Wife Demands to be Undressed by Husband’s Friend

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.3

Ed and his buddy Joe were sitting in Ed’s living room drinking beer one evening when Ed’s wife Samantha walked in wearing nothing but a fancy bra and panties.  Ed and Joe were both utterly flabbergasted by her audacity.

“Guurgh, What’s the big idea?” said Ed nearly choking on his beer.

“I’m just getting ready for bed, but I need a hand with the clasp on this bra,” said Samantha with a shrug.

“Sam, we have a guest over and you come out here practically naked,” said Ed hotly, his member swelling at the sight of his wife’s sexy body.

“Oh, Joe is practically family,” laughed Samantha, waving her hand dismissively.  “I don’t need to dress for him.”

Joe and Ed exchanged a confused look.

“Come here Joe, help me unhook this bra,” said Samantha with a twinkle in her eye.

“Err, what?” said Joe, looking at his old friend helplessly.  Ed just stared at his wife with incomprehension.

“Will you two stop gaping at each other?” said Samantha.  “Joe, get over here and help me unsnap my bra this minute,” she demanded sharply.

“Jeez, ok,” said Joe, climbing to his feet and rushing over to Ed’s wife.

“Honey, that’s really uncalled for,” stammered Ed, amazed at his wife’s brazen behavior.  She had always been wilful, but she had never done anything like this before.

“Shush, you,” said Samantha with a wink.  “I need this bra off and Joe is going to help me.  Just relax and drink your beer.  Come on, Joe, unsnap that for me.”

“Ok,” said Joe grasping Samantha’s bra from behind.  As he struggled with the snap, Samantha bent over slightly and pushed her rear into Joe’s crotch.  His johnson was standing at attention and she started grinding her butt cheeks against it.

“What are you doing that for?” yelped Ed in dismay.  “Why you gotta push your rump up against him like that?”

“Oh settle down,” said Samantha as Joe finally got her bra unhooked.  She casually discarded her bra and turned to face Joe with her breasts swinging freely exposed.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Joe staring at Samantha’s delectable udders and her hard pink nipples.

“Oh thank you, it feels so good to set these bad boys free,” said Samantha rubbing her boobs suggestively.

“Christ woman, go put some clothes on!” shouted Ed, shifting in his seat uncomfortably as his own willie pitched a tent in his trousers.

“Why are you being such a prude about this?” asked Samantha jovially.  “It’s not as though Joe hasn’t seen a woman’s breasts before.  I mean they are just mammary glands after all.  What’s the big deal?”

“Well they are pretty big, actually,” said Joe with an awkward laugh as he stared mesmerized by Samantha’s ta-tas.

“Jesus Joe, look at you checking out my wife’s tits,” complained Ed.  “Get a grip on yourself.”

“Come on Ed, it’s not my fault,” replied Joe with a hurt expression.

“Here Joe, I’ll get a grip on you,” said Samantha, reaching out to playfully pinch the bulge in Joe’s pants.

“Arrgh, what the hell are you doing, Sam?” shouted Ed jumping to his feet.  “Stop that!”


“Why?  I think he likes it,” replied Samantha as she stood there topless before Joe and grasped at his erection through his pants.

Ed grabbed his wife by the arm roughly and pulled her away from Joe.  “Get back into the bedroom and put some clothes on, you damn hussy,” he panted.

“But I’m getting ready for bed,” she complained, extracting herself from his grip quickly.  

“Well then go put your pajamas on,” he stammered furiously, pointing down the hall.

“Ok, Ok,” she said retreating down the hall. “Why can’t you loosen up a little?  I was just playing.”

Ed and Joe faced each other in the living room staring at each other in silence.  Joe felt the urge to apologize, but he didn’t know what for.

“Joe, can you come in here and help me get these panties off?” called Samantha from bedroom.

Joe avoided Ed’s glare and headed down the hall.

“You can’t be serious!” gasped Ed in shock as Joe hurried to heed Samantha’s call.

“Well, she needs some help I guess,” chirped Joe over his shoulder as he hastily entered the bedroom and closed the door behind him.  

Ed slapped his hand to his forehead in exasperation and rushed down the hall to intervene, but the bedroom door was already locked.

“Open this door!” he shouted, jiggling the handle furiously.

“Hold on a minute, honey, I’m not decent,” called Samantha with a laugh.

“Not decent?” growled Ed angrily.  “Why I ought to put you over my knee for this!”  He briefly considered knocking the door down but thought better of it when he pictured how much work it would take to replace the door.  He bent over to look more closely at the handle as he heard Joe and Samantha’s muffled giggling through the door.

“Come on you two, don’t play with me like this,” he shouted plaintively.

“Give us a minute, dear,” called Samantha through the door.

“What are you doing in there?” asked Ed with annoyance.  There was no answer for a moment.  “Samantha, answer me!”

“She can’t talk right now, Ed.  Her mouth is full,” laughed  Joe.

“That’s real funny, asshole,” said Ed, pounding on the door in frustration.  Then he remembered that there was a key to this door in the junk drawer and he scurried off the to kitchen to find it.  Ed pawed through the tools, old coins, rubber bands, and various flotsam of the junk drawer until he came upon a ring of random keys.  He had no idea which one fit the bedroom door, but he grabbed them and hurried back to the bedroom to try them.  

Before trying the keys, Ed put his ear to the door, but all he could hear was the rhythmic tapping of the headboard against the bedroom wall.  Ed ground his teeth in jealousy.   Part of him still suspected that they were pulling his leg.  He couldn’t believe that his wife would just fuck his best friend like that.  But then again it was pretty outrageous how she flashed her tits for Joe and grabbed his weiner.  Ed started frantically trying key after key.  After a few minutes, he finally found the right one.  Ed got the door unlocked with his weight still against it.   It flew right open and he went tumbling into the bedroom and onto the floor..

His worst fears were realized when he found Joe buck naked pumping away between Samantha’s legs, fucking her missionary style.  When Joe saw Ed burst into the room, he hastily pulled out of Ed’s wife but he was too close and Ed watched helplessly as Joe spurted his seed all over Samantha.  She tugged Joe’s scrotum encouragingly and made cooing sounds as he emptied his glans onto her belly and boobs.

“That’s just lovely,” remarked Ed jumping to his feet and taking a swing at Joe.  Joe dodged away clumsily and Ed chased his naked friend out of the house and into the yard.  Joe decided it would be better to go streaking through the neighborhood than take a beating from his best friend, so he just ran down the street bare assed, trying to think of a way to explain this to his wife when he got home.  Ed gave up the chase after a block or so and he leaned over on his knees trying to catch his breath.  His gut was twisted with jealousy and frustration.  He turned and trundled back home but found all the doors locked and him without his keys.  Samantha was standing stark naked in the window with her arms crossed haughtily and suddenly Ed was trying to think of a way to sweet talk her into letting him back into his own house.

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