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Party Like a Plutocrat – Ch.5

Chapter 5 – The Fine Print

Excerpted from “Party Like a Plutocrat

Continued from Chapter 4.
On the afternoon of Witherspoon’s party, you all meet at Max and Jenny’s house again. When you and Erin arrive, Max ushers you into the living room and hands out soft drinks. Jenny is there waiting, dressed in a modest business suit with a big suitcase by her side. You and Erin join her on the couch and everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats, visibly tense.

“Ok, everyone.” says Max with a sigh. “I know we are all nervous and some of us might be having second thoughts, but I wanted to just review the ground rules with you.”

You and Erin exchange a questioning glance and Max continues. “See we signed a contract for the modeling services this week and I included some provisions. First, no touching will be allowed.” He stops and looks significantly at his wife.

“What?” she asks defensively. “Do we have to go over this again?” She glances at you and Erin nervously, and blushes slightly. “I told you, I was a little drunk. I was just playing along…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” says Max, pursing his lips. “But that’s a clear provision in this contract that no guests will request or attempt to make physical contact with either model.”

“What if the models initiate contact?” asks Erin sweetly and the blood drains from you face as you look at her in surprise.

“I uh, didn’t specify anything about that…” stammers Max.

“Can’t you tell she’s teasing?” says Jenny with a chuckle, and you and Max laugh uneasily while Erin and Jenny exchange sly smiles.

“Anyway, moving on…” says Max, scanning through the contract in his hand.

You stare pointedly at Erin and she looks back at you with a startled expression. “Seriously, dear, I was just teasing.” she says. “I know we were pretty wild during that first party, but we had our husbands right there to protect us so it was easier to get carried away. Also, Jenny and I agreed to a two drink limit tonight.”

“Good idea…” you say hesitantly.

Erin smiles and puts her arms around you. “Come on, Ted. This is going to be fun. Think about how much fun we’ve had revisiting the events of the first party together.”

Jenny gives you a knowing nod and then winks at you and your stomach flips a little bit thinking of how she looked baring her breasts for those men that night.

Max clears his throat. “Right, so…Moving on… Security will be provided of course. Oh yes, I specified that neither model will be required to fully disrobe at any point. They will be allowed to wear some garment covering their bikini area at all times. You know, this is supposed to be a lingerie party, right?” He looks at the wives plaintively.

“25k Max.” says Jenny with a wry smile. “Some of our ‘bikini areas’ are probably going be uncovered tonight. Just remember that there is 25k in it for you… not to mention the improved quality of our own… calisthenics.”

“Oh, I know, the calisthenics have greatly improved since the first party, I’m just letting you know that you can fall back on these provisions if necessary.” Max pulls up an ottoman and sits right in front of Jenny and Erin. “Look. You and Erin talk a good game, and I know you had fun during the first party, but this is going to be a totally different ball game. You are going into an unfamiliar setting and you will be surrounded by total strangers.”

“Hopefully.” snorts Erin, “I would perish if someone from the lab saw me doing this.”

“Unlikely.” you laugh, “Probably not many lab techs hobnob with billionaires on a regular basis.”

“I’m trying to be serious for a minute here, Ted.” says Max with a pained expression. “You two might find your confidence shriveling once you get there. These provisions offer some protection. Remember, there is a business deal at the bottom of this and you aren’t obligated to do anything really unseemly. I actually outline a list of things that you won’t be required to do, no insertion of objects, that sort of thing.”

“Oh Max…” says your wife, putting her hand over her mouth. “Insertion of objects?”

“Yeah, exactly. No sassy comment in response to that, huh?” says Max with a frown.

“Jeez, don’t scare her.” scolds Jenny. She turns to Erin and takes her hand. “Come on, dear. You met this fellow Witherspoon, he was perfectly polite. I’m sure we will have a marvelous time and if we ever feel uncomfortable, we will just walk right out of there.”

“In our lingerie!” exclaims Erin, getting back into the spirit.

“Sure, why not?” laughs Jenny.

At that moment, the doorbell rings. And Max goes to answer the door. He returns with a big man in a black suit.

“Your car is here, ladies.” he says formally. “The driver has offered to carry your luggage to the car.”

“Hello, folks.” says the driver genially. “Is this the bag here? Please, allow me.” he grabs the bag and heads out the door.

You and Max both embrace your wives briefly and then walk them to the door.

“Have fun, girls.” you say, feeling slightly nauseous thinking of what lays ahead.

“Don’t wait up.” laughs Jenny with a wave.

Then the driver opens the door for them and drives them away.

“There they go, Max. They are being carted off to go entertain a billionaire’s friends with their bodies.” you say, shaking your head.

“That’s a nice way to put it.” he says with a frown.

“It’s true.” you say.

“Alright, the girls might have a two-drink limit tonight, but we don’t.” he says. “Let’s head over to the club and drown our sorrows.”

To be continued…

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Party Like a Plutocrat – Ch. 4

Chapter 4 – An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Excerpted from “Party Like a Plutocrat

Continued from Chapter 3.

You find Max and Jenny in the kitchen chatting happily. They both have that post-orgasm glow and your wife and Jenny exchange knowing glances.

“Well I hope everyone enjoyed their morning calisthenics,” says Jenny with a smile. “Ted, did you enjoy yours?” she asks you with a wink.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” you say with a smile and everyone breaks out laughing.

“Coffee me, please,” says Erin to Max, putting her elbows on the counter and looking up at him playfully. He obliges by pouring out a cup of coffee.

“Do I smell bacon?” you ask hungrily.

“In the oven,” nods Max. “How do you like your eggs? Scrambled? Good,” he dumps a big bowl of scrambled eggs into a sizzling pan and stirs them up, whistling a tuneless melody.

Presently you are all sitting around their kitchen table enjoying bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee. The sun is shining and a warm breeze is blowing in through the open window.

“So, you both seem quite…OK this morning…after the party last night,” says Jenny looking at you and Erin curiously.

“Oh yes, we are fine,” you say comfortably.

“Ted likes it when I flash my bush for other guys, it turns out,” says Erin cheekily. Everyone breaks out in laughter and you almost spit out your coffee in surprise.

“Alrighty then,” says Max wiping a tear of laughter from one eye. “That might qualify as TMI.”

“No dear, you got TMI last night when you gazed in fascination at Erin’s little game of peekaboo,” says Jenny with a wry smile.

“Fair enough,” says Max, settling down a bit and giving you a guilty look.

You just hold up a consoling hand. “I can hardly blame you.”

“So anyway, how were sales there last night Max?” asks Erin, nibbling a crisp piece of bacon.

“Unbelievable!” he says with animation. “We booked over six thousand dollars in orders! That’s definitely enough to hire models for the next party.”

Erin almost seems disappointed when he says that and your pulse quickens a bit.

“But… there is one small complication,” says Jenny, taking a sip of hot fresh coffee.

“Uh, yeah,” says Max giving her a look of chagrin.

“Mr. Moneybags wants Erin and I to come entertain him and his plutocrat pals at his palace or whatever,” says Jenny with a smirk. “And he wants us to leave Max and Ted at home.”

“Oh my gosh..,” says Erin, wide-eyed. “That’s a tricky one,” she looks at you thoughtfully.

“What is this, Indecent Proposal for the 21st century?” you ask gamely.

“Well he doesn’t actually know that is is dealing with married women, and I assume he hasn’t offered a million dollars, so… not quite,” says Jenny giving you a tender smile.

“Well Max, you made some money last night, why not just hire some models to for Witherspoon’s party?” asks your wife innocently.

“You see, Erin, the thing is..,” says Max looking down to scoop some egg onto his toast.

“The thing is, that Witherspoon was gushing about Max’s ability to find great modelling ‘talent’ and he specifically requested you two,” you say pointedly.

“Oh,” says Erin simply and looks down into her cup of coffee with a little smile. You can tell she feels flattered.

“I mean, yeah,” struggles Max. “Most of the women who do this sort of modelling are a different… calibre. You know.” He looks at his wife for support.

“Oh, you mean the billionaire doesn’t have senior corporate executives and PhD scientists modeling lingerie for him on a regular basis?” asks Jenny sarcastically.

“Well no, I guess not,” admits Max as he begins clearing away the plates.

“We’re classy,” says Erin to Jenny, drawing out the a.

Jenny squeezes her hand delightedly in response. “Oh yes, too true dah-ling,” she jokes, flipping her hair.

“That’s a losing proposition, Max,” you say with resignation. “Even if the girls agree to go do his party, you aren’t going to find any other models in their league. And that’s what he’s expecting if he invests in your business. You might as well come clean.”

“Wait, he offered to invest in Max’s business?” says Erin with a shocked expression.

“He dangled that out there as a possibility,” says Max shaking his head.

“Well then we ought to at least give it shot,” says Erin eagerly. “What do you say, Jenny?”

“You little vixen!” says Jenny looking at Erin with surprise. “You want to go play peekaboo with Witherspoon again, huh?” she asks with a knowing twinkle in her eye.

Erin blushes madly and lowers her eyes, but you see that little smile on her face again.

“No Erin, I think that Ted is right,” says Max with resignation. “The whole deal hinges on Witherspoon’s perception that I have some ability to find ‘talent.’ And I just don’t. This was just some half-baked idea to move some excess merchandise I had lying around. I didn’t even look at any modelling agencies.”

“Hmm,” says Erin thinking it over. “And really professional models probably wouldn’t put on a show like the one we put on last night either,” she says with a wan smile.

“Yeah, we probably need to find strippers to match that performance,” you say with a laugh.

Erin slaps your arm playfully in response.

Jenny is about to chime in when Max’s phone rings.

“Hello?” he says, answering the phone. “Oh yes, Mr. Smithers is it? I do recall, yes. Mr. Witherspoon’s assistant.” Mas points to the phone significantly and you all lean in with interest.

“…right, I understand we need to schedule another party…Well I would need to check the calendar, I can’t confirm a time right now…Oh…Well, yes, I can look that up, but, uh..,” Max is waving his hand, looking to you all for help.

“Ask what the budget is,” hisses Jenny.

“Yes, still here, sorry, um, can I ask what your budget is for the…no, I mean just for the models…is that right?” Max turns pale as he listens. “Ok, then, no, that… we can work with that…Honestly, I need to make some phone calls, but yes…Ok, tentatively for this Friday then…Uh, accommodations? Well, that’s fairly unusual… no I… I will see what I can do…You understand…Yes, ok, just send over a purchase order and we move forward…Great, have a nice day.” Max hangs up and stares at you all in utter shock.

“What the hell was that all about?” you demand. “A purchase order? I thought you were going to call this off.”

“How much?” asks Jenny expectantly.

“Well he claimed that they normally spend fifty thousand dollars for the models,” says Max simply.

Erin whistles in response.

“That’s what they normally spend,” continues Max, “But he said that Witherspoon was particularly fond of these two so that he was given some latitude with the budget and could go as high as seventy five. Then he went on to say they wouldn’t cover travel expenses but accommodations would be included.”

“But that, that just can’t be right,” you stammer. “Seventy five thousand dollars for one night of entertainment?”

“Ted, you don’t know how to party like a billionaire,” says Jenny. “Think about it. A billion is one thousand millions. So 75k to him is like seventy five dollars to a millionaire. And it would be like seven dollars to a middle class person.”

“That disregards diminishing margin of utility,” says Erin seriously.

Everyone stares at her in surprise for a moment and she blushes slightly. “What? That’s a thing,” she says defensively.

“Little show off,” laughs Jenny, “I’m the money person, you stick to your test tubes. I think we can all agree the check won’t bounce and that it’s actually a pretty decent chunk of change on the table.”

“This is surreal,” you say. “But I mean, it’s not as though any of us really needs the money.”

“Speak for yourself,” laughs Max nervously. “I could do a lot with that money.”

“Sure, you could squander it..,” says Jenny impetuously, but she bites her tongue when she sees Max’s hurt reaction. “Sorry, dear. I don’t know why I said that. But really, Erin and I should get a good cut. We will be doing all the work,” she glances at Erin. “Not that miss peekaboo over here will consider it work.”

Erin opens her mouth in mock outrage. “Oh you are one to talk. You offered up that gam for inspection pretty readily last night. And I think Mr. Moneybags fingered a little more than the elastic on those stockings too.”

She and Jenny cackle with laughter at that, and you laugh along as well, but Max just has a sick look on his face. “I know this is just some kind of sexual adventure for you two,” he says seriously, “But this is serious business to me. If I can get backing from Witherspoon, that would open a lot of opportunities for us.”

“Oh lighten up, dear.” says his wife good naturedly. “You are just as turned on by the kinkiness of all this as we are.”

“Oh, yeah, definitely. I am just saying that I have more skin in the game, pardon the pun,” says Max to a chorus of groans.

Just then a tiny hummingbird hovers up to the window and you all stop and gaze at it for a moment before it zips away.

“So pretty,” says Erin absently. “Yet ephemeral…like life.”

You smile at your wife lovingly. “That’s true.”

“Ok, so where are we with this?” asks Max, rubbing his hands together. “I think the girls should go through with this private party for Witherspoon and we can play it by ear from there. We’ll split the money three ways, 25k each. What do you all say?”

“Well, if I agreed to flash my tits for free, I can’t refuse to do it for 25k,” laughs Jenny. “Plus, I want to see how the other point oh one percent lives.”

“I’ll do it because I like it when Witherspoon tells me what to do,” says Erin, flashing you a mischievous grin.

Everyone laughs and you can’t help but smile at your wife and slap her thigh affectionately.

“It makes me feel like a pimp, but that’s fine. I will just go buy a purple suit or something,” you say with resignation to further laughter.

Continued in Chapter 5.

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