Stranger Puts Lotion on Wife

By Gustav Jorgenson

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Bob and Sara were on vacation in Florida with their friends Rich and Diane. The two married couples were staying at a nice resort and spent a lot of time down by the pool. One day Sara tore her modest one-piece bathing suit and had to go purchase a new one at the hotel store. Diane accompanied her and tried to talk her into getting a bikini instead of another one-piece.

“Oh, Diane, I couldn’t wear that bikini,” laughed Sara, blushing deeply. “I would be embarrassed.”

“What have you got to be embarrassed about?” replied Diane frankly. “You have a terrific body.”

“Why thank you, dear,” said Sara modestly. “But what would Bob say?”

“He’ll probably say ‘Hubba, hubba,’ or something like that,” exclaimed Diane with a grin.

“Ok, I will be daring and get the bikini,” consented Sara.

When Sara came out to the pool wearing her new bikini, she noticed a lot of the men turning to look at her. She fought the urge to cover her large jiggling breasts with her hands and she summoned the nerve to straighten her shoulders as she strode over to where the gang was waiting for her.

“Sweet Jesus,” exclaimed Bob in shock when he saw how much skin his wife was showing. “What made you get that bathing suit?”

“Don’t you like it?” asked Sara coyly.

“I sure do,” chimed in Rich, running his eyes up and down Sara’s shapely figure. Then he yelped as his wife Diane punched him playfully.

“Yeah, all the guys at the pool are going to enjoy getting an eyeful of you in that bikini,” agreed Bob, looking his wife’s gorgeous figure over judiciously. He had to admit that he had come to take his wife for granted and sometimes forgot what an amazing body she still had after all these years.

A cocktail waitress came along and took their orders and conversation moved on, but Bob noticed men gawking at his wife as they went by. It made him slightly jealous, but a little proud as well that his wife was garnering so much attention. At one point a young black guy came over and sat next to Sara as she was sunning herself.

“You are very pale,” said the young man boldly. “You should put on some sun block.”

Sara looked over at her husband with a laugh. “Thank you for your concern, but I put some sun block on already,” she said primly.

“Yes, but what about your back?” asked the dark young man with an arched brow. “Here, let me put some on for you.”

“How old are you?” asked Sara with a smile, taken aback by this flirtatious young fellow.

“I’m 23, why?” he asked defensively, straightening up.

“I’m old enough to be your mother and my husband is sitting right here,” said Sara condescendingly. Bob smiled on queue and waved at the young man while Rich and Diane looked on and giggled.

The young man looked at Bob with trepidation and then gulped and got his nerve up. “You are too pale to be MY mother,” he said gruffly. “Besides, you still need sunblock on your back, and I think you should let me help you.” He opened a bottle of lotion and squirted some into his palm, avoiding Bob’s gaze of frank surprise.

“You’re very helpful aren’t you?” purred Diane, admiring the young fellow’s chutzpah.

“I like to think so, miss,” said the interloper pushing his tongue into his cheek and carefully avoiding Bob and Rich’s looks of amazement.

“Alright, young man,” agreed Sara with a chuckle. “Since you seem so concerned about the health of my skin…” She flipped over on her stomach and turned to face her husband, giving him a mischievous smile.

“Here, let me untie this,” said the young fellow shakily as he unfastened Sara’s bikini top and laid the ties aside.

Sara gasped in surprise and Diane and Rich broke out laughing.

“You’ve got some big balls, don’t you?” demanded Bob angrily.

“I couldn’t say, sir,” said the young stranger, keeping his head down as he applied lotion to Sara’s back. “I haven’t done a survey.” Rich and Diane laughed at the sassy comeback and Bob just watched in amazement as the bold ruffian squirted more lotion onto the back of his wife’s thighs. She cooed in surprise as he slipped his hand between her thighs working the lotion in.

“Oh my,” breathed Sara, trying to control her arousal. “You are quite thorough, aren’t you?”

“Am I?” he asked her innocently as he wedged his hand up against her crotch. Sara nearly jumped in surprise and hoped he couldn’t feel how wet she was getting.

“Watch yourself, that’s my wife,” croaked Bob indignantly.

“What’s the problem?” asked the bold interloper as he ground his fingers against Sara’s crotch. He had found the small bump of her clitoris and she gasped with pleasure in spite of herself.

“Take your hands off my wife, please,” said Bob tightly, annoyed to find that his penis was stiffening at the sight of this stranger feeling up his wife.

“I’m just putting lotion on her,” yelped the dusky fellow pulling his hands away hastily.

“Look at her cheeks, she’s as flushed a teenager on her first date!” exclaimed Diane. She and Rich broke out laughing.

“Oh my gosh, am I turning red?” asked Sara. “My face does feel warm. “ She leaned up onto her elbows to put her hands to her cheeks, forgetting that her top was undone and her generous bosom hung down invitingly.

“Honey, your boobs are showing,” admonished Bob. He glanced over and noticed that Rich was checking out his wife’s breasts. “Geez Rich, can’t you look the other way?” he demanded in exasperation.

“Oh don’t be a spoil sport, I’m just looking,” said Rich with a laugh of chagrin.

“You don’t want those getting sunburned,” said the feisty black youth as he deftly slipped both hands beneath Sara and cupped a breast in each hand, kneading lotion onto them.

Sara was too taken aback to react and just laughed hysterically as the aggressive guy felt her up.

Bob jumped from his pool chair in outrage, “Cut the shit!” he shouted. His outburst silenced everyone at the pool. Bob looked around with mortification as people all around ceased their conversations and stared at the black youth juggling Sara’s knockers while Bob stood by impotently.

“Uh, sorry,” said the aspiring romeo, pulling his hands away. Suddenly becoming the center of attention drained his confidence away. Sara clasped her top to herself and frantically tried to tie it up.

The previously bold young man stood up quickly and backed away from Bob holding his hands out. “Hey man, take it easy,” he said as Bob shot daggers at him with his eyes. “I was just fooling around.” Then he turned and walked rapidly back into the hotel.

All eyes turned back to Sara as she fumbled to cover herself and Diane rushed to her rescue, helping her friend get her breasts back inside her top and then tying it up properly.

“Let’s go for a walk, dear,” encouraged Diane and she ushered Sara back into the hotel as well. Sara’s face burned with shame as folks around the pool tittered and exchanged scandalized whispers.

Bob looked around helplessly and then meekly returned to his seat as Rich chuckled humorlessly.

“Well, that happened,” said Rich awkwardly. “Maybe we should head in to the bar and get another drink inside. It’s a bit warm out here.”

“Yeah, OK,” said Bob. He couldn’t get the image of this young stranger feeling up his wife in public like that and it disturbed him how arousing the idea was in hindsight.

He and Rich climbed stiffly to their feet and shuffled inside as everyone stared at them and murmured amongst themselves.

“That’s the husband on the left,” said one woman to her friend, pointing rudely at Bob.

The two friends were relieved to get inside the air conditioned lobby of the resort. They looked around but didn’t see their wives anywhere. They didn’t see the black Casanova around either.

“They probably went back to the room to recover,” said Rich. “Let’s get a drink.” He led his pal into a nearby lounge and ordered them more drinks.

“I should have punched that damn guy right in the mouth,” muttered Bob as they sat at the bar.

“Now, now, Bob, take it easy,” said Rich soothingly. “He was a brash fellow for sure, but you should be flattered that young guys like that are still trying to climb onto your wife. It shows that Sara still has what it takes.”

“Yeah, she’s a real MILF,” said Bob bitterly, taking a drink of gin.

“Well, she is,” laughed Rich. “Just don’t let her wear that bikini to the pool anymore. Get her a proper one piece bathing suit.”

“Yeah, sure,” said Bob staring dejectedly at the bar.

Just then an overweight guy about their age approached Rich and Bob. “That was your wife getting felt up out there, huh?” said the man soberly.

“I’d rather not talk about it,” said Bob looking up and glaring at the newcomer.

“Hey, I don’t blame you,” said the chubby man, holding up his hands defensively. “That young buck was really going to town on her ta-ta’s.”

“Why are you talking to us?” asked Rich coldly.

“Because he did the same thing to my wife last week,” answered the stranger matter-of-factly. “Well my wife denies that he groped her boobs like that. I wasn’t around at the time. But she told me that this guy came up to her and put lotion on her. She admitted that he got her hot and bothered and so she told him to lay off. He did, but then he gave her an extra key to his room and told her to come up and hang out with him.” The portly fellow held up a hotel card key.

“How did you get that?” asked Rich with interest.

“She chickened out and came clean to me,” admitted the fat man. “I don’t really blame the young guy, you know these black men have poor impulse control… especially when it comes to sex.”

“Keep your racist theories to yourself,” snapped Bob with annoyance and the stranger just shrugged in response.

“Well thanks for telling us all this, it was very informative,” said Rich, gesturing politely for the man to leave.

“Don’t you want the key?” asked the man with a hurt expression. “I’m trying to do you a favor.”

“Why would I want the key?” asked Bob with trepidation, his blood starting to run cold at the idea.

“Well, fellas, I happened to have seen both your wives meet up with that young stud in the lobby and head off to the elevators with him,” said the plump vacationer sadly. Then he simply placed the card key on the bar, turned, and walked away, shaking his head and muttering to himself as he went.

Bob and Rich stared at each other in disbelief for a moment.

“I will just call up to our suite and check on the girls,” said Rich hastily, pulling out his phone. Bob watching with a sinking stomach as Rich listened to his phone for ring after ring. After a few minutes, he shook his head.

“Let me try our room,” stammered Bob nervously, fishing out his own phone, but there was no answer at his room either.

“Well maybe they went out to one of the other patios,” suggested Rich lamely.

“I think we have to go up to this young prick’s room and see what’s what,” said Bob, gripping the key in his hands and looking at the number printed on the envelope.

“But, what if the women aren’t there?” asks Rich, his voice cracking with anxiety.

“Then I will just warn that punk to stay away from my woman,” said Bob through gritted teeth.

The two head headed off resolutely and said nothing during the elevator ride, each struggling with their own private fears.

When they found the room, there was a distinct smell of marijuana emanating from it and they could hear muffled laughter and the sound of Bob Marley blaring loudly.

“Shouldn’t we knock?” asked Rich shakily.

Bob just pressed his lips firmly together and opened the door with the key. It was a normal room, not a suite, and the smell of pot smoke was overpowering as they stood in the short hallway by the bathroom. The two men heard giggling from the bedroom, but the loud reggae masked their entrance. They strode forward and their worst fears were immediately realized. Sara, Diane, and the young black man were all stark naked in the middle of the bed. Sara was sucking his penis lustily while Diane tried to lick his balls from below and they were all laughing at how difficult it was for her to get at them. In spite of his deep shock at seeing his wife cheating on him with another man, Bob couldn’t help but notice how sexy Diane looked spread naked on the bed with her bare round ass pointed at him.

“Holy shit,” gasped Rich as he watched his wife finally manage to slurp one black testicle into her mouth.

Diane looked over in shock and nearly choked. Then Sara and the black guy saw the two husbands and Sara coughed up the big black cock she was sucking.

“It’s not what it seems, Bob,” shrieked Sara frantically as she held the dark glistening phallus in her hand.

“Not what it seems?! What, are you giving him CPR or something?” scoffed Bob indignantly.

“Oh man, thanks for barging into my room uninvited,” complained the young man. “How did you get that key?”

“None of your business,” snapped Bob angrily.

“Ok, well, you might as well let us finish at this point,” replied the naked fellow. He looked down at the two middle-aged, suburban wives spread lusciously nude before him and thrust his cock back into Sara’s open mouth. “Here, keep sucking, Sara, You don’t want me to end up with blue balls, do you?”

Sara obediently took the penis into her mouth and resumed sucking it. She was torn emotionally, glancing submissively up at her new lover one moment and then shooting her husband a guilty look with another man’s dick seated firmly between her lips.

“What do you say, Rich?” asked Diane sheepishly, idly rubbing the dark nuts in her hand.

“What are you asking, you want me to stand here and watch you fuck this guy?” asked Rich in surprise. “That’s pretty kinky, isn’t it?”

“Maybe you could jerk off or something,” suggested Diane hesitantly as she gently tugged on her young Lothario’s nutsack.

“Wow,” said Rich thinking it over.

“You can’t seriously be consider that, Rich?” demanded Bob in frustration.

“Whip your junk out Rich,” encouraged the cheeky interloper. “The more the merrier. Diane, can you get back to sucking my balls now please?”

“Oh yes, sir!” said Diane with a surprised laugh. Then she wedged herself under Sara and dutifully licked his scrotum.

“Oh shit,” said Rich, sweat breaking out on his forehead. “This is just wrong.” But he unzipped his fly nonetheless and started jerking off as he watched the two wives lick and suck this stranger’s gonads.

“Rich, what the hell?” cried Bob helplessly.

“I don’t know, Bob,” mumbled Rich, never taking his eyes off of the two wives as they services their young lover. “I guess our love life has dwindled down over the years. Seeing Diane go at this kid’s balls is really turning me on. I must have started thinking of her as more of a mom than a lover at some point, and this reminds me that she’s…”

“She’s what? A cheating slut?” commented Bob sarcastically.

“Don’t be like that Bob,” purred Diane in response. She shifted position on the bed and ended up with her ass in the air pointed directly at Bob.

He gazed down at her round white ass with her swollen labia poking between her milky thighs and his cock jumped to attention. He gripped himself unconsciously at the sight.

“Honey, are you checking out Diane’s ass?” giggled Sara, removing the young man’s penis from her mouth, but continuing to stroke it while she turned to face her husband with a wicked grin.

“No, I mean, well, yes, but you are in no position to criticize,” stammered Bob, his face burning hotly with shame and arousal.

“Oh, I know. You caught me naked as a jaybird and sucking a stiff cock,” she laughs, giving the cock in her hand an extra tug for emphasis. “But I didn’t think it would play out like this.”

“Here, look out Diane,” demanded the young man suddenly. “I am going to fuck Sara from behind now.” He pushed Diane away gently and forcibly spun Bob’s wife around so that she was facing her husband on her hands and knees. She looked back over her shoulder at the horny fellow as he positioned himself behind her.

“Aren’t you going to ask first?” she asked him coyly, but then she gasped dramatically as he thrust his large member into her.

“I don’t got to ask, I can feel how wet you are. You ready,” said the dark intruder. Bob noticed that the young guy’s grammar was decaying as he grew more lustful.

“What am I supposed to do?” pouted Diane. “I’m wet now too.”

“I only got one dick,” laughed the dark fellow as he pumped his cock into Bob’s wife, making her boobs sway back and forth. “One of you two fuck her,” he said, motioning to the two husbands.

“Bob, you do it, I saw you looking at Diane’s twat,” said Rich, stroking himself and sweating profusely. “Put your dick in her.”

“Rich, we’ve known each other for years,” said Bob weakly, his dick straining stiffly at the thought of fucking his old friend’s horny wife. He looked at his own wife, she was biting her lip and panting as she got banged from behind and wasn’t paying attention.

“If you’ve got a hardon for me, I’ll take it,” said Diane, looking back at Bob lustily. She reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips for him suggestively.

“Oh jesus,” gasped Bob uncertainly, his erection pitching a tent in his pants.

“Just fuck her for Christ’s sake,” injected Sara, her cheeks bright red. “How can you be a prude about it at this point?” The black man laughed and gripped her hips more firmly so that he could pound her harder and she cried out slightly in passion.

“Ok, ok,” agreed Bob. He hastily unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis.

“Looks good,” said Diane with a smile. “Let’s have it.” She wiggled her ass at him invitingly and that was all the encouragement that Bob needed.

Bob strode forward and sank his member into his wife’s good friend Diane while her husband jerked off madly. She gasped with pleasure as the swollen head of his cock parted the slippery folds of her vagina. Bob groaned with ecstasy at how hot and wet she was. He looked down with admiration as Rich’s wife’s big round ass and ran his hands over her rump as he pumped her from behind.

“Your wife has a great ass,” said Bob to Rich absently.

“It’s good to see you enjoying it,” gasped Rich. “Hold on,” then he rushed over to the bed and thrust his cock into Sara’s face. “Sara, can you suck this for a second, I’m about to cum,” he asked her desperately.

“Certainly, Richard, I don’t mind helping you out,” said Sara, arching her brow at her husband as she took Rich’s dong into her mouth.

Diane laughed at the sight and Bob just increased his efforts fucking her from behind.

“This is so fucked up,” chuckled the young guy. “I never got down with swingers before.”

“We aren’t normally swingers,” explained Rich distractedly with his cock in Sara’s mouth. “Oh shit,” he exclaimed. Sara choked slightly and Rich pulled his meat out and started shooting hot cum all over her face.

“My goodness, Rich. I haven’t seen you cum that much in years,” panted Diane excitedly, fingering her own clitoris as Bob porked her from behind. “That’s hot,” then she put her head down and shuddered. Bob could feel her cumming, her cunt tightening around his shaft and it triggered his own orgasm. He just let loose and spurted load after load deep into Rich’s woman, looking at his own wife’s face, glistening with Rich’s seed.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” shouted the interloper as he playfully slapped Sara’s rear and humped her forcefully.

Bob knew that his wife had a thing for spanking and he watched her face as she was overtaken by her climax. It was fascinating to him because he had never seen his own wife cum from a distance like this. She was very beautiful in the throes of passion. And it was wickedly wrong to see her getting fucked by a young stranger with his good friend’s jizz on her face. Bob had to admit it was a massive turn on.

“Sorry, Bob,” said the black man contritely. “I just blew my load inside your wife.”

“Uh, huh,” responded Bob numbly, deep in the afterglow of his own ejaculation.

The black fellow pulled his dick out of Sara’s cunt and slapped his long, sodden member against her ass playfully.

“Yeah, beat me with that thing,” she laughed. Bob was stung by jealously suddenly to see how fondly she looked back at her new lover.

“Ok, well, this has been an eye-opening experience,” said Rich, stretching fitfully and zipping up his fly. “Let’s head back down to the bar and grab another drink, shall we Bob? The girls probably want to shower first.”

Everyone nodded agreement at that plan.

“Yeah and I might want to stick my cock into them both again real quick before I send them back to you,” said the cheeky young man, making the women titter with excitement.

Bob grimaced at the idea and his stomach churned with jealousy, but Rich just clapped him on the shoulder and led him out of the pot infused hotel room.

“Things will never be the same between us, will they?” asked Bob uncertainly.

“I certainly hope not,” laughed Rich. “I can’t wait to get a crack at your wife’s pussy.”

Bob laughed weakly along, he couldn’t really be mad at his pal after Bob himself had just emptied his load into Diane like that. Maybe this would all work out somehow after all.

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