Plumber Shows Hubby Who’s Boss

By Gustav Jorgenson

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My wife Nina came out of the bathroom dripping in a towel as I was getting dressed for work. “I think we should get a water filter for the house.  I don’t like what the chlorine does to my hair.”

I looked at her shapely legs and growled, then I tugged the towel off of her and pulled her close.  I liked the feeling of her wet naked boobs pressing against my chest.

Nina giggled and pushed me away, covering her nipples with her arm modestly.  We had only been married for two years though we were both in our forties. It was a second marriage for each of us, and Nina was still shy around me sometimes which I found adorable.  “Stop it, you, we don’t have time for that now. We have to get ready for work. Let’s talk about this water filter. I have a guy Tim who has been my plumber for years. He always does a great job.  We should get him to install a system for us.”

I sighed and brushed at the twin damp patches my wife’s wet boobs had left on my shirt.  “I wonder how much that will cost.”

I watched Nina bend over to pull on her black nylons and my erection got stiffer.  I pushed it down ruefully. “Oh, Tim always gives me a great deal,” she said looking back at me.

“Ha, what do you do for him in return?” I laughed.  I was only teasing but Nina bolted upright and gave me a look of shock.  Her face colored cutely.

“Simon, that’s not funny,” she said.   Her eyebrows furrowed with intensity and I could tell she was really upset, but I couldn’t help but admire the way her round boobs lolled out of her half-fastened bra.

“Geez, Nina, I was only joking,” I said.

“And stop staring at my boobs,” she pouted, turning her back to me and tucking them away.

I snorted with annoyance.  “Aren’t I allowed to admire my own wife’s body?” 

“I’m trying to have a serious conversation about the house and you keep deflecting it with sexual stuff.  But we can’t do sexy time now, we have to get ready for work. And I want a new water filter for the house.”  She pulled on her dress and strode back to the bathroom. I was about to reply but she switched on the hair dryer and it was too loud.  “I’m going to call Tim and have him come over and give us an estimate,” she shouted over the noise.

I straightened my tie and went out to the kitchen to make the coffee.  Only two years in and already I could feel tension with my new bride.  



The following evening, I was clearing the dishes from dinner when the doorbell rang.

Nina jumped from her chair with excitement.  “Oh, that’ll be Tim!” she cried as she ran to the door.  She certainly seemed eager for a visit from the plumber. I wondered about my joke from the previous morning.

I turned to greet Tim as he entered and I immediately felt intimidated.  He was a big, blonde haired man, maybe 6’2” and all muscle. He towered over my little wife.  Nina is petite, 5’2” with a nice hourglass figure, short brown hair, blue eyes, cute pug nose and well defined jaw.  Tim was broad shouldered, with big arms, a narrow waist and slim muscular legs. He seemed to dominate her the moment he entered the room.  She bowed her head meekly and had a shy smile on her face. The sexual energy between them was palpable.

I gulped and cautiously offered Tim my hand.  He crushed it in an iron grip as I feared and I winced with pain.  He big mitt was dry and raspy as sandpaper from all the callouses, whereas my hands were moist with anxiety and soft from working on a computer all day.

“Well, I finally get to meet Nina’s new hubby,” he said looking me over critically.

“Yes, well, um, hello,” I said uncertainly.

“Come in, come in, Tim, you want some coffee?” asked my wife.

Tim went and leaned against the island.  “It’s too late for coffee. How about a beer?”

I laughed at his indolence.  What sort of plumber asks for a beer when meeting with a client.

Nina thought nothing of it, apparently, and rushed to refrigerator to get him one.  “Of course, of course,” she said. Almost as an afterthought, she turned to me. “Oh, do you want one dear?”

“Uh, no, I have work in the morning,” I said.

“Work?  It’s only 7pm,” said Tim.  He accepted the beer from my wife very casually as though he was used to her serving him.  It made me nervous.

“Simon has a very demanding job,” said my wife.

“Oh, what does he do?”  I didn’t like how there were talking about me while I was standing right there.

“I’m in Finance,” I blurted.

He looked at me in surprise as though I was rudely interrupting his private conversation with my wife.  “Finance,huh? Spend all day pushing numbers around on spreadsheets.” 

“It pays well,” I said smugly.  I could tell that this guy and I weren’t going to get along.

“Yeah, I can tell, this new house of Nina’s is quite an upgrade over the old place Kevin had bought her,” he said.  “Bigger than my own place too.” He gave me a dirty look.

Nina rushed to his side and put her hand on his shoulder and rubbed it in a familiar way.  “Oh, but working with your hands is good honest work. It’s noble,” she told him. She gave me a look of warning, but I didn’t know what I had done wrong.  This guy seemed like an asshole, end of story. No way was I going to do business with a prick like this. I guess he was used to dealing with my wife one on one and wasn’t used to having another man around to challenge his fragile ego.  But it’s not my fault I make more money than him.

“Yeah, honest.”  He took a swig of beer and looked around at the fine wood cabinets.  This kitchen remodel had cost me an arm and a leg.

“Are we going to talk about water filters?” I asked impatiently.

“I’m getting around to that,” he snapped.  “You know for someone with a lot of money, you don’t have much class.  You don’t just jump right in and start talking business you know.”

I was taken aback by his rudeness and considered asking him to leave.  But Nina rubbed his chest to soothe him. “Oh Timmy, don’t be like that.  Simon didn’t mean anything by it. Can I get you a snack? Want me to heat you up something?” I hated how obsequious my wife was around this guy.  The way she touched him so much. No wonder he gave her such a good deal. She bent over backwards to make him feel welcome.

“No, no, Nina.  Let’s just get down to business shall we?”  He pulled a folded up piece of paper from his pocket and Nina pouted and looked on sadly.  He turned and spread it out on the island countertop. She pressed her hip against his as she leaned forward to examine it with him.  I reluctantly came over to the other side to look on.

“Ok, for whole house filtering, you need a big unit.  So I have a big unit for you,” he gave my wife a significant look and wagged his eyebrows at her.

She blushed and slapped his chest.  “Stop it, you.”

He looked over at me.  “You wife needs a big unit, Simon.”

“Yeah, I get it,” I said, avoiding his aggressive stare.

“I’m glad you do,” he said.  “So anyway, I have to put in some pipe here,”  he rubbed his finger on the paper in a sensual way and my wife bumped her hip against his.  “Between the water main and the water heater. We should include a water softener too.”

“How much will all this cost?” I asked.

He gave me a stare.  “Wow, cut to the chase, huh?  Ok, we can do that. It will cost $6,500 for parts and labor.”

“Whoa,” I said, taken aback.  “That’s a lot.”

He gestured around the house.  “You’re doing well for yourself.  You can afford it.”

I shook my head angrily.  “That’s not the point. One reason I can buy nice houses like this is that I don’t waste my money.  We had a filter and softener and reverse osmosis system put into my last home for $2,000.”

Tim waved his hand.  “Probably some piece of junk you bought off of Amazon and then had a Mexican install it.” 

I felt my face flush with anger.  How did he know? “Well, that may be, but it was a good system and lasted a long time.”

Tim folded up his paper deliberately.  “Look buddy, Are you trying to take food out of my family’s mouth? I have to make a living you know.”

“I’m sorry, but that’s not my problem,” I said.

“Honey, don’t be like that,” said Nina.  She was clinging to Tim’s arm for some reason as she admonished me.

“Not your problem, huh?  You think you are so much better than me, don’t you?” Tim was puffing up his chest now.

“Timmy, please, don’t,” begged my wife.  She wrapped her arm around his waist which made me queasy.

Tim just carried on.  “With you big fi-nance job and your big house and your fancy car.  Well I’ll tell you something, pal, I’m twice the man you are.”

I crossed my arms and smiled at Tim with condescension.  “I’m sure you are Tim. Have a nice night.” I gestured to the door.

“Oh, no, I’m not leaving yet.  I’ve got something more to show you,” said Tim.

“Tim, no,” said Nina.  She had her hand over her mouth.

“I’m sorry, Nina, but it’s got to be done.  I need to put this little limp dick in his place.”

“What are you two talking about?” I demanded.  My stomach was dropping already in fear.

“Nina, take your dress off will you honey?” he asked sweetly.  He glared over at me. “Show your stuck up husband whose orders you follow.”

I tried to force a laugh but it came out with a choking sound.  The way Nina was acting around this guy, I half expected her to do it.

She looked up at him pleadingly.  “Tim, no, don’t make me do this.”

“He’s trying to take food from my family, I need to put him in his place.  Now take it off.” He pointed a finger at my little wife and she glanced over at me sheepishly.

“He can be difficult sometimes dear, it’s best just to humor him,” she explained.

“Humor him?” I gagged.

Nina unzipped the back of her little blue dress.  “Yes. You bruised his ego you know, so now he has to get you back.”   She slipped out of her dress and she stood before us in her bra, panties and stockings.  I felt my chest constrict and I could barely breathe as she bent over to pick up her dress, her cleavage practically spilling out of her bra.  Then she folded her dress neatly and put it on the counter.

She held her arms out and faced Tim.  “Happy now? You’ve made your point.”

“Nina!  How could you?” I gasped.

She looked at me with impatience.  “I’m sorry honey, but you just pushed him a little too far.”

Tim licked his lips as he took in all the bare skin my wife was showing him.  “Take off your bra now, show your husband how you let me play with those titties.”

Nina stamped her foot.  “Tim, no. Don’t do this.  That’s going too far.”

“Oh, I’m just getting warmed up.”  The big goon rubbed his hands together in anticipation. “Do it, take it off.”

Nina sighed and unsnapped her bra and was about to pull it off when I shouted out.  “Nina, you wouldn’t! You are my wife.”

She looked at me sadly.  “I know dear, but I wasn’t always your wife.  Before I was Kevin’s wife and then he ran off and left me with no settlement, no alimony.  It was hard for a single woman to get along. People like Timmy really helped me out when the times were tough.”

I pointed a finger at my wife.  “And you help him out by letting him have he way with you.”

“He’s actually a really sweet guy. I wish you two handed gotten off on the wrong foot.”  She was holding her bra over her boobs, ready to drop it at any minute. “Maybe you should go into the living room while Tim and I sort this out.”

“No!  He has to watch while we do this!” demanded Tim.

“But why?” whined my wife.

“So I can humiliate him the way he’s humiliated me,” said Tim.  He was really impassioned. God knows how I humiliated HIM.

“Oh you men and your power struggles,” sighed my wife as she dropped her bra and let her bare boobs hang out.

“Yeah baby,”  he reached and grabbed her pale orbs in his rough dark hands, tweaking her tender pale nipples and making my meek little wife gasp.  He turned to me with a vicious grin. “You like that rich boy? You like how I feel up your wife. She does what I tell her to do. I’m the boss around here, not you.”

“Oh, Timmy, do you have to be so nasty about it?” said my wife.

“You like it when I’m nasty,” he growled as he juggled her breasts in front of me.

Her cheeks reddened. “Sometimes I do,” she admitted under her breath.

“Get  down there and suck it,” he told.

Nina hesitated, gave me an apologetic look.  “Look, I will explain all this in the morning dear,” she told me as she unzipped Tim’s jeans.  I was shocked at the size of the straining member that emerged. His erect cock was at least eight inches long.  And he was uncut which made it look like an animal penis, with the red slimey glans just peeking out of the foreskin.  She got on her knees before him and yanked his jeans down hard until his whole package emerged. 

Nina cradled Tim’s huge nuts in her hands and grinned at me innocently.  “Can you believe how big they are?” she asked in amazement. “I always forget.”

“Jesus Nina, how many times have you seen them?” I demanded. 

“Oh a few times,” she said distractedly before dipping her head down and sucking one of the giant brown hairy testicles into her sweet little red mouth.  I felt like I was getting punched in the gut each time my tiny wife lapped at his scrotum.  

The plumber leered at me triumphantly.  “Yeah, rich boy, your wife loves sucking my balls, I don’t even need to ask her.”

Nina ran her tongue up his shaft.  “And his penis is so big and hard and strong,” she cooed.  She looked me in the eye and pulled back the foreskin so she could lap gently on the slick crimson head of his dong.  I felt like I was suffocating as I watched her suck that dick. She was so tender and loving with it. She cherished that cock, cradled it against her soft cheek.  Kissed it chastely. Slurped it into her mouth and tried to swallow it, but it was too big for her and she nearly choked.

Tim was groaning with pleasure and I was relieved that he was too distracted to rub my nose in the fact that my wife was clearly in love with his penis.  “Pull those panties down,” he commanded.

He helped her to her feet and my pretty little wife obediently removed her panties for him.  She stood there in nothing but her stockings. Trimmed bush, broad pelvis, flat tummy and big white boobs all fully exposed. “Yeah, bend over,” he urged.

My wife put her elbows on the kitchen island top and presented her round white ass to the big horny plumber.  “You really shouldn’t watch this part dear,” she told me with a pout. ‘“It might bruise your ego a little.”

“You’ve already crushed me,” I whispered.  But I couldn’t look away. I watched Tim crouch down behind my wife and then her mouth made a cute O as he pushed that big straining meat into her pussy.

“Oh yeah, she’s wet as fuck,” he growled.  “Tell him, Nina.”

Nina was smiling at me like a kid on Christmas morning.  “I like it when he beats up my pussy, Simon. I’m sorry, but it’s just so, OH. MY. GOD!”  My wife bowed her head and the brute pounded her from behind while I stood by watching helplessly.  He grabbed her up in his massive arms, keeping her skewered on that massive cock of his and then spun her around making her giggle and pant.  He bent her over the sink so I could see him banging her from behind. I heard his hips slapping against my wife’s plump ass and watched his huge nutsack swinging back and forth like a pendulum as he violated my wife in my own kitchen.  She reached back to cup his sack in her hand and he grunted. I could see his balls pulsing, contracting as he emptied a load of semen inside my wife’s fertile womb. When he pulled out a huge glob of cum plopped out from between her red inflamed pussy lips and landed on the floor with a SPLAT.

“Ok, and we will definitely be buying the water filter too, right honey,” said my wife.  Her complexion was glowing from the rough fuck he had given her.

I couldn’t answer, I just stood there stunned as the plumber wiped the fluids off of his long deflating rod with one of our hand towels.  “I’ll take that as a yes,” he told me with a laugh. “Now that you know who is in control around here.”

“Thank you so much, Timmy, it was great to have you,” my wife gushed, giving him a kiss on the cheek and hugging him wearing nothing but her stockings.

“I’ll see myself out,” he told me with a grin.

Nina came over and took my hand.  “Are you OK, dear? I’m really sorry that you had to see that.  It must be very difficult on your sense of pride.”

“He just used you like a dirty whore,” I said.  I was still in a daze.

“Yeah, but just you wait and see how much he takes off the bill,” she giggled over her shoulder as she headed off to the shower.  And she was right. He only charged us $1500 for the installation. And I was at work when he put it in, so I didn’t need to watch him fuck my wife again, but there was still a wet spot on the bed spread when I came home that night.  But considering the money we saved, I guess we got a good deal.


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