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These are cuckold stories that explore fantasies of men watching their women with other men. This is sometimes referred to as a cuckold fantasy, but I hesitate to apply that label to my own work. Unfortunately, many popular depictions of the cuckold fantasy as I write this in 2013 are infused with malicious humiliation, sadomasochism, and in some cases even bisexuality. In contrast, the wives in my stories love their husbands but are unhappy with their sex lives. It’s clear that frequency of sex declines with age which may be due to decreased hormone levels or perhaps over familiarity. The women in these stories make the decisions they do in an attempt to rekindle the flame. The men love their wives and struggle to come to grips with the pain of infidelity coupled with the unexpected arousal.

In the 1996 book “Sperm Wars” Robin Baker suggests that the cuckold fetish has evolutionary roots. According to this theory a man who believes that his partner has been with another man will be prompted to copulate with his woman in order to compete with the man’s sperm. Baker’s science is questionable, but it’s a theory worth considering. Doesn’t a man feel challenged when another pays attention to his woman? Doesn’t he strive to rise to the occasion and overcome his adversary? For many older couples the very idea of an adversary competing for the wife’s sexual attention has long faded from memory.

Older women often feel that men are paying more attention to younger women, so seeking attention from other men might be a way for them to build their self-esteem. Of course feminism dictates that a woman base her self-esteem on her own worth, and that is a noble and modern aspiration. But on some level, we all get a boost from the interest of the opposite sex. (This is more pronounced in heterosexuals admittedly.) A loving husband understands these urges in his wife, but these stories delve into what happens as that attention seeking becomes a slippery slope and descends into adultery before the husband’s very eyes.

However, as popular as polyamory is these days, I remain deeply skeptical. These stories are intended as fantasies, not a call to action. The deep bonds formed over many years of marriage are too valuable to risk by acting out these animal urges. Look how much nicer Paris became when folks resisted the animal urge to defecate in the streets. I fear that most relationships will be damaged by the jealousy and incrimination of actual infidelity in real life. I wish those of you actively living scenarios like this the best of luck. For the rest of us, I would quote the Big Lebowski: The brain is the biggest erogenous zone. Hold these fantasies in your head and may they rekindle the fire in your loins.


Gustav Jorgenon

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  1. Hi there! I wasnt sure where to post this so I figured here would be as good of a place as any. I would just like to say, I read your summary on Collected Longs and its a shame there wasnt enough interest in the SJW series, I will say Im one of your readers who enjoy that topic and the types of discussion it can generate and its too bad those topics will no longer be explored from a cuck porn angle. Just this past week I had a discussion with a friend who leans heavily on the SJW side and he views the cuckold kink as very misogynistic; apparently empowering women now also now means they have free reign to cheat and youre a ‘controlling dick’ if you dont approve it.

    That sort of conversation is just perfect for these kinds of stories. I absolutely love the idea of a poor guy having no escape from being cucked as his own friends or family turn on him if he tries to interfere with her sleeping around.

    At any rate thank you for the time you put in to your great stories, and sorry if this was a bit long in the tooth, I just felt I’d give my own 2 cents since it doesnt seem like my fellow fans of yours dont communicate as much as they could. Good luck and hope to see what new material you have lined up. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I do like to get any feedback at all on my writing, but positive feedback feels the best of course.

      I think with the Alt-right really has brought cuckoldry out of obscurity and offered a brutal political take on the topic that needs to be explored more. Especially with Trump in office now. I don’t agree with the alt-right, but I see this deep fear of betrayal and submission in their use of cuckold as an insult. That is certainly revealing. I am still interested in that topic and I will write more stories about SJW induced cuckoldry. I will just include these stories in the regular collections as opposed to trying to make them a series of stand alone novellas.



  2. Hello! I loved you’re story of the wife grudge fucked in courtyard. It was extremely entertaining and would love to see a sequel or sequels of it. Wonder what happened to her shirt, if she ever went back to get it?


  3. Sorry Gustav, love your stories and your writing but the prices are ridiculous. I am an old aged pensioner on a small pension. I can get thousands of books freely from various sites. Why should I pay so much more? Get real mate.
    IDEA- Google offers a wide range of services freely, yet makes millions in profit. You should follow Google’s example.
    Good Luck

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    1. Well, just read the free stories here then. Google sells advertising to make money. No one is going to pay me to advertise in my books if I gave them away for free.

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