Girlfriend Goes Out Drinking With Bitter Rivals of Boyfriend

By Gustav Jorgenson

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Samantha came out into the living room wearing a short black cocktail dress and stockings. She was teetering in her high heels since she wasn’t very accustomed to wearing them.

“Whoa, where are you going?” asked her boyfriend Frank, looking up from playing his video game.

“I told you that I was going out drinking with Cindy tonight,” said Samantha with exasperation as she put in her earrings hurriedly.

“Why are you dressed like such a slut?” asked Frank suspiciously.

“You like this?” asked Samantha brightly, turning and wiggling her rump at him. Her short dress clung tightly to her rear, revealing it’s round shape.

Frank gazed longingly at Samantha’s butt and gorgeous legs. There was a strip of pale thigh visible above her stockings which always made him hard and this time was no exception. He felt himself stiffening at the sight of her.

“Who’s all going?” he asked her.

“Just some friends of hers from her new job at that bar Scooters,” said Samantha absently.

“Scooters?!” cried Frank in amazement. “That’s the place where I got in a fight with the bouncers!”

“Wait, what?” asked Samantha. “You never told me about that.”

“I uh, yeah,” admitted Frank awkwardly. “Well remember when I came home with that black eye last month?”

“Oh boy,” said Samantha, biting her nails nervously and avoiding Frank’s accusing gaze.

“Don’t tell me you and Cindy are going out drinking with the bouncers from Scooters,” yelped Frank indignantly.

“How was I supposed to know you got in a fight with those guys?” demanded Samantha defensively. “You never told me.”

“Well, you can’t go,” said Frank shakily. “You definitely can’t go drinking with those dickheads that beat my ass in the bar just for mouthing off to them.”

Samantha stood with her hands on her hips and just stared Frank down. She wasn’t used to taking orders from him and she wasn’t about to start now.

“I mean, come on,” he said weakly, wilting beneath her stern expression. “That’s not cool.”

“Frank, I can’t ditch Cindy at the last minute like this,” said Samantha reasonably. “I just have to go.”

“But that’s like betraying me,” whined Frank.

“Look, we are just having drinks,” said Samantha, pulling self-consciously at the hem of her revealing dress. “It’s not like I am going to sleep with all of them.”

“Yeah, well, can’t you at least go change into something less sexy?” begged Frank. “Put some jeans on or something.”

Samantha snorted in response. “You want me to go out looking like a bag lady?” she asked.

“Those assholes are going to be checking out your body like mad,” said Fred bitterly, his stomach roiling in jealousy at the thought of the big rough bouncers getting drunk and ogling his girlfriend.

“No they won’t,” said Samantha unconvincingly.

“Yes, they will,” asserted Frank. “That dress barely covers your crotch. And Jesus, are you even wearing a bra?”

“No,” said Samantha, covering her stiff nipples with her hands modestly. “But I never wear a bra with this dress, the straps would show,” she argued feebly, gesturing to the spaghetti straps of her dress.

“Oh man, what if one of them hits on you?” asked Frank, his brow breaking out in sweat as he looked his attractive girlfriend up and down. “Those big meatheads will get drunk and start pawing at you like crazy.”

Just then there was a honk from the driveway. “Oh shit, here they are,” said Samantha, glancing out the window. “Look, I know this is weird, and I wouldn’t normally go out with some guys that beat you up, but it’s too late to back out now. I can’t leave Cindy hanging.”

“Fuck!” said Frank in frustration, peeking out the window at the big black SUV in the driveway. The head bouncer from Scooters was at the wheel and Frank recognized him as the one that had given Frank his black eye.

“Look, I love you and I would never betray you, ok?” said Samantha, giving Frank a quick peck on the cheek.

Frank didn’t respond and Samantha teetered out the door. He watched through the window as she swayed down the driveway and the big bouncer got out of the SUV and looked her up and down appreciatively. Frank ground his teeth at the sight. The big man opened the back door for Samantha to get in and slapped her playfully on the ass as she climbed into the SUV.

Frank could take no more and went running out the door to confront him.

“That’s my fucking girlfriend, asshole,” shouted Frank, confronting the bigger man in the driveway.

“What the fuck?” said the bouncer, taken aback for a minute. “Oh hey, I remember you. Looks like your eye healed up but you still don’t know how to keep your mouth shut.”

“Samantha, get out of the car!” shouted Frank shrilly.

Samantha rolled down the window and yelled, “Frank, just go back inside, will you?”

“Yeah, just go back inside, Frank,” laughed the bouncer climbing back into the driver’s seat. “Don’t worry, me and my buddies will take good care of your girl tonight.” Then he slammed the door and pulled out of the driveway. Samantha waved consolingly to Frank as the SUV screeched down the street, loud music blasted from it’s obnoxiously loud stereo system.

Frank paced back and forth all night, unable to concentrate on anything but Samantha. He kept picturing her getting fucked by each of those muscle bound steroid freaks, one after another, crying out in ecstasy as each big man used her for sex and spurted his load inside and all over her. He drank beer after beer, getting drunker and more upset until he finally just passed out cold.

He was awoken the following morning by Samantha as she creeped in the front door with her shoes in her hand. Frank had fallen asleep on the couch and he groaned as he looked over at his disheveled girlfriend. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was all smeared. Her stockings were full of runs and her dress was stained with white splotches.

“Where the fuck were you all night?” demanded Frank. Then he paused after noticing how ragged Samantha looked and softened his tone. “Jeez, you look as bad as I feel.”

“Look, honey, I can explain,” said Samantha, holding up her hands for clemency.

“Ok, explain,” said Frank sitting up painfully and reaching for the bottle of water on the table to wash the taste of copper pennies from his mouth.

“We got a little drunk and I ended up crashing at Jimmy’s house,” croaked Samantha awkwardly.

“Who the fuck is Jimmy?” demanded Frank impatiently.

“Look, can I go get washed up first before we get into this?” pleaded Samantha.

“No, Jimmy is one of those bouncers, right?” spat Frank, his face burning with shame.

“Yeah, he was the one who opened the door for me last night,” admitted Samantha, with a grimace.

“And who slapped your ass,” said Frank tightly.

“Yeah, I guess,” said Samantha, coming over and sitting down on the couch next to Frank. She took the water bottle from Frank and took a long drink. “Look, those guys are actually really nice. It’s a shame you got off on the wrong foot.”

“Wait, what?” squawked Frank.

“They don’t have anything against you,” said Samantha defensively. “They said that you were being a real jerk to them the night they roughed you up.”

“Whose side are you on?” demanded Frank angrily.

“I’m on your side, honey,” said Samantha rubbing his shoulder to comfort him.

“Then why did you sleep at Jimmy’s house last night?” he pouted sullenly.

“The boys and I went to Jimmy’s house for more drinks after the bar closed and they uh, were too drunk to drive me back,” said Samantha evasively.

“Jesus, you went and drank all night with a bunch of asshats that beat the shit out of me,” said Frank, shaking his head in amazement and looking at Samatha with a hurt expression. “Why didn’t you take a cab home?”

“We were, um, it was, uh, I don’t know,” stammered Samantha, avoiding Frank’s accusing gaze. “We were having fun, actually,” she admitted in a small voice. “They were really into me.”

“They were into you?” complained Frank. Then he looked more closely at the stains on spattered all over Samatha’s dress. “What the fuck did you get on your dress?” he asked with disgust.

“Yeah, I, uh, don’t know,” said Samatha brushing at herself guiltily.

“Jesus, is that cum?” gasped Frank in shock. “Did you fuck those guys last night?” His heart was racing as the idea crossed his mind.

“No, ha, what the heck?” laughed Samantha weakly, taking his hand. “What kind of slut do you think I am?”

“You’re lying through your damn teeth,” said Frank, snatching his hand away. “Don’t insult my intelligence.” He glared at her angrily, but he didn’t want to believe she had cheated on him with those douchebags. That would be too humiliating.

“Ok, what do you want me to say?” pleaded Samantha desperately. “Maybe we horsed around a little, but it was just for fun, it wasn’t serious or anything.”

“What kind of horsing around?” demanded Frank suspiciously.

“Uh, let’s just forget about it,” said Samantha. “I’m taking a shower.” She got up and retreated to the bathroom, but Frank followed her insistently.

“You just seem guilty if you won’t tell me what happened,” whined Frank, standing in the bathroom door as Samantha twisted the shower knobs, releasing a spray of hot water.

“Look, let’s just talk about it later,” she replied, stripping of her dress casually.

Frank paused to admire her naked body for a moment then stopped short, “Hey, where are you panties?” he asked.

“Uh, I, well,” stammered Samantha, blushing furiously. She was at a complete loss of words. “I don’t know, actually,” she admitted. Then she hopped into the shower to avoid further discussion.

“How can you not know where your goddamn drawers are?” insisted Frank. His stomach dropped at the implication. “Why did you take them off?”

“I can’t hear you,” shouted Samantha as she soaped up her large round boobs and then reached down to scrub her bush while Frank looked on longingly.

“Oh, fuck,” swore Frank as he stalked out of the bathroom. “She fucked those guys, I just know it,” he said to himself miserably, pacing back and forth in the living room. He knew he should dump her over this, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was too in love with her. Besides, he didn’t really have any proof that she cheated.

Samantha got out of the shower and then scurried directly into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Frank had to work that day, so after he showered and dressed quickly then ran off to work without talking to Samantha any further. When Frank got home from work, he found the black SUV in the driveway and Jimmy knocking on the front door while two of the other bouncers sat in the SUV waiting for him.

Samantha answered the door just as Frank approached. She was wearing a short trenchcoat buttoned all the way up, and fishnet stockings, which seemed odd to Frank given the mild weather.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” demanded Frank, approaching Jimmy belligerently.

“Honey, take it easy,” said Samantha nervously, glancing back and forth between Jimmy and Frank.

“Hey, Frank,” said Jimmy, looking down at Frank condescendingly. “Look, I just wanted to apologize for myself and the boys about that misunderstanding at the bar the other night. No hard feelings, huh?” He thrust his hand out to shake but Frank just stared at him angrily.

“Don’t be like that, Frank, go ahead and shake hands,” said Samantha, drawing the collar of her coat closed self-consciously.

Frank gritted his teeth and reluctantly shook hands with the big bouncer. Jimmy crushed his hand in steel grip and Frank nearly cried out in pain. He shook his hand ruefully once Jimmy deigned to release him.

“Ok, well, now that you have apologized, you can go,” said Frank in annoyance.

“Sure, let’s go Samantha,” said Jimmy. “You look really nice, by the way.”

“Thanks, Jimmy,” said Samantha, blushing and looking down as she stepped out of the house and started teetering toward the SUV with Frank in her high heels.

“Wait, where the fuck are you going?” shrieked Frank shrilly, unable to believe this was happening.

“The boys and I are were just going to take Sam out shopping,” said Jimmy with a broad smile. “Don’t worry, your girlfriend will be in good hands.”

“Shopping for what?” squawked Frank.

“You know, just to the mall,” said Samantha uncomfortably.

“Why are you wearing that damn trenchcoat?” asked Frank irritably.

“Oh, uh, it’s just, ah, you know, a gag I guess,” said Samantha blushing furiously. “It was Jimmy’s idea.”

“Show him what you are wearing under there,” coaxed Jimmy, wagging his eyebrows at her.

“Don’t rub it in, Jimmy,” said Samantha, looking at Frank with concern.

“Show me,” demanded Frank, sweat breaking out on his forehead.

“Oh shit,” said Samantha, rolling her eyes and unbuttoning the coat. She looked around nervously to make sure no one was around, then opened her trenchcoat timidly to reveal that she was dressed only in a lacy bra and panties with garters to hold up her stockings. She quickly closed her coat again and buttoned it up while Jimmy laughed deeply.

Frank was at a loss for words, “What, what?” he stuttered in shock, his pits damp with sweat.

“Come on man, don’t be such a stick in the mud,” said Jimmy slapping Frank on the back and nearly knocking him over. “We are going to have Sam flash guys in the mall and take pictures of the reactions she gets. It will be hilarious!”

“Sam, you agreed to this?” asked Frank in amazement, mortified at the idea of these guys humiliating his girl in public like that.

“Oh Frank, don’t make a big deal out of it,” said Samantha, smiling sickly. “It’s just for laughs.”

“Yeah, besides, we are going to buy Sam some real nice lingerie as a present,” said Jimmy rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

“Wait, you are taking my girlfriend lingerie shopping?” croaked Frank in disgrace. “Not going to happen, I won’t allow it,” he said trying to sound forceful.

“Oh Frank, just relax,” said Samantha, forcing a nervous laugh. “It’s all perfectly harmless.”

“Yeah, we just want to show her our appreciation for the good time she gave us last night,” said Jimmy with a lewd smile.

“Hush, Jimmy,” said Samantha, slapping his shoulder playfully. “Don’t tease Frank like that.” Then she opened the door to the SUV and hopped inside.

“Wait, when are you coming home?” cried Frank desperately.

“Um, later, I guess,” she called, rolling down the window.

“We are going to take her back to my place again and have her give us a little lingerie show,” said Jimmy clapping his big hands together. “But don’t worry, there won’t be any hanky panky. I promise.” Then he winked lasciviously at Frank, jumped into his SUV, and peeled out of the driveway while Frank stood there gaping like a fish.

He stayed up late waiting for her to get home, but he wasn’t too surprised when she finally called around 2 am and said that she would be spending the night at Jimmy’s again. He tried to ignore the giggling in the background as he pictured his girl strutting her stuff in skimpy lingerie for those dumb jocks and it burned his ass, but he just swallowed his anger as he crawled into bed. He tried to convince himself that she was staying faithful to him. She was just having a bit a fun. Maybe it was all perfectly harmless like she said.


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Wife Spanked in Front of Husband

By Gustav Jorgenson

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Jim, Bob, and Susie were all good friends since college. Bob and Susie were a couple and later got married, but Susie and Jim always liked to flirt and tease Bob. He didn’t mind it since he trusted them both and loved his wife. But one day things got a little out of hand…

One afternoon, Bob and Susie had a BBQ at their house and invited some friends. In the evening, after all the other guests left, Jim hung around with the couple in the backyard having a few more drinks as was his habit.

“Ok guys, now that it’s just us, I am going to go change,” said Susie.

“Put on something slutty,” joked Jim.

“Yeah right, you wish,” said Susie with a smile, walking into the house.

“What’s the matter, Jim? You getting desperate now that’s you’ve broken up with Amber and you want to get your jollies ogling my wife?” asked Bob, handing him another beer.

“Your wife!” snorted Jim. “Don’t forget that I knew Susie before you did. I’m the one that introduced you two.”

“True, but now we are bound by the sacred vows of marriage,” intoned Bob seriously. But he couldn’t keep a straight face and he and Jim broke out laughing.

Bob and Jim contemplated the mild evening. They looked out across the lush green lawn, illuminated by the bright full moon, listening to the crickets, and drinking beer. After a few minutes Susie re-emerged from the house. She was wearing a thin halter top with short denim cut offs and she carried another six pack of beer.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about,” said Jim, looking Susie up and down and admiring her shapely legs, round ass, and generous bouncing breasts.

“Don’t be a perve, I am just trying to get comfortable,” said Susie with a smile. Then she bent over, pointing her ass at Jim provocatively as she put the six pack into the cooler the ground.

“Wait a minute, are you wearing a bra?” asked Bob wryly, noticing Jim checking out his wife’s ass.

“Nope,” said Susie, straightening up and shimmying her shoulders for her husband to make her boobs jiggle. “Like I said, I’m trying to get comfortable.” Then she flopped down on the cushioned wicker outdoor sofa next to Jim.

“That’s nice,” said Bob, slightly annoyed.

“Oh come on, don’t be so uptight,” laughed Susie opening a beer for herself. “It’s not as though Jim’s never seen my body.”

“Yeah, like that time in Rehobeth at the outdoor shower,” said Jim looking at her lasciviously.

“Yeah, that was awkward,” laughed Susie looking at Jim fondly.

“Wait, what?” asked Bob, sitting up to attention.

“You know, that time we all stayed at Gerry’s beach house in Rehoboth Beach and Jim walked in on me in the outdoor shower,” said Susie.

“I never heard about this,” complained Bob, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

“Oh I’m sure we told you about that before, you just aren’t remembering,” said Susie furrowing her brows at her husband and leaning back against JIm on the couch.

“It wasn’t my fault!” chimed in Jim. “I mean, who takes off their bathing suit in those things? They are just for rinsing off the salt water.”

“So you were totally naked?” asked Bob queasily.

“Yepper,” said Susie with a devilish smile. “He saw everything I have to offer.”

“You’re a lucky man, my friend,” said Jim eyeing Susie’s boobs lecherously.

“Ok, yeah, let’s change the subject, shall we?” said Bob testily. He was sure that Susie never told him about that shower incident and he started to wonder what else she might have neglected to tell him.

“Moving on, how is Amber doing, Jim?” asked Susie, turning to look at Jim impishly.

When he saw Jim’s reaction, Bob broke out laughing in spite of his annoyance with his wife.

“Don’t start with that. We are through, I told you,” said Jim uncomfortably. He took a drink of beer and looked out across the lawn.

“What’s the matter, weren’t you giving her enough… good luvin’?” teased Susie, poking Jim in the ribs. “Is that why she had to go looking for someone to keep her warm at night?”

“Oh, you bitch,” yelped Jim with an indignant laugh. “You’ll pay for saying that.” Jim grabbed Susie and they struggled playfully on the couch for a moment.

“Bob, help!” Susie shrieked as Jim tickled her.

“You probably deserve it,” said Bob, amused but a little wary. It looked like Jim might have “accidentally” grabbed Susie’s boob once or twice.

Jim finally managed to pull Susie down and put her over his knees with her rump in the air.

“That’s it, you are getting a spanking now, young lady,” said JIm. His face was flushed from the exertion and the alcohol.

“Oh no, Bob, make him stop,” said Susie, gasping with laughter.

“Let her go, Jim,” said Bob with resignation.

“Come on, man. You heard what she said. She was questioning my manhood there,” complained Jim, holding the struggling Susie down on his lap. “I mean Amber and I just broke up and she is already rubbing salt in the wound.”

“Well, that’s true…” said Bob judiciously, taking a sip of beer.

“Noo!” shouted Susie. “Come on, I was just kid-ding.”

“Quiet down, you,” said Jim, giving her a slap on her soft round ass.

“I can’t believe you are letting Jim put me over his knee and spank me like this, Bob,” giggled Susie.

Bob noticed that she seemed to be enjoying herself more than was appropriate. He was also surprised to find that the sight of his old friend spanking his wife was making him slightly aroused.

Jim rested a hand on Susie’s rear and rubbed it slightly before giving her another, slightly sharper spank.

“Hey, that hurt,” purred Susie. She had stopped struggling and was clearly warming up to this little game. “It’s not my fault that you didn’t fuck your ex-girlfriend enough,” she said, wiggling her ass in anticipation.

“Oh, you want to play it like that, huh?” said Jim giving her a few more spanks in rapid succession.

Susie just laughed and rocked side to side slightly, but made no further effort to escape. Bob was embarrassed to notice that his penis was growing stiff at the sight of his buxom wife thrown over the lap of good buddy with her nice round ass in the air.

“You think you’re a big man?” teased Susie. “Spanking a poor helpless wife while her husband just sits there doing nothing?” Susie shot Bob a wicked smile.

Bob’s stomach felt cold and his cock stiffened at his wife’s flirting. He was torn between jealousy and curiosity, but he decided to play along. So he gulped some beer and replied, “I’m not doing nothing, I’m drinking my beer and watching.”

“Pssh, no wonder Jim can’t keep a woman. A real man would have pulled my shorts down and given me a proper bare-bottomed spanking,” said Susie with a twinkle in her eye.

“You think so, do you?” demanded Jim nervously, shooting his friend a guilty look. “Bob, I can’t have your wife questioning my manhood like this. I’m going to need to discipline her.”

“Ahh, Jeez, I don’t know,” muttered Bob half to himself. He was aroused by the situation but the jealousy was starting to twist his gut and he hesitated to let the flirting go any farther.

“See, you ask permission instead of just forging boldly ahead,” said Susie, unsnapping and unzipping her shorts as she lay over Jim’s lap. “You need someone to teach you how to be assertive.”

“Oh, that’s it, I’m sorry, Bob, but she is going to get it,” laughed Jim angrily, his face deep red as he grabbed Susie’s cutoffs and yanked them down to her knees, exposing her panties, barely covering her soft white buttocks. She made a show of struggling, but Bob noticed that she didn’t put up any real resistance. “And you don’t get to keep your panties on either!” exclaimed Jim, casting Bob a quick glance of trepidation before yanking his wife’s panties down.

“Uh, that’s a bit much, now, guys,” said Bob, but his voice caught in his throat. The sight of his wife’s bare ass waiting to get spanked by his friend had him frozen in fascination. His heart was racing and the blood was pounding in his ears.

Jim and Susie just ignored Bob’s comment. She looked over her shoulder and exchanged a smoldering look with Jim as she wiggled her ass again, challenging him to spank her.

Jim looked down and contemplated Susie’s beautiful round rear for a moment before slapping it playfully. Susie gasped in response and Bob noticed that her cheeks were flushed with excitement and her hair was a mess.

“I hardly felt that,” she said softly looking up at Jim pleadingly.

“How about this?” asked Jim giving her a solid whack on the rump that left a red mark on her pale flesh.

Susie yelped in spite of herself, but she gritted her teeth and said, “Nope!”

Jim cast a furtive glance at Bob as he laid a hand on Susie’s ass and rubbed it softly for a moment. Then he looked down again at Susie as he slipped his hand down between her thighs and prodded her vagina gently with his finger.

“You feel that?” he asked her softly.

Susie gasped with pleasure and looked over at her husband guiltily. “Uh, yeah, I felt that. Maybe I was wrong about you. It takes some balls to finger a wife in front of her husband like that.”

“Yeah, Jesus, Jim. Cut the shit, will you?” stammered Bob. He was flustered and didn’t know how to react.

“Yeah, uh, sorry about this Bob,” said Jim with chagrin. “But she was really questioning my manhood there.” He kept rubbing the soft, tender skin of Susie’s inner thighs as he talked. Then he moved his hand up and stroked her outer labia for a moment. He could feel moisture there, so he thrust an exploratory tip of his finger between her vaginal lips. Susie’s vagina was slick and wet inside and Jim’s probing elicited a moan of pleasure from her.

Bob gripped his throbbing, stiff erection unconsciously as he watched. “Hey! Am I supposed to just sit here watching, while you prove to my wife what a real man you are?” he asked helplessly.

“I don’t know what you should do,” admitted Jim as he started working a finger in and out of Susie’s hot, tight, vagina.

Meanwhile, Susie reached up and gripped the bulge in Jim’s pants. “My god, you are hard as a rock,” she moaned breathily.

Jim withdrew his finger from Susie and pulled her shorts the rest of the way off. The sound of crickets chirping filled the soft summer night as Bob watched his wife slide bare legged and bare assed off of his buddy Jim’s lap to knee expectantly before him.

“Unzip my pants,” Jim commanded Susie.

“What about my husband?” she asked, casting a look of concern back over her shoulder at Bob.

“Well, I guess he’s going to watch this time,” sighed Jim with resignation.

“This time?” yelped Bob with indignation. “What are you talking about?”

“Honey, let’s not dwell on the past,” said Susie soothingly as she unzipped Jim’s pants and extracted his stiff member. “What’s done is done, let’s live in the moment,” she continued as she stroked Jim’s hard penis.

“Suck it,” said Jim simply and Susie complied immediately, pushing her hair back from her face and turning slightly so that she could look at her husband as she slid the purple head of Jim’s swollen phallus between her lips.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” said Bob in a daze watching his wife perform felatio on his buddy. He realized that his mouth was bone dry and he took a satisfying gulp of cold beer to quench his thirst. “How long have you two been cheating on me like this?”

Bob grunted with satisfaction as Susie slurped heartily on his manhood. “Ah, it’s not really cheating exactly,” he said lamely. “Maybe we fooled around a little here and there. You know we were sort of friends with benefits before you and she met…”

“What?” said Bob in shock, stunned to be hearing these revelations while he watched his wife go down on his old friend out the in the backyard like this. “What about marriage vows?” But he feels silly trying to invoke those vows seriously after joking about them before.

“Oh come on,” coaxed Susie with a smile after pulling Jim’s cock from her mouth. “This is us we are talking about. We’ve all known each other for years. We are practically family. Can you really make a big deal out of this?”

“Lay down on you back,” demanded Jim urgently.

“Hold on a second, dear,” Susie said to Bob as she casually stripped off her halter top and laid back down in the cool grass spreading her legs in anticipation. Her pale skin glowed slightly in the moonlight as she lay there nude in all her sensual glory.

Bob admired his wife’s gorgeous body for a moment. He gazed with anxious appreciation at her dark bush, lewdly spread wide for Jim. Then looked over at the neighbor’s house nervously. The light was on in the Smith’s kitchen, which had a clear view right down into Bob’s backyard.

“Fuck you guys, what if someone see you?” he asked nervously.

“Well, if that’s all you’ve worried about, I’m just going to go ahead and fuck her then,” laughed Jim, shedding his pants and climbing on top of Bob’s waiting wife.

“This is so weird,” said Bob, shaking his head as he unzipped his own pants and started jerking himself off, casting a tense glance over at the Smith residence.

“Are you going to jerk off while you watch?” cackled Susie in delight. “That is so kinky! I love that you are being such a good sport about this.” She looked over at her husband lovingly. Then Jim pushed the head of his prick into her and she gasped with pleasure, quickly returning her attention back to her friend with benefits.

Bob looked on in fascination, masturbating himself while his friend Jim fucked his wife missionary-style in the grass. They made loud noises of lust but Bob was too engrossed in pleasuring himself to notice when Mr. Smith pushed through the low hedge that separateed the two properties and walked over to join them.

“What the living hell is going on here?” blurted the elderly Mr. Smith in bewilderment, wearing his signature plaid shorts and faded US Army t-shirt.

“Oh, hi, Mr. Smith,” said Susie cheerily, looking over at him from beneath Jim as he shagged her, his balls slapping her ass vigorously.

“Oh fuck! Mr. Smith!” exclaimed Bob in mortification, struggling to put his cock away.

“What is going on over there, Harold?” calls Mrs. Smith from their backyard.

“Stay over there, Martha. I’m handling this,” commanded Mr. Smith gruffly. He looks down in disbelief at the tableau before him struggling to understand what was going on.

Jim noticed the new arrival and stopped fucking Bob’s wife. He pulls out of her and looked up at Mr. Smith in surprise and embarrassment with his stiff cock hovering over Susie’s belly, still slick with her juices. She reached down and yanked on Jim’s scrotum playfully and he gasped in ecstasy. The tug pushed him over the edge and he started spurting load after load of semen all over her stomach and large breasts.

Bob noticed Smith looking at Susie’s naked body as she lay there drenched in cum and he saw Smith’s expression change from perplexity to amusement and maybe even arousal.

“My God, Susie, what are you doing, getting plugged by a man who isn’t your husband in the backyard?” Then he gestured over at Bob with a wicked smile. “While your hubby looks on no less?”

“Sorry, were we making too much noise?” she asked sweetly, propping herself up on her elbows as Jim climbed off of her clumsily. Bob noticed that she made no effort to hide her nakedness and might have even shook her shoulders slightly to get her boobs shaking.

Mr. Smith stood looking down at Bob’s sperm-soaked wife for a moment before answering. He ran his eyes up and down her body from her shapely legs still spread wide, over the dark patch of her pubic hair, and then up to her large generous boobs with her pink nipples pertly erect.

“Mr. Smith?” asked Susie again, with a little smile. “Are you enjoying the view?”

Smith looked over at Bob with a strange smile and wiped his brow with his handkerchief. “What was I saying, son? I got distracted. Oh yes. Your wife has a fine figure, I will give you that,” he said to Bob. “I wouldn’t share her if I was you.” He looked back at Susie who just lounged there unselfconsciously in the nude. “I guess this is a different era than the one I came from,” he said distractedly as he gazes at Susie’s lovely pale orbs and pink nipples.

“What can we do for you, Mr. Smith?” prompted Susie with a suggestive smile.

“Uh, right. Well, it’s a free country and all, but I would be obliged if you folks would, uh, keep it down a little when you are having your fun in yard.” Smith looked at Jim with annoyance as he struggled to back into his jeans. “You know if my wife had come over here, you would have given her a heart attack.”

“Well I won’t tell her how much you seem to be enjoying the sight of my naked body, don’t worry,” teased Susie with a laugh.

Smith broke out laughing at this, but didn’t stop admiring Susie’s body. “You are a bad girl. That’s for sure. I don’t know, get a tent or something if you must make hoo-ha in the yard though. It would be more neighborly.” Then he turned and gave Bob a strange look. “Bob, come and see me tomorrow, boy. You need a talking to, I think.” Then he waved vaguely and turned to trudge back to his house, shaking his head in bemusement.

Susie broke out laughing. “Wow, that was so fucked up. Old man Smith really got an eyeful of my bod. I think he was hot for me.” She jumped excitedly to her feet and rushed over to Bob, boobs bouncing as she grabbed her husband by the hand. “Come on, honey. I will go rinse Jim’s spooge off myself and then I need you to fuck me more. He stopped before I could cum.”

“Can I watch?” asked Jim lecherously.

“Sure, hang out if you want to,” said Susie shooting Bob a sly glance. “Maybe you can slip it to me again later if you can get it up again.”
“That’s nice,” said Bob sarcastically, but he let his wife lead him back into the house by the hand. Jim slapped him on the shoulder good naturedly and Bob looked at him sheepishly.

“I don’t know how I’m going to deal with this wife-sharing business on an emotional level,” admitted Bob aloud as he and Jim waited in the bedroom for Susie to return from the bathroom.

“Maybe Mr. Smith will have some good advice for you,” joked Jim gently.

Just then Susie returned, naked as could be, pink and clean from a quick shower. She strode over pushed Bob back on the bed aggressively. “Maybe Smith isn’t going to offer advice at all,” she said pulling Bob’s pants off. “Maybe he wants to ask if he can get a crack at me himself… maybe you should let him!” she exclaimed with a laugh as she put her husband’s cock in her mouth.

Bob couldn’t tell if she was kidding or not, but lust quickly pushed all thoughts from his mind as his wife gave him the most intense blowjob of his life.


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Girlfriend Sat Bully’s Lap

By Gustav Jorgenson

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I had hoped that by getting away from high school and heading off to college, I would be free of obnoxious jocks, but alas, it wasn’t the case. Jack was a big beefy, hyperactive football player with a constant smirk on his face. He was always rolling his head around to stretch his neck or flinging his arms around for no reason. I suspected that he had ADHD or something. I didn’t have any classes with him, but he was in the next room over in our dorm and I was always bumping into him in the hallway.

Guys like him always seem to zero in on me because of my tall, skinny frame and heavy rimmed glasses. I guess I came across as the stereotypical nerd, even though I was actually pretty good with people and I had a girlfriend and everything. Jack would hip check me into the wall as we passed or trip me as I was carrying my laundry and guffaw like a donkey and tell me to watch where I was going. When I complained to our RA, Thomas, he just brushed me off and I later saw Thomas and Jack at the campus bar laughing over drinks together, so I decided to just grin and bear it.

One day I was having dinner with my girlfriend Sally in the large echoing cafeteria, crowded with students since it was dinner hour. Ed came up behind me while I was carrying my tray of food to the table and he kneed the back of my knee from behind causing me to lose balance and spill my spaghetti all over myself. The metal tray went clattering to the floor and my plate smashed at my feet. The noisy bustle of the campus cafeteria paused for a moment as the students around me stopped to see what happened. There I was, the center of attention, standing with spaghetti and sauce plastered down the front of my shirt and trousers with a smashed plate at my feet. A few people stared blankly, several smirked, and I noticed a couple of girls giggling and whispering behind their hands to each other. My face was burning hotly with shame and my belly and crotch felt damp and hot as the sauce soaked through my clothes. I desperately wished I had Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak at that moment, but activity mercifully resumed around me and the clatter of silverware and scraping of chairs soon filled the high ceilinged dining hall.

“You fucker!” I hissed as Jack came up beside me chortling loudly. “Look what you did.” I pulled a strand of spaghetti from the front of my shirt and flung it to the floor in exasperation. “You’ve spoiled my clothes.”

“Ah, don’t get your panties in a bundle, dorkwad,” scoffed Jack, jabbing me painfully in the ribs. “I was just playing.”

My girlfriend Sally came striding over to see if I was OK, and Jack looked her up and down with a lecherous grin that made my skin crawl. Sally was a slim girl, with blue eyes and a strong jawline, she was wearing her long dark hair in a ponytail and had on a short black dress with dark patterned stockings which showed off her shapely legs.

“Good God, Sidney, what have you done to yourself?” asked Sally, surveying the mess with a wrinkled nose. She came close and started delicately brushing clumps of sauce from my crotch with a paper napkin, tsking and shaking her head. “This is wool, these trousers are simply ruined.”

“I didn’t do it to myself, this idiot made me drop my tray,” I said, jerking my thumb in Jack’s direction.

Sally stood upright and looked down her nose at Jack, displeasure clearly painted on her face. Sally could be quite haughty when she was angry.

“Holy shit, nerdball, you have a girlfriend?” exclaimed Jack in shock, rolling his shoulders unconsciously.

“Why does that surprise you?” asked Sally, putting her hands on her hips and facing him jauntily.

“Wow, nice tits,” he said, eyeballing Sally’s jutting boobs shamelessly and cracking his knuckles loudly.

Sally’s cheek colored in embarrassment and she covered her chest self-consciously. “My god, how rude you are,” she gasped, taken aback. But did I see a twinkle in her eye? Was she secretly flattered?

“Oh, sorry, I get Tourettes around hot women sometimes, you understand, right?” he said, giving her a lewd grin after running his eyes up and down her body. “I’m sort of a big oaf, you know, but you can call me Jack.” He held out his hand and Sally looked down at his proffered hand coldly for a moment before offering her own hand.

“Uh, hello, Jack, I’m Sally,” she said, her cheeks still burning brightly as they shook hands.

“What is a hot babe like you doing with a dork like Sidney?” he asked as he kept his eyes fixed on her boobs.

“Fuck off Jack,” I said, my voice coming out as an indignant squeak. I plucked at the front of my shirt in discomfort as the cold sauce clung to my belly.

“Just go back to the dorm room and change your shirt, I will keep Sally company until you get back,” he said not releasing Sally’s hand and tilting his head to the side as he brazenly looked her body up and down.

“Jack, my eyes are up here,” scolded Sally, trying to sound stern.

“Yeah, well your eyes are nice, but your tits are giving me a hardon,” said Jack, looking her in the eye seriously. “Your body is smokin’.”

“I can’t believe you just said that,” I stammered in amazement. My armpits were growing damp and I felt a cold weight in my stomach as I noticed Sally surreptitiously glancing at Jack’s big muscular arms and then down at the growing bulge in his basketball shorts.

“Your friend Jack is really crass,” said Sally, pulling her eyes reluctantly away from his expanding package.

“He’s not MY friend, he just lives in the dorm room next door to mine.” It annoyed me that Jack still hadn’t released Sally’s hand and that she actually seemed flattered by his advances.

“Don’t be like that, Sid, I thought we were pals,” said Jack, giving me a pained expression.

“How can you say that? You are always harassing the shit out of me,” I squawked.

“Yeah, well, I always do that to my buddies,” he said with a pout. “Come on, let me buy you and Sally a beer and show you that there are no hard feelings.”

“Of course not, look at me, I’m a mess,” I complained.

“You do need to go change,” agreed Sally. “Come along, I’ll go with you and help you clean up. Jack, may I have my hand back now?” she asked with a wry grin.

“Aww, come on Sally, he can change his own clothes. He’s big boy. Let’s you and I head over to the bar so I can buy you a beer while he’s changing.”

“Why, I don’t even know you, Jack,” said Sally with a small chuckle, one hand still clasped in his and the other on her chest.

“Well how are you going to get to know me if you won’t have a beer with me?” he insisted.

“Just leave my girlfriend alone, will you?” I whined indignantly.

“Don’t get upset darling, I can handle this fellow,” she said lightly, giving me a wink that I didn’t understand. “These soccer hooligan types are no match for women with breeding.”

“Yeah, you can handle me if you want,” said Jack, fondling his crotch rudely. “And I won’t mind breeding you either.”

“You are a completely classless jackass, aren’t you,” sniffed Sally, suppressing a smile and arching a brow..

“I told you, big boobs give me Tourette’s,” he said wagging his eyebrows back at her.

“Ok, I’m just going to go back to the room now, come on Sally,” I said.

“Well, you perhaps you should run along and change,” she said. My blood ran cold in my veins as I noticed her casting a furtive glance at Jack’s bulge which had grown noticeably larger after he touched himself. “Meet Jack and I at the bar once you’re done. I think I need to teach him some manners.” She kept her eyes on Jacks and gave him a toothy grin.

“Sally!” I whined in complaint. My breath was coming faster and faster as I worried about this bully stealing my girl away.

“What’s the matter darling? Surely you aren’t jealous of a big dumb jock with Tourettes?” she said with a gleam in her eye that made me feel deflated.

“Of course not,” he said, wrapping his arm around her shoulder smoothly and leading her away. “She’s too classy for a chump like me.”

“Ciao darling,” called Sally with a wave as Jack ushered her away. “I will have a martini waiting for you.”

I felt a grim sense of dread as I watched them leave. Jack bent down to whisper something in Sally’s ear and she cackled with laughter and slapped his chest as they disappeared into the milling crowd of the cafeteria. I ran back to my dorm room to change as quickly as possible before anything bad could happen.

When I got to my room, I couldn’t unlock my door because someone had jammed a huge wad of blue bubblegum into the lock. I cursed vociferously as I tracked down Thomas the RA to help me.

“Thomas, someone jammed a wad of gum in my door lock and I can’t get into my room!” I called when I found him talking to some girls in the rec room.

“What did you do, puke on yourself?” he asked, gazing at my soiled shirt and trousers with disgust and then blowing a bubble. I couldn’t help but notice that his gum was same color as the stuff in my lock. Meanwhile the girls he was with simpered and turned their backs to me.

“You fucker, Jack texted you and told you to delay me so he could flirt with my girlfriend,” I snapped, suddenly realizing what was going on.

Thomas made the “not bad” face back at me. “Interesting theory, Sidney. But, ah, what is Jack doing with your woman anyway?”

The girls whispered among themselves and they and Thomas broke out laughing.

I gritted my teeth in angry embarrassment and pulled out my phone to call the facilities support number myself so that someone could come let me into my room. After an interminable wait a maintenance man came out to look at it. He had to take my entire door off at the hinges while I stood around waiting uncomfortably in my damp, sullied trousers. I texted Sally several times letting her know what happened and that I would be delayed, but she didn’t reply. Finally I got into my room and had to change my clothes with the door off it’s hinges and the workman fiddling around, trying to remove the door handle. The girls that had been chatting with Thomas passed by slowly in the hall as I stood there in my briefs and they covered their mouths and pointed.

I blushed in shame and complained to the workman. “Christ, can you at least put the door back in it’s frame while I’m getting changed. There are girls out there!”

“Oh, uh, sorry, pal,” stammered the workman. He fumbled with the door and it went crashing the floor with an unbelievably loud bang and about twenty people came running to see what happened only to find me there, pale and shivering in my tighty whities. A few laughed openly and pointed at me mockingly, but most people had the decency to turn and look away. The gods of eternal abashment appeared intent on unleashing their wrath upon me this day.

As I finally pulled on a fresh change of clothes, my phone rang. It was my good friend Joshua.

“Sidney, err, your girlfriend is here at the campus bar drinking with that troll who’s always harassing you.”

“Jack. His name is Jack. Yeah, I know, I -”

“Wait, you knew about this. What happened, did you and Sally break up?”

“No, of course not. He just talked her into having a drink with him.”

“Well, they are getting pretty, uh, friendly down here. He’s got his hands all over her. I mean he’s touching her, um, her bottom and everything.”

“Oh, fuck, I’m coming right down there.”

My heart was pounding in my chest and my gut was twisted with jealousy as I sprinted over to the campus bar. As I arrived, I finally got a text message from Sally.

So sorry, darling, didn’t get your texts until just now. It was so loud in the bar, I couldn’t hear the notifications. Jack is a clod, but he amuses me. We headed back to my room to chat in private.

Wait, what? Why do you need to be in private? I texted back. I felt a wave of nausea roll over me and my knees felt watery. I waited for a few minutes, but when I got no answer, I stuck my phone back in my pocket and ran off to Sally’s place with my heart in my throat.

When I got her room, breathless and sweaty, I knocked impatiently at the door for several minutes before she answered. When she finally pulled the door open, her hair was a mess and her eyes were glassy with alcohol.

“Sidney, you’re here! Come in, come in,” she said, ushering me unsteadily into her studio apartment. The room was dim, she had lit candles and she was playing soft folk music, which was how she usually set the mood for sex when I came over, but there on her futon was Jack, sprawled out as though he owned the place.

“Oh, fuck, what are you doing here?” snapped Jack with a snarl, clearly surprised at my arrival.

“Play nice, Jack,” said Sally with a slur. “Sidney happens to be my boyfriend. He belongs here with me. Come along honey, let’s sit together.” She lead me to her big leather club chair and pushed me down in it and then flopped unceremoniously into my lap.

“My god, Sally, you are drunk,” I hissed.

“I know, darling, please forgive me,” she said, taking my face in her hands and kissing me on the mouth. “But you just left me in the bar for so long and I had to drink in order to tolerate Jack’s asinine company.”

“Shut up, we were getting along pretty well just before he got here,” said Jack, leaning forward aggressively and spreading his legs. Sally’s room was small, and the futon was just a few feet from the chair in which we sat. I could clearly see that Jack had a massive hardon sticking up in his loose basketball shorts.

“Shush, you, keep quiet,” admonished Sally, kicking her legs playfully as she sat on my lap. “And hand me my drink.”

Jack graciously handed her drink to her and then reached out and touched her stockinged leg on the calf. “Hey I like these panty hose, they have a pattern.”

“Jack, you are a dolt. These are stockings, not panty hose and the pattern is called a filigree,” said Sally smugly, putting her nose in the air with a drunken flourish.

“What’s the difference? Stockings, panty hose, same thing,” said Jack, sliding his hand up leg familiarly as he gazed as my girlfriend’s shapely legs with admiration.

“Why are we talking about this? Can he please leave now?” I asked, wrapping my arms around Sally’s narrow waist.

“Don’t be selfish, dear. Jack is an ignoramus, and ignoramuses need educating,” said Sally, pinching my cheek. “You see Jack, stockings are two piece garments, and pantyhose are one piece.”

“Two pieces? Like socks? How high do they go up?” asked Jack. He reached over and lifted the hem of Sally’s little black dress and tried to peer up it.

She slapped his hand away and giggled. “Don’t be fresh, you animal. You can’t just look up a lady’s dress without asking. These stockings go well up my thigh and they are held in place with suspenders.”

I felt my own penis growing hard and press into Sally’s soft rump. I liked it when she wore stockings with suspenders. She noticed my arousal and wriggled around on my lap in response.

“What are suspenders?” asked Jack. “Can I see?”

“Only if you ask nicely,” said Sally, pulling the hem of her dress down modestly while jack gazed at her gorgeous thighs hungrily.

“Sally!” I whimpered.

“Oh, don’t make a fuss, darling,” she sniffed. “I am trying to teach this beast some manners and also teach him about ladies undergarments.”

“May I please see your suspenders?” asked Jack, cocking his head to the side.

“No you may not,” said Sally, reaching out to tap Jack playfully on the nose.

“Like hell I can’t,” he chuckled and he grabbed her knees and parted them forcefully while she giggled and kicked ineffectually.

“Take your hands off her,” I sniped, feeling strangely torn, I was weirdly comforted by Sally’s weight on my lap, simultaneously I felt hurt by her shameless flirting, and also angered by Jack’s brash advances.

“Stop it, you’ll tear them, they are delicate,” she said, gasping for air as she laughed uncontrollably. “Play nice, play nice, and I’ll show you.” She pushed Jack’s hands away and lifted her hem ever so slightly for him to peek up it.

He grabbed the hem of her dress and pushed it roughly up to her waist so that he could get a good look. She gasped with surprise and my heart started pounding in my chest.

“This isn’t appropriate,” I stammered lamely, but my cock stiffened as I looked down at Sally’s shapely thighs. The sharp contrast of her pale upper thighs against the dark tops of her stockings always made me mad with lust.

“Aw, yeah, nice,” said Jack as he slid his hand eagerly along the top of her thighs, feeling the sheer fabric of her stockings.

“You can look but you mustn’t touch,” said Sally sternly but she made no move to stop him and in fact parted her legs further and lifted the hem of her dress up past her waist so that her lacey panties were exposed. She was breathing heavily and her cheeks were flushed with excitement.

“Look, Sidney, zettai ryouiki,” she said in perfect Japanese. “Zettai ryouiki.”

“The fuck?” said Jack, looking up at Sally with a furrowed brow.

“Zettai ryouiki describes the area of bare skin exposed on the thighs between the skirt and stockings of female anime characters,” explained Sally patiently. “Sidney is quite enamoured by it.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty hot,” said Jack, putting his hands on Sally’s knees and peering with interest down between her parted legs. “You like this patch of skin here, huh Sidney?” he asked, boldly running his rough calloused hands down to the soft skin of Sally’s inner thighs, just above her stockings and just inches from her crotch.

“Oh my,” gasped Sally, her chest heaving with passion. “You mustn’t.”

“You don’t like that?” asked Jack, tilting his head at her quizzically. “How about this?” he asked, pressing his fingers against her vagina as he probed about, searching for her clitoris.

“Get your hands off my girlfriend,” I cried, slapping Jack’s rough mitts away.

Jack withdrew his hands hastily and gave me a roguish grin. “She’s practically offering it me, Sid, what do you want me to do?”

“Now Jack, I know you are an uncivilized beast, but please try to show some manners. It’s impolite to go mashing at a young woman’s private parts without asking,” said Sally, fanning her face urgently.

“Well you can touch my privates anytime, you don’t got to ask. Go ahead,” he said, standing up and presenting his protruding priapic bulge to Sally. His cock was forming an absurdly large protrusion in his basketball shorts and his put his penis just inches from Sally’s face as she sat on my lap.

Her mouth dropped open as though to receive his member and she put her hands carefully on his hips. For a moment I thought she was going to pull the ape’s shorts down and start sucking him, but she got a grip on herself and just pushed him away gently.

“Now Jack, you mustn’t go swinging that thing around. You might hurt someone,” exclaimed Sally. “Now sit back down and let me show you how my suspenders work.”

“Okie doke,” he said, gripping his package as he sat back down and returned his attention to Sally’s crotch.

“Sally, what are you doing?” I asked, as she wriggled back and forth excitedly on my lap, rubbing her round buttocks against my hardon which was poking into her rear.

“I’m trying to teach Jack how to properly undress a lady, Sidney,” she said loftily. “Not that any woman with class would consider bedding such an uncouth lout.”

“You never know,” he injected looking deep into her eyes with an intensity that made my blood run cold. “Fucking isn’t supposed to be civilized.”

“You know nothing, Jack, so please don’t presume to tell me anything about sex. Stop grappling with your johnson over there and pay attention. I’m going to show you how suspenders work.”

Jack made a face that was almost, but not quite, embarrassed. He had been fondling his junk unconsciously without realizing it and stopped abruptly when Sally pointed it out. He put his hands back on Sally’s smooth gorgeous thighs and turned his attention to her suspenders.

“You see there is this little clamp that snaps onto the stockings,” said Sally breathlessly as she showed Jack the mechanism.

“This ain’t hard,” he said, effortlessly unsnapping the first suspender and making Sally coo with approval. “And there is one in the back, too, right,” he said, wrapping his big hands around Sally’s upper thigh so he could get at the clamp below her thigh. I noticed him grinding his knuckles into her crotch as he worked to release it.

“Uh, yes, that one is harder to get at,” gulped Sally, putting her hand on top of Jack’s as he knuckled her pubic bone and squeezed her inner thigh with his huge meaty paws. “Oh god,” she blurted as he located her clitoris and started worrying it with the back of his hand.

“Sally, he’s rubbing your crotch,” I whimpered.

“No he isn’t silly,” she croaked, holding his hand firmly in place against her crotch. “He’s just unfastening my suspenders.”

“Well he shouldn’t be unfastening my girlfriends suspenders at any rate,” I yelped. Jack bit his lip as he locked gazes with Sally and worked her clit, ignoring me entirely, so I pushed him roughly back. Jack sat back with sigh and touched the back of his hand.

“Ok, yes, I think you are learning,” said Sally with a cough

“Your panties are getting wet,” he said, giving her a smoldering look as he licked the back of his hand.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you are talking about,” stammered Sally, wiping away the sweat which was beading on her upper lip.

“Here, let me help you roll down those stockings now,” offer Jack, rubbing his hands together gleefully.

“No, no,” said Sally holding up one hand to ward him off. “I think Sidney is right. It isn’t proper for me to have your rough barbarous hands on my gentle thighs,” she grabbed her drink from the side table and took a long draught. “Oh my gosh, it’s so hot in here, isn’t it?”

“I feel fine,” I said.

“I’m hot too, you mind if I take my top off?” he said, pulling his shirt off without asking.

Sally gazed at Jack’s muscular torso with interest and I could feel her wriggling again. His thickly muscled chest was hairless and coating in a thin sheen of sweat. I wrinkled my nose as the scent of his body odor wafted over.

“Ugh, you stink,” I complained. “Didn’t you take a shower today?”

“Yes, you are pungent,” agreed Sally. “And a gentleman never appears in deshabille in polite company.”

“Say what?” he asked flexing his big arms confidently.

“Deshabille means undressed, idiot,” I snapped, as Sally rose lithely to her feet. My erection popped up, pitching a tent in my pants and I covered my crotch with my hands, bashfully.

“Ok, odiferous, you go wash out your underarms in the bathroom,” commanded Sally, pointing at Jack. “I won’t have your stench lingering in my quarters.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, jumping to his feet and saluting her smartly. I saw him jab her in the belly with his rod as he squeezed past, and Sally slapped his shoulder affectionately as he strode off to the bathroom.

“Sally, why are you letting this guy hang out here? He’s an ass! I can’t believe how shamelessly you two are flirting. It’s upsetting.”

“Oh don’t be silly darling, it’s perfectly harmless banter, I assure you,” said Sally, reaching behind herself to unzip her dress. “Are you honestly jealous of such a blithering cretin as Jack? We are just having a bit of sport. Besides I could tell you were quite, uh stimulated by the whole encounter. I felt a persistent pressure against my rump the whole time.” She bent over and gripped the bulge in my pants significantly, squeezing my cock through the thin material of my trousers. “Hmm, yes, your wilson quite approves of a bit of bawdy behavior on my part I see. Now stop your sniveling and help me unzip my dress.”

“I’ll do it,” offered Jack rushing back into the room in nothing but his boxer shorts. His erection had subsided somewhat but there was still a protruding bulge which threatened to pop out the opening in the front at any moment.

“Hold on, hold on,” I cried. “First of all, where are your shorts? And secondly, why are you getting undressed?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, I’m still wearing shorts,” said Jack, playing dumb.

Sally eyed Jack’s package with interest. “Oh you can’t expect these dumb jocks to keep track of their clothes, darling. I’m sure he would run around like a naked animal if he could. As for me, I’m simply getting changed for bed.”

“But you can’t get changed while HE is here,” I complained. I could feel a lump in my throat at the very idea. “I don’t like him and I want him to leave.”

“Don’t be like that, darling,” said Sally pouting at me prettily. “Why I thought we were all getting along quite well. I was hoping we could patch things up between you and Jack so that he would stop picking on you so much.”

“What, by letting him finger you and then stripping naked for him?” I shouted hotly.

Sally just replied with a musical laugh and kissed me on the cheek gayly. “Oh, it’s so cute that you are jealous, darling. How could you possibly think I would have any interest in this muggle?” She turned to Jack and pointed back at the futon. “Jack, sit. I don’t have a changing room, so I am going to get changed here, but I expect you to cover your eyes and not peek. I’ll be watching you.”

“Ok,” agreed Jack readily, sliding past her and rubbing his package against her belly again.

“Sally, this is ridiculous, he won’t cover his eyes.”

“Of course he will,” said said dismissively. “Now help me pick out a nice nightgown.”

“Pick a slutty one,” encouraged Jack, leaning back on his hands.

“Like hell,” I said and went to Sally’s bureau and pulled out a shapeless cotton nightgown with flowers on it. It reminded me of something my grandmother would wear.

“That’s fine, thank you, darling,” she said taking it from me. “Cover your eyes, Jack, and remember, no peeking!”

Jack made a show of covering his eyes with one hand and Sally slipped her dress off casually. She stood there in her black lace bra and panties with one stocking unfastened and drooping down her thigh. I admired her slim form with her long, elegant legs, flat stomach, small round butt and surprisingly large breasts. I watched in fascination as she unsnapped her remaining suspenders and then flopped back into my lap to remove her stockings.

She stood again and slipped out of her bra with a sigh of relief. She stood facing me and rubbing her nice perky boobs.

“Ooh, my breasts feel swollen, I must be getting near my period. I’m feeling fertile,” she cooed. Then she came and dangled one pale orb with a taut, pink nipple before my face. “Suck on my nipple, Sidney. My boobs are sore.”

I felt nervous about doing it with Jack sitting right there, but her breasts are simply too irresistible so I readily complied and we were distracted for several minutes while I slurped hungrily on Sally’s nipples and she cradled my head in her hands, cooing with pleasure. We were interrupted by Jack’s grunting as he brazenly watched us and jerked his exposed schlong which had erupted out of his shorts.

“Ugh, you filthy beast, put that back in your shorts!” demanded Sally, drawing away and covering her breasts with one slim arm. “And cover your eyes, you nasty thing. You aren’t allowed to watch while I get changed.”

Jack looked her up and down and jerked his rod unapologetically. “Take your panties off,” he urged.

“I certainly will, once you put your vile member back in your shorts, pig,” she said with a laugh. But she was looking at the red swollen head of Jack’s cock with intense interest and almost seemed disappointed when he tucked in awkwardly back into his boxers. “Very good,” she said with a sigh. “Now cover your eyes so I can finish getting undressed.”

Jack obediently covered his eyes with hand again and Sally quickly slipped out of her panties, exposing her cute little bush. I gazed mesmerized at her cooch for a moment before I realized that Jack was peeking between his fingers.

“Sally, Jack’s peeking!”

She stood there completely naked, every inch of her porcelain skin exposed and planted her hands on her hips. “Jack is that true?” she demanded.

“No, I ain’t looking,” he lied, fingers cracked obviously as he covered his eyes.

“How many fingers?” she asked, giving him the finger.

“Dunno,” he said, gripping his dick again and tugging on it.

“Stop mangling your johnson like that,” she laughed, reaching down to slap the back of his hand. “You’ll go blind jerking yourself so much.”

“That’s not true,” he said, uncovering his face and ogling her naked body openly.

“Cover those eyes, mister,” she giggled, coyly covering her boobs with one arm and her pussy with her other hand.

Jack gave me a wicked grin and covered his eyes again loosely.

“Sally, this is preposterous,” I said, but my penis was so stiff it felt like it would tear my pants.

“You’re right darling, of course,” she said dropping her arms to expose her lovely naked body again. “This brute simply can’t help himself. He insists on being disrespectful of my modesty.”

“Well you aren’t being very modest,” I said, managing a chortle.

“Nonsense, I am the picture of propriety,” she said with a wicked smile. She pulled on her nightgown and presented herself to me. “Look, I’m completely covered now.”

She did look a bit frumpy in the big loose nightgown, but it only hung down halfway to her knees, so her pretty bare legs were still exposed.

“You can look now, you coarse thing,” she told Jack.

“Yeah, you look pretty fat in that,” he told her, looking her up and down. “But at least I can see your nips poking through.”

“So ill-mannered,” she sniffed, covering her nipples in a show of chastity.

“Now look here, you’ve been pretty mean to me all night, why not come and be nice for once and sit on my lap,” growled Jack. His boner was standing stiffly erect in his shorts still as he patted his thigh, urging her to sit.

“Certainly not, you will spear me with that thing like a pig on a spit,” she said giggling and gesturing at Jack’s boner.

“Nah, you’ll be fine, I’ll push it down,” he said grabbing her by her wrist and pulling her toward him. I watched them struggle for a moment, both of them laughing giddily and I was about to intervene when he finally wrestled her down onto his lap. I noticed that she lifted up the back of her nightgown surreptitiously as she sat. So her bare bum was pressing against his thighs. It made my pulse quicken to think of it and I felt myself growing queasy.

“Oh my goodness, this thing,” she laughed breathlessly as she shifted around on Jack’s lap. “It’s like a cudgel.”

“Feel that?” he asked, grabbing her by the hips and grinding her down onto himself.

“Oh my,” she said, cheeks bright from the exertion. I saw a bulge in her nightgown between Sally’s thighs and she reached down and pinched it playfully.

“Jesus christ, Sally, are you fingering his knob?” I gasped in shock.

“Of course not darling, I’m just trying to get adjusted,” she told me with a wan smile as she tucked the lump back against her crotch and brought her knees together to trap it there. “I think I’ve got him under control now.”

“That’s not comfortable, you are too fat, come on let me move you up a little,” grunted Jack and the two struggled a bit more.

“I am not fat,” she cried gaily. “I’m perfectly svelte.” He lifted her up bodily and repositioned her on his lap and she cried out. “Oh wow, oh wow, that’s, uh,” she put her hands out to steady herself as he lowered her slowly back onto his lap.

“Feeling that?” he asked her smugly. as he gripped his hips.

Sally’s mouth hung open stupidly and her eyes went glassy. “Uh, no, I don’t feel anything,” she said.

“Is he poking you in the rear with his prick?” I demanded jealously.

“No, no, darling, we are fine,” she panted. She avoided my gaze and her chest was heaving more than I would have expected from a bit of playful wrestling.

“Yeah, Sally and I are doing great here. I feel like we are really connecting for the first time,” he told me with an evil grin as he began bouncing her lightly up and down on his lap.

“Oh god,” she gasped, biting her lip and tilting her head back. “Oh god.”

“Dear, are you ok? Did he hurt you?” I asked with concern. “You look ill.”

“Um, I think I can handle it,” she said, obviously disoriented.

“Handle what?” I asked suspiciously.

Jack slide his hands up from Sally’s hips to her waist and her gripped her there firmly as he bounced her up and down on his lap more aggressively. “You know, you’ve been calling me oaf and idiot all night. I don’t think you even remember my name, Sally.”

“Jack,” she blurted breathlessly, her mouth hanging open. “Don’t be silly, of course I know your name is Jack, Jack.”

“Yeah, I like that, say my name,” he urged, sweat breaking out on his forehead as he lifted Sally up and down on his lap.

“Oh, Jack,” she said, putting one hand between her legs and sticking a knuckle in her mouth.
“Jesus, it looks like you are humping her over there, stop it,” I chided, feeling suspicious of this whole thing.

“Oh, darling,” said Sally with a forced laugh as she struggled to regain composure. “How absurd! The very idea. He’s just bouncing me on his knee.”

“That’s just strange,” I muttered skeptically, as Jack slowed the bouncing to a steady, rhythmic up and down motion.

“She likes it, it’s soothing,” he said. “Look she’s doing it all on her own now.” He withdrew his hands from her waist and indeed Sally continued moving up and down slowly on his lap. Her boobs were jiggling up and down with the motion and I was transfixed at the sight of them for a moment. Cat Stevens’ “Moon Shadow” chimed softly from her speakers and her paisley curtains fluttered softly in the warm breeze.

“Are you staring at my boobies, Sidney?” she asked sweetly when she noticed my attention.

“Uh, they are motile,” I said, embarrassed.

“Lemme see these,” grunted Jack reaching up from behind and grasping Sally’s pert melons in his big hands. Sally moaned and clasped her hands over his as she jounced down onto his lap and ground her rear back and forth.

“Hey stop that!” I exclaimed.

“Feel that?” she asked Jack seductively, holding his hands onto her boobs as he cupped the thin material of her gown around them.

“Oh fuck, that did it, ahh,” groaned Jack, jiggling Sally spastically on his lap while she pinned his hands in place on her bosom.

“Jesus, look at you two, this is disgusting,” I cried jumping to my feet.

“Oh, darling, I’m so sorry. I’m being naughty,” cried Sally, tearing Jack’s hands away from her chest and leaping to her feet to embrace me. “I gave in and allowed that filthy beast a little taste of what he wants. But I promise I won’t do it again.” She hugged and kissed me passionately as Jack jumped up covering his crotch, and sprinted to the bathroom, giggling as he ran.

“But you let him touch your breasts,” I pouted pulling away from my suddenly affectionate girl friend.

“I know darling, that was terribly unchaste. I think you should spank me,” she said, turning and lifting the back of her gown to present her cute round rump to me.

I couldn’t resist and gave her a playful slap on the rear and she responded by making a “o” of her mouth and putting her palm before her face. I was enjoying this game, but Jack returned to the room fully clothed, with bright red cheeks and a broad grin on his face. Sally dropped the back of her gown quickly.

“I’m outta here,” he said, heading for the door.

“Wait, when will I see you again,” blurted Sally rushing to his side and grasping his arm. “I, uh, enjoyed our bounce on your lap and look forward to doing it again.”

“Come on Sally,” I spat sourly. “Let him go. I’ve been waiting for this asshole to leave all night.”

“Darling, don’t be like that,” she said with a sullen expression, as she entwined her arm with Jack’s. “I thought we were all getting along famously.”

“Which part, when you stripped naked for him or when he grabbed your boob?” I asked bitterly.

“I was just a bit of good-natured mischief, dear,” she purred, putting her head on Jack’s shoulder as she looked at me with half-lidded eyes. “I want you and Jack to become better friends.”

“I want nothing to do with him,” I sniffed, crossing my arms and turning away slightly with my nose in the air.

“That’s ok, baby, let Sidney sulk like a little bitch if he wants. You and I can always be friends. I’ll come over and help you get undressed tomorrow night if you want,” he said gripping Sally’s round bottom through her flimsy gown.

“I’d like that, I’ll give you another lesson in ladies lingerie,” she said, looking up at him with adoration.

“I’ll be giving you some lessons, girl,” he said brusquely and pushed her away. “Smell you later!” And with that, Jack departed.

“Are you really going to hang out with that guy?” I yelped in annoyance.

“Don’t be jealous, dear,” she chided whipping off her nightgown urgently. “He’s merely a buffoon, a minor diversion. You are the only man for me. Now come and ravish me.” She threw herself down on the futon and spread her legs invitingly for me, thrusting her pelvis upward in little impatient jerks. All other thoughts fell from my mind as I struggled out of my trousers and mounted her eagerly. But I was surprised as just how wet she was as I penetrated her with my manhood. I had never felt her so wet before, it was simply uncanny.

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Party Like a Plutocrat – Ch.11

Chapter 11 – The Wives Fly off with the Billionaire

Excerpted from “Party Like a Plutocrat

Continued from Chapter 10.
You and Max go get seriously drunk at his place but you manage to stumble into bed in the guest room before passing out this time.

You wake up late in the afternoon and shuffle out the kitchen to find Max brewing coffee. The sun is shining and a warm breeze blows through the open window and you feel utterly miserable. The hummingbird appears and hovers before the window and you feel like throwing a shoe at it.

“Let’s poison the bird feeder.” you suggest.

“Yeah, I know how you feel, Ted.” says Max. I wasn’t thrilled about watching my wife get poked by that billionaire last night, but you know, today it doesn’t bother me so much. I mean, who cares really? It’s not as though she is going to leave me for him. It was basically a monetary transaction. I got a PO from Smithers this morning for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.“

“Whoa!” you say thinking that over. “Nah, I don’t care.” you say finally. “We don’t need the money. And you don’t either, really, you keep crashing and burning with these business ventures, but what does Jenny make now, $300k?”

“Something like that, plus options.” sighs Max jealously, “I know, that’s true. This kind of money isn’t going to change our lifestyles or anything.”

“Fuck.” you say bitterly, taking a sip of coffee. “Hey, it’s almost 2 pm, when are the girls coming back?”

“I don’t know, do you have your phone? Call Erin and see.” he says squinting at the beautiful day.

You fish out your phone to find a text from your wife. Erin: Got dragged along on a trip to NYC, be back next week sometime. Love you.

“Jesus Christ, and so it begins.” you spit, handing Max the phone to show him the text.

“Goddammit, where’s my phone?” he says running out to the living room. “I was afraid this might happen. Fucking billionaire just has the jet fueled up and off they go!”

“I got a voicemail from Jenny!” he says.

“Put it on speaker.” you say.

“Hi hon, it’s me. Please don’t freak out but Erin and I are on the way to the airport with Reggie and Ben right now. There is a conference going on and he wants to introduce us to some people… I uh, you know… of course we tried to get out of it, but after last night… Reggie basically wouldn’t take no for an answer. He’s just mad about us right now and of course, it’s actually sort of exciting to just pick up and jump in a private jet…Erin and I will be back next week sometime. I’ll give you a call later tonight… Look, I love you. This is just a passing fancy, OK? Bye.”

You and Max just sit in silence for a long time. The he plays the message again.

“I feel nauseous at the idea of her going off on a pleasure trip with that guy.” you say. “I mean, I can’t give her that sort of life…”

“Oh, shit, Ted. Erin never wanted that sort of life.” laughs Max ruefully. “She got a life of comfort and a fulfilling job and a loving husband… Jenny’s right, this is a passing fancy. Witherspoon will get tired of them soon and toss them aside.”

“Does that really make you feel any better?” you ask.

“Well, yeah. It does. That guy can’t really come between my wife and I. And he can’t break you and Erin up either. We all have deep bonds.” and he straightens his shoulders at the thought. “We are going to get through this.”

You try to smile gamely, but you have deep misgivings about what the future holds…

End of Party Like a Plutocrat – Book 1

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Exhibitionist Wife Tales: 15 stories of wives cheating in public
Most Popular collection: Gustav’s Selected Shorts
Giant chunks of cuck erotica: Wives Cheating Vol 1-5 Box, Collected Longs
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Party Like a Plutocrat – Ch.10

Chapter 10 – The Slippery Slope

Excerpted from “Party Like a Plutocrat

Continued from Chapter 9.

Although Witherspoon didn’t bother decorating the common areas of his mansion particularly well, he did ensure that his cigar room was properly done up. You are impressed by the dark wood paneling. There appears to be a first-class walk-in humidor at the back of the room and antique french cigar posters tastefully adorn the walls. The ceiling is richly coffered and baroque chandeliers and wall sconces provide warm, friendly lighting. Heavy leather club chairs are arranged in a circle in the center of the room , forming an intimate seating area. Lesser chairs line the walls.

Jenny and Erin are standing in the center of the circle formed by the club chairs and a server is waiting to take your drink orders as you enter.

“Jenny, Erin, have your ordered drinks?” calls Witherspoon, motioning to the server.

“Gin and tonic for me,” says Jenny with a smile.

“Charonday here,” adds Erin with a familiar wave to the server. Then she and Jenny resume whispering excitedly.

Witherspoon walks over and sits down in one of the leather club chairs. Smithers takes the chair to his right and Ben takes the chair to his left.

You are about to join them when Witherspoon calls out casually to one of the young analysts. “Johnson, check the drawer there and make sure we have condoms.”

You and Max exchange a shocked expression and the women both stop dead in their conversation and stare at Witherspoon in surprise. The analyst just shrugs his shoulders and checks the drawer as instructed. Neither Smithers nor Ben seem phased in the least.

“Now hold on a second!” you object loudly. “That’s a bit much, isn’t it?”

Witherspoon gazes at you with a furrowed brow as though he just found a bug in his soup. “Please Ted, do lower your voice,” he says testily. He sighs and takes a breathe, regaining his composure. “I think I mentioned that I am terrible about mixing business and pleasure.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” you continue aghast. “What do you need condoms for?”

Witherspoon smiles at Smithers in disbelief. “Ted, look, you are perfectly free to go back to the party while we carry on in here… As I said, we can have a hostess introduce you to some of the guests…” He sees you looking at Erin and then notices that both Erin and Jenny are shocked by the proposal.

“I’m sorry if I have caught you ladies off guard, but given where we left off last time we were here, I would say having condoms ready is a perfectly reasonable precaution. Jenny, Erin, don’t you agree?” he asks earnestly, looking at your wives carefully as though the idea they would object never crossed his mind.

Erin looks helplessy between Witherspoon and you, her mouth moving soundlessly. Jenny just looks at Max, searchingly.

“Yes, Reggie,” says Jenny, with a tremor in her voice, keeping her eyes locked with her husband. “Keeping condoms on hand is a perfectly reasonable precaution.”

Max expels a pent up breath explosively and turns away then back again.

“Erin, what do you think? Do you understand why I want to have condoms on hand?” Witherspoon asks your wife gently.

“Yes Reg,” she says softly, looking at the floor. “Especially if we are going to pick up where we left off… the last time we were here.”

Witherspoon sighs with relief. “My goodness! I would have thought that was quite obvious.” he says to Smithers who just shrugs in response.

“Obvious?” sputters Max suddenly. “Why this is totally unprofessional!” he yelps.

Witherspoon looks around for help as though confronting a madman. “Max, honestly! What has gotten into you people? We are all consenting adults here. You and Ted are both free to go at any time.”

“I want you to stay, Ted,” says Erin, impulsively, pleading to you with her eyes.

“I just…” you are choked up and cannot talk.

“Are we dealing with some kind of puritans here?” Witherspoon asks no one in particular. The door opens and the server returns with the drinks. “Smithers, talk some sense into them.” he says, taking his drink and leaning back in his chair as Johnson discretely hands him some condoms.

“Come on guys. Don’t be so prudish,” says Smithers smoothly. “No one minds if you stay, this will be fun. Max, seriously, come sit down by me and have a drink. Ted. Loosen up. Have a seat. Relax.”

Max stands staring at his wife and she bows her head and gestures for him to take a seat by Smithers. He shakes his head and sits down as invited. You and Erin maintain eye contact as she stands there in her underwear and she is looking at you with a strange expression, begging you stay and apologizing for this turn of events. You walk over and take a seat by Ben in a daze, your body moving of it own accord. You blood has turned to ice in your veins and you feel that you can barely breathe. You take the drink offered by the server and down it all straight away.

Erin and Jenny do the same and the server exclaims with surprise. “Another round then! I’ll be right back.”

Witherspoon takes a few sips of his scotch and then leans forward and looks at Max, “Well I’m glad you decided to stay, Max,” he says.

Max just smiled wanly. He’s as pale as a ghost and can’t voice a response.

Witherspoon shrugs his shoulders and mutters “Puritans” to himself. Then he shakes his head and turns to Ben. “So, Ben, what’s your take on this now? Did the ladies really fail to win you over?”

Ben takes a drink of his sparkling water and sighs. “Come on, Reg,” he says blushing slightly. “Jenny and Erin have all the talent you say,” he says tipping his glass to your wives. “My penis was deeply gratified.” The two analysts snort with amusement at this but quiet down when Witherspoon turns to shoot them a withering glance.

“Did you hear that, Erin? You gratified his penis,” says Jenny sarcastically, starting to regain her composure as the alcohol kicks in a little.

“Such a sweet thing to say,” agrees Erin smiling at Ben and sipping from her second glass of wine. “So charming.”

Ben glances at your wife’s body and shifts uncomfortably under their teasing. “Right, right. But talent or no, I don’t see a business here,” he shoots Jenny and Erin an apologetic look. “Sorry. But I am with Smithers on this one, talent doesn’t scale. It would take some crazy headhunter to dig up more ladies of this calibre who would do this slut routine. And then as a business, I mean, what are the liabilities for this kind of thing? Johnson, how much are we looking at?” Ben turns in his seat to ask his associate.

“Nah, insurance and legal fees, are probably manageable,” says Johnson from the back of the room.

“Still,” Ben presses on. “I just don’t see it. Max, tell me why I’m wrong.”

Max just stares at him stupidly for a moment, lost in thought. “No, you make a good point, I won’t find another woman like Jenny in a million years.” Then he looks over at her lovingly and she sniffs slightly and take a sip of her drink.

Witherspoon huffs. “I just don’t like that answer,” he says shaking his head.

“Jeez, Reg. What do you want from me?” whines Ben. Then he snaps his finger. “Oh, you want these two! How about this?” Ben leans forward excitedly. “Just put Jenny and Erin on payroll! Directors of Event Planning or some such. Pay Max his recruiting fee and call it a day.”

The business talk has brought Max back to life somewhat. “No, no, buy me out, but leave me some equity.”

“Max, there is no business there,” repeats Ben with disdain. “This idea can’t fly as is. Maybe if you were a real event planner or if we rolled this into some casino service for high rollers or something. I mean, yeah, I can imagine scenarios in which it could work. That’s why Reg should bring them on staff and keep them in the stable until we find the right manager or situation to hook them up with so that they can really shine. And in the meantime, you know, we party with them,” he glances over at Erin’s body and she blushes in response.

You just grit your teeth and struggle not to punch the kid.

Jenny pipes up finally. ”We don’t come cheap, you know,” she sniffs dismissively.

“Jenny, please,” says Witherspoon with a hurt expression. “Have I ever given you reason to believe I would undervalue you?”

Jenny looks at him and her hard expression softens somewhat.

Witherspoon turns to Ben and says, “I will take that under advisement, Ben. Thank you. Now I would like to shift gears and ask the ladies to entertain us some more. Is that alright with you, Ben?”

Ben looks at Erin and says, “Yes, Reg, that sounds fine.”

Witherspoon turns to Erin and Jenny and says, “Are you two feeling refreshed at all? Can we get you something, another drink?” he asks politely.

“Keep them coming,” says Jenny holding up her empty glass. The server emerges from the back of the room with another round.

“Way ahead of you, sister,” she says sassily, swapping Jenny’s empty glass with a full one. Jenny smiles at her appreciatively.

“And Erin, How are you feeling?” asks Witherspoon tenderly. “Are you ready to proceed?”

“Yes, Reggie,” says you wife, looking at you nervously.

“Ahh well, then,” says Witherspoon heaving a sigh and unzipping his fly casually. “What do you think, Jenny? Erin is already mostly undressed…” he trails off suggestively.

Smithers unzips his fly discretely as well but while Ben doesn’t join them, he also doesn’t bat an eye. It occurs to you that Witherspoon must do this all the time with various women and the thought sickens you that he is about to use your wife the same way.

Jenny and Erin exchange glance and Jenny turns back to Witherspoon. “Whatever you like, Reggie.”

“That’s fine. Uh, pardon me, but would you ladies mind if the other fellows unzipped themselves?” asks Reggie noticing that you, Ben, and Max have left your pants zipped.

“Oh, I would be offended if they didn’t,” says Jenny looking at you with a crooked smile. “I mean, what are we doing here, after all?”

“Yes, I think Ben owes us a look at his thing, actually,” says Erin shyly. “We worked so hard to gratify it earlier.”

“Ben generally restricts his deviant sexual activities to Burning Man, I think,” laughs Johnson from the back of the room.

Witherspoon, shoots him a glance of annoyance, but Ben pipes up. “No, he’s right, but I will make an exception for these ladies,” he says as he unzips his fly with smile.

“Ted, Max, please unzip your flies as well,” says Erin. Jenny looks at her with surprise but then plays along immediately.

“She’s right. It’s only fair,” scolds Jenny.

You and Max look at each other with confusion. But Max just shrugs and unzips and you follow his lead hesitantly.

“Hmm, yes. Good. Now Erin, would you mind coming over here for a moment? Maybe you could put your hands on the armrests of Ben’s chair and bend over a bit?” asks Witherspoon with a restrained smile.

Erin approaches readily and bends down before Ben, dangling her cleavage near his face. “Like this?” she asks innocently, looking over at Witherspoon and avoiding your gaze.

“Well, I’m not sure…” says Witherspoon giving Jenny a significant glance.

“Dear, you will know you are doing it right if Ben’s penis pops out,” says Jenny joining Erin at Ben’s chair. Then she reaches around Erin’s back and unsnaps her bra without her seeing. Erin’s boobs suddenly pop out and she jerks upright in surprise, laughing nervously and struggling to get them back into her bra.

“Oopsie,” laughs Jenny gleefully.

Your own cock stiffens at the sight of your wife’s bare breast swinging free for this young jerk to enjoy.

“Oh, don’t bother putting that back on dear,” says Witherspoon as he withdraws his own cock. “I’m going to touch myself a little bit, is that alright?”

Erin glances as his cock and gulps. “Yes, Reggie, please feel free to do as you wish with your own penis,” she says tossing her bra away and then covering her nipples with her hands.

“Ha, yes, thank you, dear,” says Witherspoon stroking his cock slightly.

“Don’t cover your nipples, dear, it’s rude,” says Jenny pulling Erin’s hands away.

Ben gazes in fascination as Erin’s boobs swing free and her nipples grow hard in the cool air of the cigar room.

“Well I think it’s rude for Ben not to show me his,” pouts your wife playfully.

Your own cock springs out at this point and you put your hand over it to cover it up in embarrassment.

Jenny notices your dick and actually blushes. “Err, uh, look dear, don’t be discouraged, Ted’s penis came out.”

“It did?” she asks hopefully, “Can I see, Ted?”

You remove your hand and your cock stands up at attention. But you can’t make eye contact with Jenny or your wife.

“Don’t look, Jenny,” says your wife instinctively, then catches herself. “Uh, that’s clearly my doing since you still have your clothes on…”

“Fair enough,” says Jenny averting her eyes.

“But Ben’s isn’t out yet,” says Erin, and she is smiling more readily now that she sees your hardon. You are afraid this will encourage her to push the boundaries even further, since she seems to think that any perversion that makes you hard is fair game.

“Mine’s out,” says Smithers stroking his cock lewdly.

“No one cares, Smithers keep it to yourself,” says Jenny curtly. Witherspoon laughs at his assistant’s embarrassment.

“Watch your tongue with these ladies, Smithers,” he cautions. “They will cut you down to size if you cross them.”

Jenny looks at Ben’s crotch and strokes her chin. “Well, really, you have just shown him your boobies, not your pussy. Maybe he will show you if you take your panties off?”

Erin’s face brightens and she looks at you with a mischievous grin. “Good idea,” she says. “Watch this, Ben.” She slowly wriggles out of her panties, sliding them down over her generous hips and dropping them to the floor.

“Oh, sorry, you don’t mind if I show Ben my vagina, do you Reggie?” she asks sweetly.

Witherspoon just gasps, “Not at all,” and grips his cock firmly as he gazes at your wife’s naked body fully exposed. Her pale skin is illuminated under the soft lights and you can’t help but grip and stroke your own cock at the sight. You are disturbed to see Max doing the same.

Erin thrusts her pelvis toward Ben and says, “How’s this, Ben?”

“There he goes!” laughs Jenny as Ben’s cock finally emerges from his pants and stands stiffly at attention.

“Happy, now?” he asks laconically, looking up into Erin’s eyes.

“Eh, I’m not sure it was worth the wait,” she says with a shrug and then notices Max jerking himself. “Jeez, et tu, Max?” she asks in surprise.

“When in Rome,” says Max in resignation.

“Well alrighty then,” says Erin, running her hands over her bare belly and then her boobs. “Feeling pretty naked over here.”

“Jenny, Erin is feeling self conscious, maybe she would feel better if you disrobed as well?” asks Witherspoon hopefully.

“Jeez, I thought you would never ask,” laughs Jenny, unbuttoning her blouse slowly.

“Erin, I don’t think Ben feels… comfortably touching himself in front of you, so he’s clearly not enjoying the sight of Jenny’s disrobing as much as he could be…”

“Oh perish the thought,” says Erin dramatically and your stomach flips and you realize what Witherspoon is asking.

Jenny looks on in surprise as Erin kneels right down naked in front of Ben and looks up at him. “Shall I help you out with this, Ben?” she asks as she reaches for his penis.

“I thought you weren’t impressed,” he says arrogantly.

“Oh don’t play hard to get,” laughs Jenny. “It’s not gentlemanly to make a good looking naked woman beg to give you a handjob.” With that she opens her blouse to reveal her boobs pushed up and out by the open cup shelf bra that completely exposes her nipples.

Ben is distracted by the sight of Jenny’s gorgeous boobs and Erin reaches slyly in and starts stroking his thing, looking you in the eye as she does it.

“Oh shit,” he exclaims. “That feels good.”

“Don’t look at me, watch Jenny strip.” admonishes Erin, then she looks back at you as she works this young jerk’s rod.

Your own cock is throbbing madly at the sight and you just give in and stroke yourself as you watch.

“Oh Ben doesn’t deserve all that attention,” comments Witherspoon impatiently. “He’s an ingrate. Erin, be a dear and come over here a moment, will you?” asks Witherspoon. Your blood runs cold as you watch him putting a condom on.

“What can I do for you, Reggie?” asks your wife seductively. She kneels before him, putting her hands on his knees and examining his cock closely as he sheaths it.

“Maybe you could get down on all fours and face Jenny?” he asks hopefully pointing his cock at her face.

“Ok!” she says, cheerfully complying with the request.

“You know why I’m putting a condom on, don’t you?’ he asks her as he gets down on his knees behind her.

“I think so,” says your wife looking back over her shoulder at him.

“What are you doing, Reggie?” asks Jenny, standing hands-on-hips with her tits exposes but still wearing her panties while a bunch of guys sit around jerking their cocks and looking at her.

“Be a dear and spread your labia for me, will you Erin?” asks Witherspoon distractedly. “Ah, Jenny, I think I will try to convince Erin to let me insert myself into her briefly. Really briefly, because I don’t want to repeat last week’s unfortunate incident.”

“Uh huh,” says Jenny smiling at his audacity. “And then?”

“Well let’s take one thing at a time, shall we?” he asks politely. “Would you mind, removing your panties? Do keep the bra, though, it’s quite flattering.”

Jenny shakes her head and slips her panties down and you increase your fapping a the site of her exposed pussy. She notices your increased vigor and gives you a lewd wink, jutting her chest slightly in your direction and you have to slow down to keep from coming right then.

Meanwhile Witherspoon is positioning himself behind your wife and your stomach flips in anticipation.

“So you want to enter me, Reggie?” asks Erin slyly. “I’m not sure…”

“Really?” says Witherspoon with his stiff cock hovering inches from your wife’s waiting pussy, which she has obligingly spread open at his request.

“Well, I mean, what’s in it for me?” she asks sweetly.

“Interesting time to start negotiating,” pants Witherspoon. “Shall we just repeat your last invoice?” he asks.

“But that contract explicitly forbid the insertion of foreign objects. Clearly we would need more to strike that provision,” says Jenny warming up to Erin’s game.

“Double your last invoice?” asks Reggie holding his cock and turning pale as he watches Erin wriggle her ass expectantly.

“Sounds fair,” says Erin, “Did you get that, Smithers? Ohh,” she gasps as Witherspoon plunges his cock into her aggressively.

“I’m a bit busy, but I will note that later,” gasp Smithers as he frantically jerks his cock watching his boss fuck your wife.

“Ahh, That feels nice,” says Witherspoon. “Forgive me if I don’t agitate it much, I must be a bit reserved.”

Erin is rubbing her own clitoris madly now. “Oh, Reggie,” she gasps. “You are so polite. Don’t worry about me.”

Witherspoon runs his hands over your wife’s smooth white ass as he kneels behind her with his cock sunk into her. He squeezes her wide hips appreciatively. She pants and wriggles as she masturbates herself and you are surprised that you aren’t more devastated by this. It just doesn’t seem real somehow. Maybe you expected this to happen all along, but you are more titillated than upset at this point. Erin looks over at you and her cheeks are flushed with excitement, when she notices you jerking off while Witherspoon fucks her, it puts her over the edge and she starts cumming with a shuddering orgasm.

“Oh dear,” says Witherspoon, withdrawing his cock quickly.

“Are you OK?” ask Jenny with concern.

“Yes, I saved it, but I must say that’s poor form to reach climax without warning your partner, Erin. I expect some advanced notice next time,” says Witherspoon patting your wife’s ass affectionately.

“Yes, Reggie,” says your wife obediently. Somehow that final exchange burns you with jealousy more than him sticking his cock into your wife. You look over at Max, but he is already cleaning himself with a towel, he must have cum watching Witherspoon drill your wife which is a bit disturbing.

“Jenny, would you mind laying down on your back and spreading your legs for me?” asks Witherspoon, regaining his composure slightly.

Jenny looks at Max, already spent, but he avoids her eyes. So she says “No, I don’t mind at all. I would be delighted in fact,” and then lays down on her back and spreads her legs waiting for Witherspoon to mount her.

Erin is sprawled out on the floor and rolls over on her stomach then hoists herself up on one elbow to put her chin in her hand and watch Witherspoon and Jenny go at it.

“You know I’ve been looking forward to this for a while,” says Witherspoon as he crawls on top of Jenny.

“Forward to what?” asks Jenny coyly wrapping her arms around him.

“I can’t take this,” says Max and he just gets up and walks out.

Jenny looks up in concern as Max leaves.

“Shall I run check on him?” asks Erin with concern.

“I saw him blow his wad watching Reggie put his thing into you,” says Jenny bitterly. “I say let him stew for a while.”

“What is this all about?” asks Witherspoon. “We are in the middle of something here!” he exclaims.

“Sorry, Reggie, where were we?” asks Jenny sweeting, reaching down and gripping Witherspoons cock which makes his gasps with pleasure. “Oh yes, we were about to discuss your interest in putting this into me. Hold on…” she jerks his cock a bit and he grunts with satisfaction. “I’m inclined to allow you to do it, but I wonder if it’s hard enough.”

“Are you lubricated at all?” he asks her tenderly.

“Why yes, watching you violate my good friend Erin actually made me quite wet,” she says.

“Well I will give a go then,” says Witherspoon.

The door opens and Max returns and plops down in the chair next to you miserably.

“I couldn’t stay away,” he whispers. “How did you handle it with Erin?”

“I don’t know,” you admit.

“Oh hi, Max,” say Erin. “Are you ok?” she pouts.

“No,” he answers.

“Max, do you mind?” says Witherspoon looking over his shoulder irritably. “I’m trying to violate a beautiful woman over here.”

Max stares at him in disbelief and clamps his mouth shut.

“Put it in now, Reggie,” says Jenny and then she moans slightly as Witherspoon lowers himself into her. “Oh yes, you are definitely hard enough,” she purrs looking up at the ceiling.

“I think so, yes,” agrees Witherspoon as he starts thrusting himself into Max’s wife.

Erin watches Max’s expression with curiosity and then notices that you are still jerking off as you watch Witherspoon fuck Jenny.

“Here Ted, let me help you with that,” says your wife crawling over to you and giving you a dirty look.

Ben looks over with interest as Erin goes down on you.
“Wow, this is hot,” says Ben putting on a condom himself.

“Erin, do you mind if I pop this into you for a second?’ he asks boldly, dropping down behind your wife as she sucks you off.

Erin looks up at you questioningly but then your cock betrays you with throb at just that moment. So she looks over her shoulder and says. “Ah shucks, you like that?” as she wiggles her ass for him.

“Yeah, it looks good to me right now,” admits Ben getting his cock ready.

“Well go ahead, I think Ted would get off on it actually,” she laughs, winking at you. Then she gasps as Ben pokes his thing into her. She resumes sucking your cock lustily as Ben grasps her soft white hips and starts fucking her enthusiastically.

Erin moans with pleasure and that is all you can take. You shoot spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. She pulls her mouth away and lets you shoot a load into her face as well. When Ben sees that you came on her, he reaches around and flips your wife over deftly onto her back. “Here, hold on a second.” he says as she laughs with surprise. “I want to do you this way.” and he pounds your wife missionary style for a while as she wraps her legs around him passionately. You look on in shock. That’s a real fuck she’s getting, not that tentative poke that witherspoon gave her and it makes your blood boil. Luckily Ben pulls out, whips off his condom, and shoots his load into your wifes face before you lose control.

“Would you mind sucking that for a second?” asks Ben slapping your wife in the face playfully with his wet cock.

“No, you are too rude,” she replies with an impish grin, “But I will lick it a little…” and she looks over at you seductively as she licks the cum from this young guy’s cock.

Meanwhile Max is chewing his knuckles as Witherspoon patiently works his thing into and out of Jenny while they chat about it amicably.

“I was afraid you would cum too quickly but you seem to be holding your own,” pants Jenny, her face slick with sweat.

“Oh, I think I just fondled myself too much last time,” says Witherspoon. “Or maybe the novelty of watching Erin spread herself for us was too simulating.”

“Would you care to do me from behind now?” asks Jenny. “I wouldn’t mind rubbing my clitoris a little.”

“That sounds fine,” says Witherspoon, gasping for breathe and withdrawing his cock from her.

She flips over lithely and sticks her ass in the air eagerly. “There you go, have at it,” she says encouragingly.

“Oh yes,” says Witherspoon plunging in. When Jenny starts rubbing herself, she looks over at poor Max and then cums quickly. Witherspoon feels this and grunts loudly grinding himself against her, and probably shooting a load into his condom.

Ben has zipped up and returned to his chair. He has his phone out now and is checking messages casually. Erin is still sprawled out on the floor luxuriously stretching her shapely naked body. Max is looking at miserably as Witherspoon withdraws delicately from Max’s wife and thanks her for the coitus.

Witherspoon looks over at Max and give him a thumbs up. “Good stuff, Max. Good stuff. I am so glad I took up your initial invitation. This has been just an outstanding experience.”

“Yes, that’s nice to hear,” says Max, standing up. “But I guess we will be going now. Erin, Jenny, can you two get dressed, please?” he asks stiffly.

But they both just lay on the floor, each basking lazily in their post orgasm glow.

“Oh no,” says Witherspoon decisively. “I agreed to double the rate of the last party and the ladies stayed over night that time so I expect them to stay again tonight. I intend to penetrate each of them at least once more this evening,” he says rubbing his hands together.

“Oh Reggie, you sound so commanding,” says Erin looking up at him lustily. You watch him admire the pale hourglass of your wife’s body as she lays spread naked before him on the floor and he chuckles with satisfaction. Your stomach is twisted with jealousy and your pits are soaked.

Witherspoon notices your sick expression and says, “See Ted, aren’t you glad you stayed? Why not go ask Jenny if she will have a go with you? She’s feeling no pain right now.”

Jenny and Erin sit up in surprise and look over at you.

“Uh, no, that wouldn’t be appropriate,” you stammer.

“Appropriate!” he snorts. He notices the relief on Erin’s face and the disappointment on Jenny’s face and he says “You people! Unbelieveable.” He shakes his head and changes the subject, “ Jenny and Erin, I think I should put you on staff, per Ben’s suggestion. Please come up with a salary that would satisfy you and send it to Smithers, he will work up the paperwork. And also, please report to my bedroom in two hours once you’ve refreshed yourselves. I think you both deserve to be violated further.”

Jenny laughs at him. “You like telling everyone how you’re going to fuck us more, don’t you Reggie.”

He stops to think for a moment and then says. “Why yes, I do, dear. I do enjoy proclaiming how I will be inserting myself into you again later. It makes it seem… preordained,” he says spreading his hands expansively and then walking out of the room. “Cheerio,” he calls over his shoulder with a wave. Smithers and Ben jump up to follow their boss out with the analysts not far behind.

Claudia emerges from the shadows with a gleam in her eye. “Oh you two really have captured his fancy, darlings. I haven’t seen him like this in years,” and she walks out with a laugh.

“Who is that?” asks Max perplexed.

“Uh, Reggie’s wife, I think,” says Erin uncertainly.

“So what is happening here?” you ask numbly.

“Well you and Max are going to go home. And Jenny and I are going to stay and get fucked by Reggie some more,” giggles your wife.

“Jesus,” you complain to her.

“Oh you loved it,” says Erin with a gleam in her eye. “Besides, I have an idea to even the score.”

“Are you going to let Ted fuck me?” asks Jenny eagerly.

“Oh, you know that’s never going to happen, Jezebel,” says Erin making a horizontal cutting motion with her hand. “I’ve got a better idea.”

“Tell me you are kidding about wanting Ted to fuck you,” says Max with annoyance.

“Tell me you didn’t blow your wad picturing yourself fucking Erin just now,” returns his wife meeting his eye.

Max cringes guiltily and responds. “How do you do this to me? I sit here watching you actually fuck a billionaire on the floor and letting him cum inside you and yet, yet you make me feel guilty about…some fantasy that I definitely do not have,” he says looking at you and Erin guiltily.

“He wore a condom,” sniffs Jenny.

“And you’re not really going to consider his job offer are you?” you ask incredulously.

“I might. It depends on what the package looks like.” says Jenny.

“Oh you saw the package already!” says Erin and then she and Jenny break out laughing.

“Fuck!” you complain trying not to laugh along. “Seriously, I have to go home and think about my wife getting fucked again?”

“Sorry dear,” says Erin with pout. “You do have to go home, and Reggie is going to fuck me, but on the bright side, you don’t have to think about it…not unless you want something to masturbate to that is,” says your wife devilishly.

“Oh you are terrible, how can you treat him like that?” laughs Jenny.
“He loves it,” says Erin shrugging her shoulders. “Who knew he would get off on me fucking billionaires?”

“I’m going,” you say. “See you tomorrow,” and you walk out.

“Love you!” calls your wife as you leave.

Continued in Chapter 11.

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Party Like a Plutocrat – Ch.9

Chapter 9 – Unexpected Entertainment at the McMansion

Excerpted from “Party Like a Plutocrat

Continued from Chapter 8.

On the day of Witherspoon’s next party, Max and Jenny come to your place early as you are planning to share a cab over there.

“Hello folks.” you say with a smile, letting Max and Jenny in. “Erin is still getting ready…”

“I will go see how she’s doing.” says Jenny giving you a wave and striding down the hall purposefully.

“So, Max, want a drink?” you ask, heading to the bar.

“Yeah, I need one.” says Max running his fingers through his hair. “This week has been pretty weird. You know I received the payment for the girls’… services already, right?”

“Yeah, I heard.” you say simply, handing him a drink and waiting for him to continue.

“But I haven’t heard anything else from Witherspoon or his people at all. I never even saw anything like a formal invitation to this party.” says Max with a worried expression.

“Well, I am sure the girls wouldn’t… lie about that…” you say furrowing your brow.”

“No, I know, I just feel weird for all the communication to be going through them.” he says looking at you strangely.

“What, you think that Jenny and Erin are communicating with Witherspoon and his people?” you say skeptically.

“Yeah, I am pretty sure.” he says with a look of distress. “Where did all this details of the party come from. You know we are actually having a discussion of the lingerie party business model, and I prepared slides. And then Jenny made some changes which seem to based on input from Witherspoon’s side… I mean of course I trust them, but… Oh hell, you know I caved in and asked Jenny about some of the things that happened during the last party and she was pretty cagey. She told me some scandalous stuff too that really made my stomach churn. So whatever she is holding back must be really bad.”

“I thought you didn’t want to think about that.” you say noncommittally.

“You’re right, I need to stay focused.” he says with a nervous chuckle. “I don’t want to get into jealous husband mode here. How have you been handling it?” he asks with concern.

“It’s tough.” you admit, pressing your lips together firmly. “The sex has been unbelievable, but I am really… mixed up inside. The emotions are just exhausting. I can’t concentrate at work. I go from… you know… arousal to jealousy, to actually, well, despair sometimes. Erin means a lot to me, but things will never be quite the same again between us. She genuinely enjoys showing her privates to other guys. Witherspoon in particular. She just loves it when he politely asks her to show him her pussy.” You face is turning red at the thought. “I mean, I keep harping on it, I can’t let it go. But there it is. She doesn’t deny it, I’m just supposed to… deal with it somehow.”

Max looked at you with sympathy. “I know how you feel.”

“The entire justification boils down to the fact that our sex life is reignited. As though as long as it make my dick hard, I am not allowed to object to her… impropriety? Infidelity?” you grasp for the right word, but cannot find it.

“This too will pass.” says Max with a sigh. “You’ve been together almost twenty years now. You can weather this storm.”

“Yeah,” you says, looking out the window at the setting sun. “I guess so.”

Jenny and Erin come into the living room arm and arm. They are both flushed with excitement and their eyes are shining brightly. Both have conservative business outfits on.

“Ok, boys, we are ready.” says Jenny with a mischievous grin. “You too look glum, what’s the matter? Don’t you want to see the McMansion?”

“Look at you Max!” says Erin approaching him and tickling his sides. “This is your big chance and you look like your dog died.”

Max fends off your wife’s assault and straightens his tie, grinning wanly. “Let me finish this drink. I have the jitters.”

“What about you, Ted?” asks Jenny, approaching you and pursing her lips. “Why the long face?”

You heave a sigh. “You’re right, this will be fun. Maybe Witherspoon and I can trade anecdotes about my wife’s pussy.”

Jenny just tilts her head back and laughs. “I dare you!” she says delightedly. But Erin just blushes and she and Max both look at you with concern.

Jenny puts her arm around your shoulder and whispers in your ear. “Look at it this way, you would have better stories to tell. You have the inside scoop as it were.”

You chuckle in spite of yourself and push Jenny away bashfully. “That’s really consoling.” you say sarcastically, but you do feel a little cheered up.

Then a horn sounds out front, letting you know your cab has arrived.

* * * * * * *

When you arrive at the Witherspoon place, you see that the girls were right. It is large but uninspired. You drive up to the front entrance and a doorman greets you and leads you through a towering great hall decorated like a mid-scale hotel. There are bland paintings and large patterned couches along the walls.

“He didn’t splurge on decorator, that’s for sure.” mutters Max as you are led upstairs to a long room with windows overlooking some well-laid out gardens. There is a staffed bar at one end of the room, and food along the wall opposite the windows. There are a couple dozen guests. Some standing in groups, some sitting in one of the seating clusters arranged at regular intervals throughout the room.

“I feel overdressed in this suit. I guess billionaires don’t have to dress to impress anyone.” you whisper to your wife when you realize that everyone is dressed expensively, but casually.

“Oh these aren’t billionaires, these are mostly Reggie’s people.” says your wife, squeezing your hand. “We’re fine.”

“How do you know?” you ask with surprise.

She looks at you uncertainly, “Well Reggie filled me in the other day.”

“Really?” you ask, but are interrupted as Witherspoon comes towards your group with a broad smile. Erin releases your hand immediately and you feel a deep twinge of jealousy.

“Jenny, Erin, it’s so good to see you.” says Witherspoon completely ignoring you and Max as he hugs and kisses each of your wives on the cheek. You do notice that he and Jenny embrace a little more closely and a little longer than might be proper.

He turns to Max and nods. “Max, thank you for coming.” Then he turns to you and extends a hand. “Ted is it?”

“Yes. Mr. Witherspoon?” you ask shaking his hand.

“The very same.” he says, withdrawing his hand and motioning distractedly to a young woman standing by the bar. “I hope you don’t mind, terribly, Ted, but I often mix business and pleasure. I am going to steal Max and the girls away for a little business meeting. I will have one of the hostesses get you a drink and introduce you to some of the guests.”

“Oh, Ted is an old friend.” interjects Max hurriedly. “I consider him something of an advisor. I expected that he could sit in on our meeting.”

Witherspoon looks at Max with frank distaste, then turns to look you over skeptically. “May I ask what your background is, Ted?” he asks.

You are taken off-guard by this sudden interrogation. “Uh, engineering, actually.” you admit truthfully. Erin gives Witherspoon a pleading look you don’t understand..

Witherspoon glances at your wife’s expression for a moment and softens slightly. “Oh well, in that case, by all means, do join us.” he says with a sarcastic laugh. “I can’t imagine a more germaine field to the topic at hand.” he shakes his head with air of a someone surrounded by imbeciles and leads you over to a group of men standing by the window. Max puts his hand on your shoulder in consolation, but you face is burning from shame.

Witherspoon makes some quick introductions. “This is Smithers my assistant, Jenkins who handles finance for a special fund we have for this sort of venture. And then of course some our business analysts who you all can meet as we go through this. Max here is the founder. Jenny and Erin are his top talent. Ted is in engineering.” everyone looks at you quizzically but Jenny just breaks out laughing and they realize that this is some sort of joke so the group chuckles along in confusion. You just roll your eyes and Max pats your shoulder consolingly.

“I’m not clear on the concept here.” snaps a fierce looking fellow in his twenties with heavy rimmed glasses and hair rakishly styled to stick up in all directions. “Is this an apparell play or some sort of erotic event planning?” you realize suddenly that he is shockingly intelligent.

Witherspoon’s eyes light up in response, and it’s clear that this young man is one of his favorites. “Fair question, Ben.” he says with a controlled smile. “Max, would you care to field that one?”

Max had prepared a slide deck and was expecting a more conventional presentation, so he was caught flat footed by the sudden cut to the chase. But you admire his skill as he quickly adjusts to match the tone and pace of the conversation.

‘It’s an evolving concept.” he says, stepping forward in front of Jenny slightly to present his whole body to the circle. “It started out as an opportunistic gimmick to move an odd lot, but there is clearly more upside on the event side…”

“Then why not just drop the apparel and focus it in?” Ben interrupts disdainfully.

Max smiles wryly at him and you can tell he sees that the kids is sharp but a little brash. “Ahh, that’s the thing.” he says shaking a finger at him. “What does a lingerie party become without the pretense that the guests will purchase lingerie?”

“Pretense!” mutters Ben derisively, but then he pauses a moment then turns and abruptly walks away.

Max furrows his brow in confusion, but Smithers looks at Max shrewdly. “Touche, Max. It’s not easy to find something that sends Ben off to think things over.”

Witherspoon smiles broadly at Smithers and points a finger at Ben who is off gazing out the window and muttering to himself. “Mark my words, Smithers, that boy will go dig up some other ‘pretense’ that no one ever considered and figure out a way to make it pay.” He turns to Max. “That’s talent, Max. Talent matters. Your idea is passe but you found real talent.” He looks fondly at Jenny and Erin and you are annoyed at the look of admiration on Erin’s face. Jenny is more composed and just looks back at Witherspoon with a composed expression..

Ben strides back and rejoins the group, but just glowers sullenly and says nothing.

“Ok,” says Smithers. “I agree, the ladies have talent. But how does this play out? Talent doesn’t scale.”

“What’s the talent?” asks Ben suddenly, looking Jenny and Erin over curiously.

“Oh… that’s right. You weren’t here last week,” says Smithers nodding his head. “Jenny and Erin are… models.”

Ben opens his mouth to complain, but stops when Witherspoon holds up his hand. “Ben, please hold your objections for a moment.” Ben closes his mouth, and the other analysts exchange significant glances. You get the feeling that Witherspoon rarely interrupts his favorite protege.
Witherspoon turns to Erin and Jenny politely. “Please forgive our young associate, he hasn’t had a chance to… ahh.. see you two in action… as it were.” Witherspoon rubs his hands together in anticipation and your stomach turns over as you see where this is headed. “Ben, I suspected that you would… require some clarification about why I value these two so highly, so I asked the ladies to prepare a demonstration just in case. Erin, I assume that you and Jenny are wearing some interesting lingerie under your clothes today?”

Erin gulps and nods her head simply and Jenny gives Max a look of concern.

“Wait, what?” squawks Max, completely taken off guard.

Witherspoon looks at him with annoyance and Jenny puts her hand on Max’s sleeve. Your blood runs cold as Max gives her a tight smile and steps back behind her. Witherspoon smooths his brow deliberately and says, “Now Jenny, would you be so good as to assist Erin in disrobing so that my associates can get a sense of what the offering is?” He has slight smile on his face and is perfectly composed.

Jenny gulps and looks around the room at the various guests. “What, right here?” she asks in surprise.

“Would you mind, terribly Erin?” he asks, arching his brow.

“Oh no, not at all,” she says bashfully glancing around at the men in the group but avoiding your eyes as you stare at her in shock. Most of the other men are also quite surprised at this and they shift uncomfortably. Ben has a look of frank amazement on his face, but Smithers eyes light up with excitement.

“Uh, is this really proper?” you ask quietly, but no one acknowledges your question.

Jenny takes a deep sigh and glances at you apologetically as she turns to Erin and unbuttons her suit jacket.

“We don’t actually have anything prepared for you gentlemen. So please excuse us as we wing it,” she says conversationally to the men as she removes Erin’s jacket. She holds it indecisively for a moment unsure where to put it, then she turns to you. “Would you mind holding this, Ted?” She gives you a look of deep sympathy and distress. You just gulp and numbly receive the jacket. You heart is pounding and you feel frozen in place. Max looks over at you unhappily but keeps his mouth shut.

Jenny proceeds to unbutton Erin’s blouse while chatting with the men. “I don’t know if any of you noticed, but Erin actually has really ample assets here.” She pauses with Erin’s blouse half-unbuttoned, and grips Erin’s boobs playfully. The men all smile nervously at one another, unsure of how to react and Erin yelps and blushes.

“She’s always doing that,” she tells the group nervously.

Jenny finishes unbuttoning Erin’s blouse and then pauses, looking dramatically around the room at the other guests, as she holds the front of your wife’s blouse closed. “I don’t know Erin, this is quite public. Are you sure I should take this off you here?”

Erin laughs nervously and glances around the room, pausing to look at you questioningly. Your heart is pounding, and you realize that you can stop this right now if you give her a frown or a shake of the head. You see the analysts furtively looking at your wife’s open blouse, waiting to see what happens and you see Witherspoon, with his brows raised slightly waiting patiently for your wife to show him her body as she has before and you see Max, watching with sick fascination. You think about the events of the past few weeks with your loving wife, so unassuming all these years, suddenly acting as a harlot eagerly displaying her body for strange men. But then Erin puts hers hands up to her breasts self-consciously and you know that deep down Erin will always be that nerdy modest girl you fell in love with and that no little striptease can ever change that.

“Go ahead Erin, don’t be shy.” you croak, your stomach churning. Jenny looks at you with surprise and then she and Erin heave a collective sigh of relief. Erin smiles at you devilishly.

“Maybe we should just give Ben a peek, since he is so skeptical about us.” says Erin. “Ben, would you come over here, please?” she says, motioning him over.

Ben’s eyes widen in surprise and he looks to Witherspoon questioningly. Witherspoon’s tilts his head back and laughs aloud.

“Ben, you don’t need your boss’ permission for this, Erin is granting you all the permission you need.” says Jenny impatiently. “Now please stand right here.” she points commandingly at a spot on the floor, three feet in front of Erin.

The other analysts break out laughing nervously and one of Ben’s associates nudges him forward slightly. Ben looks back with annoyance, straightens his shoulders, and marches forward to stand before your wife.

Jenny holds up her hand. “Wait, sorry to ask this Ben, but we do need to establish something before we proceed. You are sexually attracted to women, aren’t you?” she asks quizzically.

The men have a further laugh at this and Witherspoon actually wipes a tear from his eye he is laughing so hard.

“Yes.” says Ben with the pained expression of someone used to suffering idiots.

“Oh, well, this should work then.” says Jenny gripping Erin’s blouse and pulling it apart suddenly to reveal a lacey, transparent bra that is baring containing your wife’s generous knockers. Ben looks at them in surprise and then Jenny closes Erin’s blouse again quickly.

“Well then, that should settle the matter once and for all, shall we move on gentlemen?” says Jenny brushing her hands together.

“Now hold on…” says Ben raising a hand.

“Wait, what?” says Jenny in mock surprise. “Still not convinced?” She tisks and turns to Erin. “Ben needs further convincing, dear, are you up for it?”

“Oh, well, whatever it takes…” says your wife, smiling warmly at Ben who just gulps in response.

Witherspoon is looking on with delight, and even you have to admire Jenny’s improvisation.

Jenny slowly opens Erin’s blouse again and helps her remove it, handing it to you casually to hold on to. Erin’s breasts are practically spilling out of her bra and her nipples are clearly visible through the translucent fabric. Ben eyes are drawn down to them and all the men sigh and murmur appreciatively amongst themselves.

“Alright then Ben, now let’s review.” says Jenny. “Ahem, it’s polite to look at the person addressing you Ben.”

Ben pulls his eyes away from you wife’s breasts and looks at Jenny unapologetically. Erin giggles slightly at this reaction.

“May I ask what you were just looking at, young man?” asks Jenny sternly.

“I was looking at Erin’s breasts as you know perfectly well.” returns Ben boldly.

“Ok, good. So you concede that they are worthy of notice.” says Jenny look around at the men around. “I think your associates agree, gentlemen?” she asks.

The men all laugh and some of the bolder ones agree verbally. Witherspoon is whispering in Smither’s ear, and they both laugh raucously.

Ben is blushing slightly now. “No offense, but having nice boobs isn’t a talent.” he says defensively.

Jenny raises her eyebrows at him in admiration. Then she turns to Erin, “Did you hear a back-handed compliment there?”

“He said I had nice boobs.” offers Erin helpfully. Then she shakes them slightly to attract Ben’s attention again and “Thanks? I guess?” with look of mock confusion.

Jenny puts her arm around Ben’s shoulder. “Ben, Ben, Ben. No one is suggesting that having nice boobs is a talent. But you will agree that displaying one’s breasts to a group of strangers with some composure – some composure, but not too much composure. Surely that can’t be easy.”

“My eyes are up here, Ben.” adds Erin gently, putting a hand modestly over each nipple. He looks her in the eye and she winks at him seductively.

“Ben, is that a talent?” pursues Jenny.

“I… I don’t know.” says Ben uncertainly.

Erin pinches her nipples to make them hard. “My nipples are kind of hard now, Ben. Do you see?” she says coyly and there is a growl of murmurs as the men crowd in slightly to get a better look at your wife’s erect nipples.

“Well there must be an objective measure here…” says Jenny putting her hand to her chin.

Just then a woman in an evening gown notices your wife standing there in her bra getting ogled by a bunch of businessmen and barges into the group. “Reggie, what are you naughty boys doing over here.”

Witherspoon looks at her with exasperation. “Claudia…” he says.

But Claudia ignores him and addresses Erin. “Darling, what are you doing standing here with your blouse off, with all these lecherous men gazing at your lovely bosom?”

“We are trying to convince Ben that we have talent.” says Erin with a chipper expression, giving a playful fist pump.

“Oh, wait you two are the Lingerie models who do parties. Darlings I heard all about you. So naughty, but isn’t Ben a bit young for this?” she says looking at him appraisingly.

“I’m 22 years old.” he yelps.

“So he’s legal, that’s good.” says Jenny giving Claudia a friendly smile. “You’re right, dear, we should have checked on that first. But now we have this problem where we need an objective measure of the talent of a lingerie party model…”

“Oh, I see where you are going with that.” says Claudia, wrinkling her nose with delight. “Hmm, what could that possibly be?”

Witherspoon is clearly annoyed that Claudia has joined the group but now other people are noticing your wife’s bosom and a crowd is forming.

“Erin, you have some background in science, how would you go about measuring this empirically?” ask Jenny.

“Of course one must start at first principals,” says Erin scrunching her face and toying absenting with her nipples. “The ultimate purpose of this enterprise is probably the arousal of the guests, or in this case, Ben.” she says pointing her boobs at Ben as he looks on in fascination. “Once enough arousal occurs, it’s easier to sell lingerie or whatever really since arousal impedes rational decision making. You knew that, right Ben?” she asks curiously as she shakes her boobs subtly for him.

“Yeah.” he says keeping his eyes glued to your wife’s tits.

“And well arousal in men is easy to measure.” says Erin. “Is your penis hard, Ben?” she asks innocently. Ben just stares at her in astonishment with his mouth hanging open. Your own penis is hard, and you notice other men furtively adjusting themselves as well.

Claudia claps her hands in delight. “Oh you two are terrible!” But Witherspoon shushes her impatiently.

Jenny bends over and examines Ben’s crotch. “Well there is something there, but I can’t tell definitively.” Ben puts his hand over his crotch self-consciously.

“I know, why don’t you help Erin remove her skirt and let’s see what that does for you.” says Jenny snapping her fingers.

“What?” asks Ben in shock.

Erin turns and presents her ass to him, wiggling it slightly and you gasp for air along with the rest of the men. You look back and see other guys enjoying the sight of your wife’s cleavage hanging down.

“Would you please unzip my skirt for me?” asks Erin sweetly. “The zipper is right there at the top.”

“Um…” says Ben looking around in bewilderment at the crowd watching him expectantly.

“What are you waiting for?” asks a voice in the crowd.

Others murmur encouragement and you notice Claudia looking on in utter fascination.

Jenny takes Ben gently by the arm and leads him over to Erin. “You need to work with us here, Ben. We can’t do this if you won’t cooperate. I assume you know how to remove a woman’s skirt.”

Ben gulps then snaps angrily. “Yes, yes. I can do it.” then he unzips your wife’s skirt and starts pulling it down, revealing her gorgeous round ass encased in lace panties. His face is right near her ass as he pulls the skirt to her knees and your cock is throbbing at the site.

“Great ass.” admits Claudia judiciously.

Suddenly your wife looks at Ben with shock over her shoulder and puts her hand to her mouth. “Oh Ben, how dare you I didn’t think you would actually go through with it.”

He pulls his hands away in shock and looks at her with a startled expression. But she and Jenny just break out laughing and Erin kicks her skirt aside. Everyone breaks out laughing as you bend down to pick it up for her and she shoots you a quick glance of gratitude.

“She got you, Ben.” laughs Jenny as Ben blushes a deep red. “But come now, get a load of that rear, will you?” says Jenny as Erin wiggles her ass playfully and looks over her shoulder at Ben.

“Come on, Ben, spank it, she likes it.” says Jenny reaching out and spanking Erin’s butt playfully.

“Come on Ben, don’t be shy.” encourages Erin looking over her shoulder at him, batting her eyelashes, and wiggling her rear seductively.

Ben impulsively steps forward and gives your wife a little tap on the butt.

“There it is!” says Jenny, pointing at the tent in Ben’s trousers. “He’s clearly got an erection now, Erin.” she says with delight.

Erin turns around quickly, “Where?” she asks peering at Ben’s crotch, but he adjusts himself to hide his erection with embarrassment. “Oh, Ben, won’t you show me?” asks Erin plaintively. “Look how much I showed you.” she complains gesturing to her pale, scantily clad figure as she stands before the crowd in just a bra and panties.

“I… just…” Ben says helplessly looking around at the crowd of men hungrily gazing at Erin’s curvy, exposed body.

“Well ok, bashful, just tell us, do you have an erection or not?” asks Jenny with a steeley glint in her eye.

“Yes!” Ben practically shouts, “But you can’t base business decisions on things that make your dick hard.” he says angrily.

Erin puts her finger in her mouth and pouts with disappointment. “Really, Ben?” she asks plaintively. But Ben avoids your wife’s gaze and looks at Witherspoon challengingly. Witherspoon’s eyes are bright with arousal and he just laughs at his prodigy’s outburst.

“Alright, alright. We have a hard case on our hands here Erin. This might call for a little visit to the Cigar Room.” says Jenny, eyeing Ben appraisingly. “What do you think, Reggie?”

Witherspoon gazes at Jenny with delight. “Oh, I think you are right. The crowd here is making Ben nervous. He should consider things in a more relaxed setting.”

Smithers steps forward and claps his hands. “Please people, the show is over, please thank our entertainers and let them adjourn to the dressing room.”

Everyone joins in a round of applause with an occasional catcall from Claudia. Erin is blushing again as she and Jenny take a quick bow, then Jenny puts her arm around Erin’s shoulder and they head off toward the cigar room. Witherspoon has taken Ben and Smithers under each arm and they follow slowly, engaged in an animated exchange of whispers. The crowd is dispersing and you and Max hurry to catch up to the girls.

“I don’t like this.” says Max looking at you with concern.

“Me neither.” you admit.

Claudia joins you two and says, “Oh that was just scandalous. I think I almost fainted several times. Where did you find those two?”

Max looks at her in dismay.

“Oh, sorry, I am Claudia, You are Max, right? This is your concept, correct?” says Claudia quicky. Witherspoon, sees Claudia pestering Max and strides forward to intercede.

“Claudia, must you?” he asks gently, with Ben and Smithers trailing behind him.

“Oh Reggie, don’t be like that.” she says. “Why can’t I have a little chat with Max?”

“We are still in negotiations here.” he says with a smile.

“Oh, some negotiations.” she says with a snort. “Let me come to the cigar room, will you?” she asks sweetly.

“You are always welcome, dear.” he says patiently, “But please try to contain yourself.”

“Yes sir.” she laughs, then stops a server and grabs another drink.

There is a security guard at the door of the cigar room and he stares at Erin’s boobs while he listens to his radio and then opens the door for them.

Witherspoon approaches him and says. “These people are with me.” gesturing to you, Max, Smithers, and Ben. “Call Smithers for clearance if anyone else wants to enter.”

A couple of analysts run up breathlessly at that point, and Witherspoon looks at them with a squint. “You want to to further clarify the business proposition, gentlemen?” he asks them.

“If we may, sir.” says one of the young men with a show of innocence.

He gazes sternly at them for a moment, but they just return his stare with composure. “Stay to the back of the room then.” commands Witherspoon and your all file into the cigar room.

Continued in Chapter 10.

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