Party Like a Plutocrat – Ch.9

Chapter 9 – Unexpected Entertainment at the McMansion

Excerpted from “Party Like a Plutocrat

Continued from Chapter 8.

On the day of Witherspoon’s next party, Max and Jenny come to your place early as you are planning to share a cab over there.

“Hello folks.” you say with a smile, letting Max and Jenny in. “Erin is still getting ready…”

“I will go see how she’s doing.” says Jenny giving you a wave and striding down the hall purposefully.

“So, Max, want a drink?” you ask, heading to the bar.

“Yeah, I need one.” says Max running his fingers through his hair. “This week has been pretty weird. You know I received the payment for the girls’… services already, right?”

“Yeah, I heard.” you say simply, handing him a drink and waiting for him to continue.

“But I haven’t heard anything else from Witherspoon or his people at all. I never even saw anything like a formal invitation to this party.” says Max with a worried expression.

“Well, I am sure the girls wouldn’t… lie about that…” you say furrowing your brow.”

“No, I know, I just feel weird for all the communication to be going through them.” he says looking at you strangely.

“What, you think that Jenny and Erin are communicating with Witherspoon and his people?” you say skeptically.

“Yeah, I am pretty sure.” he says with a look of distress. “Where did all this details of the party come from. You know we are actually having a discussion of the lingerie party business model, and I prepared slides. And then Jenny made some changes which seem to based on input from Witherspoon’s side… I mean of course I trust them, but… Oh hell, you know I caved in and asked Jenny about some of the things that happened during the last party and she was pretty cagey. She told me some scandalous stuff too that really made my stomach churn. So whatever she is holding back must be really bad.”

“I thought you didn’t want to think about that.” you say noncommittally.

“You’re right, I need to stay focused.” he says with a nervous chuckle. “I don’t want to get into jealous husband mode here. How have you been handling it?” he asks with concern.

“It’s tough.” you admit, pressing your lips together firmly. “The sex has been unbelievable, but I am really… mixed up inside. The emotions are just exhausting. I can’t concentrate at work. I go from… you know… arousal to jealousy, to actually, well, despair sometimes. Erin means a lot to me, but things will never be quite the same again between us. She genuinely enjoys showing her privates to other guys. Witherspoon in particular. She just loves it when he politely asks her to show him her pussy.” You face is turning red at the thought. “I mean, I keep harping on it, I can’t let it go. But there it is. She doesn’t deny it, I’m just supposed to… deal with it somehow.”

Max looked at you with sympathy. “I know how you feel.”

“The entire justification boils down to the fact that our sex life is reignited. As though as long as it make my dick hard, I am not allowed to object to her… impropriety? Infidelity?” you grasp for the right word, but cannot find it.

“This too will pass.” says Max with a sigh. “You’ve been together almost twenty years now. You can weather this storm.”

“Yeah,” you says, looking out the window at the setting sun. “I guess so.”

Jenny and Erin come into the living room arm and arm. They are both flushed with excitement and their eyes are shining brightly. Both have conservative business outfits on.

“Ok, boys, we are ready.” says Jenny with a mischievous grin. “You too look glum, what’s the matter? Don’t you want to see the McMansion?”

“Look at you Max!” says Erin approaching him and tickling his sides. “This is your big chance and you look like your dog died.”

Max fends off your wife’s assault and straightens his tie, grinning wanly. “Let me finish this drink. I have the jitters.”

“What about you, Ted?” asks Jenny, approaching you and pursing her lips. “Why the long face?”

You heave a sigh. “You’re right, this will be fun. Maybe Witherspoon and I can trade anecdotes about my wife’s pussy.”

Jenny just tilts her head back and laughs. “I dare you!” she says delightedly. But Erin just blushes and she and Max both look at you with concern.

Jenny puts her arm around your shoulder and whispers in your ear. “Look at it this way, you would have better stories to tell. You have the inside scoop as it were.”

You chuckle in spite of yourself and push Jenny away bashfully. “That’s really consoling.” you say sarcastically, but you do feel a little cheered up.

Then a horn sounds out front, letting you know your cab has arrived.

* * * * * * *

When you arrive at the Witherspoon place, you see that the girls were right. It is large but uninspired. You drive up to the front entrance and a doorman greets you and leads you through a towering great hall decorated like a mid-scale hotel. There are bland paintings and large patterned couches along the walls.

“He didn’t splurge on decorator, that’s for sure.” mutters Max as you are led upstairs to a long room with windows overlooking some well-laid out gardens. There is a staffed bar at one end of the room, and food along the wall opposite the windows. There are a couple dozen guests. Some standing in groups, some sitting in one of the seating clusters arranged at regular intervals throughout the room.

“I feel overdressed in this suit. I guess billionaires don’t have to dress to impress anyone.” you whisper to your wife when you realize that everyone is dressed expensively, but casually.

“Oh these aren’t billionaires, these are mostly Reggie’s people.” says your wife, squeezing your hand. “We’re fine.”

“How do you know?” you ask with surprise.

She looks at you uncertainly, “Well Reggie filled me in the other day.”

“Really?” you ask, but are interrupted as Witherspoon comes towards your group with a broad smile. Erin releases your hand immediately and you feel a deep twinge of jealousy.

“Jenny, Erin, it’s so good to see you.” says Witherspoon completely ignoring you and Max as he hugs and kisses each of your wives on the cheek. You do notice that he and Jenny embrace a little more closely and a little longer than might be proper.

He turns to Max and nods. “Max, thank you for coming.” Then he turns to you and extends a hand. “Ted is it?”

“Yes. Mr. Witherspoon?” you ask shaking his hand.

“The very same.” he says, withdrawing his hand and motioning distractedly to a young woman standing by the bar. “I hope you don’t mind, terribly, Ted, but I often mix business and pleasure. I am going to steal Max and the girls away for a little business meeting. I will have one of the hostesses get you a drink and introduce you to some of the guests.”

“Oh, Ted is an old friend.” interjects Max hurriedly. “I consider him something of an advisor. I expected that he could sit in on our meeting.”

Witherspoon looks at Max with frank distaste, then turns to look you over skeptically. “May I ask what your background is, Ted?” he asks.

You are taken off-guard by this sudden interrogation. “Uh, engineering, actually.” you admit truthfully. Erin gives Witherspoon a pleading look you don’t understand..

Witherspoon glances at your wife’s expression for a moment and softens slightly. “Oh well, in that case, by all means, do join us.” he says with a sarcastic laugh. “I can’t imagine a more germaine field to the topic at hand.” he shakes his head with air of a someone surrounded by imbeciles and leads you over to a group of men standing by the window. Max puts his hand on your shoulder in consolation, but you face is burning from shame.

Witherspoon makes some quick introductions. “This is Smithers my assistant, Jenkins who handles finance for a special fund we have for this sort of venture. And then of course some our business analysts who you all can meet as we go through this. Max here is the founder. Jenny and Erin are his top talent. Ted is in engineering.” everyone looks at you quizzically but Jenny just breaks out laughing and they realize that this is some sort of joke so the group chuckles along in confusion. You just roll your eyes and Max pats your shoulder consolingly.

“I’m not clear on the concept here.” snaps a fierce looking fellow in his twenties with heavy rimmed glasses and hair rakishly styled to stick up in all directions. “Is this an apparell play or some sort of erotic event planning?” you realize suddenly that he is shockingly intelligent.

Witherspoon’s eyes light up in response, and it’s clear that this young man is one of his favorites. “Fair question, Ben.” he says with a controlled smile. “Max, would you care to field that one?”

Max had prepared a slide deck and was expecting a more conventional presentation, so he was caught flat footed by the sudden cut to the chase. But you admire his skill as he quickly adjusts to match the tone and pace of the conversation.

‘It’s an evolving concept.” he says, stepping forward in front of Jenny slightly to present his whole body to the circle. “It started out as an opportunistic gimmick to move an odd lot, but there is clearly more upside on the event side…”

“Then why not just drop the apparel and focus it in?” Ben interrupts disdainfully.

Max smiles wryly at him and you can tell he sees that the kids is sharp but a little brash. “Ahh, that’s the thing.” he says shaking a finger at him. “What does a lingerie party become without the pretense that the guests will purchase lingerie?”

“Pretense!” mutters Ben derisively, but then he pauses a moment then turns and abruptly walks away.

Max furrows his brow in confusion, but Smithers looks at Max shrewdly. “Touche, Max. It’s not easy to find something that sends Ben off to think things over.”

Witherspoon smiles broadly at Smithers and points a finger at Ben who is off gazing out the window and muttering to himself. “Mark my words, Smithers, that boy will go dig up some other ‘pretense’ that no one ever considered and figure out a way to make it pay.” He turns to Max. “That’s talent, Max. Talent matters. Your idea is passe but you found real talent.” He looks fondly at Jenny and Erin and you are annoyed at the look of admiration on Erin’s face. Jenny is more composed and just looks back at Witherspoon with a composed expression..

Ben strides back and rejoins the group, but just glowers sullenly and says nothing.

“Ok,” says Smithers. “I agree, the ladies have talent. But how does this play out? Talent doesn’t scale.”

“What’s the talent?” asks Ben suddenly, looking Jenny and Erin over curiously.

“Oh… that’s right. You weren’t here last week,” says Smithers nodding his head. “Jenny and Erin are… models.”

Ben opens his mouth to complain, but stops when Witherspoon holds up his hand. “Ben, please hold your objections for a moment.” Ben closes his mouth, and the other analysts exchange significant glances. You get the feeling that Witherspoon rarely interrupts his favorite protege.
Witherspoon turns to Erin and Jenny politely. “Please forgive our young associate, he hasn’t had a chance to… ahh.. see you two in action… as it were.” Witherspoon rubs his hands together in anticipation and your stomach turns over as you see where this is headed. “Ben, I suspected that you would… require some clarification about why I value these two so highly, so I asked the ladies to prepare a demonstration just in case. Erin, I assume that you and Jenny are wearing some interesting lingerie under your clothes today?”

Erin gulps and nods her head simply and Jenny gives Max a look of concern.

“Wait, what?” squawks Max, completely taken off guard.

Witherspoon looks at him with annoyance and Jenny puts her hand on Max’s sleeve. Your blood runs cold as Max gives her a tight smile and steps back behind her. Witherspoon smooths his brow deliberately and says, “Now Jenny, would you be so good as to assist Erin in disrobing so that my associates can get a sense of what the offering is?” He has slight smile on his face and is perfectly composed.

Jenny gulps and looks around the room at the various guests. “What, right here?” she asks in surprise.

“Would you mind, terribly Erin?” he asks, arching his brow.

“Oh no, not at all,” she says bashfully glancing around at the men in the group but avoiding your eyes as you stare at her in shock. Most of the other men are also quite surprised at this and they shift uncomfortably. Ben has a look of frank amazement on his face, but Smithers eyes light up with excitement.

“Uh, is this really proper?” you ask quietly, but no one acknowledges your question.

Jenny takes a deep sigh and glances at you apologetically as she turns to Erin and unbuttons her suit jacket.

“We don’t actually have anything prepared for you gentlemen. So please excuse us as we wing it,” she says conversationally to the men as she removes Erin’s jacket. She holds it indecisively for a moment unsure where to put it, then she turns to you. “Would you mind holding this, Ted?” She gives you a look of deep sympathy and distress. You just gulp and numbly receive the jacket. You heart is pounding and you feel frozen in place. Max looks over at you unhappily but keeps his mouth shut.

Jenny proceeds to unbutton Erin’s blouse while chatting with the men. “I don’t know if any of you noticed, but Erin actually has really ample assets here.” She pauses with Erin’s blouse half-unbuttoned, and grips Erin’s boobs playfully. The men all smile nervously at one another, unsure of how to react and Erin yelps and blushes.

“She’s always doing that,” she tells the group nervously.

Jenny finishes unbuttoning Erin’s blouse and then pauses, looking dramatically around the room at the other guests, as she holds the front of your wife’s blouse closed. “I don’t know Erin, this is quite public. Are you sure I should take this off you here?”

Erin laughs nervously and glances around the room, pausing to look at you questioningly. Your heart is pounding, and you realize that you can stop this right now if you give her a frown or a shake of the head. You see the analysts furtively looking at your wife’s open blouse, waiting to see what happens and you see Witherspoon, with his brows raised slightly waiting patiently for your wife to show him her body as she has before and you see Max, watching with sick fascination. You think about the events of the past few weeks with your loving wife, so unassuming all these years, suddenly acting as a harlot eagerly displaying her body for strange men. But then Erin puts hers hands up to her breasts self-consciously and you know that deep down Erin will always be that nerdy modest girl you fell in love with and that no little striptease can ever change that.

“Go ahead Erin, don’t be shy.” you croak, your stomach churning. Jenny looks at you with surprise and then she and Erin heave a collective sigh of relief. Erin smiles at you devilishly.

“Maybe we should just give Ben a peek, since he is so skeptical about us.” says Erin. “Ben, would you come over here, please?” she says, motioning him over.

Ben’s eyes widen in surprise and he looks to Witherspoon questioningly. Witherspoon’s tilts his head back and laughs aloud.

“Ben, you don’t need your boss’ permission for this, Erin is granting you all the permission you need.” says Jenny impatiently. “Now please stand right here.” she points commandingly at a spot on the floor, three feet in front of Erin.

The other analysts break out laughing nervously and one of Ben’s associates nudges him forward slightly. Ben looks back with annoyance, straightens his shoulders, and marches forward to stand before your wife.

Jenny holds up her hand. “Wait, sorry to ask this Ben, but we do need to establish something before we proceed. You are sexually attracted to women, aren’t you?” she asks quizzically.

The men have a further laugh at this and Witherspoon actually wipes a tear from his eye he is laughing so hard.

“Yes.” says Ben with the pained expression of someone used to suffering idiots.

“Oh, well, this should work then.” says Jenny gripping Erin’s blouse and pulling it apart suddenly to reveal a lacey, transparent bra that is baring containing your wife’s generous knockers. Ben looks at them in surprise and then Jenny closes Erin’s blouse again quickly.

“Well then, that should settle the matter once and for all, shall we move on gentlemen?” says Jenny brushing her hands together.

“Now hold on…” says Ben raising a hand.

“Wait, what?” says Jenny in mock surprise. “Still not convinced?” She tisks and turns to Erin. “Ben needs further convincing, dear, are you up for it?”

“Oh, well, whatever it takes…” says your wife, smiling warmly at Ben who just gulps in response.

Witherspoon is looking on with delight, and even you have to admire Jenny’s improvisation.

Jenny slowly opens Erin’s blouse again and helps her remove it, handing it to you casually to hold on to. Erin’s breasts are practically spilling out of her bra and her nipples are clearly visible through the translucent fabric. Ben eyes are drawn down to them and all the men sigh and murmur appreciatively amongst themselves.

“Alright then Ben, now let’s review.” says Jenny. “Ahem, it’s polite to look at the person addressing you Ben.”

Ben pulls his eyes away from you wife’s breasts and looks at Jenny unapologetically. Erin giggles slightly at this reaction.

“May I ask what you were just looking at, young man?” asks Jenny sternly.

“I was looking at Erin’s breasts as you know perfectly well.” returns Ben boldly.

“Ok, good. So you concede that they are worthy of notice.” says Jenny look around at the men around. “I think your associates agree, gentlemen?” she asks.

The men all laugh and some of the bolder ones agree verbally. Witherspoon is whispering in Smither’s ear, and they both laugh raucously.

Ben is blushing slightly now. “No offense, but having nice boobs isn’t a talent.” he says defensively.

Jenny raises her eyebrows at him in admiration. Then she turns to Erin, “Did you hear a back-handed compliment there?”

“He said I had nice boobs.” offers Erin helpfully. Then she shakes them slightly to attract Ben’s attention again and “Thanks? I guess?” with look of mock confusion.

Jenny puts her arm around Ben’s shoulder. “Ben, Ben, Ben. No one is suggesting that having nice boobs is a talent. But you will agree that displaying one’s breasts to a group of strangers with some composure – some composure, but not too much composure. Surely that can’t be easy.”

“My eyes are up here, Ben.” adds Erin gently, putting a hand modestly over each nipple. He looks her in the eye and she winks at him seductively.

“Ben, is that a talent?” pursues Jenny.

“I… I don’t know.” says Ben uncertainly.

Erin pinches her nipples to make them hard. “My nipples are kind of hard now, Ben. Do you see?” she says coyly and there is a growl of murmurs as the men crowd in slightly to get a better look at your wife’s erect nipples.

“Well there must be an objective measure here…” says Jenny putting her hand to her chin.

Just then a woman in an evening gown notices your wife standing there in her bra getting ogled by a bunch of businessmen and barges into the group. “Reggie, what are you naughty boys doing over here.”

Witherspoon looks at her with exasperation. “Claudia…” he says.

But Claudia ignores him and addresses Erin. “Darling, what are you doing standing here with your blouse off, with all these lecherous men gazing at your lovely bosom?”

“We are trying to convince Ben that we have talent.” says Erin with a chipper expression, giving a playful fist pump.

“Oh, wait you two are the Lingerie models who do parties. Darlings I heard all about you. So naughty, but isn’t Ben a bit young for this?” she says looking at him appraisingly.

“I’m 22 years old.” he yelps.

“So he’s legal, that’s good.” says Jenny giving Claudia a friendly smile. “You’re right, dear, we should have checked on that first. But now we have this problem where we need an objective measure of the talent of a lingerie party model…”

“Oh, I see where you are going with that.” says Claudia, wrinkling her nose with delight. “Hmm, what could that possibly be?”

Witherspoon is clearly annoyed that Claudia has joined the group but now other people are noticing your wife’s bosom and a crowd is forming.

“Erin, you have some background in science, how would you go about measuring this empirically?” ask Jenny.

“Of course one must start at first principals,” says Erin scrunching her face and toying absenting with her nipples. “The ultimate purpose of this enterprise is probably the arousal of the guests, or in this case, Ben.” she says pointing her boobs at Ben as he looks on in fascination. “Once enough arousal occurs, it’s easier to sell lingerie or whatever really since arousal impedes rational decision making. You knew that, right Ben?” she asks curiously as she shakes her boobs subtly for him.

“Yeah.” he says keeping his eyes glued to your wife’s tits.

“And well arousal in men is easy to measure.” says Erin. “Is your penis hard, Ben?” she asks innocently. Ben just stares at her in astonishment with his mouth hanging open. Your own penis is hard, and you notice other men furtively adjusting themselves as well.

Claudia claps her hands in delight. “Oh you two are terrible!” But Witherspoon shushes her impatiently.

Jenny bends over and examines Ben’s crotch. “Well there is something there, but I can’t tell definitively.” Ben puts his hand over his crotch self-consciously.

“I know, why don’t you help Erin remove her skirt and let’s see what that does for you.” says Jenny snapping her fingers.

“What?” asks Ben in shock.

Erin turns and presents her ass to him, wiggling it slightly and you gasp for air along with the rest of the men. You look back and see other guys enjoying the sight of your wife’s cleavage hanging down.

“Would you please unzip my skirt for me?” asks Erin sweetly. “The zipper is right there at the top.”

“Um…” says Ben looking around in bewilderment at the crowd watching him expectantly.

“What are you waiting for?” asks a voice in the crowd.

Others murmur encouragement and you notice Claudia looking on in utter fascination.

Jenny takes Ben gently by the arm and leads him over to Erin. “You need to work with us here, Ben. We can’t do this if you won’t cooperate. I assume you know how to remove a woman’s skirt.”

Ben gulps then snaps angrily. “Yes, yes. I can do it.” then he unzips your wife’s skirt and starts pulling it down, revealing her gorgeous round ass encased in lace panties. His face is right near her ass as he pulls the skirt to her knees and your cock is throbbing at the site.

“Great ass.” admits Claudia judiciously.

Suddenly your wife looks at Ben with shock over her shoulder and puts her hand to her mouth. “Oh Ben, how dare you I didn’t think you would actually go through with it.”

He pulls his hands away in shock and looks at her with a startled expression. But she and Jenny just break out laughing and Erin kicks her skirt aside. Everyone breaks out laughing as you bend down to pick it up for her and she shoots you a quick glance of gratitude.

“She got you, Ben.” laughs Jenny as Ben blushes a deep red. “But come now, get a load of that rear, will you?” says Jenny as Erin wiggles her ass playfully and looks over her shoulder at Ben.

“Come on, Ben, spank it, she likes it.” says Jenny reaching out and spanking Erin’s butt playfully.

“Come on Ben, don’t be shy.” encourages Erin looking over her shoulder at him, batting her eyelashes, and wiggling her rear seductively.

Ben impulsively steps forward and gives your wife a little tap on the butt.

“There it is!” says Jenny, pointing at the tent in Ben’s trousers. “He’s clearly got an erection now, Erin.” she says with delight.

Erin turns around quickly, “Where?” she asks peering at Ben’s crotch, but he adjusts himself to hide his erection with embarrassment. “Oh, Ben, won’t you show me?” asks Erin plaintively. “Look how much I showed you.” she complains gesturing to her pale, scantily clad figure as she stands before the crowd in just a bra and panties.

“I… just…” Ben says helplessly looking around at the crowd of men hungrily gazing at Erin’s curvy, exposed body.

“Well ok, bashful, just tell us, do you have an erection or not?” asks Jenny with a steeley glint in her eye.

“Yes!” Ben practically shouts, “But you can’t base business decisions on things that make your dick hard.” he says angrily.

Erin puts her finger in her mouth and pouts with disappointment. “Really, Ben?” she asks plaintively. But Ben avoids your wife’s gaze and looks at Witherspoon challengingly. Witherspoon’s eyes are bright with arousal and he just laughs at his prodigy’s outburst.

“Alright, alright. We have a hard case on our hands here Erin. This might call for a little visit to the Cigar Room.” says Jenny, eyeing Ben appraisingly. “What do you think, Reggie?”

Witherspoon gazes at Jenny with delight. “Oh, I think you are right. The crowd here is making Ben nervous. He should consider things in a more relaxed setting.”

Smithers steps forward and claps his hands. “Please people, the show is over, please thank our entertainers and let them adjourn to the dressing room.”

Everyone joins in a round of applause with an occasional catcall from Claudia. Erin is blushing again as she and Jenny take a quick bow, then Jenny puts her arm around Erin’s shoulder and they head off toward the cigar room. Witherspoon has taken Ben and Smithers under each arm and they follow slowly, engaged in an animated exchange of whispers. The crowd is dispersing and you and Max hurry to catch up to the girls.

“I don’t like this.” says Max looking at you with concern.

“Me neither.” you admit.

Claudia joins you two and says, “Oh that was just scandalous. I think I almost fainted several times. Where did you find those two?”

Max looks at her in dismay.

“Oh, sorry, I am Claudia, You are Max, right? This is your concept, correct?” says Claudia quicky. Witherspoon, sees Claudia pestering Max and strides forward to intercede.

“Claudia, must you?” he asks gently, with Ben and Smithers trailing behind him.

“Oh Reggie, don’t be like that.” she says. “Why can’t I have a little chat with Max?”

“We are still in negotiations here.” he says with a smile.

“Oh, some negotiations.” she says with a snort. “Let me come to the cigar room, will you?” she asks sweetly.

“You are always welcome, dear.” he says patiently, “But please try to contain yourself.”

“Yes sir.” she laughs, then stops a server and grabs another drink.

There is a security guard at the door of the cigar room and he stares at Erin’s boobs while he listens to his radio and then opens the door for them.

Witherspoon approaches him and says. “These people are with me.” gesturing to you, Max, Smithers, and Ben. “Call Smithers for clearance if anyone else wants to enter.”

A couple of analysts run up breathlessly at that point, and Witherspoon looks at them with a squint. “You want to to further clarify the business proposition, gentlemen?” he asks them.

“If we may, sir.” says one of the young men with a show of innocence.

He gazes sternly at them for a moment, but they just return his stare with composure. “Stay to the back of the room then.” commands Witherspoon and your all file into the cigar room.

Continued in Chapter 10.

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