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Party Like a Plutocrat – Ch.8

Chapter 8 – The Naughty Wife Tells Another Tale

Excerpted from “Party Like a Plutocrat

Continued from Chapter 7.
When you get home you take a nap for a few hours and then Erin has Chinese food delivered for dinner. After dinner, you sit in the living room drinking herbal tea, neither one of you able to stomach the idea of alcohol.

“You know, Max might not want to talk about last night, but I just have to know what happened,” you say, looking Erin in the eye seriously.

Erin looks away and blushes. “Honey, I confess, I was… very naughty last night. I teased these rich men with my body a little. And I, uh… obeyed a lot of orders…” She glances over at you nervously.

Your penis expands as she looks at you. “What kind of orders?” you ask her.

She looks away pensively for a moment, then she says. “Let’s do this.” She gets up and pulls down her sweatpants, exposing her dark bush to you, then she strides over and throws herself over your lap with her nice round ass facing you. “I will tell you a thing I did. And then you can spank me right away.”

“Ok,” you say, your cock immediately stiffening. You place a hand on one of her ass cheeks and rub the smooth white skin for a moment. “I want to hear about the cigar room.”

“Oh boy,” she says, facing the floor. “Well as I said, no one would go in there at first, but once Jenny and I got a little drunk, she dared me to go in with her. I said I would, but I wanted to find Reggie first and tell him what we decided.”

You instinctively slap her ass at that, playfully, but still a little sharply. “Why did you do that?”

“I wanted him to see,” she admits to the floor and then moans as you spank her ass again.

“You wanted to him to see you naked!” you shout amazed, pushing her off your lap in anger. “Why?” you shout. She kneels before you, stripping off her top and you are distracted by the sight of her large gorgeous boobs spilling out. Then she reaches over and unzips your fly and your prick comes springing out of your pants.

“You sound angry, but your dick is telling a different story,” she says with a smile tugging your trousers off.

“Um, I’m hot for you, but this is too much,” you complain.

“But, we are just getting started,” she says with a pout. She drops her boobs onto your bare thighs and reaches over to grasp your dong. “Don’t you want to hear what happened?”

“Oh god,” you say as she strokes your cock. “Ok.”

“I wanted Reggie to see us get naked because the idea turned me on, ok? I am a bad, and naughty wife,” says Erin gleefully stroking away.

“We found him ordering some girls to bend over so he and some friends could see how the looked in that position. But when we told him that we wanted to go change in the cigar room, his face lit up and he just left the poor girls bent over touching their toes. He preferred us to them,” she says tossing her head and jerking your cock.

“Yeah,” you say, “I see.”

“Anyway, Jenny told him no smoking and that he better make sure the air filters were running full blast for a few minutes before she would set foot in there. Reggie eagerly complied and then he gathered up a couple of his closest friends for the special show.”

Erin takes a break to suck your cock for a minute. “Oh, I taste some pre-ejaculate. You are enjoying this. I’m wet too, just thinking about last night.”

“Shit,” is all you can think to say.

“So we all go into the cigar room and Reggie and his pals plop their asses into these nice deep leather club chairs and they… unzip their flies casually, like it’s no big deal,” Erin is grinning evilly at you as she pulls your pud. “Can you believe it? I mean they didn’t pull their cocks out but they were getting ready.”

“Go on,” you gulp.

“Well Jenny and I were both wearing nightgowns over our bras and panties. So Reggie asks Jenny to undress me first. Jenny loved the idea and pulled my nightgown off real slow. Then she turns me with my back facing the men and she slowly tugs my panties down. Then she, you know, she has to spank my bare ass for good measure. Then Reggie asks if I would mind bending over so that they could get a better view.” Erin pulls your thing. “You know, he doesn’t say he wants to get a better view of my pussy, just a better view.”

“And I assume you bent over?” you say, you stomach filled with ice.

“Just like a slut,” she laughs. “I bent right over and then I asked him sweetly if he could see well enough.” Erin gives your rod another tug for emphasis. “So he says, that he enjoys what he sees very much, but he asks Jenny if she would terribly mind spreading my thighs apart slightly.”

“Are you kidding me?” you yelp, and the next thing you know, you are spurting cum into your wife’s face and she eagerly takes your cock in her mouth to suck the remaining semen out.

“Jesus,” you say, pulling your hair and pacing around the room as she kneels on the floor looking up at you with a startled expression. “How could you?”

“I’m sorry,” she says. “I was dripping wet I was so into it. I am dripping wet now just recalling it.”

“Oh shit, get over here,” you say, sitting back down and helping her up to lay across your lap again. You spank her a few times playfully as she fingers her clitoris and the you sink a few fingers into her vagina while she masturbates herself and moans with pleasure.

“So Jenny spread me wide for them to see and I looked back between my legs and I could see them pulling on their cocks while they watched. One guy had his wife sitting on the edge of his chair pulling it for him.” Erin is panting rapidly now and you pull your fingers out of her and give her a sharp slap on the ass which pushes her into a climax. After she is finished cumming, she crawls off your lap and sits cross legged on the couch next to you.

“Do you hate me now?” she asks meekly.

You take her in your arms and rock her back and forth for a few minutes. “Yes,” you say. “I do.”

Erin breaks out in laughter and then starts crying at the same time. “I can’t… you are too good to me…no actually, you are a fucker…” she slaps you on the shoulder. “You can’t really be mad,” she says bravely.

“That’s pretty twisted, isn’t it, having your friend strip you down and spread your twat so a bunch of rich bastards can jerk themselves off,” you shake your head in disbelief and your cock actually starts getting hard again.

“I know, and the one guy couldn’t even be bothered to do it himself, but made his wife do it,” laughs Erin gleefully, wiping tears from her eyes.

“But what, what happened next?” you ask, looking her in the eyes.

“Well Jenny got my bra off and then spun me around so that they could see my boobs… and I could see their cocks… Witherspoon has a nice one and the way he looked at me while he stroked it… as though inviting me to come and try it out myself…” she is breathing heavily at the thought.

“Jesus, Erin, are you really hot for that guy?” you ask incredulously, as your cock slowly stands back up.

“I don’t know…” she says, examining your cock with interest. “He just has this way of looking at me and telling me what to do, and asking me things. He just casually asked if I minded that he was touching himself like that. I mean the guy is jerking his wang while Jenny squeezes my nipples at his request and it’s like he asked to borrow a pencil or something. I don’t know… he’s a dirty man, but refined. I guess he makes me hot. But of course, I don’t love him. I love you,” and she squeezes your cock gently to see if it’s ready yet.

“Too tender still,” you say. Then you take a deep breath. “Ok, I can deal with this. We’ve been together a long time. We will get through this. Is that the worst thing that happened?”

“Well, I… maybe…” she says looking at you uncertainly. “That I did anyway. Jenny was a little more naughty.”

“Jesus, what did she do?” you ask with interest.

“I can’t tell you,” she says wistfully looking away. “You may be my husband, but she’s my best friend and she hasn’t told Max about it yet.”

“Max doesn’t want to know about it,” you say. “I sure won’t tell him.”

“Oh, what do you care anyway?’ asks Erin lightly.

“I’m just curious, like anyone would be,” you say. But Erin notices that your cock is pulsing with anticipation.

“Hmm, I don’t know how I should feel about your interest in Jenny’s activities,” she says pointing to your cock. “But after Jenny got my bra off, I got down and spread my legs for the plutocrats and a couple of them shot their wads into turkish towels that were handy.”

“You spread your legs?” you ask.

“Sure, why not?” she says with a shrug. “I mean I had gone that far. I even asked Reggie if I was spreading wide enough and if he could see everything that he was interested in.” She sees your cock throbbing and grasps it tentatively.

“yeah, that’s good,” you say and she starts stroking it gently. “But Reggie didn’t cum even then, huh?” you ask.

“Nope,” she says with a sigh of disappointment. Once his friends got cleaned up they left and some other guys came in. Reggie asked me to put on a shelf bra but leave my panties off and then he had me undress Jenny.” She feels your cock react and then looks at you with surprise. “Jesus, that really turns you on. Are you hot for Jenny or something?” she asks accusingly.

“No! It’s just a kinky situation,” you say defensively.

“You better not be!” she says fussily. “Anyway I strip Jenny down for him and you can tell that she’s the one he’s really into. His face is covered in sweat and he is really jerking it.” Erin sees that you are hard enough and climbs gracefully onto your lap and lowers herself onto your straining prick. “Ahhh. that’s nice,” she says as she engulfs you with her hot wet pussy.

“Where was I? Oh yeah, so Jenny is naked and spreading for him and she props herself up on her elbows and asks him casually why he doesn’t just come over and stick it into her. Was he embarrassed to fuck the help in front of his big shot buddies?” Erin is bouncing frantically on your cock rubbing herself and panting. You can barely hold it. “This put Reggie over the edge. He jumps up and stands over her but he can’t hold it and starts shooting his load right onto her belly. And she just laughs at him and calls him a pre-ejaculator.” At that you have an orgasm yourself, shooting a meager load up into your wife. When she feels you cumming, she cums again too. But she doesn’t climb off, she just continues her story for you.

“When Jenny calls Reggie a pre-ejacultor, he just agrees good naturedly and promises to try to do better next time if she will give him another opportunity,” Erin tells you her face slick with sweat from so much sex. “His friends had all cum themselves at that point and everyone cleaned up and filed out to get another drink laughing at Jenny’s audacity. I helped clean Jenny up and… you know, we put on another sexy outfit and went back out to work the party. And it’s really disturbing the way you came right at the point in the story where Jenny got a load shot on her, as though you were picturing yourself cumming on my girlfriend,” she says looking you in the eyes.

“No, I was picturing myself managing to hold it until I could crawl on top and put it in a few times so I could finish inside her,” you say pinching your wife’s nipples.

“Omigod, don’t even joke about that,” she says climbing off you, obviously upset.

“Are you serious?” you say amazed. ‘You go and literally spread your cunt for a bunch of rich fuckers to gaze at while they jerk themselves and even ask them politely if you are being a filthy enough slut to please them, but, but.. if I… even joke about fucking your girlfriend…” you are sputtering with anger now.

“That’s different,” she snaps. “You got off on the idea of me being a slut and following orders. I can’t get off on the idea of you fucking Jenny. It makes me insecure,” she whines.

“Insecure?” you ask. “But you slutting around with actual billionaires doesn’t make me insecure?”

“Apparently it doesn’t” she sniffs wiping a tear away. “I know that’s weird, but that’s how it seems to be.”

“Jesus, ok, I won’t… you know… fuck Jenny…” you say lamely.

“Dammit, I know that,” she says forcing a smile. “She wouldn’t let you. You’re supposed to promise not to talk about or even make me aware of your fantasy to fuck my best friend. Ok?”

“Oh, sure, well, that’s easy,” you say. “I don’t actually fantasize about fucking her…”

“Good man,” she says approvingly, now let’s go to the bedroom and let me see if I can think of some other slutty thing I did last night for me to tell you about. I want to see how many hardons I can get out of you in one night.”

Continued in Chapter 9.

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Party Like a Plutocrat – Ch.7

Chapter 7 – A Less Auspicious Morning After

Excerpted from “Party Like a Plutocrat

Continued from Chapter 6.

You and Max are awoken in the morning by Erin and Jenny as they come into the living room to find you sprawled out on couches.

“Whoa, look at you two.” laughs Jenny. “I told you not to wait up.”

“Where do you want this, ma’am?” asks the driver carrying the suitcase into the living room.

“Oh, just put it down anywhere Edward.” says Jenny casually.

“Very good, ma’am. Have a nice day. It was a pleasure serving you.” he says touching his cap as he heads out the door.

“Bye, Edward.” says Erin with a little wave.

“Good bye, ma’am.” he says, closing the door behind him.

“I guess we better make breakfast for these two.” Jenny says to Erin.

“Yep, go wash up a bit dear, you look awful.” says Erin, tousling your hair tenderly and going off to join Jenny in the kitchen.

You do feel a bit rough, as you climb to your feet and head to the bathroom in the guest bedroom. After brushing your teeth and washing your face, you feel a little better, so you head to the kitchen for some coffee.

“Hello, sunshine.” says your wife happily as you enter the kitchen. “What would you like to eat?”

“I don’t know, what are you having?” you ask blearily.

Erin and Jenny exchange looks. “Uh, we had breakfast with Reggie this morning.” she says.

“Reggie?” asks Max, entering the kitchen.

“She means Witherspoon.” says Jenny. “You two don’t look like you couldn’t handle bacon and eggs today. How about some nice dry toast.”

“That’s a dear.” says Max. “And can you toss me an aspirin?”

“Reggie.” you mutter as Erin puts a cup of coffee before you and joins you at the kitchen table.

The sun is shining, and a warm breeze is blowing through the open window again, but your mood is less buoyant than it was the last time you had breakfast here.

“Well we couldn’t call him Witherspoon all night, could we?” says Jenny. “That might have gotten a bit awkward.”

“Of course, you definitely need to be on a first name basis when you are stripping naked in front of a fellow while he puffs a cigar and looks you over appraisingly.” you snap irritably. “ ‘How’s this, Reggie? Did I trim my bush to your liking?’ ”

“Whoa, there Ted. Someone needs a cup of coffee.” says Jenny trying to calm you down but unable to refrain from laughing at your comment.

“It wasn’t like that, dear.” says Erin softly, taking your hand in hers and looking at your searchingly.

“No?” you ask miserably, not making eye contact.

“Oh no…” she says seriously. “Jenny made them stop smoking before I went in there to show them my bush.”

Jenny and Max break out in raucous laughter and you can’t help but join in though you have a cold feeling deep in the pit of your stomach.

“We’re laughing about it, but you did that, you went and undressed in that cigar room.” you say with a sick smile.

“Yes dear.” she says squaring her shoulders and looking you in the eye. “We did.”

“You know, there will be plenty of time to talk about this.” says Jenny bringing toast to the table. “Let’s have some toast and coffee and try to relax a little first, ok?”

“Ok, Ok, I’m sorry.” you say. Erin squeezes your hand and smiles at you lovingly.

“So what did you two last night while we were… out?” ask Jenny.

“Oh you know, we have some whores over and did some coke.” says Max taking a bite of toast.

Everyone has a good chuckle at that.

“We went to the club for dinner and drinks and they ended up calling us a car.” you admit finishing your coffee. Erin swipes you empty cup and jumps up to pour you another. “Thanks, dear.” you say as she returns the steaming mug to you.

“No wonder you both look so hungover.” says Erin sympathetically.

“Oh, and we bumped into Linda and she saw your text about some game where models undress one another for the gentlemen.” you say, arching an eyebrow and looking at Erin to see her response.

She widens her eyes dramatically and says “Uh-oh.” Then she turns to Jenny and whines. “You know her, she will blab to everyone!”

Max pats her hand soothingly. “No, no, dear. She thought you and Ted were doing some kind of roleplay via text.”

“What was Linda wearing, by the way?” Jenny asks Max appraisingly.

“What?” he says nervously. “Oh, I don’t notice these things. A skirt maybe?”

“Uh, huh.” says Jenny giving him a knowing look. “A short skirt?”

“Maybe, I don’t recall” he says. Then he recovers his composure. “Hey, now, you can’t really call me on this. You paraded around half naked in front of a bunch of billionaires all night last night. I think I deserve a free pass to look at Linda’s ass now and then.”

Jenny nods her head and laughs, tweaking Max’s nipple playfully. “I’ve seen you looking at her.” she says.

“Also, just to clarify, Jenny did get more than half-naked last night.” says Erin primly, sipping her coffee.

“Quiet, you. We will get to that.” says Jenny with a smile.

“Ok, I’ve had some coffee and toast now.” you say weakly. “Can we talk about this lingerie party last night?”

“Are you ready, Max?” asks Jenny, looking at Max with concern.

“Sure, why are you looking at me?” he says.

“Take your aspirin.” she says getting him a glass of water.

“Ok, ok.” he says, “You are making me nervous now. I’m a big boy, I can take it. Ted is the one that is freaking out.”

“No, I’ll be ok.” you say.

At that point the hummingbird reappears. It hovers again before the window and you all stare at it in fascination. It’s wings are a blur and it’s iridescent belly shines in the sunlight. It seems to contemplate you all for a moment before disappearing suddenly from view.

“There’s that bird again.” says Erin wistfully.

“Should we begin at the beginning?” asks Jenny nervously.

“I’d first like to know why you didn’t come back last night.” you say, trying to maintain a reasonable tone but feeling a little upset.

“Oh well, see… that was actually Reg- err- Witherspoon’s plan all along. There were rooms set aside for all the models to stay over.” says Erin innocently. “It was fun, actually, we made a slumber party out of it.”

“A slumber party?” says Max.

“You know, there were four other models, and they were younger and Erin and I sort of took them under our wings last night.” says Jenny with a little smile.

“Oh they were such darlings, so innocent.” says Erin with an animated expression. “You would really like them, Ted. So gorgeous.”

“Oh, I’m sure.” you say. “I love hanging out with gorgeous 20 year old models. Maybe we can all go get our nails done together.”

Erin laughs and slaps your shoulder.

“I heard you were teaching them to play peekaboo, Erin.” says Max with a lewd grin.

Erin squints at him playfully. “I can tell you wish you were there to see it, too.” she says.

“Well of course.” he says tilting his head.

“Stop thinking about Erin’s bush for a second, Max. It’s unseemly.” says Jenny with mock severity. “Let’s start at the beginning.”

Max gives her a hurt expression and motions for her to proceed.

Jenny sighs. “Well, I think we mentioned that the house itself wasn’t actually very impressive.”

“It was decorated like a hotel.” says Erin distastefully. “I was really expecting something more lavish.”

“We entered via the staff entrance which was a bit weird.” says Jenny. “Then they took us upstairs to a suite of rooms being used for the party.”

“The spread was nice, but not fantastic.” says Erin. “You know, shrimp cocktail and such but no caviar or truffles or anything.”

“The booze was all top shelf though.” says Jenny.

“I don’t care about that stuff.” you say. “What about the cigar room?”

“Yeah, the cigar room.” says Jenny uncomfortably. “We are getting to that. Witherspoon took the models aside and explained that the there would be two dressing rooms for us to use. The regular dressing room was private and no men would be allowed inside. The door was actually watched by female security person. But the uninhibited among us were invited to use the cigar room to change in, if we wanted to. He made it clear that this room was not private but that only himself and his closest associates would be allowed in. He assured us that we could rely on their discretion.”

“Discretion or not, you would have to be pretty uninhibited to do that.” you laugh nervously.

“Well Reggie said that he would be greatly gratified if we would consider using that room.” says Erin blushing slightly. “Though you can be sure that we all opted for the private dressing room right away.” she finishes with a laugh.

“But not once you got sauced up.” you prompt, your penis swelling slightly at the thought.

“We will get to that.” says Jenny. “Everyone was nervous at first, but the younger models were much more nervous than we were. None of them had done a private party like this. They were used to runway stuff.”

“It actually made us feel much better to console them.” says Erin. “It relieved our own jitters.”

“As we picked out outfits, Erin and I told them about the party we had here.” says Jenny, smiling distantly at the recollection.

“They were utterly scandalized.” laughs Erin. “None of them were expecting that sort of thing.”

‘So we told them to come and get Erin or I if anyone requested some kinky stuff and we would take care of it.” says Jenny confidently.

“Wait, what?” says Max. “Kinky stuff?”

Jenny misses a beat at Max’s reaction. “Well, you know, like asking to show how something unfastens or something.” she says.

“Or how an elastic band feels?” he asks arching a brow.

“Well, yes, actually.” says Jenny with a wan smile. “I mean these girls were so nervous, I felt bad for them.”

“Uh huh.” says Max with a sly smile.

“They sort of stood around stiffly in their lingerie, too embarrassed to mingle with the guests.” says Erin.

“Well not every woman casually flashes her nipples for strangers at a party.” you say trying to smile to soften the phrase.

“This was the beginning of the night, dear.” says Erin lightly. “We were all sober and picked out the most modest stuff. No one was showing off nipples at that point in the evening I assure you.”

“Right,” continues Jenny. “But even fairly covered up, the younger girls were just too nervous to get into it.”

“Get into what, exactly?” you ask, genuinely interested now.

“Get into the party and enjoy themselves.” says Erin. “Reggie wanted us to just mingle and talk and have fun. Go at our own pace.”

“But you and Jenny enjoyed yourselves?” you ask skeptically.

“I have to admit, seeing some wives there threw me for a loop.” says Erin. “But Jenny just marched us right over to the first couple we saw and jumped right into conversation with the wife.”

“Geez, that took guts. What did you say?” asks Max looking at his wife with admiration.

“I asked her if she liked the outfit.” laughs Jenny. “What I discovered right away was that all the women there were real players. These were some high power ladies. Also, you don’t snag a billionaire by being squeamish. Even though some didn’t like the idea of tagging along to a lingerie party, they put up with it and were determined to use it their advantage somehow. I took them aside and asked how they wanted to proceed. Some asked me to flirt with their husbands so that they could use that against them later, others just preferred that we buzz off. But they all appreciated my frank approach.”

“Jenny really handled herself well with the power wives.” says Erin smiling at Jenny. “I think they would have eaten me for breakfast otherwise.”

“Erin’s big boobs and ass got her a lot of attention.” admits Jenny. “Some of the wives might have taken exception to that if we didn’t watch our step. But I warned her who to steer clear of.”

“Of course, plenty of men were looking at Jenny too, especially later in the evening…” said Erin but she stops when Jenny shoots her a look.

Max notices that exchange and says, “I guess you will get around to that.” he says uncertainly.

You get up and get more coffee, finally starting to feel alive.

“Ok, so there was just this cocktail party and the models were wearing lingerie and just going around talking to the guests?” you ask scratching your head.

“Pretty much.” says Erin with a shrug. “But then Reggie takes us aside and points out how stiff and uncomfortable the younger girls were acting.”

“Hmm, I sense this is where the talent thing comes in.” mutters Max.

“Right.” says Jenny with a smile. “Reggie takes us over to a group of guys talking to a couple of the other models. The guys were just trying to make small talk but the girls were just acting petulant and sullen, crossing their arms to cover their boobs and sort of turning sideways self-consciously.”

“So Reggie asks Jenny and I if there was anything we could do about it.” says Erin with a glint in her eye. “Luckily Jenny had an idea.”

“So I came out and asked the girls who they thought had the nicest boobs among us.” says Jenny with delight. “The girls all blushed like crazy and giggled like school girls, even Erin.”

“She was so brash.” gushes Erin looking at her fondly.

“Then I said, well, really we can’t be the judge since women can be so catty with each other, we should just let the men decide. And I got them all to line up with Erin in the middle.” says Jenny with a glint in her eye.

“Reggie was delighted. You should have seen him.” says Erin, touching Max’s hand.

“Oh, I’ll bet.” says Max with a smile, warming up to the story.

“So Jenny has us all in a line, and then she goes down the line and makes each girl put her arms down by her sides and pushes her shoulders back. ‘Don’t be bashful,’ she says. ‘Let the fellows get a good look at this rack. Who knows yours might be judged the best.’ Some of the girls had really lacey tops and Jenny pinched their nipples a little to make them poke. ‘The Gentlemen prefer hard nipples, don’t you boys?’ she asked and they were just eating it up. Pretty soon a big crowd had gathered and all the girls were laughing and blushing, but sticking their chests out and looking beautiful.”

“Of course I had to single Erin out and harass her the most.” laughs Jenny. “I made her take off the thin nightgown she had on over her bra and panties so that the men could get a better look at those knockers.” she pauses to give you a wink and Erin reaches over and pushes up on your jaw because you had your mouth hanging open and didn’t realize it.

“And then I turned her sideways so that the men could how far out her boobs jutted. And of course I squeezed them and pinched her nipples and remarked on how full they were.”

“Then she made me jump up and down so they would bounce.” puts in Erin, her eyes bright with excitement.

“Oh, yeah, all the guys liked that. Everyone’s eyes were glued to Erins boobies. You should have seen the guys adjusting themselves trying to hide their boners.”

“Ok…we get the picture.” you say irritably and then try to rearrange your own hardon under the table without anyone noticing.
“Anyway, they voted my boobs the best.” says Erin quickly. “So I was feeling a little cocky and I took over the MC position and made Jenny get in line so that the men could judge legs. And you know, the girls were less self-conscious about their legs and also being in a group made them more confident, so they hammed it up a little, and I made them do a chorus line kind of thing. And then… yeah, it was fun.” she says stopping to take a drink of coffee and smiling down into her cup.

“It sound like you are skipping something.” says Max with trepidation.

“Well a lot happened last night, dear.” says Jenny, rubbing his arm.

You heave a huge sigh and realize that you had been holding your breath. “So it sounds like you and Jenny breathed some life into the party.” you say.

“Oh yeah, Reggie, really thanked us a lot after the little contest.” says Erin. “Of course as the night went on, the girls all had a few more drinks and loosened up and everyone got a bit more… playful.”

“Playful?” you ask unhappily.

“Look, maybe we should just talk about this later…at home… alone…” says Erin looking at you significantly.

“Witherspoon wants to have us to yet another party next week and this time you and Max are welcome to come along.” says Erin.

“Uh, is this another paid gig for you two?” asks Max incredulously.

“I don’t think so.” says Jenny. “He just asked us to attend as guests.”

“That’s even better.” says Max, rubbing his hands together. “I think things are really going to come together. In fact, I don’t even want to hear any more about the party from last night. I say let’s just put that behind us.”

Jenny heaves a visible sigh of relief and says. “Ok, but if you really want to know, I will tell you.”

Max just shakes his head. “I want to focus on the future. If Witherspoon is going to offer me a business deal, I don’t want my judgement clouded by any petty jealousies.”

Erin looks at him incredulously and then over at Jenny, but Jenny just shrugs her shoulders.

“Ok, see you folks next week then.” says Erin. “Come along, Ted, let me take you home and help you nurse that hangover.”

You just stammer, “But, but…” as she hustles you out the door.

Continued in Chapter 8.

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Party Like a Plutocrat – Ch.6

Chapter 6 – The Models Give Updates via Text

Excerpted from “Party Like a Plutocrat

Continued from Chapter 5.

You and Max are having a few drinks at the country club when you he receives a text message from Jenny.

“Oh, hey. Jenny sent a text,” says Max excitedly. “Witherspoon place big but plain,” he reads.

“Yeah, I guess money and style don’t necessarily go hand in hand,” you say leaning back in the deep leather club chair and admiring the view of the golf course through the large picture windows here in the country club lounge. Ironically, it was Max who had the social connections to secure a membership for himself and his wife and they sponsored you and Erin a couple of years ago. The lounge is done up like a 19th century gentleman’s club. There is wood paneling and bookshelves along each wall. The lighting is warm and dim and furniture is all heavy and substantial. You hear the faint sounds of a snooker game from the other room.

You phone buzzes and you pull it it out to read a text from Erin. “Here’s one from Erin. ‘McMansion.’ she says.”

Another text comes from Jenny and you and Max put your phones side by side so you can see the messages as the girls send them.

Jenny: Security said we can keep our phones, but no pics. They put tape over the lens and it’s impossible to get off. Hope it doesn’t damage my phone.

Max chuckles and texts back: 25k should buy an adequate replacement.

Erin: We aren’t the only models! But the others are ALL in their 20s – and GORGEOUS. Ugh – feeling inadequate.

Max just shrugs, “That’s not too surprising.”

“Sure the more the merrier,” you say with a smile, trying to picture a party with a bunch of lingerie models wandering around showing off their goods. Your member swells slightly at the thought.

Jenny: There are some WIVES here!

“Now that is something I didn’t expect,” says Max taking a drink.

“I am picturing trophy wives powerless to object to the whims of their super-rich husbands,” you mutter, lowering your voice and smiling to wave to another couple you know as they pass by.

Erin: Wow! Two dressing rooms. One private, one not.

You and Max exchange concerned looks. “Ask her what that means,” urges Max nervously.

You just text back a single character: ?

Erin: the ‘uninhibited’ are ‘invited’ to change in the ‘cigar room’ – in front of fat rich guys smoking apparently. Don’t worry – Jenny and I opted for the private

“That’s twisted.” says Max with admiration. “The things you can do if you have enough money.”

“It’s decadent,” you admit. “But it almost sounds like the kind of thing you do when you can’t get it up any other way.”

“Ha, sounds like sour grapes,” says Matt. “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind sitting back and watching a bunch of beautiful young women changing while you sit back and enjoy a casual cognac.”

“Maybe, but you would be too busy choking on the cigar smoke to enjoy yourself,” you laugh.

“You just ruined my fantasy,” says Max with a smile.

Jenny: Changing time. The other girls are so nervous, Erin and I have to comfort them. Poor things.

“Yeah, younger women are usually more uptight,” you say taking a drink thoughtfully. “Hey Max, how are you dealing with this? Erin really seems to relish the idea of showing off her body to strange men and it’s a side of her I’ve never seen before.”

“Yeah, that peekaboo game was pretty raunchy,” admits Max and then gives you an apologetic smile when you glare at him. “Sorry. It’s weird that I’ve seen Erin practically naked now, but you also got an eyeful of Jenny’s body too. So I guess we are even, right?”

You shift uncomfortably at the thought of Jenny’s jutting exposed breasts starts to give you an erection. “Yeah. But we are old friends, I don’t really mind that so much. It’s how Erin is acting. She seems to be enjoying this more than Jenny is. But she has always been so… modest… up until now.”

“I am surprised at both of them really. I almost had a heart attack when Jenny showed up with her tits sticking out,” he says rubbing his sweaty palms on the thighs of his trousers.

“True, Jenny was competing for attention,” you say, smiling at the thought.

“Look at that smile on your face,” says Max, shaking his head. “Then Jenny handed over her leg for Witherspoon to fondle as though it were nothing.”

“Erin said he asks to see her pussy as casually as asking to pass the salt,” you say ruefully, but your cock grows harder at the thought.

“Uh, yeah,” says Max, and you suspect he is getting turned on too.

Just then a woman you know named Linda notices you and comes over.

“Hello Ted, Hello Max,” she says as you stand to greet her. “Where are your beautiful wives this evening.”

“Girls night out,” says Max without missing a beat, giving Linda a friendly hug. “And where’s your little tribe?”

“Oh Sam took the day off and brought the kids to the pool for a day of swimming. I am just meeting them here for dinner now.”

Just then your phone buzzes with another text from Erin.

Erin: The gentlemen like the game where one model undresses another. 😉

Linda glances down at the text and furrows her brow. You grab your phone and stick it in your pocket as Linda blushes furiously. She gives you a strange look then breaks out laughing. “My goodness, I’m so sorry, Ted. I was snooping on your texts without thinking.”

“Oh, that’s… not your fault,” you say awkwardly, your own face reddening.

“What did it say?” asks Max, maintaining a straight face.

“None of your business,” says Linda with a sly smile. “But it looks like Ted and Erin are doing some sort of sexting roleplay.”

You just roll your eyes. “Linda, please.”

“No, no, don’t be embarrassed. In fact, I might just try that with Sam sometime,” she says with a mischievous grin.

“That’s nice,” you say sarcastically.

“Good night, boys,” she says twinkling her fingers at you and Max and giving you a special wink.

You and Max watch her rear as Linda sashays away in her short skirt.

“Is she shaking it more than usual?” asks Max.

“I don’t know, but let’s get dinner,” you say, showing Max the last text.

“Oh, that is kinky,” he says as you head off to the dining room. “I wish we could be there.”

You and Max get a table out on the patio overlooking the 18th green. It’s a mild summer evening and the sun has just set behind the wooded hills. Torches are lit all around casting their flickering light over the happy families enjoying their dinners alfresco. Linda and Sam wave from the other side of the patio as the hostess leads you to your table and you see Linda lean over and whisper something in Sam’s ear. He pauses for a minute, makes a strange face, then gives you a thumbs up with a smile. You wave him off dismissively and shake your head.

“It is unfortunate that Linda saw that text,” chuckles Max. “She is going to tease you and Erin about that mercilessly.”

“She will spread it around too, I don’t doubt,” you mutter with annoyance.

The waiter comes over and you order a ribeye with a loaded baked potato and a beer. Max orders the lobster after receiving assurance that it’s live from Maine.

Soon there is a nice cold beer before you and you try to lean back and enjoy the evening.

“Ugh, the girls are undressing each other while a bunch of fat cats look on and pop boners for them right now,” you sigh, unsure whether this annoys your or arouses you more.

“Oh, you’ll feel better once we eat,” says Max, waving at another couple he knows as they take a seat a few tables over.

Presently the food comes and you tuck in with relish. You are just enjoying a nice fatty bit of steak when Max gets another text.

Jenny: The younger models are pretty uptight, so Witherspoon is having Erin teach them to play peekaboo. The men are all getting a big kick out of that.

“That’s hot,” says Max simply dipping a chunk of lobster claw into his drawn butter and then popping into his mouth in satisfaction.

“It is,” you admit, surreptitiously adjusting the erection in your trousers.

“I assume that she’s teaching them by demonstration,” he says giving you a sly glance.

“Yes, she probably is, ok? My wife is probably flashing her bush for every guy to enjoy right now,” you say slightly annoyed.

The couple at the next table looks over at you in surprise and Max kicks you under the table, he face turning deep red as he tries to suppress his laughter.

“Get a grip on yourself,” he hisses at you, leaning forward with a gleeful smile.

You turn your attention to your steak and the other couple resumes their meal after a moment. You peek over to see them shaking their heads and smiling at one another.

“That was ill advised, sorry,” you admit quietly.

“Just eat your steak, and let’s get out of here,” says Max quietly with a smile as he glances around the patio. “We know too many people here.”

You finish your meal and let Max pick up the tab for dinner. He is happy to do it since he is so rarely flush with cash. On your way out the door you get a text from Erin.

Erin: maybe we will regret breaking our two drink limit, but Jenny wants to try changing in the cigar room.

You show Max as you head out to the lobby. He turns a little green when he sees that.

“Would it do any good to tell her not to?” he asks you.

Just then the club Concierge, James, approaches you with a smile.

“Hello Ted, Hello Max,” he says warmly.

“James,” you say simply, “Excuse me, I need to text my wife.”

James puts a friendly hand on your shoulder. “This will only take a moment. I’m sure you two recall our policy about drinking and driving. Your drink bill got flagged by the system so we have a car waiting for you. The valets are just waiting for me to tell them where to take your car.”

You and Max exchange a look of resignation.

“Sorry about the bother,” says James with a contrived squint.

“No, no, it’s a good policy,” you say with a sigh. “Just have my car taken over to Max’s place.”

James looks at you with concern.

“He’ll be staying over tonight,” Max explains.

“Ok, that’s fine. Please don’t drive tonight, Ted,” says James. “Think of how we would feel if you got into an accident.” Then he touches his ear and mutters something into his radio.

“Have a nice night, gentlemen, and send Jenny and Erin my regards,” he says with a friendly wave.

You text back to Erin as you head out the door toward the waiting car: Maybe you shouldn’t

The doorman holds the door open for you and Max almost stumbles getting in.

“Oh jeez, you are drunk,” you laugh uneasily, distracted by the thought of Erin getting changed in front of those billionaires.

“You’re the one who blurted out that bit about your wife’s bush at the dinner table!” shouts Max with a laugh.

The driver just shakes his head and raises the glass partition as he pulls away.

You drive in silence for while struggling with your emotions.

“If they change in the cigar room, there is no chance of keeping their bikini areas covered,” you say distractedly as you look out the window.

“That’s fairly obvious,” says Max uncomfortably. “But maybe they chickened out.”

“They broke their drink limit,” you add looking at him with a frown.

“True, that’s not a good sign,” he admits.

You arrive at Max’s house and the driver lets you out. The valet pulls your car into Max’s driveway and hands you the keys. You tip him a bit more than usual and thank him as the valet hops into the car you came in for a ride back to the club.

Finally you get another text from Erin.

Erin: Oops, too late. I have been a little naughty tonight, I might need some extra punishment tomorrow. 😉

“What did she say?”, asks Max anxiously as he unlocks the door and let’s you in.

“Uh, they did the cigar room thing,” you say shakily. You heart is racing at the thought of your wife stripping completely nude while a bunch of men sit and around, watching and smoking cigars.

“And making comments…” you says distractedly.

“What?” says Max.

“Those guys are watching our wives get naked, and they are probably making comments…” you say.

Max gulps. “I don’t want to think about that right now,” he says queasily.

You and Max, stay up listening to jazz and drinking as you wait for the girls to return.

At two am you text Erin: When are you coming home?

But you never receive a response.

Continued in Chapter 7.

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