Party Like a Plutocrat – Ch.6

Chapter 6 – The Models Give Updates via Text

Excerpted from “Party Like a Plutocrat

Continued from Chapter 5.

You and Max are having a few drinks at the country club when you he receives a text message from Jenny.

“Oh, hey. Jenny sent a text,” says Max excitedly. “Witherspoon place big but plain,” he reads.

“Yeah, I guess money and style don’t necessarily go hand in hand,” you say leaning back in the deep leather club chair and admiring the view of the golf course through the large picture windows here in the country club lounge. Ironically, it was Max who had the social connections to secure a membership for himself and his wife and they sponsored you and Erin a couple of years ago. The lounge is done up like a 19th century gentleman’s club. There is wood paneling and bookshelves along each wall. The lighting is warm and dim and furniture is all heavy and substantial. You hear the faint sounds of a snooker game from the other room.

You phone buzzes and you pull it it out to read a text from Erin. “Here’s one from Erin. ‘McMansion.’ she says.”

Another text comes from Jenny and you and Max put your phones side by side so you can see the messages as the girls send them.

Jenny: Security said we can keep our phones, but no pics. They put tape over the lens and it’s impossible to get off. Hope it doesn’t damage my phone.

Max chuckles and texts back: 25k should buy an adequate replacement.

Erin: We aren’t the only models! But the others are ALL in their 20s – and GORGEOUS. Ugh – feeling inadequate.

Max just shrugs, “That’s not too surprising.”

“Sure the more the merrier,” you say with a smile, trying to picture a party with a bunch of lingerie models wandering around showing off their goods. Your member swells slightly at the thought.

Jenny: There are some WIVES here!

“Now that is something I didn’t expect,” says Max taking a drink.

“I am picturing trophy wives powerless to object to the whims of their super-rich husbands,” you mutter, lowering your voice and smiling to wave to another couple you know as they pass by.

Erin: Wow! Two dressing rooms. One private, one not.

You and Max exchange concerned looks. “Ask her what that means,” urges Max nervously.

You just text back a single character: ?

Erin: the ‘uninhibited’ are ‘invited’ to change in the ‘cigar room’ – in front of fat rich guys smoking apparently. Don’t worry – Jenny and I opted for the private

“That’s twisted.” says Max with admiration. “The things you can do if you have enough money.”

“It’s decadent,” you admit. “But it almost sounds like the kind of thing you do when you can’t get it up any other way.”

“Ha, sounds like sour grapes,” says Matt. “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind sitting back and watching a bunch of beautiful young women changing while you sit back and enjoy a casual cognac.”

“Maybe, but you would be too busy choking on the cigar smoke to enjoy yourself,” you laugh.

“You just ruined my fantasy,” says Max with a smile.

Jenny: Changing time. The other girls are so nervous, Erin and I have to comfort them. Poor things.

“Yeah, younger women are usually more uptight,” you say taking a drink thoughtfully. “Hey Max, how are you dealing with this? Erin really seems to relish the idea of showing off her body to strange men and it’s a side of her I’ve never seen before.”

“Yeah, that peekaboo game was pretty raunchy,” admits Max and then gives you an apologetic smile when you glare at him. “Sorry. It’s weird that I’ve seen Erin practically naked now, but you also got an eyeful of Jenny’s body too. So I guess we are even, right?”

You shift uncomfortably at the thought of Jenny’s jutting exposed breasts starts to give you an erection. “Yeah. But we are old friends, I don’t really mind that so much. It’s how Erin is acting. She seems to be enjoying this more than Jenny is. But she has always been so… modest… up until now.”

“I am surprised at both of them really. I almost had a heart attack when Jenny showed up with her tits sticking out,” he says rubbing his sweaty palms on the thighs of his trousers.

“True, Jenny was competing for attention,” you say, smiling at the thought.

“Look at that smile on your face,” says Max, shaking his head. “Then Jenny handed over her leg for Witherspoon to fondle as though it were nothing.”

“Erin said he asks to see her pussy as casually as asking to pass the salt,” you say ruefully, but your cock grows harder at the thought.

“Uh, yeah,” says Max, and you suspect he is getting turned on too.

Just then a woman you know named Linda notices you and comes over.

“Hello Ted, Hello Max,” she says as you stand to greet her. “Where are your beautiful wives this evening.”

“Girls night out,” says Max without missing a beat, giving Linda a friendly hug. “And where’s your little tribe?”

“Oh Sam took the day off and brought the kids to the pool for a day of swimming. I am just meeting them here for dinner now.”

Just then your phone buzzes with another text from Erin.

Erin: The gentlemen like the game where one model undresses another. 😉

Linda glances down at the text and furrows her brow. You grab your phone and stick it in your pocket as Linda blushes furiously. She gives you a strange look then breaks out laughing. “My goodness, I’m so sorry, Ted. I was snooping on your texts without thinking.”

“Oh, that’s… not your fault,” you say awkwardly, your own face reddening.

“What did it say?” asks Max, maintaining a straight face.

“None of your business,” says Linda with a sly smile. “But it looks like Ted and Erin are doing some sort of sexting roleplay.”

You just roll your eyes. “Linda, please.”

“No, no, don’t be embarrassed. In fact, I might just try that with Sam sometime,” she says with a mischievous grin.

“That’s nice,” you say sarcastically.

“Good night, boys,” she says twinkling her fingers at you and Max and giving you a special wink.

You and Max watch her rear as Linda sashays away in her short skirt.

“Is she shaking it more than usual?” asks Max.

“I don’t know, but let’s get dinner,” you say, showing Max the last text.

“Oh, that is kinky,” he says as you head off to the dining room. “I wish we could be there.”

You and Max get a table out on the patio overlooking the 18th green. It’s a mild summer evening and the sun has just set behind the wooded hills. Torches are lit all around casting their flickering light over the happy families enjoying their dinners alfresco. Linda and Sam wave from the other side of the patio as the hostess leads you to your table and you see Linda lean over and whisper something in Sam’s ear. He pauses for a minute, makes a strange face, then gives you a thumbs up with a smile. You wave him off dismissively and shake your head.

“It is unfortunate that Linda saw that text,” chuckles Max. “She is going to tease you and Erin about that mercilessly.”

“She will spread it around too, I don’t doubt,” you mutter with annoyance.

The waiter comes over and you order a ribeye with a loaded baked potato and a beer. Max orders the lobster after receiving assurance that it’s live from Maine.

Soon there is a nice cold beer before you and you try to lean back and enjoy the evening.

“Ugh, the girls are undressing each other while a bunch of fat cats look on and pop boners for them right now,” you sigh, unsure whether this annoys your or arouses you more.

“Oh, you’ll feel better once we eat,” says Max, waving at another couple he knows as they take a seat a few tables over.

Presently the food comes and you tuck in with relish. You are just enjoying a nice fatty bit of steak when Max gets another text.

Jenny: The younger models are pretty uptight, so Witherspoon is having Erin teach them to play peekaboo. The men are all getting a big kick out of that.

“That’s hot,” says Max simply dipping a chunk of lobster claw into his drawn butter and then popping into his mouth in satisfaction.

“It is,” you admit, surreptitiously adjusting the erection in your trousers.

“I assume that she’s teaching them by demonstration,” he says giving you a sly glance.

“Yes, she probably is, ok? My wife is probably flashing her bush for every guy to enjoy right now,” you say slightly annoyed.

The couple at the next table looks over at you in surprise and Max kicks you under the table, he face turning deep red as he tries to suppress his laughter.

“Get a grip on yourself,” he hisses at you, leaning forward with a gleeful smile.

You turn your attention to your steak and the other couple resumes their meal after a moment. You peek over to see them shaking their heads and smiling at one another.

“That was ill advised, sorry,” you admit quietly.

“Just eat your steak, and let’s get out of here,” says Max quietly with a smile as he glances around the patio. “We know too many people here.”

You finish your meal and let Max pick up the tab for dinner. He is happy to do it since he is so rarely flush with cash. On your way out the door you get a text from Erin.

Erin: maybe we will regret breaking our two drink limit, but Jenny wants to try changing in the cigar room.

You show Max as you head out to the lobby. He turns a little green when he sees that.

“Would it do any good to tell her not to?” he asks you.

Just then the club Concierge, James, approaches you with a smile.

“Hello Ted, Hello Max,” he says warmly.

“James,” you say simply, “Excuse me, I need to text my wife.”

James puts a friendly hand on your shoulder. “This will only take a moment. I’m sure you two recall our policy about drinking and driving. Your drink bill got flagged by the system so we have a car waiting for you. The valets are just waiting for me to tell them where to take your car.”

You and Max exchange a look of resignation.

“Sorry about the bother,” says James with a contrived squint.

“No, no, it’s a good policy,” you say with a sigh. “Just have my car taken over to Max’s place.”

James looks at you with concern.

“He’ll be staying over tonight,” Max explains.

“Ok, that’s fine. Please don’t drive tonight, Ted,” says James. “Think of how we would feel if you got into an accident.” Then he touches his ear and mutters something into his radio.

“Have a nice night, gentlemen, and send Jenny and Erin my regards,” he says with a friendly wave.

You text back to Erin as you head out the door toward the waiting car: Maybe you shouldn’t

The doorman holds the door open for you and Max almost stumbles getting in.

“Oh jeez, you are drunk,” you laugh uneasily, distracted by the thought of Erin getting changed in front of those billionaires.

“You’re the one who blurted out that bit about your wife’s bush at the dinner table!” shouts Max with a laugh.

The driver just shakes his head and raises the glass partition as he pulls away.

You drive in silence for while struggling with your emotions.

“If they change in the cigar room, there is no chance of keeping their bikini areas covered,” you say distractedly as you look out the window.

“That’s fairly obvious,” says Max uncomfortably. “But maybe they chickened out.”

“They broke their drink limit,” you add looking at him with a frown.

“True, that’s not a good sign,” he admits.

You arrive at Max’s house and the driver lets you out. The valet pulls your car into Max’s driveway and hands you the keys. You tip him a bit more than usual and thank him as the valet hops into the car you came in for a ride back to the club.

Finally you get another text from Erin.

Erin: Oops, too late. I have been a little naughty tonight, I might need some extra punishment tomorrow. 😉

“What did she say?”, asks Max anxiously as he unlocks the door and let’s you in.

“Uh, they did the cigar room thing,” you say shakily. You heart is racing at the thought of your wife stripping completely nude while a bunch of men sit and around, watching and smoking cigars.

“And making comments…” you says distractedly.

“What?” says Max.

“Those guys are watching our wives get naked, and they are probably making comments…” you say.

Max gulps. “I don’t want to think about that right now,” he says queasily.

You and Max, stay up listening to jazz and drinking as you wait for the girls to return.

At two am you text Erin: When are you coming home?

But you never receive a response.

Continued in Chapter 7.

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