,” called Duke.

“No, RAPE!  RAPE!” screamed my wife. ”Someone call the police!”

Everyone looked nervous as Duke grabbed her and bent my wife over the back of a couch.  He spread her pussy lips open from behind as she kicked and screamed. The boys looked to me for guidance.

“She like it bareback and when you cum inside her,” Duke assured them.  

“She hasn’t said her safe word yet,” I croaked.

“Fuckers, fuckers, I will kill you,” cried my wife.  Duke jerked hard on the leash, choking her into silence.

“Lookit this ass, this sweet pussy,” he slapped my wife’s round ass and parted her tight pink twat to show the guys.  “Who wants to fuck it? Tell them you want it Stacey.”

My wife was crying there, helpless.

“Ok, ok, that’s enough Duke, this is going too far,” I said.  And then there was a crack of lightning, my nose exploded with blood, I was staring at the ceiling.  Duke had punched me in the nose, hard. I was dizzy.

“Oh, did you knock him out, Duke?” asked my wife.  She seemed calm.

“No, I think he can still watch.”

“Eddie, come over fuck me,” called Stacey.

I sat up groggily as Eddie came over.  “Sorry Mr. Archer, but you didn’t say your safe word yet,” he said.  

“Duke, it’s no fun if Manny isn’t watching,” whined my wife as some point and Duke grabbed me and dragged me over near the couch.  I looked up in time to see Eddie’s balls tighten as he pumped his own cum into my wife. I could see it spurting out around the edges, dripped from her pussy lips, red and inflamed form all the the fucking.

“Did you see that honey?” asked my wife sweetly.  “Did you see how much he came inside me? It’s my fertile time too.  I can’t believe I am doing this but I could really get pregnant.”

One after another, I watched all the frat boys bang my wife as she was bent over the back of the couch, she begged me to watch closely.  It was really important for her to see it all. She was sorry if it was hard to watch.

She did miss her next period. But she was right, I never did divorce her.  I simply couldn’t learn the lesson they all tried to teach me that day. Or maybe I learned a different lesson, one that was much more twisted.  And the funniest part of the story is that out of all the guys that fucked my wife. The baby was actually a spitting image of Ed Willis.

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Wife Boob Judging Contest

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.5

Bill and Linda have been living next door to my wife Susie and I for fifteen years and we are all close friends. They are in their mid-forties, just as we are, and when their son, Isaac, left for college, they decided to rent out the in-law unit behind their home which Isaac had been using for his computer lab. It was a quaint little cottage and we live in a nice, safe neighborhood, so they quickly found a tenant. The renter was a single fellow named Eric who was in his 30’s had recently moved into the area to take a job as a carpenter. Susie and Linda made a big deal about how tall and handsome Eric was and Susie liked to tease Bill about it.

“You better watch your wife with that hot stud living in your backyard, Bill,” Susie would say, wagging her eyebrows at Bill. “You might come home from work one day to find him nailing more than just some wood.”

“He can nail me with his wood anytime,” Linda would rejoin and the two wives would cackle with laughter while Bill and I exchanged uncomfortable grimaces.

But Eric was a good natured guy, so Bill didn’t mind when Susie invited our neighbors to bring Eric along for dinner and drinks one hot August evening.

Since Bill and Linda were such old friends, we didn’t bother with formal dinners. Also, it was a sweltering day, but I was a little uncomfortable with Susie’s outfit as it got closer to dinner time. She had been lounging around in a pair of short shorts and skimpy halter top with no bra. Her large breasts were bouncing around and her erect nipples poked out invitingly against the thin material of her top.

I distractedly reached out and gripped one of her luscious boobs in my hand as she passed me in the kitchen and said, “Nice rack there, lady, but don’t you think you should go put on a bra before the guests arrive?”

Susie wrapped her arms around me and put her nose against mine. “What’s the matter, darling, are you embarrassed about my old saggy udders?” she teased. “It’s just Bill and Linda, they’ve seen me like this plenty of times.”

“And Eric,” I added with a smile.

“Oh pish-posh,” she laughed with a twinkle in her eye. “That young guy isn’t going to be looking at an old lady like me.”

“Cut the shit,” I replied with a smile. “You still have your figure.” I ran my hands down past my wife’s narrow waist, over her wide hips and then reached back to grip her plump, round ass cheeks. I could feel my penis growing erect as I fondled her soft buttocks.

“Oh, well, Eric will just have to deal with his insatiable desire for me,” Susie said, kissing me on the cheek lightly. “It’s simply too hot and I am not changing.”

I grumbled with annoyance as I examined her shapely legs from behind as she turned away and finished tossing the salad and then I grabbed the steaks with resignation and headed out to fire up the grill.

When the guests arrived, I was surprised to see Linda in an even more revealing outfit than Susie’s, Linda was just wearing her bikini with a thin sarong tied around her waist. I must have been obvious as I looked her up and down because she and Susie started laughing.

“Are you getting a good eyeful, Ed?” asked my wife archly.

“I think he likes my outfit, Suse,” laughed Linda, cocking her hip jauntily.

“What do you expect? He’s a healthy hetero man and you are practically naked,” said Bill, shaking his head and clapping me on the shoulder. I felt my face grow hot with shame at being caught checking out his wife, but Bill just smiled reassuring. “Have a beer, Ed. It’s hot as hell out there today.”

Eric laughed along easily and hosted a case of Trumer Pilsner. “I hope you have a room in your fridge,” he said.

“Oh, we will have to use the cooler in the garage,” said Susie smiling brightly at Eric. “Come along, I’ll show you.”

I watched Susie lead Eric away and I could swear that she was shaking her ass for him a bit. There seemed to be more action going on back there than usual. I glanced over and saw Bill gazing at Susie’s rear as well. He gave a start when he saw me looking and we were both surprised when Linda tisked at us.

“Eric, is pretty hot stuff, you can’t blame a girl fro putting a little bounce in her step for him,” she said as she helped herself to glass of wine once Eric and Susie were out of earshot.

“Or putting on her bikini to show her body for him,” said Bill pointing his finger at his wife accusingly.

Linda just shrugged and smiled into her wine.

“I tell you, Ed, if Eric wasn’t such a solid fellow, I would be trying to find a way to kick him out. You wouldn’t believe how Linda carries on. Gardening in the flower banks by the cottage everyday in her bikini, trying to get his attention. It’s shameless,” said Bill

“What’s shameless?” asked Susie as she and Eric returned to the kitchen. Eric’s cheeks were flushed with embarrassment and I wonder how much of our conversation he had overheard.

“Oh nothing,” said Linda lightly, waving her glass nonchalantly. “Bill’s just lambasting me for being a harlot. He’s channeling his Puritan ancestors again.”

We all broke out laughing and I took the beer that Eric offered me. “Yeah, well he hasn’t burned you at the stake yet,” said Eric. “So there’s that.”

We had an enjoyable dinner with the wives flirting with Eric, but he handled it with aplomb, gracefully deflecting their attempts to bait him. But as we got drunker and drunker, I noticed him glancing Susie and Linda’s breasts more and more and it made me a little annoyed, but I could hardly blame him. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Linda’s boobs either. When dinner was finished, Eric offered to help clear the dishes and Linda, Bill and I adjourned to the living room. The beer and wine was flowing freely and I was feeling no pain.

“I’m surprised you agreed to let Eric help Susie with the dishes,” said Linda, smiling at me over the rim of her wine glass and twirling her foot playfully as she sat in her tiny bikini across from me on the couch.

I gazed at her gorgeous bare legs for a moment before responding. “Err, why do say that, Linda?”

“She’s probably going to rub herself up against him and get him all hot and bothered,” said Linda with a smirk. She must have noticed me checking out her legs because she ran a palm along her smooth white calf and gave be a little wink.

“Don’t bait him, dear,” said Bill good naturedly. “Just because that’s what you want to do.”

Bill and his wife locked gazes for a moment and she looked annoyed. Then she shrugged her shoulders and walked her fingers along her shapely thigh. “Maybe I wouldn’t mind rubbing up against a viral young man like Eric. Maybe I wouldn’t.”

“Nice,” blurted Bill, his face red from the alcohol, and I laughed weakly along with Linda.

We heard a loud crash and then the sound of Susie’s lilting laughter came filtering out from the kitchen.

“Everything OK in there?” I called.

“Yeah, but I think we are too drunk to do the dishes right now,” said my wife, entering the living room with her arm around Eric’s broad shoulders. Her halter top was completely soaked with soapy water and was practically transparent as it clung enticingly to her large round breasts.

“Whoa, are we having a wet-tshirt party now?” asked Bill licking his lips and
eyeing my wife’s stiff nipples, clearly visible through her soaked top.

“I’m just being a little too sloppy,” said my wife thickly as she lead Eric to the couch and plopped down there with him so that she and Linda sat to either side of our young guest.

“Honey, you have to go change your shirt, we can see right through it,” I complained. My palms grew slick with anxiety as my wife had her tits on display but I felt my own dick responding to the sight in spite of my nervousness.

“Oh, I think it will be OK,” she said, plucking the front of her shirt out only to have it instantly fall back and cling to her luscious mounds.

“I like Susie’s shirt, it looks nice like that,” said Eric boldly, glancing down at my wife’s jiggling tits. The alcohol must have been getting the better of him.

“I am glad you like them,” said my wife, thrusting her chest out for his inspection. “I mean it, my shirt that is,” she chortled.

“Wait, what about my boobs, Eric?” asked Linda. “Who do you think has nicer ones? Susie or me?”

“Well I can’t see through your top the way I can see through Susie’s, so it’s hard to tell,” said Eric, eyeing Linda’s chest judiciously. The little smirk on his face infuriated me and I could feel my pits growing damp

“Ok, take it easy there young fella,” said Bill.

“Come on, Bill,” said Eric, his eyes hard but a smile on his lips. “Your wife has been flirting with me all week, flaunting her body at me and making suggestive comments.” Eric pointed at me accusingly. “And now Sam’s wife is joining in, teasing me all night, asking about my sex life, and now this!” He gestured at my wife’s transparent shirt. “I think I’ve been cool about it so far, but how much teasing do you expect a guy to take?”

“I’m sorry, Eric, don’t you like seeing my boobies?” asked my wife, pouting and cupping her boobs in her hands.

“Oh yeah, I like them all right, can’t you tell?” said Eric, reached down to adjust his junk so that his stiff cock pitched a dramatic tent in his shorts. Then he turned and looked Linda’s body up and down as he fingered his boner through his pants. His cheeks were flushed from the alcohol and his eyes were glassy. “And I like what Linda has shown me so far as well. But I won’t be able to tell which of you I like better until you both take your tops off and let me compare side by side.”

The two wives burst out in uproarious laughter at the suggestion, and Linda slapped Eric’s knee playfully.

“Buddy, I understand how you feel, but come on,” I said to Eric, trying to be reasonable. “You can’t joke around with married women like that with their husbands sitting right here.”

“Well, go in the other room if you don’t like it, then, Ed,” said Linda giving me a lewd grin. “Because I don’t think Eric’s kidding.”

“I know we are being naughty dear, but isn’t it sort of fun?” asked my wife with a twinkle in her eyes. “Bill seems to be enjoying getting a glimpse of my boobs, and you sure have ogled Linda’s body all night.”

Bill grimaced at me apologetically and shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

“What are you saying, Susie?” I asked, scratching my head. “You actually want to strip down topless with Linda in front of Bill, Eric, and I?” I couldn’t help looking over at Linda’s body and scanning it up and down, enjoying the generous amounts of skin she was exposing.

“I’m game,” said Linda, she stood up and untied her bikini top behind her neck. She stood where we all could see her, holding the straps lightly as the cups of her top fell away from her tits slightly, barely covering them.

“This will be fun,” agreed my wife, jumping up to stand my Linda’s side and grabbing the hem of her top, as she prepared to remove it.

“Come on, girls, this is going a bit too far,” grumbled Bill. I could see the sweat beading up on his forehead and I noticed that he couldn’t take his eyes of my wife’s body as she stood in her short shorts and soaked, transparent halter top.

“Bill, seriously, loosen up, will you? This is going to be awesome,” blurted Eric as he gripped his dick. His eyes flicked excitedly between Linda’s slim figure and my wife’s more curvy body with her broader hips and larger boobs. “Ladies, start your engines. On the count of three, please remove your tops for all to see. One…”

“Hey, this really is totally inappropriate,” I said loudly. My blood was running cold in my veins, but my gut felt hot and heavy and my cock was stiffening against my will.


The wives just looked at each other and giggled as they prepared to lose their tops.

“Three!” Eric shouted gleefully. Susie stripped off her wet top and dropped it to the floor as Linda’s top fell away from her boobs at the same time.

All three men in the room exhaled unconsciously as we each focused in on the bare tits we were most interested in. I gazed at Linda’s bare chest with admiration. Her skin was milky white and she had a lovely smooth décolletage above her high, pert boobs. I enjoyed the sight of her tiny pink nipples as they hardened into little knots with little areola visible. Eric and Bill on the other hand were entranced by Susie’s more substantial knockers. She also had beautiful porcelain skin, but her boobs were big white orbs, that hung down slightly. They were heavy handfuls. Her boobs glistened with moisture from her damp shirt and her big pink nipples were hard but her areola formed two cute round circles.

Linda shook her chest proudly in my direction, noticing my interest. But I noticed that Susie was a bit more bashful and blushed prettily as she became aware of Bill and Eric’s intense stares.

“Don’t be shy, Susie, shake them a little,” coaxed Linda. “Give the boys a show!”

“Oh my god, Linda, this is so crazy,” laughed my wife, her cheeks bright red with excitement as she brushed a strand of blonde hair from her face. “Are we going to regret this in the morning?”

“I’m not,” exclaimed Eric. “Can you come closer, Susie? I think I like your boobs better to be honest, but I want a closer look.”

“Hey!” complained Linda putting her hands on her waist and cocking her hips jauntily.

“I like your boobs, Linda,” I blurted. “Very pert.”

Linda grinned at me lasciviously and pinched her nipples as I watched in fascination. My wife watched us for a moment and said, “Well, as long as Ed is distracted, I might as well let Eric have a better look.” She approached Eric shyly and stood before him, shifting from foot to foot.

“A little closer please,” said Eric, shamelessly gripping his jock.

My wife glanced back over her shoulder at me, but I was in fact distracted by Linda as she rubbed her hands across her chest and shimmied her shoulders for my entertainment. So Susie shrugged her shoulders and climbed onto the couch next to Eric and dangled her knockers right in his face until one erect nipple practically brushed his cheek.

“Holy shit,” breathed Bill as he pulled nervously at his collar with one hand and grabbed his crotch with the other. His eyes were bulging as he gaped at my wife’s generous danglers.

Eric turned her face until my wife’s nipple was brushing his lips and then he simply opened his mouth and started sucking on it. She gasped at first then sighed with contentment and cradled the back of his head gently as he slurped on her boob.

“There there, dear,” she said lovingly. “Oh my, look what we have here,” she continued, reaching down to grab his straining phallus through his shorts. “You are soo hard.”

“Hey now, this is ridiculous!” I objected, my breath catching in my throat as I watched my wife of twenty years feeding her tit to this young stranger while she gripped his jock. “Susie, get a grip on yourself.”

“Looks like she’s got a grip on something more interesting,” gushed Linda, rushing over to join them on the couch. “Wow, look how big it is. Let’s pull it out and get a better look at it.” She brushed Susie’s hand aside and unzipped Eric’s fly while he grunted with pleasure, face still buried in my wife’s bosom as he snacked on one nipple and then the other and Susie cooed with pleasure. Eric’s stiff cock sprang out of his pants, erect and veiny and Linda contemplated it closely for a moment. “Nice penis, Eric. Large and straight, no weird blemishes.” She gripped it in her hand and started stroking it. “Hmm,” she said, leaning over to chew on Eric’s ear while she jerked him off.

“Bill are we just going to sit here and watch while I wives carry on like this?” I croaked, by blood was pounding in my ears and I could barely breath.

“Nope, I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna jerk off while I watch,” said Bill, hastily undoing his own fly and pulling out his erection. He started fapping away without hesitation, his tongue hanging out ridiculously as he watched his wife jerk off this young stranger.

“Oh wow, this is getting kinky pretty fast,” said my wife as she looked over at Bill’s dick as he jerked it. “You are dirty little voyeur, aren’t you Billy.”

“I guess I am,” he admitted. “This is pretty fucking hot.”

“Don’t you mind that your wife is tugging another man’s johnson?” she asked as she she continued to cradle Eric’s head in her hand and press her bare boobs against his face.

“I, uh, I don’t know,” he admitted, looking her right in the eye as he jerked off in front of her. “I feel jealous, but it’s turning me on at the same time. I’m conflicted.” He turned to me, “How do you feel, Ed?”

“I’m just in shock,” I stammered, but my own cock was standing stiffly at attention, forming a tent in my own shorts.

“Is your penis in shock, too, dear?” asked my wife playfully. “Why don’t you just follow Bill’s lead and whip it out? It must be painful to have such a hardon and not service it.” I watched numbly as Eric reached over and urgently unzipped my wife’s shorts. “Thing are going to get hotter before the night is through.”

“I just, I just,” I stuttered, hesitantly unzipping my fly as my wife giggled and slid her shorts down over her nice round ass.

“Holy fuck, Ed. Look at Susie, she’s getting naked, Ed. Look, look,” panted Bill, jerking himself wildly as my wife flashed her pussy at him with a smile as she kicked her shorts away.

“Oh shit, I see that, Bill,” I groaned, my dick getting harder and harder while my innards roiled with anxiety.

“Why are you getting naked, Susie?” asked Bill stupidly as he drank in the sight of her naked body hungrily.

“I don’t know Bill,” she said playfully. “I think we might have more fun the fewer clothes we have on.”

“I agree, honey,” slurred Linda. “Help me with Eric.” I pulled my own stiffy out in a drunken haze as I watched my naked wife tittering away as she and Linda helped Eric slide his shorts off.

“Oh yeah, nice package,” remarked my wife as Eric spread his legs arrogantly and let Susie and Linda get a good long look at his cock and balls. His nutsack hung down, scrotum loose from the heat and his big dick strained skyward, thick and veiny. The wives cooed with appreciation as they lightly stroked his dong and fondled his nuts while Bill and I looked on helplessly.

“Watch this honey,” said my wife, her eyes flashed devilishly as she kneeled on her hands and knees, nude, on the couch next to Eric. She winked at me and then dipped her head down and stuck her head down between Eric’s thighs.

“Oh, yeah, suck those balls, baby, you know you love them,” grunted Eric, taking my wife by the back of the head as she hummed with passion. He reached between my wife’s legs and started fingering her with his other hand and Susie groaned with pleasure. “Jesus, Ed, your wife’s twat is sopping wet. She’s nice and tight too.”

“That’s not something a husband ever wants another man to say to him,” I said as I watched my beautiful wife licking this young man’s balls.

“Ooh, yeah,” said Linda, jerking Eric’s dick as she closely watched Susie slurping on his nutsack. “Billy, dear, can I suck on Eric’s penis now?” she asked teasingly, fluttering her eyelashes at her husband.

Sweat was pouring down his face and Bill had yanked his shorts down to his ankles as he frantically beat his meat, watching my wife slurping noisily on Eric’s testicles. “Yeah, he deserves it after all. You’ve been taunting him long enough.”

“Really, Ed?” I asked, still conflicted over the sexual depravity going on between our wives and this stranger.

“Fuck it at this point, Ed. Look at your wife. She’s gobbling Eric’s nutsack like there is no tomorrow,” said Bill.

“She sure is,” agreed Eric with an evil grin. “She’s really enthusiastic about my gonads.”

“We might as well enjoy the ride, buddy,” continued Ed. “Linda and I have been married for too long for me to let some drunken indiscretion come between us.”

“Our wives are basically cheating while we watch,” I whined.

“Well, if they are going to cheat, it’s more fun if we get to watch,” reasoned Bill.

“Well said, dear. I commend your good sense. Now watch me suck Eric’s cock,” said Linda. She wasted no time diving down onto Eric’s dick and he groaned loudly as her head bobbed up and down in his lap.

“Your wives are really hospitable, guys,” commented Eric smugly with one hand on the back of each wife’s head as they serviced his cock and balls.

“Do you have to be so cocky about it?” I grumbled.

“Hey, it’s not my fault your wife can’t keep her mouth off my balls,” laughed Eric rudely.

Susie came up for air and put her face close to Eric’s. “Don’t bait my husband, sugar. It’s not nice.” Then she shoved Linda back roughly causing her to squawk loudly in protest.

“Dammit, Susie, I was just getting Eric going. I could taste some pre-ejaculate,” whined Linda petulantly.

“Sorry, honey, but I’ve got something better for him,” panted my wife, her hair a mess as she swung one leg across Eric’s lap and straddled his stick cock, still wet with Linda’s saliva. She gripped the back of the couch on either side of Eric’s head and mashed her big tits right into his face as she positioned her puffy cunt lips above his straining erection.

“Oh, yeah, gimme that pussy,” demanded Eric gruffly, grabbed my wife by her round ass cheeks and guiding her down onto his stiff schlong.

“Oh shit, look at him go. His dick is sliding right inside her,” exclaimed Ed excitedly, his masturbation reaching a fever pace.

I watched in shock as the head of Eric’s cock was slowly enveloped by my wife’s swollen labia and she cried out in ecstasy. Inch by inch, his slick shaft slowly disappeared up inside of my woman as she took his dick inside herself. My mouth was bone dry and my pits were cold and damp but my dick was hard as a rock, so I started jerking off as I watched this stranger violate my willing wife in front of me.

“Oh, you filthy slut!” cried Linda with delight as Susie began slowly twerking her ass up and down on Eric’s boner.

“Oh yeah, she’s a dirty wife, ugh,” grunted Bill and he started spurting blobs of cum up into the air.

“Atta boy,” said his wife encouragingly. Then Linda slid her hand down the front of her bikini bottoms and started masturbating herself as she watching my Susie bouncing up and down on Eric’s cock.

“Oh, Eric, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” gasped my wife as she worked it up and down and up and down and up and down.

“Better make it quick,” he growled through gritted teeth. “Ah, there it is, oh yeah.” He dug his fingers into my wife’s soft bottom as he emptied his load inside her.

“Are you cumming inside my wife?” I demanded, jerking off as I watched.

“Uh, yeah, sorry,” he said and suddenly I felt myself blowing my wad all over myself. Linda was shuddering in her own climax while Susie climbed stiffly off of Eric’s lap and flopped down naked on the couch beside him.

We all sat looking at each other blearily as it slowly dawned on us what just happened. Susie was covered in a slick layer of sweat from head to toe and her hair was a bedraggled mess, but her cheeks had a merry post-orgasm glow. Eric’s face was dripping with sweat and wore a broad, satisfied grin on his mug as he sat there naked from the waist down with his limp dong hanging between his legs. Bill and I sat with our flies open and semen all over our laps as we tucked ourselves gingerly back into our pants. Linda was still topless and rubbing her nipples thoughtfully. She was the first to start laughing and pretty soon we were all sharing a cathartic bout of hilarity. I jumped up and pretended to punch Eric and Bill came over and stood next to me, shyly glancing down at my wife’s naked body spread out before him.

“Look at Bill trying to look nonchalant while he eyeballs your pussy,” cackled Linda. “What a slob.”

“I’m not, honey, I’m not,” protested Bill, but I could see that he was.

“Have a look, Bill, I don’t mind,” said Susie spreading her legs for him and then parting her cunt lips with her fingers revealing the pink interior of her twat.

“You hussy!” laughed Linda craning her neck to see what Susie was doing. “Oh you sloppy slut, look! Eric’s spew is dribbling out.”

And indeed, as Susie spread her lips, I could see white sticky jizz dripping out and I slapped my forehead.

“Oops, sorry, that’s gross,” admitted Susie clamping her legs shut.

Eric pulled his shorts on and jumped to his feet. He held out a hand to shake and I took it after a moment of hesitation. I could feel my wife’s eyes on me as I met Eric’s earnest gaze.

“No hard feelings Ed?” he asked, eyebrows raised as he crushed my hand slightly in his strong grip. “About uh, having a bit of fun with your wife there.”

“A bit of fun!?” I squawked. But Susie tisked at me and shook her head disapprovingly and I lowered my voice. “Ah, yeah, well, we all got pretty drunk and the hot weather made everyone a little randy I guess.” I said, extracting my hand from his grip and rubbing the back of my head.

“Great then, I’ll just be heading over to my apartment then,” he said and beat a hasty retreat.

“Wait, uh, Eric,” said Linda holding up her hand. “Do you mind if I tag along with you? You paid so much attention to Susie tonight, I’m feeling a little neglected.”

“Honey! What the heck?” exclaimed Bill, finally pulling his eyes off of my naked wife.

Eric stopped and gave Linda a calculating look. “I don’t want any trouble with your husband.”

“Oh Bill will be fine, he watched me suck your dick and never said a word didn’t he?” said Linda. “Tell Eric I’m allowed to spend the night in the cottage with him, Bill, don’t be a prude.”

“Jesus honey, don’t I get to watch at least?” complained Bill.

“Not tonight, things might get a little wild and I don’t want you to get upset,” said Linda.

“Wild huh?” said Eric. “I like the sound of that.”

“Can I come?” piped up Susie excitedly, spinning around on the couch to face him. “I want more Eric.”

Bill and I were distracted as we checked out Susie’s cute round ass pointing right at us.

“Only if Ed says it’s OK,” said Eric. It annoyed me to see the young man being condescending to my middle-aged wife.

“Dammit Susie, you are acting like a love-struck schoolgirl,” I griped.

“Pish posh,” she said, waving her hand at me dismissively. “It’s not like you ever want to fuck me anymore.”

I just sputtered indignantly but couldn’t think of a good come back.

Linda smirked at me as she and Susie rushed over to Eric’s side. He put one arm around each of our wives and grinned wickedly at Bill and I.

“Honey, aren’t you going to put on any clothes?” I whimpered.

“Oh she won’t need any clothes tonight, Ed, don’t worry,” said Eric smugly as he led our wives away for a further night of debauchery.

“Wow, I know our love life had gotten dull lately, but this is like adding a scotch bonnet pepper all at once,” I told Bill glumly.

“I know, isn’t it great?” asked Bill with a boyish grin. “I can’t wait to see what they do next. Let’s give them a few minutes to get settled in and then go down and peek in the window to watch what happens.”

“Bill, this is crazy,” I sputtered. “I mean we’ve all been married over twenty years and suddenly this young good looking guy comes along and our wives are just throwing themselves at him. I mean it’s breaking up all our routines! It could tear our marriages apart!”

Bill stopped and looked at me guiltily. “Wow, uh, does that mean you don’t want to come and watch.”

I thought about it for a long moment gazing out into the warm night through the patio screen door and listened to the chirping of the crickets. Susie’s laugh came again across the yard from the cottage behind Bill’s house. She sounded younger and happier than I’ve heard her in years. “I’ll bring a box a tissues, your grab a couple more beers,” I told Bill and we scampered out into the night like a pair of delinquent teens to spy on our wives as they screwed a strange man for the first time in decades.

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Wife Does Bikini Car Wash for Urban Youth Fundraiser

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Exhibitionist Wife Tales

My wife Molly had worked with troubled youths as a counsellor for years before taking a job with a non-profit providing career counselling for disadvantaged youth in Oakland, CA.  She did feel a little awkward being the only white woman working there, but she was determined to fit in.  So one night she invited some of her coworkers over to our home for dinner and to plan some upcoming fundraisers.  They asked me to sit in since I have a background in finance, and I might be able to offer some guidance around fiscal matters.

I was sitting around our dining room table with Molly, Trevon, the director, Shanice, the associate director, and Jada, another counsellor.

“Of course our most popular fundraiser is always the bikini car wash,” said Trevon.  He gave Molly a devilish grin and my poor wife blushed immediately.

“Oh gosh,” stammered my wife.  “Yes, I heard about that.”

“Girl, you gonna be banging with those boobs and that booty of yours,” chuckled Jada.  “We gonna teach you how to twerk it!”

“Uh, I’m not really getting the premise of this,” I said.   I wasn’t sure I understood what was being suggested, but it didn’t sound too savory.  I loosened my tie uncomfortably.  I was feeling a slight tightness around my throat.

“Oh, right, Connor” said Trevon, addressing me.  “Let me explain.  See, each year the female staff dress up in bikinis and wash cars in the parking lot of the center for cash.  The youth who attend the center join in and stand by the nearby intersections waving signs to attract customers.  Definitely one of the highlights of the year in terms of fun and we always raise a good amount of funds for the center as well.”  He made a point of eyeing Molly’s cleavage and she pulled her blouse closed in response, blushing even more.

“Girlfriend gonna bring ALL the boys to the yard with HER milkshake,” teased Shanice.

“Most definitely,” growled Trevon.  I didn’t like the way his gaze was fixed on my wife’s breasts.

“But, that sounds a little, um, inappropriate, isn’t it? I don’t mean to suggest that it’s necessarily sexual in nature,” I said nervously.

Molly gave me a strange grimace of discomfort that I couldn’t fully understand while her coworkers broke out laughing.

“Oh, you white people,” giggled Jada.  “Of COURSE it’s sexual, how you think we raise so much money?  We be puttin our tits on the windshield, butts against the window.  That’s how to get the BIG tips, my brutha.”

“You mean the customers sit inside the vehicles and pay extra for, for,” I was stuttering, unable to believe my ears.

I could feel the blood draining from my face and Molly reached across the table to grab my hand.  “Connor is a bit old fashioned, so I think it will take him some time to get used to this idea.”  She laughed self-consciously.  “Honestly, I am pretty nervous about it myself.”

“How come, girl?  You got nothing to be ashamed of,” chimed in Shanice, eyeing my wife’s figure judiciously.  “The mens gonna get in LINE to have you wash their rides.  You gonna make, BANK!”

“And the boys from the center gonna be HOWLING to see Miss Molly working it,” agreed Jada with a smile.

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” admitted Molly.  “Most of my clients are young men in their late teens.  They are uh, sexually mature, and it seems that it will be, um, challenging to maintain a professional, err, ethical…” my wife was struggling to find the right word.

“Ah, Molly, this goes back to this question of cultural competence we were discussing the other day,” said Trevon loftily.

“Yeah, during the car wash we have a little time out on the professionalism and stuff,” sniffed Jada.  “I let them boys get up on there and get to grinding on my booty, it’s all good, it’s all good.  Sometime they get a little naughty, but that’s one way to build bonds with your fam, you feel me?”

“Grinding on your booty?” I asked.  I didn’t like the sound of that.

Shanice pointed at me and covered her mouth, tittering mockingly at me.  “Check out Connor, he don’t know WHAT the fuck you talkin’ bout.”

“Check this out,” said Jada, pulling out her phone with excitement.  “This a video from last year.  You wanna see me work it?”

She slid over next to me at the table and showed me the video on her phone.  My eyebrows shot up when I saw the tiny images.  Jada was standing in a parking lot surrounded by black teenagers.  She was soaking wet and had her back to the camera, bent over with her hands on her knees.  She had on a thong that completely revealed her buttocks and was doing some sort of gyration and that was making her butt cheeks bounce up and down madly.  In the background a lowrider was bouncing along on it hydrolics, mimicking her dance.  The teenage boys were clapping and cheering and one bold fellow leapt forward and started grinding his crotch up against Jada’s exposed rear as though he were copulating with her from behind.

“Good GOD!  What is that young man doing?” I gasped.  Sweat was beading on my brow as I watched this primal display.

“He trying to pop it,” said Jada with a shrug.  Then she noticed my sweaty forehead and gave me a sly grin. “You like how he doing that?  You want me to teach you how to do that dance?”

“Oh, girl, you bad, you bad,” laughed Shanice.

It was my turn to blush and Molly laughed along with Trevon at my discomfiture.

Jada jumped up out of her chair and started doing the twerk dance with her big rump pointed at my face.  I stared open mouthed for a moment while everyone laughed at the expression on my face.  I could feel my member swelling at the animalistic display by Molly’s shameless coworker.

“Don’t just sit there, get up and get behind me, fool,” scolded Jada, she pulled me to my feet and Shanice gasped when she saw the bulge in my trousers.

“Easy, Jada, Molly’s man got a stiffy for you,” commented Shanice, pointing at my visible priapism.

“That’s what I’m talking bout,” said Jada eagerly.  She made a face at my wife as she turned her back to me and thrust her round buttocks forcefully against my erection, grinding herself insistently against my manhood.  I had to grip her hips to keep from falling over.

“Connor!  I didn’t know you had it in you,” gasped my wife.  She was laughing along but seemed a bit disturbed by the whole situation.

“I don’t, I mean, I’m not,” I babbled, backing away from the playful Jada and covering my crotch with my hands as I dropped hurriedly back into my seat.

“Why I think you enjoyed that,” said my wife in amazement.

‘Sure he did,” laughed Shanice.  “You better watch Jada, she going after yo man.”

“I’m just playing girlfriend,” said Jada primly as she took her seat again.  “But from what I felt back there, I’m guessin Connor keepin’ YOU happy.”  She and Shanice broke out in cackles of laughter while I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat.  Molly tried to force a smile but I could tell she was a little annoyed.

“Anyway, Jada’ll teach you how to twerk,” put in Trevon.  “Call it cultural literacy training.”

“You got a little bikini, girl?” asked Shanice of my wife skeptically.  “I mean a LITTLE one with a thong?”

“Not really,” admitted my wife.

“Well we can take you shopping, I’ll help you pick one out,” said Trevon.

The black women broke out laughing at the expression on Molly’s face when she said, “Um…”

“Don’t be so uptight, girl,” teased Jada.  “He’s gonna see you in it anyway.  EVERYONE is gonna see you in it.”

“Huh, yeah, I guess so,” agreed my wife miserably.  She was normally a modest woman and usually wore very conservative one-piece bathing suits.

“You are going to take my wife bikini shopping?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes, do you have a problem with that?” replied Trevon.  He seemed defensive.  “If I were WHITE would you have a problem with that?”

“Yes, probably,” I affirmed without much hesitation.  “I mean, I’m not really comfortable with this entire idea.  I don’t want my wife putting her breasts on some stranger’s windshield for tips.  It’s not proper.”

Jada made a sour face and put her hand up.  “Check your puritanical privilege please,” she said, clearly pleased by her spontaneous alliteration.

“I don’t want to seem puritanical,” admitted my wife.

And so it was agreed that my charming little wife would participate in this urban youth car wash fundraiser over my stifled grumbling.

Once her coworkers left, I confronted my wife about it.

“Surely you can’t be serious about this, Molly?” I demanded.  I was feeling agitated and was pacing back and forth and waving my arms.

“I’m certainly not thrilled about it, especially getting half naked around my clients.  They are very, uh, excitable young fellows,” she whined unhappily.  “But you heard Trevon.  He considers this a show of cultural competence.  And sensitivity to the cultural norms of the community we are serving is extremely important in social work.  It’s fundamental.”

“Cultural competence!” I spat with disdain.  “Doing a booty dance for a bunch of drooling teenagers and letting them dry hump you from behind is cultural competence? Balderdash!”

“Oh dear,” said my wife, putting her hand on her cheek as she envisioned the scene.  “Well, I know you won’t like it, but it’s just something I have to do,” she said.  “It’s hard enough for me to fit in, being the only white person at the center.  If I make a fuss over this, it will only reinforce my differentness.”  She patted me on the shoulder.  “You know what they say, darling.  When in Rome and all that.”

“Bah,” I complained and headed off to bed.  But as I lay in bed that night, I couldn’t banish the image of my pretty wife in a tiny bikini exposing herself to a bunch of ghetto hooligans from my mind.  And the more I imagined the various scenarios, the harder my penis became until I had to sneak to the bathroom to masturbate as I pictured my wife covered in soap suds while a virile black teenager mounted her from behind and his compatriots cheered him on.  Then I pictured Jada’s tight bum pressed up  against my penis again and I climaxed strongly spurting cum all over the bathroom wall.

I was ashamed of myself but also strongly intrigued by the idea of Molly becoming a shameless exhbitionist.  She certainly did have a wonderful body.  It bothered me too that I was excited by the idea of other men seeing my wife half-naked or worse yet actually grabbing her and trying to hump her.  And they call it a dance, the grind, but it’s really just a shameless pantomime of coitus.  And she has to do it in the name of cultural competence.  I was growing hard again as these thoughts raced through my mind.

The day of the car wash, Molly packed up her tiny string bikini and I drove her over to the youth center.  My wife was nervous and pensive on the ride over, she didn’t say much.  As we pulled into the parking lot where they were holding the car wash, I was taken aback by the scene before me.  There were dozens of black and brown teenagers milling about.  I was frightened by the sea of dark faces before me, I had to admit.  I had never seen so many people of color in one place before and I started to appreciate how they must feel surrounded by white faces all the time.

There were young men twirling big signs shaped like arrows to draw in customers on the corner.  They stood shirtless in the hot sun, showing off their physiques.  As we pulled into the lot, we got a lot of hard, aggressive stares until people recognized Molly and then everyone’s face lit up, all the young men and young women seemed to recognize my wife.  The lot was already half full of big old cadillacs and other ghetto vehicles, hoopties or lowriders or whatever they call them these days.  Young black women in scandalously tiny bikinis were bending dramatically over the cars, spreading suds onto themselves as much as the car while gangs of young thugs stood around hooting, hands on their crotches as they watched.  The girls were really hamming it up, they seemed to love the attention.

“Well, looks like everyone is already having fun,” said my wife.  A DJ booth was set up nearby pumping insanely loud beats from two towers of speakers that had been erected right in the parking lot.

I found a spot at the back of the lot to park the car and we got out.  The smell of marijuana smoke hung strongly in the air.

“That’s pot smoke, isn’t it?” I asked Molly.

“The center has a relaxed attitude toward marijuana during events like the car wash.”  My wife seemed a bit nervous, holding her handbag with her tiny bikini inside.

Jada, Trevon, and Shanice emerged from the crowd and approached us, waving.  I couldn’t help but stare at the shockingly small bikinis the two black women were wearing.  Both women were actually quite pudgy and each had a little pot belly, but their boobs were so big and so boisterous that I hardly noticed.  It was amazing that their tiny tops were able to constrain those bosoms at all.

“My eyes are up HERE, Connor,” teased Jada.  I blushed and my wife laughed weakly, but she seemed in no mood to joke around.

“Molly girl, you look sick as hell,” said Shanice.  “You feelin’ ok?”

“Well, you two are just very comfortable with your bodies, but I, uh, feel really self-conscious.”

“Oh, I know what goin’ to calm your nerves,” said Jada with a wink.  

Shanice and Trevon looked at each other and said “The chronic!” in unison.

“Oh, I really haven’t smoked since college,” said my wife.  She looked at me with trepidation.

“Surely you aren’t suggesting smoking marijuana!” I gasped.  “That’s illegal.”

“Now, now, Connor, technically, this is a grey area give the local and state statutes,” said Trevon.  He took my wife by the shoulder and lead her toward a large tent.  “Come along Molly, you come have a little puff to relax and then let’s get you changed.  Did you bring your bikini?”  My wife held up her bag with a weak smile.  “That’s fine, you’ll feel better once you’ve got a little buzz on.”

I tagged along as the four of them headed toward the tent, I was distracted by the sight of Jada and Shanice’s exposed buttocks as they strutted along in their thong bikinis and a bunch of young black men noticed as well and they were howling out, shouting crude compliments and offers of intercourse.  All these rowdy black people were making me uncomfortable.  I was literally the only white man in the entire crowd of hundreds.

I tried to join the group as they entered the tent, but Jada barred my way.  “Oh no, you gotta wait out here, white boy.  You gonna wreck the vibe up in here.  Molly gots to get changed.”

“But, but, Trevon is in there,” I said.  “My wife can’t get changed in front of him.”

“Why not?” Jada asked me with a laugh.  “Is her booty sacred?  Just relax, you makin’ her more nervous than she needs to be.”  Jada closed the flap and zipped it up and I was left standing there in the parking lot, seething with frustration.

All the black and brown faces that passed gave me malicious stares.  I guess I couldn’t blame them.  They didn’t have much reason to love white men I suppose.  I was starting to fear for my personal safety when I smelled the pungent scent of pot smoke coming out of the tent.

“There you go, baby,” said Trevon in a smooth voice.  “Now take that shirt off and put this bikini on.”

“Uh, maybe could you look the other way?” asked my wife. I could tell from her voice that she was already in a daze from the drug.

“No need to be bashful, girl,” Jada told her.  “Let him see what you got.  He gonna see it all later anyway once you start putting your boobs on the glass.”

“I wasn’t really sure if I was going to do that part,” said my wife.

There was a minor uproar in the tent as everyone started shouting at once.  It seemed that my wife’s coworkers were all browbeating her to get naked and stop stalling.

“Ok, Ok, jeez,” complained my wife.

“OH YEAH,” shouted Trevon.  “Them’s GOOD titties.”

I could feel the blood draining from my face as I realized that my wife’s big black boss was ogling her bare chest in this changing tent.  What nerve!

“Stop IT, Trevon, you are making me blush,” giggled my wife.  She sounded much looser now.  The cannabis was having its desired effect.

“Lemme see that pussy,” urged Trevon.

“Trevon, please, that’s too fresh,” scolded Molly.

“Get out the way, you two,” cried Trevon in annoyance.

“Naw, naw, nigga, you might see that pussy later, but let her have a bit of privacy now,” insisted Shanice.

“Ok, there, she’s changed.  You look good girl, how you feelin’?”  Jada asked.

“I feel really stoned,” laughed Molly.

The tent unzipped and a huge cloud of pot smoke hit me, making me cough.  My wife emerged first, blinking with red bloodshot eyes in the bright California sun.  She was practically naked in her tiny bikini and I nearly choked at the sight of it.  A hoot of excitement when up from the crowd gathered round and my wife was whisked away by a gang of rowdy black teenagers.  She was laughing along as they hustled her toward the car wash area, her pale white skin a stark contrast to their black skin.  I was embarrassed at the way her buttocks were so completely exposed and how her nice breasts were practically spilling out of her tiny top.  But it was certainly a sexually arousing sight and I could feel my pecker growing stiff.

One especially lusty young man took my wife in his arms and tried to kiss her.  He had his own shirt off and his muscular torso shone in the hot sun.  But Jada rescued my wife and pushed the excited youth back with a smile.  

The music changed to just a simple beat and the DJ shouted a greeting to my wife over the loudspeaker.  “Miss Molly in da house.  Give it up, people, our newest counsellor is here to represent at the car wash.  You know her as mild mannered Miss Molly in the classroom, but now we get to see her freaky side.”

Everyone cheered, the young black men were nearly hysterical as they jumped up and down pumping their fists and my wife stood flanked by Jada and Shanice, cringing under all the attention.  She waved awkwardly at the crowd.

“And you know what?  Word on the street was that Miss Molly got some booty on her.  Wazzup Miss Molly, what you got going on?” shouted the DJ.

My wife seemed confused for a moment until Jada took her by the shoulders and turned her around so that the crowd could see her bare white ass.  The hooting and jeering grew to a feverish pitch.

“That looking GOOD, but typical of a white girl, she don’t know how to SHAKE it.”  The DJ teased my wife and everyone laughed as she tried to awkwardly shimmy her gorgeous bare ass from side to side.  “Oh well, we ain’t mad at her, she’s not even DRUNK yet!” Personally, I thought my wife’s bum looked simply marvelous even if she couldn’t twerk like the rest of them.  But then Jada and Shanice bent over to expose their bare black asses.  They were trying to teach my wife how to twerk and their butts started bouncing up and down.  Their spines started undulating in a serpentine motion and I could feel my erection growing even harder from their animalistic display.

Of course the crowd exploded with shouts and a bold young black man came running up and got behind Shanice and started grinding on her.  His erection quickly formed a huge bulge in his shorts and Shanice was shamelessly rubbing her buttocks against the young man’s stiff rod while the crowd cheered and pumped their fists in the air.  She pursed her lips and turned her head from side to side, clearly enjoying the feeling of his manhood pressing against her crotch from behind.

My wife and Jada stopped twerking to watch.  Jada was clapping her hands but my wife just stared open mouthed at the brazen display.  Her eyes were glassy and she seemed stoned.  Another shirtless dark skinned young man came over and put his arm around my scantily clad wife and handed her a big bottle of malt liquor which she took and drank mechanically out of as they watched Shanice getting aggressively prodded by the horny disadvantaged youth.  Molly drank a surprising amount of the liquor and her acquaintance laughed when she handed it back to him empty and motioned for his friends to bring her another.  My poor inebriated wife shakily accepted the next bottle and started chugging away on that one as well.  I was a bit nervous about that, but it would have been impossible to intercede at that point.

Shanice broke away from the young man dry humping her and fanned her face while her grinding partner waved his grotesque erection around for the crowd to see.  Molly was staring at it in drunken fascination and the young man quickly got behind her and started prodding her with it.  The crowd loved this and cheered.  My nerdy wife started twerking again, but this time her awkward movements gave way to a smooth rhythm as she ground herself onto this young hooligan’s boner.  I was quite shocked and aroused at the sight, and I watched with amazement as my wife’s cheeks flushed redder and redder as the young man thoroughly explored her crevice with his dong.

Jada and Shanice were watching my expression with knowing smiles when a bright orange Cadillac pulled in slowly behind my wife and her friends.  To me, it looked quite silly, it’s wheels or rims were much too large for the car and gave it an unbalanced appearance with a very high center of gravity.  Also the paint was a glittery and garish hue.  When a tall black man emerged from the car, a fresh cheer when up from the crowd to greet him.  He was wearing what I can only describe as a “pimp suit” as he waved graciously to acknowledge the crowd.  It was a shiny red material, cut like a zoot suit, with an outlandish hat with a huge yellow feather.  He really looked ridiculous if you asked me, but I suppose I lacked the cultural sensitivity to appreciate such things.

“The BIG DAWG has arrived people,” shouted the DJ over the loudspeakers.   “The boss playa, shot caller, mack daddy of them ALL, SMOOVE WILLIE!”

The garishly dressed pimp tipped his hat to the DJ with remarkable poise.  Jada and Shanice pulled my wife away from her young interlocutor and presented her to Smoove Willie.  The young man took hold of his straining erection and slunk back into the crowd, outmatched by the glamorous pimp.

“Oh my yes, this a FINE looking little car washer, isn’t she,” said the tall man in a surprisingly effeminate voice.  He looked my wife up and down with a critical eye.  “You can wash my car baby.”

Molly stared up at the big man with doe eyes and I grew annoyed.

“He looks preposterous in that outfit,” I complained to Trevon who was standing at my side drinking some sort of purple concoction from a red plastic cup.

“You just don’t understand our culture,” said Trevon dismissively.  “Also, keep your voice down.  Smoove Willie will smack the shit out of you if he hears you talkin’ smack on his threads.”

Jada grabbed a hose and handed it reverently to the pimp.  He immediately turned the hose on my wife, making her squeal in surprise.

“Got to get you nice and wet,” he said.

“That other boy already got me wet,” giggled my wife drunkenly.

Everyone hooted and laughed at that, but I just smiled sickly as Trevon smirked at me.

“Well get to washing,” Smoove Willy instructed my wife.

She picked up a sponge from a soapy bucket of water and bend obediently over his preposterous car, pointing her bare buttocks right at him.  The crowd catcalled her as they enjoyed the view of her ass for a while and then Willie directed a spray right at my wife’s vagina, barely covered by her skimpy thong.  She shrieked again and turned to face him.  The big man adjusted his crotch brazenly.

“Ah, yeah, I think it’s time for you to put those titties on the glass, baby,” he told my wife.

“On the glass, on the glass,” chanted the crowd, in a frenzy now.

Jada came up behind my wife and untied her bikini top without further adieu.  Poor Molly gasped in surprise and held her top over her boobs in embarrassment as Smoove Willie climbed back into his car for the show.   Jada pulled my wife’s top away, and motioned for her to swab Willie’s windshield with her bar bosoms while Willie watched from within.  Molly hesitated at first but then she gave me a strange disoriented grin and proceeded to do as instructed.

“Mmm, yeah,” called the pimp as my wife clumsily rubbed her bare boobs on his soaped up front windshield.  Boys and girls of color were shouting with excitement and crowding closer around Willie’s car to get a better look at my topless wife.  I was nearly choking with shame, but my cock was stiff in my trousers.  Luckily, no one was looking at me.

“Come over here and help me with something in here,” called Willie.  He had the driver’s side window rolled down and motioned to my wife to come closer.

“He got his fly open!” giggled a teenaged girl in front who could see into his car.

“Now hold on, that’s going too far,” I cried, but Trevon just put his hand on my shoulder.

“Now now, this is all just part of the fun,” he cautioned me.

I watched in shock as my wife stuck her head in the window and gasped.  “It’s so big!” she cried.  Everyone had a good laugh at that.

The next thing I knew she was bent over, with her entire upper body inside Willie’s car, here head bobbing up and down in his lap.

“She sucking it, she sucking it!” cried the girl in front.

“I’m sure she’s not, it’s a just a game,” Trevon assured me with a shake of his head.

“But uh, she is topless there,” I stammered.

“Well that can’t be helped,” he told me with a shrug.

“Ok, come on, you get in the backseat,” grunted Willie after a moment.  His voice was growing deeper and more guttural, stripped of it’s effeminate lisp.

My wife pulled her head out of the car and blinked at the crowd, blinded by the bright sun while her luscious tits bounced for all to see.

“Quite nice breasts,” commented Trevon, taking a sip of his purple drink while young black men took pictures of my wife’s bare chest with their phones.  Shanice opened the back door of the Caddy while Jada helped my wife climb in.  Willie came out of the driver’s side with his bare cock in his hands and I had to admit, it was an impressive member.  The crowd was in a frenzy as he climbed into the backseat on top of my wife, her pale white legs splayed to either side.

“I think my wife is a little too drunk for this,” I gasped, pushing forward through the crowd.  But Jada stopped me and held me back from interfering.

“Naw, naw, just let her have some fun with Willie,” she told me.  “Best not to watch, you might get an inferiority complex.”

But I did watch, and so did the teeming crowd of disadvantaged youth.  We saw the back of Smoove Willie’s garish suit as he pumped up and down and my wife groaned and begged him to fuck her deeper.  She was really quite shameless.

“See, she likes it,” Jada told me smugly.

“Oh god,” I said, tried to hide my erection.  I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, but there would be plenty of video footage on vine later to review judging by the number of kids recording the event.

Soon Smoove Willie had emptied his load inside my woman and he got out and thrust his arms into the air triumphantly to cheers of adoration from the crowd.  The young fellow who had been grinding on my wife earlier quickly took his spot and soon the entire car was rocking back and forth on it’s suspension as the younger man humped her enthusiastically.  I head Molly’s signature whimper as she climaxed and my gut twisted with jealousy while my face burned with shame.

I suppose a few other fellows had a crack at my wife, it all sort of passed in a daze.  At one point she was paraded totally nude and covered in cum through the barbarous crowd like some sort of pagan offering to the fertility goddess.  Shanice hosed her down and helped her put her bikini back on and somehow she and I were back in our car together and driving slowly out of the lot past the hooting heathens who pounded the hood in merriment as we went by.

Molly was barely conscious and I was numb with shock.  

“Well, so much for cultural sensitivity training,” she told me with a smile before falling asleep in her seat.

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