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Nerdy Wife Fucked by Jock

by Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.3

Newly wed couple Arthur and Eleanor joined a couple of friends Herman and Lester one night to enjoy a rousing game of “Settlers of Catan,” a board game cherished by nerds the world over. Unfortunately their friendly game was disrupted by the intervention of Herman’s crass cousin Joey…

Arthur, Eleanor, Herman, and Lester were all sitting around the coffee table in Herman’s living room playing “Settler of Catan” when Herman’s cousin Joey walked into the room.

“My god, look at you nerds,” laughed Joey crudely, stretching his large muscular arms far apart and then rubbing his bald head with contentment.

“Uh, Joey, we are trying to play a game here,” said Herman with annoyance.

“Who’s that guy?” whispered Eleanor, looking Joey up and down critically. He was a tall, well built young man in his early twenties wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt with some sports team insignia on it. He dominated the room with his presence and Eleanor noticed her husband and the other two young men playing with them shrink down slightly in response to him. Joey reminded Eleanor of the mean jocks that used to harass her husband back in high school.

“That’s my cousin, Joey,” explained Herman with resignation. “He’s staying with me for the summer.”

“So which of you nerds are the swingers?” asked Joey with a smirk, flopping down on the couch as the friends sat cross-legged on the floor before him.

Everyone at the table looked at Herman with raised eyebrows and he blushed furiously.

“I uh, tried to explain polyamory to Joey but he doesn’t really get it,” said Herman sheepishly.

“Oh shit,” sighed Lester. He knew that Herman was polyamorous and was seeing a girl who had other lovers as well.

“Yeah, I saw Herman’s girlfriend out with another guy and I when I told him about it, he was cool with it,” laughed Joey in amazement. “I can’t believe you people. I wouldn’t let some other guy fuck my girlfriend like that.”

“Ok, look, so first of all, you don’t even have a girlfriend,” said Herman impatiently,

Eleanor couldn’t help giggling in response and looked over shyly at Joey as he sat sprawled on the couch with his legs spread wide. He was fingering his crotch distractedly and she blushed and looked away, pushing her glasses back onto the bridge of her nose.

“And secondly, and secondly,” stammered Herman. “I am the only one who is polyamorous here. Eleanor and Arthur are married and monogamous.”

“Oh yeah?” asked Joey, looking Eleanor over with interest. She was wearing a tight t-shirt that showed off her breasts and short skirt with knee-high socks. She pulled at the hem of her skirt self-consciously, her face burning as Joey looked her over. “You guys look pretty young to be married!” snorted Joey. He brazenly stared at Eleanor’s big boobs as he touched himself and was surprised when he felt his thing stiffen at the sight of them. He had never fucked a nerdy chick before.

“We are 24!” blurted Arthur defensively. He was mortified at the way Joey was ogling his wife. Eleanor had always dressed very modestly and was never an overtly sexual woman, but Arthur had been trying to convince her to dress more provocatively lately. Now he felt a cold pang in his gut as he realized the consequences of her revealing outfit. He actually had been interested in getting Eleanor to think about polyamory, but he never imagined some dumb jock like Joey would show an interest in her. He thought it might be fun if she fooled around a little with one of his nerdy friends. That seemed harmless and titillating, but the idea of this jerky guy Joey being interested in her filled him with jealous dread. Joey was exactly the kind of guy that used to beat him up in high school. He was exactly the wrong kind of guy to be with his wife.

“Ok, that’s cool,” said Joey, rudely stroking the growing bulge in his sweatpants as he looked Eleanor’s body over. “No need to get all huffy about it. I was just asking.”

“Christ Joey, do you have to touch yourself like that?” asks Herman with exasperation. “It’s pretty impolite.”

“Oh jeez, you sound like my mother,” laughed Joey not bothering to stop. “I don’t know why I do this, I guess it’s just a bad habit I picked up. All my guy friends touch their junk. It’s no big deal.” He looked Eleanor in the eye with a wicked grin while he pinched the head of his cock through his sweatpants.

Eleanor gasped in surprise at the tent Joey’s penis was pitching. It seemed like an improbably large bulge to her and her cheeks flushed red at the thought of such a large penis. She caught herself wondering what it would look like and glanced away in embarrassment.

“Uh, should we continue the game here?” asked Lester awkwardly. He sensed the strange sexual tension between Eleanor and Joey and it made him uncomfortable. He didn’t like Herman’s loud, rough cousin and Lester wished he would go away.

“Man forget that game, let’s just hang out,” cajoled Joey. “What are you guys drinking? Let me have one.”

“Uh, we have wine coolers in the fridge,” muttered Herman, giving his friends an apologetic look.

“Wine cooler?” snorted Joey with derision. “What a fag drink! Oh well, whatcha gonna do?” But he jumped up and strode easily out of the room with his erect penis pointing straight out in front of him as he went. Eleanor couldn’t help but stare at his priapic bulge as he went. Arthur noticed her interest and felt nauseous.

“I’m so sorry, guys,” whispered Herman, glancing over his shoulder toward the kitchen. “I thought he was going out for the night. Maybe we should pack it in. I can’t expect you guys to put up with my boorish extended family.”

“Is he really related to you?” asked Eleanor with amazement. “He doesn’t seem very smart.”

“Well, he was adopted,” explained Herman with a grimace. “He really doesn’t fit in with the rest of the family.”

“Ahh,” said Eleanor knowingly. “That explains it. Well we certainly can’t continue the game if he is going to hang out. But I don’t want to let him ruin our evening together. I was looking forward to seeing you two.” Eleanor batted her eyelashes at Herman teasingly and Arthur got excited. It was OK with him if Eleanor flirted with Herman. Herman wasn’t a big threatening meathead.

“Well, I guess we can go up to my room to hang out,” said Herman, trying not to stare at Eleanor’s milky white thighs. She had shifted around and Herman could see right up her skirt now.

“Nah, don’t go up there,” said Joey, walking back into the room carrying a wine cooler and a bag of chips. “Stay down here and hang out with me.”

Arthur was relieved to note that Joey’s bulge had subsided quite a bit.

“Joey, you don’t really have anything in common with my friends,” squeaked Herman in complaint.

“Yeah well, it’s good to meet people with different points of view,” said Joey, furrowing his brow.

Eleanor was surprised to hear Joey making such a cogent observation. He seems to genuinely want to spend time with them. The idea that he was lonely crossed her mind and Eleanor felt herself feeling sympathetic toward Joey.

“I’m not such a bad guy once you get to know me,” continued Joey earnestly. “Here, Eleanor, come sit with me on the couch and let’s chat.” He patted the couch next to him suggestively with one hand while the other hand strayed back to rummage around his groin.

Eleanor watches in fascination as Joey’s bulge grew again while he seemed to be rubbing his testicles through his sweatpants. She looked uncertainly at her husband who was gazing at Joey with plain distaste. “I, uh,” she said hesitantly.

“Come on now, I don’t bite,” said Joey with a toothy grin.

“Well, OK,” agreed Eleanor, rising to her feet and looking down at her husband.

Arthur gave her a pained look but didn’t know how to object in a polite way, so he kept his mouth shut. Eleanor pressed her lips together tightly and joined Joey on the couch. Eleanor felt his body giving off heat next to her and could smell a slight tangy scent of body odor emanating from him. She felt slightly repulsed and yet slightly drawn to him and she caught herself staring down at his crotch as the bulge in his sweatpants resumed it’s prodigious proportion.

“So, Herman, who’s doing your girlfriend tonight?” asked Joey amicably, as Lester and Arthur cleaned up the Catan board. He yawned expansively and stretched out his big arms in both directions, then he slid one big limb behind Eleanor and wrapped it around her shoulder, drawing her up against her side. Eleanor gasped and put her hand on Joey’s thigh reflexively and was momentarily distracted by how solidly muscled his leg was.

“Hey, uh,” objected Arthur weakly. He could feel his armpit growing damp with anxiety.

“Yes, Arthur?” asked Joey innocently as he gripped Eleanor tightly.

“That’s, err, my wife,” choked Arthur, finding it hard to breathe as his heart pounded in his chest.

“I know,” responded Joey smugly. “She’s very soft and snuggly.” He grasped Eleanor’s side playfully and she broke out giggling in spite of herself.

“Stop it,” she squealed, struggling to suppress her laughter as she wriggled free from his grasp.

“Oh, sorry,” said Joey, withdrawing his arm from her and resuming his self-fondling.

“That’s better,” said Eleanor, pulling at the hem of her skirt primly. “Now behave yourself,” she said with a little smile. She couldn’t help feeling flattered by his attention. Men rarely paid much attention to her, let alone macho guys like Joey and she wondered if she should wear revealing clothes like this more often. She liked feeling desirable.

Arthur just stared open mouthed at his wife sitting there with Joey, unsure of what to do. She was clearly enjoying his advances and the jealousy was tying his stomach in knots. But Joey quickly kept the conversation moving.

“So you were telling us about poly, uh, poly-mony,” said Joey with a smirk as he struggled with the pronunciation.

“It’s pronounced poly-am-ory,” replied Herman with a derisive snort. “And I wasn’t actually talking about it, it’s a personal matter.” Herman tried to hold himself upright with dignity, but he felt terrible for Arthur and couldn’t help feeling guilty about what was happening.

“Oh, do tell us,” chirped Eleanor timidly. “I am curious about it.” She glanced at her husband nervously. Arthur had made vague references to polyamory previously but they had never sat down and discussed it properly. She knew that this wasn’t the right time or place to discuss it and she felt a bit naughty encouraging Herman to talk about it with Joey in the room.

Herman gulped and glanced at Arthur inquisitively but Arthur just nodded his head slightly to give his acquiescence. He did want to broach the topic with his wife even though he felt weird doing it in front of this jerk Joey.

“Ok, well, polyamory is a type of relationship that acknowledges that people can have love for more than one other romantic partner,” said Herman.

“Chicks don’t dig it when you cheat on them usually,” brayed Joey crudely.

Herman rolled his eyes in response. “It’s not cheating, Joey. Everyone knows about the other partners and agrees to the relationships,” he said tightly.

“Yeah? That sounds good to me. Where do you meet chicks into that?” asked Joey skeptically.

“You don’t have a girlfriend at all, Joey?” asked Eleanor sympathetically.

“Nah, there’s this girl I met last time I was out here and we hook up sometimes,” said Joey rubbing his head uncomfortably. He seemed vulnerable for a moment and Eleanor’s heart went out to him. Then he slapped the top of his own head decisively as though to snap himself out of it and rolled his shoulders to relieve the tension. He turned to look Eleanor in the eye, “What do you think of this palimony? You want to share those boobies with some other guys besides your husband?” He gestured to Eleanor’s large breasts, protruding provocatively in her tight t-shirt and gripped his crotch suggestively.

“Don’t be a pig, Joey,” demanded Herman shrilly. Then he turned to Arthur, “Sorry about my cousin, Arthur. He isn’t house trained.”

Arthur sat silently with the blood draining from his face. Joey just guffawed and stared at Eleanor’s chest while he fondled himself.

Eleanor blushed cutely and covered her bosom with her hands self-consciously. “What is it with guys and breasts?” she stammered nervously. “They are just mammary glands. They are for feeding babies.”

“Well, large mammary glands were probably a sign of reproductive fitness and it would be adaptive for males to take note of that,” said Lester suddenly. Everyone stared at him in surprise and it was his turn to blush. “And, uh, maybe it’s not super helpful of me to point out right now,” he muttered, lowering his gaze to the floor in shame.

“Right, but this is modern world,” piped up Eleanor, her face burning hotly. “Boobs aren’t a necessity to raise babies, we have baby food now.”

“Yeah, you could feed some babies with those knockers alright,” said Joey, missing her point and rubbing his stiff phallus through his sweatpant as he stared at her chest.

“My god, Joey, don’t you feel weird about rubbing your thing in front of me like that?” exclaimed Eleanor finally. She stared at his large bulge as he handled himself and felt herself growing aroused at his brazen behavior. She wondered what it would feel like if he stuck that big thing into her. She wondered if Arthur would like to see that and the idea sent a thrill through her loins.

“Why, you want to rub it for me?” asked Joey, gripping his rod by the base and pointing it toward her lewdly. Eleanor’s eyes widened at the sight of Joey’s big dick outlined so clearly by his sweatpants and her mouth formed a charming “o” of surprise.

“Now cut that out!” croaked Arthur, his voice cracking with nervousness. His palms were sweaty with fear and excitement at this strange confrontation. “You can’t talk to my wife like that.”

“Hey, don’t piss yourself over there Art,” sneered Joey derisively. “Eleanor isn’t going faint at the sight of a cock, she’s a grown woman.” He looked over at Eleanor gazing at his member and chuckled. “Man, she can’t take her eyes off of it. Look at her.”

Eleanor pulled her eyes away and glanced at her husband guiltily. “Well you are swinging it around like a baseball bat, it’s kind of hard not to notice,” she said, forcing a laugh and trying to make light of the situation. But her pulse was racing and she could feel her vagina burning with arousal. She was sure she was sopping wet right now.

“Well it’s kind of hard not to notice your tits in that tight shirt,” responded Joey smartly. “If your husband doesn’t want guys waving their dicks at you, he shouldn’t let you out of the house dressed like that.”

“Uh, most guys can control their animal urges,” said Eleanor with a genuine chuckle. “You don’t see Lester whipping his penis around do you?”

“Wait, Lester has a penis?” asked Joey in mock amazement.

“Beside, Arthur asked me to dress like this,” added Eleanor quietly, avoiding her husband’s gaze.

“What, whaaa?” said Joey, sitting up straight and fixing Arthur with a penetrating stare. “Is that true, bro?”

“I’m not your, uh, bro,” mumbled Arthur, unable to meet Joey’s aggressive stare.

“But you aren’t denying it, neither,” said Joey gleefully.

“Joey, you are being an ass, stop it,” chided Herman weakly. He was surprised to hear that Arthur had encouraged Eleanor to dress this way too.

“Herman, look at Eleanor’s outfit, will you?” demanded Joey. “Look how short her skirt is, look how tight that t-shirt is. He’s trying to pimp his wife out to you nerds.”

Eleanor pulled at the hem of her skirt and smiled sickly at Herman and Lester as they looked her over and Arthur stared off into space, too mortified to speak.

“Oh man, I see what’s going on here, Eleanor,” laughed Joey. “Your hubby had you slut it up and brought you over to have Herman teach you about pulmonary sex, like a nerd orgy or something.”

“For christ’s sake, it’s called poly-amory, Joey,” screeched Herman in frustration.

“Whatever, dude,” said Joey solemnly holding up a hand toward Herman’s face. “Deny it, Arthur, I dare you.”

“I don’t know what you are even talking about,” muttered Arthur nervously, taken aback that his plan was so easily divined by this numbskull.

Eleanor carefully watched her husband’s reaction and it was painfully obvious that he was lying. She struggled to catch her breath as she considered the ramifications. Arthur had intended to find out if his friends Herman and Lester would find her attractive in this outfit and then have Herman carefully explain the rules of polyamory to her. Later on he probably planned to reintroduce the topic in order to gauge her interest. But with Joey here, things were clearly progressing much too fast for Arthur’s liking and of course, Arthur never planned on sharing her with a big threatening jock like Joey. He wanted to share her with his non-threatening milquetoast pals.

Joey shrewdly watched Eleanor thinking things over and then interrupted her reverie. “I see the wheels turning in that noggin of yours, Eleanor, you little slut.”

“No one has ever called me a slut,” gasped Eleanor in dismay.

“Yeah, probably cause you look like a nerd with those glasses and you don’t normally show off that smoking hot body of yours,” said Joey confidently, looking Eleanor’s body up and down with appreciation.

“Maybe we should just call it a night,” said Lester, standing up suddenly.

“Lester, sit the fuck down,” demanded Joey sharply and Lester complied instantly, falling back down comically. “Don’t you want to see Eleanor naked? Arthur came here offering his wife to you and Herman. Why you want to hurt her feelings and reject her like that?”

“I didn’t, I’m not,” sputtered Arthur in confusion.

Eleanor held up her hand to forestall her husband’s protests. “Ok, Joey, just what makes you so sure that I am going to get naked?” she asked with a devilish smile.

“Shit, I could tell that by the look on your face just now when you realized what Arthur was up to,” said Joey leaning back in his seat confidently. “I could see that little sparkle in your eye. You are a straight up nerd slut. You would get down with these two for sure, but the question is, could you handle a real man like me?” and he gripped the huge bulge in his sweatpants for emphasis.

“Ah, you aren’t any more of a man than we are,” piped up Lester peevishly.

“Wow, Lester, way to stick up for yourself,” said Joey condescendingly. “I take it back, you are a real man too. But the question remains whether Eleanor is going to get down and dirty with me here or not.” Then he returned his attention to Eleanor.

She just giggled nervously under Joey’s intense gaze while Arthur shifted uncomfortably on the floor watching helplessly. “What’s the question again?” she asked.

“Here, look,” said Joey, clapping his hands together loudly and making everyone jump. He grinned at their reaction and rubbed his big callous palms together briskly. “Eleanor, stand up please and let us get a better look at you, will you?”

“You don’t have to,” offered Arthur meekly.

“She knows that,” snapped Joey sternly, shutting Arthur up. He gestured for Eleanor to stand up and she complied self-consciously. She stood before them with her hands folded in front of her. She noticed Lester and Herman looking her body over surreptitiously and the idea excited her.

“Now take your shirt off,” said Joey, licking his lips.

“Look here!” squawked Arthur indignantly. He felt that things were really getting out of control.

“Look where?” snarled Joey. “This is what you brought her over here for, isn’t it?”

“Not like this,” mumbled Arthur in confusion. He couldn’t believe this was happening. This wasn’t how he pictured things going at all.

“Don’t be mean to Arty,” pouted Eleanor defiantly. “I won’t do anything he doesn’t want me to do.”

“Ellie, you know he wants you to do it,” said Joey soothingly. “He just can’t admit it.”

Eleanor looked at her husband quizzically and bit her lip in consternation. She could tell what he was thinking. He wouldn’t mind her stripping if Joey wasn’t around. Joey wasn’t supposed to be part of the picture. Yet, here he was, wagging his big dick around and taking control of the whole situation. Eleanor found herself attracted to the sheer wrongness of stripping for Joey. It would be a deep affront to Arthur for his wife to strip for the same sort of dumb jock that used to cause him such grief. And yet, she yearned to do it. She wanted Joey to take control of her and put his dick in her while Arthur sat and watched. As she looked at her husband, she wondered if Arthur would get off on it too. She found it very odd that he hadn’t protested more so far. She decided to test the waters and see how upset Arthur would get.

“How about if I just take my shirt off?” Eleanor asked Arthur meekly.

“It’s too weird with him here,” said Arthur, nodding toward Joey, his heart racing.

“Is it?” asked Eleanor shakily. “Let’s just see.” And she went ahead and stripped her t-shirt off and stood there topless except for her bra. Lester and Herman’s eyes bulged out of there heads as they stared at her breasts, barely constrained by her lacy bra. She fought the urge to cross her arms over her bosom and she turned and jutted her chest out for Joey to see. “What do you think, Joey?” she asked, slightly abashed.

“Aww, yeah,” he laughed raucously. “I knew you were a slut. A nerd with a great rack, you can’t hold her back.” He tugged unconsciously on his cock while he ogled her pale, quivering cleavage.

Eleanor glanced at her husband as he sat there gaping like a fish out of water. The fact that he didn’t jump up and shout told her all she needed to know. “What do you think of my boobs, Lester? Am I signalling reproductive fitness?” she asked coyly. Then she bent down so that Lester could get a better look and shimmied her shoulders seductively.

Herman laughed in spite of himself and then bit his tongue when Arthur glared at him.

“Heh, yeah, wow,” said Lester, his forehead beading up with sweat. “Very fit, yes,” he stammered. “I think my glasses are going to get steamed up.”

“Quit teasing the dork and come here,” said Joey, jumping lithely to his feet and grabbing Eleanor in his arms forcefully.

“Omigod, Joey, what are you doing?” she squealed, giggling madly. She enjoyed the feeling of him crushing her slightly in his arms. He was acting out his primal urges and it stoked her desire for him.

“I’m taking charge now,” grunted Joey, reaching behind her and unsnapping her bra with alacrity.

“Oh no, you mustn’t,” she protested weakly, trying to hold her bra on and looking at her husband earnestly. Arthur had a visible bulge in his pants at this point and she felt confident that he was enjoying this little show in spite of himself.

“You know you want it,” mumbled Joey, tossing her bra aside and grasping her soft white orbs in his rough, calloused hands. He pinched her tender pink nipples and they grew stiff under his fingers, eliciting a gentle gasp from Eleanor. She reached down reflexively and gripped his boner protruding shamelessly through his sweatpants. His penis was thick and amazingly firm and she squeezed it with delightful anticipation.

“Joey, this is so fucked up,” gasped Herman, watching in fascination as his cousin molested his best friend’s wife and she gripped his dong eagerly in response.

“I know, I never fucked a guy’s wife in front of him before,” cackled Joey. “You see that Arthur, she didn’t waste any time getting ahold of my dick, did she?”

“Ellie, what are you doing?” whined Arthur as his wife tugged on Joey’s rod.

“It’s just so big and hard,” explained Eleanor, vaguely conscious that her eloquence was decaying as her mind became clouded with lust. She started gently tugging on Joey’s penis through his sweatpants while he ran his hands over her soft smooth flesh greedily. He bent over and started sucking lustily on her nipples. Eleanor’s cheeks were flushed deep red as she stood there being violated by this ruffian in front of her husband and his friends. Her pussy was sopping wet with yearning.

“Big and hard,” repeated Arthur stupidly, his penis unaccountably stiffening further at the sight of his wife tugging on this animal’s gonads.

Joey took a break from sucking Eleanor’s nipples and grasped her breasts in his hands. He pointed her nipples at Lester playfully. “Lester, can you believe the tits on this chick? Look at these bad boys.”

“Yes, I already said, she’s very fit,” responded Lester feeling his own penis stiffen at the sight of Eleanor’s luscious boobs.

“Let me see this ass,” demanded Joey, yanking Eleanor’s skirt and panties down to her knees forcefully. She gasped in surprise as her bush and bare ass were suddenly exposed for all to see. “That’s like a white girl version of a bubble butt,” exclaimed Joey gleefully. He bent down to peer at her round white buttocks and spanked one sharply in appreciation.

“Ow,” exclaimed Eleanor cutely. She liked how he took liberties with her and pulled on his penis more insistently.

“You are being quite rough with her,” complained Lester, shocked and aroused at the site of Eleanor’s naked body.

“Treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady, my friend,” said Joey with a smile. He turned her to the side forcibly and uncouthly slid his hand over her soft pale belly and then down between her legs. “Oh god,” she gasped as his finger probed her crotch and clumsily simulated her clitoris.

“But, but,” stammered Arthur, his cock throbbing in his pants while he looked on with a turbid mix of humiliation and arousal. He was sickened at the sight of this beast cavorting with his woman, but it was somehow much hotter than he imagined it would be. Joey really was more macho acting than Herman or Lester and it was exciting to watch this brutish monkey take control of his wife.

“Honey, just, I don’t know, maybe you should masterbate while you watch,” said Eleanor distantly as she kicked her panties and skirt aside and spread her legs slightly so that Joey could finger her more easily. She grabbed the waist of Joey’s sweatpants and yanked them down to his knees and his massive phallus came popping out and poked her in the stomach. She reached down and cupped his huge hairy balls in one hand while she slide her hand up and down the smooth skin of his shaft. “My god, look how big his testicles are!” she exclaimed turning to her husband in amazement. “They are enormous!”

“Yeah, that’s right,” said Joey smugly, spanking her ass again playfully for emphasis while she tugged his junk and he fingered her in mutual genital manipulation.

“I mean, yeah, really?” stammered Arthur helplessly. “Sure his gonads are bigger than mine, but then again so are a horse’s, but I don’t feel jealous of a horse.”

“Oh no, I don’t want to make you jealous,” apologized Eleanor as she held Joey’s prodigious organs in her hands. She adjusted her glasses to scrutinize his scrotum more closely. “I just haven’t seen anything like these. He is like an animal isn’t he?” she giggled.

“I take that as a compliment,” said Joey happily. “Now get down on your knees and suck that shit.” He pushed Eleanor’s shoulders down and she willingly complied, dropping to her knees before her new lover.

“Wow, this is really getting intense,” said Lester staring at Eleanor’s perfectly formed buttocks. “Can I masterbate too?” he asked her politely.

“Well I won’t be offended if you do,” she giggled as Joey slapped her mischievously in the face with his big boner. “I’ll just be sucking on this big damn thing I guess,” she laughed. Arthur’s stomach filled with ice as his wife greedily wrapped her mouth around Joey’s massive phallus. Lester wasted no time and quickly started fapping away madly as he watched Eleanor suck off the big jock.

“Man, look at your wife sucking my cock like there’s no tomorrow!” shouted Joey gleefully. He put his hands behind his head and thrust his hips forward rhythmically, cramming his huge dong deeper into Eleanor’s mouth as she fellated him with enthusiasm.

“Jeez, you don’t have to be such prick about it,” complained Herman looking at Arthur with concern.

“Oh fuck it,” sighed Arthur, unzipping his fly and pulling his stiff erection out of his pants. “This isn’t how I wanted it to go down, but oh well.” Arthur stroked his penis intensely as he watched his wife’s head bob up and down on Joey’s penis.

Herman shrugged and joined his two friends in jerking off while they watched the show of Arthur’s wife getting used for sex.

“What an amazing ass, she has,” breathed Lester, gazing at Eleanor’s round white ass as she rocked forward and back, sucking Joey’s dick with abandon.

“Slip it in there, man,” encouraged Joey. “She’ll never notice that little thing. She’ll barely feel it.”

“Very funny,” snapped Lester grumpily as he fingered his stiff but modest manhood.

“Look me in the eye, while you suck it,” demanded Joey. “I like that.”

Eleanor complied submissively, gazing up through her spectacles into Joey’s eyes with adoration with his penis stuffed in her mouth.

Arthur looked at with his lips wrapped around another man’s penis, her cheeks sucked in, and gazing up at him lovingly as he as his nerdy friends sat around watching and masturbating themselves.

“Do you have to look at him so beseechingly?” complained Arthur feeling more jealous of the look she gave Joey than the fact of the blowjob.

“Well, don’t forget that polyamory means you can love more than one person,” opined Herman sagely as he tugged his surprisingly fat penis. “Of course she can only love a lump like Joey in a primeval physical way, as opposed to the deeper, cerebral connection that you and she share.”

“Thank you, Herman, that was very eloquent,” said Eleanor, withdrawing Joey’s stump from her mouth.

“Yeah, I’m cool with that too,” grunted Joey with satisfaction. “As long as I get the pussy, I can’t complain. Lay down on your back and spread your legs,” he commanded Eleanor brusquely.

“Yes sir,” she responded with a mock salute. She obediently lay down on the floor and spread her legs invitingly for him. All the men gazed at her charming bush with fascination. Then she reached down and spread her labia for Joey, exposing the pink lining of her vagina.

“Oh jeez,” croaked Lester in consternation as semen started spouting from the tip of his penis onto the living room carpet.

“Ha, ha,” laughed Joey crudely. “Couldn’t hold it any more huh? You gotta clean that mess up, yourself, bro.” He stood stroking his colossal member as he looked down at Eleanor, graciously offering her snatch to him on the floor.

“Sorry,” apologized Lester with chagrin. “I just never saw a woman do that before. Well I never actually saw the inside of a vagina before,” he admitted sheepishly.

“Lester, poor dear, I didn’t realize,” said Eleanor sympathetically, fingering her clitoris idly as she waited for Joey to bestow his manhood upon her. “Arthur, we should let Lester fuck me next time.”

“Ok, I mean, whatever you want,” panted Arthur as he stroked himself sweatily.

“Wow, that would be great,” said Lester looking at Eleanor with gratitude.

“Aren’t you going to fuck me, Joey?” asked Eleanor sweetly, looking up at Joey with a come hither gaze.

“I’m savoring the moment,” said Joey proudly as he gripped his meat in his hands.

“Oh, your thing, it’s turning red,” said Eleanor, growing wetter and wetter in anticipation. “It’s red like a dog’s penis,” she added with a giggle.

“Woof woof,” barked Joey, climbing onto her and pushing his dong inside her tight, waiting snatch.

“Oh god, go slow,” she panted. “You are so big.”

“Ok, baby,” he said as he eased his thick shaft carefully down into her narrow hole. “Wow you are tight as hell. Tight and hot and wet. Holy fuck.”

“Urgh,” groaned Herman, as he ejaculated onto his own shirt.

“Yeah, that’s dirty,” agreed Lester, watching avidly as Joey fucked Eleanor on the floor. “Fuck her with your dog penis, you brute,” he encouraged.

“Wow, Lester, well said,” laughed Herman, reaching for a napkin to clean himself up.

“Yeah, he is like a rough, filthy beast, fucking my beauty,” mused Arthur as he approached climax himself. He stared with sick fascination as Joey’s muscular ass pistoned up and down as he drove himself insistently into Arthur’s wife.

“Oh, Joey, slow down, I just, oh no,” cried out Eleanor as she shuddered with a convulsive orgasm. Joey felt her twat tighten around his cock and struggled to hold back.

“Which is hotter?” he asked Arthur suddenly. “Cum inside her or cum on her belly so you can see it?”

“You fucker!” spat Arthur in response, but the rude comment pushed him over the edge as well and he started shooting sperm up into the air as he watched his wife get owned.

“Yeah, a little of each, then,” said Joey and he pumped a few loads of cum inside Eleanor and then pulled out and discharged his remaining jism onto her breasts and her belly. “Yeah, look at that, Arthur. I really used your wife good!” crowed Joey triumphantly thrusting his arms into the air after soaking Eleanor in semen.

“Now play nice, Joey,” said Eleanor condescendingly as she idly smeared his sticky ejaculate around the areola of her nipples. She was glowing in the aftermath of her climax and she looked quite beautiful laying there.

“Whatever,” said Joey, straddling her agilely and pushing his softening cock rudely into her mouth. “Clean this up for me,” he laughed. Eleanor complied willingly, and Arthur gut wrenched again at the look of pure devotion in her eyes as she looked up at Joey while she sucked his limp dick.

“That’s enough,” said Joey with satiety. “I’m done with you.” He jumped to his feet and stretched his big muscled body. “Wow, that was awesome,” he said flexing his biceps. “Your nerd wife can really put out like a champ,” he told Arthur, mussing his hair playfully.

“Get off me,” squeaked Arthur, slapping Joey’s hands away.

“Get off me,” mocked Joey good naturedly as he pulled his sweatpants back on. “Look I really enjoyed putting on this little show for you dorks, but now I’m going to go get some grub and find some real booze. Smell ya later!” Joey waved broadly and strode casually out of the room.

Only Eleanor waved in reply and she watched him leave with a slight pang of disappointment. She didn’t really want to hang out with Joey but she had hoped he would slap her with his penis a little more before he left. She turned to her husband and his two friends, all sitting with sticky, limp penises protruding from their pants as she lay there naked before them, covered in some jock’s cum. “Well, he was nice,” she offered awkwardly.

“He’s sort of prick, actually,” said Lester, his penis starting to swell again slightly at the sight of Elanor’s naked body spread out before him.


“Wow, are you getting hard again, Lester?” she asked, looking at his penis with interest. “You just came.”

“Yeah, but you are still naked,” explained Lester as his johnson rose slowly to attention.

“Oh yeah, you are a virgin,” she said thoughtfully. “Here, I will go shower that nasty man’s seed off myself and then you can have a go at me,” she said with a wicked smile. She stood up awkwardly and stretched herself, the three young men admiring her amazing body as she did so. “Do you want to watch again, dear, or would that be too much to handle for one day?” she asked Arthur lightly.

“I guess I will watch again,” said Arthur numbly.

“Fantastic, I will meet you boys in Herman’s bedroom,” she said, clapping her hands together happily and dancing off in a spritely mood.

“Do you have a book on polyamory?” Arthur asked Herman apprehensively. “I’ve got to read up on this stuff.”

“Certainly, my good man. I understand exactly how you feel,” said Herman, patting his comrade on the shoulder as the three friends headed up to the bedroom for further debauchery.

Gustav Jorgenson’s cuckold stories:
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Exhibitionist Wife Tales: 15 stories of wives cheating in public
Most Popular collection: Gustav’s Selected Shorts
Giant chunks of cuck erotica: Wives Cheating Vol 1-5 Box, Collected Longs
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Wife Entertains Guy Friend in Her Underwear

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.5

I came home from work to find my wife in front of the bedroom mirror in nothing but a bra and panties.

“Uh, hey, you look hot like that,” I said.

“Thank you, dear,” she said, distractedly offering me her cheek to kiss.

“But, ah, why aren’t you dressed?” I asked.

“My friend Brendan is coming over,” she said as though that explained anything.

It took me a minute to process this. I knew she was friends with this guy Brendan and they occasionally went hiking or out to coffee together, but I never thought much of it. Now I was suddenly starting to feel jealous.

“That doesn’t really answer my question,” I said, rubbing my head in confusion. “You should still be getting dressed if Brendan is coming over.”

“No, I’m going to just wear this,” she said, turning to look me in the eye seriously. “Do you think it will turn him on?”

I had to laugh nervously as my stomach roiled with anxiety. “What kind of question is that? Of course seeing you in your underwear would turn on any red-blooded heterosexual man,” I blubbered. Though in her mid-forties, my wife still had an excellent figure, a slim waist and ample tits and ass.

“Oh good,” she exhaled in relief. “I don’t want to make a fool of myself.” She primped her hair a bit more and I stood speechless for a moment until the doorbell rang. “Oh, that’s him now!” she exclaimed excitedly and she dashed from the room.

“Honey, wait, I don’t understand,” I called, chasing after her as she skipped down the hall to answer the front door.

“Oh, I think you understand quite well,” she said with a smirk, pausing with her hand on the front door handle. “What part of me greeting my boyfriend in my underwear is confusing you?”

“Boyfriend?” I gasped, taken aback. “Since when is Brendan your ‘boyfriend’?”

“Shhh,” she shushed me impatiently and then threw the door open. “Brendan! How are you, darling?” she gushed throwing herself, half-naked into his arms. I hadn’t actually met Brendan in person before and I was a little intimidated by how big and burly he was.

“Whoa, what’s this all about?” asked Brendan with a laugh, embracing my wife readily and pulling her against him. “Where are you clothes?”

“What’s the matter?” asked my wife pulling away coquettishly. “Don’t you like the way I look?” She thrust her chest out and shook her boobs for him while I gaped in shock.

“Oh, yeah, those are nice,” he said, casually gripping one of her tits in his big meaty hand. He looked at me as though noticing me for the first time but didn’t release my wife’s breast. He just kept kneading it as he addressed me. “You must be Arnold, Jenny’s husband. Why are you letting your wife run around half-naked like this?”

“It wasn’t my idea,” I blustered angrily. “And can you take your hand off my wife’s bosom please? That’s very inappropriate.”

“Yes, you bad boy, how dare you touch my boobie like that,” teased my wife, slapping his shoulder playfully but not pulling away from him.

“Fuck, you can’t go jumping into my arms in your underwear and not expect me to feel you up,” chuckled Brendan, reaching his other hand up so that he could weigh one of my wife’s tits in each hand. I was humiliated to see her put her hands on his hips, granting him full access to her gorgeous chest.

“You really need to unhand my wife right now,” I insisted. My pits were growing damp and I was feeling a little afraid of Brendan and ashamed of how my wife was giggling as he fondled her.

“Yeah, this is weird, huh?” he said, wagging his eyebrows at me rudely as he pinched my wife’s nipples through her bra.

“Oh, don’t taunt my husband like that, honey. It isn’t nice,” coaxed Jenny, pulling his hands reluctantly away from her knockers and holding them in her hands. “Come inside and let’s have a drink.”

I stepped aside clumsily as my wife drew Brendan into the house and he just ignored me as he ogled my wife’s round butt cheeks partly exposed by her flimsy panties.

“Close the door, Arny,” he called over his shoulder. “Were you raised in a barn?”

I gritted my teeth and slammed the door angrily before scurrying back to the living room to confront my wife and her friend.

“Darling, pour us some wine, will do, dear?” my wife begged me sweetly as she pushed Brendan down on the couch and planted herself in his lap.

“Now look here, Jenny, this isn’t proper!” I stammered, feeling my heart pounding in my chest and sweat beading on my brow.

“There is nothing improper about wine,” she pouted one arm slung over Brendan’s shoulder as he wrapped his thick arms around her and started rubbing the bare skin of her thighs and belly.

“I’m not talking about the wine, I’m talking about you sitting in Brendan’s lap like that, and, uh, the way he touched your boobs at the door,” I choked, feeling nauseous and anxious.

“Wine sounds good,” offered Brendan neutrally as he tucked one hand between my wife’s thighs and rubbed her rump with the other hand.

“Honey, Brendan was just fooling around,” sighed my wife. “Honestly, do you have to make a big deal out of every little thing?”

“Every little thing?” I asked, exasperated.

“They aren’t that little,” murmured Brendan as he casually unsnapped the back of my wife’s bra.

“Stop it you,” laughed my wife, holding the cups of her bra against her chest to keep her bra from falling off. “Arnold. Wine. Now. Please!” demanded my wife, motioning toward the kitchen with her elbow while Brendan rubbed her back lasciviously.

“I, uh, oh shit,” I rushed from the room with my pulse pounding in my ears, unsure of how to handle this situation. My wife often flirted harmlessly with other men, and I never thought anything of it. But this was different. She was really egging Brendan on. And he was much more aggressive and dickish about it than the other guys my wife and I normally associated with. I hurriedly poured out three glasses of wine and carried them precariously back out to the living room only to find that my wife had lost her bra and was kissing Brendan with an open mouth while her squeezed her bare boobs and pinched her nipples. They were both moaning.

“Holy fuck, you guys, come on!” I cried, nearly spilling the wine.

“Oops, sorry honey,” panted my wife pulling her mouth away from Brendan’s. “I guess we got a little carried away. Here, hand me those glasses before you drop them.”

She slid lithely off of Brendan’s lap to land snugly next to him on the couch and reached out to receive the glasses of wine. I instinctively handed them to her, distracted by the sight of her jiggling naked breasts.

“Oh, that’s a wonderful cabernet,” she said, taking a big gulp of her wine and handing a glass to Brendan while I stood before them awkwardly.

“What was that all about?” I demanded.

“What was what all about?” asked my wife innocently. She sat there topless, legs crossed, drinking her wine with perfectly nonchalance as though showing her boobs to another man was a perfectly normal thing to do.

“Making out topless on the couch with another man while he felt you up, that’s what,” I exclaimed, spittle flying from my incensed lips.

“Sit down, dear, you are making nervous,” commanded Jenny. “We were just horsing around a little, darling. A few innocent smooches and bit of friendly petting is all.”

“Friendly petting,” I repeated, still gazing at her swinging breasts as I took a seat across from my wife and her new boyfriend. “That’s not OK. You are my wife.”

“Hey man, I know how you feel. I would be freaked out if I was married and some stranger came in and started getting it on with my lady,” said Brendan with a crooked smile.

“Yeah, uh, right,” I said struggling to understand the situation. “Jenny, can you put a top on, please?”

“But honey, I like being topless. My boobs need to breathe,” insisted my wife, raising her hands above her head and wiggling her tits at me.

“Raarr,” snarled Brendan as he bent over to clamp one mouth on my wife’s nipple. She cradled his head in her hand as he slurped loudly, sucking on her boob.

“Oh you naughty man,” she said. She pulled his head back up gently and kissed him passionately.

I just sat there watching helplessly as they resumed necking on the couch. They kissed open mouthed, tongues flicking back and forth while Brendan squeezed Jenny’s bare boobs and she clutched his crotch, kneading the growing bulge in his pants insistently.

“Goddammit,” I grumbled, watching in annoyance as my wife worked her new lover’s hardon. My gut was knotted up in jealousy but a perverse interest came over me and I couldn’t help but watch in fascination as she unzipped his fly and started yanking on his stiff dong.

“Just let me suck his penis for a second,” she told me as she bent down and inserted the red swollen head of his dick into her soft wet mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah, you little slut, suck that shit,” grunted Brendan putting his huge paw on the back of my wife’s head as her bobbed up and down in his lap as she gave him a blowjob. Then he looked over at me with a sheepish grin. “Uh, hey buddy, I guess it’s kind of awkward for me to be sitting here with my dick in your wife’s mouth and all, but no hard feelings, huh?”

At that moment, my wife whimpered with passion and slurped more urgently on Brendan’s dick as she reached back to slip her panties off and I could feel my own penis growing stiff at the sight of my naked wife voraciously sucking off her boyfriend in front of me. She dropped to her hands and knees on the carpet in front of him, arching her back to offer her swollen cunt to him and he casually slid down to kneel behind her so he could introduce his thick rod into her hot tight snatch.

She moaned loudly as he entered her and I had to unzip my fly and jerk myself as I ogled Brendan owning my woman doggystyle on the living room carpet. Her tits were swinging like pendulums back and forth as he gripped my wife’s wide hips and banged her from behind. Then he switched tactics and pushed my wife’s head roughly down to the carpet which made her cry out in surprise and then whimper submissively as he continued roughly violating her from the rear. It didn’t take him long before he pulled out and started pumping hot spurts of cum all over her bare round ass, coating her butt cheeks in glistening jism. She frantically rubbed her clit to bring herself to climax, crying out loudly as she came and her loud remonstration brought me to the edge and I was firing my load up into the air, making a mess of my pants with my own semen.

“Ok, I’m out of here,” said Brendan, patting my wife’s sticky rump affectionately.

“No, wait, stay with me,” cried my wife, clinging to him as he tried to rise and depart.

“Too weird with your hubby here,” he said, looking at me with my limp dick in my hand and my soiled trousers.

“Well then, let’s go to your place,” she begged as he pulled away and zipped up his fly.

“Well, ok, but just throw something on, because I’m not hanging around here,” he said gruffly striding out of the living room purposefully.

And she did. My wife just threw on on a long coat over her naked body and fled right out the door after him without even saying goodbye to me. She called later that night to tell me she was sleeping over at Brendan’s but that she would be home tomorrow and that she would make it up to me for being so naughty. All night long, I sat up, thinking about her sucking Brendan’s dick or laying there naked while he fucked the living shit out of her all night. And I have to admit, I jerked myself raw just thinking about it and I came three of four times until the ejaculate was just dribbling out and my testicles were empty.

Gustav Jorgenson’s cuckold stories:
NEW! Slut Wife, Happy Life: Naughty Wife Tales, also availabe as an audiobook.
Exhibitionist Wife Tales: 15 stories of wives cheating in public
Most Popular collection: Gustav’s Selected Shorts
Giant chunks of cuck erotica: Wives Cheating Vol 1-5 Box, Collected Longs
Hate reading?  Try an audiobook “What’s My Wife Doing With That Guy?” Audiobook

Nerdy Wife Gets Naked at Burning Man

By Gustav Jorgenson
Excerpted from “Exhibitionist Wife Tales

My wife Janet is a computer programmer and when I lost my job as an assistant professor at the state school I was working at, she convinced me to move with her to San Francisco so she could get a job at a Silicon Valley startup and make some real money.  Now, just so you understand, we are both nerdy mid-westerners who hadn’t traveled much, so we found the culture of San Francisco to be pretty wild.  They have these crazy street fairs where people walk around in bondage gear and things like that.  

And then there is Burning Man.  Oh man, don’t get me started on Burning Man.  It all started when we were attending an office party at my wife’s startup JizzMo, a combination speed dating app, car service, and collaborative data sharing platform with an Augmented Reality interface.  I know, I know, don’t ask me how the hell those go together, but they got a lot of funding.  And every Friday, the employees are expected to hang out drinking cocktails after work.

Janet dragged me along to this abominable hijacking of personal time to advance corporate culture and I found myself chatting with Marcel, the CEO and founder of the company.  He was one of those spiritual sociopaths that greets you with a “namaste” but has the heart of a cold blooded killer who will stop at nothing to advance shareholder value.

“So of course, we are closing up shop for two weeks at the end of the summer so everyone can go to burning man,” said Marcel, taking a sip of his cocktail, and shaking his head to straighten his ponytail.  “Do you have your tickets yet?”

“Uh, no, of course not, I don’t even know what you are talking about,” snorted Janet.  She pushed her thick framed glasses back up on her nose to keep them from falling off as she laughed her cute but dorky laugh which was just a little nasal.  She was dressed in her usual baggy sweatshirt and jeans that hid her shapely figure.

Marcel stopped short and stared at Janet and then at me, utterly astonished.  “Burning man?  Black rock city?  Festival in the desert?”

I cleared my throat nervously.  “I mean, I’ve HEARD of it, I guess.”  I trailed off awkwardly.  I didn’t like feeling like a yokel, but it couldn’t be helped.

“Oh my gosh, well you have to come as my guests this year, you can stay at my camp, the Erotic HiveMind,” gushed Marcel excitedly.  “Here, let me show you pictures from last year.  See we all go out into the desert and build these amazing art installations and you meet the most amazing people and everyone has a simply marvelous time.”

Marcel flipped rapidly through the pictures on his monstrously huge cell phone, while Janet looked on in interest.  There were crazy vehicles of all description, even a steampunk train/mansion on wheel.  Then Marcel came to a picture of himself with some women who were wearing nothing but body paint.  He himself was naked from the waist down and was sporting a shocking erection as he smiled peacefully at the camera.

“Whoa, showing me your dick pics, huh, pretty saucy, I might need to contact HR about you,” giggled my wife.

“Ah, so sorry, I forgot that picture was in there,” said Marcel, flipping past smoothly to some more pictures of amazingly hot women wearing nothing but body paint in various cosplay styles.

“No wait, go back I want to see,” said Janet, and she swiped back a few frames to the photo where Marcel’s penis was on display.  She looked from the picture down to Marcel’s crotch and back again while he smiled softly at her.  “You are packing some heat, huh, boss?” she teased.

“Ok, not appropriate,” I complained, but Janet was right, Marcel did have a pretty huge cock.

“So people like to get naked huh?  Freaky,” said Janet.  She scrutinized the body paint of the women.  “The body paint is so well done, it’s amazing.”

“Oh yes, our friend Ox does that, he’s amazingly talented,” said Marcel genially.  “Of course, Ox is just his playa name.”

“Playa name, right, whatever,” said my wife, flipping her own ponytail dismissively.  “So these chicks let a dude spray paint all over their privates?  Is he a straight guy?”

“Ox is an artiste,” said Marcel with a condescending smile.

“Yeah right,” shot back Janet, she could barely contain her merriment and and snuffled excitedly.  “You guys are a bunch of perverts!”

“Do you think so?” he asked.  He looked my wife over thoughtfully, the frumpy little nerd whose glasses were getting steamed up thinking about naked body paint.  “Are you sure you wouldn’t want to try it?”

“Ha, Sam would love that, wouldn’t you honey?” guffawed my wife.  She elbowed me in the ribs so hard, I nearly doubled over.  “How would you like that, Sammy?  I could strip naked out in the desert and let some strange guy named Ox squirt paint all over my hoo-ha and then run off chasing Marcel while he lets his dongle swing free in the breeze!”

“While dropping Ecstasy at the same time, of course,” I added sardonically, trying to sound hip.  I mean, I assumed they are doing some crazy drugs out there.

“Oh, you two are so silly,” said Marcel, waving a hand at us effeminately.  “But seriously, you should really join us.  It’s a life changing experience.”

“I’ll think it over,” said Janet.  “But can you send me some more of those pictures with your pants off?  I want to do some, ah,  research,” she joked, this time aiming to jab Marcel in the ribs.

But Marcel, adroitly deflected my wife’s jibe, and drew her into a friendly side-hug instead.  “Of course, that is, as long as it wouldn’t bother your husband?”

My face burned hot at my wife’s shameless flirting with her boss.  She didn’t handle her liquor very well.  But I swallowed my bile and smiled weakly at Marcel while poor Janet nearly hyperventilated with amusement.  “I’m not, I mean, they are just pictures I guess,” I said awkwardly.

“Oh we have a lot of, you know, pretty fun pictures.  With all consenting adults, of course.  Consent is a big part of our camp culture,”  said Marcel and mind eyes started to glaze over as he went into some politically correct digression.  But I noticed how he rubbed my wife’s back pretty enthusiastically and she seemed quite happy to wrap her arm around around his waist in response.

“Ok, yeah, well, that all sounds real good,” I said, trying to tug my wife out of his grasp.

Janet glared at me and snuggled up closer to Marcel’s side.

“Honey, can I talk to alone for a moment?” I asked through gritted teeth.

“Oh alright!” she pouted.  “It was nice talking to you Marcel.  Seriously, send me those pictures!”

Marcel laughed and reluctantly released my wife.  I dragged her away, waving at him absently.

“You are sauced up, I’m taking you home,” I hissed to Janet as she stumbled along by my side.

“Oh, pull the stick out of your ass, I was just joking around,” she sighed.  Then she hiccuped loudly and put her hand over her mouth.  “I might be a little drunk though, we better go.”

I was going to scold her for her immodest behavior with her boss once we got the car, but she was snoring by the time I got into the driver’s seat and I actually had to carry her inside and put her to bed when we got home.

By the next morning I had put the incident out of my mind and we were having coffee in the kitchen.  Janet was checking her mail on her laptop when she called out in surprise.

“Can you believe the nerve of this guy?  What a cheeky monkey!” she exclaimed.  She turned her computer toward me and showed me an entire gallery of NSFW Burning Man pictures that Marcel had sent her.  There were lots of pictures of him with his dick out with naked painted ladies.  A couple of them were really hardcore with a woman wearing nothing but a pink feather boa and glittering platform boots giving him head in front of  an entire crowd of onlookers.

“Holy shit, that chick fit half his dong down her throat,” gasped my wife.  “That’s quite an accomplishment.  I bet I could barely fit the head in my mouth.”

“Honey!” I snapped indignantly.  The thought of my wife trying to fit Marcel’s cock into her mouth made my stomach flip and I felt a bit nauseated.

Janet just guffawed and slapped my shoulder.  “Oh come on, Sammy, I’m just playing around.  These pictures ARE pretty raunchy though.  I’m surprised he sent them.”

“You TOLD him to send them,” I blurted in exasperation.

Janet paused as she thought for a moment.  “Oh yeah, well, I was pretty drunk.”

“Yes you were, and you were flirting madly with that prick,” I said grumpily.

“I wasn’t, err, flirting really and, uh, Marcel is really a nice guy, he’s not a prick. He’s spiritual.”

I just scoffed in response.  “He would sign a favorable term sheet with his own mother’s blood.”

Janet thought that over for a minute.  “Probably true.   Nonetheless he’s nice to me.”  She screwed up her face and looked at me quizzically.  “Should we go do it?”

“Do what?”

“Burning Man!  Marcel invited us to join his camp.”

I scratched my cheek and gave my wife a worried look.  She was smiling cheerfully at me from behind her thick rimmed glasses, her pale blue eyes the picture of innocence.  “I don’t think you understand the effect you have on men, honey.  You still think of yourself as a nerdy tomboy, but I think this guy actually wants to fuck you.”

Janet snorted and slapped her thigh in merriment.  “The effect I have on men!  Since when?  Come on, Sammy, I AM a nerdy tomboy.  You know I’m no slutty harlot about town.  I know it looks like a lot of sexytime is happening at Burning Man but the other women at the office are all really excited about it and everyone wants me to come along.  They said that there is lots to do like dancing and looking at art and meeting new people.  It’s not just sex and drugs.”

“Yeah well…”

“Everyone at the office is going,” whined Janet.  She stamped her foot in frustration.  “I want to fit in, you know.  Besides, we left home to get exposure to that big wide world out there and this is a great opportunity to expand our horizons.”

“Ok, ok, but no running around in naked body paint for you, promise?” I asked.  I felt a sense of dread about this whole thing.

“Ha, ha, no promises, no promises,” she chuckled, wriggling in her chair with glee.  “How am I going to get Marcel’s attention if I keep my clothes on the whole time?”

“Please, don’t even joke about that,” I stammered weakly.  But Janet just waved a hand at me and started sending out emails to make arrangements for us to go to Burning Man.


There was a lot of preparation involved from stocking up on dehydration tablets to personal lighting which I guess is needed so we wouldn’t get run over by an art car on the playa in the dark.  Also we had to plan costumes to wear which wasn’t too hard for us since we both were big into cosplay and regularly dressed up for sci fi conventions.  Marcel assured us that they would provide water and tents for us, but we would need to bring our own food and other supplies.

The beginning was something of a blur looking back on it.  After a long drive and a hellish wait in a long hot line of cars at the entrance, we finally arrived.  I recall that there was more dust than I could imagine and the exhaustion of setting up of tents in the blazing heat.  When night came, lights flickered all around us.  TIny fireflies dotted the playa in every direction, the rainbow lights of the burners, their cars, and art installations in the desert, while the entire milky way spun overhead.  At some point someone gave Janet and I some pills and things got weird.

“Well I think it’s time for you to get your body painted,” said Marcel leaning over my wife shakily while she looked up at him enthralled.  She was a doe caught in the headlights, utterly inebriated.

“Yeah, you would like that wouldn’t you?” chortled Janet, trying to make light of the situation.

Marcel leaned in closer, backing her up against the wall of the hexayurt.  He put his hands on the wall to either side of of my wife’s head.

“Uh, Marcel,” I said.  But the words came out garbled.  A woman sitting on the rugs beside me looked over blearily, but she couldn’t understand me and soon returned her attention to Marcel as he was pressuring my wife to get naked.

“I would like that,” admitted Marcel.  “I think you would look beautiful in body paint.”

Janet snorted again but she was clearly aroused by his advances and her cheeks started to flush.

I was too high to formulate a coherent response but I was surprised to notice my penis growing stiffer as Marcel loomed above my wife.  I noticed with surprise that I was wearing a toga for some reason.  Good god I must have been stoned as hell.  I couldn’t even recall putting that on.  One unfortunate side effect of popping an erection in a toga is that it’s hard to disguise.  My stiff penis created a conspicuous tent and the woman lying next to me on the rug sat up on her elbow and covered her mouth in shock as she gazed blearily at my protrusion.

“Ha-how about this idea,” gulped my wife nervously, never bothering to look in my direction.  “You get naked first and I will paint YOU.”

“Ok, it’s a deal,” said Marcel.  “Come on, let’s go to Oxes tent and get started.”  He offered my wife his hand and lead her out of the yurt while I stared numbly after them, barely able to move.

“Aren’t you going to go with your wife and uh, watch her paint, um Marcel?” asked the woman next to me thickly.  She licked her lips as she eyed my priapic bulge.

“Fuck, yeah, I should do that,” I said, but I felt as though I were laying at the bottom of a swimming pool.

“No, I mean, you can hang out with me if you want to,” she said.  We made eye contact and I took her true meaning and my penis grew stiffer yet.  But then I thought of my nerdy little wife with that aggressive sociopath and I sat up suddenly.

“Oh shit, uh, we should hang out later,” I told her.  I climbed to my feet unsteadily, covered my groin to hide my immodesty.  The proportions of the yurt seemed to bend and twist around me strangely.  A couple other people laying around the hut gazed up glassily as I swayed past them, but then they fell back into their trances as the music pounded and swirled insistently all around us.

Where the hell was that sound system blasting from? I wondered.  I was completely fucked up, but luckily Ox’s tent was just across the square of the camp, though the distance seemed to stretch and shrink again as I stumbled forward..  I entered just in time to see Marcel pulling his pants down so that my wife could paint his body.  She was sitting on a stool before her boss, airbrush held tentatively in hand as Ox crouched beside her, the tiger stripe tattoos on his bare muscular arm glistening in the lamp light.  When Marcel’s huge cock came popping out, Janet gasped at the sight of it.  The big meaty phallus hung down like a massive turkey neck and I made a sound of annoyance at the sight.

Janet noticed me and waved guiltily.  “Oh, hi honey, I was wondering where you were.”

“What the fuck are you doing?” I managed to ask.

“Um, I was going to paint, uh, Marcel’s penis I guess?” she told me.  She seemed pretty confused about the whole thing but also a bit breezy.

“Yeah, that’s not cool,” I complained.  But the room was shifting and ratcheting around me in a distracting way and I lost my train of thought.

My wife noticed my disorientation and shrugged.  “How does this work again, Ox?” she asked him stupidly.

“Uh, yeah, you just push the button here down.  The harder you push the harder the pressure, pull back to spread the spray wider,” the big bald man said.

“Har, har, that’s what HE said,” chortled my wife.  Both Marcel and Ox thought that was funny but I just grimaced.  Janet bit her lip seductively as she eyed Marcel’s cock and brought the brush to bear on it.  “Um, I have to steady my hand,” she said, looking up at Marcel timidly.  He nodded his head in agreement and my wife gripped Marcel’s thigh and his dangling member twinged in response.

“Oh, boy,” gasped Janet noticing that Marcel’s cock was starting to come to life.

“This is totally fucked up,” I managed to blurt out as the room went slipping past one frame at a time.

“I know that, honey,” said my wife and she started spurting paint onto her boss’s cock randomly.

He broke out laughing.  “Wow, that’s cold,” he grunted.  His cock was half erect now and pointing yearningly toward my wife’s face.

“I’m just, I have no idea what I’m doing,” laughed Janet.  She handed the airbrush to Ox.”Um, here, let me help you clean up so Ox can do a proper job.”  Janet grabbed a towel from the ground and Marcel thrust his hips out toward her, offering his half-erect, paint splattered cock for cleaning.

“You can’t be serious,” I gasped.

“Why, what’s the matter?” asked my wife nonchalantly as she gripped Marcel’s cock in the towel and started stroking up and down to clean the paint off.  He groaned in pleasure in response.

“You’re fucking giving him a handjob with that towel, Janet,” I cried.  But I couldn’t move from the spot where I was standing because the entire floor of the tent of was bouncing up and down like a trampoline.

“Oh, jeez, wow, yeah, he’s getting sort of hard,” giggled my wife as she stroked him more firmly.  “Here let me clean your balls too,” she offered, looking up lustily at Marcel as she reached under with her other hand and started rubbing Marcel’s balls with the towel.

“You can’t just give another guy a fucking, handjob, Janet,” I complained.  “Seriously, what the hell?”  But my cock was growing harder and harder as I watched my wife working her boss’s big tool with the towel.

“You make it seem so gross,” she said. She withdrew her hand and looked longingly at Marcel dong, now standing proudly at attention.  “I was just cleaning off the sloppy paint job I did, and I guess his thing reacted to that or something.”

“Duh, what the hell did you think would happen?”

“Look, why don’t you undress now, so that Ox can paint you?” said Marcel, gripping his dick in anticipation.

“Oh wow, are you going to, uh, touch yourself like that while I get undressed?” asked my wife.

“Is that a problem?” he asked her smoothly as he gripped his big rod.

“Oh, no, just a little kinky I guess,” she laughed weakly as she stood up and started unzipping her jeans.  Ox thought that was very funny for some reason and broke out laughing madly.

“No, I think you should go in the other room while Janet undresses,” I said.

“Why, Sam?” he asked me quizzically.

“It’s not proper, and really it’s not proper for a married woman to go around naked with body paint,” I sputtered.  But the room started twirling as I made my stand and I had to sit down suddenly.

Janet looked at me with concern as I fell, then she sighed.  “Uh, honey, lots of stuff isn’t really proper at burning man in case you haven’t noticed.”

Just then the woman from the hexayurt came poked her head in.  “Oh, here you are,” she said.  She fixed me with an intense smile.  Then she noticed Marcel with his boner and my wife with her pants half off.  “Oops, uh, do you guys mind if I join you?” she asked.

“Come on in, Mandy,” agreed Janet cheerfully.  “Marcel wants me to strip now, but my husband is freaked out about it.”  My wife stood there indecisively with her jeans  half down and her milky white thighs exposed.  Ox and Marcel were looking at her exposed legs hungrily.

“Oh you should definitely let her strip,” Mandy said, dropping down next to me and gripping my thigh in an overly familiar way.  “She needs to come out of her shell a little and this is the perfect setting.  You need to loosen up about it.”  Mandy moved her hand up and was gripping my inner thigh under my toga now, making my erection stiffen.

“I’m just, not comfortable with all this,” I grunted as I pitched a tent in my toga again.  Mandy licked her lips as she contemplated my bulge.

“You kinda look like you’re popping a boner though,” commented my wife.  “Maybe part of you likes it when I’m a little naughty?”  She slipped off her jeans the rest of the way and stood there in her t-shirt and panties, her pale shapely legs fully exposed.

“Yeah, he’s definitely really hard right now,” agreed Mandy excitedly.  “You can tell.”  She pointed a finger at my penis, nearly touching it.

“Hey, don’t touch my husband’s penis, you slut,” laughed Janet, clapping her hands in amusement.

“Not even with just one finger?” asked Mandy.  She gave me a steamy look as she used her index finger to flick the head of my cock down, but it sprang back into place since my erection was so stiff.

“You hussy!” chuckled Janet.  “You aren’t allowed to play with his boner like that.”

“Ok, sorry,” said Mandy, folding her hands primly in her lap.  She was wearing nothing but a tiny bikini and I tried not to look at her body.

“Here, just take your shirt off now,” coaxed Marcel urgently.  He was still gripping his tool in a way I didn’t like.

Janet snorted with nervous laughter as she pulled her panties down, exposing the dark neatly trimmed triangle of her snatch.  Marcel groaned at the sight and started stroking himself harder.

“Like that huh?” she asked trying to make a joke, but her voice cracked slightly as she gazed fixedly at Marcel’s stiff veiny erection.  

The woman slid down next to me and put her hand surreptitiously under my toga, easily locating my erection and nearly making me jump.  She put her fingers to her lips, shushing me as she gently started stroking the base of my cock.  Then she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I’ll touch you while you watch your wife with Marcel, it will be hot.”  Then the strange woman nibbled on my earlobe and my cock gave a spasm of pleasure.

Janet was totally oblivious to us there on the floor of Ox’s tent as she removed her shirt for Marcel.  He ran eyes up and down my nerdy wife’s hourglass figure, uttering a growl of approval as she awkwardly got her bra unsnapped and released her big bouncing boobs.  Her nipples were bright pink and erect and her body was milky white as the strange woman stroked my erection for me.

“She’s offering herself to him,” hissed the woman into my ear as she gripped my dong under my toga.  “See that?  Your innocent little wife is turning into a slut.”

I watched in a daze as Ox started gently applying layer after layer of paint while Marcel watched in fascination stroking his cock shamelessly all the while.  The strange woman and I lay on the floor while we watched as well.  I managed to slip one hand down the front of her bikini and I rubbed her clitoris as she tugged my rod more and more insistently.  We watched as Ox sprayed my wife’s nipples, making her coo as they stiffened and I nearly came right then.  The woman was getting close too, wriggling more and more under my insistent fingering.

I gave a moan as Janet spread her legs graciously so that Ox could delicately spray her cunt with paint.  It was only after he was done that I realized he had painted my wife as a german beerhall girl.  And the funny thing was that from a distance it really looked like she was wearing clothes.  Janet looked over and asked me what I thought and the strange woman and I frantically tried to withdraw our hands from each other’s genitals.

“How do I- HEY! What are you guys doing over there?” asked my wife with surprise.

“Nothing, nothing, you look great, Turn around,” I said trying to hide the erection in my toga with my hand.

My nerdy wife turned and presented her painted round rump for inspection.  The paint job of her dirndl looked amazing, but then I noticed a little sign painted on Janet’s back.  “Insert penis here,” read the sign with an arrow pointing down toward Janet’s jutting buttocks.

‘Insert penis here!” laughed the woman, clapping her hands with delight.  “Girl, they painted that on your back!  ‘Insert penis here’ with an arrow pointing down at your butt.”

“Are you shitting me?” snorted my wife incredulously.  “Ox?”

“Ha, ha, sorry, I was just joking around,” said Ox.  “I’ll paint over it.”

“No, no, that’s fine, leave it,’ said Janet giving Marcel a devilish look.

‘Yeah, you should leave it and see what happens,” said Marcel, groping his stiff junk as he ogled my wife’s big jiggling painted tits.

“Why? Would you want to take me up on that offer?” asked my wife putting her finger in her mouth and swinging her shoulders back and forth, making her boobs go wild.

“Oh, yeah!” grunted Marcel, licking his lips.

“Marcel, you are offering to fuck me!” giggled my wife.  “You can’t do that, I’m married, and you are my boss!  I’m telling HR!  Did you hear what he said, honey?”  she asked me.

“Uh, yeah, that’s a little cheeky,” I admitted.

“He’s a real cheeky little monkey,” Janet said lustily as she pressed herself up against Marcel and his cock poked her in the belly.  “Aren’t you?” she whispered.

“You know it,” he told her, reaching around to grab her bare painted buttocks.

I gulped in shock but my cock was still standing hard at attention.  “Janet, come on now,” I croaked.  The blood was pounding in my ears.

“You’re right, I can’t fuck HIM, he’s my boss!” laughed Janet suddenly.  She pulled herself from Marcel’s grasp and slapped his penis away from her playfully.  “I need to go find someone new to insert his thing back there.”  And my wife cackled with glee as she ran out of the tent.

“Ho, ho, you little vixen, get back here, I want first crack at that pussy,” chortled Marcel, paying me no mind as he chased after my fleeing wife.

“Dude, I think Marcel is really gonna fuck your wife,” said Ox, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

“Nevermind that, wanna fuck?” asked the strange woman, she was wriggling out of her bikini bottoms urgently and I was torn for a moment as I saw the dark patch of her bush emerge.

“Oh, shit, oh shit,” I murmured, nursing my straining dong.  But my marital loyalty got the better of me, and I worried about my pretty little nerdball wife, blasted on some unknown drug, and wandering naked out on the playa, offering her cooch to all comers.  “I gotta go take care of my wife.  She’s an innocent, she doesn’t get that men really want to fuck her.”  I stood up reluctantly, my cock pitching a grotesque tent in my billowy toga and strode out of the tent.

“She didn’t seem too innocent to me,” grumbled the woman behind me as she struggled to get her bikini back on so she could follow me.

“True,” laughed Ox.  “I mean, she just let me paint her twat, and I hardly know her!”

The playa was dark, but the multicolored lights of the art cars and various camp structures light up the night all around me like a million rainbow colored fireflies.  I didn’t know what drugs I was on, but it sure was beautiful and also disorienting.  The horny woman appeared at my side after a moment and took me by the arm as the lights started streaking by forming long wiggly lines in my perception.

“This way!” she said, pointing.  “I see them over there by the caterpillar car.”

When we caught up with Janet and Marcel, Janet was admiring a huge art car shaped like a caterpillar.  The operator and his friends were a trio of big men wearing nothing but furry leg warmers and sequined speedos and they seemed as interested in my wife’s paintjob as she was in the car.

“Oh, hi honey, look at this crazy car!” said Janet, greeting me cheerfully.  She batted at one of the caterpillar’s antennae crafted from some of of big metal spring with a big clear plastic ball at the end with leds glittering inside it.

“Yeah, that’s uh, nice,” I said.  I was uneasily watching the operator’s erection grow as he looked my wife’s body up and down in her cute little beerhall outfit.

“Oh wow, I like those speedos, you guys!” said Janet suddenly turning to notice how the three men were dressed.  “Don’t leave much to the imagination do they?” she snorted.

“Neither does your body paint,” retorted the operator, gazing brazenly at my wife’s tits.  “I’m Rebarbary Coast, by the way,” he said holding out his hand to shake.

“I’m Janet,” said my wife, shaking his hand and noticing his bulge.

“We need to get you a better playa name,” he laughed.  “Hey are you looking at my bulge?”

“Uh, yeah, it’s glittery,” said Janet, giving me a saucy wink.

“Cool, yeah,” he said, licking his lips.  “Hey, you know I noticed that sign on you back.  Is that for real?”

“You want it to be for real?” asked my wife, batting her eyelashes up at the big man.  His buddies laughed at how silly she was being.

“Sure, I got something to insert there,” said the man, pulling down his speedos casually and letting his huge erection pop out.

“Holy shit!  It’s huge!” gasped my wife.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” he told her easily as he went around behind her.  One of his buddies produced a phone and started capturing video.

“Hey!  I’m her husband, Janet’s a married woman!” I shouted at him raising a hand in the air.

“Hey, buddy, how’s it going?” he said with a wave from behind my wife.  “Here, bend over a little,” he told Janet softly, and he pushed her shoulders forward slightly as he positioned himself behind her.

“Wow, you are really going for it, huh?” she asked in a daze.  “Whoa! Holy fuck, I feel that!  Honey, he’s sliding his, wow, oh yeah,” Janet put her head down and started moaning as the big art car operator gripped her by the hips and started humping her from behind.  She reached back to grab his muscular arm and steady herself.  Her big tits were swinging forward and back as he increased the power of his thrusts.

“Janet!  My god!” I gasped.

“Can’t talk now,” she grunted.

“Oh, sorry dude, is this freaking you out?  I assumed you two were poly,” said the interloper as he fucked my wife.  But he didn’t seem TOO concerned.  “She’s totally into it though, she’s wet as fuck.  Tight too.  Nice.”

“That’s wonderful.  I mean the last thing a husband wants to hear is another man telling him how nice and tight his wife’s cunt is!” I shrieked indignantly.

“Buck up, little camper,” chuckled Marcel emerging from the shadows.  “You need to loosen up and get with the vibe.  This is Burning Man, not some Victorian drawing room.”

“Oh, god, oh god, wow,” whimpered my wife as the big man reached around and started fiddling with her clitoris while he dogged her.  As jealous and upset as I was, I was too mesmerized by the swinging of her luscious boobs to complain further.

“Yeah, don’t bullshit us, you know you like watching her getting owned,” giggled the horny woman.  She grabbed my erection through my toga and started tugging it insistently.  I felt a bit embarrassed until I noticed that the operator’s two friends had pulled down their speedos and were jacking off furiously as they watched my wife getting ravished by LED light on the playa.

Janet lifted her head and looked around blearily.  I could see that her cheeks were flushed and her hair was a mess in the strange flickering glow of the caterpillar car’s LEDs.  “Honey, honey, here, take my glasses,” she panted.  “I’m gonna cum and I don’t want them to go flying.”

“Oh fuck,” I stammered, pulling away from the strange woman’s wonderful handjob.  I staggered toward my wife and she torn off her thick rimmed glasses and stuck them into my hand.  My little nerdy wife looked up at me earnestly, oddly innocent without her glasses, her eyes glassy with lust as a  big man in furry leg warmer humped her aggressively, his thighs slapping loudly against her ass.  Janet gripped my arm and looked plaintively into my eyes.  

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” panted my wife.  Her sexy body shuttered as the climax overtook her.  

“There you go, there you go, good girl,” said the man fucking her.  He patted her ass condescendingly as he slowed his insertions.

“That’s my wife!” I yelped at him in a hurt expression.

“You keep saying that,” he told me with a confused expression.  “I get it, ok.  I’m fucking your wife.  I’m gonna cum inside her now too, ok?”

“No, it’s not ok!” I whined.

“Well, it’s up to her not you anyway,” he sighed.  He leaned forward and whispered confidentially into my wife’s ear.  “I’m going to go hard and fast for a minute so I can cum now, ok?  Can you handle it?”

“I, I think so,” my little wife said with a small voice.  Then she turned to me.  “Hold me hand, honey, I’m tender.”

“But, but,” I cried impotently as the big man began jamming his rod fiercely into my charming wife.  But I held her hand resolutely as she grunted with passion and squeezed my hand until her knuckles were white.

“You are hurting her!” I complained.

“Oh fuck,” he gasped, stopping suddenly and grinding his hips against my wife’s round ass.  His face contorted as he blasted his load inside my woman.  “That’s kind of fucked up,” he panted.  “I’m not a sadist or anything, but when you said I was hurting her, it made me cum for some reason.”

“You’re a bad boy,” my wife said.  She looked back over her shoulder at her new lover affectionately.  He withdrew himself tenderly and I noticed that my wife’s body paint had rubbed off her ass onto his hips.

“Pardon me, bro,” said one of the operators pals, pushing me back firmly with one hand while he tugged his meat with the other.  He addressed my wife politely.  “Excuse me miss, I’ve been watching you fuck and you are a really hot little slut.   Can I fondle your melons for a minute so I can cum?”

“Hot slut?” snorted my wife with a laugh.  “Nice pickup line, dorkwad.”  But then she noticed the big dick in his hand and she scrunched up her face.  “Uh, you just want to juggle my numblies for a minute?”

“Please?” he begged, tugging away frantically.

She looked at my guiltily.  “Uh, ok, I guess.  I’ve already been a little naughty, might as well go whole hog,” she sighed.  She leaned forward so that her knockers dangled down invitingly.

The stranger reached down and cupped a big boob in his hand, giving out a sigh of satisfaction while he jerked his meat just inches from my wife’s face.  Janet reached out tentatively and gave his nutsack a gentle tug and the man groaned while hot semen came spurting out of his cock and splashed against my wife’s cheek.

She recoiled with a laugh.  “Nice to meet you!  Isn’t that a fine how do you do?” she asked me with a wicked grin. “I don’t even know this guy and he’s spurting jizz in my face.”

“Sorry, but  you made me cum with your tits and pulling on my sack like that,” he said somewhat ruefully.  “I know that’s rude.  I’m Horace Hornblower, by the way.”

“Janet, pleased to meet you,” said my wife, shaking Horace’s softening cock instead of his offered hand and making him laugh.

“Janet, come on now,” I complained.

“And I’m Marcel, but we’ve met already,” said Marcel appearing suddenly with his cock out.  He thrust his boner into my wife’s face forcefully.

“Hello, there Marcel,” giggled my wife, grabbing his dick and shaking it as though to introduce herself.

“Care to suck me?” he asked her politely.

“Why I would love to,” she said with a girlish laugh.  She gave me a little grin as she got down on her knees before her boss and tucked her hair behind one ear as she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth.

“You ought to be fucking me,” whispered the horny woman into my ear as she reached up under my toga and started tickling my nuts while I watched my wife enthusiastically fellating her boss.  I turned and saw that she had removed her bikini again and was standing bottomless next to me.  Her public hair dark between her pale legs and I admired her flat soft belly.

She came and hugged me, lifting my toga and getting up on tiptoe so my cock poked against her cooch.  She lifted herself a bit higher and I was able to slide right inside her.  It was a very awkward position, fucking face to face like that.  But she was hot and wet and tight.  The strange woman ground herself urgently up and down on my cock, nibbling my ear like an animal.  I reached back and cupped her tight ass in my hands as I penetrated her and looked down to watch my wife sucking off her boss.  My wife arched her eyebrows in surprise when she saw me fucking the stranger, and then she redoubled her efforts blowing Marcel.

Marcel responded quickly, pulling out and spraying spurt after spurt of hot cum all over my wife’s face and chest.  The woman was grinding up and down, up and down on me more and more frantically, and I squeezed her ass tightly as she climaxed on my dick.  I liked the strange round ass in my hands.  She was a novel experience.  I had only ever fucked my own wife before.  I had to turn her around gently so I could fuck her better from behind.  I didn’t even notice when Janet laid on her back so that the third man in furry leg warmers could mount her missionary style.  I just looked over and saw her pale knees sticking up on either side of his narrow hips as his bare ass pistoned up and down, penetrating her over and over.  It made me cum to be honest and I squirted my own meager seed into the strange horny woman’s cunt.  I didn’t even know her name.  But she went away at some point after giving me a peck on the cheek.

The night was sort of a blur after after that.  I have vague memories of following Janet around in the desert night.  Somehow the “Insert penis here” sign on her back never got rubbed off and guys kept coming up behind her and fucking her all night.  They were always polite about it which I found so infuriating.  There wasn’t anything I could say to persuade Janet not to let them dog her.  She pointed out that I had fucked another woman myself so we were even somehow.

I woke up in the stifling darkness of our hexayurt, my mouth full of hot coppers, with a splitting headache.  I crawled out through the entrance to find water and was blinded by the scorching midday sun.  Janet was sitting under a tarp  that provided shade with Marcel and some guys from work.  She was wearing her overalls with nothing underneath and Marcel had his hand around her shoulder and was casually reaching down the front of her overalls and fingering her bare boob.  I strode over miserably but he just winked at me and didn’t bother removing his hand from my wife’s tit.

“Hi honey,” chirped Janet happily when she saw me.   “How are you doing?  You look hungover!”  She patted Marcel’s hand affectionately as he rooted around down the front of her overalls, but she didn’t pull his hand away.

“What’s this all about?” I asked, squinting against the glare and gesturing at her chest.

“What’s what all about, do you want some water?” asked my wife with concern.

“This boob fondling!” I blurted.  Several of Janet’s coworkers giggled and turned away, but she just laughed.

“Oh Marcel is just being silly,” she said chattily.  “He likes big boobs, it turns out.”

“But you can’t, this isn’t…” I was stammering impotently and Janet’s coworkers could barely contain their merriment.  A couple of guys walked away to a different tent so they could laugh aloud more freely, presumably to spare my feelings.

“Tisk, tisk, you just need some water,” she said.  She pulled gently out of Marcel’s grasp, kissing his hand tenderly as she did so, and then she found a cup and filled it with water for me.  She came over and handed it to me and I could see her bare boobs dangling down as she bent over.

“Your tits are practically hanging out!” I squawked.  “You aren’t wearing a bra or anything!”

“Jeez, it’s hot as hell out here, baby, haven’t you noticed?” asked Janet with a chuckle.  “Christ, half the chicks out here are walking around buck naked.  You should be glad I’m wearing anything at all.”

“You’ll get used to burning man, my friend, it just takes a while,” said Marcel with a snooty smirk and he clapped me on the shoulder sharply.  I yelped from the sting.

Janet rubbed my shoulder and scolded Marcel.  “Now Marcel, don’t be a bully.  You hurt my husband.”

“Oh, he’s just being a sparkle pony,” sighed Marcel with annoyance.  “Leave him here to sulk.  Come along, let’s go get our taints steam cleaned and then I have some further shenanigans planned.”

“Taints cleaned?” I asked in disgust.

“What kind of shenanigans?” asked my wife trailing after Marcel as he scooted off toward the bicycles.

“Not sure yet, but it definitely involves getting you naked in front of a bunch of guys,” he laughed.

“But, but,” I stammered.  Janet just blew me a kiss as she and Marcel biked past.  Her cleavage already practically spilling out of her overalls as she bent over the handlebars.  This was going to be a long and painful burn I could tell already.

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Taking Pictures With Another Couple

By Gustav Jorgenson
Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.1

You and your wife had another couple over for dinner and you are enjoying drinks afterward.

“How long have we know each other now, Susan?” your friend Jane asks your wife, as she sips a vodka martini.

“Oh, God, let me think,” laughs your wife.  “It must be at least 10 years!”

“Yes, definitely, we met right when moved into this house,” you concur, as you push back your recliner with a relaxed sigh.

“We’ve been friends so long, but we have so few pictures together.  Let’s take some pictures!” says Jane, pulling out her phone.

You rouse yourself and join the gang on the couch for a few shots as Jane balances her phone on the coffee table and uses a timer to take some photos.   But you tire of it quickly and beat a retreat to the comfort of your recliner.

“Oh Bob, you are such a party-pooper!” laughs Jane as you make your escape.

“Yep,  I guess so,” you respond merrily, holding up your glass and sinking back into your chair.  Jane comes and takes the chair next to you leaving her husband Rick on the couch with your wife.

“Rick, be a dear, let me get a picture of you and Susan together,” says Jane.

Rick obliges by sliding over next to your wife and they both flash broad smiles as Jane snaps a photo.

“So cute,” gushes Jane.  “Rick, put your arm around Susan, I want to get another shot.”

Rick isn’t a very touchy-feely guy and everyone laughs as he bashfully reaches his arm around your wife’s shoulder.

“Don’t be afraid, dear, I don’t bite,” laughs your wife, as she wraps an arm around his back and nestles up against his chest before smiling wryly for another photo.

“Oh that’s adorable,” laughs Jane.  “Look how Rick is blushing in that one,” she says as she leans over to show the picture to your wife.  

Susan chuckles when she sees the picture.  “Do I make you nervous, Rick?” she asks batting her lashes at him teasingly.

“Heh, no, no.  You know me, I just don’t really go for a lot of hugging and such,” he says nervously.

“Let’s do a risque one, Sue,” says Jane.  “Put your leg over Rick’s leg.”

“Oh, I don’t know, Janey.  It might make him nervous,” says your wife, turning to look Rick in the eyes.

“I think that might make me nervous,” you say jokingly, and this gets a laugh all around.

“Pish, look at you with your drink in your favorite chair.  You are a long way from nervous, mister,” says your wife with a familiar smile.  Then she turns to Rick.  “Don’t mind him, Rick, he’ll get a kick out of this picture later on.  Now look, I’ll just put my leg up here and everything will be just fine.”  Your wife hikes her skirt high up her thigh and drapes a gorgeous stockinged leg across Rick’s lap.   

Jane whistles appreciatively.  “Get a load of those gams!” she says excitedly.  “Rick, be a red-blooded man and grab a hold of that thigh,” she directs as she holds up her phone preparing to take a shot.

Rick looks at you nervously but you just shrug good naturedly and take another sip of drink so he goes ahead and grasps your wife’s leg above the knee.

“Oh… Rick!” teases your wife lustily in response and Jane cackles with laughter as she snaps a few more photos of her husband feeling up your wife.

It makes you a little nervous how your wife is flirting with Rick, but it’s also kind of kinky and you notice your cock starting to swell in response.

“That’s just dirty,” says Jane happily, showing you a few pictures.

You laugh half-heartedly and try to hide the tent you are starting to pitch as you look at the pictures.  Jane glances at your crotch, but pretends not to notice.

You look back at your wife and Rick snuggling together on the couch and you realize that he hasn’t released her leg and his hand seems to have slipped higher up her thigh.  Your wife, Susan is looking up into his face expectantly.

“Ahem,” you say trying to get their attention, and your wife looks over at you guiltily.

“Let me get a shot of you two kissing,” says Jane thickly.  You can tell that she is really getting turned on by the sight of her husband touching your wife.

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?” you ask, trying to hide the anxiety in your voice.

“I don’t know Jane… I think we are making the boys uncomfortable,” says your wife hesitantly.

“Oh, I don’t mind if Bob doesn’t,” says Rick gruffly and you see that he still hasn’t removed his hand from your wife’s thigh.

Everyone is looking at you with anticipation and you feel your own face growing hot.  “Well, you know, I guess these pictures will be a real hoot to look at once we are all sobered up…” you say lamely, trying to be a good sport.  

You are torn between jealousy and arousal as your wife takes Rick’s face in her hand and they start kissing.  Meanwhile Jane is giggling hysterically as she snaps picture after picture with her phone.  “Oh this is really naughty,” she gasps, wriggling with excitement.  “How does it make you feel to see your wife kissing my husband, Bob?” she asks you.  Her eyes are bright with arousal.

Your dick is rock hard at this point and you put your hand on your crotch to try to hide your boner.  “Uh, it’s a little weird, but I guess I can deal with it,” you say.

Jane gazes down at your attempts to hide your hardon and just laughs in return.  “Yeah, I guess you CAN deal with it.”

The way she notices your erection makes your heart race.  This is crazy, you must have all had more to drink than you thought.  You turn your attention back to your wife and Rick and realize that they are really going at it.

“Hey, no tongue!” you say half-jokingly, but they just ignore you and are clearly french kissing.  Rick has reached his hand up your wife’s skirt and is gripping her ass as they make out on the couch, seemingly oblivious to you and Jane.

“Susan, are you working Rick’s cock?” gasps Jane in amazement, clearly delighted.

Your wife and Rick break their lip lock and gaze at her guiltily, eyes bleary with alcohol and lust.  “Oops, I guess we got a little carried away,” apologizes your wife withdrawing her hand from Rick’s groin hastily.

“Don’t be sorry, this is hot, keep going,” says Jane as she comes and sits on the edge of your chair.

“What are you doing?” you ask, looking up at her stupidly.

“I’m not sure,” she admits, reaching down to touch the tent you are pitching in your trousers.

“Oh boy, we better call it a night or we are all going to be very sorry and embarrassed in the morning,” you say shakily.

“What do you think, Rick?” your wife asks him, looking deeply into his eyes.  He responds by slowly unbuttoning the front of her blouse.

“Oh boy,” says your wife as she watches him.  She looks over at you with concern.  “Honey, do you see what he’s doing.”

“Yup,” you croak as Jane unzips your fly.  “When did we become swingers?” you ask no one in particular.

“There is always a first time,” says Jane lustily as she goes down on you.

You are distracted by this for a few minutes. The next thing you know, Jim has you wife’s bare tits in his hands and she is jerking him off as they make out on the couch.  Jane’s head is bobbing up and down on your cock and it feels amazing.  You reach down to unbutton her top as well so that you can get a hold of her big soft tits.

“Whoa, Rick,” cautions your wife as he pulls her panties down.  “I, uh, isn’t that going a bit too far?” she asks, but her eyes are blazing with lust.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he says drunkenly and plunges his cock right into her waiting pussy.  She wraps her legs around his back as he starts pounding her on the couch and the sight of another man fucking your wife makes you blow your wad right into Jane’s mouth.  She swallows it greedily and then looks up at your with a twinkle in her eyes, wiping your cum from her chin.

“I was hoping to hop on that before you did that, but I already came by touching myself once, so I forgive you,” she says archly.

You push her back on the floor and pull her soaking panties off and return the favor by going down on her, immediately locating the clit in her unfamiliar vagina and flicking your tongue across it greedily.

“Wow, Bob, holy shit!” she gasps as you push a few fingers into her.  You spend a few minutes with your face buried in Jane’s cunt, listening to your wife grunt with passion as Rick fucks her and your own cock is growing hard again.  Jane cums again with a stifled moan and you withdraw you bush-burned face from her crotch.

You look over to see Rick politely pull out in time to shoot his load all over your wife’s smooth white belly.  She tugs gently on his scrotum as he cums and the sight of her performing this familiar act on another man makes your stomach flip.

She notices you watching her do this and says.  “Oh, sorry, dear.”

“It’s ok, I just got done eating out your girlfriend,” you mumble with embarrassment.

“Quite well, I might add,” interjects Jane as she lays sprawled luxuriously on her back, legs spread wide and pussy exposed.

“Well Rick finished before I did,” says your wife, glancing at your stiff rod.  “Rick, be a dear and step aside now, will you?” asks your wife.  ” I need my husband to fuck me a little more so that I can come.”

“Oh, sure, sorry about that,” he says contritely and flops down on the floor next to his wife.  They both look on in fascination as you mount your wife, trying to ignore the cum already on her and work your cock in and out of her until she gasps in a shuddering climax.

You pull out and Jane says “Say cheese,” and snaps a picture of you with your stiff wet cock hovering over your cum drenched wife.

“I’ll get you for that,” you say and rush over push her on her back and forcefully enter her while her husband sits right next to you on the floor, looking on uncomfortably.

“Rick, oh rick, he’s ravishing me,” she laughs as you jam your cock into her.

“Well, I guess you had it coming,” he says, scratching his head, unable to look away as you penetrate his wife over and over.

“Oh god, I might cum again, Bob, go easy,” she gasps.  “Oh, too late,” and you pull out to shoot another load all over her face as she cums for the third time this evening.

Rick just looks on placidly as you spurt hot come all over his wife’s face.

“Yeah, well, I guess this is how swinging works.  You sully my wife, I sully yours,”  You tell him with a crooked smile.

“Yes, but you sullied me twice,” laughs Jane licking cum from her lips.

“I don’t know if I have another one in me,” says Rick sadly in response to your wife’s hopeful expression. It makes you jealous the way her face falls slightly when he admits he can’t fuck any more.  Which seems odd since you didn’t really mind watching him fuck her.


You all get cleaned up and it’s agreed that they should spend the night since everyone is too drunk to drive.  You set up Rick and Jane in the guest room while you and your wife retire to your bedroom.

You pass right out from exhaustion but are awoken a few hours later by your wife grunting in the hallway.  You get up to find her underneath Rick as he balls her right on the floor in the hallway.

“Jesus, you guys!” you complain.  “I mean, is this going to be a like a regular thing?”  But your cock belies your anger and slowly rises at the sight of Rick rhythmically plunging himself into your woman.

“I just wanted to give him a chance to even the score…” gasps your wife.

“You’re a good woman, and fair,” he says pulling out and blowing his wad into her face as she eagerly leans forward to lap the cum from his swollen head.

“What?” he says defensively as you look on in disgust mixed with arousal.  “You came on my wife twice…”

“Oh, are we keeping score?” you ask sarcastically.

“We probably should,” he laughs.  “Otherwise, someone might get jealous.”

You all laugh as you help your wife to her feet.  But it does burn you the way she kisses him again as he returns to the guest room and you pull her back to your bedroom.

“Easy there Jezebel,” you mutter as you push her into the bathroom to clean up.

“He fucks me so earnestly, dear.  I had to give him a thank you kiss,” teases your wife and it maddens you to hear it but turns you on as well.  “I mean we’ve known Rick for years, and he fucks just as you might imagine.  Methodically, without pretension, with great humility.”

“Do I have to listen to this?” you ask with mock annoyance.

“Well how was Jane?” she asks you with interest.

“Just as you might think.  She uses her mouth a lot,” you respond with a smile, and you and your wife have a quiet laugh at that, but things are weird between you now and you suspect that they can never be the same.  As you lay staring up at your bedroom ceiling you consider the rut you two had fallen into and how you had taken her so much for granted all these years, and you decide that things not being the same might be a good thing.

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Wife’s Friend Pulls Down Her Bikini Bottom

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “What’s My Wife Doing With That Guy?

We were in Vegas with a pair of other middle-aged couples who we always vacation with.  My wife Anna and I have known Charlie and Hannah, and Jim and Carol for years.  Charlie and I were the nerdy engineers and Jim was the suave salesman, but we all got along pretty well.  Our wives had all been friends since college.  It was one of those crushingly hot summer days in Vegas as we lounged on wicker couches in a cool cabana, drinking by the hotel pool.  The women were all feeling hot and bothered and I could tell by the way they strutted around in their bikini’s that they were feeling horny.

And when the women were feeling horny, it didn’t take long before us guys started getting worked up too.  We were all glancing at each other’s wife’s tits and asses in their skimpy bathing suits and chuckling guiltily when we caught each other doing it.  Jim was taking particular interest in my wife Anna.  So she kept going over and bending down in front of him and Carol so that he could get a look at her ass while she rummaged around, plucking celery from the vegetable plate we had ordered.

“Look at this ass,” laughed Carol, reaching out to playfully pat my wife’s pale rump as she was bent over.

“Oh my,” gasped my wife, covering her mouth in mock amazement.

“Do you like Anna’s butt, Jim?” Carol asked her husband with a sly smile.  “I noticed you looking at it every chance you got.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” said Jim, wrapping his arm around his wife and leaning back with a sardonic smile as he boldly eyed my wife’s rear.

We all broke out laughing at his smooth denial.

“Come on, I don’t believe you.  You are a healthy hetero guy.  I know you like a nice round ass like Anna’s,” insisted Carol.  “Let me see that rear, honey,” she urged my wife.

Anna smiled at me and played along, putting her hands on her knees and offering up her rear for Carol’s further inspection.  My penis started to swell in my trunks as I watched Carol patting each of my wife’s well formed buttocks, making them jiggle slightly.

“Lookit this derriere.  Nice and plump and smooth,” said Carol, grasping one of my wife’s ass cheeks in each of her hands and squeezing them vigorously.  “My ass is full of cellulite and has looked like cottage cheese since I turned 40.”

“Stop it, Carol, your ass is perfectly wonderful,” scolded my wife, grinning back at her old friend.

“Jim, what do you think?” asked Carol turning to her husband with a broad grin.  “Do you think Anna’s butt is nicer than mine?”

“Well, I haven’t really noticed Anna’s rear, but your ass is holding up pretty good, dear,” said Jim, kissing his wife on the forehead as he glanced at my wife’s rump out of the corner of his eye.

“Here, Jim, get an eyeful and tell me honestly,” said Carol, yanking the back of my wife’s bikini down, exposing her ass crack and her pale round cheeks.

My wife cried out in shock before giggling madly and grasping at the front of her bikini bottoms to hold them up.  Carol had pulled my wife’s bikini half down and her pubic hair was poking out in the front now.  I noticed Charlie checking out the my wife’s half-exposed snatch with interest.

“Carol, you are drunk, darling!” cackled Hannah.  “You are molesting poor Anna!”  But she was clearly delighted by the situation.

“Oh, I don’t mind, it’s all in good fun,” said my wife good naturedly.  Anna’s cheeks were flushed and I could tell it excited my wife to have her girlfriend pull her bikini down to show her husband Jim her bare ass.

“Here Jim, you feel Anna’s ass,” coaxed Carol, her voice growing thick with lust.  “I’m telling you, it’s really nicer than mine.”

“Whoa now, come on,” I chimed in.  My dick was hard as a rock at this point.  It was incredibly arousing to watch Carol feeling up my pliant wife and then offering her bare ass to her own husband.  I could barely catch my breath as I watched it all play out.  But I felt a little embarrassed too and wanted to maintain a sense of propriety around our old friends.  “That’s bit much, now isn’t it?” I asked, gulping down more of my margarita.

“Yeah, it wouldn’t be proper of me to go grabbing the ass of another man’s wife,” said Jim as he gazed with interest at my wife’s exposed bum.

“What’s the matter, don’t you like it, Jim?” asked my wife, wiggling her rear a bit and batting her eyelashes at him.

Everyone broke out laughing at my wife’s coquettish display, me along with them.  I wanted Jim to touch my wife’s ass.  That suddenly seemed extremely exciting.  But when Jim and Charlie looked at me expectantly, I felt that I need to play the part of a normal husband.

“Uh, honey, that’s not really appropriate behavior for a married woman, to go wagging her bare ass, offering it to another man,” I choked up a little and felt a twinge in my gut, a wash of raw lust flowing through me as I said this.  It might not be appropriate, but the idea of another man taking sexual interest in my staid old wife was turning me on.

“Oh, come on, Todd,” chuckled my wife lightly.  “We are all old friends here.  We are just joking around.”  She loosened her grip on her bikini bottom a bit, exposing more of her bush for Charlie to see.  And Charlie definitely took notice.  Hannah became aware of her husband’s gaze trained on my wife’s pussy and then realized that I saw it too and she gave me a strangely conspiratorial wink as though she could read my mind.  My face suddenly felt hot and I avoided her knowing gaze.

“Todd doesn’t care, here, just feel how smooth it is,” blurted Carol, grabbing her husband’s hand and putting it right on my wife’s bare ass making my wife coo with surprise.

Jim sat up and leaned forward and then started pinching and patting my wife’s naked butt with enthusiasm.  “Hmm, not bad, not bad,” he said.  His face was flushed too now and his eyes bright with excitement.

“Oh, does my bottom meet with your approval, there, Mr. Jim?” asked my wife, arching a brow at her friend’s husband.

“Well, it seems, uh, adequate I guess,” he said, putting one hand in his lap, while he lightly spanked my wife’s exposed butt cheeks with the other.  My wife shot me a look of pure passion as I watched Jim patting her bare ass and my cock stiffened further.  She was definitely getting off on this and she could see that I was too.

“Adequate!” shrieked Carol with a huge grin.  “Bullshit, look at you, you are trying to hide your boner!”

“No I’m not,” he said defensively.

“Yes you are!” replied his wife, reaching impulsively into his lap and grabbing his wood through his swimming trunks.  “Oooh, you ARE hard.  Hard as a rock.”

“Really?” asked my wife, turning her attention back to Jim.

“Wow, this is getting pretty hot, how do you feel about Jim popping a boner for your wife’s ass, Todd?” asked Hannah, turning on me with an impish grin.

“Well, I guess it’s to be expected,” I said, barely able to catch my breath.  My heart was pounding in my chest as Anna peered down at Jim’s crotch.

“Did I do that to you, Jim?” she asked innocently.

“Uh, no, no,” said Jim as his wife vigorously fondled his rod through his shorts.

“Yes she did, liar,”  scoffed Carol drunkenly.  “Anna sweet ass inspired this wood.”  Then she looked up at my wife with a devilish grin.  “Wanna see it, Anna?”

“Whoa now, that’s going a bit too far,” mumbled Jim.  But he didn’t put up a fight as he wife deftly slid his swimming trunks down to his knees, releasing his stiff boner which popped up and stood at attention in his lap.

“Wow, nice penis, Jim,” commented Hannah, clearly impressed.

“Ok, now, this is uh, pretty weird,” stammered Charlie.  He took a deep drink to steel himself.

“There’s nothing weird about it, it’s a perfectly natural reaction,” said Anna breathily, letting her bikini bottom fall to her ankles absently while she stared at Jim’s pulsing erect cock.

Just then the young woman serving us drinks came into the cabana and stopped short, her face a mask of shock.  She glanced from Jim’s stiff boner, to my wife standing before him bottomless, to my own guilty expression and it took her a moment to gather her composure.

“Oh, uh, sorry folks.  I didn’t mean to interrupt,” said the young woman, blushing deeply.  She was wearing a bikini herself as she served drinks and I noticed her nipples stiffen.  “We should really pull the curtains here for a bit of privacy, and she quickly untied the thin drapes at the front of the cabana and let them fall shut.  They were translucent, but did shield us from the pool area somewhat.  “Uh, can I get you any more drinks or are you ok, now?”

“I think we should have another round,” said Carol, boldly grabbing her husband’s stiff cock while the young woman watched.

“Um, sure, ma’am,” said the young woman.  “Uh, another pitcher of margarita’s then.”

“You are handling this very well,” said Hannah with a sardonic grin.

The server gave her a sunny smile.  “Well, this is Vegas, ma’am.  It’s not the first time some couples have gotten, uh, intimate in the cabanas.  The management here is very accommodating.  You just need to keep the curtains closed when you need privacy.”

“Outstanding,” said Jim, winking at the blushing server.

The young woman paused and watched Carol stroking Jim’s exposed tool for a moment before shaking her head, “Oh, yeah, margaritas coming right up,” she said, and then ducked out and strode away in her bikini and heels.

“I think she wanted to stay and see what would happen next,” drawled Hannah.

“Do you want to touch Jim’s johnson, Anna?” asked Carol.  “This hardon was erected in your honor after all.  And since you dropped your bottom and showed Jim your pussy, it’s just gotten harder and harder.”

“Oh, jeez, I AM drunk aren’t I?” said my wife, looking down and touching herself in surprise as she  realized that her beaver was exposed.  “Sorry, honey, is this going a bit too far?” she asked me with concern.

“I mean, it’s pretty crazy,” I said hesitantly.

“I think he likes it,” chirped Hannah with a grin.  “Some guys get off on having a slutty wife.”

“I definitely think you should touch my penis,” said Jim hoarsely.  “It’s no big deal, just grab onto it for a second.  It’ll be fun.”

“I think it would be super hot,” purred Carol, grabbing Jim’s cock by the base and offering it to my wife.

My wife looked back at me indecisively, her eyes shining with lust.  “Ok, yeah, maybe I’ll just touch it a little bit.  That’s not so bad.”  My pulse was racing and my dick was pitching a tent in my own shorts but all I could do is shrug noncommittally at my wife.  That’s all the permission she needed from me and quickly sat down on the other side of Jim and took his penis in her hand.  Carol started feeling up his balls to let my wife stroke his shaft and Jim sighed a deep sigh of pleasure.

“You are a lucky man, Jim,” commented Hannah, clearly intrigued by the situation.

“Are you really OK with this?” Charlie asked me with concern.

“I mean, it’s just, no big deal I guess,” I gulped, pinching my boner through my shorts discreetly.

“Sure, we are all old friends here, we’ve known each other for years,” said my wife, looking at me imploringly across the cabana as she stroked Jim’s hard cock.  She turned to Carol and said softly.  “He’s really, really hard.”

“I know, he likes you, I guess,” agreed Carol as she tickled Jim’s nuts.

“Ooh, there’s a little oozing out the tip now,” commented my wife, dabbing delicately at  the head of Jim’s penis with her finger and then rubbing the sticky ejaculate between her fingers.  Then she turned and looked deliberately into my eyes as she put her finger in her mouth and sucked the pre-cum from her fingertip.

“Omigod, you filthy whore,” gasped Hannah with amusement.  “Did you see what she did, Todd?  She’s eating Jim’s cum!”

“Ah, well, just a little I guess,” I mumbled incoherently, barely aware of what I was saying.  I was kneading the lump in my shorts pretty vigorously now and I desperately wanted to pull my dick out and start stroking it openly, but I was too embarrassed.  Anna noticed me fondling myself while I watched her jerking Jim’s dick but said nothing about it.

“I’ll just suck it a little if that’s ok,” she told no one in particular as she tucked a blonde lock behind one ear and bent down to wrap her mouth around Jim’s glans.

“Oh, yeah, suck it, suck that dick,” demanded Carol gruffly, pulling off her bikini bottom hurriedly so that she could diddle her own clitoris while she watched my wife sucking off her husband.

“Sorry about this, buddy,” Jim said to me, putting his hand on the back of my wife’s head and it bobbed up in his lap and she moaned in pleasure as she sucked his cock.

“So, I guess we are swingers now?” asked Hannah.

“Honey, this is making me really horny, would you mind if I masturbated while I watched?” asked Charlie meekly.

“Go nuts, it’s a free country,” said his wife, looking at her nerdy husband with a surprised smirk on her face.

Charlie stood up and pulled his shorts down releasing a surprisingly huge boner just as the server returned with the margaritas.  She ducked between the drapes and stopped short again when she saw Charlie’s massive member.  “Well hello there,” said the server to Charlie’s penis.

“That’s what I said when I first saw it,” laughed Hannah, smiling warmly at the young woman who brought our drinks.  “You have got to watch out for the nerdy ones.  Sometimes they are packing heat.”

“I guess, so,” said the server, staring at Charlie’s proud erection as he tentatively started touching himself.  She bent down and put the pitcher on the table, her face just inches from Charlie’s swollen member.  It almost looked like she wanted to suck on it.  “It’s purple,” said the young woman innocently.

“It’s engorged with blood,” Charlie told her helpfully.

“Do you want to stay and hang out?” asked Hannah, looking the server’s slim figure over hopefully.

“I wish I could, actually,” said the woman, glancing over to watch my wife passionately sucking off Jim and then back at Charlie’s big dick as he stroked himself. “You folks seem like you know how to party.  But I’ve got to work,” sighed the woman in disappointment.  “Maybe another time.”  She gave Charlie’s dick one last wistful look and then ducked out again and strode off to quench the thirst of the other guests.

“I would totally fuck her,” murmured Hannah to herself.

“Don’t just stand there, jerking that thing,” demanded Carol to Charlie in a drunken daze.  “Get it over her and fuck me with it.”   She spread her legs and offered her snatch to Charlie lewdly.

He hesitated and looked to his wife, asking permission.

“By all means, a gentleman doesn’t leave a lady in distress,” laughed Hannah, making a magnanimous gesture with her arms.

Charlie wasted no time and just bluntly strode over and dropped down between Carol’s legs, forcing himself inside her roughly and making her whimper and moan in passion.  My wife Anna lifted her head from Jim’s cock, and watched Charlie humping Carol fiercely and gazed back  at me blearily as she stood up and faced me.  

“I guess we are doing this now,” she said.  “Don’t watch this part, honey, it might upset you,” she warned.  She covered her pussy with her hand and lowered herself down onto Jim’s cock, still slick with her drool.   She faced me the entire time, trying to hide the sight of his cock entering her with her hand as he gripped her hips and guided her down onto him.  “Let’s pretend I’m just sitting here innocently, ok?” she asked me, shielding her crotch from view as she slowly bounced up and down on Jim’s cock.

“Ok,” I agreed feverishly, pulling my shorts down finally and tugging my dick as I watched my wife rising and falling on Jim’s lap.

“I guess you and I just like to watch,” Hannah told me as she slipped her hand down the front of her bikini and started rubbing herself.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I panted, watching my wife tilt her head back in ecstasy as she scrupulously hid Jim’s penetration of her from me by dangling her hands between her legs.

“I’m just going to bust my nut right in there, baby,” grunted Jim, his knuckles white, firmly grasping my wife’s soft hips while he violated her.

“Do it, do it, cum inside her, oh god, that’s making ME cum,” called Carol from underneath Charlie as the skinny nerd banged away on her with his huge phallus.

“Oh, yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,” chanted Jim as he pumped my wife.

The thought of our good friend emptying load after load of hot semen into my wife made me ejaculate.  Just the very idea was so kinky I just started spurting up in the air and blew my wad all over myself and the couch cushions.

“Ok, Charlie, please stop, I’m too sensitive now, you are too big for me,” pleaded Carol. “I came already.”

“Oh fuck, I’m almost there,” whined Charlie, withdrawing his prodigious member from Jim’s wife and standing up shakily.  He stood at a loss waving his cock around before my wife as she squatted on Jim’s lap.

“Gimme that, I’ll finish you,” gasped my wife and she  grabbed Charlie’s big dick and pushed it hungrily into her mouth.  I had to laugh out loud at how animalistic and primal my normally modest wife was acting.  He cheeks caved in as she ferociously sucked Charlie’s purple member.

“Ugh, that’s it, that’s it,” he grunted and then pulled away and ejaculated clump after sticky clump of sperm all over my wife’s face and bikini top.

She masturbated herself wildly, shuddering as his rude facial triggered her own climax.  I clapped my hands in glee, forgetting all propriety.  Then I looked over with chagrin at Hannah, but she was laying back, watching in satisfaction.  Her own cheeks were flushed and she must have cum earlier when I wasn’t watching.

“Ok, that was really marvelous,” I admitted.  “I had no idea we were all such a gang of perverts.”

“Oh, I had my suspicions,” said Hannah nodding sagely.

“I had no idea Charlie had such a huge tool,” gushed my wife, her face glowing from the exertion.  “You need to share your husband with us more often.”

“By all means, darling, by all mean,” agreed Hannah, gesturing generously.

I just giggled nervously at the thought of our little group of friends becoming swingers together.  Our trips to Las Vegas were about to get a lot more interesting.


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Bully Shows up at Clothing Optional Spa

Excerpted from “Slut Wife, Happy Life

By Gustav Jorgenson

My wife Allison is always planning weekend trips for.  She loves exploring Northern California and is always having to drag me along because I don’t really like to try new things.  I mean, I usually enjoy them once I try them, but I always resist for some reason.  I guess I am just stuck in my habits and more comfortable doing familiar things.  So I was more than a little freaked out when Allison suggested visiting one of these clothing optional hot springs where people go out to the country to soak naked in mineral water.

“Oh god, no, Allison, please,” I laughed when my wife showed me the Wilbur Springs website.  “I need to relax.  That jerk Erickson has been riding me all week.  I don’t want to have to get naked around a bunch of strangers.  That’ll just stress me out.”

“You don’t have to get naked, look at this customer testimonial,” coaxed Allison.  She grinned at me as she wriggled with excitement next to me on the couch while we browsed the site on her laptop.  “People feel perfectly comfortable wearing swimsuits.  Come on, I think this will be fun.  Look, it says that they have Lithium in the water and it makes people relaxed.”

“Yeah, no wonder people feel comfortable enough to get nude around people they don’t know,” I muttered.

“Seriously, I think that’s part of it,” agreed my wife.   “Anyway, I booked the trip already, so you don’t have a choice.  I’m just going to make you do a new thing against your will and you will love it like you always do.”  Allison’s eyes were shining and she had a huge smile on her face.  I couldn’t say no to my wife when she was in such high spirits.  So I went off back to my easy chair grumbling to myself.

“Other guys are going to look at you,” I said.

“Oh, well, let them look,” said Allison breezily.  “I’m not ashamed of my body.  I’m still in good shape.”  She patted her belly to demonstrate.  “See.  Nice and flat still.  That’s why I work out.  No wonder you are embarrassed to strip in public with your pot belly.”  My wife jumped up playfully and came to poke me in the belly.

“Ah, shit, I’m always working.  I don’t have time to work out,” I complained.  I pushed my wife away as she tried to tickle me.  “I can barely keep up with Erickson as it is.  Our boss just made him team lead and put him above me.”

“I know, dear, I know.  All you ever talk about it is that terrible Erickson,” said Allison with a compassionate pout.  “But I’ll bet that once you soak in a lithium pool for a couple of hours, you will forget ALL about that bad nasty man.”

I smiled at my wife sadly and shook my head.

That Friday, I let my boss know that I needed to take off early to head up to Wilbur Springs and he laughed knowingly which made me feel strange.  We did manage to beat the traffic and once we were out in the country, I really did feel all my cares and worries draining away.  We passed fields with cows and rolling green hills.  The sky was blue and the weather was fine.  I gave a sigh of relief and my wife patted my knee affectionately as we drove along through the idyllic scenery.

The resort itself was incredibly isolated.  There was no cell reception within 30 minutes of the place and the lodge and room were very basic.  No TV, no wifi.  Just a simple, clean rustic place.  

“So you get a digital detox too!  That’s great,” enthused my wife.  “You need to get off that phone once in awhile.”

“Yeah, great!” I said sarcastically.  I really was an internet addict, so I wondered how well I would handle being forced to go cold turkey from constant info-stimulation.

Allison and I took a hike around the grounds and enjoyed the natural beauty of the place for a while before checking out the springs.  They had one area that was designated a silent area with a roof over some pools they called “flumes”, and Allison wanted to try that one first. She and I both wore our swimsuits but we were the only visitors who did, and I actually felt a little strange about it.  I guess I had been picturing a scene with a lot of sexy younger people with perfect bodies, but I was put at ease by all the other people our age, in their forties and even older.  Everyone was just as out of shape as I was, but no one seemed to mind.  Guys walked around flaunting tiny penises hanging down without a care in the world.  Women with pot bellies and saggy breasts just smiled politely as we passed.  It made me feel less uptight.

But once I got into the lithium water was when I really loosened up.  The effect was subtle at first, but after about a half hour, there was no denying it.  My anxieties had completely disappeared.  We took a break in the cold pool outside and Allison was simply radiant.

“Omigosh, this is even better than I expected,” gushed my wife.  “I feel as though I don’t have a care in the world.”  She looked around at the other nude bathers and then slipped the bathing suit straps off of her shoulders and wriggled out of it her  modest black one-piece suit.  I was feeling so mellow that when her big boobs came popping out, I just laughed.  Of course no one paid any attention, though I do think I saw a few men glancing at my wife’s naked form now and then before looking away hastily.  She did look good.  Her big white boobs were very pert still at 42, her belly was still flat and he ass was tight.  I felt myself getting an erection as I ogled her figure.

Everything was going wonderfully until we headed back toward the silent flumes and low and behold, who was there by my nemesis, Jim Erickson standing on the deck in his boxer shorts.  The tall, good looking bastard smirked at me as we approached.  I glanced around trying to find an escape route, but there was none, so I just sighed and accepted my fate.  We would have to say hello.  The lithium was in full effect so I didn’t even feel that nervous really.

“Oh god, here is that asshole Erickson I have been telling you about,” I muttered to my wife as we approached.  I gave him a friendly wave, but Erickson’s eyes were drawn immediately to my wife’s naked body and he never took his eyes off of her.  He immediately sprouted a large gnarly erection which was very visible in his flimsy underwear.

“Jim,” I said in greeting.  “Didn’t expect to see YOU here.”

“Ha, yeah, hello there Seymour.  The boys mentioned that you were coming up here and I thought it sounded like a fun thing to try.  I didn’t have time to pack a swimsuit, but I heard that wouldn’t be a problem,”  he gestured down at his boxers in that self-deprecating way that I hated so much about him.  “And who is this gorgeous lady?  Don’t worry, I won’t tell your wife I caught you with her.”

Allison laughed at his stupid joke and I noticed that her eyes were fixed on Jim’s huge johnson.  “I AM his wife, silly,” she giggled, holding her hand out to shake.  “Allison.”

“Wow, Seymour’s a lucky man,” said Jim smoothly.  He took my wife’s hand in his and held onto it, looking my wife in the eye.  At that moment his cock spasmed and his veiny boner came popping out the flap in the front of his shorts.  My wife’s eyes widened at the sight of his aggressive looking cock.  It was bigger than mine and the head was swollen and purple.

“Uh, yeah,” said my wife absently.  She couldn’t take her eyes off of Erickson’s straining dong.  He wagged his eyebrows at me lewdly when he noticed.   Normally I would have been mortified, but the lithium gave the effect that this whole thing was happening to someone else, and I just felt a strange tingling in my belly.  “Um, yeah, anyway, Seymour tells me that you are the guy always giving him a hard time,” she said.  She pulled her eyes away from Erickson’s penis and gave him a teasing frown.

“Ha, ha, that’s true about me.  I do give people a HARD time,” laughed Erickson.  He still hadn’t released my wife’s hand and his cock started bobbing up and down menacingly.  “I drive it in real hard.”

“Oh I bet you do,” breathed my wife as she watched his bouncing cock with interest.

“Um, phrasing?” I said.  I should have been upset to see my wife flirting with my nemesis, but somehow with the lithium, it was just giving me an erection.

“I know it’s naughty to joke about that in front of you, but he is just so feisty, honey,” laughed my wife, pointing at Erickson’s eager cock.

“Yeah, that’s…nice,” I said.  I rubbed my head in confusion.

“I think it’s making your husband nervous how interested in my dick you seem,” Erickson said.  He gave me a cruel smile and I felt a bit of annoyance pushing it’s way up through the lithium haze.

“I know it’s terrible of me to say it,” giggled Allison.  “But maybe Jimmy acts like such a big dick at work because his dick, is like, literally so big.”

Erickson laughed as he pulled his boxers off and stood nude facing my own naked wife.   I could almost sense the animal magnetism drawing them together as they eyed others naked bodies up and down.

“Come on, let’s go get back in the water,” I said.  I grabbed my wife’s arm and pulled her away from Erickson.  She gazed longingly over her shoulder back at his big cock, standing stiffly at attention.

“Oh, well then, I will join you,” he said and followed after us.

“Uh, well,” I said.  I wasn’t sure what else I could do.

Erickson followed us so closely that he poked my wife right in the butt with his hardon.

Allison yelped and I gave a cry of dismay, but we were shushed by an old japanese woman.

“This is the silent area!”  she scolded.  “No yelling!”

“Yeah, quiet down you two,” whispered Erickson.  He had my wife by her hips and was jamming his cock right between her butt cheeks from behind.  She moaned with pleasure and leaned back against him until I yanked her away, eliciting a pout.  I want to scold her, but the Japanese woman gave me a dirty look.  I passed the dirty look right back at Erickson, but he just shrugged and fingered the head of his glistening cock.

I lead my wife to the hottest flume and helped her in.

“He poked me in the bum with his thing,” she whispered to me with a sly grin.  “I liked it!”

“I’m sorry, you must really remain silent.  Totally silent here!” shouted the Japanese woman in frustration.  A couple of other people hissed at her in return.

My wife and I shrank down in the water to hide from their censure as Erickson swaggered over confidently.  His big dick was swinging side to side like a billy club.  He joined us in the flume and heaved a big sigh of relaxation.  I was relieved that he kept quiet and behaved himself and we all just sat soaking in the lithium water for a while.  My anxiety about Allison’s flirtation with Erickson subsided.  I started to find it sort of funny what my wife said about his big dick.  Maybe guys with bigger cocks did act ruder because they didn’t need to be nice to impress the ladies, they just needed to whip out their giant schlongs.  The thought made me chuckle to myself.

Allison patted my thigh under the water, which made my dick hard, which she noticed, so she grabbed onto it and started tugging my cock under the water while smiling at Erickson.

“I see what you are doing,” he hissed quietly.  “You should grab MINE if you want a REAL handful.”

“I would need BOTH hands for yours,” giggled my wife.

A naked elderly man with grey chest hair and pubic hair sauntered over and bent down near us.  “Sorry folks, I know you are having fun and all, but why don’t you go out to the other pool if you want to talk?  These flumes are for more of a meditation experience.”  He winked at my wife for some reason and got up creakily and wandered off.

“Ok, come on,” Erickson said and he stood up and poked my wife right in the nose with the head of his dripping dong.   He was STILL hard somehow.  He must have been really horny for my wife.

Allison grabbed his dick impulsively.  “Hey mister!  Watch it with this thing, you could hurt somebody,” she purred, giving his rod a playful tug.

“Uh, honey, stop that, will you?” I asked.  My own pickle stood at attention as I watched my wife handling my rivals’ cock so carelessly.

“Oops, sorry, honey,” she said, releasing Erickson’s fat cock with a look of regret.  My heart was beating faster but somehow the lithium made it all seem sort of OK.   Sure, my wife just grabbed another man’s cock.  A man who happened to be my nemesis at work.  Oh well. No big deal really.

We climbed out of the flume and went outside to the cooler pools.  The cool air felt good and it made Allison’s nipples nice and hard which Erickson noticed as well.  His boner just wouldn’t quit as he eyed my wife’s nubby areola.   

“Here, give me a hug before we get into the pool,” Erickson told my wife.  He grabbed her by the hand but she resisted coyly, drawing back from him.

“I wouldn’t mind giving you a friendly hug, but you would poke me with that big boner of yours,” she teased, pointing at Erickson’s straining cock.  His junk was sopping wet and his nuts hung down grotesquely, dripping water onto the wooden deck.

“Ah, we will find some place to stick it,” he grunted.  He pulled my wife toward him forcefully and she giggled but relented and allowed him to embrace her.  I was watching this all through my lithium haze as he prodded my wife’s cunt with his dong.

“Oh, you are always giving everyone a hard time,” panted my wife as he jammed his stiff rod against her twat.

“Oh, yeah, that’s just how I am,” he moaned.  I watched him gripping my wife’s bare ass cheeks in his hands and I started fingering my boner absently.  I briefly considered pulling my shorts off to jerk off while I watched, but I thought that might be against the rules or something.  It certainly would have been in bad taste.

“If I let you give me a hard time, will you go easier on my husband at work?” she asked Erickson coquettishly.

“Honey!” I complained.  But it was more out of habit, than out of real emotion.  I was suddently fascinated by the idea of Erickson fucking my wife.

“No, sorry, I have to maintain excellence in the workplace.  Seymour is a slacker and I need to stay on top of him,” muttered Erickson.  He was squeezing my wife around her narrow waist and was really trying to push his cock into her but he didn’t have a good angle since he was so much taller than her.

“Hey, I’m a good worker,” I croaked.  Somehow he still managed to ride me even as he was molesting my wife.

“No, you aren’t, and you know it. You need me to teach you how to work your wife properly,” laughed Erickson harshly.  Then he crouched down slightly and thrust his hips upward so that he was penetrating my wife from the front.  She gave a cry of passion and clung to his strong arms as he slid the head of his cock right inside her.

“Hey, wait, what are you doing?” I asked.  I gripped my cock firmly as I watched my wife, with her beautiful pale hourglass figure, getting violated by my domineering coworker.  A couple of older men stopped to watch as well, including the old guy who asked us to leave the quiet flumes who I assumed was some sort of manager.

“Oh honey, he’s got the tip inside me,” gasped my wife.  “Naughty man.”  But she seemed to be grinding her hips against him urgently as she said that.

“It’s just the tip,” the big prick assured me with a smirk.

“You folks know how to have fun, alright,” the manager said.  He and some of the other men watching started to get hard as they watched Erickson trying to get his dick deeper into my wife.  “Normally we don’t allow sex out in the public areas, but as long as you are discreet, I guess it’s ok,” said the manager and he started brazenly stroking his cock as he watched my wife getting dicked by my rival.  A couple of the other guys started stroking their penises as well.

“No, that’s not right though,” I said blearily.  Obviously I would have been freaking out a lot more if it weren’t for the soothing effects of the lithium.  I even considered pulling my own shorts down and jerking it since the manager was doing so himself.

“Oh, he’s right, Jimmy.  I’m a married woman, after all,” said my wife as she drew reluctantly away from him.  His boner was practically purple at this point and his glans was shiny with my wife’s juices.

“Ugh, ok, ok,” he groaned.  He gripped his cock and pushed down hard on it,trying to get it under control.   He noticed a massage table nearby on the deck. “Uh, how about I give you a nice massage.”

“Oooh, I would like that,” chirped my wife. And she flung her naked body facedown onto the table expectantly.  

The group of older male onlookers moved to form a circle around the table as Erickson eagerly gripped my wife’s bare butt cheeks and started kneading them.  I glanced at the group of old hippies jerking off as the big dicked Erickson started manhandling my eager wife on the massage table.  What a bunch of perverts we were.  I pulled my shorts down in resignation and started pulling on my own pud while I watched.

“This is weird you guys,” I complained weakly as I fondled myself.

“Look Seymour, your wife is very tense and needs a nice hard massage to loosen her up.  It’s so typical that I have to pick up the slack for you, but I don’t mind.” Erickson gripped my wife’s gorgeous bare thighs in his meaty paws and she cooed with pleasure.  Then he slid his rough hands up her silky inner thigh and prodded one brutish finger right into her vagina.  She spread her legs to give him easier access and moaned.  “See, you obviously don’t finger her enough.”

The guys jerking off around me hummed in satisfaction when they saw this.  “That’s my wife though, you aren’t supposed to,” I stammered helplessly.  But I was jerking away the whole time I said it.

“But she likes it, just ask her,” Erickson told me. He was boldly sliding his index finger in and out of her while Allison clung desperately to the cushioned table, wriggling with pleasure.  His finger was slick with her juice.

“No, no,” she panted.  “Seymour is right.  This isn’t proper.”

“Ok,” he said.  “How about a back rub then?” He withdrew his digit from my wife’s cunt and showed me how wet it was.

“Yes, that sounds harmless,” agreed my wife.  She was trying to catch her breath from the vigorous fingering he had given her.

Erickson walked around the table, swinging his big erection proudly back and forth.  He wagged his eyebrows at me lewdly.

“You are always swinging your dick around,” I said.  I felt a slight pang of annoyance with the big brute.

“Yep,” he agreed.  We went and stood at the head of the table with his cock inches from the top of my wife’s head.  When he bent over my wife to grip her shoulders, he swung his hips in such a way that his stiff cock came up onto the table and slapped her right in the face.

Allison giggled and turned her head slightly so his veiny shaft lay along her soft white cheek.  “Oh my gosh, look at this thing honey!”  she said.  “Oh, are you jerking off?  So naughty.  Here, watch me lick it then.”  And my cute little wife stuck out her small pink tongue and started lapping delicately at Erickson’s meaty shaft.

“Ooooh boy,” I gulped.  It was pretty hot though.

Erickson groaned with pleasure and shifted around so he could get the head of his penis into Allison’s mouth.  She greedily accepted it and started sucking it lustfully, looking me in the eye the whole time.  What a slut she was turning out to be.

“Yeah, look at your wife sucking my dick,” grunted Erickson as Allison slurped his dong.  

She wriggled around on her back, and presented her big tits for him to fondle while she cupped his nuts in her hand.   She kept his dick in her mouth the whole time.  She is pretty agile.  The old men oohed and ahhed as she spread her legs and started fingering her clit.  One old guy got right up and peered between my wife’s legs and I noticed a dribble of cum dripping from his old pud as he tugged it.  The sight of my wife’s spread open beaver was too much for him I guess.

“Ok, that’s enough.  Time for me to fuck your wife properly since you obviously have been slacking in that department, Seymour,” said Erickson.  He pulled his cock out of Allison’s mouth with a loud “pop” and she spread her legs wide apart in anticipation as he climbed right up on top of her and dropped his huge dick into my wife’s hot pink snatch.  The table creaked menacingly, but didn’t collapse under his added weight.

“Oh god, Jimmy is so much BIGGER than you, Seymour,” whined my wife.  “I can really feel it!”

The old men chuckled sheepishly at me as I blushed deeply.  It was certainly embarrassing to watch my wife submit to the huge cock of my competitor.  But I was on the verge of cumming, jerking off as I watched, and plus I was still in the midst of a lithium haze, so I shrugged it off.

Allison clung desperately to Erickson’s broad shoulders as he ploughed his dick into her.  His glutes started pumping up and down like a piston and I was afraid the table would collapse under his powerful thrusts.  Allison grunted as each jab of his cock landed home deep inside her womb.

“Work me, Jimmy!” she shouted.  “Work me hard!”

The old Japanese woman from the quiet flumes came out and hissed at my wife.  “Quiet down!  We can hear you inside the silent area!  Take her inside somewhere and poke her.  She’s too noisy!”  But everyone ignored her and she actually stayed and watched with interest as the powerful Erickson had his way with my woman.

I heard that strangled whimper that my wife gives when she is climaxing and saw her shudder as the orgasm hit her, but Erickson just kept pumping away.  The manager and a few other guys shot their loads out on the deck and grinned at me sheepishly as the wandered off.  I was on the verge myself.

Erickson turned to give me a cruel sneer as he drove himself deep into my wife.  “I am busting my nut up inside your wife, Seymour.  After doing your work for you, once again!”  The boastful prick was lording his conquest over me.  And I spurted my own meager load, stimulated by the humiliation.  It was painful, but it made me cum for some reason.

Erickson climbed smoothly off my wife and was gone.  Just like that.  Allison leaned up on her elbows and smiled at me guiltily.  “Wow he really does work you hard, doesn’t he?” she asked.  “My pussy is going to be sore for a week.”

“Uh, yeah,” I agreed.

We stayed the whole weekend and Erickson pretty much fucked my wife at will the whole time.  In our bed, down by the pools, in the water in the silent flume, wherever.  Luckily I was soothed by the constant lithium soaks.  But when we got back to San Francisco and Erickson started inviting himself over to dinner every night and fucking my wife right on the dining room table, well that was a little harder to deal with. I might actually need to get a lithium prescription.

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Your Buddy Talks Your Girlfriend Into Giving Him a Hand Job

By Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from “Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.4

You, your girlfriend Judy, and your buddy Steve are drinking and shooting the shit at your place one night. Judy and Steve are sitting together on the couch and you are sitting across from them in your favorite chair. The vibe has been a little weird because Steve keeps looking at Judy’s tits and you are annoyed that she seems to be enjoying the attention.

“Wow, is it hot in here?” asks Judy, yawning and putting down her beer with a clank. She is drunk and some of the beer sloshes out onto the coffee table.

“No, it’s fine, and you are drunk,” you say with a slur in your voice watching her with amusement. You are pretty drunk yourself. You have all been drinking for several hours.

“Well, I’m hot,” says Judy with a pout.

“Yes you are,” agrees Steve with a leer, gazing at her large jutting breasts.

“Cut the shit,” you laugh. You don’t want to be a jerk about it, but Steve’s flirting is getting on your nerves.

“I’m taking off this top, it’s too hot in here,” says Judy with a petulant frown. Before you can object, she is clumsily pulling her blouse off over her head and Steve is gazing with frank lust at her pale cleavage which is practically spilling out of her bra. Judy tosses her top away with a sigh and rolls her shoulders, giving Steve a mischievous sideways glance as he stares at her chest.

“Hey, come on,” you complain, your cock swelling at the sight of your girlfriend casually sitting there topless but for her bra.

“It’s no big deal, Steve’s an old friend,” she says, taking up her beer and smiling into it.

“They are big deals,” says Steve staring at Judy’s boobs.

“Can it, Steve,” you snap with irritation.

“Dude, your girlfriend has some sweet knockers,” he says, gripping the bulge in his pants lewdly. “Don’t be selfish, share the wealth.”

“Share the wealth? What is that supposed to mean?” asks Judy with a sly grin. “And why are you touching yourself like that?” she asks, gazing at the boner outlined in Steve’s pants.

“You’re giving me a fucking hardon with those tits,” stammers Steve, his face red from the alcohol and his arousal.

“What? These old things?” she teases, gripping her boobs and pinching the nipples so that they poke through the thin fabric of her bra.

“Dammit, Judy, cut it out,” you say, but your dick is getting stiffer and stiffer as you watch her and Steve flirting like this, just inches apart on the couch in front of you. You can feel your heart beating in your chest from the excitement.

“I’m just teasing,” she says with a pout. “Can’t we have any fun around here?”

“Yeah, let’s have some fun,” says Steve, kneading his penis through his pants rudely.

“What did you have in mind, Steve?” she asks him, batting her eyelashes coyly.

“Wanna play ‘find the snake’?” he asks her with a crooked grin.

“This isn’t funny, you guys,” you complain. Your mouth is dry and your palms are sweating as you watch them sizing each other up. The sexual tension in the room is palpable and you take a big gulp of beer to quench your thirst.

“My god, how big is your penis?” asks Judy, staring at Steve’s bulge with amazement.

“Wanna see for yourself?” asks Steve with a mischievous smile, unbuttoning his jeans expectantly.

“Sure, whip it out,” says Judy nonchalantly, fixing her eyes on yours as Steve unzips his pants and lets his stiff dong stand at attention.

Your voice is caught in your throat and your stomach is churning with anxiety as you watch Steve pull his cock out and show your girlfriend.

“What the fuck!” you croak, barely able to catch your breathe.

“Not bad,” says Judy, sizing up Steve’s boner as he strokes it slowly.

“You guys, this is fucked up,” you stammer. You can feel your own dick pitching a tent in your pants and you cross your legs to hide it.

“Oh, don’t be such a cry baby,” laughs Judy. “I’ve seen other guys’ dicks before you know.”

“Ok, yeah, let’s not get into that,” you say awkwardly.

“You’ve got nothing to be worried about, honey,” Judy tells you, bending down to get a closer look at Steve’s phallus. “He’s not as big as you.”

“You can’t tell just by looking,” argues Steve. “Here, feel how thick it is.” He grabs his penis by the base and offers it to your girlfriend for inspection.

“I’m not going to touch your filthy junk,” giggles Judy drunkenly. “What kind of slut do you think I am?” But one of her bra straps falls down at that moment and she doesn’t bother to put it back. Your own pulse is racing with exhilaration at this kinky situation.

“It’s not slutty to touch a man’s penis,” says Steve reasonably. “It’s a perfectly natural urge for you to have.”

“I never said I wanted to touch it!” she squeals in delight, never taking her eyes off his cock.

“You know you want to, go ahead,” he urges her softly.

“Steve, stop trying to get my girlfriend to yank your rod,” you say patiently. “That’s not cool.”

“What’s the big deal?” he asks good naturedly. “Let her touch it if she wants. Look at her, she can’t take her eyes off it.”

Judy blushes with embarrassment and avoids your glare. She just keeps staring at Steve’s straining penis as he grips it at the base of his shaft and points it at her. “I don’t want to touch it, YOU want me to touch it, Steve,” she says distractedly.

“Of course I do,” he chuckles. “I’m getting blue balls over here.” Then he reaches over and takes Judy’s hand and places it gently on his cock. She grips his shaft hesitantly and you nearly choke at the sight.

“There you go,” he says with a sigh of satisfaction as Judy start stroking his dick, awkwardly at first, then more and more firmly as she starts to get into it.

“Oh, you’re right. It IS thick,” she tells him, her voice thick with lust.

“Stop that, Judy,” you say, your heart racing madly.

“Oh, it’s just a little tug job,” she tells you. “It won’t kill you to watch me handle Steve’s pud for a minute.”

“Really?” you ask in amazement.

“Can I touch your boobs?” asks Steve, reaching over and tenderly slipping her other bra strap off her shoulder.

“No way,” she says breathily as she pulls more urgently on his dick.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he says gripping her big soft boobs in his hands as she gasps in surprise.

“How dare you!” she gasps as she reaches down with her other hand and starts tickling Steve’s testicles. “Wow, your balls are big.”

“I know, watch me prove just how big my balls are as I unsnap my buddy’s girlfriend’s bra while he sits there watching with his mouth hanging open,” laughs Steve and her reaches around and unfastens Judy’s bra, letting it fall away. You realize that your mouth was literally hanging open while you watched her jerking him off and you snap it shut.

“Oh my,” she exclaims as her milky white breasts spill forth with their stiff pink nipples exposed.

“Suck on it a little bit,” he coaxes her as he pinches her nipples playfully.

“My boyfriend will freak out,” she whimpers as she tugs earnestly on his dong.

“He’s into it, look at him,” laughs Steve.

“No I’m not,” you object, putting a hand over your painfully stiff boner.

“And yet you just sit watching while your girlfriend jerks me off,” he says smugly.

“I don’t know how to react,” you admit honestly.

“Honey, I’m just going to suck him off a little, ok?” asks Judy looking at you with concern.

“You are asking me permission?” you ask, your voice cracking with nervousness.

“Yes,” she says, gazing into your eyes compassionately, jerking Steve’s meat all the while as he fingers her tender nipples.

“I uh, don’t know what to say,” you stammer. You are turned on by the sight your woman getting intimate with another man, but you are afraid to admit it.

“Ok, just scream if you can’t handle this, ok?” she says sweetly. Then she puts her head down and wraps her mouth around the head of Steve’s penis. He grunts with pleasure as she does so, weighing her large tits in his hands as she sucks his dick. You watch her head bobbing up and down on Steve’s cock and you finally decide to unzip your own fly and start jerking off.

“This is awesome!” says Steve. “Your girl sucks a mean dick.”

“Yeah, uh, I know,” you say in response, as you watch her licking his shaft greedily.

“I’m horny, do me from behind,” she announces abruptly. Judy jumps up and pulls her pants down, then drops to all fours on the floor, looking up at you inquisitively. She is presenting her bare ass to Steve, but you just stare at how inviting her big boobs look dangling down like that.

“That’s what I want to hear,” says Steve as contemplates her ass from behind. “You’ve got a great ass by the way.” Then he kneels behind her and reaches down to finger her sodden snatch as he prepares to plunge his stiff cock into your girlfriend.

“Go slow,” she warns him. “You ARE big.”

“See, I told you,” he says confidently as he pokes just the head of his cock between the swollen folds of Judy’s labia.

“Oh, he’s got the head in me now, honey,” she tells you. “Is this too weird?”

“Yeah,this is weird,” you admit, but you don’t stop jerking off as you watch.

“You are jerking it though,” she says with approval. “So you must be getting off on it.”

“Fuck, I guess so,” you admit sheepishly.

“You’re a pervert,” she giggles. “Oh fuck!” she gasps as Steve plunges his whole cock deep into her.

“Hey take it easy on her, Steve!” you object. It feels weird to be cautioning your pal on how roughly he fucks your girlfriend.

“Fuck that, I’m gonna pound her like the slut she is,” laughs Steve fiendishly as he grips Judy’s soft white hips fiercely and starts jabbing his stiff rod into her over and over.

“Oh. My. God.” grunts Judy passionately, biting her lip as Steve pounds her from behind with his stiff cock. The force of his rhythmic thrusts has set her breasts to swaying back and forth. You are mesmerized by the sight of their pendular motion. “He’s uh, really inside me now.”

“Are you ok, Judy?” you ask her as you tug on your penis.

“I can’t talk right now,” she gasps, putting her head down to focus on the shagging she is receiving from Steve.

“Yeah, take that dick,” says Steve, working his cock in and out of your girl. “Take it like the little whore you are.” He’s slapping her round white ass in satisfaction as he fucks her from behind and she moans and whimpers in pleasure.

“Don’t talk to her like that,” you complain, but the abusive way he is treating her is actually really exciting and pretty soon you start spurting ejaculate up into the air as you cum.

“Yeah, you just blew your wad, so you must like it when I rough up your girl,” he laughs. “Don’t lie!”

“Uh, uh, ooh,” moans Judy, and you notice her shoulder shuddering as Steve’s pounding brings her to climax.

“Oh yeah, I feel your twat getting tight,” he pants. “Errgh, I’m coming inside,” he shouts triumphantly. And you watch with sick fascination as Steve pumps load after load of his hot semen into your girlfriend. Judy grinds her ass against him greedily as Steve cums and you are starting to feel jealous.

“Ok, that’s enough, Jesus, Judy,” you say, putting your limp sticky cock back into your jeans.

“Oh, sorry,” she says sweetly, pulling away from Steve self-consciously and standing up in her naked glory. Her cheeks are blushing prettily and she is glowing from the exertion of the sex with your buddy. “That was really slutty of me, wasn’t it?”

“You’re a fucking ho,” laughs Steve with delight standing up stiffly. “Get down on you knees and lick my cock clean.”

“Steve, don’t be rude,” she says hesitantly, looking over at you with concern with a finger in her mouth.

“Do it, slut!” demands Steve playfully motioning at her to get down before him.

“Sorry, honey, I know this looks bad,” she tells you apologetically as she complies with Steve’s demand, kneeling before his and putting her hands on his thighs.

“Look, she does what I tell her,” crows Steve, slapping Judy in the face with his wet cock.

“Now don’t tease my boyfriend,” says Judy as she grabs Steve’s dick and starts licking the cum from it. “He’s been a really good sport about this.”

“That was definitely some kinky shit,” you admit. “I can’t believe you guys did that in front of me.”

“Yeah, she’s a real slag,” chuckles Steve. “Wait til I tell the other guys. They are all going to want to come over and do her.”

“Uh, wow, that would be a little intense,” you say uneasily.

“Yeah, I’m not sure I’m ready to turn into a full out fuck toy for your buddies,” says Judy thoughtfully. After a moment of contemplation she tilts her head to the side and asks, “Who were you thinking of bringing?”

“Judy!” you exclaim in surprise. “You aren’t really considering that?”

“Well, I won’t fuck any of the fat guys,” giggles Judy over her shoulder as he rubs Steve’s balls soothingly. “And everyone has to shower first.”

“That can be arranged,” says Steve, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. You are torn between feeling jealous and wondering if you should capture it all on video and post it to the internet. But you decide to keep your mouth shut for now. You don’t want to push your luck.

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