Wife Opens Blouse for Bully

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Slut Wife, Happy Life

We were standing in a crowded bar that we probably never should have stepped into in the first place.  Myself, my wife, and my friend Jimmy, had gone out for drinks in San Francisco when we stumbled into a strangely working class Irish bar in North Beach.  The three of us must have looked like real nerds, pale and white with our thick rimmed glasses and carefully parted hair.  Of course ours was a common look for tech workers throughout the city.   But this place was full of big jock types in 49ers gear with their “basic” women in tiny dresses, teetering around on heels and shouting in voices raspy from alcohol and cigarettes.  It was like a throwback to another time.  I couldn’t figure out how people like this could even to afford to live in the Bay Area anymore.

“Nice crowd,” grumbled Jimmy as he was shoved aside by huge indifferent guy trying to get a drink at the bar where we were standing.  The interloper had his baseball cap on backwards and was wearing his sunglasses on the back of his neck.

“Yeah, maybe we should go,” I muttered, looking around nervously.  I didn’t have a good feeling about this place.

“Oh shit, come on you guys,” coaxed my wife, Cindy.  “I think this is fun.  We never meet people like this.”  She stared in fascination at two young women in micro skirts shouting right into each other’s faces like braying donkeys.  They were so drunk they were swaying back and forth and a couple of beefy guys in sports gear were rubbing their mouths and eyeing them like prey.

“The mating habits of the lower classes,” said Jimmy.  He had finally managed to get the tough looking woman behind the bar to serve us and he handed out our cocktails.  Cindy tittered at his joke and I granted him a wry smile to acknowledge his humor.

“What are we talkin’ about, mating habits?” asked the backward baseball cap guy who had just shoved Jimmy aside.  He elbowed his way between my wife and I and looked down brazenly at her chest.  She was wearing one of those white milk maid style tops with a drawstring bodice and it made her boobs look huge.  Well her boobs are pretty big, but this made them look bigger.  She was doing a sort of hippie peasant style lately and I normally found it flattering but at this moment, I wished she had dressed more modestly.

“Um, we are having a private conversation here,” I said.

The big douchebag looked down at me with disdain.  “Take it easy there, little man.  Don’t get your panties in a twist, I’m just talking.”  Then he looked back at my wife’s tits.  “I like this top,” he told her.  “It’s nice.”

Cindy blushed madly under the big jerk’s intense scrutiny.  She coughed and then giggled nervously.  “Uh, thanks? I guess?”

“So it kinda unties here, huh?” he asked, toying with the string tied in a bow at the center of her bodice.

“No the top here is just stretchy elastic, the string is just for show,” my wife said.  She was just chatting away while this brute examined her milky white cleavage with interest.

“Oh, like this?” he asked.  He tugged on the decorative bow and pulled my wife’s top open so he could look down the front.

“Hey!” gasped my wife.  She slapped his hand away, and started snorting with laughter.  She pushed her glasses back up and glanced up at him with a little smile that one might use with a rambunctious child while he guffawed like a big oaf.

“You can’t just, just mess around with my wife’s top like that!” I stammered.  I stepped around the bigger man and wedged myself between him and Cindy. “She’s my wife!” I added and then realized that I was being redundant since I had just said that.

“Get the fuck out of my face,” he cursed.  Then the ruffian literally shoved me aside so hard that I fell down against the bar.  I felt tossed back like a ragdoll. Other people were pushed aside by the force of his shove and they squawked in indignation as drinks were spilled all around.

“Sydney!” shouted my wife in concern and she and Jimmy rushed to my side.

“Are you OK, buddy?” asked Jimmy as he and my wife bent down to help me.

“She got a good ass too,” commented my assailant.   He was watching my wife’s rear in her snug skirt as she was bent over.

“Nobody asked you!” hissed my wife angrily over her shoulder.  “Look, you hurt my husband, you brute!”

“Ah he’s fine, I could have knocked him out if I wanted.  I went easy on him.”  The big man shook his head and looked down at me with a suppressed grin.

“Ok, ok, what’s going on over here?” asked the bouncer.  He pushed his way through the crowd.  Then he recognized my attacker.  “Oh hey Tommy.”  My blood ran cold as I watched them exchange fist bumps.  “You causing trouble?”

“Nah, dude’s clumsy, he just fell.  He’s not too coordinated I guess, look at him,” said Tommy.  He pursed his lips at me.

“That’s, that’s not true,” squeaked my wife in shock.  She and Jimmy were hauling me clumsily back to my feet.  “He pushed my husband down!”  She pointed at Tommy in accusation but the bouncer was just looking at her boobs.

“She got a nice rack,” he told Tommy, ignoring my wife.  

Tommy broke out laughing and started punching the bouncer’s shoulder.  “That’s what I’M talkin’ ‘bout.”

“What did you say?!” cried my wife incredulously.  “I’m telling you this guy assaulted my husband.”

“Yeah, I saw it,” seconded Jimmy.  He wagged a finger at Tommy.

The bouncer gave us three a gravely stare and said nothing for a moment.  A crowd had formed around us.  “Tommy said he fell.  He’s in here all the time, so…  when it comes down to ‘he said, she said’ I gotta go with my gut.”

I could feel his animosity.

“Who’s in charge around here?” demanded Jimmy.  He was really indignant about this.

“I’m the manager,” shouted the tough looking woman from behind the bar.  She had a low cut crop top that showed off her fake tits.  “I saw the whole thing and it looked like the dork fell over.”

“That’s just not…” exclaimed my wife.

“This isn’t a tech bar sweetie,” the woman told her with malice.

And that was all.  Tommy and bouncer went off to talk in the corner and crowd returned to their drinking.  The show was over.

“We better get out of here,” I said.

“Are you ok?” asked Jimmy.

I patted myself down and my neck felt a little stiff from the fall but overall, I wasn’t really hurt.  “Yeah, I’m fine.  But this place is scary.”

“We are staying,” said Cindy.  Her lips were tight with anger.  I had an ominous feeling when I saw her expression.  My wife was a sweet woman, very smart and kind, but she could really be stubborn.  “I’m not going to let them have the last laugh and run out of here with our tails between our legs.  I’m getting us more drinks.”  She slipped between two big meatheads and called out the the tough manager with the boobjob.

The manager was surprised as my wife ordered, but handed over the drinks with a look of grudging respect.

“I don’t like this, Cindy,” complained Jimmy as she handed him a fresh cocktail.  “We won’t get fair treatment in a place like this.”

“Let’s just go out on the back patio and see if it’s more quiet out there,” said Cindy and we followed her out.  We stepped into a small courtyard with potted trees and blazing heaters.  Only a couple of people were out here, smoking illegally.  But we mostly had the area to ourselves.  It was a surprisingly pretty scene with the all the greenery around.

“Wow, it’s actually pretty nice out here,” I admitted.

“But that guy Tommy is still here and he knows the bouncer,” whined Jimmy.  He was clearly afraid and was glancing around apprehensively.

Cindy looked at Jimmy with pity.  I felt a little embarrassed by my pal’s spinelessness, so I tried to show some backbone myself.  “No, look, it’s comfortable out here, nice and warm.  Not too many douchebags mashing into you.  Cindy is right.  We should stay for a bit and not let them intimidate us.”

My wife smiled at me brightly and rubbed my arm in affection.  “That’s the spirit, honey.  Just one drink.  To show them we aren’t afraid of them.”

“Some kind of territorial pissing?” mumbled Jimmy into his drink.

“Come on Jimmy,” coaxed my wife, trying to tickle him and lighten his mood.

He cracked a smile and pushed her away.  “Social signalling it is, then.”  He sighed in resignation and we all stood enjoying the fresh night air.  The breeze was carrying the cigarette smoke away and we could barely smell it.

I admit that I was very uptight at first and shared Jimmy’s fears, but I wanted to put on a good face for my wife to show her I was brave.  After a while, the patio’s pleasant atmosphere and the effect of the alcohol lightened my mood.

“Wow, that guy Tommy was really going after my boobs,” commented Cindy.  We were into our third round at that point somehow.  She gripped her large bosoms in her hand and squeezed them while Jimmy looked on with interest.

“And the bouncer liked them too,” agreed Jimmy.  “They are big.”

Cindy seemed to be enjoying Jimmy’s attention and she played with her titties for him a little more, bouncing them in the palms of her hands.  I felt myself getting an erection and wondered if my wife was interested in a threesome with my pal and I.  That would be pretty hot.  “What’s the big deal?  They are only mammary glands.”

“Signals of reproductive fitness,” I said with a slur.  I was pretty sauced up at that point.

“Oh fuck!” said Jimmy and his face went white.  “I was afraid of this.”  We turned to look and saw Tommy and bouncer come out onto the patio.

“Holy shit!” shouted Tommy.  “You guys are still here?  I thought you left and took the nerdy slut with you.”  He and the bouncer walked over quickly.  They were swinging their limbs around loosely and looked drunk and ready for a conflict.

“I’m not a slut,” objected my wife.  She straightened her shoulders and stood taller to confront him, but the effect was that her breasts jutted forward more.

“Oh, yeah I like when you stand like that, it’s makes them stick out more,” said Tommy.  He never took his eyes off my wife’s chest while the bouncer cracked up laughing.

Cindy deflated for a moment, but then resumed her posture and even waggled her shoulders a bit, shaking her boobs defiantly.  “Yeah, well, you will never get your hands on these,” she told him.

“Sure I will,” he told he smoothly.   “Who’s gonna stop me?”  So confident.

“I think we should go, you guys,” whimpered Jimmy.  He was so afraid, that I felt ashamed of him in that moment.

“You are a big dick, you know that?” my wife blurted hotly. Her eyes were flashing now, and her dander was up.

“I have a big dick, if that’s what you mean,” he rejoined.  Then he grabbed his crotch lewdly and my wife rolled her eyes with disgust.

“Why don’t you two just move along?”  I said.  I was so drunk that I swaggered right up to the two huge muscle men without a care in the world.  I guess I was showing off for my wife.

My bravado didn’t last long.  Tommy’s hand shot out with a blur and felt myself jerked practically off of my feet as he grabbed the front of my shirt and yanked me toward him.

“I could like literally smash your goddamn face in, dorkwad,” he told me.  He said it in almost a friendly way and I could feel my pits growing damp with apprehension.

“Hey, hey, wait, look, don’t do that,” chattered my wife with concern.  “You want to see my boobs?  No big deal. Just put my husband down.”  She grabbed the elastic band at the top of her bodice and pulled it down slightly to reveal more cleavage.

“Ooh, I like where this is going,” said the bouncer rubbing his palms together.  He had tattoos all over the backs of his hands.

“Me too,” grunted Tommy as he tossed me aside.

I stumbled but managed not to fall this time since there was more room out here and I was able to regain my footing.

“I don’t know why men get so excited.  They are just mammary glands,” repeated my wife.  She gave Tommy a playful look as she pulled down her top briefly and flashed him a view of her bra.

“No, no, wait, here, let’s do this,” he strode forward and stood close to my wife.  She had to tilt her head back to look him in the eye with her big doe eyes.  “You let me feel up your tits and I promise not to crush your husband.”

“You know we could just call the cops you guys,” said Jimmy. He had his phone out and everything, ready to dial 911.  I felt scared and intimidated, but even I thought that was overboard.

“Or we could just leave,” I offered weakly.

Cindy looked up at Tommy submissively as she answered me.  “No, dear, there might not be time.  We might not be able to get away.  I better do what he says.  I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Yeah, but um,” I objected.  It was too late.  I felt my mouth go dry as I watched my wife pull the top of her bodice down and tuck it under her large boobs, exposing her lacy bra.   She licked her lips as she looked up at Tommy expectantly and I felt a sharp pang of jealousy and frustration mixed with fear and somehow a bit of arousal.

“This is super hot,” commented the bouncer.

“This is sick, it’s assault,” complained Jimmy.

“Technically, it’s not assault against me, he’s just threatening Sydney,” said my wife.   She was still making doe eyes at the big jock.

“Unhook your bra,” commanded Tommy.  The big man was hovering over my little wife menacingly. She unhooked her bra and her big white boobs came spilling out, pick nipples going cock eyed in either direction.

“Cindy!” I gasped.  “Seriously?”

“I don’t want you to get hurt, baby,” she purred.  Then she cooed as Tommy grabbed her tender knockers in his big rough hands.  Her cheeks were flushed bright red and her eyes with shining with excitement.

“Aww yeah, these are good titties,” giggled Tommy as he toyed with my wife’s boobs.  He looked over at me brazenly as he fondled my wife’s bare chest.  “How do you like this, little man?” he asked me.  “You like how your wife lets me feel her up?”

“No sir, I don’t like it,” I said in the voice of that horse from Ren and Stimpy and it made my wife titter.  But I could feel my dick getting hard as I watched the big alpha male take liberties with my nerdy little woman.

“Nice and soft,” he told me as he cradled them in his hands.  “Look, I’m pinching her nipples now.”

“Oh,” exclaimed my wife.  She was breathing faster now as the big man worked her knockers.

“Look at her, she is into it,” he chuckled.  “It’s making her hot.”

“No it’s not,” objected Cindy weakly.  But she didn’t sound sincere at all.  It was making me hot just watching.

“This is like a damn nature documentary,” commented Jimmy.  “The dominant bull has faced down the smaller males of the pack and now asserts it’s sexual prerogative with the fertile female.”  He intoned this in a deep narrator voice and I had to laugh along with Cindy and the bouncer.  I couldn’t help it.  It was so true.  It was also giving me such a boner.

“That’s right, bitch,” Tommy told me.  “Your wife’s ass is mine now.  Lookit, I’m fucking juggling her melons and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Don’t be rude, Tommy,” panted my wife.  She laid her hands gently on his as he persisted in rubbing her bare breasts.

He just ignored her.  “Lift your skirt up, let me see that ass,” he told her impatiently.

Cindy looked around bashfully.  “People are looking,” she whined. It was true, two mouthbreathers and their trashy ladies were glancing over from the other side of the patio.

“Don’t worry about them, I’ll block you,” said the bouncer and he moved over slightly to block their view with his immense bulk.

“Do you want me to punch your husband or not?” asked Tommy.  But he didn’t sound threatening any more, he was too aroused.  He sounded urgent and horny.

“I don’t even believe you will punch Sydney,” Cindy told him.

“Yeah, well, I might,” he said distractedly.  “Now lemme see that ass.”

Cindy laughed. “You really are assertive,” she said. She was impressed by this brash retard.  It sort of annoyed me and I could feel my stomach roiling with jealousy as she turned, bent over, and lifted her skirt for him.

“Nice! Lookit that ass, K-Dog,” said Tommy excitedly as he slapped my wife’s rear.

“Looking good,” agreed the bouncer known as K-Dog.

“Now pull your panties down!” Tommy demanded of my wife.

“Tommy, please, that’s going too far!” she cried.

“Do it!” he bellowed in a deep voice and my wife squeaked in submission and slid her underwear off, exposing her bare ass to us.

Tommy bent down to put his face close to my wife’s butt as he looked back at me triumphantly and started squeezing her cheeks.  “Lookit this!” he told me.  “You like how I rub your wife’s ass little man?”

“It’s uh, pretty rude I guess,” I admitted.  I had to adjust my pants as my penis grew stiffer and stiffer at the sight of this jerk molesting my wife.

“I’m sorry about this, honey, are you ok?” asked Cindy sweetly as Tommy ran his hands gratuitously over her white ass and lovely pale thighs.  “Is this freaking you out?”

“Pretty much,” I admitted.

“Look watch this,” Tommy urged me and he put his hands between my wife’s legs and fingered her labia which was poking out puffily now.

“Oh god you are fresh,” panted my wife. She was clearly aroused now.

“I’m funky fresh medina, baby,” he crowed.  

“That’s just, such a stupid reference,” said Jimmy critically.   But he was gazing in fascination as Tommy impudently poked his finger into my wife’s twat.  It emerged slick with her juice.  She sure was wet.

“Turn around and show us that pussy,” Tommy told my wife.

“Oh my god,” sighed my wife.  She glanced around nervously as she turned and stood upright before us.  Her big beautiful tits were still hanging out for all to see as she lifted the front of her skirt and showed us her crotch.

“Yeah,” exclaimed Tommy with a guttural growl.  “Lookit this pussy,” he told me as he grabbed my wife’s cooch roughly.  “I’m gonna FUCK this pussy,” he bragged to me.

“No, no you’re not,” whimpered my wife.  Her eyes were glazed over with passion as the big man forcefully squeezed her vagina.

“Your husband can’t stop me, he’s a wimp,” laughed Tommy.  “Isn’t that right, little man?”

“I uh, don’t know if I could stop you actually,” I admitted.  But at that point I didn’t want to.  This was too exciting, to see my wife getting used in public by a douchebag.  It was exhilarating really and it made me horny as hell.

“It’s best if we just do what he says,” said my wife.

“That’s right, feel this, this is what I’m gonna fuck you with,” said Tommy proudly and he took my wife’s hand and put it on the massive bulge in his jeans.

“Oh wow,” said my wife in surprise.  “You are really hard.”

“That’s right, you hear, that, little man?” he looked at me imperiously as my wife fondled his junk through his pants.

“Oh God, Cindy,” I said, gripping my own boner.

“I know, this is terrible,” she said in a consoling tone as she knelt in the grass before the bully.  “But look at this.”  She unzipped his pants and I felt my chest constrict as the huge erection practically erupted from his pants.  My wife nuzzled his stiff dong with her face, resting is along her cheek as she looked back at me sweetly.  “He’s really big, honey,” she told me excitedly.  “Big and hard. Wow.  And he’s not circumcised.  That’s so weird.”  I watched breathlessly as my nerdy wife gripped the bully’s cock and gently pulled back his foreskin, revealing his red sticky glans.  “It’s like a dog penis or something,” she said gazing at it in fascination.  Jimmy and the bouncer laughed, but Tommy just groaned with pleasure as my wife starting licking the glistening head of his penis.  “Ooh it tastes funky,” she said, wrinkling her nose at me.  

“Um, ok,” I said weakly.

“Honey, remember to breath,” she told me with concern.  “I’m going to suck it now, ok?”

I realized that I had been holding my breath and I expelled suddenly as I watched my wife on her knees, sucking my rival’s cock. We stood there, the bouncer, Jimmy, and I while my wife’s head bobbed up and down as she administered to Tommy’s cock right there on the patio of this proletariat bar.

“Man she sucks a mean cock,” said the bouncer in admiration.  Cindy looked him in the eye as she ran her tongue up and down Tommy’s stiff shaft.  That struck me as being an extremely slutty thing to do.  Not just suck off a bully in front of me,but in front of other guys too and even look them in the eye while she did it.  My cock was painfully hard.

My wife paused sucking Tommy’s dick for a moment and knelt there jerking it and staring at it with adoration.  “I just love this cock,” she blurted to Tommy’s delight.  Then she gave me a guilty glance.  “Oh jeez, honey, I’m being bad, I know.  How are you feeling about this?”

“I mean, I don’t know,” I admitted, kneading the lump in my pants desperately.  “It’s a little shitty of you to give blowjobs to guys who threaten to beat me up I guess.”

“But did you see the size of his balls?” she giggled.  She cradled Tommy’s huge hairy testes in her palms of her hand.  “They are ginormous!” she gushed.  I felt a little inadequate when wife raved about another man’s testicles.

“No surprise, it takes a big pair of stones to fuck another mans wife right in front of him,” put in the bouncer.

Just then the tough manager woman with the boobjob came out on the patio and joined our group.  “What the holy fuck is going on here?  Is that the nerdy bitch from before?  What’s she doing with Tommy’s nuts in her hands.”

“I’m going to suck them,” Cindy told her happily.  “They are really big and hairy!”  Then my wife started sucking the big jerk’s scrotum while the manager laughed in amazement.  Cindy was really enthusiastic about it, making loud slurping sounds as licked and sucked.

I groaned in despair and arousal as I wrestled with the boner in my pants.

“That’s right, bitch, suck those balls,” gloated Tommy.  He grabbed my wife’s hairs and roughly jammed her face between his legs while she practically gagged on his nutsack.

“And this pussy of a husband is just going to stand there watching?” the titjob manager spat with disgust, jerking a thumb in my direction.  “That’s San Francisco for you.  Freaks everywhere.”

“He knows I’ll just smash him if he tries to interfere,” said Tommy.  “How does it feel to watch your wife gobbling the nads of a real man?”

“I mean it feels like, kind of weird,” I said.  I didn’t want to admit how arousing this was in spite of the humiliation.

“Honey, don’t take this the wrong way,” gasped my wife, coming up for air.  “I mean, he’s obviously more macho than you are and I didn’t realize how stimulating that would be for me, sexually. But of course I still only love you.  I couldn’t love a beast like him.  But I did sort of get wet when he started pushing you around.”

“Jeez, how can you say that?,” I complained.  Wow, my wife really had a soft spot for tough guys I guess.

“Bitch, get up and bend over, it’s time for me to fuck you silly,” demanded my wife’s new lover.

“Hold that thought, dear,” my wife told me sweetly as she eagerly jumped to her feet and presented her ass to the bully so he could do her from behind.

“What a little fucking slut,” laughed the tough manager in admiration.

“Yeah, she’s a good little whore,” agreed Tommy.  He grabbed my wife by the hips as she lifted the back of her skirt for him and then thrust himself into my wife from behind, making her cry out in surprise.

“Oh my god you are big,” she moaned.

“You are fucking tight,” he cursed through gritted teeth.  “I’m going to blow my wad right inside your fucking whore wife,” he told me with relish as he bent my woman over and started pumping his cock in and out of her.  I just watched her big naked boobs swinging back and forth as the bully dogged her.  Her head was thrown back and her mouth was hanging open in ecstasy.

“And so the alpha male mounts the fertile female while the betas look on jealously from the sidelines,” intoned Jimmy in his documentary narrator voice.

“He’s really fucking me hard,” my wife whined to me.  “He’s really manly.”

“Uh, ok.  Thanks for sharing?” I said awkwardly.  I desperately wanted to just unzip and start jerking off while I watched my wife getting mounted by this dominant bull, but I was too ashamed to do it.

“How you like it when I bang the shit out of your wife, bro?” barked Tommy at me aggressively as he stabbed his cock more and more forcefully into my wife.

“I’m a sort of upset obviously,” I said.  Though I was mostly upset that I didn’t have the guts to just masturbate while I watched.

“It doesn’t really mean anything,” whimpered my wife.

“Letting this guy fuck you you mean?” I asked.

“Wait, sorry, I’m cumming,” groaned Cindy and she put her head down and shuttered.

“Yeah, you fucking bitch, yeah,” shouted Tommy and he paused for a moment, grinding himself deep into my wife’s womb.  “Fuck yeah, there it goes.  I’m emptying my load up in your wife, little man,” he crowed triumphantly.  I just ground my teeth in frustration, but said nothing. I guessed I would be jerking off imagining this moment for weeks if not months to come.

Tommy pulled out of my wife and slapped her on the ass.  “Give me your number,” he said and my wife quickly blurted it out as he tapped it into his phone.

“Honey, jesus!”  I complained.

“Look at it this way,” Cindy told me as she rehooked her bra and pulled her bodice back up.  “I took a pounding so you didn’t have to.”

It wasn’t really that funny, but Jimmy and I laughed along anyway.  The bouncer even bought us another round of drinks to show there were no hard feelings.

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Wife Wants Husband’s Friends to See her New Lingerie

by Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.2

One day James is having a couple of his male friends over for drinks when his wife Kim joins them.

“You know I went shopping for lingerie today, dear,” says Kim, pouring herself another drink and sitting next to her husband on the couch.

“Uh, huh,” says James with a smirk, looking to see his friend’s reaction. Fred blushes slightly but Sam just laughs.

“Are you going to try it on for us?” asks Sam playfully.

“Do you want me to?” replies Kim, batting her lashes at him.

“Sure, why not? What could possibly go wrong?” he laughs, slapping James on the knee.

“Very funny, you guys,” says James taking a drink. His gut knots up slightly in jealousy at his wife’s flirting. She likes to flirt with his friends sometimes and he is always torn between arousal and possessiveness.

“Oh, come on, James,” says Kim with a twinkle in her eye. “It will be fun!”

“Wait, what?” he replies, almost choking on his drink. “You can’t be serious!” He looks over at his friends and sees Fred blushing a deeper shade of red. Even raucous Sam who like to be obnoxious seems a bit taken aback.

“Oh you boys act like it’s such a big deal,” says Kim putting her knees together and placing her hands on her thighs primly. “I just want to get an objective opinion from some close friends of the masculine persuasion.”

“Objective opinion on what?” blurts Fred nervously, his forehead breaking out in sweat.

“Why, on how sexy my new outfits are, silly,” exclaims Kim with surprise.

“My wife wouldn’t like that,” responds Fred.

“Oh I’m sure Janet wouldn’t mind. But I won’t tell her if you don’t want me to.” says Kim, suppressing a smile.

“Wait, a minute. I mind!” sputters James. “You can’t just go parading around in your underwear in front of our guests! It’s indecent!”

Kim laughs lightly. “Don’t be such a prude, dear. It doesn’t suit you. Don’t you like it when other men admire your wife’s body? I work hard to keep my figure you know, I wouldn’t mind some appreciation now and then.”

James notices Sam and Fred glancing from Kim’s ample bust to her slim waist and down over her shapely legs. His stomach flips again and he feels his heart racing. “I just… I don’t know. It feels weird.” he says feeling slightly nauseous.

“Oh you are the one making it weird,” replies Kim, getting to her feet and bending down to give her husband a peck on the cheek. “You’ll see, it will be fun!” Then she dashes off to get changed.

“Sorry about that old, man,” says Sam guiltily. “I was just joking around. I didn’t think she would take me up on the offer.”

“Maybe we should go?” asks Fred with trepidation.

“No, no,” responds James, shaking his head. “Maybe Kim is right and we are just making a big deal out of nothing.”

“Sure,” says Sam with a hesitant smile. “A little harmless flirting never killed anyone, right? But we should keep this just between us, because I am not sure my wife would see it that way…”

The three friends share a half-hearted chuckle at that and James takes another sip of his drink to steel his nerves.

Presently, Kim returns wearing a lacy bra, transparent panties, thigh-high stockings, and high heels all in black. Her erect nipples are clearly visible as is the dark patch of her pubic hair.

“Whoa!” exclaims Sam with appreciation. “That’s hot.” James looks at Sam and Fred devouring his wife’s body with their eyes and feels his pits grow damp.

“Do you boys like it?” asks Kim innocently. “I am hoping that this will pique James’ interest in the boudoir.” Kim runs her hands down the side of her hips, watching the reaction from Fred and Sam with delight.

“Jesus Christ!” exclaims James. “I can’t believe you are doing this!”

“Please, honey, I asked our friends a question,” says Kim chiding him playfully. “Well, Fred, what do you think?” She cocks her hip suggestively and James notices his penis swelling in response as he gazes at his wife’s sexy body.

“Erm, yes, it’s uh, very flattering,” stutters Fred, with sweat pouring from his brow. He shifts uncomfortably in his seat, trying to hide his erection.

“Can you be more… specific?” asks Kim, furrowing her brow and pursing her lips mockingly.

“Uh, that outfit, err, shows your body to good advantage,” says Fred looking over at James nervously.

“That’s not specific!” says Kim sternly, putting her hands on her hips.

James is embarrassed at how much Kim’s little act is turning him on as he reaches down to surreptitiously adjust himself.

“Ugh, sorry, I mean. It shows off your gorgeous porcelain skin,” says Fred gulping as he runs his eyes up and down Kim’s body.

“Thank you, Fred,” sniffs Kim with satisfaction. “Anything else?”

“Well it shows off your, um, very shapely legs?” says Fred pulling at his collar.

“You don’t sound convinced!” laughs Kim, bending a knee provocatively to show off her legs. ‘Do you like my legs or not?”

“Oh yes, very much!” responds Fred quickly. “They are beautiful.”

“Jeez, lay off him,” says James half-heartedly. He doesn’t want to let on how aroused this is making him and feels that he must protest to save face. “Can’t you see how nervous you’re making him.”

“Alright, dear,” says Kim, looking at her husband warmly. “What about you, Sam? What do you think of this outfit? Be specific.”

Sam glances over at James in confusion and then returns his eyes to James’ wife’s body. “Well it certainly shows your hourglass figure,” he says hesitantly.

“I can’t believe that no one is commenting on my breasts!” says Kim gripping her own boobs with exasperation. “Can’t you see how hard my nipples are?”

‘Darling, please!” says James, looking at this friends with chagrin.

“Yes, that bra really accentuates your outstanding tits,” admits Sam with a sigh, putting his hands in his lap to hide his arousal. “Is that what you want to hear?”

“Well, I worry that they are getting too saggy,” says Kim matter of factly, boosting her breasts with her hands from below. “I’m not getting any younger.”

“No, no, they are still jutting out nicely,” says Sam, warming up to the topic and avoiding James’ eye.

“That’s good,” says Kim with relief, looking over at her husband with a gleam in her eye. “Now what about my rear?” She turns and bends over slightly presenting her bottom to the men for inspection.

“Oh god!” moans James with a mix of exasperation and excitement.

“Well that’s a very round and well formed ass,” says Sam judiciously, checking James’ reaction to see if he is going too far. James just smiles ruefully at him in response so he carries on. “Also, I like how smooth and white your thighs are. There isn’t a trace of cellulite like my wife is starting to get.”

“Well she needs to start jogging with us, dear. I will be sure to invite her,” says Kim, looking over her shoulder at Sam with concern. Then she wiggles her rear at Fred. “What do you think, Fred? Does this do anything for you?”

“Do anything?” he asks anxiously.

“The point of lingerie is to make men aroused,” explains Kim patiently. “Are you hard yet?”

“Kim!” exclaims James. “Please, now that is just going too far.” He breathe is coming quickly and his pulse is racing with excitement.

“Settle down, dear,” says Kim calmly. “It’s a perfectly reasonable question under the circumstances.” Then he turns her attention back to Fred with an impish grin. “Fred, have I made your penis erect or not?”

“But, I mean, well yes, it’s very… uh, stiff right now, of course,” stammers Fred, looking at James apologetically.

“Oh of course,” laughs Kim, straightening up and turning to face him. “May I see it?”

“Darling!” shouts James in exasperation. “What are you doing? This is really going too far.”

“I certainly couldn’t…” chimes in Fred turning pale.

“Alright, alright, please relax yourselves, gentlemen,” says Kim, holding up her hands defensively. “It seemed like a fair request, but I will withdraw it.” Then she walks over and plops herself down right in Fred’s lap. “You don’t mind if I sit here, do you, dear?” she asks him playfully draping an arm around his neck.

“Honey!” complains James. “Stop it.” James notices Fred looking down at his wife’s cleavage just inches from his nose.

Kim ignores her husband’s complaint and wriggles her rear against Fred’s lap. “You weren’t kidding, Fred!” she laughs devilishly. “I feel a real lump down there.”

“Kim, I’m serious,” says James, jumping to his feet. “Get off Fred’s lap right now!” As exciting as this all is, he can’t tolerate the idea of being humiliated like this in front of his friends.

“Oh darling,” says Kim with a pout. “You are being such a spoilsport.” She slides off of Fred’s lap and sits between him and Sam on the couch, putting an arm around each of them. “Is that better?” she asks James coyly.

“Not really,” he mutters returning reluctantly to his seat. “I think you should go put some clothes on and stop this nonsense.”

Kim notices Sam looking down at her crotch and says, “Sam, what are you looking at?”

“Oh, sorry,” says Sam looking over at James helplessly.

“I asked what you were looking at?” demands Kim sternly, extracting her arm from behind Fred and putting it around Sam to encircle him.

“I was looking at your… uh, thighs,” says Sam putting his hands on his knees and trying to respond to Kim’s advances.

“No you weren’t,” she says wickedly. “You were looking at my vagina!”

“Um, ok,” admits Sam giving James a penitent look.

“Here, if you want to look, then look,” she says, cackling with laughter as she wriggles out of her panties and tosses them aside.

“Kimberly! What’s gotten into you?” cries James in dismay.

“I’m just feeling randy, darling,” responds Kim sulkily. “Is that a crime?”

“Well, is adultery a crime?” sputters James in response, looking on in shock as Kim spreads her legs with Fred and Sam’s eyes glued to her crotch.

“Actually, it’s not literally against the law here in California…” says Fred pulling his eyes away from James’ wife’s privates for a moment.

“Now is not the time to get pedantic with me, Fred,” says James, but he can’t refrain from smiling at Fred’s nerdiness.

“Just go with it, dear,” coaxes Kim. “This will just be our little secret.” Then she reaches over , unzips Sam’s fly, and extracts his stiff penis.

“Oh God!” says Sam as Kim starts stroking his member and gazing into his eyes lustily.

“I just can’t believe this is happening,” says James slapping his hand to his forehead.

“I didn’t know you folks were into wife-swapping,” admits Fred matter of factly.

“Let’s try something,” says Kim brightly, turning around and kneeling on the couch pointing her rear out into the room. She crosses her arms on the back of the couch and rests her head there looking over at Sam alluringly. “I will just knee her waiting to see what happens.” She reaches down and parts her swollen labia with her fingers suggestively.

Sam jumps to his feet and positions himself behind James’s wife with his erect penis inches from Kim’s waiting vagina. “Sorry about this, old man,” he tells James as he starts prodding his wife with his swollen member.

“Sorry, my ass, you are about to fuck my wife!” says James jumping to his own feet, unsure of what to do.

“My goodness, James! Look at yourself! You are pitching a tent in your trousers over there!” says Kim as Sam rubs the head of his penis along the slit of her labia, lubricating it with her juices.

“That’s beside the point!” yelps James putting his hand over his erection.

“The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks!” shouts Kim, cackling with laughter. “Go ahead and put it in, Sam. Don’t be bashful. James might be making a show of complaint, but he is obviously loving this.”

Sam shoots James a quick glance as he plunges himself into Kim’s waiting pussy. She gasps with pleasure as he does so and James just looks on in fascination with his mouth hanging open.

“Sam, how could you?” shouts James.

Sam pauses with his shaft sunk deep into James’ wife. “I know, this is weird. I never fucked a friend’s wife while he watched before. I mean I never fucked a friend’s wife at all,” says Sam uncertainly.

“Don’t stop, keep going!” pleads Kim, reaching back to grip Sam’s balls.

“But I feel like I should get your husband’s permission or something,” says Sam withdrawing himself partway. Kim’s hot, slick sheath is gripping his cock snugly and Sam can’t bring himself to withdraw fully because she feels too good. Also, Sam finds it incredibly kinky to have his old friend’s wife impaled on his boner and begging for more.

“How can you expect me to give my permission?!” yelps James. “Would you let me fuck your wife while you watched?”

“Well at this point, I guess I would have to…” says Sam thoughtfully.

“Turnabout is fair play after all,” chimes in Fred. “Assuming that Sam’s wife would agree to it, of course.”

“That’s very helpful, Fred,” snaps Sam with annoyance.

“Well, look, James,” says Fred. “This evening has already careened madly off the tracks. Maybe you should just go along with it at this point. I mean would you really break up with your wife of 15 years over this? And you have been friends with Sam and I longer than that even…”

“Please honey, it’s just a bit of playful shagging. What harm can there be?” begs Kims, her eyes bright with lust.

“Playful shagging?” asks James skeptically. He hesitates a moment and then flops back into his seat with bewilderment.

“There you go, dear. Maybe you should masturbate while you watch?” suggests Kim soothingly. “Sam, can you please fuck the shit out of me know? I’m so horny I could burst.”

“James sitting down does seem like tacit approval, anyway,” says Fred to Sam.

“Ok, well, I hope we can still all be friends in the morning,” says Sam with a sigh as he pulls out of Kim briefly in order to pull his pants off and then reinserts his prick into her waiting hole.

“Would you mind if I masturbated while I watch, actually?” asked Fred politely.

“Not at all, dear, would you like me to suck it for you?” replied Kim with a gasp as Sam began thrusting himself more and more insistently into her.

“If you wouldn’t mind, I would be quite obliged,” said Fred, turning red again as he withdrew his painfully stiff johnson from his pants and presented it you James wife.

“Fred, what a huge cock you have!” says Kim with surprise. “I never knew!” Then she bent her head down to put her mouth over the purple swollen head of Fred’s phallus.

“I can barely fit it into my mouth, honey,” says Kim excitedly, lifting her head momentarily to make a spicy comment to her husband.

“Spare me the details, please,” responds James with a show of unhappiness. His guts are tied in knots as he watches his wife enthusiastically go down on Fred while Sam fucks her from behind. Pretty soon Sam’s thighs are slapping against Kim’s ass rhythmically and Fred is moaning with pleasure as she sucks him off. No one is paying him any attention, so James goes ahead, pulls out his thing and starts stroking it as he watches in fascination.

“I’m going to cum soon,” grunts Sam. “Can I cum inside her?” he asks, turning to James who is fapping madly while he watches.

“What kind of question is that?” asks James with indignation.

“Oh, god, too late,” replies Sam and he grinds himself against Kim’s ass, presumably shooting load after load of semen into James’ wife as he does so. Kim reaches back and rubs her clitoris vigorously as he finishes, bringing herself to a shuddering climax.

Sam withdraws himself tenderly and flops down on a nearby chair as Fred stands up and eagerly takes his place. “Don’t mind me,” he tells her as he grips Kim’s hips and forces his huge cock into her waiting vagina.

“Jesus you are huge!” cries Kim. “Go easy with that thing.”

“It’s ok, I’m coming now, you are so tight!” pants Fred as he empties his own load into Kim.

“That a boy, shoot your wad in there,” jokes Kim as Fred pulls his dripping cock from her cunt. “Care for sloppy thirds, dear?” asks Kim shaking her ass at James.

“NO thanks!” he says with disgust. “Get over her and finish me off with your mouth.”

Kim scurries over obediently and kneels before her husband to go down on him. The way she looks up at him submissively with his cock in her mouth after brazenly seducing his two friends makes James loose his seed almost immediately. He spurts load after load of hot sperm down his wife’s throat and she almost chokes trying to swallow it all.

Once he is done, she unsnaps her bra and tosses it away as she sprawls back casually on the floor. “Bring me a drink, Sam,” she demands.

Sam hurries to do her bidding, handing her a fresh rum and coke, admiring her sexy body as she lays there.

“Well, you two are welcome to stay over tonight. Maybe you can rest up and fuck me more later,” says Kim hopefully.

“Jesus, Kim, are you serious?” complains James.

“Honey, did you see Fred’s cock?” laughs Kim. “I need to give to investigate that further!”

Fred blushes modestly in response as he zips up his fly.

“At what point do you turn into a shameless slut?” asks James affectionately, unable to bear her a grudge in his post-orgasm euphoria.

She thinks that over and then answers seriously, “I’m not sure, but I am enjoying it immensely.”

Everyone has a good laugh at that and James wonders how he will be able to deal with sharing his wife and if Sam and Fred will share their own wives with him.


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Wife’s Boss Invites Her to XXX Theater

by Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.4

Jane and her husband Sam were finishing up dinner when she got up the nerve to make an announcement.

“Uh, Sam, I forgot to mention that I agreed to go out with a coworker this evening,” said Jane, looking at her husband with concern.

“Oh, really? That’s unusual,” said Sam, not bothering to look up from his dessert. “Where are you going?”

“Well, there’s a new theater down by on Industrial Parkway that we wanted to check out,” said Jane, biting her lip in apprehension.

“Industrial Parkway?” said Sam, finally raising his head and looking at his wife in surprise. Jane noticed idly that this was the first time Sam looked her in the eye during the entire meal. “That’s a pretty rough part of town, isn’t it? Who would put a theater down there?”

“I don’t know,” said Jane, avoiding his sudden gaze and toying idly with her food.

“Wait a minute, wasn’t there some uproar in the city council about a XXX theater opening up down there?” said Sam with a distant look on his face.

“Yes, that’s right. That’s the place we are going to,” admitted Jane, blushing deeply. “We ah, wanted to see what all the brouhaha was about,” she said, forcing a nervous laugh.

“Jeez,” snorted Sam with a laugh, returning his attention to his cake. “I don’t mean to be a prude, but I am surprised that you would go for that sort of thing.” He paused and looked up at his wife again curiously. “Hey, do you think you will be safe down there, just you and your girlfriend from work?”

Jane squirmed uncomfortably as her husband looked at her with concern. “Yes, well, I uh,” she stammered awkwardly, unsure of how to tell Sam. “I should be OK, see, I am going with a guy friend, not a girl friend.”

Sam nodded automatically and dug into his food before snapping back to attention. “Wait, what?” he squawked indignantly. “You are going to a porn theater with another man?!”

“Now darling, just relax,” said Jane with a weak smile. “I knew you would get upset, but it’s not what you think. Ed and I are just going on a lark.”

“Ed? Your boss boss invited you to a XXX movie?” yelped Sam. “That’s not a lark, that’s sexual harassment! You should take this directly to HR.”

“Now honey, don’t get all worked up,” said Jane, rising quickly to clear the table. “Ed and I have worked together for years. We always joke around with each other. I don’t feel harassed at all.”

Sam sat dumbfounded for a moment and watched his wife bustle about putting the dishes into the dishwasher and wiping the table. “This is totally inappropriate,” he said finally.

“Darling, you know I love you,” said Jane, putting her arms around Sam from behind and kissing him on the cheek. “Ed and I are just going to go out and have a bit of fun together. It’s perfectly harmless.”

“Perfectly harmless?” asked Sam in amazement, squeezing his wife’s hand and craning his neck to look her in the eye.

Just then the doorbell rang and Jane pulled away, ruffling her husband’s hair affectionately. ‘Oh, that will be Ed now. Be a dear and get him a drink. I need to go get changed.”

Sam and went to the door muttering angrily to himself. When he opened the door, he found Jane’s boss Ed, standing there in an expensive grey suit. Ed was balding and slightly overweight, in his late 40’s or about 5 years older than Sam and Jane. Sam tried to refrain from frowning as he greeted him.

“Hello Ed, won’t you come in?” he said politely, forcing a smile.

“Ah, Sam, good to see you!” exclaimed Ed heartily, barging past Sam and clapping him on the shoulder roughly as he went past. “Where is your little lady?”

“Um, Jane is getting ready and asked me to offer you a drink,” said Sam, gritting his teeth in annoyance.

“Oh, that’s fine. I’ll have scotch if you have a good one,” said Ed looking around the living room with pursed lips before dropping down in Sam’s favorite leather recliner.

Sam went over to the dry bar and poured Ed a single malt scotch that was normally reserved for very special occasions. He was annoyed at how Ed took the seat he himself was accustomed to sitting in each night. It felt like an additional violation on top of Ed’s aggressive move with his wife.

“Thank you, Sam,” said Ed, taking the drink from Sam as he continued to size up their living room. Sam was annoyed by the look of disdain on Ed’s face as he examined their furniture. He and Jane had spent a lot of money at Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn to furnish their home and here Ed was looking down his nose at their stuff. “So, how is the job hunt going there, Sam?” asked Ed, tilting his head to the side sympathetically.

Sam’s face flushed red at the mention of his extended unemployment. Judy had been supporting the both of them since Sam was laid off the year before and he was sensitive about the topic. “Err, yeah, the job market is pretty tough right now,” said Sam with embarrassment.

“Tsk, tsk,” tutted Ed condescendingly. “Have you considered going back to school for your MBA?”

“Yes, Jane and I had discussed that,” admitted Sam, annoyed that Ed had managed to put him immediately on the defensive.

“Well, I have to admit, you are being a wonderful sport to let me steal Jane away this evening,” chuckled Ed smiling at Sam lewdly.

“I was going to ask you about that, Ed,” said Sam, his stomach roiling as he mustered the nerve to confront Jane’s boss.

“Yes, Sam?” asked Ed looking at Sam with an expectant twinkle in his eye.

“Um, well, do you really think, I mean, it’s not really proper is it?” stammered Sam nervously. His pits were soaked and his palms were sweating profusely. He and Judy really relied on her salary and he didn’t want to put her job in jeopardy, but he had to draw the line somewhere.

Ed just laughed deeply. “Oh Sam, come now. We are both men of the world, aren’t we?” asked Ed, rattling the ice in his scotch with delight.

“Men of the world?” asked Sam at a loss.

“Well what do you two men of the world think of this outfit?” asked Judy, edging timidly into the room wearing a shockingly short and skimpy dress with thigh-high stockings and high heels.

“Hubba hubba,” said Ed excitedly, running his eyes hungrily up and down Sam’s wife’s curvaceous body.

Sam nearly choked on his drink when he saw his wife. “My God, Judy,” he exclaimed.

“Don’t you like it?” she asked, twisting her fingers before her self consciously.

Sam gazed at his wife’s large breasts jiggling in the halter top and noticed that she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra. Then he looked at her shapely legs sheathed in sexy black nylon stocking with her milky white thighs exposed and he felt his member stiffen with arousal.

“You look like a prostitute,” blurted Sam without thinking. As soon as he said it, he wished he hadn’t.

“Oh dear,” said Judy worriedly, blushing deeply. She tugged at the hem of her dress apprehensively. “Ed had asked me to dress, uh, provocatively tonight.”

“Now, don’t be such a prude, Sam. I think Judy’s outfit is very appropriate considering the venue,” said Ed, staring at Judy’s long gorgeous legs as she stood before him shifting anxiously from foot to foot. “Here, turn around Judy, let me get a look at you,” commanded Ed casually.

“I’m not a prude,” said Sam tightly, suddenly realizing that he had a death grip on his glass and struggling to relax himself. His stomach was churning with jealousy as Judy turned slowly in place so that Ed could look her over thoroughly. Sam could see that Ed was paying particular attention to Judy’s gorgeous round ass, clearly outlined by the thin, tight material of her dress as she turned for him.

“I think you should dress this way for work everyday,” said Ed with a wry smile.

“Oh, I really couldn’t,” gasped Judy, putting her hand to her mouth. “People would talk.”

“No, of course you couldn’t,” sputtered Sam. He noticed the sexual energy flowing between Ed and Judy and he felt sidelined as they ignored his comment.

“Judy, are you wearing panties?” asked Ed arching his eyebrow.

“Of course I am, Ed, my goodness,” said Judy, blushing a deep shade of red. Sam was distracted by how beautiful she looked with such color in her face and realized that he really didn’t take time to appreciate how sexy his own wife was often enough. It was a shame it took another man’s interest to make him see it.

“Here, slide them off for me,” coaxed Ed, leaning forward to address Sam’s wife. “That will make it hotter.”

“For Chrissake, Ed. What are you playing at?” yelped Sam indignantly. He was struggling to reign in the situation as it spiralled out of control.

“I just think it will make the evening a bit more exhilarating for everyone involved if Judy went commando tonight. But she’s a grown woman, Sam,” replied Ed mildly. “You should let her make her own decisions.”

“Now Ed,” laughed Judy weakly. “That really is going quite far, isn’t it.”

“Take off your panties right now, Judy,” said Ed simply. Sam gulped at the implied threat but he didn’t know what to say.

Judy smiled with chagrin at her husband as she hiked up her dress slightly and pulled her panties down as instructed. She smoothed her dress back modestly as they dropped to her ankles.

“There now, that’s better,” sighed Ed with satisfaction. “Don’t you feel naughty now?”

“Yes, I feel very naughty, Ed,” admitted Judy with a wan smile at her boss as she bent down and picked up her underwear. She scooted over to the couch and sat down carefully, pulling at the hem of her dress which barely covered her crotch.

“Judy, how could you do this?” asked Sam in amazement.

“Oh Sam,” tittered Judy, giggling nervously. “Ed’s just a terrible flirt sometimes, but he doesn’t mean anything by it.” She crossed her legs without thinking Sam caught a glimpse of her public hair. He looked over at Ed and he wagged his eyebrows lewdly in response, showing that he had seen it to.

“I do mean something by it,” said Ed firmly. “I am trying to get you to push your sexual boundaries. I want to see how far you will go.”

“That’s just, I mean, this isn’t how a manager is supposed to act with his employees,” stammered Sam, the blood draining from his face.

“Now Sam,” replied Ed with a pained expression. “This has nothing to do with our work relationship.” Ed looked at Sam as though he smelled a bad scent. Judy gave Sam a pleading look and shook her head imperceptibly to forestall this line of conversation.

Sam looked at his wife imploringly and gulped. Ed knew damn well that Sam was out of work Sam thought to himself. Ed knew that the couple was in a precarious situation financially and he was taking advantage of it. “But, Judy is a married woman,” said Sam.

“Sam, you really are old-fashioned aren’t you?” laughed Ed. “What sort of signal do you think your wife was sending me when she agreed to go see a pornographic movie with me tonight?”

“Signal?” asked Sam in surprise.

Judy interrupted before Sam could say more. “Now Ed, don’t tease Sam like that. Tell, me what sort of movie are we going to see tonight?”

“I don’t know the name, but it’s a hardcore gangbang flick,” said Ed, turning to face Judy. “There’s going to be a lot of sucking and fucking.” He wagged his eyebrows at Judy significantly and she just giggled in response.

“Ok, Ed, that’s enough,” said Sam uncomfortably.

“And a lot of cumshots I hear,” added Ed for good measure.

“Jesus Ed!” complained Sam. “That’s my wife you are talking to.”

“Well I do know what a cumshot is, Sam,” protested Judy meekly.

“Oh, does he like to give you facials?” asked Ed with interest.

Judy glanced at Ed sheepishly and nodded her head.

“That’s good to know,” grunted Ed with a crude laugh.

“That’s our private business, Judy,” squeaked Sam in protest.

“Sam, just relax, will you?” demanded Ed. “We are all adults here.”

“Come now darling, don’t sulk,” coaxed Judy with a forced smile. “You like porn. You watch porn movies all the time.”

“Judy, please,” whined Sam, glancing at Ed uneasily.

“Ok, look, I’ve had enough of this,” said Ed decisively. “Sam, I’m taking your wife out down to the XXX theater and we are going to watch some explicit sexual material together. We are both going to get extremely aroused and she won’t be wearing any panties. Do you understand?” He stood up abruptly and strode over to offer Judy his hand.

“I’m, uh, this is just, um, unbelievable,” sputtered Sam.

Judy took Ed’s hand and let him help her to her feet. “Oh Ed, must you taunt poor Sam this way?” She turned to her husband and smiled warmly. “Now don’t let him get to you dear. Let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill. This is nothing but a slightly bawdy night out between a couple of coworkers.” She teetered over to Sam in her unfamiliar heels and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “We’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

Sam stared numbly as Ed lead Judy out of the room. She gave her husband a compassionate look over her shoulder as she left and Sam’s heart melted slightly. His wife was bravely facing this sexual harassment and trying to make light of it. He felt deeply inadequate for being out of work for so long and putting her into this position so he resolved to renew his job hunt the very next day. Of course he had been saying that to himself for months now, and something always seemed to come up to delay his search. Whether it be some renovation around the house or relatives visiting, he never seemed to find the time to really focus on his job hunt. He had gotten somewhat complacent with Judy earning a good salary. Her income had taken the pressure off of him. But now he felt the pressure back on.

In fact Sam felt so much pressure and anxiety that he decided to have a few more drinks to calm his nerves. He must have passed out on the couch at some point because Judy woke him gently when she got home and lead him unsteadily back to bed.

“What time is it?” he asked her blearily.

“It’s late, dear,” she said gently as she helped him undress for bed.

“What happened at the theatre?” asked Sam.

“Let’s talk about it in the morning, honey,” said Judy pushing him into bed and pulling up the covers to tuck him in. Before he could object further, he found himself drifting back into sleep.  But those globs of goo in her hair sure looked suspicious.

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Wife Blows Jerk Husband Fought in Bar

by Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.3

Simon and Beatrice went out drinking with some friends from the neighborhood one Friday night. The group of middle-aged suburban couples regularly got together at the neighborhood bar and the men tended to gather together in one group while their wives congregated separately. After everyone had a enjoyed several rounds of drinks, a gang of brash young men in college sweatshirts came in from the cold. They were insolently wearing shorts and flip-flops and were already drunk when they arrived. Simon rolled his eyes when he saw them come in.

“Since when do frat boys come in here?” asked Simon with annoyance as the rowdy young men gathered at the bar next to Beatrice and the other wives.

“I don’t know,” said Simon’s neighbor, Ted eying them warily over the top of his beer glass. “Hopefully they don’t make a habit of it.”

Talk returned to sports but Simon glanced over repeatedly as the frat boys started talking and laughing with the suburban wives. He noticed one drunken jerk slip his arm around his wife’s waist as Beatrice’s friends broke out cackling in response.

“Oh, I’m going to put a stop to that nonsense,” snapped Simon slamming down his beer and heading over. Ted, put his own drink down hastily and he tagged along with Simon as their other friends looked on nervously.

“Do me a favor and take your hands off my wife,” shouted Simon as he approached the young men mingling with the older wives. He was embarrassed to realize that his voice was slurring slightly from the alcohol he had already consumed.

There was an awkward moment of silence before the cocky young man with his arm around Beatrice gave him a bronx cheer in response and the entire group broke out laughing again.

“Why you little douchebag,” stammered Simon indignantly and he grabbed the fellow by the elbow to pull him away from his wife. But the young man was much stronger than Simon and shrugged him off casually.

“Now Simon, don’t get all worked up,” chided Beatrice. “Johnny here is just playing around. He and his friends are all seniors over at the state university you know.”

“But that doesn’t give him the right to put his arm around my woman,” whined Simon petulantly. Then he turned to Ted, “Back me up, Ted.”

Ted shifted nervously from foot to foot avoiding the smirks of the assembled frat boys and the curious expressions of the middle aged wives. “Uh, true, Simon, true. He ought to let Beatrice go.”

“Oh will you two just relax,” laughed Ted’s wife, Harriet. “Look at you. Two grown men getting jealous over some young whipper-snappers.” She strode forward and ushered Ted and Simon back to the table with the other husbands. “Try to act like adults, please,” she said with a gleeful smile. “These rascals are just having fun, it’s nothing to have a heart attack over.” Then she kissed her husband on the cheek, patted Simon on the shoulder and returned to the bar shaking her head in amusement.

Simon took up his beer and tried to rejoin the conversation with his friends but his face was burning with humiliation. He kept looking over at this kid Johnny laughing and hugging his wife. At one point he got behind her and started grinding his crotch against her rear while the other wives clapped their hands and shrieked with merriment.

“I am not going to sit here and watch this shit,” exclaimed Simon in frustration. “Come on, guys, give me a hand with these little pricks.”

The other men got up hesitantly and followed Simon as he strode back over to the bar.

“What’s up, Simon?” asked Johnny insolently, dry humping Beatrice from behind while she giggled uncontrollably.

Simon noticed with jealousy that Beatrice’s cheeks were flushed with arousal and her hair was mussed up fetchingly and his blood was boiling with anger. He lunged forward drunkenly and tried to punch Johnny in the face, but the younger man dodged deftly to the side and his fraternity brothers quickly intervened, pushing Simon and the other husbands back aggressively. Ted fell back and landed on his ass as the bartender started shouting for the bouncer. But Harriet and Beatrice forced themselves between the young men jostling against the older men and separated the two sides.

“That’s enough,” shouted Harriet brassily as the bouncer arrived and stood by clenching his fists in anticipation. “The party is over. Don’t make a damn scene. Let’s just get out of here.”

“I’m gonna punch that prick in the nose,” slurred Simon, trying to get at Johnny while the younger man waggled his eyebrows at Simon teasingly. But Ted climbed to his feet and help the other husbands drag Simon out the door into the parking lot.

The other wives and husbands stood milling around chatting excitedly as the bouncer came out to make an announcement. “I know you folks come in here all the time and that those young pricks are probably the ones to start this mess,” said the big grizzled biker. “But to be honest with you, those young fellas would be a handful for me if I had to go back in there and toss them out, so if you folks agree to call it a night and head home now, then the drinks will be on me next weekend. What do you say?”

“I’ll go now, I don’t care, but where the hell is my wife?” shouted Simon drunkenly as he stood under the streetlight in the parking lot.

“Uh, Beatrice stayed behind to try to smooth things over with Johnny and the boys,” said Harriet nervously.

“Smooth things over?” squawked Simon. “What’s that supposed to mean? I am going back in there to get my wife!”

“Now hold on, buddy,” said the bouncer, blocking his way. “Let me handle this. I will go back in there and escort your wife back out here so that you all can go. And I sure hope she’s more sober than you, or else I will need to call you a cab.”

Simon glowered at the bouncer, but held his tongue and Ted came over and patted him on the shoulder.

“She’ll be out in a minute, I’m sure,” said Ted. “Hey, you know that was a lot of excitement, huh?” He felt bad for Simon and was trying to distract him.

“Too much damn excitement,” growled Simon in agreement as he paced back and forth in the chilly parking lot as the cars whipped by on the nearby freeway.

“Tell me about it,” laughed Ted. “I got pushed over and landed right on my ass.” He rubbed his rear ruefully. “I’m too old for this nonsense. I’ll have a bruise on my butt for a month.”

“What the hell is taking them so long?” demanded Simon, growing impatient as the other couples bid their farewells and headed home. He kept thinking of that cocky college kid taking liberties with his woman and it burned him up inside.

“Don’t fret, dear, I’m sure everything is fine,” said Harriet with trepidation. But Simon could tell that she was hiding something by the way she kep glancing at the entrance to the bar.

“Fuck this, I’m going in there to get my damn wife,” said Simon finally, rushing back into the bar. Harriet and Ted trailed after him in trepidation.

When he got inside, he saw the bouncer standing with a bunch of the fraternity boys in a circle but he couldn’t see his wife. He strode right over to ask the bouncer where Beatrice was. As he approached he could hear the bouncer remonstrating with someone.

“Come on now ma’am, your husband’s right outside waiting for you,” said the bouncer awkwardly. But Simon couldn’t see Beatrice in the group. He pushed into the circle to confront the bouncer and was shocked to see Beatrice on her knees greedily sucking Johnny’s cock while all his friends stood around and made rude comments. The bouncer was standing by helplessly trying to convince her to stop and when he saw Simon, his face turned white.

“Oh shit, here’s the husband,” choked the bouncer lunging forward to grab Simon.

Beatrice turned and looked at her husband with the young mans cock sticking into her mouth. She had a wild look of surprise in her eyes, but she just kept sucking it anyway.

“Oh yeah, keep sucking it mama,” said Johnny with satisfaction, leering lecherously at Simon as he patted Beatrice on the head.

“You little fucking douchebag,” screamed Simon, struggling to get past the bouncer. All the frat boys were looking at him and laughing while Simon’s stomach was twisted in cold knots of jealousy and frustration.

“Wait, Simon, wait,” shouted Johnny in response. “It’s not what it seems. Beatrice is just comforting me after our upsetting run in.”

Simon stared in sick fascination as Beatrice’s head bobbed up and down on Johnny’s meat.

“She sure knows how to comfort a guy,” laughed one of the bystanders gripping his jock as he watched.

“Let me at him,” cried Simon, struggling weakly against the much larger bouncer.

“Just let it go,” said the bouncer sadly, trying to push Simon away. “Let it go.”

“No, don’t go, Simon, watch, I’m almost done,” said Johnny gayly. Then he pulled his cock out of Beatrices mouth and started spurting cum all over her face as she looked up at him lovingly. All the frat boys laughed and cheered as their friend hosed cum all over Beatrice’s face and into her open mouth. Simon just looked on in shock as she licked his cock clean when he was done. Johnny helped her politely to her feet and handed her a handkerchief.

“That was awesome, Beatrice, thanks,” said Johnny brightly. “Let’s do again sometime.”

“You are so naughty,” said Beatrice, patted Johnny on the cheek. Then she pulled modestly at the hem of her skirt and took a deep breath to face her husband.

“How could you?” said Simon despondently, all the anger and energy drained from his body.

“Oh Simon, please don’t be such a cry baby,” said Beatrice lightly. “It’s only a little blowjob, not the end of the world. Come on, let’s get you home to sober up.”

And the bouncer and frat boys looked on in amazement as Beatrice bustled past them and guided her unhappy husband out the door.

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Wife Grudge Fucked in Courtyard While Everyone Watches

by Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Exhibitionist Wife Tales

I woke up to a dull thudding sound from somewhere outside.  Oh shit.  That damn neighbor was at it again.  I looked at my clock and saw that it was 9am.  My wife Laura groaned next to me.  We both work for ourselves and we like to sleep late.  But this one guy in our apartment building insists on loudly banging his garbage bin against the dumpster when he empties it each morning.

Laura jumped out of bed in frustration and ran to the window in the skimpy wifebeater that she wears for pajamas when the weather is warm.  She yanked open the window and and leaned out to shout down to the courtyard where the dumpster sat.

“Can you please not bang your garbage can like that?” she screamed.  “We’ve asked you before about that.  We are trying to sleep up here!”

“Shit, put some damn clothes on, you whore,” called back our obnoxious next door neighbor, John.  “Your fucking udders are hanging out!”

My wife looked down to realize that her cleavage was fully exposed by her low cut top as she hung out the window and she reddened as she clutched her hand to her chest.  “That’s so rude!  How dare you!”

“Rude and inaccurate,” I told her, leaning up on one elbow as I watched from the bed.  “How any straight man could call those luscious orbs udders is beyond me.”

“You aren’t helping,” my wife hissed at me.  She was trying to hold her boisterous boobs in place with both hands.  It was fascinating to watch.  I got up to join my wife at the window.

“You are one to talk,” she shouted back at our neighbor down in the courtyard.  “Look at you in your boxer shorts!  You are half naked yourself.”

“I got my privates covered.” The jerk gripped his crotch lewdly.  John was a small guy but pretty muscular in a wiry way and he seemed to like showing off his physique.

“Can you people shut the fuck up?” shouted the punk rocker from up in #303.  “I’m trying to fucking sleep up here.”

“Get a job, loser!” replied John with a sneer.  “Maybe if you got up earlier you could get an interview.”

“I work the nightshift, asshat,” snapped the punk with his head out the window.  He ran his hand through his green mohawk, now in flaccid disarray and not standing proudly at attention as it usually did.  “So go fuck yourself and shut the fuck up down there with all the shouting.”   The punk slammed his window shut.

“Uh, yeah, what HE said,” called Laura before carefully shutting our own window.  “The nerve of that guy,” she fumed. “Calling me a whore on top of everything.”

“He’s an asshole, that’s for sure,” I agreed, climbing back into bed.

“I’ve complained to Sharon many times, but she just says that the noise rule only applies from 11pm to 7am,” sighed my wife.  She crawled back into bed to snuggle against me.  Then she snorted suddenly,  “Udders!  The nerve!”

“I like your udders,” I whispered in Laura’s soft little ear as I gripped one of them from behind.

“Stop calling them that,” she giggled.  Then we fooled around a little and fell back to sleep.


“Ugh, look at those skanky whores he’s always dating,” said Laura the next evening.  She was peering out the window as John and his latest girlfriend walked up the to building together.  As usual, John had a good looking blonde on his arm.  As usual, she was dressed like a stripper in a too short dress that was too tight to be classy and teetering on too high heels.  “And those skanks are always stinking up the hallway with their cheap perfume, it’s disgusting!” said Laura.  

“Try to think of something more pleasant, dear,” I said blandly as I checked out the body on John’s latest conquest.  She had tits and ass and a skinny waist and I was starting to get a boner so I cautiously backed away from the window before my wife noticed my arousal.  She would get so mad if she saw me getting hot for one of John’s sluts.

“Ugh, that guy just makes me so mad!” said my cute little wife.  She stamped her foot in frustration and was clenching her fists.  Then she noticed me trying to cover my crotch to hide my erection.  “Hey, wait a minute!”  She reached out and pulled my hand aside to see the bulge in my pants.  “Dammit, you’ve got a hardon!  Do guys really like sluts who walk around with their legs and boobies hanging out like that?  It’s so TRASHY!”

“Oh, no, no,” I said, waving my hands back and forth.  “Guy like nice classy ladies.”

“Very funny, smart guy.” Laura walked over to look at herself in the mirror.  She was wearing a button down blouse with khakis like she normally did.  “Would you like me better if I showed off more skin?” she asked in a small voice.  I could tell she was feeling insecure.

“Aw, come on baby, you look beautiful no matter how you dress,” I said.  I rushed over and hugged my wife to console her, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Laura received the kiss with equanimity, but she still seemed distressed.  “Anyway, I just hate that guy John and I wish he would move out.”

“You sure seem fixated on this guy John,” I said, giving her a sly grin.

Laura glanced at me in confusion and then blushed when she realized what I was hinting at.  “Gah, gross!  I am NOT fixated on him, he annoys the hell out of me.  He’s always banging his garbage bin in the morning, bringing around stinky whores, and generally bringing down the class level of the entire apartment building.”

“Ok, whatever,” I relented, turning back to my kindle book.  But I harbored a sneaky suspicion about my wife’s feud with our rude neighbor.

About a half-hour later, Laura stormed into the living room, lividly angry.  “Jimmy, Jimmy, come into the bedroom.  It’s SO disgusting, I can hear John fucking that tart he just brought in through our bedroom wall.”

I just laughed good naturedly.  “Ha, ha, yeah, I think I’ve heard that before.  His bed must be right up against the other side of that wall.”

“It’s not funny, Jimmy, it’s repulsive.  Can’t people be more considerate when they are having sex?  Why advertise it for the whole building to hear?”

“Come on, Laura,” I chuckled.  “Be reasonable.  People need to live their lives, after all.”

“Still, you have to think about your neighbors,” insisted my wife. She stamped her foot again.  “I’m going to go pound on the wall,” she blurted.

“Now hold on, that’s not fair,” I complained.  But my wife had dashed off to the bedroom, so I jumped up to follow her.

When I got to the bedroom, my wife was standing close to the wall, listening intently.  Sure enough, I could hear a rhythmic tap-tapping of a bed frame against the wall.  I could also just make out a woman’s moans of pleasure and occasionally a guttural grunt from John.

“It’s not actually THAT loud,” I said.  “I mean we can tell they are having fun, but you don’t have to listen to it if you come out to the living room.”

“Having fun!” spat my wife.  “She’s probably faking it.  Anyway, I don’t want to hear my neighbor’s coitus.  It’s GROSS.” Laura pounded suddenly on the wall, making me jump.  “Quiet down over there!  We can hear you!” she shouted.

The tapping against the wall did cease for a moment and I nearly broke out in a cold sweat of embarrassment.  But then I heard some muffled laughter and the tapping suddenly resumed with renewed vigor, louder and more insistent than ever and the woman’s cries became even MORE plaintive.  Laura kicked the wall in resentment and stormed out of the room.  I stayed and listened to John fucking his girlfriend for a few minutes.  It was kind of hot, actually.  In fact,  I was about to unzip and start fapping as I listened, but my wife called me back to the living room.

“You really need to calm down about John.   You are acting like a jealous lover.” I wagged my eyebrows lewdly at my wife.

“Oh my god, I will KILL you for suggesting that!” Laura’s face reddening as she launched a couch pillow at my head.

I deflected the inbound missile and then there was a knock at the door, which was pretty unusual.

“Must be one of the neighbors,” said Laura, getting up to check the door.  She peeked through the peephole.  “Oh shit, it’s John,” she said.  She put her back to the door and stared at me with fear.

“Well, you better answer i,” I said grimly.  “If you act out and throw a hissy fit against the wall, you are going to have to face the music.”

“Ugh,” sighed my wife and then she opened the door.  “Can I help you?” she asked stiffly.

John was standing there in nothing but a towel, his hair plastered to his head as though he had just jumped from the shower. “What’s with you, woman?  Why are you pounding on the wall while I’m spending time with my lady friend?”

“You were being pretty loud.  Don’t you have any consideration for your neighbors?” asked my wife.  I peeked around the corner to watch the interaction and I noticed Laura looking down at the bulge jutting from the front of the towel John had wrapped around his waist.

He noticed her looking too, and reached his hand into his towel to grip his dong rudely.  “What’s the matter, you wish it was you helping me work the bed springs?” he asked with a wicked grin.  “Ain’t gonna happen, sister.  At least not if you keep acting like such a bitch all the time.”

“You insufferable PRICK!” shouted my wife in fury.  “I can’t believe you think you can talk to me that way!”  Laura slammed the door in John’s face and turned to face me, livid with anger.  “Did you see that filthy pig touching himself like that?  The very idea!”

“You were checking out his package,” I laughed.  “I saw you.”

“His vulgar thing was poking out, of course I glanced down,” stammered my wife.  “He, he should have put some goddamn pants on before leaving his house, like any normal human being would do.”  Laura paced around the room, fanning her face with her hands, trying to calm herself down.  She really seemed worked up over the whole thing.  I was starting to suspect that she might really have some suppressed desire to grudge fuck John and the idea kind of turned me on.  Not that I ever thought she would follow through with it.

But I started to give the idea more credence when my wife suddenly decided to bleach her hair blonde the following day.  She had been a brunette for as long as I knew her and had never experimented with coloring her hair before.

“What do you think?” she asked me when she got back from the salon.

“Looks nice,” I said.  Then a thought occurred to me.  “Your boyfriend John will like it, he’s into blondes I noticed.”

Laura punched my arm with surprising ferocity, making me jump and rub my poor shoulder ruefully.  “You pig!” she shouted.  “Don’t even JOKE about that.  I was, I was, just trying to cover a little gray hair that was starting to show.  I, I wouldn’t EVER let that creepy jerk lay a finger on me!”

“Ha, ha, whatever you say, baby, whatever you say,” I said, shaking my head.  “Go on and get ready, let’s head out to dinner.”

“Ok, well, I got a new dress inspired by our conversation the other night where you said that men liked women in slutty outfits,” said Laura a bit anxiously.

“Oh, REEE-ALY?” I asked with interest.  “Let’s see it.”

My wife giggled nervously and ran off to change.  When she came back out, my eyes nearly popped out of my head.  She was wearing a tiny halter top dress that exposed her navel.  It was really short, only going halfway down her thigh and it barely contained her generous bosom.  I popped an immediate boner when I saw her in it.  “Oh, you are definitely trying to get on John’s good side with that get up.  You look like a stripper!”

“Please don’t mention that disgusting dick again tonight, dear,” said my wife with a wave of her hand.  “I’m wearing this for YOU.  You really seemed to be attracted to those sluts that uh, he brings around.”

I walked around my wife, checking out her exposed legs and nice round rump, snugly encased in the tight dress.  “Hmm, yes, very slutty.  I would tap that.”

“Ok, good,” let’s go she said.  She seemed sort of excited to be wearing such a scandalous dress out in public.  “We better go somewhere with low lighting.  I feel a little uncovered in this.”

“That you are,” I laughed.  Laura was exhibiting a wild streak I hadn’t seen before and I liked it.

When we were in the lobby, we bumped into John who was just coming in.  He stopped short and stared at my wife, doing an obvious double-take.  Laura’s head tilted back in smug satisfaction but she dropped it bashfully when she saw that I noticed.

“Don’t even say a word to me,” she told John holding up a hand and looking away from him.  “You are a rude jerk and I want nothing to do with you.”

“Ok, bitch, no problem,” he sneered.  He was running his eyes up and down my wife’s body hungrily.  He saw me watching him check out Laura’s body and he winked at me.  “Hey buddy, you shouldn’t let your woman go out dressed like that.  Guys are gonna get the idea that your little wifey is down for whatever.”

“I think she might BE,” I joked, returning his wink and making him laugh.

Laura frowned angrily and poked me roughly in the ribs for saying that.

“Hey wait, turn around, let me see something,” he told my wife.

“I’m not showing you anything.”  She put her nose in the air haughtily.

“Nah, nah, I think you have something stuck to your back,” he said sincerely.  

“Where?” asked my wife, turning her back to him naively and looking over her shoulder.

“Right here,” he said, slapping his hand onto my wife’s ass cheek and giving it a good squeeze.

He wasn’t prepared for her reaction though, when Laura hauled off and punched him right in the nose.

“Dammit!” he yelped.  He fell back onto the ground, grabbing his face as blood poured from his nostrils.  “What the fuck?”

“That’s what you get for trying to touch me, you FUCKER,” she said.  She poked a finger in his face as he cringed away from her.

“Ouch, she’s a little feisty, huh?” I asked.  I bent down to slap John on the shoulder.  I was a little taken aback by her outburst, but I guess John had it coming.

“Feisty, she’s a fucking psycho, dude!” he cried as blood dripped onto his shirt.

“No, I’m not psycho.”  Laura bent over to shake a finger in John’s face and unconsciously treated him to a nice closeup view of her cleavage.  “I’m just down for whatever – including punching assholes who try to lay their filthy paws on my booty.”

John was distracted by the sight of my wife’s jiggling cleavage and he couldn’t come up with a clever comeback.

She noticed him looking at her boobs and realized how revealed they were which made her jerk upright indignantly.  I just lead her away then before she could throw another fit.

“Well, I guess I showed that jerk!” she said in the car on the way to the restaurant.

“You know, it sure seems that you took particular care to attract his interest with that outfit and the blonde hair,” I said scratching my chin.

My wife went stiff.  “I don’t know what you are suggesting.  I find that guy completely nauseating.”

“You sure you didn’t try to get him worked up just so you could put him down again?” I asked with a smirk.

“Such a thing would never cross my mind,” sniffed Laura, looking out the window away from me.

“Uh, huh,” I said knowingly.

It turned out that John was right.  Guys did take my wife’s sexy outfit as a signal that she was playing the field.  Every time I left her alone for a minute, I would come back to find some lothario trying to hit on her.  They were clustered around poor Laura in her skimpy dress like bees on honey.   I had to chase away businessmen at the restaurant bar.   I even had to cockblock the damn valet.  Every time I had to get up to take a call or use the bathroom, I would find some new suitor ogling my wife’s knockers and trying to get her number.  I thought it was pretty funny, but Laura was a bit overwhelmed.

“My god, I never knew guys would get so excited by seeing a little skin,” she gasped as we drove home.

“Well to be fair, you are dressed like a high class prostitute,” I teased, earning myself another slap.

When we got home, I decided to troll my wife a little more.  I found a movie on Netflix about a man and woman who hated each other and fought all through the movie but ended up grudge fucking toward the end.  As soon as the sex scene started in earnest, Laura turned off the movie and turned on me wrathfully.

“I see what you are trying to pull,” she said, crossing her arms.  “And I don’t think that’s funny.”

“Grudge fuck sex IS pretty hot though,” I told her with a twinkle in my eye.  But my wife wasn’t amused and she went off to bed in a huff.  Ah well.  So much for trolling.

The next morning, John was at it again with the garbage bin, banging away at nine am sharp.

Laura leapt from bed, threw open the window and started shouting at him.  I was only half awake, but I heard John call back up something about Laura being a slut and daring her to come down and try to punch him again.

“Oh, yeah, I will show you, you little fucker,” she screamed.  More people were opening their windows and calling for them to quiet down, including the punk rocker in #303, and the nice old widow, Mrs. Jones down in #101.

“I’m going down there to punch that jerk right in the chops,” panted my wife.   Her dander was up and her cheeks were flushed. She was wearing just her wifebeater again and nothing else.  It barely covered her crotch and her erect nipples poked provocatively through the thin material.

“First of all, that’s ridiculous.  It would be assault and there are witnesses,” I objected sleepily.  “Secondly, you are half-naked.  You need to go put some clothes on.”

“No time, no time,” she steamed.  And before I knew it, she dashed away.  I heard the front door open and close and she was gone.

“Ooh, boy, this is going to be quite a show,” I said to myself as I climbed wearily out of bed to go watch the ensuing fireworks from our bedroom window.

John was standing there tapping his garbage bin against the side of the dumpster.  He was wearing just his boxers as usual and he seemed to actually be waiting for Laura to come and confront him.  He didn’t have to wait long.  Laura came running out into the courtyard in her skimpy t-shirt, tugging self-consciously at the hem with one hand while she shook a finger in his face with the other.

“I’m sick of your bullshit, mister,” she shouted.  “You wake everyone up with that pounding every morning.”

“Yeah, tell him, Laura,” shouted the punk rocker.  “You’re an asshole, John!”

“Look at you, you fucking slut!” John gestured to my wife’s exposed skin, as one strap of her wifebeater fell off her shoulder.  “Go put some clothes on and show some modesty.”

“Ha!  You are one to talk,” shouted my wife.  “The sluts YOU bring around stink up the hallways with their cheap perfume and parade around like half-naked hookers.”

“That’s right,” chimed in the lovable Mrs. Jones.   The old grandmotherly woman leaned out her window as she offered her two cents worth to the conversation.  “They prance around like whores!”

“And then they scream like animals while they are having sex,” said my wife.   She sneered at John with disgust.  “The bed knocks against my bedroom wall.”

“Oh, you are quite right, dear,” agreed Mrs. Jones.  “I can hear them making whoopie right across the courtyard here.  It’s really shameful.”

“Hmm, is that what this is all really about?” John asked my wife.  He was looking her body over with interest.  “First you dye your hair since you know I like blondes, now you come down here in that sexy little shirt to show me your body?  Gotta admit, it’s pretty slutty.”  He started fingering his junk through his shorts absently as he checked out my wife’s figure.  My heart started beating faster as I watched from the window.  My own cock was getting hard.  John was showing some real brass balls to hit on my wife while half the apartment building was watching from their windows.

“Pfft, don’t flatter yourself there buddy,” said my wife, rolling her eyes dramatically.

“Yeah, well, your headlights are showing, and I bet you aren’t even wearing any panties.” John pointed at her prominent nipples poking through her shirt.  His cock was fully erect now, pitching a tent in his boxers.

“That’s none of your business,” stammered by wife.  But I could see her looking with fascination at the big protrusion in John’s shorts.  “But, but of course I am.”

“You like that dick, huh, check it out,” said John and he opened the flap in the front of his shorts so that his stiff cock came poking out.  He really did have brass balls.  I reached down the front of my pajamas and pulled on my cock guiltily as I watched John facing down my wife with his boner.

“Good lord, he’s pulled his johnson right out,” gasped Mrs. Jones. “Naughty boy, put your pee pee back into your shorts!”

“Yeah, that’s disgusting,” gulped my wife.  But she couldn’t look away from John’s exposed erection.

“Go ahead, grab it, you slut, you know you want to,” leered John, thrusting his hips forward and practically poking his dick into my wife’s belly.  Things were getting so hot at this point that I reached down and started stroking myself.  I had joked a lot with my wife about her fucking John. Now that they were getting close, I found it insanely arousing and I fapped away urgently while I watched my wife slap John’s cock away with her hand.

“Ew! Gross,” she said.

“Yeah, I like it when you slap it.  Do it again,” he coaxed.

“My husband is watching you know, he will come down here and kick your ass,” said my wife bravely.

But when she looked up at the window and saw me with my hands down the front of my pajamas her face fell slightly.  John looked too and just laughed.

“Whoa, kinky shit going down out here,” laughed the punk rocker upstairs as he hung out his window watching.

“Ha ha, looks like hubby is getting off on this,” said John, suddenly emboldened.  “Now, I’ve shown you mine, you show me yours.  I know you ain’t got no panties on under there.”  He lunged forward and yanked up the front of my wife’s t-shirt, exposing her dark brown bush for a moment before she yelped and pushed his hand away.

Laura went to punch John, but he grabbed her by the wrists and they struggled there in the courtyard for a moment, wrestling.  But John was much stronger and he quickly pinned my wife, with her hands above her head, up against the wall.  Their blood was up and both of them were panting, eyes shining.   Her t-shirt was so short that it rose up when her arms were above her head to expose her pussy. I had to slow down my masturbation to keep from coming too quickly.  I did feel a bit guilty.  A better husband would have run down to rescue his wife.  But I suspected that this is what she wanted deep down.  After all, why didn’t she at least throw a robe on before heading down there.  She was deliberately taunting John with her body.

“Oh, dear, things are getting out of hand,” bemoaned Mrs. Jones.  But she showed  no sign of withdrawing from her window.  She was there to watch the show.

“Let go of me you fucker,” spat my wife, livid with anger.

“Aw no, missy, you punched me in the face once already, not gonna let that happen again,” growled John.  Then his pushed his stiff cock between my wife’s legs.  “I’m gonna give you what you came down here for.  While your husband watches, too.”

Laura tried to struggle free, but John had her pinned tight as he slid his cock in and out between her thighs.  After a few thrusts, her hips started responding and she tilted her pelvis forward to receive him.  He couldn’t be entering her from that angle.  His shaft was probably sliding along her labia.  I paused again and tried to catch my breathe as I watched this guy violating my wife.

“Yeah, you like that,” grunted John.

“NO I don’t, get that disgusting prick away from me,” moaned my wife, but I could hear the lack of conviction in her voice.

“You’re wet as hell, I can feel it,” he laughed triumphantly.  “You want that dick inside you.”

“No I don’t, you are a filthy pig.” But she was grinding her pelvis back and forth onto John’s dick while she said that.

“This is fucking hot, dude!” called the punk rocker.  “I can fap to this.”

“Oh my, this is really terribly improper you two,” called poor Mrs. Jones, but even the old woman’s glasses were getting steamed up.

“Turn to face the wall, let me put it in from behind,” John coaxed my wife.

“Never!” she cried and she tried to suddenly squirm free again.  She put up a pretty good fight this time, but after a decent struggle, John managed to pin her hands to the wall with her ass facing him and he crouched behind her struggling to get his cock inside her from behind.

“Arch your back a little,” he groaned.  Laura moaned and did as he suggested and then she gasped loudly as John finally managed to get his thing inside her.

“Oh god, oh god, help me, help Jimmy,” she cried out.  “He’s inside me, oh god.”

“James, get down here and protect your wife for Lord’s sake,” gasped Mrs. Jones indignantly, putting her hand to her chest.

“But, but,” I cried, nearly on the verge of climax.

“Don’t worry, Mrs.Jones, she wants this,” said John, quickly releasing my wife’s hands and grabbing her by the hips as he sank his meat into repeatedly.  Laura stood there, receiving his cock, her hands against the wall, panting with passion.

“No I don’t want this,” said my wife, but she kept her back arched so that he could enter her easily.  “Jimmy, come down here and stop him!”

“Oh, shit,” I grumbled, and I left off jerking myself so that I could pretend to be the knight in shining armor when we all knew that this is what we all wanted.  Fuck, what a strange situation.

When I got down to the courtyard, John was still working my wife from behind and she was moaning with pleasure, but cursing him the whole time.

“Oh, you think you are tough, huh, well now my husband is here,” said Laura as John gripped her by the hips and pumped away on her.

“Yeah, I saw him fapping while he watched,” crowed John.  “He’s not gonna do shit!”

“Don’t take that, man, hit him!” called the punker.

“Yes, he certainly deserves a good smack, James,” insisted Mrs. Jones.

Laura looked at me expectantly, her eyes bright with passion as John carried on fucking her.

“I mean, obviously you could have wriggled free by now,” I said throwing my hands up in exasperation.

“No I could NOT, he’s forcing ME,” lied my wife loudly, her pelvis moving perfectly in time with John’s thrusts ash eh fucked her from behind.  “He’s a filthy scum who is ruining my reputation with the entire building.”

It suddenly dawned on me just how scandalous this whole twisted scene was.  We really were going to be the laughing stock of the entire building soon.  “Oh shit,” I sighed and I stepped in to shove John back off of my wife roughly.  “Sorry there, Romeo, that’s MY wife you’re trying to impregnate there.”

“Fuck man, you know she wants it!” complained John.

“No I don’t you pig!  You took advantage of me,” insisted my wife. She spun around and slapped John’s face as hard as she could.  It really made a loud slap and I winced when I saw the white handprint on his cheek.

“Oh, you bitch!” he called and he lunged forward to grab my wife.  But she was giggling now and she darted inside with John hot on her trail.

“Go help your wife, don’t make her fend for herself,” scolded Mrs. Jones.

“Dammit,” I cursed under my breath, as I followed my wife and her grudge fuck lover inside.  I found them up on the second floor.  John had captured my wife in his arms and he was trying to get her inside his apartment, but Laura was kicking and screaming, but also laughing a little bit too.  She even giggled when he managed to get a stray finger into her cunt.

“Man, help me get her inside, and I will take care of her,” John begged me as he struggled with my wife in his arms.

“Jimmy, don’t you dare,” my wife gasped indignantly.

“Laura, uh, what do you WANT me to do?” I asked in confusion.  I suspected that my wife was enjoying her combative love affair, I certainly was.

“Um, I think I have to fight my own battles here, actually,” said my wife as she paused her struggles for a moment.  “Maybe go wait in our apartment and I will be there in a few minutes once I kick this bastard in the balls and teach him what he gets for besmirching my honor.”

John of course took advantage of the temporary lull in combat to drag my wife over the threshold into his apartment.  I could hear her laughing in spite of herself as she cursed him and he got the door slammed behind them.  My cock was standing stiffly at attention and I rushed inside to our bedroom to see if I could hear what happened.  

Sure enough, a few minutes later, John’s bed started tapping it’s familiar staccato against our wall and I pulled my pajamas off so I could jerk off freely while I listened.  Soon my wife was groaning and crying out.  Half of her cries were insults and he grunted in pain a few times but once I heard her characteristic whimper as she came, I blew my wad right against the wall.  It was very satisfying.

My wife appeared in our bedroom completely naked after a few minutes, she went into the closet and put on her bathrobe as though nothing had happened.  

“Well I showed HIM who’s boss,” she said with a dreamy, post orgasm smile.

“Jeez, did you walk down the hall naked like that?” I asked with a laugh.

“Um, yeah, I guess I lost my shirt in the struggle somehow,” she said with a shrug.  My wife noticed my cum on the wall and she made a face.  “Christ honey, did you spooge on the wall in here?”

“Yeah, I was listening while John fucked the shit out of you.  When I heard you cum, it pushed me over the edge,” I admitted.

My wife made a strange face, as though she were struggling with something internally.  “I uh, don’t know what you are talking about.  I didn’t let him fuck me.  I, uh, kicked him right in the nads,” lied Laura.

“Laura, look it’s fine.   I heard everything, and I got off on it, too,” I said taking my wife in my arms.  “It was pretty kinky to hear my wife grudge fuck another guy.”

“I don’t know what you THINK you heard, but I assure you I would never allow that dog’s prick inside me,” said my wife frostily.

“Wow, this is how you want to play it, huh?” I asked, scratching my head.  “Ok, then.”

“And um, he said, that I had to come over tomorrow and suck his penis in front of you,” blurted Laura quickly.  “But I’m definitely not doing that.  I will show him, I will bite his little prick right off if he tries to make me.”

“Oh, of course,” I said, patting her on the shoulder.  “You are a she-devil.  He should know better than to mess around with you.”  Then I paused for a moment.  “So, uh, what time tomorrow then?”

“Oh, around 8pm,” said my wife, trying to sound casual.  Then she dashed off the bathroom to clean up, singing a pop song about milkshakes in the yard.  She hadn’t seemed so girlish in a long time and I tried not to worry about the rumor mill that was certainly churning in all the apartments around us.

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Poker Night

by Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from: “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.5

Every month a few old friends of mine come over to my place for poker night.  I’ve known Arnold, Ben, and Carl since college and we all ended up in the Bay Area together since that’s where all the tech work is.  My wife Zoe usually just spends poker night at her sister Terry’s house to let us have a guy’s night, so I was surprised when she came into the dining room as I was dealing the first hand.

“Hey, honey, aren’t you heading over to Terry’s tonight?” I asked in surprise.

Zoe looked at my friends gathered around the table with me nervously before answering.  “Uh, no, I am going out for drinks with William from work,” she said, touching her neck self-consciously.

“Drinks?” I asked, growing uneasy.

“Almost sounds like a date,” chimed in Arnold giving me a lecherous grin.

“Quiet down, Arny,” put in Ben primly.

“Well, yes, I suppose it is sort of like a date,” admitted Zoe, looking down and nudging the carpet with her toe.  She shot me a sharp glance and motioned toward the kitchen.  “Maybe we should talk about this in the other room, dear.”

“Oh, come on, Zoe, why I’ve know these guys for twenty years,” I chuckled.  “We’ve got nothing to hide from them.  But I will say that I don’t like Will very much.  I don’t like the way he looks at your boobs all the time.”

“What’s wrong with Zoe’s boobs?  They look good to me,” laughed Arnold, staring pointedly at my wife’s chest.

“Can it, Arny,” said Carl.  “Jeez!  You can’t joke around with another man’s wife like that!”

Zoe covered her boobs self-consciously with her hands and laughed uneasily.  “Yes, Will is pretty aggressive.  He’s always flirting with me and trying to get me to wear sexier outfits to work.  I usually just turn him down when he asks me out for drinks, but he’s sort of worn down my resistance and since you boys have poker night tonight, I agreed to go out with him.  I’m sure he thinks of this is a date.  That’s why I wanted to talk to you in the other room.”   My wife gazed significantly toward the kitchen and motioned with her head in that direction.

“Come on, Zoe, don’t be ridiculous,” I said, putting more bravado into my voice than I felt.  “Go ahead and have drinks with this guy if you want.  I trust you.”

“Yeah, but, you know, he is going to expect, well, you know,” Zoe trailed off, her face blushing cutely.

“What are you talking about?” asked Carl, in surprise.  “What’s he going to expect?  He knows you are married, right?”  I nodded along in agreement, looking up at my wife quizzically.

“Believe me, Carl, Will doesn’t care if I’m married or not.  If I go out drinking with him, he’s going to want to fool around a little,” said my wife with a forced smile.

“Sounds pretty hot, how far are you going to let him go?” asked Arnold, wagging his eyebrows at Zoe.

Instead of laughing and slapping Arnold’s shoulder as she usually does when he teases her, Zoe shrugged her shoulders and answered him, “That’s just it, I don’t know, Arny.”

“Come on, now, what do you mean, you don’t know?” I said hotly.

“Now settle down, Ed, settle down,” said Ben.  Ben is always the reasonable one.  “Zoe is a good girl, I’m sure she won’t do anything improper with this Will fellow.”

“I’m not a girl anymore, Ben.  I’m 43,” said Zoe with a smile.   “Of course I won’t do anything improper, but you know, after I’ve had a few drinks and I’m feeling loose, well, it’ll be sort of hard to say no to a really assertive guy like Will.”

I just broke out laughing, but I felt like I was hyperventilating and soon I was gasping for breath.  Carl patted me on the back with a concerned look on his face.

“Zoe, stop teasing your husband like that.   A married woman can’t go fooling around with other men,” said Carl, glaring at my wife angrily.

“I would pop such a boner if my wife fooled around with another guy.  Christ, that would be hot as fuck,” muttered Arnold into his beer.

“My God!  Are you serious, Arnold?” asked Ben in frank surprise.

“Sure I am,” said Arnold.  “Jeez, you guys, I’ve gotten to the point with my wife where the sex has sort of petered out and our marriage has started to turn platonic.  Frankly it’s hard for me to get it up for Sarah any more.  I’ll bet Ed and Zoe are the same.”

“Ah, no comment,” I said, ducking my head in embarrassment.  Zoe just folded her arms and shook her head at Arnold, suppressing a smile.

“But look at Zoe, she’s still got a great body, she’s a beautiful woman.  She’s old news to Ed, but to Will, she’s a fresh conquest waiting to happen,” continued Arnold, gesturing excitedly.

“Conquest waiting to happen?  I don’t like the sound of that,” I said uneasily, looking at my wife with trepidation.  She just shrugged sheepishly but said nothing.

“You like to shoot your mouth off, Arny, but you are talking about breaking up a marriage here.  That’s nothing to joke about!” snapped Carl angrily.  Carl was clearly still sensitive about his recent divorce that was caused by his wife’s infidelity.

Arnold looked at Carl sadly for a moment, the wind taken from his sails.  Ben patted Carl’s arm in consolation.

“Look, Carl,” said Arnold softly.  “It doesn’t have to be that way.  If Ed knows about it and agrees to it, then Zoe and Will can have a little fun and no harm is done.  Maybe Ed will feel a little prick of jealousy, maybe he will stop taking his sexy wife for granted.”  Arnold looked me in the eye.  “What do you think, Ed, doesn’t it turn you on a little bit to think of Zoe fooling around with another guy?”

I thought it over for a minute and then took a gulp of my beer.  All eyes were on me and I could feel my pits growing damp with anxiety.  I looked at my pretty wife, chewing her lip nervously as she waited to hear what I would say.  “Do I really take you for granted, Zoe?”  I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, looking back down at her feet.

“Shit,” I muttered.  “But wait a minute, do you really want to fool around with this guy?  I mean, Will is a real prick in my opinion.”

Zoe ran her hands through her hair and gave a half-hearted chuckle.  “Uh, what can I say?   You’re right, Will has a really dickish personality.  But, it’s flattering to be pursued so insistently.  It’s kind of exciting to be desired like that.”  Her eyes lit up with excitement as she talked and my stomach roiled with jealousy. But I could also feel my penis stirring slightly at the thought of my wife being with another man.

“Look at the gears turning,” laughed Arnold, gesturing at me.

“I can’t believe you are even considering this!” sputtered Carl indignantly.

“Now Carl, settle down,” said Ben evenly, putting a hand on Carl’s shoulder.  “If you had worked out a consensual deal with Linda, you two might still be together.”

If anyone but Ben had said that, Carl would have punched them.  But Carl just looked at Ben’s earnest, bespectacled face and frowned thoughtfully.  Ben looked at me and continued, “I think you would need to establish some ground rules before going through with this though.  You need to agree on how far Zoe will go with this guy.”

“This is too strange,” I said, smiling queasily, feeling slightly nauseous.  “Negotiating how far my wife will go with another guy?”  But my penis kept swelling in spite of my emotional distress.

“Well, first things first,” said Arnold, rubbing his hands together excitedly.  “Location.  Does Zoe go back to Will’s place or bring him back here.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t go back to Will’s apartment.  I wouldn’t feel safe there,” said Zoe, holding up her hands.  “We would have to come back here.”

“Yeah, it’s much hotter if Ed can watch while you guys are getting it on,” babbled Arnold, sweat beading up on his forehead.

“That’s sick,” spat Carl dismissively.  “Besides, are we going to break up our poker night so Ed can watch his wife get pawed by some asshole.”

“No, no, we are definitely not breaking up poker night.  If Zoe wants to fool around with another guy, she has to bring him back here and do it in the the living room while we play poker in here,” I said adamantly crossing my arms.  “I want to keep an eye on things to make sure they don’t get out of hand.”

Zoe smiled at me brightly.  “Oh, I agree dear.  It will be like the old days, entertaining a boy with my parents in the next room.  I will feel so naughty.”

“Hmmph, this guy will need a pretty big pair of stones to put the moves on another man’s wife with the husband and all his buddies sitting in plain sight in the next room.  He will probably chicken out,” said Carl, warming up to the idea.

“True,” laughed Zoe, scratching her cheek.  “Maybe nothing will happen after all.  But somehow, I suspect that Will won’t be bothered in the least and that I will be able to see for myself just how big his balls are.”  She moved her upturned palm up and down as though weighing a pair of testicles in her hand and my stomach flipped as Arnold and Ben chuckled at my wife’s raunchy joke.

“Zoe, come on.  I’m not fully comfortable with this yet,” I stammered, rubbing my head in confusion.

“Right,” said Ben, pointing at me decisively.  “So the question is, what can you handle, Ed?”

“You don’t want Zoe rubbing Will’s balls?” asked Arnold, grinning madly.  

“It’s a little disturbing how much you are enjoying this, Arny,” I said, shaking my head. “But at this point, I could handle, I don’t know, maybe some hugging and kissing, nothing more.  No ball touching.”

“What, not even though his pants?” blurted Zoe.  We all looked at her in surprise and she reddened in shame.  “I mean, it’s been a long time since I made out on the couch with anyone, but a proper snog definitely involves some crotch squeezing.”

“You want to grab this guy’s crotch?” I demanded, feeling jealous and a little angry.  

“Well, you know, I assume he’s got a pretty good sized package down there and I wouldn’t mind checking it out a little,” said my wife, trying to hide her excitement.  My rebellious cock stiffened in reaction and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

“Uh, ok, that’s too much information,” I said.

“What about second base?” asked Arnold, pointing to Zoe’s boobs.  “Does the lucky guy get to squeeze Zoe’s luscious knockers?”

“Well of course,” exclaimed Zoe impulsively.  She saw the look of shock on my face and covered her mouth in embarrassment.  “I mean, if you approve dear.  But really, it’s kind of hard to imagine fooling around without some boob action.”

“Yes, that’s true,” I admitted stiffly, fingering my boner through my pants under the table as I pictured that jerk fondling my wife on the couch while I watched.

“This is going to be so hot,” gushed Arnold.  His nose was getting red from the alcohol.

“You are a goddamn pervert, Arny,” said Carl.

“Oh my gosh, I am feeling so nervous all of a sudden,” said my wife, fanning her face with her hand.  “I mean, I haven’t been on a date in years.  What am I going to wear?”  She looked down at us and spread her arms imploringly.  “Normally, I would have my girlfriends help me, but since there is no time, I need you guys to help me pick out a properly slutty outfit.  I’ll be right back.”

“Slutty?” I asked grumpily.  “Why not wear something modest?”

“Honey,” said Zoe, putting her hands on her hips the way she does when I forget to take out the garbage.  “You and I have agreed that there is going to be some hanky panky between Will and I tonight.  But he doesn’t know that yet.  I can’t just come out and invite him home to make out with me.  I have to send him the message with my outfit.”

“Oh my god,” I said, putting my face into my palm.  “What have I gotten myself into?”

“Oh don’t worry dear, this is going to be fun, you’ll see,” chattered Zoe.  Then she sprinted off to our bedroom like a teenage girl to get changed.

“Boy, she’s pretty enthusiastic all of sudden,” grumbled Carl.

“Well, to be fair, Ed has agreed to this,” said Ben, taking up the cards and shuffling them.

“Sure, she’s just excited to be going on a date.  It probably makes her feel young again,” said Arnold reasonably as Ben dealt out a hand.  “Ante up.”

We played out a hand and I drained one beer quickly and then pulled another round from the fridge before Zoe returned to the dining room to show off her outfit.  She was wearing a short, tight black dress that clung to her ample tits and ass and her pale white upper thighs peeked out above her thigh high stockings.  Even Carl had to whistle appreciatively as she presented herself to us for inspection.

“What a body!” said Arnold with admiration.

“You look very attractive, Zoe,” said Ben primly, but his glasses were literally steaming up at the sight of my wife’s curvaceous body.

“Does this dress make my ass look big?” asked Zoe with concern as she turned and bent over slightly so we could examine her rear end.

“Yes, but in a good way,” I said, as I eyed my wife’s round buttocks, perfectly outlined by the absurdly tight dress.

“I’d tap that,” muttered Arnold under his breath.

“Shut up Arny,” said Carl.

Zoe turned to face us again, smoothing her dress over her hips uneasily.  “I don’t know, I feel fat.  I have to suck my gut in.  Do I really look sexy enough?”

“Maybe too sexy,” admitted Carl.

“Thing is, that dress is so tight, I can see the outline of your bra,” commented Arnold neutrally.

“I know, I noticed that,” said Zoe, putting her hands on her boobs.  “But if I take off my bra, my boobs will be bouncing out of control.”

I think Ben surprised us all when he chimed in.  “Well you are trying to send the message that you are, ah, available,” said Ben, pushing his glasses back up his nose awkwardly.

We all broke out laughing at the idea of nerdy Ben encouraging my wife to lose her bra.

“Jeez, Ben, I didn’t think you had it in you,” murmured Zoe as she deftly unsnapped her bra and slipped it off, extracting it from the front of her dress with a shrug of her shoulders.  “Oh my god, they are going to sag to my waist.”

“No, they are still fairly perky,” observed Arnold, gazing with relish at my wife’s jiggling boobs.

We all watched in fascination as her nipples became flamboyantly  erect.

“Everyone will be able to see when my headlights are on,” said my wife, covering her nipples bashfully with her hands.

“Well, there won’t be much doubt in Will’s mind when he sees you in that outfit,” I said. “I can’t believe I am helping my wife sex it up to attract another man.  This is surreal.”

“I know honey, this is definitely the kinkiest thing we have ever done,” said Zoe, coming over to give me a peck on the cheek.  As she bent over I gazed with interest down the front of her dress at her dangling cleavage and then I glanced over to see Carl’s eyes fixed on my wife’s knockers.

“Getting an eyeful there, Carl?” I asked sardonically, and he blushed with embarrassment and averted his eyes while everyone else laughed.

“Ok, I’m going off to meet my date at the bar.  If all goes well, he and I will be coming back here in a couple of hours, sauced up and feeling randy,” said Zoe with a twinkle in her eye, striking a sexy pose by cocking one hip.  “Wish me luck, fellas.”

“Oh boy,” I groaned.

Zoe bent over again to take my face in her hands and I knew that everyone was looking down the front of her dress again.  “Ed, you and I are going to have some extremely steamy sex once this is over.  Can’t you feel it?”

“Yes, I think you are right,” I said, looking up at her lovingly.  “I feel those butterflies in my belly that I haven’t felt since we first started dating.”

“Me too!” she said brightly.  “Bye bye, see you later,”

And with that she was gone, striding out of the room to go seduce another man.

“Wow,  I hope you can handle this my friend,” said Carl, clapping me on the shoulder.

The hours went by and we carried on our card game, but I just couldn’t take my mind off my wife.  I kept picturing her flirting with Will, bending over to show him her cleavage or rubbing up against him as they got drunk at the bar together and my gut wrenched with jealousy at the thought of it.

“You’ve been losing all night,” commented Ben, showing me his two aces and scraping the chips toward himself.

“He’s been distracted thinking about his wife with that other guy,” said Carl, looking pointedly at Arnold.

Arnold pulled at his collar defensively.  “Well, come on, it’s not my fault this is happening, Carl.”  But Carl just gazed at Arnold coldly and said nothing.  “Hey, Ed, look, lighten up man.  If you change your mind about this this, you can always call it off and we will throw this Will guy out on his ass.”

“Shit, that’s just it, Arny,” I said, throwing down my cards and taking up my beer.  “It wasn’t your damn idea, it was this guy Will’s damn idea, and my wife suddenly felt someone paying attention to her in a way that I just can’t anymore.  I mean, I love my wife, but after twenty years, the mystery is gone.  We are both known quantities to each other.  Should I deny her a little fun with another guy because of my petty insecurities and jealousy?”

“Fuck, Ed,” said Carl, looking at me sadly.  “You are making me feel like a heel for breaking it off with Linda.”

“Do you ever talk to her?” asked Ben gently.  

“Sure, we make arrangements on who the kids will come to visit on holidays,” said Carl.  “Dammit, I’m calling her tomorrow.  I’m seeing this whole thing in a new light.  I cried like a baby when she cheated on me.  It crushed my precious ego.  But it didn’t have to end like that.  I want to give it another chance.”

“Hey, good for you man, you do that,” said Arnold, acting serious for once.

Just then the door opened and my wife and Will came stumbling into the dining room arm-in-arm, giggling drunkenly.  They positively stunk of booze and pot.  My wife’s hair and makeup was a mess and her stockings were full of runs.  Will is a big guy, over six feet tall and maybe 250 lbs.  I gritted my teeth at the way he draped his muscular arm possessively around my wife and how she clung submissively to his side.

“Holy fuck, you weren’t kidding,” gasped Will, taken aback at the sight of our poker game.  “Your goddamn husband is playing poker with his buddies right here.”  He gaped stupidly at us for a second with his mouth hanging open.

“Of course, that’s what I told you, silly,” said my wife, slurring slightly and rubbing Will’s belly in a disturbingly sexual gesture as she snuggled against his chest.  I noticed that Will had a raging hardon that was pitching a tent in his tacky pleated dockers.

“Ah, hello you two,” I said, feeling my ire rise and pulse quicken at the sight of my wife being so intimate with this other guy.  “Will, these are my old friends, Arnold, Ben, and Carl,” I said carefully, gesturing at my pals in turn.  “Guys, this is Will, my wife’s friend from work.”

“Smells like you two have been smoking some strong weed,” said Arnold with pursed lips.

“Omigod,  I am so stoned right now,” babbled my wife gaily.  “We smoked a bowl in Will’s truck and, uh,” she glanced at me shyly, “we fooled around a little.”

I knew that she would, and I was resolved to let her have a bit a fun with Will, but my stomach dropped when she admitted it.  My eyes went dark and I gasped for breath.

Will looked down at me in frank surprise.  “Zoe said that you were cool with this and I didn’t believe her.  She said that we could come in her and fool around a little more in front of you, but that we had to follow some rules, and I thought she was just pulling my leg.  Fuck this is some kinky shit you people are into.  All your buddies wanna watch too?”

“What’s the matter, will that give you performance anxiety?” asked Ben, tilting his head to the side quizzically.

“Fuck no, I think I’m gonna get off on this shit,” said Will.  “So Ed, Zoe said that I could squeeze her boobies in front of you.  Is that right?  I mean, are you giving me permission to feel up your wife?”  He looked me right in the eyes with a broad grin on his face.

I wanted to get up and punch him right in his gloating face, but I swallowed my bile and just sneered at him.

“Don’t be like that, baby,” cooed Zoe, rubbing Will’s chest.  “Let’s go into the living room and let these guys play poker.”

“Zoe, you gotta admit, it’s pretty weird to fool around with a wife while the husband is sitting right there.  I just want to make sure Ed’s cool with me touching your ta-tas.”

“You already did that plenty in the car,” she giggled, looking up at him with big doe eyes.  I groaned at the look of admiration on her face.

“I want to hear it from his own mouth,” said Will, looking over at me and arching his eyebrows.

“Don’t be a dick,” muttered Carl, irritably.

Zoe looked over at me with chagrin but said nothing.  “No, Carl, he’s right,” I forcing a sigh.  “Will, I told Zoe that you two could fool around a little,” I said tightly.

“Yeah?  So I can touch her boobs like this then?” he asked, reaching over and bolding grabbing one of my wife’s nice round breasts in the palm of his hand.  “Like this?”  I watched with a dry mouth as he kneaded my wife’s boob in his hand while Zoe watching my reaction guiltily.

“Uh, yeah,” I said, struggling to breath while my blood pounded in my ear. “If she’s ok with it.”

“I like it,” breathed Zoe, tilting her head back to nuzzle  and kiss Will’s neck.

“How about if I pinch her nipple?” he asked haughtily, locating my wife’s areola and tweaking it with his thumb and forefinger until it grew stiff and erect.  My wife moaned softly and started licking Will’s neck while he wagged his eyebrows at me and fingered her nipple.

My blood was boiling at this point, but my dick started to swell at the sight of this guy pinching my wife’s tit in front of me.  I looked around the table and all my friends were watching Will work my wife’s boob with fascination.

“Let’s go in the living room, baby,” urged my wife, pulling his hand away from her boob and holding it in her own.  “You are making me too hot.”

“Yeah, I am getting hot too, feel this,” he said, taking her hand and putting it forcefully onto the big bulge in his pleated dockers.

“Oh, boy,” she gasped gripping his shaft through his pants.  “Are you happy to see me or what?” she tittered.

“Ahh, ok, now,” I said, holding up my hands.

“Honey, you said I could,” pleaded Zoe.  “His thing is really, really hard,” she exclaimed with a strange innocence as she gripped the head of his dong in one hand and pinched down along the shaft with the other, making him grunt with satisfaction.   “And it’s big too.”

“Ok, but,” I complained weakly.  “It’s hard to watch.”

“I like watching,” blurted Ben, surprising everyone.  He had to pull his glasses off and wipe the fog from them so he could see.

“Oh yeah, nerdy guy?” he asked smugly.  “Watch this dance I taught Zoe tonight.  It’s a black dance called the grind.”  

“Oh, I don’t think Ed would like that,” she said, looking at me with trepidation.

“Come on,” demanded Will, spinning my wife around easily and pushing her forward so that she was bent over at the waist.  My pals and I got a nice view of her swinging cleavage as Will positioned himself behind my wife and started grinding his crotch against her rear.

“Omigod, I can really feel it,” she gasped.  “I like that, it’s pushing against my hoo-ha.”

“Ok, ok, no dry humping,” I said, my palms slick and my cock stiff from watching this rude prick dry hump my wife in front of me and my friends.

“I think she likes it though,” complained Will, giving my wife a few more thrusts before stopping.

“I do like it, Will,” she said.  “I like it a lot.  It’s making me wet.”

“Ok, honey, ok,” I said, holding up my hands.  “Too much information.”

“Sorry, baby,” she said, standing upright.  “But I’m super drunk and stoned and super horny right now.”

“Hey before we go make out in the living room, why don’t you, you  know, go take your dress off?” asked Will, gripping his jock with both hands.  “Can she do that, Ed?  Is that allowed?”

“I mean, we hadn’t discussed that,” I stammered.

“It should be allowed,” chimed in Ben.  “You never specified that she couldn’t.”

“Listen to Ben,” laughed my wife, clapping her hands together drunkenly.  “He’s dying to see me naked.”

“Well, not naked, you still have your panties on I assume,” corrected Ben awkwardly.

“I want to see you naked,” said Arnold frankly.  “That would be super hot.”

“I have to agree,” muttered Carl.

“You guys are supposed to be on my side here,” I complained.

“I think you are overruled, honey,” said Zoe.  She came over and gave me a sloppy smooch on the cheek, then clumsily pulled her dress up and off over her head.  She tossed it aside and stood there topless, in just her panties and stockings while we all gazed at her amazing tits, swinging freely.  Her ears were bright red with lust but she covered her stiff pink nipples modestly with her hands, while Will grabbed her around the waist and dragged her off to the living room without another word.  He picked up my wife and tossed her onto the couch, making her cackle with laughter.  I watched in sick horror as he climbed on top of her and buried his face in her chest.

“Uh, you guys,” I called lamely.

“Play nice, play nice,” laughed my wife, pushing Will away.  “Now let’s just kiss nicely, ok?”

Will obliged, sliding off Zoe and sitting next to her.  They wrapped their arms around each other and were kissing each other on the mouth passionately within moments.

“Oh, man, watching Zoe make out topless with that big prick is given me a massive hardon,” breathed Arnold.

“I hate to admit it, but me too,” said Carl.

“Would it be bad form if I unzipped and started jerking off while I watched?” asked Ben politely.

We all laughed, looking at Ben in amazement.

“Ben, I can’t believe you,” I said, shaking my head.  “You want to spank your monkey watching my wife fool around on the couch?”

“Look at him, he’s got his hands all over her bare chest,” hissed Arnold, gripping his crotch under the table.

I turned to watch as Will and Zoe kissed passionately, tongues flicking between open mouths.  Just as Arnold said, Will’s hands roved freely over my wife’s bare chest, weighing her hefty boobs in his hand one moment and pinching her pink nipples the next.  For her part, Zoe tugged insistently on the bulge in Will’s pants.  I could hear her whimpering in passion as they made out and my innards were tied in knots of jealousy.  But I felt like jerking off too, and my penis stood stiffly at attention.

“Honey, I’m just going to, uh,” Zoe said, pulling her mouth away from Will’s for a second so she could unzip his fly.  I watched in shock as she extracted his huge phallus from his trousers.  “Oh my god, what a beautiful penis,” she gasped, staring at Will’s cock as she fingered it’s red bulbous head and thick, veiny shaft.

“Didn’t I have a rule against this?” I asked, turning to Ben in desperation.

“I don’t know, Ed, I don’t remember,” muttered Ben, his arm flailing up and down as he jerked himself off under the table.

“Fuck it, if Ben’s jerking off, so am I,” said Arnold, as he unzipped and commenced to masturbating.

“Omigod, are you guys actually jerking off in there?” called Zoe with delight as she stroked Will’s exposed penis.  “That’s so freaky!  Is Ed jerking it too?”

“Not yet,” I admitted.

“Well, I’ll give you something to jerk it over.  Stand up, Will, let me get these pants off you,” coaxed my wife, and Will eagerly obliged, standing up so that my wife could yank his pleated dockers down around his ankles.  “Here turn so Ed can see,” she said, sitting on the couch with Will’s huge swollen prick just an inch from her face.

“Honey, look how big Will’s balls are,” she giggled lustily, grabbing Will’s nuts and weighing them in her hand.  “He’s got a real pair of stones, just like I thought.”

“Ok, yeah, that’s nice,” I said impatiently.

“Here, watch while Will dangles them in my eyes,” she said.  Then Will and Zoe laughed uproariously while she bent down, her bare boobs brushing his thighs as he plopped his nutsack into her eye sockets.

“So rude, I love it,” muttered Arnold, licking his lips as he choked his chicken.

“Oh, yeah, now suck those bad boys,” urged  Will.

“Do you mind, Ed?” called my wife.  But before I could answer, she opened her mouth and slurped one of his sizable cojones halfway into her mouth.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, sweating profusely as I finally unzipped my fly and started tugging my compelling hardon.

“Yeah, you like how your wife sucks my balls, there Ed?” called Will triumphantly.  He produced his phone from his shirt pocket and snapped a few pictures of my wife as she posed for him, gazing up at him in adulation with one of his nuts hanging half out of her mouth.  “The guys at work are gonna love these,” he boasted.

“Oh my god, it’s so big, I can’t fit it all in my mouth,” gushed my horny wife, as he snapped some pictures of her vigorously jerking on his cock.  “But if you show these pictures to the guys at work, I will kill you,” she said cheerfully.

“It’s ok, if I blow him, isn’t honey?” she asked me sweetly as she yanked Will’s meat.  “I mean, we are all having fun, now, right?”

“Yeah, I mean, do what you want at this point,” I agreed, feeling a chill wash through my chest as I jerked my dick under the table.  I looked around the table and realized that all four of us were pulling our puds watching my wife get it on with this big dick and I felt like a dirty pervert for a second.  But then I heard my wife humming with pleasure and I forgot all about judging our perversion as I watched my wife hungrily sucking on Will’s fat cock.  Her head bobbed up and down as she blew him.

“You like that, Ed?” he crowed in exultation.  “You like how Zoe sucks my cock and balls?  She can’t get enough of that big old dick in her mouth, man!”  He gave a hearty guffaw at my expense, but I just frowned and kept beating my meat while I watched my wife drop submissively to her knees before him, topless and boobs swaying, as she ran her tongue up and down his engorged shaft.

“I think I’m in love with your penis,” she groaned as he held his phone above her.

“This is gonna be an awesome video,” he said excitedly.  “But hold off, I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that.”

“Don’t cum, I need you to fuck me,” pleaded Zoe, gripping his thighs and looking up at him beseechingly.

“Yeah, that’s right,” he said smugly. “You heard that, Ed?”

“I heard it, but, Zoe, come on,” I said, trying to push my boner back into my pants. “You guys were just going to fool around, right?” I said.  “I mean, already, the blowjob and getting topless was going a little too far. I am trying to be cool about this, but penetration is over the line.”

Zoe jumped to her feet and ran over to me, her boobs bouncing in all directions as she approached.

“The bouncing,” croaked Ben and he crumpled up and shivered and I assumed he was ejaculating into the bottom of my dining room table.

“You better clean that up,” commented Carl.

“Honey, please,”  said Zoe, throwing herself onto my lap so that my stiff cock poked up between her stocking clad thighs.  “Oooh, look at how hard you are,” she cooed, pinching the head of my cock.  “See, you are into this.  Don’t make me stop now.  Feel how wet my pussy is,” she said, taking my hand and putting it down the front of her panties.  “I know this is rough for you, but I need Will’s dick inside me.  He’s so big and manly, he’s making me crazy.  I need for him to fuck the shit out of me right now.”

“Yeah, Ed, I’m gonna need you to let me fuck your wife now,” said Will, imitating the boss from Office Space.  He walked into the dining room with his stiff dong swinging back and forth.  He came right up to us and slapped my wife in the cheek with his dick while she sat on my lap, fingering the head of my own dick between her thighs.  She turned her head casually and he pushed the head of his dick right into her mouth and I had a close up view of my wife giving her lover an enthusiastic blowjob while she tugged my knob.

“Jesus, alright, alright,” I said, sliding her off my lap hastily.

“Who wants to shoot the video?” asked Will  dropping his phone on the table as he scooped up my pliant wife in his arms.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and kicked her legs prettily, as he carried her off to the bedroom to fuck her.

“I’ll do it,” offered Arnold excitedly, snatching up the phone and chasing after Will and my wildly snickering wife.

“Are you really OK with this, Ed?” asked Carl, holding one hand over his dick to hide it as he stood.

“Yeah, as sick as it seems, I guess I am going to go in there and jerk off watching this guy fuck the shit out of my wife on our own bed,” I admitted sheepishly.

“This is soo fucking hot,” raved Arnold, over his shoulder.

By the time I made to our bedroom, Will had already tossed Zoe onto our bed and pulled her panties off.  He plunged his face between her legs, locking her twat in his mouth to eat her out for a few minutes, but she couldn’t take much of that and squirmed away.

“Enough, enough,” she pleaded.  “I’m already too wet, I just need that dick now.”  She looked over at me apologetically as she spread her legs for him and my heart skipped a beat.  

Arnold leaned in to get a nice shot of my wife’s pale inner thighs and dripping snatch.  She reached down and spread her labia for Will, her arms corralling her big boobs together and making them jut skyward.  Will pushed Arnold aside and climbed up on top of my wife, stroking his big hard cock as he hovered above her, looking down at her body as she offered herself to him.

“I’m taking ownership of your wife, now, Ed,” he said gleefully.  “That ok?”

“Own me,” she begged, holding her pink twat open for him.

“Ed?” he asked.  “I am waiting for your approval.”

“Yes, take her,” I grunted, dick in hand, jerking off as I watched Will sink down onto my wife and plunge his fat cock into her eager pussy.

“Yeah, yeah,” she moaned, affirming her pleasure as Will sank his shaft into her.

“Nice,” muttered Carl, who had taken up a position in a chair along the way and sat masturbating with his pants down as he watched.

Arnold was holding the phone with one hand and jerking himself with the other and he actually started dribbling cum onto the edge of our bed just as Will started pumping himself in and out of my wife.  Arnold let his sticky penis drop from his hand, but continued capturing the coitus on video, walking around the bed to get the best shot.

Will’s big dark body covered my wife’s small, pale form and his ass was pumping up and down insistently as he drilled her.  My wife gripped Will’s ass cheeks, pulling him into her, her head thrown back in ecstasy.  She was moaning and urging him on with inarticulate affirmations while he rhythmically violated her on the bed where she and I had slept together for all these years.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,  I like it, I like it, fuck me,” she murmured, legs spread as wide as she could to grant him full access to herself.

“That’s it, that’s it, I’m cumming,” she cried out as his forceful fucking increased to a fever pitch, making the bedsprings creak manically.

“Ok, I’m going to empty my load inside,” croaked Will and after a few more vicious thrusts, he arched his back, driving himself as deep inside her as he could while he filled my wife’s womb with what I assumed would be a voluminous emission.  His climax complete, he climbed gruffly off of my wife, and headed off to the bathroom to wash up.

“Wait, where are you going?” cried my wife plaintively, reaching a thin arm out to him.  “Willy, I think I love you!” she called.

“Jesus, honey,” I complained, near climax myself.

“Well, you know, I love his penis anyway,” she said with embarrassment.  “Hey didn’t you cum yet?   Come here, then,”  She lay limp, sweaty and naked from being fucked once already, her hair plastered to her forehead, but she rolled to the edge of the bed and and grabbed my dick in a friendly and familiar way.   “Did you like hearing me moan with pleasure while Will sank his big ole meat into me?” she asked, looking up at me impishly as she dispassionately worked my dick like a washerwoman, her sweaty tits swinging back and forth.

“Bitch,” I gasped, her filthy talk bringing me to orgasm.  I spurted blast after blast of hot cum all over her tits while she laughed with pleasure.

“Attaboy,” she said encouragingly as I coated her chest in glistening semen.

“Oh fuck, this is so weird,” I said, pulling away and pacing back and forth.

“Um, yeah, can I add to the weirdness?” asked Carl, tentatively, coming over to offer his exposed penis to my wife.

“For real, Carl?” exclaimed my exhausted wife.  “What do you want me to do with this?  My arms are getting tired.” But she reached out and tickled Carl’s nuts anyway and apparently that’s all he needed because I watched in horror as my old buddy jerked his dick until he shot a nice sloppy glob of jism right into my wife’s eyes.

“Wow, that’s awesome,” commented Arnold, leaning in close to capture the cumshot on video.

“Jesus, Carl,” she complained, wiping the cum from her eyes.  “What the hell?  I’ve got like three men’s semen on me now.”

“Four, actually,” corrected Arnold.  “I think you are sitting in the spot where I came earlier.”

Zoe stood up unsteadily and turned her rump toward us, touching the wet smear of cum on her ass cheeks gingerly.  Arnold studiously captured the scene for posterity.

“Oh my God, you are right,” she said with mild disgust.

“You are a cum slut,” I offered gamely, noticing that I somehow didn’t feel that upset by the fact that two of my pals were looking my naked, cum slathered wife up and down with interest.

Zoe noticed too.  “Wow, you boys are getting an eyeful,” she complained good naturedly. Pulling a cover off the bed to wrap herself in.

Will came back into the room, fully dressed with his hair freshly slicked back.

“Ok, folks, well it’s time to go,” he said, chest thrust out proudly.  “Ed, thanks for letting me use your wife for sex.  Zoe, thank you for revealing what a filthy whore you are, I look forward to besmirching your honor many more times in the future.  Arny, thanks for capturing the video, I will post that online tomorrow,” Will snatched his phone away from Arnold deftly.  “Bye, now!”

“No, Will, you can’t post that online, I will be mortified,” cried Zoe, jumping up to try to chase after Will, but hampered by the cover wrapped around her.

“Ahh, you will get used to it.  Lots of women have sex tapes out there,” he laughed as he scuttled toward the door.  “In fact, once the guys at work see it, the worst that will happen is that you will get asked out on a lot more dates.”

With that he was gone, slamming the door behind him.

Zoe looked at me with a crooked smile, Carl’s cum still dripping from her eyebrow.  “Well, that went better than expected,” she squeaked awkwardly.

I thought I would be more upset when Will posted the video of Zoe getting fucked online and texted me the photos of her with his nuts in her mouth, but actually, I enjoyed jerking off to them.  As predicted, there was a minor scandal at the office, but she braved it out and she accepted dates from several other guys at work, including her boss.  Sometimes she would bring them home for me to watch alone, but I had to admit it was more fun when she brought dates home on poker night.  Sometimes she would even let one of my pals slip it in her from behind or suck them off if she was drunk and stoned enough.  Carl got back together with his ex-wife Linda, and when Linda came over to join in, poker nights got a lot more interesting.  Overall, I don’t regret the turn our life has taken, though I still get a pang of jealousy when my wife begs one of her other lovers not to leave after sex and tells them she loves them.  But I just blow it off, it’s nothing to get divorced over.


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Your Wife Wears a See-Through Dress to Entertain Your Important Business Guests

by Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from: “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.1

You are working on a big proposal at work and the client is very close to signing the contract. Their team has traveled from out of town, so you decide to invite them over to your house for drinks after dinner so that they aren’t stuck watching TV by themselves in their hotel rooms.

The party is comprised of all men, you, your boss, one of your co workers, a senior executive from the client, and two of his middle managers. It’s a nice night out, so you all head out to the patio by the pool to have some drinks.

Your wife didn’t meet you at the door, and you are about to go find her and introduce her when she comes out wearing a transparent dress. She isn’t wearing a bra under the dress, just panties and stockings and her nipples and panties are clearly visible through the sheer material.

Everyone stands up to greet your wife and your boss leans in toward you. “Christ, Johnson, didn’t you tell your wife we were coming?” he whispers angrily.

“Yes, I talked it over at breakfast and called her again to remind her when we left the restaurant,” you hiss.

All the men are eyeing your wife’s body as she comes forward and joins the party.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to our guests, dear?” she asks you archly.

“Uh, right. Everyone, this is my wife, Janet. Janet, you know Sam and Joe from the office. This is Victor, Jack, and Todd from ACME corporation,” you say, stumbling through the introductions.

You are further dismayed as your wife goes around hugging each man in greeting, rubbing her practically bare breasts against each of them as she does so. When she comes to Victor, the senior manager from ACME, she lingers in his arms for a moment.

“I hope you don’t mind that I’m dressed so informally,” she says breathily.

“Oh no, you look wonderful,” he responds huskily. “I like your wife’s sense of style, Johnson,” he says, rubbing her back enthusiastically.

“Can I get you boys anything?” asks your wife flirtatiously, stepping away from Victor with reluctance.

“What are you offering?” he says so lasciviously that the entire party breaks out laughing. Your stomach flips, but you laugh along weakly as you boss shoots daggers at you with his eyes.

“Oh, you know, the usual. Drinks, snacks, et cetera,” she responds with a twinkle in her eye.

“I’ll have a scotch for now and some et cetera later,” he says, laughing at his own joke.

Each of your guests voices their preference of drink.

“Let me lend you a hand with those drinks, dear,” you chime in and usher her back into the house quickly. You glance over your shoulder and notice the eyes of the entire party focused on your wife’s round ass as she walks away.

“Jesus Janet, what the hell are you trying to do? Ruin my career?” you whisper angrily once inside.

“Don’t be so provincial, darling,” she sniffs, tossing her head dismissively. “Victor doesn’t seem to mind that I’m showing off my body a bit.”

“A bit? Are you kidding me? You are practically naked!” you yelp, trying to keep your voice down as you and your wife prepare the drinks and put them on serving trays.

She turns to look at you with a slightly exasperated expression. ” Please don’t be such a prude, it doesn’t suit you. We aren’t at the office now dear. This is after hours in the privacy of our own home. I can dress as I please. And it pleases me to dress provocatively on this occasion,” she says with a little haughtiness in her voice.

“And why is that?” you ask quietly as you and your wife hoist the trays and head back out to the patio.

“Oh I don’t know, I thought it might spice things up a little,” she smiles. “Besides, the way sales have been going for you lately, you can use all the help you can get.”

“You call this help?” you say, amazed.

“We’ll see, we’ll see,” she says with a wink.

You say no more and bring the drinks out to your guests.

“Well now, I insist that we banish all talk of work at this little party, I want to hear all about your families,” says your wife gayly as you and she distribute the drinks.

“Hear hear” says Victor loudly raising his glass.

As your wife goes among the men extracting names of wives and children, your co-worker Joe takes you aside.

“Audacious move to have your wife play the slut card, there Johnson,” he says, gazing at the way her breasts jiggle as she laughs. “What a rack.”

“First of all, get a grip on yourself, and try to unglue your eyes from my wife’s body for a second,” you say testily. He gives a start and meets your gaze apologetically “Secondly, if you think I had anything to do with this, you are mistaken. This delusional approach to entertaining important business guests is one that she is developing entirely on her own.”

“Well, it might not be that delusional. She does have the body to pull off a dress like that. Lord knows my wife couldn’t do it. Check out Victor’s trousers. The old boy is sporting wood, probably for the first time in a while,” he says with amusement. “As a matter of fact, she’s starting to give me a stiffy myself.”

“Nice. Thanks for sharing, Joe,” you say. But you notice your own cock getting hard as watch your wife casually chatting with a bunch of men with her body almost completely exposed, just acting as though it were perfectly normal for them to clearly see her breasts.

At one point Victor puts his arm around your wife as he is telling a story. You notice her subtly rubbing her breast against his chest as she looks up at him in rapt attention. He is yammering on about some sports accomplishments of his back in college. You know Janet has a deep disdain for sports but she makes a good show of hanging on his every word.

“Oh, that’s so amusing,” she gasps, patting him on the chest and squeezing herself against him.

“You like that story, huh?” he asks. His face is flushed and you notice him pulling your wife against him and moving his hand down to grip her by the hip.

“Victor, you do tell the most charming stories,” gushes your wife, looking up at him with admiration.

You can’t help yourself and roll your eyes in response.

Victor notices your reaction and says, “Your husband doesn’t seem to think it was very good story,” he chuckles. “Look at him rolling his eyes.”

“Oh, he’s probably just a little jealous, Vic. He never was much of an athlete himself. More of an academic.” she says, giving you a smile and wrinkling her nose at you while she casually guides Victor’s hand back to rest on her buttocks.

Victor gives a start and spills most of his drink down the front of his shirt and the front of his pants.

“Oh my goodness, Victor. Look what you’ve done,” laughs your wife, deftly producing a napkin and rubbing his crotch with it.

“Uh, oh please. I can do that,” he says, taking the napkin from her gently and trying to hide the erection straining against the crotch of his pants.

“Of course, dear. Pardon me. I was only trying to help,” she says. “I have an idea,” she says brightly. “Why not come up to the bedroom, and I will find you a change of clothes.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t put you through the trouble,” he says casting you a nervous look.

“Well it’s no trouble at all,” she says lightly. “You look to be about my husband’s size. I am sure we can find something that you can fit into.” She gives you a wink at that point and your face flushes hotly in response. “Come along, we can’t have you standing about uncomfortably in these soaked clothes” she says taking him by the hand and leading him inside. “We’ll be right back dear, do carry on,” she says giving you a little wave.

There is an awkward pause in which everyone realizes that your wife’s absence has drained much of the life from the party. But conversation gradually resumes.

One of the middle managers approaches you and says. “You know we had pretty much already decided to ink this deal. Your wife didn’t have to… go through all this trouble.”

“Oh it’s no trouble for her at all,” you say stiffly.

“Really?” he laughs. “So she always entertains guests in the nude, then? Don’t get me wrong, she has a smoking hot body. But that’s a pretty slutty dress she’s wearing. And she sure laid it on thick with old Victor.”

“Now I think Victor is probably up there trying to lay something thick on his wife,” laughs the other guy from ACME. He’s clearly had too much to drink and there is a long pause before everyone breaks out laughing.

“Ha ha” you say sarcastically, casting a glance up at the bedroom window. The light is on and the window is open,but the curtains are drawn and you can only see shadows of movement up there and hear the faint murmur of their voices.

Your wife and Victor remain up in the bedroom together for some time and you are starting to get nervous. She was certainly taking a chance with the dress and the flirting, but you don’t really think she would take it any further.

However during a lull in conversation you all hear her gasp “Oh, Victor!”

Several of the fellows giggle quietly and exchange significant glances. You realize that you are all holding your breath, straining to hear what’s going on up there. Presently you hear the distinctive sound of the bed creaking and the headboard tapping against the wall rhythmically. Your blood runs cold in response. You boss looks at you with a strange mix of sympathy and exasperation.

“Don’t just sit there, Johnson,” he says with resignation. “Go up there and see what’s going on.”

“I don’t think I want to,” you say, feeling nauseous.

“I have to say, I didn’t think Victor had it in him,” says one of the ACME guys but he is shushed up by his comrade and you all sit in silence listening to the creaking bed upstairs.

After a few minutes the intensity of the creaking reaches a crescendo and you hear you wife cry out and Victor grunting loudly.

You throw your hands up in despair and pace around the patio, unsure of what to do. You can’t believe this has happened. You are clinging to the shred of hope in your mind that there must be a reasonable explanation for what you just heard. One that doesn’t involve your wife fucking an older man to help you clinch a big sale.

Soon your wife and Victor re-emerge from the house. They are both glowing brightly. Victor has changed into some your casual clothes and your wife is wearing a modest house dress.

“You changed your dress,” you say numbly.

“Why yes I did,” she says. “I felt that it was a little too… casual. I didn’t want to make our guests feel overdressed. In their suits, that is.”

You notice a glob of what looks like semen in her hair. “You have something in your hair.”you say coldly, pointing it out to her.

“Oh thank you dear. I must have sneezed or something,” she says laughing lamely and wiping at her head with a napkin.

“Well, I guess we will be heading out,” says Victor. “We have to get up early and make our final decision on this proposal tomorrow morning. I must say that things look pretty good as they stand now.” He turns to your wife and takes her by both hands. “Thanks so much for a memorable evening,” he says.

She gazes lovingly back into his eyes and says, “Please do come back and visit us again the next time you are in town.”

General goodbyes are made and the party breaks up for the evening.

You are miserably picking up glasses on the patio with your wife when you blurt out “I can’t believe you did that!”

She give you a frown, “Darling, please try to be cosmopolitan about this. Sex is sex, it’s just a physical act. Love is love, it’s what binds you and I together. But business is business. And when it comes to business, I don’t fuck around.”

“Uh, yeah, you kind of do actually,” you quip in spite of yourself and you join her in some cleansing laughter.

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