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Wife Boob Judging Contest

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.5

Bill and Linda have been living next door to my wife Susie and I for fifteen years and we are all close friends. They are in their mid-forties, just as we are, and when their son, Isaac, left for college, they decided to rent out the in-law unit behind their home which Isaac had been using for his computer lab. It was a quaint little cottage and we live in a nice, safe neighborhood, so they quickly found a tenant. The renter was a single fellow named Eric who was in his 30’s had recently moved into the area to take a job as a carpenter. Susie and Linda made a big deal about how tall and handsome Eric was and Susie liked to tease Bill about it.

“You better watch your wife with that hot stud living in your backyard, Bill,” Susie would say, wagging her eyebrows at Bill. “You might come home from work one day to find him nailing more than just some wood.”

“He can nail me with his wood anytime,” Linda would rejoin and the two wives would cackle with laughter while Bill and I exchanged uncomfortable grimaces.

But Eric was a good natured guy, so Bill didn’t mind when Susie invited our neighbors to bring Eric along for dinner and drinks one hot August evening.

Since Bill and Linda were such old friends, we didn’t bother with formal dinners. Also, it was a sweltering day, but I was a little uncomfortable with Susie’s outfit as it got closer to dinner time. She had been lounging around in a pair of short shorts and skimpy halter top with no bra. Her large breasts were bouncing around and her erect nipples poked out invitingly against the thin material of her top.

I distractedly reached out and gripped one of her luscious boobs in my hand as she passed me in the kitchen and said, “Nice rack there, lady, but don’t you think you should go put on a bra before the guests arrive?”

Susie wrapped her arms around me and put her nose against mine. “What’s the matter, darling, are you embarrassed about my old saggy udders?” she teased. “It’s just Bill and Linda, they’ve seen me like this plenty of times.”

“And Eric,” I added with a smile.

“Oh pish-posh,” she laughed with a twinkle in her eye. “That young guy isn’t going to be looking at an old lady like me.”

“Cut the shit,” I replied with a smile. “You still have your figure.” I ran my hands down past my wife’s narrow waist, over her wide hips and then reached back to grip her plump, round ass cheeks. I could feel my penis growing erect as I fondled her soft buttocks.

“Oh, well, Eric will just have to deal with his insatiable desire for me,” Susie said, kissing me on the cheek lightly. “It’s simply too hot and I am not changing.”

I grumbled with annoyance as I examined her shapely legs from behind as she turned away and finished tossing the salad and then I grabbed the steaks with resignation and headed out to fire up the grill.

When the guests arrived, I was surprised to see Linda in an even more revealing outfit than Susie’s, Linda was just wearing her bikini with a thin sarong tied around her waist. I must have been obvious as I looked her up and down because she and Susie started laughing.

“Are you getting a good eyeful, Ed?” asked my wife archly.

“I think he likes my outfit, Suse,” laughed Linda, cocking her hip jauntily.

“What do you expect? He’s a healthy hetero man and you are practically naked,” said Bill, shaking his head and clapping me on the shoulder. I felt my face grow hot with shame at being caught checking out his wife, but Bill just smiled reassuring. “Have a beer, Ed. It’s hot as hell out there today.”

Eric laughed along easily and hosted a case of Trumer Pilsner. “I hope you have a room in your fridge,” he said.

“Oh, we will have to use the cooler in the garage,” said Susie smiling brightly at Eric. “Come along, I’ll show you.”

I watched Susie lead Eric away and I could swear that she was shaking her ass for him a bit. There seemed to be more action going on back there than usual. I glanced over and saw Bill gazing at Susie’s rear as well. He gave a start when he saw me looking and we were both surprised when Linda tisked at us.

“Eric, is pretty hot stuff, you can’t blame a girl fro putting a little bounce in her step for him,” she said as she helped herself to glass of wine once Eric and Susie were out of earshot.

“Or putting on her bikini to show her body for him,” said Bill pointing his finger at his wife accusingly.

Linda just shrugged and smiled into her wine.

“I tell you, Ed, if Eric wasn’t such a solid fellow, I would be trying to find a way to kick him out. You wouldn’t believe how Linda carries on. Gardening in the flower banks by the cottage everyday in her bikini, trying to get his attention. It’s shameless,” said Bill

“What’s shameless?” asked Susie as she and Eric returned to the kitchen. Eric’s cheeks were flushed with embarrassment and I wonder how much of our conversation he had overheard.

“Oh nothing,” said Linda lightly, waving her glass nonchalantly. “Bill’s just lambasting me for being a harlot. He’s channeling his Puritan ancestors again.”

We all broke out laughing and I took the beer that Eric offered me. “Yeah, well he hasn’t burned you at the stake yet,” said Eric. “So there’s that.”

We had an enjoyable dinner with the wives flirting with Eric, but he handled it with aplomb, gracefully deflecting their attempts to bait him. But as we got drunker and drunker, I noticed him glancing Susie and Linda’s breasts more and more and it made me a little annoyed, but I could hardly blame him. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Linda’s boobs either. When dinner was finished, Eric offered to help clear the dishes and Linda, Bill and I adjourned to the living room. The beer and wine was flowing freely and I was feeling no pain.

“I’m surprised you agreed to let Eric help Susie with the dishes,” said Linda, smiling at me over the rim of her wine glass and twirling her foot playfully as she sat in her tiny bikini across from me on the couch.

I gazed at her gorgeous bare legs for a moment before responding. “Err, why do say that, Linda?”

“She’s probably going to rub herself up against him and get him all hot and bothered,” said Linda with a smirk. She must have noticed me checking out her legs because she ran a palm along her smooth white calf and gave be a little wink.

“Don’t bait him, dear,” said Bill good naturedly. “Just because that’s what you want to do.”

Bill and his wife locked gazes for a moment and she looked annoyed. Then she shrugged her shoulders and walked her fingers along her shapely thigh. “Maybe I wouldn’t mind rubbing up against a viral young man like Eric. Maybe I wouldn’t.”

“Nice,” blurted Bill, his face red from the alcohol, and I laughed weakly along with Linda.

We heard a loud crash and then the sound of Susie’s lilting laughter came filtering out from the kitchen.

“Everything OK in there?” I called.

“Yeah, but I think we are too drunk to do the dishes right now,” said my wife, entering the living room with her arm around Eric’s broad shoulders. Her halter top was completely soaked with soapy water and was practically transparent as it clung enticingly to her large round breasts.

“Whoa, are we having a wet-tshirt party now?” asked Bill licking his lips and
eyeing my wife’s stiff nipples, clearly visible through her soaked top.

“I’m just being a little too sloppy,” said my wife thickly as she lead Eric to the couch and plopped down there with him so that she and Linda sat to either side of our young guest.

“Honey, you have to go change your shirt, we can see right through it,” I complained. My palms grew slick with anxiety as my wife had her tits on display but I felt my own dick responding to the sight in spite of my nervousness.

“Oh, I think it will be OK,” she said, plucking the front of her shirt out only to have it instantly fall back and cling to her luscious mounds.

“I like Susie’s shirt, it looks nice like that,” said Eric boldly, glancing down at my wife’s jiggling tits. The alcohol must have been getting the better of him.

“I am glad you like them,” said my wife, thrusting her chest out for his inspection. “I mean it, my shirt that is,” she chortled.

“Wait, what about my boobs, Eric?” asked Linda. “Who do you think has nicer ones? Susie or me?”

“Well I can’t see through your top the way I can see through Susie’s, so it’s hard to tell,” said Eric, eyeing Linda’s chest judiciously. The little smirk on his face infuriated me and I could feel my pits growing damp

“Ok, take it easy there young fella,” said Bill.

“Come on, Bill,” said Eric, his eyes hard but a smile on his lips. “Your wife has been flirting with me all week, flaunting her body at me and making suggestive comments.” Eric pointed at me accusingly. “And now Sam’s wife is joining in, teasing me all night, asking about my sex life, and now this!” He gestured at my wife’s transparent shirt. “I think I’ve been cool about it so far, but how much teasing do you expect a guy to take?”

“I’m sorry, Eric, don’t you like seeing my boobies?” asked my wife, pouting and cupping her boobs in her hands.

“Oh yeah, I like them all right, can’t you tell?” said Eric, reached down to adjust his junk so that his stiff cock pitched a dramatic tent in his shorts. Then he turned and looked Linda’s body up and down as he fingered his boner through his pants. His cheeks were flushed from the alcohol and his eyes were glassy. “And I like what Linda has shown me so far as well. But I won’t be able to tell which of you I like better until you both take your tops off and let me compare side by side.”

The two wives burst out in uproarious laughter at the suggestion, and Linda slapped Eric’s knee playfully.

“Buddy, I understand how you feel, but come on,” I said to Eric, trying to be reasonable. “You can’t joke around with married women like that with their husbands sitting right here.”

“Well, go in the other room if you don’t like it, then, Ed,” said Linda giving me a lewd grin. “Because I don’t think Eric’s kidding.”

“I know we are being naughty dear, but isn’t it sort of fun?” asked my wife with a twinkle in her eyes. “Bill seems to be enjoying getting a glimpse of my boobs, and you sure have ogled Linda’s body all night.”

Bill grimaced at me apologetically and shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

“What are you saying, Susie?” I asked, scratching my head. “You actually want to strip down topless with Linda in front of Bill, Eric, and I?” I couldn’t help looking over at Linda’s body and scanning it up and down, enjoying the generous amounts of skin she was exposing.

“I’m game,” said Linda, she stood up and untied her bikini top behind her neck. She stood where we all could see her, holding the straps lightly as the cups of her top fell away from her tits slightly, barely covering them.

“This will be fun,” agreed my wife, jumping up to stand my Linda’s side and grabbing the hem of her top, as she prepared to remove it.

“Come on, girls, this is going a bit too far,” grumbled Bill. I could see the sweat beading up on his forehead and I noticed that he couldn’t take his eyes of my wife’s body as she stood in her short shorts and soaked, transparent halter top.

“Bill, seriously, loosen up, will you? This is going to be awesome,” blurted Eric as he gripped his dick. His eyes flicked excitedly between Linda’s slim figure and my wife’s more curvy body with her broader hips and larger boobs. “Ladies, start your engines. On the count of three, please remove your tops for all to see. One…”

“Hey, this really is totally inappropriate,” I said loudly. My blood was running cold in my veins, but my gut felt hot and heavy and my cock was stiffening against my will.


The wives just looked at each other and giggled as they prepared to lose their tops.

“Three!” Eric shouted gleefully. Susie stripped off her wet top and dropped it to the floor as Linda’s top fell away from her boobs at the same time.

All three men in the room exhaled unconsciously as we each focused in on the bare tits we were most interested in. I gazed at Linda’s bare chest with admiration. Her skin was milky white and she had a lovely smooth décolletage above her high, pert boobs. I enjoyed the sight of her tiny pink nipples as they hardened into little knots with little areola visible. Eric and Bill on the other hand were entranced by Susie’s more substantial knockers. She also had beautiful porcelain skin, but her boobs were big white orbs, that hung down slightly. They were heavy handfuls. Her boobs glistened with moisture from her damp shirt and her big pink nipples were hard but her areola formed two cute round circles.

Linda shook her chest proudly in my direction, noticing my interest. But I noticed that Susie was a bit more bashful and blushed prettily as she became aware of Bill and Eric’s intense stares.

“Don’t be shy, Susie, shake them a little,” coaxed Linda. “Give the boys a show!”

“Oh my god, Linda, this is so crazy,” laughed my wife, her cheeks bright red with excitement as she brushed a strand of blonde hair from her face. “Are we going to regret this in the morning?”

“I’m not,” exclaimed Eric. “Can you come closer, Susie? I think I like your boobs better to be honest, but I want a closer look.”

“Hey!” complained Linda putting her hands on her waist and cocking her hips jauntily.

“I like your boobs, Linda,” I blurted. “Very pert.”

Linda grinned at me lasciviously and pinched her nipples as I watched in fascination. My wife watched us for a moment and said, “Well, as long as Ed is distracted, I might as well let Eric have a better look.” She approached Eric shyly and stood before him, shifting from foot to foot.

“A little closer please,” said Eric, shamelessly gripping his jock.

My wife glanced back over her shoulder at me, but I was in fact distracted by Linda as she rubbed her hands across her chest and shimmied her shoulders for my entertainment. So Susie shrugged her shoulders and climbed onto the couch next to Eric and dangled her knockers right in his face until one erect nipple practically brushed his cheek.

“Holy shit,” breathed Bill as he pulled nervously at his collar with one hand and grabbed his crotch with the other. His eyes were bulging as he gaped at my wife’s generous danglers.

Eric turned her face until my wife’s nipple was brushing his lips and then he simply opened his mouth and started sucking on it. She gasped at first then sighed with contentment and cradled the back of his head gently as he slurped on her boob.

“There there, dear,” she said lovingly. “Oh my, look what we have here,” she continued, reaching down to grab his straining phallus through his shorts. “You are soo hard.”

“Hey now, this is ridiculous!” I objected, my breath catching in my throat as I watched my wife of twenty years feeding her tit to this young stranger while she gripped his jock. “Susie, get a grip on yourself.”

“Looks like she’s got a grip on something more interesting,” gushed Linda, rushing over to join them on the couch. “Wow, look how big it is. Let’s pull it out and get a better look at it.” She brushed Susie’s hand aside and unzipped Eric’s fly while he grunted with pleasure, face still buried in my wife’s bosom as he snacked on one nipple and then the other and Susie cooed with pleasure. Eric’s stiff cock sprang out of his pants, erect and veiny and Linda contemplated it closely for a moment. “Nice penis, Eric. Large and straight, no weird blemishes.” She gripped it in her hand and started stroking it. “Hmm,” she said, leaning over to chew on Eric’s ear while she jerked him off.

“Bill are we just going to sit here and watch while I wives carry on like this?” I croaked, by blood was pounding in my ears and I could barely breath.

“Nope, I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna jerk off while I watch,” said Bill, hastily undoing his own fly and pulling out his erection. He started fapping away without hesitation, his tongue hanging out ridiculously as he watched his wife jerk off this young stranger.

“Oh wow, this is getting kinky pretty fast,” said my wife as she looked over at Bill’s dick as he jerked it. “You are dirty little voyeur, aren’t you Billy.”

“I guess I am,” he admitted. “This is pretty fucking hot.”

“Don’t you mind that your wife is tugging another man’s johnson?” she asked as she she continued to cradle Eric’s head in her hand and press her bare boobs against his face.

“I, uh, I don’t know,” he admitted, looking her right in the eye as he jerked off in front of her. “I feel jealous, but it’s turning me on at the same time. I’m conflicted.” He turned to me, “How do you feel, Ed?”

“I’m just in shock,” I stammered, but my own cock was standing stiffly at attention, forming a tent in my own shorts.

“Is your penis in shock, too, dear?” asked my wife playfully. “Why don’t you just follow Bill’s lead and whip it out? It must be painful to have such a hardon and not service it.” I watched numbly as Eric reached over and urgently unzipped my wife’s shorts. “Thing are going to get hotter before the night is through.”

“I just, I just,” I stuttered, hesitantly unzipping my fly as my wife giggled and slid her shorts down over her nice round ass.

“Holy fuck, Ed. Look at Susie, she’s getting naked, Ed. Look, look,” panted Bill, jerking himself wildly as my wife flashed her pussy at him with a smile as she kicked her shorts away.

“Oh shit, I see that, Bill,” I groaned, my dick getting harder and harder while my innards roiled with anxiety.

“Why are you getting naked, Susie?” asked Bill stupidly as he drank in the sight of her naked body hungrily.

“I don’t know Bill,” she said playfully. “I think we might have more fun the fewer clothes we have on.”

“I agree, honey,” slurred Linda. “Help me with Eric.” I pulled my own stiffy out in a drunken haze as I watched my naked wife tittering away as she and Linda helped Eric slide his shorts off.

“Oh yeah, nice package,” remarked my wife as Eric spread his legs arrogantly and let Susie and Linda get a good long look at his cock and balls. His nutsack hung down, scrotum loose from the heat and his big dick strained skyward, thick and veiny. The wives cooed with appreciation as they lightly stroked his dong and fondled his nuts while Bill and I looked on helplessly.

“Watch this honey,” said my wife, her eyes flashed devilishly as she kneeled on her hands and knees, nude, on the couch next to Eric. She winked at me and then dipped her head down and stuck her head down between Eric’s thighs.

“Oh, yeah, suck those balls, baby, you know you love them,” grunted Eric, taking my wife by the back of the head as she hummed with passion. He reached between my wife’s legs and started fingering her with his other hand and Susie groaned with pleasure. “Jesus, Ed, your wife’s twat is sopping wet. She’s nice and tight too.”

“That’s not something a husband ever wants another man to say to him,” I said as I watched my beautiful wife licking this young man’s balls.

“Ooh, yeah,” said Linda, jerking Eric’s dick as she closely watched Susie slurping on his nutsack. “Billy, dear, can I suck on Eric’s penis now?” she asked teasingly, fluttering her eyelashes at her husband.

Sweat was pouring down his face and Bill had yanked his shorts down to his ankles as he frantically beat his meat, watching my wife slurping noisily on Eric’s testicles. “Yeah, he deserves it after all. You’ve been taunting him long enough.”

“Really, Ed?” I asked, still conflicted over the sexual depravity going on between our wives and this stranger.

“Fuck it at this point, Ed. Look at your wife. She’s gobbling Eric’s nutsack like there is no tomorrow,” said Bill.

“She sure is,” agreed Eric with an evil grin. “She’s really enthusiastic about my gonads.”

“We might as well enjoy the ride, buddy,” continued Ed. “Linda and I have been married for too long for me to let some drunken indiscretion come between us.”

“Our wives are basically cheating while we watch,” I whined.

“Well, if they are going to cheat, it’s more fun if we get to watch,” reasoned Bill.

“Well said, dear. I commend your good sense. Now watch me suck Eric’s cock,” said Linda. She wasted no time diving down onto Eric’s dick and he groaned loudly as her head bobbed up and down in his lap.

“Your wives are really hospitable, guys,” commented Eric smugly with one hand on the back of each wife’s head as they serviced his cock and balls.

“Do you have to be so cocky about it?” I grumbled.

“Hey, it’s not my fault your wife can’t keep her mouth off my balls,” laughed Eric rudely.

Susie came up for air and put her face close to Eric’s. “Don’t bait my husband, sugar. It’s not nice.” Then she shoved Linda back roughly causing her to squawk loudly in protest.

“Dammit, Susie, I was just getting Eric going. I could taste some pre-ejaculate,” whined Linda petulantly.

“Sorry, honey, but I’ve got something better for him,” panted my wife, her hair a mess as she swung one leg across Eric’s lap and straddled his stick cock, still wet with Linda’s saliva. She gripped the back of the couch on either side of Eric’s head and mashed her big tits right into his face as she positioned her puffy cunt lips above his straining erection.

“Oh, yeah, gimme that pussy,” demanded Eric gruffly, grabbed my wife by her round ass cheeks and guiding her down onto his stiff schlong.

“Oh shit, look at him go. His dick is sliding right inside her,” exclaimed Ed excitedly, his masturbation reaching a fever pace.

I watched in shock as the head of Eric’s cock was slowly enveloped by my wife’s swollen labia and she cried out in ecstasy. Inch by inch, his slick shaft slowly disappeared up inside of my woman as she took his dick inside herself. My mouth was bone dry and my pits were cold and damp but my dick was hard as a rock, so I started jerking off as I watched this stranger violate my willing wife in front of me.

“Oh, you filthy slut!” cried Linda with delight as Susie began slowly twerking her ass up and down on Eric’s boner.

“Oh yeah, she’s a dirty wife, ugh,” grunted Bill and he started spurting blobs of cum up into the air.

“Atta boy,” said his wife encouragingly. Then Linda slid her hand down the front of her bikini bottoms and started masturbating herself as she watching my Susie bouncing up and down on Eric’s cock.

“Oh, Eric, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” gasped my wife as she worked it up and down and up and down and up and down.

“Better make it quick,” he growled through gritted teeth. “Ah, there it is, oh yeah.” He dug his fingers into my wife’s soft bottom as he emptied his load inside her.

“Are you cumming inside my wife?” I demanded, jerking off as I watched.

“Uh, yeah, sorry,” he said and suddenly I felt myself blowing my wad all over myself. Linda was shuddering in her own climax while Susie climbed stiffly off of Eric’s lap and flopped down naked on the couch beside him.

We all sat looking at each other blearily as it slowly dawned on us what just happened. Susie was covered in a slick layer of sweat from head to toe and her hair was a bedraggled mess, but her cheeks had a merry post-orgasm glow. Eric’s face was dripping with sweat and wore a broad, satisfied grin on his mug as he sat there naked from the waist down with his limp dong hanging between his legs. Bill and I sat with our flies open and semen all over our laps as we tucked ourselves gingerly back into our pants. Linda was still topless and rubbing her nipples thoughtfully. She was the first to start laughing and pretty soon we were all sharing a cathartic bout of hilarity. I jumped up and pretended to punch Eric and Bill came over and stood next to me, shyly glancing down at my wife’s naked body spread out before him.

“Look at Bill trying to look nonchalant while he eyeballs your pussy,” cackled Linda. “What a slob.”

“I’m not, honey, I’m not,” protested Bill, but I could see that he was.

“Have a look, Bill, I don’t mind,” said Susie spreading her legs for him and then parting her cunt lips with her fingers revealing the pink interior of her twat.

“You hussy!” laughed Linda craning her neck to see what Susie was doing. “Oh you sloppy slut, look! Eric’s spew is dribbling out.”

And indeed, as Susie spread her lips, I could see white sticky jizz dripping out and I slapped my forehead.

“Oops, sorry, that’s gross,” admitted Susie clamping her legs shut.

Eric pulled his shorts on and jumped to his feet. He held out a hand to shake and I took it after a moment of hesitation. I could feel my wife’s eyes on me as I met Eric’s earnest gaze.

“No hard feelings Ed?” he asked, eyebrows raised as he crushed my hand slightly in his strong grip. “About uh, having a bit of fun with your wife there.”

“A bit of fun!?” I squawked. But Susie tisked at me and shook her head disapprovingly and I lowered my voice. “Ah, yeah, well, we all got pretty drunk and the hot weather made everyone a little randy I guess.” I said, extracting my hand from his grip and rubbing the back of my head.

“Great then, I’ll just be heading over to my apartment then,” he said and beat a hasty retreat.

“Wait, uh, Eric,” said Linda holding up her hand. “Do you mind if I tag along with you? You paid so much attention to Susie tonight, I’m feeling a little neglected.”

“Honey! What the heck?” exclaimed Bill, finally pulling his eyes off of my naked wife.

Eric stopped and gave Linda a calculating look. “I don’t want any trouble with your husband.”

“Oh Bill will be fine, he watched me suck your dick and never said a word didn’t he?” said Linda. “Tell Eric I’m allowed to spend the night in the cottage with him, Bill, don’t be a prude.”

“Jesus honey, don’t I get to watch at least?” complained Bill.

“Not tonight, things might get a little wild and I don’t want you to get upset,” said Linda.

“Wild huh?” said Eric. “I like the sound of that.”

“Can I come?” piped up Susie excitedly, spinning around on the couch to face him. “I want more Eric.”

Bill and I were distracted as we checked out Susie’s cute round ass pointing right at us.

“Only if Ed says it’s OK,” said Eric. It annoyed me to see the young man being condescending to my middle-aged wife.

“Dammit Susie, you are acting like a love-struck schoolgirl,” I griped.

“Pish posh,” she said, waving her hand at me dismissively. “It’s not like you ever want to fuck me anymore.”

I just sputtered indignantly but couldn’t think of a good come back.

Linda smirked at me as she and Susie rushed over to Eric’s side. He put one arm around each of our wives and grinned wickedly at Bill and I.

“Honey, aren’t you going to put on any clothes?” I whimpered.

“Oh she won’t need any clothes tonight, Ed, don’t worry,” said Eric smugly as he led our wives away for a further night of debauchery.

“Wow, I know our love life had gotten dull lately, but this is like adding a scotch bonnet pepper all at once,” I told Bill glumly.

“I know, isn’t it great?” asked Bill with a boyish grin. “I can’t wait to see what they do next. Let’s give them a few minutes to get settled in and then go down and peek in the window to watch what happens.”

“Bill, this is crazy,” I sputtered. “I mean we’ve all been married over twenty years and suddenly this young good looking guy comes along and our wives are just throwing themselves at him. I mean it’s breaking up all our routines! It could tear our marriages apart!”

Bill stopped and looked at me guiltily. “Wow, uh, does that mean you don’t want to come and watch.”

I thought about it for a long moment gazing out into the warm night through the patio screen door and listened to the chirping of the crickets. Susie’s laugh came again across the yard from the cottage behind Bill’s house. She sounded younger and happier than I’ve heard her in years. “I’ll bring a box a tissues, your grab a couple more beers,” I told Bill and we scampered out into the night like a pair of delinquent teens to spy on our wives as they screwed a strange man for the first time in decades.

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